Samarian Cemetery

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Samarian Cemetery
Good Samaritan Cemetery Colored Cemetery- Samaritans Cemetery
St. Rt. 132, Ohio Township
GPS Coord:  N 38 57.730,  W 084  16.566
Elevation:  482

Take St. Rt. 52 from Cincinnati towards New Richmond.  Turn left on St. Rt 132.  As you start to exit New Richmond 
you will go around a sharp curve.  Continue on St. Rt. 132 past Citizens Cemetery.  Next on your right is Samarian 
Cemetery.  There is a pull off that will fit a few cars.  Easy access.  Well maintained.  Wear good supporting shoes 
as walking on the hillside within this cemetery can be dangerous.

Pictures and additional inscriptions taken by Pamela M. Smith, CCGS member, on September 27, 2006.  
I was grateful to Marge Thomass T. P. White Funeral Home records and Aileen Whitts detailed 
inscriptions, in which I used for my original inscription records. There were numerous monuments 
without inscriptions and a lot of field stones.  It appears there are a lot of graves that we will never 
be able to identify.  Also, I am grateful for the neighbor across the street, Larry Ferguson, who turned 
and lifted many stones for me throughout the day - along with holding my many tools and gadgets.

Stones I could not locate recorded by Aileen Whitt:
Turner, Brutus
McGil (Aley Ann) possibly

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Entrance Sign
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Iron figurines
Iron Figurines
Iron Figurines
Iron Figurines
Most intesting
Adams, Alex.
Adams, Amedia
Alexander, Belle
Alexander, Mabel Pitcher
Alexander, Morris
Anderson, Dennis
Ashe, Virginia A.
Banks, Lee
Bolton, Sarah Edna
Bolton, Sarah G.
Bond, Anna
Bond, George
Bond, James A.
Bond, Lizzy
Boone Monument
Boone, Aley Ann
Boone, Howell
Bryan, Mary
Crone, Thomas
Dancy, Daniel
Dancy, Fannie
Dancy, Frank
Dancy, Pheraby
Davis, Charles E.
Dudley, Cassius B.
Early, Lucy
Finley, Mahala
Finley, Mahala
Graves, Edw'd
Hayden, Ephriam
Hayden, Louis
Hayden, Polly
Houston, Ila
Hudson, Elizasb.
Illegible by Lewis family
Illegible, Civil War Stone
Illegible, row of stones
Jackson, Alonzo
Jackson, Harriet
Jackson, Willie
Jennings, William B.
Jennings, William B. Closeup
Johnson, Anna L.
Johnson, Eliza J. Plot stone
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Richard, Cprpl.
Johnson, Richard, tagged by placement and prev. readings
Johnston, Alverta
Johnston, Clarence
Johnston, Ernest
Johnston, Henry R.
King, A.C.
King, Martha J.
Kirgan, Judah A.
Layton, Elizabeth
Lewis, Daniel
Lewis, Daniel closeup
Lewis, Lilie
Lewis, Lilie closeup
McGill, Eliza
McKemsie together
McKemsie, Sarah
McKemsie, William
Mercer, Lucille Marie
Moore, Anna Marie
Moore, George
Moore, George B.
Moore, Josephine
Moore, Oliver
Moore, Prudence
Napier, Millie
Naylor, Annie M.
Nelson, Nannie H.
Nelson, Parallee
Perry, Thomas
Pewitt, Henry
Picquet, Henry
Pierce, George R.
Pierce, Samuel
Pierce, Willie
Pollard, Elizabeth
Read, Eliza
Robinson, Jno.
Roland, Belle
Scott, Willis, Plot stone
Simpson, Matilda
Smith, Sallie
Taylor, Alma Pierce
Thomas, Jacob
Thomas, William D.
Thompson, Andy
Tilton, Elizabeth
Toney, Elizabeth
Toney, Ida
Travis, Fany Read
Turner, Janet
Weathers, Mary Ann
Whitfield, Essex
Wilkins, Lucy A.
Wilkins, Lucy A. monument
Willis, Philip, Musn.
Wilson, Peter
Wilson, William
Wornell, George
Wornell, Irmina
Wornell, Silas
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