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Alphabetical List of the 202 Clermont Cemeteries
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Cemetery Name Township Location GPS
Alexander Thompson Family Batavia On Paul Brown farm On SR 132
Altman-Swope Washington Between Felicity and Point Isabel. On SR 222. On John Day farm. (1957)
Amelia I.O.O.F. Batavia SR 125 Amelia N39.035 -84.226W
Amelia M.E. Batavia On SR 125 in Amelia N39.028 -84.215W
Armacost Washington "Take St. Rt.52 from Cincinnati towards New Richmond. Pass through New Richmond. When you come to Point Pleasant, turn left on St. Rt. 232. (right by Grant’s birth home) Stay on St. Rt. 232 until you come to Laurel Point Isabel Road. Turn right. Continue until you come to Beckelhimer Road. (you are getting close). Look for mailboxes 2515-17. Turn left at mailboxes and drive to house at end of road (note: road curves right to farm house at end). "
Batavia I.O.O.F. Batavia St. Rt. 32 from Mt. Carmel to Batavia – Main Street in the Village of Batavia – left on Market Street, right on Wood Street, left on Old Boston Road, go over a single lane bridge it is on the left.  Parking:  extra road paving to pull off right in front of cemetery.
Batavia-Union Batavia Cemetery Lane, off Old St. Rt. 32 In Village of Batavia N39.077 -84.169W
Behymer Pierce Ten Mile Rd.
Benton Christian Chapel Franklin On Richey Road off SR 756
Bethel M.E. Tate In Bethel on North Main Street N38.959 -84.074W
Brazier Batavia On Amelia - Olive Branch Rd.
Brick Chapel Wayne Take St. Rt 131 from Milford towards Newtonsville.  Make a left on St. Rt. 727 towards Stonelick State Park.  After the Deer Track Golf Course, look for Cedarville Road on right.  Make a right on Cedarville until you come to left on Spring Hill Drive.  Go over the bridge – cemetery is on left.  N39.195 -84.094W
Bridwell Tate On Donald Road
Brown Tate Bethel One mile north on Bethel-New concord Rd N38.988 -84.079W
Brown Family Miami Price Rd near Mulberry. On John Hewe farm. (1950)
Bushman Monroe Just west of PointPleasantoverlooking US 52 On hill. Colin Rigor farm (1957)
Butler Batavia SR. 132 and Concord Rd.
Cedron or Concord Franklin On Cedron Rural Road N38 48.053 -84 3.92
Chilo Franklin Just west of Chilo on US 52 Close to Ohio river
Christian Bickel Family Union Traquar"s farm
Citizens Ohio Take St. Rt. 52 from Cincinnati towards New Richmond.  Turn left on St. Rt. 132 – as you start to exit New Richmond you will go around a sharp curve.  It is on your right.  There is no place to park,
Clark Monroe Take St. Rt. 52 out of New Richmond towards Chilo. Turn left off Clermontville-Laurel Road. Cemetery can be accessed through various properties off Spruce Hill Lane. I gained permission to enter through Singler Property which lies beside all the Spruce Hill Lane Properties. It is located at the back -off - of the Singler land, probably on Wiggins property. N 38˚ 54.994, W 084˚ 14.612
Clover Williamsburg On Sr. 133 N38.998 -84.042W
Clutterbuck Farm Batavia Take St. Rt 32 from Eastgate towards Batavia.  Turn right on St. Rt. 74. Turn right on
Amelia Olive Branch Road.  Turn right on Clough.  Your decision:  enter from Amelia High School
or drive past high school entrance and look for Midland Corp on left.  I parked (with permission)
@ Midland Corp and started the two hour journey.  I believe (with permission) Amelia High School
is a less complicated journey and will take less time.  If you enter through Midland Corp.  Just start
walking towards Amelia High School through fields and heavy brush.
N39 03.625   W084 13.997
Collard Ohio One mile east ofNew Richmond. At foot of Gee Hill. On US 52 South edge of highway Goodpaster farm
Concord Miami On Guinea Pike near Branch Hill
Concord Williamsburg 39.023N
Cord Batavia On Olive branch Road.  South of Clough Pike. On Hammon Farm.
CoxFarm Ohio on crossroad from Mt. Pisgah, SR 132 over to Ten Mile road SR 749
Batavia SR 125
Daniel South Stonelick Off Graves road. Off Owensville-Belfast Road. Behind nursery. In woods. Land owned by Bachelor.
Day Family Union On Beechwood Road. On Arthur Fix farm
Dial-Old Family Batavia Joseph Dial Farm in Batavia Twp.
