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Columbiana County Cemetery Inscriptions

The following books were prepared by Columbiana Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society
All volumes are soft-bound and contain approximately 100 pages.
Each volume contains an Every Name Index.
All prices include packaging and shipping.

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For a short period of time we are offering a speical sale price on a complete set of these books. A full set of the Cemetery Books would normally cost $488.00.

Anyone wishing to buy all 24 volumes at one time can get them at a discounted price of $400.00.

Add the two volumes of index for $50.00 thus a full set of Cemetery Inscription books with indexes would be $450 during this sale.

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Vol 1 $18.00 Fairfield Twp. Columbiana Cemetery (entire volume)
Vol 2 $18.00 Butler Twp.
Elkrun Twp.
Fairfield Twp.
Hanover Twp
Knox Twp.
Liverpool Twp
Salem Twp.
Undertaker Rec.
Unity Twp.
Washington Twp
West Twp.
Yellow Creek Twp.
King (St. Michael's)
Lowrie-Barnes, Zepernick
Middleton Friends, Freed, Switzer, Nold Men.
Veteran's Graves
Highland Christian
W. Hole, 1885-1898; S. Stahl 1873-1885
Unity Methodist
Moultrie Chapel
Vol 3 $18.00 Butler Twp.
Center Twp.
Elkrun Twp.
Fairfield Twp.

Hanover Twp.
Knox Twp.

Ohio River
Salem Twp.
Wayne Twp.
West Twp.
St. Michael's (Woolf), McFall
German Cemetery (Lisbon)
Thompson Hall, Bowman
Cherry Fork (Esterly), East Fairfield Twp., Morrow Farm, Hum (Liberty Hill), Royer,Bethel Fairfield, Cool Springs (Devil's Den), Methodist and Friends
Trinity Reformed
Middle Sandy Presbyterian (Homeworth),
Pentz, Stoffer
Scioto Disaster 4 July 1882
Salem Twp. (Franklin Square)
New Alexander, Quaker Ridge, Chambersburg,
Sanor, Edwards, McKinley, (Plains)
Vol 4 $18.00 Center Twp.

Elkrun Twp.
Fairfield Twp.

Hanover Twp.

Madison Twp.
Middleton Twp.
Perry Twp.
St. Clair Twp.
Washington Twp.
Wayne Twp
West Twp.
Lee, Frederick, Infirmary, Gaskill,
Jordanville, Unknown
Elkrun Friends
Fairfield Friends, Columbiana Friends, Columbiana Veterans
Frost, Dutton, Figley, Graham, Robinson, Albright, Arter M. E., Christian Campbellite, Sandy Springs Friends
West Beaver United Presbyterian
Mt. Zion
Salem Friends
Calcutta U. P. Church Death Records
Salineville Quakers
Messiaore #1 & #2, Amon, Ruff, Woolley, Bates, Ruhl, Pitts, Christian Mennonite
Vol 5 $18.00 Center Twp.
Elkrun Twp.
Fairfield Twp.
Franklin Twp.
Hanover Twp.
Knox Twp.
Middleton Twp
Perry Twp.

Mahoning Co.
Mt.. Zion Evangelical Lutheran
Zepernick, Carlisle, Church Hill Christian
Frederick family plot
St. Philip Neri (Dungannon)
New Garden Friends
Redman, Gilson, German, Miller, Sanor Farm
East Carmel
Deaths from "Pap's Diary", Salem, 1846-78, Necrology of Salem Citizens
Trinity Lutheran Cemetery (Washingtonville)
Vol 6 $18.00 Butler Twp.
Franklin Twp.
Knox Twp.
Liverpool Twp
Unity Twp.
Yellow Creek Twp.
Guerney Wilburite Friends (Damascus)
Bethesda Church
Reading, North Georgetown
Early Burials at Springhill (Wellsville), ME (Wellsville), Scotch settlement
Military Deaths in County
1860 Mortality Schedule and 1880 Mortality Schedule
Vol 7 $18.00 Salem Twp.
Wayne Twp.
Springfield Twp
Beaver Twp.
Unity Twp.
St. Jacob's Church, Phillips Christian Church
Todd Family
(Mahoning Co.) Summers Cemetery
(Mahoning Co.) Zion Hill Church-Brethren
Unity Brick Church, Township deaths 1912
Record of Coroner's Inquest 1860-1894
Ohio River Accident, 8 May 1908
Addition 6, Corrections; St. Phillip Neri, Davis & Salem Twp.
Vol 8 $25.00 Center Twp. Lisbon Cemetery (entire volume revised)
Vol 9 $18.00 Butler Twp.
Center Twp.
Fairfield Twp.
Franklin Twp.
St.. Clair Twp.
Salem Twp.
Perry Twp.
Washington Twp
Wayne Twp
Yellow Creek Twp.
King Cemetery News Item
Lisbon Cemetery Additions S. Corrections
Columbiana Cemetary Additions 6, Corrections
Phillips Farm, Laughlin, Roberts Farm
Calcutta United Presbyterian Church
Switzer Ceme. Additions & Corrections
Perry Twp. Salem Friends Additions
Hoge Family
Bethel Presbyterian Church, Wayne Twp. M.E.
Obituaries from Buckeye State newspaper, New Lisbon 1854-59
Vol 10 $18.00 Green Twp.
Knox Twp.
Liverpool Twp
Madison Twp..
Middleton Twp
St. Clair Twp.
Salem Twp.
Unity Twp.
Yellow Creek Twp.
(Mahoning Co.) Disciple and Swedenborgian
Highland Memorial Park Veterans
McKinnon, St. Aloysius
Madison Presbyterian Church
Mt. Zion Veterans
Robbins Methodist
St.. Mary's Veterans, New Waterford
Unusual Deaths from Common Pleas Records
Vol 11 $18.00 Unity Twp.

