Mulberry Cemetery Clermont County, Ohio
Clermont County Genealogical Society
Mulberry Cemetery (Newberry Cemetery)
Miami Township, Newberry Road. 

From Milford take Rt. 28 towards Goshen. After passing Kmart (on left) look for Cook Road on Left.  Take Cook Road 
(not far) to right on Newberry.  Cemetery is on left before curve.  Parking;  there is a small pull-off in front of Mulberry 
Cemetery (township) sign.  I ended up parking halfway on road (as pull-off was not safe and your car may get stuck).  
Not much traffic passes by. The grounds were well maintained.

All pictures and additional transcriptions taken by Pamela Smith (CCGS member) and Vicky Kellum on 
7/15/06.  This cemetery was the most complicated so far.  We had to study every stone and usually 
used Reynolds wrap or did a rubbing.  In ten-twenty years most of the stones will definitely be unreadable. 
There were approximately 10 illegible-field stone type burials.  A lot of the stones were misplaced, located 
away from the burial locations and illegible.

Stones on original cemetery listing we could not locate:

Griffith, Joseph B.
Griffith, Mary
Griffith, William
Combs, Elizabeth (wife)
Liming, Albert
Harvey, Samuel
Megrue, Mark
Leming, Daniel B.
Harvey, Joseph
Leming, Ann
Leming, John S.
Lucky,  Sarah M.



Entrance sign
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
B - BEC engraving large stone
Boutell, Georgeana bottom
Boutell, Georgeana
Boutell, Lavina
Burdge, Alice Bell
Burdge, Mary Elizabeth
Burdge, Samuel A.
Combs, Caroline
Combs, Elizabeth
Combs, Hannah E.
Combs, Martha
Cotteral, Ann
Cotteral, Joseph
Cotteral, Joseph bottom
D - MD footstone
Derricks, Mathias
Dimmitt, Louisa
Ferree, Lydia footstone
Ferree, Lydia closeup few inches from fence
Ferree, Lydia footstone
Fritts, Morris F.
Gatch, John G.
Harvey, Joseph M.
Harvey, Martha (see Martha Lucky)
Harvey, Samuel M.
Harvey, Sarah
Harvey, Sarah E.
H - footstone
Holmes, George
Holmes, Nancy M.
Holmes, Sarah Eliza
Huddleson, George
H, PH Footstone
H, SL leaning on Martha Lucky's stone could be her father...
Illegible 4 stones by tree
Illegible by Martha Lucky
Illegible- to the right of David Thompson
Illegible, Black Stone
Illegible, by Derrick Family(see rubbing)
Illegible, by Derrick Family front view
Illegible, by Derrick Family (rubbing)
Illegible, Mary L.- wife of Andrew
Illegible, stone by itself under trees
J.H. footstone
Leming, Ezekial
Leming, Isaac, DAR plaque
Leming, Issac
Leming, John
Leming, Lucy
Leming, Lucy J.
Leming, Martha
Leming, Mary
Leming, Melissa J.
Leming, Phebe
Leming, Sarah E.
Leming, Uriah
L - footstone
Liming, illegible
L - ML footstone
Long, Charity
Long, Frederick
Lucky, D.G.S.
Lucky, Mahala
Lucky, Martha L. inscription
Lucky, Martha L. monument
Lucky, Martha L. engraving
M., J. between Fred and Charity Long
Matheny, James
McGarvey, John
Megrue, Annabelle
Megrue, Eliza A.
Megrue, Isaac bottom
Megrue, Issac top
Megrue, Margaret
Megrue, Marian L.</p>
Megrue, Mark S.
Megrue, Sarah
Mitchell, Hannah
Mitchell, James
M - JM footstone
Moore, Isaac
Porter, Caroline E.
Pullen, Abigal
Pullen, William
Smith, Aaron P.
Smith, Aaron & Sarah (interesting carving)
Smith, Sarah
South- John B footstone
South, John B.
Thompson, David
Windsor, Mary, found in weeds by fence
Windsor, Thomas S. bottom, found in weeds by fence
Windsor, Thomas
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