Donham Family Pierce Off Fagin Run Road. On Spresser Hill Road. Size 0.5 acre
Duckwall Burial Ground Batavia Elklick Road, Batavia Township From Batavia take St. Rt. 222 towards St. Rt. 125. Turn left on Elklick Road.  The cemetery is located on the right -
at the corner of a field and private Olmes residence.  The cemetery is long and narrow - resides between a field and private residence. 
Early Settlers Burying Ground Tate In Bethel on SR 133 Take St. Rt 125 out of Amelia towards Bethel, Ohio. As you enter Bethel get ready to make a left turn onto Main Street which is St. Rt. 133. Cemetery is on the left past a church. Park in church parking lot and walk about 50 ft to cemetery. 
Easy access. 
Edenton Wayne In Stonelick Park on Cemetery Drive.  Take St. Rt. 131 out of Milford towards Newtonsville.  Before coming into Newtonsville you will come to St. Rt. 727 at a 
sharp curve  before Plainview Cemetery.  Turn left on St. Rt. 727.  Continue – passing: a golf course, McCullum Cemetery, Cedarville Road, 
Shiloh Road.  Continue staying to the left upon entering the Stonelick Lake Park region.  You are still on St. Rt. 727.  I would tell you more 
roads you pass like Woodville-Newtownville Roads and Garrison-Spurling (but the signs are always down when I am up that way).  Drive 
around lake until you come upon the cemetery- it sits on the right side – back off a side loop.  Located on “Cemetery Road”.  If you come 
into the town of Edenton, you have passed it up. Good parking, easy access.
N39.221 -84.063W
Eli Davis Family Union On Milford-Mt Carmel Road . On property Owned by Milford Novitiate Directions:  Take St. Rt 32 from Batavia towards Newton.  Before descending down “32 Hill” in Mt. Carmel turn right on Mt. Carmel Road.  At the first stop sign turn right on Beechwood Road.  Continue 
on Beechwood Road until you come upon Polo Fields Subdivision.  You will turn right on Dorgene.  Second street on left will be Barnsby – turn here.  Between 5032 and 5037 Barnsby Lane there is a black wrought iron fenced area in which this small cemetery is located.  To the left of this cemetery is a maintenance drive that you may park in.  I parked on the road.  Easy access. 
N39˚  08.261   W 084˚  17.038 
Elick Union On Salt Run road. Shepard Lane. Clarence Butts farm in Union Twp.
Evergreen Cemetery Miami East of Miamiville on Center St. N 39.212 -84.31W
Fee Washington Washington Twp and SR. 756 Take St. Rt. 52 out of Cincinnati towards Point Pleasant.  When you reach Point Pleasant look for  St. Rt 232 – turn left.  You will come to St. Rt. 756 – turn right.  Stay on St. Rt. 756 until you come to 2182 St. Rt. 756.  The cemetery is located on the left near the road. N38˚ 52.725 W084˚ 11.479
Felicity/ Sewanie Franklin At Felicity 38 50.388 -84 5.464
Ferguson Family Pierce Across from 3396 Merwin-Ten Mile Road, Take St. Rt . 125 from Beechmont towards Amelia.  Between Withamsville and Amelia is Merwin Ten Mile Road.  Turn right.  Pass White Oak Road, Pass Locust Corner Road.  Cemetery is located across from 3396 Merwin Ten Mile Road.  3396 is a white house with black shutters.  Walk back and to the left into the woods from the entrance. N39 01.324 W84 15.394
Fisher Family Monroe 0.5 mile south of Lindale School. Laurel-Lindale Road
Franklin Chapel Monroe On Franklin-Laurel Roads N38.945 -84.227W
Frazee-Seibert Stonelick About 0.5 mile offMount Zion Road. South of SR. 131. On Clarence W. Seibert farm.
Galley Hill/ Mt Zion Stonelick Mt. Zion Road south of Apgar N39.152
Gernen-Rustic Valley Farm Batavia Olive Branch and Baldwin Road. John H. Morris  Owner
Gibson or Weaver Burial Ground Batavia Elklick Road  Take St. Rt. 222 out of Batavia towards St. Rt. 125.  You will pass Erion Road on left – next road on left is Elklick Road – turn left.  When you come to the golf course – the cemetery is right across the street.  I parked in the golf course parking lot and walked to the cemetery – it is right there.
Gobel Ohio Take St. Rt. 52 out of Cincinnati to New Richmond.  Turn left on St. Rt. 132.  Exit New Richmond and pass Twelve Mile Road.  Turn left on Goebel Hill Road.  Cemetery is located on private property of Donald Daniel, 4686 Goebel Hill Road, 513-553-3263.
