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Elick, Eligh, Juelgh Cemetery
Off Shephard Road, Union Township
N39◦  07.212    W084◦  15.160

Pictures taken by Pamela Smith, fall of 2010.  This cemetery is on private property and
you must have permission to enter.  It looks like it is on the Nature Center Property but 
not real sure.   I was disappointed to find that all the stones were gone.  I guess the
neighborhood children over the years have moved them, etc.  but I was excited to see a
cemetery so close to my residence and in doing my regular research was able to learn a
little history about my area. The cemetery sits way up on a hill not close to Barg Salt Run
Road but the old Grosebeck Road that ran off of Barg Salt Run Road.  Old records state
100 feet from Grosebeck Road.  You walk on flat ground from Shepherd Road into the
woods heading toward the Nature Center.   The cemetery sits up on a knoll with a creek
surrounding right side of the cemetery.   There was a very large dead tree at the entrance
of the cemetery. If you walk along the creek then come up on the ridge to the left you will
find it sooner or later.  I could hear trail walkers when I was there so it must be straight
across the creek from a trail at the Nature Center.  The trip to the cemetery is not necessary
because there really isn’t anything left to see but one small piece of a stone with an age inscription.




Juelgh, Andrew
Juelgh, Eligh, Elick, base found
Juelgh, Eligh, Elick, next to Andrew
Old tree at entrance
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sunn 005
sunn 006
sunn 009
sunn 010

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