Old Owensville

Old Owensville Cemetery
At St. Rt. 132 & St. Rt. 226 @Jackson Pike, Stonelick Township
GPS:  N39Ú 07.087   W84Ú 08.144.  Accuracy:  18 ft.  888 Elev.
DEC:  N39.11810  W-084.13574  Accuracy:  17ft   878 Elev.

Take  St. Rt. 50 from Milford to the Village of Owensville.  In the heart of the Village turn right on St. Rt. 132.  
Before you come to the fork of St. Rt. 132 and St. Rt. 276, cemetery is on your left.  I would turn around and come 
back in the opposite direction.  There is a pull off for a few cars.  Easy access.

Pictures and additional inscriptions taken by Pamela Smith, CCGS member and volunteer, Vera Quehl 
on December 4, 2006.  The cemetery is well cared for, but a lot of the stones are missing.  We were 
able to dig up a few new stones but because of the location being in the middle of a busy intersection, 
it became very uncomfortable digging with our shovels- as the passing cars checked us out.  The 
Carpenters stones were about 10 inches deep. At first we thought it was a vault, as one stone was 
so very large. This was very uncomfortable and we almost stopped a few times.


Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Ansteatt, Freddie
Ansteatt, Katie
Ansteatt, Magdalena
Ansteatt, Martha A. Footstone
Ansteatt, Valentine
Apgar, Sarah
Bayha, George F.
Bayha, Joanah
Beebe, Rebecca
Boggs, Robert J. A.
Boggs, Wm W.
Brunaugh, John
Brunaugh, John W.
Brunaugh, Sarah
Brunk, Joseph
Brunk, Mary Jane
Bull, John
Bull, Maria
Carpenter, David
Carpenter Margaret
Carpenter, Margaret, stone cutter
Carr, Luella
Coleman, Sylvester H.
Daugherty-Dougherty, Infants
Daugherty, J. S.(James)
Daugherty, James
Daugherty, Katy E.
Daugherty, Rosannah
Davison, Albert L.
Davison, Araenor
Davison, Henry
Davison, John
Davison, Ruth E.
Dawson, Alma
Dougherty, John
Ferree, Infant
GAR marker
Guy, John
Guy, Sarah
Hannold, Ira
Hewitt, Jane
Hewitt, Thomas
Hoffman, Alexander L.
Hunter, Rebecca
Illegible, Fanny & Anna
Kidd, Julia E.
Kidd, Martha
Latsch, John E.
Lattimer, James M.
Marsh, Eliza
Marsh, Robert G.
Marsh, Ross
McColm, Nancy
Meek, Amanda M.
Miller, Bennie
Miller, Owen
Mitchell, Mary L.
Mitchel, Joseph
Muchmore, Hannah E.
Pate, Matilda
Pattison-Patterson, Williiam, misplaced stone
Pattison, Elizabeth
Pattison, Infant son
Pattison, Retta Bell
Plout, Elizabeth
Plout, Frederick
Prebble, Otes
Preble, Elizabeth
Preble, John
Preble, Marsissa
Redding, Lewis
Redding, Martha J.
Redding, Son
Riggs, Benjamin
Riggs, George
Riggs, John W.
Riggs, Thomas A.
Robinson, Eunice Jane
Robinson, James M.
Robinson, Nelson M.
Robinson, Olive
Robinson, William W.
Schaffer, Elizabeth
Scott, Joseph
Shandoney, Ellen
South, B. W.
South, Benjamin
South, Catherine
South, Celeste Ann
South, Charity
South, Edgar F.
South, Edward P.
South, Elizabeth
South, Infant
South, Infant 1
South, Isaac
South, Laura
South, Mahala bottom
South, Mahala top
South, Philip
South, Richard A.
South, Vida
Stone, Hannah
Stone, John
Ulrey, Dan M.
Ulrey, Edwin
Ulrey, Eva
U, ELU Footstone
Wainwright, Delia Ann
Warman, Mary A.
Warman, Mary A. Footstone
Wehrum, Elizabeth
Wehrum, Elizabeth footstone
Wehrum, Lewis
Worthington, Elizabeth
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Donald R. Johnson
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