N38 58.214 W84 15.534
Goshen Goshen On SR. 28 in Goshen N39.238 -84.158W
Goslin Family Franklin 1.5 miles south of intersection of SR 133 and SR 222 0.5 mile west of SR133. On farm
Graceland Gardens Miami On Deerfield Rd.south of Mt Repose N 39.196 -84.2W
Greenberry Jackson Off SR133. On Glancy Road 39 6.766 -84 2.57
Greenbriar Batavia Located on Elklick Road. N39.049 -84.135W
Greenlawn Miami Milford- Off US 50 on Cemetery Rd. N39.170 -84.275W
Greenmound Pierce New Richmond N38.943 -84.27W
Hammon Batavia Olive Branch Road. Stones 2.
Hartman Jackson Take St. Rt. 50 from Milford towards Owensville. Pass through Owensville. Pass Clermont Northeastern High School on left. Cross St. Rt. 133. Continue on St. Rt. 50 until you come to Aber Road, turn right. Hartman Cabin right on corner. Park behind the cabin. Walk toward right near picnic tables – not the shelter. You will come upon a bridge. Walk over bridge – you will see the cemetery on a hill. Easy access. Good parking for cars -- paved lot.  N 39.135 -84.049W
Hill Goshen North of Loveland at county line 39 16' 28"N, 84 14' 04"W
Hill Stonelick At end of Wildrose Avenue. Off SR. 131. On land owned by J.J. Murphy (1960)
Hopewell Franklin One and one half miles southwest of Felicity on Hopewell road off SR 756 N38.833 -84.116W
Hugh Ferguson Family Monroe On Nicholsville-New richmond Rd. Owned by burns Feed and Supply Co. of New richmond
I.O.O.F. Boston Lodge NO. 189 Stonelick US 50 between Owensville and Stonelick N39.121 -84.154W
Irwin Goshen Take St. Rt. 28 towards Goshen.  In Goshen, take right on Goshen Road.  After you pass Manila Road on left, Cemetery Lane is next on right.  Located at end of Cemetery Lane.  Easy access for parking.
Jacob Bickel family Union Al Bickel's farm
John Family Pierce On nine mile Road. About 600 feet east of highway. Farm owned by Jorsky (1957)
Johnson Tate One mile SW of Mt Olive
Jordan Wayne Take St. Rt. 131 towards Newtonsville, turn left on St. Rt. 727.  Go around Stonelick State Park,
right before you enter the “center of town” of Edenton, cemetery is on left.  Small pull off right
in front of cemetery. 
Josiah Prickett Rev. soldier Stonelick Take St. Rt. 131 from Milford towards Newtonsville.  Before St. Rt. 727 and sharp curve –
turn right on Manila South Road.  Go to end of road.  Small cemetery on right by very old large
tree.  It is on private property, but the owner was very friendly and said many come to
Kidd Family Batavia Take St. Rt 50 from Milford to Village of Owensville. In center of Village turn right on St. Rt. 276 and St. Rt. 132. When you come upon the fork of St. Rt 132 and St. Rt 276 stay to right this is St. Rt 132. Stay on St. Rt 132 heading towards Batavia. Elmwood Drive is on your left off St. Rt 132. On Elmwood you will come to the Southern Ohio Coon Hunter’s grounds. The cemetery is located right at the end of their property adjacent to bridge – close to road - on a high hill to the left of bridge – next to stream N 39˚ 05.843, W 084˚ 08.767,
Laurel/Carmel Monroe Off SR 232 near Laurel N38.920 -84.195W
Lewis Furlong
Light Monroe Off Laurel-Lindale Rd. On Chris Snider farm (1955)
Light-Springer Ohio Take St. Rt. 52 from Cincinnati towards New Richmond.  Turn left on St. Rt. 132.  As you
start to exit New Richmond you will go around a sharp curve.  Continue on St. Rt. 132 past
Citizens Cemetery.  Next on your right is Samarian Cemetery.  Park in front of Samarian
Cemetery.  To the far left is Warren Cemetery.  Enter Warren Cemetery and start to climb
the hill.  At the top of the hill is the remainder of Warren Cemetery but right beyond- over an
old fence is Light-Springer.
Lindale Baptist Church Ohio On SR. 132 north of Lindale N 38.995 -84.209W
Love Farm Cemetery Ohio Take St. Rt. 125 from Beechmont to Amelia.  Continue through the Village of Amelia.  As you exit the Village start looking for St. Rt. 132 on right.  Turn right on St. Rt. 132.  Pass E. Concord Road - pass St. Rt . 749.  You will be looking for 2909 State Rt. 132.  Cemetery is on north side of John Smith property (in trees past lake) 513-553-0761.  Not easy access.
