Olive Branch Cemetery

Clermont County Genealogical Society
Olive Branch Cemetery
Olive Branch Road, Batavia Township
GPS coordinates:  N39° 05.140   W084° 13.396,  802 Elev,  Accuracy 21 ft.
Decimal:  N39.08567  W084.22660,  796 Elev., Accuracy 20ft

  To Olive Branch Cemetery: Take St. Rt. 32 from Newtown towards Batavia. Pass through Eastgate, pass Elick Road. 
Turn right on St. Rt. 74. Pass Winding Creek Boulevard (traffic light). Turn - next road on left - Olive Branch Stonelick 
Road. Cemetery is located on the left. Easy access. 

  Pictures and inscriptions compiled by Pamela M. Smith, CCGS member, during the months of November 
and December 2006. Volunteers, Vicky Kellum and Vera Quehl helped out at various times. This cemetery 
is very well maintained and most of the older stones have been reset. We were able to locate quite a few 
older ones along with all of the recent stones. A complete new inscription list is included.

Stones we could not locate that were previously recorded:
Gest, Charles
Ludlow, Lewis
Ludlow, Permelia R. 


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Abbatiello, Alberta Huff
Abbott, Cassandra
Adams, Mary M.
Adkins, Russell E.
Adkins, Vickie
Allen, Anna M.
Allen, David Avey
Allen, Ming-Hui Liu
Alsip, Betty J.
Alsip, Beulah A.
Alsip, Delbert G.
Alsip, Elmer G.
Alsip, G. Elmer
Alsip, John Blaine
Alsip, Lela A.
Anderson, Ethel
Anderson, Robert
Anderson, Zina
Applegate, C. J.
Applegate, Nelson
Applegate, Rebecca
Apple, Aseaneth
Apple, Asenath M.
Apple, Daniel
Apple, F. C.
Apple, John F. W
Apple, John W.
Apple, Kaziah
apple keziah kaziah monument
Apple, Sarah
Apple, Sarah J.
Apple, William Harlan
Archer, Chester Charles
Archer, Grace May
Atchley, Belle
Atchley, Calvin D.
atchley orien dick
Avey, Charles W.
Avey, Effie M.
Avey, Ella H.
Avey, Emily J.
Avey, Fred H.
Avey, Helen Workman
Avey, Joseph
Avey, Joseph Harvey
Avey, Joseph Wesley
Avey, Mary V.
Avey, Maud
Avey Monument
Avey, Olive J.
Avey, Olive single stone
Avey, Sarah O.
Avey, Susanna
Avey, William D.
Bacher, Donald
Bacher, Odessa Lorine
Backer, Walter B.
Backscheider, Clara B.
Backscheider, Nickolas A.
Bailer, Raymond W.
Baker, George W.
Baker, Minnie F.
Baldwin, Evelyn E.
Bard, Allie L.
Bard, Melvin H.
Barnard, George
Barnard, Mary E.
Beagle, Adaline D.
Beagle, Andrew
Beagle, Carrie L.
Beagle, Charles E.
Beagle, Edward
Beagle, Emma
Beagle, James A.
Beagle, James A. born 1912
Beagle, Jesse
Beagle, John
Beagle, Louis
Beagle, Louise
Beagle, Minerva
Beagle, Minnie
Beagle Monument
Beagle, Morris H.
Beagle, Ralph
Beam, Bessie R.
Beam, Charles F.
Beam, Harry C.
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