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Clark Cemetery
On St. Rt.222
Near Chilo, Franklin Township
N38◦  47.863
W084◦  08.078

Private Property.  In 2011 owned by Joseph Palazzolo who was very kind and
let us enter to photograph. Corner of St Rt. 52 and St. Rt. 222 about ¼  mile
along the creek up St. Rt. 222.  During the fall and winter and you can see some
stones from the road.  Very rough terrain.  Once you get up the hill pretty easy.

Cemetery Inscriptions and photos taken by Debbie Thomason and Pamela Smith
in Spring of 2011.  This cemetery is not easy to get to.  You have to enter from
St. Rt. 52 and start climbing up as you walk along the creek along St. Rt. 222. 
You can tell there once was a bridge that came from St. Rt. 222 over the creek
to the cemetery.  It probably was a very beautiful scene.  Unfortunately because
the stones are located on a hill they are falling down quickly to the bottom. 
Elizabeth Clark’s bottom piece is already at the bottom and her top has also fallen
in a different area.  So glad we were able to get permission to enter this cemetery.



2 Looking down onto St. Rt 222 see the old bridge base.
2 looking down onto St. Rt 222
2 looking toward St. Rt. 222
2 looking towards 222 - see old bridge base
2 looking up the hill
2 z
Clark, A. J. 3
Clark, A. J.
Clark, A.J. 2
Clark, A.J. closeup
Clark, Elizabeth closeup
Clark, Elizabeth fallen monument
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, John 2
Clark, John bottom closeup
Clark, Mary Ann closeup
Clark, Mary Ann
Clark, Samuel
Clark, Thomas closeup
Clark, Thomas poem
Clark, Thomas

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