N38. 59.239 W84 13.088
Lucy Run Batavia Lucy Run Road, off Rt. 132 between Amelia and Batavia N39.042 -84.192W
Malott Wayne Wayne Twp. Off SR.131
Mc KendryChapel Franklin On SR 222. At McKendry Chapel and Cemetery Road. top of Chilo Hill N38.809 -84.131W
Mc Neil Washington Point Isabel-Laurel Road. Owned by Mr. Beech (1959)
McClure Family/Clarence Ragland Farm Union Take St. R.t 50 out of Milford towards Owensville.  Pass through Perintown.  Upon entering “Stonelick Creek” area turn right on St. Rt. 222.  First road on right – Olive Branch Stonelick Road, turn right.  Continue on until you cross a bridge over the Little Miami River.  At the fork turn right onto Binning Road.  Continue on Binning Road until 1416 Binning Road.  Cemetery is located past residence on right – in field.

N39˚ 07.490’, W084˚ 13.347’
McCollum Wayne On SR 727 between Modest and Edenton Take St. Rt 131 out of Milford - towards Newtonsville. Turn left onto St. Rt. 727. When you pass Misty Road on left, 
cemetery is close - on left (behind chain-link fence). Pass cemetery, turn around and come back to park on small pull-off right in front of cemetery.
McGill-Ranson Miami Price Rd near Mulberry on Boy Scout property
McMahan Union 600 feet back from McMann Road. Near Clough Road. Behind house of Barnard Morton (1959)
Meal-Moore Tate On Volney Moore farm on Sodom-Hammersville Rd. Owner of property wishes to keep private.  Crane Schoolhouse Road to right on Moore. 
About midway on Moore Road.
Medaris Family Pierce On Old Apple Farm Directions: Take St. Rt. 125 from Beechmont. After the St. Rt. 275 exchange the next road on the right 
will be Nine Mile/Tobasco Road. Turn Right. You will pass Davis Road on right. Continue until you 
come upon Bradbury which forks off of Nine Mile on the left. Turn on Bradbury. The cemetery is in the woods to the right- up a little from Slaven Road- probably about a mile up the hill. We followed the small creek that feeds into the larger one along Bradbury up the hill then ventured to the left. Look at the maps carefully and see if you can bring a GPS. 
N39˚ 02.149 W084˚ 17.473
Milford I.O.O.F. Miami On Pasadena off Lila in Milford You may take St. Rt. 28 or St. Rt. 50 into the City of Milford.  As you enter the intersection of St. Rt. 28 and St. Rt. 50 continue on Main Street-Rt. 50.  You will pass St. Andrews Catholic Church. As you descend down a small hill entering “Old Milford” you will turn right on High Street.  This will dead end into Carriage Way – which is not a road, just a walking path.  I parked at the Lila Chateau Apartments to the right and walked over to the park N39.178 -84.29W
Monroe Twp. Monroe Hulington Rd. N38.968 -84.163W
Moore Batavia Take Rt. 222 out of Batavia towards Rt. 125. First road on your right out of the Village of Batavia (Old S. Riverside). After first driveway on left there is a group of trees - the cemetery is on top of a small but steep hill. I parked on the road - pulled off a little in the grass. Not much traffic. Not maintained - steep hill to climb from road - full of poison ivy - cover 
yourself completely from head to toe. It’s very dangerous – the ground is very uneven and full of briars and poison ivy vines. 
Moreland Ohio On 126 near SR 132 N38.964 -84.252W
Morgan-Osborn Jackson On SR 133 Near intersection of SR133 and Quitter Rd 39 9.257 -84 3.811
Morse Pierce Richard Streine's property in Amelia
Moscow Washington Take St. Rt. 52 out of Cincinnati towards New Richmond. Pass through New Richmond and Point Pleasant. Upon entering the Village of Moscow start looking towards the left for Moscow Cemetery. Make a left on Moscow Cemetery Road. Easy access.  N38.860 -84.211W
Mount John-Private Batavia East end of Main St in Batavia
Mt Holly Christian Chapel Batavia Take St. Rt 125 from Beechmont towards Amelia.  Pass through the Village of Amelia.
You will pass St. Rt  132 on your right, then you will pass it on your left.  Cemetery is located on left
after Martin Drive.  Get ready to make a left after this.  You will see a large white church called Mt.
Holly Christian Chapel.  Park in the church parking lot.
