McCollum Cemetery

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McCollum Cemetery

St. Rt. 727, Wayne Township


  Take St. Rt 131 out of Milford - towards Newtonsville. Turn left onto St. Rt. 727. When you pass Misty Road on left, 
cemetery is close - on left (behind chain-link fence). Pass cemetery, turn around and come back to park on small pull-off 
right in front of cemetery. Cars travel fast on this highway so make sure you are pulled off as far as you can. Easy access. 
Cemetery is well maintained. 

  Pictures and additional inscriptions taken by Pamela Smith, CCGS member, on August 26, 2006. 
I found ALL the grave markers that the DAR recorded. I found approximately 32 additional markers.

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Cemetery Entrance
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Most Interesting, Samuel C. Stouder Log
most beautiful engraving
Barron, Eva
Berger, Anna
Berger, Charlie
Berger, Katie
Berger, Mildred
Berger, Robert
Binkley, Caroline
Binkley, Cleveland
Binkley, Harry
Binkley, Jesse
Binkley, Joseph H.
Binkley, J T
Binkley, Liddie
Binkley, Margaret
Binkley, William
Brinkley, Christian
Brinkley, Joanna
Butler, Elizabeth A.
Caudle, Isaac
Caudle, Isaac & Mary top of Monument, fallen
Caudle, Isaac monument
Caudle, Jacob
Caudle, John
Caudle, Lewis
Caudle, Mary
Caudle, Ruth E.
Cook, George W.
Cowens, William, Lt.
Cross, Jesse Harold
Cross, Laura A.
Cross, R. Burch
Doss, Amanda J.
Douthit, Mildred
Garrison, Jeremiah
Grosnickle, Amanda J.
Grosnickle, Daniel
Grosnickle, Deborah
Grosnickle, Elizabeth
Grosnickle, John F.
Grosnickle, Mary M.
Grossnickle, Daniel
Grossnickle, Mahala
Hawkins, Susie
Hawkins, Susie touching inscription
Hawkins, William
Illegible, Left of Seward, Betty
Illegible, right of Jeremiah Garrison
Illegible, South Family area
Illegible, stone by entrance
Lair, Deborah
Lair, Edna May
Lair, Henry
McCollum, Anna
McCollum, Ann S.
McCollum, Catherine
McCollum, Charlie
McCollum, Charlie Footstone
McCollum, Elizabeth
McCollum, Elizabeth J.
McCollum, Ellen
McCollum, Eva
McCollum, Gertrude
McCollum, Hannah
McCollum, James
McCollum, James K.
McCollum, James L.
McCollum, James son of James
McCollum, Jesse L.
McCollum, Jesse R.
McCollum, John
McCollum, John Footstone
McCollum, Lida A.
McCollum, Margaret
McCollum, Martha
McCollum, Martha Footstone
McCollum, Mattie
McCollum, Oliver
McCollum, Robert J.
McCollum, Thomas
McCollum, Thomas died 1852
McCollum, Thomas E.
McCollum, William
Murphy, Nancy
Pringle, Joseph
Seward, Betty
Shriner, A. Footstone
Shriner, Amanda
Shriner, Amey
Shriner, Andrew
Shriner, Mary
South, H. E.
South, Mimie
Stouder, 2 stones left of Flora Stouder
Stouder, Ambrose
Stouder, Benchmen
Stouder, Charley M.
Stouder, Christian
Stouder, D. Ann
Stouder, Edward
Stouder, Elizabeth
Stouder, Flora E.
Stouder, George W.
Stouder, Harmon
Stouder, Ira
Stouder, Isaac W.
Stouder, Isaac W. Monument
Stouder, Julian
Stouder, left of Isaac Stouder
Stouder, Lucy D.
Stouder, Matilda
Stouder, Nancy
Stouder, S. C.
Stouder, Samuel C.
Stouder, Samuel C. from side
Stouder, Sarah A.
Stouder, Sarah J.
Stouder, Sybbilla
Stouder, William O.
Uible, Ida M.
Weaver, Daniel W.
Weaver, George

Weaver, Sarah Ellen
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