Greenbriar Cemetery Clermont County Ohio
Clermont County Genealogical Society

Greenbriar Cemetery, Batavia Township

Located on Elklick Road.

Pictures and additional transcriptions taken by Pamela Smith, CCGS member, and Vicky Kellum on 
6/24/2006. There were a lot of illegible and broken stones. We did the best we could with the 
information and and tools we had available, without causing damage to the stones.



Greenbriar Entrance
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Atchley, Hannah
Atchley, Hannah broken stone left of larger stone (on...
Atchley, Harriett
Atchley, Infant son of D&H Atchley
Atchley, John
Atchley, Mary A.
Atchley, William D.
Atchley, Willie F
Baldwin, James H.
Baldwin, william
Bown, Emidine
Bown, John
C.K. near front of cemetery near Lukemires, Hannah
Colvin, Clary J.
Colvin, Eliza
Colvin, Ella
Colvin, Samuel W.
Colvin, Sarah B.
Curlis, Anna
Curlis, Ann broken stone
Curlis, Asher
Curlis, Bell
Curlis, Hannah
Curlis, Harvey
Curlis, John
Curlis, Mary
Curlis, Mary Ann
Curlis, Rosanna
Curlis, S. M.
Curlis, small stone in family area
Curlis, Taylor
Curlis, Timothy
Curlis, Wall
Curlis, Zachariah
Davis, Anna
Davis, Deborah
Davis, John W
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Philip
Day, Charles E. Small stone to right, broke
Day, Mary J.
Day, Rosa B. Small stone to left, broke
Denham, Amanda
Dimmitt, Anna
Duckwall, Elizabeth
Duckwall, Holley R.
Duckwall, Rev. Lewis
Duckwall, Sarah
Duckwall, Susannah
English, Achsa
English, Robert
Ferree, INFANT of Sarg & Mary Feree
Ferree, INFANT of Sarg & Mary Ferree
Illegible Left side of Timothy Curlis
Illegible possibly Brooks, not sure
Illegible possibly Brooks, not sure
Johnson, James.
Johnston, Lizzie M.
Johnston, Lydia Ann
Kerb, James
Keziah R.
Krinks, Ezra
L.B.L. near rear of cemetery in woods
Leeds, Gaverien
L. L. (left of Davis, Philip)
Lukemires, Catherine
Lukemires, Hannah
Lukemire, C. S.
Mathis, Anna
McKeever, Nancy
McKeever, Paul
McKeever, Paul(son)
Mck., P. (rear of cemetery in woods)
Merick, John D.
Misc Stones, not marked
Misc Stones, not marked
Monday, Elizabeth
Monday, James Stone missing
Needham, John
Ranson, Ambrose
Reynolds, Thomas. William H. also buried in area, no stone
Slade, Cyntha Rosanah
Slade, Elizabeth
Slade, John
Slade, Mary A. stone broke
Slade, Perlina A. G.
Strimple, Mary
Strimple, Oliver
Strimple, Samuel
Strimple, William W.
Sweet, Deliah A.
Thornburg(c)h, Sarah
Unknown, near Curtis & Mathis families
White, Dallas M.
William B. (next to Johnson and Baldwin stones)
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