Library Holdings
Local Genealogy and History Books In Clermont County's Public Libraries (Excluding Batavia)

                            Library Holdings

"The Society would like to thank George and Jennie Marshall for combining our Library Book Reports from our original newsletter in 1978 through 1998. With this tremendous start we have been able to add the years 1999-2005 and publish an alphabetical list of the Society's holdings.

Please keep in mind that the Society has numerous resources that do not appear on this list. Among these resources are: genealogical correspondence files, obitauries, bible records, cemetery records, numerous family histories, etc. Please consider a trip to our library if you have Clermont County, Southern OH, or Northern KY ancestors. It is also possible that some items in our collection have gone missing. Please let us know if you are unable to find something from this list when you visit our library collection.

The list is presented in alphabetical order using the state or family name. States and counties are presented in the following form: OHIO, CLERMONT COUNTY, subject. Genealogies are ordered by prominent family surname. I would encourage everyone to do a search using the "Ctrl" "F" keys within the document. In almost all cases, family histories have only been included once under the main surname. Also, city and town names may be found under STATE, COUNTY, CITY or simply under CITY. Please use the "Ctrl" "F" keys to find all occurences of the item you are looking for!"

The list is long and is divided into sections for quicker downloads.