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Index to the East Palestine, Ohio News Paper Articles

The "Columbiana County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society" copied, cut, sorted, and compiled the articles of genealogical interest from the following East Palestine, OH newspapers:

"Valley Echo" - 1878 - 1893" (ECHO)
"Palestine Reveille" 1886 - 1888" (P-REV)
"Reveille Echo" 1894 - 1922" (REVE)

This compilation is published in two sets of hard bound volumes. One set is in the public library at East Palestine, OH and the other set is in the public library of Salem, OH.

This internet page is a work in progress. Other indexes will be added in the future.

The 1st group of files are listings of "Death Notices" and "Obituaries"

"A" , "B" , "C" , "D" , "E" , "F" , "G" , "H" , "I" , "J" , "L" , "Ma...Mc" , "Me...My" , "N" ,"Q" , "R" , "S" , "T" , "V", "W" , "Z"

Please note, the published article may only be a few lines. This index may not include deaths mentioned in other sections of the newspaper (i.e.; About town, etc.).

If you would like a copy of an article, the "Columbiana County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society" will provide a photo copy of the printed article. For a single copy send $3.00 to cover, travel, copying, postage, and handling cost. Mail Request to the following:

"East Palestine Newspapers"
Dept. I
Columbiana County Chapter of O.G.S.
PO Box 861
Salem, OH 44460

Please include 5% Ohio State Tax.

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.