N 39.018 -84.196W
Mt Moriah Union Withamsville N39.069 -84.29W
Mt. Pisgah Ohio On SR 132 between Amelia and New Richmond N38.985 -84.227W
Mt. Zion Chapel Monroe Laurel-Clermontville Road N38 55.09 -84.13.98W
Mt.Olive M.E. Stonelick From Milford take St. Rt. 50 towards - Owensville. Upon entering the Village of Owensville turn left on St. Rt. 132. Pass Anstaett Road. Pass Baas Road. Next road on left is Creekwood Road. Cemetery is located across the street from Creekwood Road. Private property to right of cemetery – the Sebastian residence.
Mt.Pleasant Franklin Off SR 133 south of Felicity N38.824 -84.101W
Mulberry/ Leming/ Newberry Miami Newberry Road.  From Milford take Rt. 28 towards Goshen. After passing Kmart (on left) look for Cook Road on Left.  Take Cook Road (not far) to right on Newberry.  Cemetery is on left before curve. Parking;  there is a small pull-off in front of Mulberry Cemetery (township) sign. 
Myers Goshen Near Goshen on SR 48 & 28 N 39 13.38 -84 11.03
Neville Washington At Neville Direction: Take St. Rt. 52 from Anderson Township towards New Richmond. Stay on St. Rt. 52 until you reach the town of Neville. Turn left on any street and you will find the cemetery located on Forest and Washington Avenues. Easy access. Good parking.  N38˚ 48.580 W084˚ 12.517
New Calvary Washington East of intersection of SR 743 and SR 756 N38.87 -84.168W
New Edenton I.O.O.f. Wayne On SR 727 just outside of Edenton
Nichols Family Monroe On Carnes Road. Farm owned by Joe Williams (1957)
Nicholsville Monroe On SR 222 south if Nicholsville N38.957 -84.17W
Nine Mile Union On Nine Mile Rd.
Old Baptist Church Wayne Take St. Rt. 131 towards Newtonsville.  When you enter the Village- after sharp curve- it is on the right. 
I parked at the fire station right after the church on right.  Police station is across the street.
N39.178 -84.089W
Old Bunting Farm (Bunton) Williamsburg Concord Bethel Pike in Williamsburg
Old Calvary Washington Take St. Rt. 52 from Cincinnati, pass through New Richmond. At Point Pleasant make a left on St. Rt. 232, make a right onto St. Rt. 756. Pass Washington Township Park. Cross St. Rt. 743. Cemetery located on right across from church and NewCalvary Cemetery. Park at church. Easy Access.  N38.869 -84.17W
Old Gatch Miami In Greenlawn Cemetery in Milford 39.170N
Old German Cemetery Batavia West of Olive Branch .  Near end of Old Depot Road.
Old Owensville Stonelick Take  St. Rt. 50 from Milford to the Village of Owensville.  In the heart of the Village turn right on St. Rt. 132.  Before you come to the fork of St. Rt. 132 and St. Rt. 276, cemetery is on your left.  I would turn around and come back in the opposite direction.  There is a pull off for a few cars. N39˚ 07.087 W84˚ 08.144
Old Ricker Family Pierce Take St. Rt. 52 from Cincinnati towards New Richmond.  Before New Richmond, turn left on Ten Mile Road (749).  Turn left on Wagner Road.  Turn Left on Locust Corner Road.  Cemetery is located in the woods, a few hundred yards directly behind (south of) the house located at 878 Locust Corner Road.
Old Salem Washington Off SR. 222 on Adam's farm
Old Town Ohio Take St. Rt. 52 from Cincinnati towards New Richmond.  Upon entering New Richmond
turn right on Sycamore Street.  Turn right on Willow.  Located at end of Willow Street. 
