Clermont County Genealogical Society
Gibson-Weaver Burial Ground
Elklick Road, Batavia Township

Take St. Rt. 222 out of Batavia towards St. Rt. 125.  You will pass Erion Road on left next road on left is Elklick Road  
turn left.  When you come to the golf course the cemetery is right across the street.  I parked in the golf course 
parking lot and walked to the cemetery it is right there.  Well kept for its age, beautiful view of the river.

Pictures were taken by Pamela Smith, CCGS member,and Vicky Kellum, volunteer, on September 
14, 2006.  We were able to match all the stones recorded by the DAR - even if they were illegible, 
by placement of the footstones. 
Early pioneers of Batavia.

Could not find one stone that a Doris Kottses (sp?) found and sent to the CCGS a while back

Wm Thomas Weaver
Son of C & E Weaver
Died Oct 7, 1845
Aged 3years 1mo 1day

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Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
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Cemetery View
Dimmitt, Ezekiel
Dimmitt, Phebe
Dimmitt, Phebe footstone
Duckwall, Daniel
Duckwall, Daniel moument
Duckwall, Daniel (whole stone)
Duckwall, Keziah
Hulick, Abraham
Hulick, Abraham Footstone
Hulick, Anna Footstone
Hulick, Anna Gest
Weaver, Catharine footstone
Weaver, Catharine illegible-broke, but matches footstone...
Weaver, Catharine wife of Samuel
Weaver, Christianna
Weaver, Christianna footstone
Weaver, Daughter of J & C
Weaver, Henry Footstone
Weaver, Henry illegible, but matches footstone placement
Weaver, John
Weaver, John died 1856
Weaver, John footstone
Weaver, Mary
Weaver, Samuel
Weaver, William died 1827
Weaver, William died 1827 footstone
Weaver, William monument
Weaver, William other stone

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