Salem Twp.
Koch (St. Paul's Lutheran Church), Mason-Rich Cemetery
Oakdale (Leetonia)
Obituaries from Ohio Patriot, New Lisbon 1827-1831 corrections Plus additions and miscellaneous information
Vol 12 $18.00 Hanover Twp.
Knox Twp.
Perry Twp.
Salem Twp.
Butler Twp.
Unity Twp.
Woodsdale Cemetery
Reading Cemetery corrections
Grandview Cemetery (Salem City)
Hart Cemetery
Winona Friends Cemetery
Boatman (Old East Palestine) Cemetery
Vol 13 $18.00 Hanover Twp.
Center Twp.
St.. Clair Twp
Salem Twp. .
Smith Twp.
Washington Twp
Middleton Twp
Madison Twp.
Liverpool Twp.
Unity Twp.
Grove Hill, Sandy Springs Quaker
Jordanville news item
Jackman, Long's Run
English Lutheran
(Mahoning Co.) Quaker Hill
McCoy, Huston, Achor Valley
Madison Township
5th Street (East Liverpool)
St. Mary's Catholic
WPA grave registration news item
Plus additions and corrections to previous volumes
Vol 14 $18.00 Yellow Creek Twp.
Wayne Twp.
St. Clair Twp.
Washington Twp
Fairfield Twp
West Twp.
Liverpool Twp.
Oak Ridge United Presbyterian
New Lebanon United Presbyterian
Hamilton Cemetery
Clark Family Cemetery
Gochenaur Family Cemetery
Neel Family Cemetery
Riverview Cemetery
Additions L Corrections; Jordanville, Woolf-St. Michael,
Koffel, East Carmel Friends, German Ceme. Lisbon, Quaker
Vol 15 $18.00 Unity Twp. Glenview (East Palestine) & burials
Vol 16 $18.00 Salem Twp.
Washing Twp.
Mt. Calvary Catholic (Leetonia)
Woodland, St. Patrick's (Salineville)
Vol 17 $25.00 Perry Twp. Hope, Salem headstones& office records
Vol 18 $18.00 St. Clair Twp.
Middleton Twp.
Elk Run Twp.
Washington Twp.
Mahoning Co.
Columbiana Co. Memorial Park
Clarkson Presbyterian
Kemble Methodist Episcopal
Grandview, Sebring Washingtonville, Green Twp
Vol 19 $25.00 Butler Twp.
Center Twp.
Elk Run Twp.
Perry Twp.

Liverpool Twp.
Damascus Cemetery, (Guerney & Wilburite Friends)
Lisbon (German Cemetery Article)
Crest Haven Memorial Gardens
Salem (Friends Cemetery. Article)
East Liverpool (Spring Grove Cemetery) Tombstone Inscriptions, Office Records,
Veterans Grave Registration.
Vol 20 $25.00 Yellow Creek Twp. Spring Hill Cemetary (Wellsville)
Vol 21 $25.00 Yellow Creek Twp. Spring Hill Interments, St Elizabeth's Cemetery, Veteran Graves for Spring Hill and St. Elizabeth and List of Patients Treated by the Wellsville Board of Health.
Vol 22 $25.00 Knox Twp. Highland Memorial Park
Vol 23 $25.00 Franklin Twp.
Madison Twp
St John's
Yellow Creek Presbyterian
Vol 24 $25.00

