Obituaries Taken from The Clermont Sun

Clermont County Genealogical Society

Taken from The Clermont Sun

Mrs. Nancy Ann Fagin, aged 78, died at the home of her son-in-law, Peter Lillick near Mt. Pisgah, Dec. 28th. Service at Mt Pleasant church, Mt. Pisgah, by Rev. D.W. Parks, and burial at Nicholsville Dec. 30th.

Forrest Everett, son of George and Elizabeth Lindsey, near Mt. Pisgah, died of scarlet fever Dec. 31, aged 4 years. Burial at Mt. Pisgah.

Mrs. Nancy Watson died Jan. 2, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Eliza Doughty, of Amelia. Service at the Amelia Baptist church by Rev. Powell, and interment in Green Mound cemetery, New Richmond, Jan. 4th. Mrs. Watson was fomerly a resident of New Richmond and had many relatives as well as other friends here.Jan. 7, 1891

Maggie Marie, aged 16 months, daughter of George and Elizabeth Lindsey, of Mt. Pisgah, died of scarlet fever Jan. 5th. Service after burial at Mt. Pleasant church by Rev. Laird, of Laurel.

Bessie, aged 23, daughter of Win. Nesbitt near Mt.Pisgah, died of consumption Jan. 7th. Burial at Mt. Pleasant cemetery Jan. 9th, conducted by Rev. Fulton, of Amelia.

George Dunning, aged 81, died of general debility at his home in New Richmond Jan. 9th. Service at the Second Baptist church and burial in the Citizens cemetery.

Roland Ireton, aged 83, died of old age at his home Jan. 10th. Burial at Franklin January 12th. Service at New Richmond M.E. Church by Rev. E. A. Lane.

Odes 0., aged 6, son of James F. and Clara Stairs, of Laurel, died Jan. 10th. Burial at Cannel.Jan. 14, 1891

Mrs. Hannah J. Peoples, aged 70, died of consumption at the home of her son-in-law, Charles Green, of Ten Mile Jan. 20th. Services at Ten Mile church by Rev. Burnett and burial Jan. 22, in the I.O.O.F. cemetery, of Amelia.

Mrs. Mary Eliza Ely, aged 63, died at her home in Bantam Jan. 23, and burial at Old Bethel cemetery Jan. 25th. Mrs. Ely was a sister of our townsmen, PJ., E.J. and R. W. Donham. Her childhood days were spent in the Franklin neighborhood, consequently she was weli and favorably known here. Her husband preceded her several years. She leaves two sons and many other relatives. Jan. 28, 1891

Joseph Surrey died of pneumonia at his home near ML Pisgah Jan. 26th. Service by Rev. Laird and interment Jan. 29th.

Milford Giliham, aged 55 years, died of cancer at his home near Oreonta, Ky., Feb. 1st. Service at the residence and burial at Twelve Mile, Ky.

Elizabeth J., aged 69 years, wife of James Idlett, Sr., died of heart disease at her home at Douglas, Feb. 2. Service at the residence by Rev. Laird, of Laurel. Burial in Carmel cemetery.

Wilber W., aged 3 years and 5 months, son of George K., and Caroline Myrick, of Mt. Holly, died of diptheria Feb. 8th. Service at the residence by Rev. Fulton, of Amelia. Burial in I.O.O.F. cemetery at Amelia.

Mrs. Mary Carley, aged 77, wife of S.T. Carley, of Mt.Holly, died Feb. 7th. Service at the residence by Rev. Fulton, ofAmelia. Burial in I.O.O.F. cemetery at Amelia. Feb. 11, 1891

Elmer T., son of Henry Hergot, of Mt. Holly, died at his home of brain fever, Feb. 21, aged 20 years and 11 months. Burial in Christian cemetery, near Mt. Holly, Feb. 23rd. Services at Christian church, by Rev. J.F. Burnett, of Pt. Isabel.

Mrs. Nancy Hayford, aged 76 years, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Hattie DeGarmo, near Lindale, Feb. 25th. Burial in I.O.O.F. cemetery at Amelia, Feb. 27th. Services at Amelia M.E. Chruch by Rev. Fulton.

Hanson Crawford, aged 75 years and 5 months, died of general debility at his home near Amelia, Feb. 25th. Burial in I.O.O.F. Cemetery at Amelia, Feb. 27th. Service at residence by Rev. Fulton, of Amelia.

