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Mt. Olive Cemetery
Off Park Place Road, Franklin Township
N38˚  49.440   W084˚   04.494

Directions:  Take St. Rt. 52 out of Cincinnati towards New Richmond.  Continue east to Chilo. 
Turn left on St. Rt. 222.  At the St. Rt. 133 junction turn right.  First road on left is Franklin Road. 
Turn here.  Continue as it extends into Love Road.  Stay on Love Road until you can turn right on
Park Place.  Do not turn down Penny Road. I parked along the road before the first house on the
right.  You will want to enter the cut pathway before the house on the right and continue walking
back into the field.  Stay close on the left and walk along the edge of the woods.  You will see an
opening where four wheelers or tractors enter the woods on the left.  Take this pathway and you
will see the cemetery in the woods to the left – green ground cover.

Cemetery photos and additional inscriptions recorded by Pamela Smith, CCGS member
and Craig Schultz, volunteer in September 2010.  Craig Schultz was kind enough to help
me one Sunday find the cemetery and then worked so very hard all day.  Craig pulled and
dug and dug and pulled.  So many stones were buried.  So many were very old and in great
shape.  This cemetery has not been vandalized but you can tell trees have fallen and damaged
some of the stones.  Also, we were unable to find many that were seen previously in one area,
so this tells me that maybe we missed a certain section.  It was a wonderful, enjoyable day
and I am so glad that Craig helped me as this was definitely a hard one to clear. 

Stones we could not find:

Gray, Francis M.
Greger, F. J.
Greger, Paulina J.
Greger, Thussey
Hoover, Allen
Houser, Andrew
Redden, Elizabeth Ann
Trisler, Elizabeth
Vantine, George W.
Watson, Martha A.



2 Craig Schultz (my wonderful helper)
2 nice art work
Apple, Andrew
Bonser, Hannah
Bonser, Nathaniel closeup
Bonser, Nathaniel
Croswell monument
Croswell, Harriet B.
Croswell, Lucy Olive
Croswell, Mary E.
Croswell, Mary top
Croswell, Mary
Croswell, Rebecca
Croswell, Thomas closeup
Croswell, Thomas
Croswell, W. L.
Croswell, William
Dewitt, Mary closeup
Dewitt, Mary newer stone
Dewitt, Mary
Gray, John C. closeup
Gray, John C.
Gray, Mary
Gray, Peter
Hamilton, Rebeca K. Jane footstone
Hamilton, Rebeca K. Jane
Hedrick, John
Hedrick, Sophia
Hedrick, Susan
Hedrick, William
Holms, Jane
Hoover, Anna
Hoover, David
Hoover, Elizabeth died 1842 closeup
Hoover, Elizabeth died 1842
Hoover, Elizabeth, died 1848
Hoover, Elizabeth
Hoover, Joanna
Hoover, Joel
Hoover, John G.
Hoover, John
Hoover, Jonathan
Hoover, Joseph
Hoover, Magdalene
Hoover, Samuel
Hoover, Solinah
Hoover, Sophia
Houser, Abraham
Houser, Andrew D.
Houser, Christopher
Houser, Elizabeth
Howser, Caroline
Howser, Christopher A.
Howser, David
Howser, Infant son
Howser, Isaac
Howser, Joel
Howser, Jonas B.
Howser, Nancy
Howser, Phebe
Howser, Sarah A.
Howser, William A.
Judd, America Jane
Judd, Caroline
Judd, M. A.
Judd, Sophia
Judd, Wesley
Leslie, Henry
Lloyd, M. J. bottom
Lloyd, M. J.
Lloyd, Rosanna (maybe)
Love, Alpha front
Love, Alpha
Love, Barbary Sophia
Love, Mary
Love, Sarah E. top
Love, Sarah E.
Loyd, Frankie
Loyd, James
Metzger, Elizabeth
Metzger, Levy
Metzger, William
Miller, Henry Wilbur
Moyer, John S.
Moyer, Mary
Myers, Joseph L. closeup
Myers, Joseph L.
Poole, Bridget closeup
Poole, Bridget
Snyder, Carrie May closeup
Snyder, Carrie May
Snyder, Martha P.Croswell
Snyder, Martha P. Croswell top
Tolin, Infant children
Tolin, Nannie P.
unknown, 24 years
West, Michael
Woodmansee, Evaline
Woodmansee, Sarah
Woodmansee, Shephard

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