Clermont County Genealogical Society
Roundbottom Road Cemetery
Rear of 956 Roundbottom Road, Union Township
N39˚ 08.401    W 084˚ 15.410

Directions: Take Rt. 50 out of Milford, towards Perintown. Upon entering Perintown, turn right on Roundbottom Road. 
Pass Binning Road. Pass Tealtown Road. House address is 956 Roundbottom Road. Cemetery located to left of house 
behind the shed at this address. Entrance to cemetery is left of the shed. Should receive permission before entering. 
Not sure who really owns the property. Owner may be stone house at railroad tracks pass the property. Rough 
terrain – brushy-poison ivy, barb-wire fencing. 

Pictures taken by Pamela Smith, CCGS member, in October 2007. This cemetery is very old but 
most of the stones were in pretty good condition for their age. Some missing. I am not sure whose 
property I was on-- a lot of “no trespassing signs”. I ran in-- took my pictures and ran out. I believe 
there are a lot more burials here than stones found.

Stones I could not find:

Mary Jane Hill 
Elizabeth Malott (found footstone) 
Eliza Boyce 
Benjamin Wilson 
Joseph Davis footstone or stone

Cemetery Map

Donald R. Johnson
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