Mrs. Maria Hudson, aged 68 years, 9 months and 21 days, wife of W.M. Hudson, died of inflammatory rheumatism, Feb. 25th. Burial at Good Samaritan cemetery, Feb. 29th. Services at A.M.E. church by Rev. M.M. Smith. March 4, 1891

Mrs. Sarah McClain, aged 84 years, died of general debility at her home near Salt Air, March 2. Services at the residence by Rev. Laird, of Laurel, and burial at Laurel. She leaves one single daughter, Miss Lina, and a married daughter, Mrs. S.H. Jackson, of Nicholsville.

Mrs. Elmira Butler, aged 78, died of dmpsy at her home near Mt. Holly March 2.

Services at the residence by Rev. Fulton of Amelia, and burial at the M.E. cemetery, Amelia, March 5.

Henry Fink, aged 32, died of consumption at his home in New Richmond on the third inst. Service at St. Peters church by Rev. Father French and burial at the Catholic cemetery, of Twelve Mile.

Andrew White, aged 50, died at the home of his father, David White, at Mt. Pisgah, on the 6th inst. His disease was neuralgia of the heart. The services were held at Mt. Pleasant church on the 9th inst. and interment in the cemetery adjoining.

Abraham Bushman, aged 77, died of paralysis at his home near Pt. Pleasant March 3. Service at Mt. Zion church by Rev. J.F. Burnett, of Pt. Isabel, and burial March 8th. Mr. Bushman was the father of Mrs. Samuel Powers, of this place.

Harry R. Matliias, aged 57 years, died of paralysis at his home in Columbus March 2. The remains were brought to New Richmond, his former home, and interred in Green Mound cemetery March 4th. The funeral services were held at Trimble Chapel and were conducted by Revs. Lane, of the M.E. church, and D.W. Parks of the Presbyterian church. Services were also held at the residence in Columbus by Rev. Palmer, of the M.E. church. Mr. Mathias and family were well known here, having spent many years as residents of this city. His sister, Mrs. Frank Dawson, is a resident of this place. Mrs. Mathias is the daughter of G. W. Castlen, Sr. and a sister of Messrs. Thomas and Andrew Castlen, all prominent merchants of New Richmond. Mr. Mathias leaves two daughters, Miss Jennie and Mrs. Dr. Reynolds, who resides at Pittsburgh, Pa.

Mrs. Anna Mariah Waibel, aged 87, died March 6th, at the home of her son-in-law, Frank Wenz, near Mt.Holly. Service at the residence by Rev. Fulton, of Amelia. Interment at Old Bethel March 8th. March 11, 1891

Infant son of John and Belle Lowe, of Laurel, died Feb. 13th. Burial at Mt. Zion cemetery Feb. 14th.

Theresa, aged 60, wife of Albert Fieler, died of consumption Feb. 15th. Service at St. Peters church by Rev. Father French. Burial in Catholic cemetery Feb. 16th.

J.L. Beall, aged 62, died of pneumonia at his home in Amelia Feb. 19th. Service at the Bethel M.E. Church by Rev. Fulton. Burial at Bethel. February 25, 1891

Mrs. Jedidah M. Preble died of pneumonia March 16th, aged 71 years. Service at her late residence on Union Street, March 19th, conducted by Rev. D.W. Parks, burial in Green Mound Cemetery. Mrs Preble was the widow of the late Noble Preble, who as well as their son Tom preceded her some years. She leaves but two daughters, Mrs. Emma Buchanan, of this place, and Mrs Ida Kibby, of Ashlnd, Mo., who were in attendance at the service..

Mr. John Henry Meyers, aged 75 years, died of paralysis at his home on Front Street, March 18th. Service by Rev. Father French at St Peters church March 20th, and burial in the Catholic cemetery. Among relatives in attendance were his brother and Mr. Hemy Hoegemann and Frank ____, of Cincinnati; Mr. and Mrs. John Puenning, of Elmwood; Prof. August Espel and wife, Mr. and Mrs. J. Fogelpohl and Mrs. Behrens of Covington, and Mrs. Potter, of Delaware, Ohio. Mr. Meyers was the father of Mrs. James Clasgens, of this place.

Mrs. Rhoda Dunning, aged 61 years, died of paralysis March 20th. Service by Rev. Smith at the A.M.E. Church March 22, and burial in the Citizens Cemetery. 25 March, 1891

Mary, wife of Theodore Myrick died of consumption at her home near Mt. Holly, March 11, aged 42. Services by Rev. C.W. Wait, of Neville, at the Christian Church. Burial in the cemetery adjoining.

