Sharon Cemetery

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Sharon Cemetery
Rose of Sharon Cemetery --  Monterey Cemetery
Monterey Road, Jackson Township
Coord: N 39.142 -84.086W

Take St. Rt. 50 out of Milford through Owensville towards Fayetteville.  You will come to the town of Monterey a
few miles after Clermont Northeastern School.  Make a left on Monterey Road.  If you come to St. Rt. 133 while on
St. Rt. 50, you have missed Monterey Road.  Cemetery is on your left.  Easy Access.  Great Parking.  Very steep
hill to climb- within cemetery to get to the older section.  Well maintained.

Pictures and additional inscriptions taken by Pamela Smith, CCGS member, on September 9, 2006. 
Some monuments were knocked over.  I was not strong enough to turn them over.  I ended up
digging and turning a few large ones which was very, very hard.  I wish I could have turned all of them.

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Cemetery Entrance
Cemetery Entrance
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Most interesting Alfred Orebaugh
Abernathy, Amelia
Abernathy, Mary A.
Abernathy, Samuel
Applegate, Mary A.
Applegate, Richard
Ball, Quinton Q.
Ball, Shirley R. Hensley
Bernstein, Dorris M.
Bernstein, Dorris M. monument
Berry, Elizabeth Dunkle
Berry, Henry
Berry, Mary Ann
Binkley, Mary E. Covalt
Brown Jennie (base)
Brown, Blanche E.
Brown, Charles H.
Brown, Daisy
Brown, George W.
Brown, Jacob monument
Brown, Jacob monument
Brown, James A.
Brown, Jennie (top)
Brown, Jesse Paul
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Joseph born 1829
Brown, Joseph & Sarah Base
Brown, Sarah J.
Brown, Zelma M. Shumard
Brunk, Amanda
Brunk, Wesley
Brunk, Wesley & Amanda Monument
Brunk, Wesley veteran marker
Christy, John NCG
Clark, Amelia
Clark, Arthur
Clark, Arthur E.
Clark, John
Clark, Maranda S.
Covalt, John S.
Covalt, Sarah
Cross, Preston
Davis, Malinda
Dawson, Alexander K.
Dawson, Sarah
Dawson, William (bottom
Divine, Loeita
Divine, Margaret
Duchemin, Francis M.
Duchemin, Frankie
Duchemin, Joseph F.
Duchemin, Samantha
Duchemin, Samantha J.
Duchemin, Samantha monument
Duchemin, Samuel
Duchemin, Sarah G.
Evans, Carl
Evans, Mary L.
Ferree, Alfred S.
Ferree, Marcus B. (recemented upside down)
Ferree, Mary E.
Ferst, Mary
Ferst, Mary monument
Fletcher, Warren
Foster, Amelia J.
Foster, Cynthia Jane
Foster, Infant Son
Foster, Moses
Foster, Permelia A
Foster, Stephen
Goodpaster, Isaac
Goodpaster, Naomi
Good, Eliza J.
Good, George W.
Good, Infant daughter
Good, James H.
Good, John
Good, Mary A.
Good, Millie
Good, Thos. J.
Gove, Mary (inscription face down)
Hawley, Amelia J.
Hawley, Hiram W.
Hawley, Mary E.
Hedger, Owen
Hedger, Rachel
Hill, Isaiah
Hill, Jane A.
Hill, Jones
Hill, Jones second monument
Hill, Rachel
Hill, Rachel dau.
Honeycutt, Isaac
Honeycutt, Vera C
Huelsmann, Bertha Brunk
Hutchinson, Ann Mariah
Hutchinson, Jobe R.
Illegible-child's grave
Illegible pillar by Anna Williams
Illegible - Pot
Illegible - stone
Illegible, Little Margaret
Jordan, Effie Fugate
Kyle, Ella
Kyle, Ella monument (and in far distance)
Larue, Roy
Lay, Bernice
Lay, Betty J.
Lay, Floyd M., Sr.
Lay, Louis E.
Livesay, Edward Ray
Livesay, Edward Ray- Vet
Lloyd, Billie Jean
Lloyd, Donald E.
Long, Caroline
Long, John B.
Manning, Mary E. McMahan
Martin, John W.
Martin, Nettie B.
Maxfield, Francis M.
Maxfield, Jesse Lulu
Maxfield, Mary A.
Maxfield, Sarah Emeline
Maxfield, VVM footstone
McFarland, Elizabeth
McFarland, Thomas
McKinnie, Elizabeth
McKinnie, Josiah
McKinnie, William R.
McMahan, Jesse L.
McMahan, Maud
McMahan, Sarah J.
McQuitty, Richard L.
Medaris, Sarah only stone we could find
Medaris, Shadrach only stone we could find
Moore, Luella
Morris Family monument
Morris, Eliza not visible underneath
Morris, Henry
Morris, Peter
Morris, Sarah
Morris, Sarah footstone
Morris, Wesley
Morris, William
Morris, Wm not visible underneath
Oberaugh, Alfred E.
Oberaugh, Charles E.
Orebaugh, Alfred
Orebaugh, Alfred Day
Orebaugh, David
Orebaugh, David T.
Orebaugh, Permelia Annie
Patton, Mary E.
Patton, Thomas H.
Pierce, Myra M.
Pindell, A. B.
Pindell, Nancy
Robison, Infant Son
Sanders, Martha
Smith, David
Snell, Daniel
Snell, Percilla
South, James D.
South, Sarah
thomas infantdaughter
Tice, Catharine
Tice, Charles A. maybe, only stone illegible in line with...
Tice, William
Tice, Wm.
Vanhorn, Sarah
Vanhorn, Sarah monument
Ward, Lester E., Sr.
Ward, Stella M.
Whitaker, Huldah
Whitaker, James H.
Whitaker, Lucinda
Whitaker, Martha
Whitaker, Rufina
Whitaker, Steven
Whitaker, Steven, bottom
Whitaker, Virginia
Williams, Anna
Williams, Zadoc
Willis, Elizabeth
Willis, Ellizabeth J.
Willis, Wm.
Work, Sarah
Work, Sarah dau
Work, Sarah wife of Alexander
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