McClure Cemetery

Clarence Ragland Cemetery – McClure Family Cemetery
Paul Brath, (Nov. 2006) 1416 Binning Road, Union Township
GPS Coordinate N39˚ 07.490’, W084˚ 13.347’, Elev:  526, Accuracy 41ft.

Take St. R.t 50 out of Milford towards Owensville.  Pass through Perintown.  Upon entering “Stonelick Creek” 
area turn right on St. Rt. 222.  First road on right – Olive Branch Stonelick Road, turn right.  Continue on until 
you cross a bridge over the Little Miami River.  At the fork turn right onto Binning Road.  Continue on Binning 
Road until 1416 Binning Road.  Cemetery is located past residence on right – in field.

Pictures and inscriptions taken November 12, 2006 by Pamela Smith, CCGS member.  Mr. Brath 
was very kind to let me take photos of this very old cemetery.  I was able to provide him with 
some background on the McClure family, which he was very grateful. The Brath family is very 
concerned with the preservation of this cemetery and are constantly looking out for disrespectful 
intruders.  Please stop by the farm before you attempt to venture into the field.  They will gladly 
grant permission.


Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
McClure, Catherine Sparks
McClure, Ellen C. Lyman
McClure, Margaret
McClure, Richard
McClure, William
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