N38˚ 57.489’ W084˚ 17.194’
Olive branch Batavia Take St. Rt. 32 from Newtown towards Batavia. Pass through “Eastgate”, pass Elick Road. Turn right on St. Rt. 74. Pass Winding Creek Boulevard (traffic light). Turn - next road on left - Olive Branch Stonelick Road. Cemetery is located on the left. Easy access. N39.085 -84.226W
Olive Cemetery Stonelick On SR. 132 between Owensville and Williams Corners near Creekwood N 39.156 -84.155W
Parrish Tate Half mile off Mt.Olivet-Pt. Isabel Road on Trees Road
Paxton-Ramsey Miami On SR 48 east of Loveland
Pease or Warren Family Pierce Just south of Hamlet. About 1 mile south from SR 125. Last house on Cleveland Lane
Perintown Miami On US 50 in Methodest Churchyard Take St. Rt. 50 out of Milford towards Owensville.  Past the traffic light at Wolfpen-Pleasant Hill Road you will come to the town of Perintown - go past the traffic light at Round Bottom Road, the cemetery is on the left.  The only church located in the town.  N 39˚ 08.232,   W 084˚ 14.160
Pierce Twp. Pierce On SR.749 near US 52 N39.010 -84.27W
Plainview Wayne On SR 131 west of Newtonsville N39.179 -84.117W
Point Isabel Washington In Point Isabel on SR 222 N38.897 -84.134W
Point Pleasant Monroe On Point Pleasant Cemetery Rd. N38.897 -84.23W
Price Crosstown Rd, Brown/Clermont line
Private/Dial-Sierveld Batavia On William Sierveld's farm 2.25 miles west of Batavia .  Off SR 74  Directions: This cemetery has to be accessed by permission of Clermont County Airport because of security 
reasons. Take St. Rt. 32 out of Eastgate towards Batavia. At Old St. Rt. 74, turn right. Continue on St. Rt. 74 until you reach Bauman Lane – turn right. Access is from Sandy Farm Lane – private-- high security-fenced in – no access. You will need to visit and obtain permission from Clermont County Airport to enter the property. Which is located on Taylor Road off, Amelia Olive Branch.
N39˚ 04.942 W084˚ 12.714
Private/Gheyne-Hamilton-Pickerel Franklin South end of SR 133 next to Bullskin Creek 38 47.005 -84 5.399
Private/ Denham Burial Franklin Off Goodwin-Schoolhouse Road.  On Old Mattox Farm
Private Miami North edge of Loveland SR 48 overlooking CSX Railroad On Earl Wagner farm
Private Monroe On Ferguson Farm
Private Monroe On farm of Viola Reese & Caroline Fridman (sisters)
Private Ohio On farm owned by Theodore Brown in 1956
Private Ohio Elstun Farm
Private Pierce Locust Corner Rd.
Private Pierce On Cross Farm
Private Pierce On Gaskins Road
Private Stonelick On Goodpasture farm
Private Stonelick On Stricker farm
Private /Taylor Tate On Taylor Farm on Bethel-Nicholsville Road
Private Union At Bell's Fishing Lake
Private Union ON Hickson Farm
Private Union On Doepke Farm
Private Washington On SR 52 on Ohio River west of Chilo
Private On farm of Robert H. Adams
Private Pierce On Dr. Wehby's farm
Private Pierce On farm of Dr. Charles T. Webby
Private Pierce On Cann Farm, Wagner Road Near Locust Corner
Private Pierce Merwin-Ten Mile Rd.on Carl Lore Meier farm
Private Tate Monroe Rd Tate Twp.
Private Tate On farm of Carl Dean
Private Union On SR 74
Private Williamsburg On farm of Bass Muerl
Private Williamsburg On A. M. Hensley farm
Private Williamsburg On Clell Hedleston farm
Rapp Stonelick Take Rt. 50 - to left on St. Rt. 132 - immediately entering the Village of Owensville.  Drive pass Anstaett Road.  As you approach a steep curvy hill, cemetery is on the left.  Best to drive pass cemetery, turn around and approach from St. Rt. 131 side.  Pull right in front of the cemetery, I pulled all the way up in the grass on a hill, easier to turn around to pull back out.  Parking (maybe) for two small cars.  N 39.142 -84.152W
Reed Tate Bethel-New Concord Rd one an a half miles north
Robb Monroe On Jett Hill Road Robert T. Herman (1957)
Robinson M.E. Stonelick 2.5 miles fron Owensville. On Owensville-Belfast Road. On property of Edna Burdsall (1960)
Rose Of Sharon Jackson Take St. Rt. 50 out of Milford – through Owensville – towards Fayetteville.  You will come to the town of Monterey a few miles after Clermont Northeastern School.  Make a left on Monterey Road.  If you come to St. Rt. 133 while on St. Rt. 50, you have missed Monterey Road.  Cemetery is on your left.  N 39.142 -84.086W
Round Bottom Union Take Rt. 50 out of Milford, towards Perintown. Upon entering Perintown, turn right on Roundbottom Road. Pass Binning Road. Pass Tealtown Road. House address is 956 Roundbottom Road. Cemetery located to left of house behind the shed at this address. Entrance to cemetery is left of the shed. Should receive permission before entering. Not sure who really owns the property. Owner may be stone house at railroad tracks pass the property. Between Milford and Perintown N39˚ 08.401    W 084˚ 15.410