George Duckwall, aged 85, died of general debility at the home of his son, J.P. Duckwall, of Locust Corner, March 13. Burial in the I.O.O.F. cemetery at Amelia, March 17.

James Richardson, aged 76, formerly of Nicholsville died at the asylum at Athens, March 10. The remains were conveyed to New Richmond and interred in Cannel Cemetery at Laurel, March 13.

Estelle J. Nichols was born at the homestead near Franklin, August 5, 1843, and was aged 47 years, 7 months and 7 days at the time of his death, March 12. He often alluded to resuming business, but after a week's visit with his father it was observed that he was rapidly failing and he returned to his sister's Mrs. T.P. White.

Estel united with the M.E. Church under the pastorate of Rev. Geo. Paniott when but 17 year of age. His early life was spent in New Richmond and vicinity. For a time he engaged in the marble business at this place and he also spent time as a grocer. He served the county three years in the capacity of deputy Probate Judge during the term occupied by his brother, Judge P1 Nichols. He later held a position as postal clerk, serving at different times on the Ohio River R.R. and the Cincinnati, Georgetown and Portsmouth railway. Upon the change of administrations, he was associated with the Pullman Car Company. Service was held at the residence of T.P. White Saturday March 14, conducted by Rev. D.W. Parks. Burial in the cemetery at Franklin, next to the remains of his mother and sister. He is survived by his father, Thomas L. Nichols, of Grand View, Judge PJ. Nichols, of Batavia, Win. T. Nichols and Mrs. TI'. White, of New Richmond.

Andy White was born near Mt. Pisgah, Clermont County Ohio, April 7, 1840, and died at the homestead of his father, David White, March 6, at the age of 50 years and 11 months. He grew to manhood on his fathers farm, and went to Iowa in the spring of 1863, where he lived until the fall of 1876, when he returned to the home of his father. He was married to Missouri Hancock July 3, 1881. They lived happily until her death, March 16, 1888. Since then he had made his home with his father, now near the age of 83 years. Also surviving are three brothers and four sisters. Funeral services were held at Mt. Pisgah church by Elder J.H. Lockwood. 18 March, 1891

Death of Dr. James C. Kennedy

James C. Kennedy was born in Butler County, Pennsylvania, Feb. 11th, 1809. He died at his home in Batavia December 2, 1890. He was the fourth child in a family of eight children whose parents were Robert Kennedy and Margaret (White) Kennedy. His father, a native of Westmoreland County, Pa., followed through life agricultural pursuits. He moved to Ohio in 1811 and settled in Brown County on a farm near Georgetown. For a number of years he held the office of magistrate. His decease occurred in 1849.

His mother was also a native of Westmoreland County, Pa., and the daughter of Thomas White, a captain in the Revolutionary army. His ancestors on both sides of the house were likewise identified with the cause of the patriots.

In 1829 he began the study of medicine under the preceptorship of Dr. Edward Newton, of Felicity, and pursued his studies until 1832, the year he entered the practice of his profession, and with the execption of two winters was occupied by professional labors in Felicity until 1854, in partnership with his brother, the late Dr. John W. Kennedy, of Felicity. In 1854 he settled in Batavia, where he has since resided, engaged in a practice at once extensive and lucrative. In 1847 he was elected a member of the Ohio Legislature and served one term as a member of this body.

He united many years since with the M.E. Church, but his religious views during his latter days were not circumscribed by the doctrines of any particular church.

He practiced his profession for more than fifty years and ranked among the leading practitioneers of the State. Many of his old patients consulted him up to within a few months of his death.

His first wife was Mary Kirkpatrick, of Harrison County, Ky., whom he married August 18th, 1835. To them were born three children: John Locke Kennedy, surgeon in the U.S Anny and a graduate of the Ohio Medical College, and who died from the effects of his service in the War of the Rebellion; George Robert Kennedy, captain in the army during the late war. He was twice promoted for heroic conduct on the field of battle, and died soon after the war from a gun shot wound in the breast. Emma May Kennedy, wife of Collins Smith and now dead. April 31st, 1849 he married Nancy Chowin, of Harrison County, Ky. To this union were born two children, Julia M., wife of Dr. A.W. Ashburn, of Batavia, and J.C. Kennedy, Jr., who died March 20th, 1888. December 3, 1890

Clevie, son of Theadore and Rosa Brumagen, of Lindale, died of scarlet fever Sept. 28. Service at the Lindale Baptist Church by Rev. Denman; burial Sept. 29th.

Lydia, wife of Martin K. Lathrop, of Clifton, died of heart failure Oct. 1. Service at the residence by Rev. D.W. Parks; burial at Watkins Hill Cemetery Oct. 3d.