Fairfield Twp.
Burial / lot records of the Columbiana cemetery but because there was an older cemetery at this site there are tombstones that do not show up in these records.
"Columbiana County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions, Index to volumes 1 thru 14"
contains every name appearing in the first 14 volumes of the cemetery inscriptions books listed above, 169 pages, soft bound, approximately 75,000 names.    $25.00
"Columbiana County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions, Index to volumes 15 thru 24
This index is a Volume Index, it list the volume number where the name may be found. The page numbers were omitted to reduce space requirements) This book is 8.5" x 11", is paper bound and contains 286 pages with over 80,000 names.    $25.00
"Combined Atlas of Columbiana County, Ohio 1841 and 1860"
an every name index of property owners, 81 Pages     $8.00
"Columbiana County, Ohio and Vicinity Bible Records, Volume #1"
203 Family Bible Records, every name index, soft bound, primarily from Columbiana County. There are also some records from neighboring counties 365 pages.     $25.00
"Columbiana County, Ohio and Vicinity Bible Records, Volume #2"
66 Family Bible Records, every name index, soft bound, primarily from Columbiana County. 300 pages.     $25.00
"Columbiana County, Ohio and Vicinity Bible Records, Volume #3"
104 Family Bible Records, every name index, soft bound, primarily from Columbiana County. 104 pages.     $15.00
"Columbiana County, Ohio and Vicinity Bible Records, Volume #4"
157 Family Bible Records, every name index, soft bound, primarily from Columbiana County. 107 pages.     $20.00
   New 2012
"County Cemetery Location Maps":
Companion volume to cemetery inscriptions series. This book contains maps of each Township and list the location of each cemetery in that township. It includes an alphabetic list of the cemeteries, and has incorporated a standardize classification of the status of the cemetery. (Extinct, Nearly Extinct, Inactive, Nearly Inactive, or Active).
Note: This book was updated spring 2001    $5.00
"An Historical Sketch of the Old Villiage of New Lisbon, Ohio"
with biographical notes of its citizens prominent in the affairs of the Village, State, and Nation. New Lisbon, Ohio 1903. ALSO in the same book "A Souvenir History of Ye Old Town of Salem, Ohio" with some pictures and brief references to Ye people. Edited and compiled by William B. McCord, Salem, Ohio 1906.    $10.00
"Tombstone Inscriptions and Cemetery Up-dates with Miscellaneous Death Records"
This volume includes newly found cemeteries with inscriptions up-dates, a few death records county-wide 1816-1826, Salem area deaths 1885-1910, Knox Twp. deaths 1890-1956, and Knox - West Twp death\burials 1873-1899 (incomplete)    $18.00

"Cemetery Index book that covers Volume 15 - 24"

Cemetery Index book that covers the Columbiana County Cemetery Inscription books Volume 15 - 24 is available. The Index contains 286 pages, front & back of your ancestors buried in cemeteries in Columbiana County.

"Deaths from Columbiana Co"

Deaths from Columbiana Co, Oh Administration Dockets, 1887-1900" by Carol W. Bell, C.G. 33 pp. New Feburary 2007   $6.00

"Moultrie Chapel Burial Records"

Moultrie Chapel Burial Records, 1951-1975" edited by Pat McArtor West Twp, 41 pp. New Feburary 2007   $6.00

"Columbiana County, Ohio Probate Abstracts 1803 1830"

Contains abstracts of Wills, Administrations, Guardianships, and Petitions to Partition found in Volume 1 through 6 of Columbiana County Records.
161 soft bound pages including an every-name index.
New March 2011   $25.00

"Ohio Patriot Abstracts
June 16, 1810 December 27, 1866

Abstracted by Carol W. Bell C.G. and Indexed by Arlene Rice-Obertance
Contains the abstracted news from the Ohio Patriot, a newspaper that was published weekly in Lisbon, Ohio.
It lists articles of who received mail at the post office, marriages, deaths, court news, petition of sales, suicides, deaths, delinquent tax/land lists, estates, military meetings, partnerships. It contains so many interesting articles of information and has over 12,000 names indexed, covering people living in the area during this time period..
295 Pages
New June 2011   $30.00

All publications are postpaid

Please allow 6 weeks for delivery.

Order Publications from :
Make checks Payable to:

Columbiana Co. Chapter of the O.G.S.
PO Box 861 Dept I
Salem, Ohio 44460-0861

Ohio residents must add 7% Tax

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