Rural Franklin On SR 133 near Rural N38.783 -84.09W
Samarian Ohio Take St. Rt. 52 from Cincinnati towards New Richmond.  Turn left on St. Rt 132.  As you start to exit New Richmond you will go around a sharp curve.  Continue on St. Rt. 132 past Citizens Cemetery.  Next on your right is Samarian Cemetery.  There is a pull off that will fit a few cars.  N 38˚ 57.730,  W 084  16.566
Sapp Washington Off Point Isabel-Laurel Road. Dead end side of road. Gatch H. Beech farm.(1959)
Shaw Monroe On Jett Hill Road Robert H. Herman (1957)
Shiloh Goshen Northeast of intersection of CR 157(Shiloh Rd) and CR 79 (McHenry Rd). On east side of McHenry Rd. 39 13.97 -84 6.15
Shumard Stonelick "Take St. Rt. 131 out of Milford towards Newtonsville. Turn right on Belfast-Owensville Road. Turn left on Bergen Road. Turn left on Weaver Road. Turn left on Sumner Road. The cemetery is located on private property – owners: Edward Packer and Jean Ashley. It is located to the right - of end of Sumner Road - in the woods" N 39˚10.110, W 084˚07.215
Slab's Camp Burial Wayne Take St. Rt. 131 from Milford towards Newtonsville.  Take St. Rt 131 through and out of Newtonsville.  At St. Rt. 133 take a left.  Next road on left is Park Road.  Turn left.  The burial site is on the right a little ways down the road.  I just parked on the one lane road.  Slab's Camp is on the Bullskin trace a pioneer road between Clermont County  and Northern Ohio.
Simpkins Stonelick East of Williams Corners. On north side of SR. 131. Onfarm of Leonard Scott N39.173 -84.153W
Smith Family Jackson On SR 133 0.8 mile north of Greenbury Church. 200 feet east of highway. On Stahl farm 
Smyrna Franklin Take St. Rt. 32 from Batavia towards Mt. Orab.  Exit the St. Rt. 133 exit, turn right.  Upon entering St. Rt.
276/133 intersection-  turn left and enter the Village of Williamsburg.  Continue on St. Rt. 133 out of town and turn right to continue on St. Rt. 133 at the “Y”.  Enjoy the country drive.  Pass through Bethel.  Enter the Village of Felicity – stay right entering the town limits.  Turn left on Walnut Street.  This will run directly into Felicity – Higginsport Road.  Continue
on Felicity-Higginsport Road and you will come upon Smyrna Road (turn left).  Cemetery is located down the “no outlet” road on the right.  Park on the road at the widening allotted for cemetery parking. 
N38.836 -84.08W
South-Sargent-Frazier Tate On SR 133 south of Bethel
St Louis Catholic Stonelick Owensville N39.125 -84.133W
St. Andrew Miami From Batavia: Take St. Rt. 32 west towards Eastgate. Pass through Eastgate. Come to Mt. Carmel. 
Before you descend down the St. Rt. 32 hill towards Newtown, turn right on Mt. Carmel Road. Stay on Mt. Carmel Road until it ends into Roundbottom Road (river straight across). Turn right on Roundbottom Road. Drive along the river. Turn left at next road. This is South Milford Road. You will cross the river. Pass Milford Elementary School and Terrace Park Country Club. You will make a sharp right curve by Jesuit’s entrance. Continue until you make another sharp curve (left). Get ready to turn into the cemetery on left. Stone pillars line the entrance. I ended 
up parking at Sem-Villa (next left, after cemetery entrance) --back their drive -- along back side of the cemetery. 
N39.163 -84.294W
St. Peters Ohio Of SR 132 near 12 Mile Rd. N38.970 -84.261W
Stonelick/ St. Philomena Stonelick Take Rt. 50 from Milford towards Owensville. Pass through Perintown. Continue on Rt. 50. Take left on 
Stonelick Williams Corner Road. If you come to St. Rt 222 – you have gone too far. Continue on Stonelick Williams Corner Road until you pass over a bridge. Get ready to turn right (Balzhiser Lane?) – you will see the church. Good parking in church parking lot.
N 39˚  07.689   W 084˚  11.142 
Stoner-Conn Jackson On Monterey- Newtonsville Rd. On Stanley Conn farm. Across from Rose of Sharon
Stouder Goshen In Goshen SR 28 one mile south of Goshen
Sugar Tree Tate From Amelia - St. Rt. 125 to right on South Bantam Road, to left on Crane Schoolhouse Road, past Moore Road - on left.Small one vehicle pull off with single wire fencing.  Easy to find. N38.968 -84.134W
Swing Tate Located on St. Rt. 125. If coming from Amelia - after Crane Schoolhouse Road, on left.  Swings Corner area.  There is a stone wall with graffiti by
the road.  The cemetery is above this wall. (Complicated access - not easy to park, you will have to drive upon to the grass on a slight grade, over a drainage pipe - right off the highway)  
Tate Township Tate Bethel
Tealtown Union Off Tealtown Rd. Union Twp. Cemetery on private property, need permission to enter.
