Union Cemetery Clermont County Ohio
Clermont County Genealogical Society
Union Cemetery (present name)
Old Guinea Pike Cemetery – Guinea Pike School Cemetery --
Branch Hill Guinea Pike, Miami Township
GPS  N 39° 12.927   W084° 14.479,     929 Elev, within 22 ft.

Directions:   Take St. Rt. 28 out of Milford towards Goshen.  Pass Buckwheat Road thenWoodville (on right).  Next light, 
turn left on Branch Hill Guinea Pike.  Pass Deerhaven Ct.  Next light is Weber-Cook Road.  After passing through light 
turn right --immediately intochurch parking lot (First Church of Jesus Christ).  Easy access – good parking.  You will
have to unlatch a heavy wood fence to enter.  Some stones in poison ivy covered woods.Make sure to also access the 
top of the hill at far end of cemetery – a few stones hidden up on the hill to right.

Pictures and additional inscriptions by Pamela Smith, CCGS member, during May, 2007.Cemetery kept 
mowed but a lot of stones buried. You can tell some have been misplacedthroughout the cemetery. 
Footstones are not in correct location. I went back a second time just to probe and dig – with not much luck.  James Smith is buried next to an old rooted stump, could not bring it up but have pic of parts of name 
to verify it is his.  I don’t know if a lot of stones are buried 12 inches deep or have been removed.  A 
lot of very old families in this cemetery.  Benjamin Collins and Sarah Collins Smith (his first wife) were 
placed here from a private cemetery on Wolfpen Pleasant Hill Road in the 1970’s.  I found all the stones
that were documented in 1970’s, so the below have been missing a long time.

Stones previously recorded I could not find
Anderson, Frances
Banchart, George
Biggs, David F.
Brown, John
Clark, William
Dericks, Alice M.
Dericks, Mathias
Liming, Gabriel (one of two)
Liming, Phebe
Liming, Martha M.
Martin, Jeremiah (one of two)
Noble, unknown (found a WN footstone)
Pickit, Marion
Potter, Elizabeth
Smith, Mary Elizabeth
Vandervort, Joseph

Smith, Benjamin(I was told that his stone was moved from Wolfpen Road along with Benj
Collins and Sarah Collins Smith (his second wife-could not find him)



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concrete type pond. Collins' placed here
(see the two grave stones)
most beautiful (see the little grave stone)
Anderson, Catherine
Anderson, Hannah Sopiah
Anderson, Lucinda
Anderson, Martha Fuller
Anderson, Samuel
Anderson, Samuel died 1845
Barber, Ann Eliza
Barber, Daniel
Barber, George
Barber, James
Barber, Nathaniel
Barber, Patience
Barr, Susan J.
Bowlby, Martha
B, WAB footstone
Collins, Benjamin(moved from other property)
Collins, Sarah(moved from other property)
Combs, Catherine B.
Combs, James
Combs, Nancy
Combs, Nancy wife of James
Cox, Anne
Cox, Benjamin
Cox, Elizabeth
Cox, Granville
Cox, James
Cox, John M.
Cox, Joshua
Cox, Joshua, died 1855
Cox, Leudwell
Cox, Martha
Cox, Martha Jane
Cox, Nancy
Cox, Samuel
Dericks, William Sherman
Dimmitt, Beal
Elstun, Ruth
Emery, L. (next to Sarah Emery)
Emery, Sarah E.
Emery, William D.
Ervin, Andrew
Ervin, Elizabeth
Ervin, Elizabeth closeup
Ervin, Mary
Eveland, Harman bottom
Eveland, Harman top
Eveland, Harmon
Eveland, Isabela
Eveland, Jenitte bottom
Eveland, Jenitte top
Eveland, John B.
Eveland, Martha B.
Eveland, Philip J.
Eveland, Samuel
Eveland, Susannah
Fitzwater, George
Hawley, Mary
Hixson, A. AH iinscript. with Hixsons
Hixson,(Hinson) Catharine
Hixson (Hinson) closeup
Illegible, died 1837
Illegible, d Apr 30, 1862
Illegible, with Smiths
Illegible, WR footstone with Evelands
Illlegible, with the Ervins
Johnson, Sarah
Johnston, Jannetta
Lafferty, Archibald
Lafferty, Mary
Lafferty, Mary died 1883
Liming, Gabriel
Liming, Marthea
Martin, Elce Ann
Martin, Elizabeth
Martin, Jeremiah H.
Martin, John A.
Martin, Mary Catherine
McGarvey, Belle
McKinney, Elcy
McKinney, George D.
McKinney, William
McMains, John
McVay, Nathan
McVay, T. Footstone
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