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Brooklyn Heights Cemetery

Nieman, Alfred Paul
Section Name: Hilldale; Lot No.: ; Grave No.:391
Birth:  ; Death: 1934
Inscription Notes: 

Nieman, Alma L.
Section Name: ; Lot No.:; Grave No.: 91A; 2
Birth: 1892; Death:1966
Inscription Notes: 

Nieman, Carl William
Section Name: Garden of the Last Super; Lot No.:; Grave No.:  
Birth: 1920; Death:1961
Inscription Notes: Ohio; Cpl., 502 Bomb GP, AAF; World War II

Nieman, Charles
Section Name: Hawthorne; Lot No.:  ; Grave No.:234; 3
Birth: ; Death:1937
Inscription Notes: 

Nieman, Harriet
Section Name: Lakeside; Lot No.: ; Grave No.: 164; 4
Birth: ; Death: 1981
Inscription Notes: 

Nieman, Lois
Section Name: Hawthorne; Lot No.: ; Grave No.: 234; 2
Birth: ; Death: 1944
Inscription Notes: 

Nieman, Pauline
Section Name: Hawthorne; Lot No.: ; Grave No.: 234; 4
Birth: ; Death: 1937
Inscription Notes: 

Nieman, William Carl
Section Name: Garden of the Last Super; Lot No.: ; Grave No.: 91A; 1
Birth: 1892; Death: 1958
Inscription Notes: 

Nieman, William Christian
Section Name: Mapleside; Lot No.: ; Grave No.: 54; 10
Birth:   Death: 1959
Inscription Notes: 

Nieman, William M.
Section Name: Hawthorne; Lot No.: ; Grave No.: 234; 5
Birth:   Death: 1942
Inscription Notes: 

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