Moore Cemetery

 Clermont County Genealogical Society

Moore Cemetery (Old Village Graveyard)

On Old South Riverside- also known as old St. Rt. 222, Batavia Twp., Ohio

  Take Rt. 222 out of Batavia towards Rt. 125. First road on your right out of the Village of Batavia (Old S. Riverside). After 
first driveway on left there is a group of trees - the cemetery is on top of a small but steep hill. I parked on the road - 
pulled off a little in the grass. Not much traffic. Not maintained - steep hill to climb from road - full of poison ivy - cover 
yourself completely from head to toe. Its very dangerous the ground is very uneven and full of briars and poison ivy vines. 

  Pictures and additional transcriptions taken by Pamela M. Smith, CCGS member; and volunteers 
Vicky Kellum and Deborah Thomason on 8/5/06, 8/9/06 and 8/12/06. We used the DAR transcriptions 
for reference but we ended up reading each stone and I retyped the whole cemetery- too many 
discrepancies and missed stones. We added approx 60 new stone inscriptions. Most of the burials were 
early settlers of Batavia area. In 1882 the Clermont Sun newspaper stated most of the stones were 
illegible during their visit. So you can only imagine the time we spent making sure we had the correct inscription.

Inscriptions and Lost Stones


most Interesting- Townsley- grown into tree
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
AMX 1821
Benedict, Gilbic (Gilbert)
Benedict, Mary Footstone
Benedict, Nathan
Blair, Marmaduke S.
Blair, Marmaduke S. Footstone
Brown, William
Brown, William Footstone
Bryan, D. (David) C.
Bryan, George S.
Bryan, Mary
Bryan, Melanctuon A.
Bryan, Melissa
AC Footstone
Cade, daughter
Cade, Hiram B.
Carter, Lorah B.
Carter, Lorrah B (she has two srones dif. spellings)
maybe Cade, HB. HBC Footstone
Davis, Basil BHD Footstone
Denham or Dennis, John Footstone(see list)
Duckwall, Catherine
Floro, Aman(da)
Floro, Manoro
Floro, Sarah E.
Gest, Andrew M.
Gest, Andrew M.Footstone
Gest, Melissa
Gest, Melissa (dau)
Harden, Elizabeth
Hewitt, Jacob
JH Footstone
Hooker, Benj G.
Hooker, John W.
Howe, Blanch
Hunt, George Footstone
Illegible, Along right side of fence, Memory, Died Aug, 183X
Illegible by McNair
Illegible, Front by Road - right side
Illegible, June 4, 18XX, aged 3 mos. 11 ds.
Illegible P. Isabela
Jenkins, Catherine
Jenkins, Catherine Footstone
Kain, Daniel D.
Kinnan, Edward
Kinnan, Footstone
Kinnan, Lucy
Leeds, Adeline
Leeds, Caroline Virginia
Leeds, Josiah B.
Lewis, UrvXX
JL and BL Footstone
JPL Footstone
Lyle, John
Lyman, J. D.
Lyman, J.D. closeup
Lytle, Sarah Jane
Malloy, Lydia
BM Footstone
McAfee, Rachel
McCormick, Philura H.
McCune, Hannah M.
McCune, Hannah M. Footstone
McNair, Archibald
McVay, B . Footstone
McVay, Susan B Footstone
HDM Footstone
Miller, George Michael
Moore, Capt. Charles
Moore, Clara
Moore, Clara Footstone
Moore, Dr. Eusebias
Moore, George L.
Moore, Lydia
Moore(maybe) to the right of Dr. Moore
Moore Monument
Moore, Olive
Moore, Olive Footstone
Moore, Permelia
Moore, Rachel
Moore, Sarah, Footstone
Moore, Sarah J.
Morris, David
Morris, Lucinda D.
Moss, William T.
Mount, Amey Ann
Mount, Amey Ann Footstone AAM
Mount, Azuba
Mount, Nehemiah
Mount, William
RM Footstone
Patterson, Arther W.
Pegg, Euphemia
Pegg, footstone
Pegg, John
Pegg, John, Jr.
Pegg, John, Jr. Footstone
Perkins, Thomas
Picken, James A.
JP Footstone
Potter, Charles
Potter, Charles Footstone
Potter, Elizabeth(bottom
Potter, Elizabeth (top)
Purkhiser, Sarah Elizabeth
Reed, Sarah
Ritchey, Marilla J.
Ritchey, Marilla J. Footstone
Robinson, Mary Ann
Robinson, Mary Ann Footstone
Robinson, Rachel Ann Footstone
Shade, Charles M.W.
Slade, William
Smith, Peninah
Smith, Peninah Footstone
Talley, Mary
Talley, Mary Footstone
Three of thirty field stones found
Townsley, Nancy M.
Townsley, Nancy M. Footstone
Veitch, Martin V.II could not get close bee nest in ground.
Waddle, Robert
BW Footstone
Whitaker, Infant 30 hours
Whitaker, Sarah B.
White, Horace .
White, Horace Footstone (other side)
Wilder, Susan S.
Wilder, Susan S. Footstone

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