Please contact Rosemary Craig, 4839 Tealtown Road, Milford, Ohio 45150 before attempting to visit.  Located on a private road, single lane, possibly
could get stuck trying to park off lane (I did).
N39˚ 07.143 W084˚14.519
TenMile Pierce Take St. Rt. 52 from Cincinnati towards New Richmond.  Turn left on St. Rt. 749. 
Pass Wagner Road.  Turn right on Bristol Road.  Continue over bridge.  Make an immediate right.  Keep driving on one lane road until you reach a creek.  Drive over creek -- so if it has just rained, you may not be able to drive up to the cemetery gate. 
Cemetery straight ahead. 
N39.010 -84.261W
Thomas Wood Family Washington Verkamp farm
Towner Williamsburg
Trees Franklin Mt. Olive on farm half mile west
Union Miami Take St. Rt. 28 out of Milford towards Goshen.  Pass Buckwheat Road thenWoodville (on right).  Next light, turn left on Branch Hill Guinea Pike.  Pass Deerhaven Ct.Next light is Weber-Cook Road.  After passing through light turn right --immediately intochurch parking lot (First Church of Jesus Christ).  Easy access – good parking.  N39.077 -84.167W
Vesper-Neville Washington About 0.85 mile northeast of Neville. On north side of Neville-Penn Schoolhouse Road.xxxxxxxx N38.816 -84.196W
Walker Tate Pattison Rd.
Ward Pierce On Locust Corner Road on farm owned by Carl Nobis
Warren Ohio Take St. Rt. 52 from Cincinnati towards New Richmond.  Turn left on St. Rt. 132.  As you start to exit New Richmond you will go around a sharp curve.  Continue on St. Rt. 132 past Citizens Cemetery.  Next on your right is Samarian Cemetery.  Park in front of Samarian Cemetery.  To the far left is Warren Cemetery. 
Watkins Hill Ohio Take St. Rt. 52 from Cincinnati towards New Richmond. Pass St. Rt. 132 - Turn left on Bethel New Richmond Road (Augusta Street), go up to hill, turn right at Watkins Hill Road – cemetery is on right – new section. Continue down lane for older section.  N 38˚57.067, W 084˚16.269
Wells Tate One mile east of Mount Olive. On Swope Road
West Woodville Wayne Just off Route 133 between Blanchester and Edenton
Wheeler-Short Pierce Take St. Rt. 125 out of Beechmont towards Amelia.  You will pass Merwin Ten Mile.  When you come to White Oak Road turn right – Lewis Road connects right as you turn right.  Continue on Lewis Road to right on Dorado Court.  Address is 1313 Dorado Ct. N39 01.768 W84 14.464
Whitaker Batavia "(previously located at the Horstman Farm 1950) Has been relocated to the Olive Branch Cemetery Olive Branch Road, Batavia Township " To Olive Branch Cemetery:  Take St. Rt. 32 from Newtown towards Batavia.  Pass through “Eastgate”, pass Elick Road.  Turn right on St. Rt. 74.  Pass Winding Creek Boulevard (traffic light).  Turn - next road on left - Olive Branch Stonelick Road.  Cemetery is located on the left.  Easy access. 

Location of these stones.  If you are facing the front of the small stone building, the graves are far right of the building, right hand side of driveway- towards the back of the cemetery. 
N39˚ 05.174    W084˚ 13.595
Whitney Washington 2 miles west of  Chilo on US Hwy. 52 38 47.85 -84 8.640
Williamsburg Williamsburg Take St. Rt. 32 from Batavia towards Mt. Orab. You will pass the Clermont Hospital and Half Acre Road. Look for St. Rt. 133 exit. Exit off St. Rt. 133, turn right.  At the intersection of St. Rt. 276 and St. Rt. 133 (stop sign) turn left. Upon entering the Village of Williamsburg, turn left on Eighth Street. It dead ends into Gay Street – turn right – you will see the 
N 39 3’ 39.67”   W84 3’ 29.06”
Wm. Jones Union On Barg Salt Run Road. On Fred Barg tenant farm. Stones -12
Wood Franklin South of Bart Reed Memorial Road N 38 48.42 -84 9.03
Wood Family Washington At end of Woodhill Cemetery Rd. N 38.805 -84.148W