Jordan Cemetery

 Clermont County Genealogical Society
Jordan Cemetery
St. Rt. 727, Edenton, Wayne Township

Take St. Rt. 131 towards Newtonsville, turn left on St. Rt. 727.  Go around Stonelick State Park, right before you 
enter the center of town of Edenton, cemetery is on left.  Small pull off right in front of cemetery.  Pull as far as 
you can off the road -
cars fly by. Well maintained - easy access.

Pictures and additional transcriptions taken by Pamela Smith, CCGS member and volunteer, Vicky 
Kellum, on September 2, 2006.  We found all the stones previously recorded by the DAR plus about 
26 additional stones. 

The cemetery and stones were in excellent condition for their age.  There are three that we need to
mention - William HARRIS, whom the DAR missed died 1833- Revolutionary soldier and William Slone
Revolutionary soldier died 1843.  Another interesting descendent Jane HARRIS Lists her age as 
100 years
at her death in 1855.  I checked the census, she was really 106 years old.

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Most interesting 106 years old - Jane Harris
Two Rev soldiers buried here
Applegate, Phebe
Brishaber, John W.
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Letitia
Carter, John E.
Carter, Warren Smith
Clayton, Amey C.
Clayton, Elizabeth
Clayton, James H.
Covalt, Bethuel A.
Covalt, Isaac
Cramer, Adam
Cramer, Adam, died 1844
Cramer, Elijah
Cramer, Emily
Cramer, Henrietta
Cramer, Mary
Cramer, Sarah
Cramer, Wesley
Doughman, Daniel
Frazee, George W. H.
Halb, Hald, Haid, Hannah
Harris, Jane
Harris, William
Harris, William closeup
Harris, William Original Stone Rev War
Hunter, Nancy L
Illegible, left of Nancy Hunter
Illegible, Right of Jane Harris, Left of Morrison children
Illegible, to the right of Whiting
Jones, Ann
Jones, Ella
Jones, Napoleon
Jordan, Elizabeth
Jordan, Harris
Jordan, Infant
Jordan, Jacob
Jordan, Mary
Jordan, Nancy
Jordan, Silas
Jordan, Susan
Joseph, Infant Daughter
Laymon, George P.
Laymon, John L.
Little, Benjamin
Little, Jeremiah
Lyon, James W.
Lyon, John S.
Lyon, Lonson
Lyon, Rachel
Miller, James H.
Miller, John G.
Miller, Sarah E.
Morrison, Alfred N.
Morrison, Catherine
Morrison, Hannah A.
Morrison, Mary
Murphey, William Rutledge
Roberts, Joseph
Roberts, Sarah
Slone, David
Slone, Elizabeth
Slone, John
Slone, Sarah
Slone, William
Slone, William and Elizabeth
Thompson, Debrah
Thompson, Eleanor J.
Thompson, James H.
Thompson, Margaret
Thompson, Martin
Thompson, Martin add'l stone
Thompson, Robert
Thompson, Sarah
Thompson, Sarah add'l stone
Wainright, Catharine
Wainright, James D.
Wainright, Jonathan
Wainright, Maria R.
Wainright, Nancy
Wainright, Vincent
Weaver, Daniel
Weaver, Eliza
Weaver, Susannah
White, Sarah
Whiting, Frederick
Whiting, Nancy
Wood, Rebecca
Yost, Samuel P.
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Donald R. Johnson
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