Fannie A., aged 17, daughter of Frank and Feroba Dancy, died of consumption Oct. 5th. Service at the Second Baptist Chruch by Rev. Alfred; burial in Good Samaritan Cemetery Oct. 7th.

Mamie M., aged 28, daughter of John Eppert, of Amelia, died of consumption Oct. 4th. Service at Baptist Church by Rev. J.F. Burnett; interment in I.O.O.F. cemetery at Amelia Oct. 7th. October 8, 1890

James Hodges, aged 63 died of paralysis at his home in Nicholsville Nov. 19. Funeral services at the Nicholsville Baptist Church and burial in the adjoining cemetery.

Charles Wesley Smith, aged 2 years, 8 months, grand son of Elder Smith, died of brain fever Nov. 19. Service at A.M.E. Church by Rev. Alford and burial Nov. 21. November 26, 1890

Mrs. Rev. J. Dow Houston died at the home of her mother in Lynchburg on the 2nd ultimo, after a lingering illness, joining in the better land her infant daughter who had preceded her but a short time. By reason of this double affliction, Mr. Houston's home at Minerva is entirely broken up and he will return to Georgetown, where he has already accepted his former pastorate of the Christian Church. October 8, 1890 14 January, 1991

Died December 21, 1890, Mrs. Charlotte Ward (nee Hall), mother of J.H. Short, aged 82 years, of paralysis. She was born near Athens, Ohio in 1808, and was taken to Cincinnati to live when a child, the city then being a mere village. In 1828 she was married to Win. Short, who died in 1844, to which union were born eight children, five boys and three girls, four of whom survive her. In 1852 she was married to Elijah Ward, Sr., who died in 1862, since which time she remained a widow. She was a consistant member, first of the Baptist and then of the M.E. Church for sixty-two years. Nearly all her old associates had been gathered home leaving her alone among a generation not of her day. The funeral was conducted from the M.E. Church by Rev. Fulton. Burial in Mt. Moriah cemetery on the 24th ult. January 7, 1891

Christina, aged 56, wife of Christian Siegle, died of consumpton at their home near Mt. Holly, December 15. Services at Old Bethel Chinch by Rev. George W Fee; burial in Old Bethel Cemetery near Bantam, December 17.

Abner D. Fagin, aged 55, died of erysipelas at his home near Mt. Holly, December 14. Service at Mt. Holly Christian Church by Rev. C.W. Wait, of Neville; interment at Presbyterian cemetery near Nicholsville.

Rachel Emmons, the widow of Jonathan Emmons, died at her home near Nicholsvile, December 4, 1890. She was born on or near the waters of big Indian Creek, November 18th, 1802, being 88 years of age. She leaves a large family and a host of friends. She was married to Jonathan Emmons February 22, 1824. They were blessed with ten children of which nine are yet living. She is the grandmother of seventy-three children and the great grandmother of 78, making her the mother and grandmother and great grandmother of one hundred and sixty-one children. Funeral services at her home by Rev. George Fee of Bethel. Burial in Mt. Camel.

Miss Lids May Tompkins was born November 22, 1865, and died November 27, 1890, aged 25 years and four days. The funeral services were conducted at the house by Rev. J. F. Burnett with burial at Calvary Cemetery. She leaves a mother, two sisters and three brothers. December, 1890

Died December 1, infant of Theo. Brumagen. Burial at Lindale Baptist Cemetery.

Win. Porter, Sr., aged 70, of cancer of the stomach, died at his home in Nicholsville, Ohio, December 3. Services at Presbyterian Church by Rev. D.W. Parks; burial Dec. 4th.

Came Maud, aged 14, daughter of Alvin Cord died of pneumonia at the home of her grandfather, Wesley Smith, of Amelia December 3. Services at the residence by Rev. Fulton. Burial at M.E. Cemetery December 4.

Edgar Forrest, 8 months, died of brain fever, December 4, son of J.W. and Sarah Snider. Services at the residence by Rev. D.W. Parks; with burial at Watkins Hill , December 5.

Infant son of R.L. and Susan Fagin, of Twelve Mile, died December 5, aged 5 months. Burial at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Mt. Pisgah, Dec. 6. December 10, 1890

Washington Lincoln Fridman, aged 38, died of typhoid fever at his home in Clermontville, Nov. 4. Burial at Mt. Zion Nov. 6. Services at Mt. Zion Church by Rev. J.F. Burnett. He leaves a wife and three small children.

