Clark Cemetery

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Clark Cemetery
Land between Clermontville-Laurel Road and St. Rt. 52, Monroe Township
Coord:  N 38Ú 54.994, W 084Ú 14.612,  Accuracy: 18ft.   Elevation:  744

Take St. Rt. 52 out of New Richmond towards Chilo.  Turn left off Clermontville-Laurel Road.  Cemetery can be
accessed through various properties off Spruce Hill Lane.  I gained permission to enter through Singler Property
which lies beside all the Spruce Hill Lane Properties.  It is located at the back -off - of the Singler land, probably
on Wiggins property.

Pictures taken by Pamela M. Smith, CCGS member, and Gene Kellum, volunteer, (who I cannot 
express my gratitude to for gaining access, permission and getting me through this rough terrain) 
on September 24, 2006.  You must be in good shape to undertake this adventure. 
The cemetery 
is on a high ridge.  There are four wheel vehicle trails- that we did not know about going in - that 
lead directly up to the cemetery.  A lot of field stones and footstones.  Of course, no one is maintaining 
the cemetery.

Stones I could not find previously recorded:
Cornmier, George
Most of the engraved footstones

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Most interesting (you guess why)
Bosshamer, Conrad
Bosshamer, Margaret
Bosshamer, Margaret footstone
Clark, Infant son
Clark, Isaac H.
Clark, Matthew
Clark, Matthew sideview
Clark, Oliver P.
Cooper, Barbara
Finney, Alphonzo
Illegible footstone
White, Alexander
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Donald R. Johnson
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