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Plainview Cemetery
St. Rt. 131, Stonelick Township

N39◦  10.766
W084◦  07.096

Plainview Cemetery is located west of Newtonsville across the street from the St. Rt. 727
and St. Rt. 131 intersection.  A book is published as a companion to these photographs
which includes an  alphabetical listing of each person’s stone and the stone’s inscription,
along with the section it may be located.  This book is presently for sale by the Clermont
County Genealogical Society.
All photos and inscriptions were taken and compiled by Pamela Smith in October, 2011.


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2uy - Copy
2yth - Copy
Adams, Jack Donald
Adams, Velma Faye
Alcorn, Kenda Ann
Aldridge, Jason L.
Aldridge, Rebecca S.
Allen, Albert R.
Allen, Albert Ross
Allen, Albert
Allen, Anna Marie
Allen, Betty L.
Allen, Floyd W., Sr.
Allen, Harriet
Allen, Jack A. vet
Allen, James R.
Allen, James Stuart
Allen, John L.
Allen, Joshua Mark
Allen, Juanita A.
Allen, Kenneth L.
Allen, Mary Jo
Allen, Patricia A.
Allen, Phillip A.
Allphin, Lucinda
Alt, Caitlyn Elisabeth
Amann, Annette C.
Amann, Elizabeth T.
Amann, Larry R.
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Sarah
Anderson, W. S.
Ange, Callie Mae
Ange, Elizabeth F.
Ange, Harry A., Jr.
Ange, Harry Paul
Ange, Paul H.
Ansteatt, Anna Bulow
Ansteatt, Billy
Ansteatt, Carl E.
Ansteatt, Carl Eugene vet
Ansteatt, Carl Eugene
Ansteatt, Lewis
Ansteatt, Lulu G.
Ansteatt, Margaret Willoughby
Ansteatt, Wilbur
Apgar, Peggy E. Tobergta
Apgar, Randy funeral marker
Apgar, Randy K.
Applegate, Betty J. Burris
Applegate, Carol E.
Applegate, Carrie
Applegate, Clarence E.
Applegate, Mattie
Applegate, Nancy
Applegate, Tonya J.
Applegate, William R.
Arnett, Harold W.
Ashbrook, Roy Tracy
Ashton, Felix L.
Ashton, Neveda W. closeup
Ashton, Neveda W.
Ashton, Ora T. closeup
Ashton, Ora T.
Atkins, Leonard R., Jr.
Atkins, Priscilla A.
Auel, James F., Sr.
Auel, Thelma M.
Back, Charlotte A.
Back, Paul
Bagot, Jessie S.
Bailey, Leslie M.
Baker, Alice M. closeup
Baker, Alice M.
Baker, Carl L., Jr.
Baldwin, Lizzie Maines
Ball, Charles E.
Ball, Edgar L.
Ball, Elizabeth A.
Ball, Gary M.
Ballinger, Lora M.
Ballou, Melissa Jane Gilkison
Barber, Amie
Barber, Ezra vet
Barber, Ezra
Barlowe, Jacob Wayne
Barlowe, Ryan and Jacob back
Barlowe, Ryan Blake
Barrett, June
Barrett, Paul B.
Battig, Donald Lee
CCGS Webmaster
Donald R. Johnson
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