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Concord M E Cemetery – Guinea Pike
Next to 6423 Guinea Pike, Miami Township
N39  13.903   W084  15.593

Directions:  Take St. Rt. 28 out of Milford towards Goshen.  Pass Mt. Repose-- pass Buckwheat Road.   Turn left on Branch Hill Guinea Pike.  Old Church--next to 6423 Branch Hill Guinea Pike, Loveland, Ohio.  We parked in lane right next to church.  This residence? was vacant at the time.  We checked in with the neighbors.  Summertime:  a lot of brush & poison ivy.

Pictures and additional inscriptions taken by Pamela Smith, CCGS member and Vera Quehl, volunteer in late fall 2009.  This is what we found:  The church is still standing – not in too bad of shape.  Land being used to collect and store aluminum of any sort and other items, with no respect for our Clermont pioneers.  Some of the “junk” is laying on stones and burial plots.  A lot of the stones are gone.  We did find a spot where broken pieces of stones were buried.  We dug about 2 feet down and pulled them up.  This was the worst I have seen in regard to condition of the land for a “cemetery”. 



2 stones buried in pit 2
2 Stones buried in pit
Briley, Catharine
Buchanan, Mary J.
Buchanan, Sarah
C, JC footstone
Cook, John A.
Cook, Priscilla
Cramer, Mary
Creager, Caroline
Creager, Catharine
Creager, John bottom
Creager, John closeup
Creager, John
Creager, William
Crooks, Henry Homer
Crooks, Martha (bottom of her half at top)
Crooks, Martha
F, TF footstone
Fitzwater, John, Dr.
Fitzwater, Thomas
Frazee, David 1
Frazee, David 2
Frazee, David
Frazee, Nancy
Gill, John F.
Gilliam, Hartwell closeup
Gilliam, Hartwell
Hannars, Cornelia
Hawley, Joel
Hawley, Sarah
Herrel, Frances 1
Herrel, Frances
Hutchinson, Ann Bigam
Hutchinson, Ann
Hutchinson, Joseph, died 1847
Hutchinson, Joseph
Hutchinson, Keziah R.
Hutchinson, Keziah
Hutchinson, William H., Dr.
illegible 1
Leever, Adale
Leever, Lizzie A.
Leever, Margaret
Lefeber, William
McDonough, Elizabeth
McDonough, William
McGarvey, Henry
Motsinger, Felix
Motsinger, Mary closeup
Motsinger, Mary
Nelson, Polly Ann
Newlove, Elizabeth
Newlove, William P.
Orr, Sanders
Orr, William
Parker, Infant son
Parker, J. R.
Pickitt, Mary 1
Pickitt, Mary 2
Pickitt, Mary 3
Pollock, Guye
Potts, John
Potts, Richard closeup
Potts, Richard
Potts, Samuel
Redding, Rachel
Riggs, William
Robinson, Malinda
Sanders, Merry A.
Sanders, Nancy
Schuyler, Adam (foil)
Schuyler, Adam
Simonton, Ennis
Thompson, Blonden T.
Thompson, Elizabeth
Thompson, Marrgaret S.
Thompson, Mary
Young, Lucy

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