Lucy Run Cemetery

Lucy Run Cemetery
Batavia Township
Lucy Run Road, off Rt. 132 between Amelia and Batavia (Well maintained and easy access - you can drive through and park in the cemetery)

All pictures and additional transcriptions taken by Pamela Smith, CCGS member, on 7/2/2006 and 7/3/2006. The older part of the cemetery was in great condition and didn't have a lot of broken stones - I could pretty well match all, without any problems. There was a section (maybe infants) in the older section toward the back that consisted of field rock placement only. If I have made a mistake translating any of the grave stones, I apologize.

Stones on Original Cemetery listing that I could not find:

Bandel, Anna B. (possibly the broken stone next to parents)

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Lucy Run Entrance
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
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Cemetery View
Adcock, Linda M.
Allen, Bernadette E.
Apple, Florence (Weaver)
Apple, Olive W.
Apple, Wilbur F.
Bandel, Anna, right of parents, missing
Bandel, Eva Barbara
Bandel, Frederick
Bartholomew, Frank
Bartholomew, Leopold
Beasley, George
Beebe, Harold D.
Behymer, G. W.
Behymer, Homer C., MD
Behymer, Margaret M.
Behymer, Nina A.
Behymer, Sarah Belle
Boyer, Amanda R.
Branham, Robert C
Brown, Charlotte Weaver
Brown, Lorraine Lewis
Brown, Scott A.
Bryant, Robert Elias
Carlton, Jann Marie
Carter, John H., Jr.
Carter, John W.
Cason, Everett
cason myral.
Chandler, Bessie
Chapman, Margry
Chapman, Robert
Clark, James W
Clark, Matilda
Cleveland, Jeremiah C.
Cooper, William C.
Crane, Elizabeth D.
Crane, W. F. Serg't.
Danby, Infant dau
Daughters, Fannie M.
Daughters, W. P.
Davis, Albert L.
Davis, Nettie
Dawson, Lulu
Dawson, Willard
Dial, Elizabeth C.
Dial, Roseela
Dial, Shadrack
Dial, Wilbur
Diefendorf, Robert
Dunlap. Delroy Lee
Dunlap, Almeda
Edmonds, John Henry
Eichenlaub, Mary Margaret
Elam, Bessie Chandler
Elam, Lucille Hensley
Elam, W. Mae
Ellis, Martha
Everson, Benj.
Foster, Anne M.
Foster, Benjamin Alan
Foster, Orville R.
Foster, Virgil, Military
Foster, Virgil
Gambold, Anna R.
Garrison, Anna M.
Garrison, David W
Garrison, Radford
Gill, George & Annie
Gill, George, military stone
Grey, Margaret M. (Behymer)
Heberle, Donald
Heberle, Louise
Heberle, Murial A.
Heberle, Ruth Madaline
Heberle, Willemina J.
Heberle, William L.
Hedlesten, Leslie E.
Henry, Martha L.
Hensley, Lucille
Hopper, Dolores
Hopper, Homer S.
Hopper, Lee C.
Humphries, Bertha
Humphries, Donald
Humphries, Donald, Military
Humphries, Joseph
Humphries, Mary E.
Humphries, Mary Margaret
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