John W. Sylvester, aged 35, died of typhoid fever at his home near Clermontville, Nov. 6. Burial at Mt. Zion Cemetery, Nov. 7. Services at Mt. Zion by Rev. J.F. Burnett. Mr. Sylvester leaves a wife and three small children.

Henry Carter Barkley, aged 63, died of heart disease at his home near Clermontville, Nov. 12. Burial at Mt. Zion Cemetery, Nov. 16. Services at Mt. Zion by Rev. J.F. Burnett.

Lewis Craner, aged 53, died at his home, New Richmond, Nov. 14. Burial at Watkins Hill Cemetery, Nov. 15. Services at the residence by Rev. Lane. November 19, 1890

Walter Shannon, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. John Shannon, of Tobasco, died Nov. 15, aged four months. Burial at Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Nov. 16.

Clarance, aged 19, only son of Austin and Kate E. Woods, died of consumption at the home of his grandmother, Mrs. Eliza Woods, near Chilo, Ohio, Nov. 11. Services were conducted Nov. 13, by Rev. D.W. Parks, of New Richmond, assisted by Rev. J.T. Laird of Laurel and Rev. Tone, of Chio. Burial was in the Woods Cemetery by the side of his mother, who had preceded him a little more than seventeen years. His father, Supt. Austin Woods of Arkansas, an uncle, Granville Woods, of Cincinnati, and aunts, Misses Eva Robb, of Lockland, and Mary Robb, of New Richmond were in attendance.

November 19. 1890

Alice Eloise, wife of J. W. Young and daughter of Aaron and Jennie Cleveland, of Amelia, died Oct. 19 at her home in St. Louis, Mo., of typhoid fever, aged 30 years. The remains were conveyed to Amelia and interred Oct. 21. Services were conducted by Rev. Fulton at the M.E. Church.

Ira Lindsey, aged 68, died at his home in Newport, Ky., Oct. 18. Services were conducted by Rev. D.W. Parks at Christ Church. Burial in the Green Mound Cemetery of New Richmond. Mr. Lindsey was a brother of Mr. H. Lindsey of this place and of the late Isaac Lindsey.

Mrs. Emma Galbreath, aged 37, died at her home Oct. 23. Services at the residence by Rev. D.W Parks, with burial in the Green Mound Cemetery.

Charles Lewis Powell, son of Clark Powell, of New Richmond was killed while working at the Cincinnati Gas Works, Oct 24. The remains were brought to New Richmond and buried in the colored citizen's cemetery Oct. 26. Services at the A.M.E. Church by Elder Fox.

Percy B. Johnson, aged 18, died of consumption at the home of William Hare, of Lindale, 0., Oct. 26. Interment at Mt. Pisgah, 0., Oct. 27. Services at Mt. Pleasant Church by Rev. Lane of New Richmond.

Mrs. Elizabeth B. Moss, aged 82, died Oct. 31, and was buried in Green Mound Cemetery Nov. 2. Services at Christ Church by Rev. J.F. Burnett. She is survived by three sons and a daughter.

November 5. 1890

John Kromer, aged 79, died at his home Oct. 5. Service by Father Christian French, at St. Peter's Churh and interment Oct. 8 in the Catholic Cemetery.

Martin K. Lothrop, aged 81, died at his home in Clifton, Oct 6. Service at the residence by Rev. D.W. Parks; burial in Watkins Hill Cemetery.

Frank Paiicer, aged 45, died at the home of his sister, Mrs. James Staten, Oct. 8. Service by Rev. Smith, Oct 9th; interment in colored Citizens Cemetery.

Maud, aged 23, wife of Richard Vearil, died of consumption at the residence of her mother, Mrs. Kain, on Front Street Service at the residence and interment at Williamsburg. She leaves a husband and two small children.

Ociober 15, 1890

John H. Rust, a native of Batavia, and son of the late Henry Rust, died week before last at his home in Matoon, Illinois, where he had been a very prominent and highly esteemed citizen.

George Curtis Sinks, son of George and Lizzie Sinks died January 211880 of meningitis. He was born Nov. 1, 1872. Funeral was conducted by Rev. E.L. Dolph.

February 4. 1880

Another of Clermont's pioneers died on Thursdaylast-Mrs. Jacob Teal, of Union township. She was born in Batavia township December 16, 1807, and was a sister of Mrs. Lou Hulick of Batavia, Mrs. Charles Robinson, near Batavia, and the late Mrs. Catherine Duckwall, mother of the Duckwall brothers.
January 21, 1880


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