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Old and New Calvary Cemetery
St. Rt. 756, Washington Township
GPS   N38° 52.170   W084° 10.202,  Elev. 780, within 21 ft.

Take St. Rt. 52 from Cincinnati, pass through New Richmond.  At  Point Pleasant make a left on St. Rt. 232, make a right onto St. Rt. 756.  Pass Washington Township Park.  Cross St. Rt. 743.  Old Cemetery located on right across from church and New Calvary Cemetery located by the church.  Park at church.  Easy Access.

I have been working on this cemetery off and on for the past eight years.  Each time I visited I always found something new or a correction.   Please understand some of the stones were impossible for me to read, so I did my best to interpret.

Stones we could not locate previously recorded:

Inez E. Brown
Mary E. Blackburn
John Eskam
Clayton Camery
PHI Camery
A.M. Camerer
M. Boys
Jonathan Boys
Edith Brown
Jane McKinley
Joseph McWilliams
George F. Norris
Ida May Amsbury
Emma F. Blackburn
R. Jones
Bart Lough
George Manning
Leeana Rush
Mary Sapp

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Abraham, Emeline T.
Abraham, Emerson R.
Abraham, Enoch
Abraham, Frank A.
Abraham, Hattie R.
Abraham, J. Markley
Abraham, James W.
Abraham, Lemuel
Abraham, Myrtle C.
Abraham, Willie C.
Abrams, Charlotte
Abrams, Corrine McCullough
Abrams, Edwin A.
Abrams, Eliza J.
Abrams, Infant Son
Abrams, J. H.
Abrams, Jennie B.
Abrams, Jessie
Abrams, John H.
Abrams, Justis
Abrams, Maggie
Abrams, Markley Alice Grey, Emelyne McCullough
Abrams, Markley J.
Abrams, Marshall
Abrams, Ray W.
Abrams, Sadie E. Schwab
Abrams, Walter
Abrams, William
Abrams, Wm, Eliza, JH, Jessie, Justis, Charlotte, John
Ackley, James, Corporal
Ackley, Mary J.
Adrian Footstones
Adrian, Albert vet
Adrian, Anna Schmidt
Adrian, Carrie
Adrian, Catharina
Adrian, Celia J.
Adrian, Celia, John Albert, Irene
Adrian, Edward
Adrian, Irene M.
Adrian, John G.
Adrian, Maria
Adrian, Wilhelm F. D.
Adrian, William
Airey, Anna M.
Aites, William E. vet
Albrecht, Mary Ann Boots
Altman, Charles S.
Altman, Clarence
Altman, Harry P.
Altman, Mary C.
Altman, Phillip D.
Altman, Ruth front
Altman, Ruth
Anter, Joann Croswell
Armacost, Delila
Ashley, Almina G.
Augst, Mcheala K.
Augst, Micheal, Jr.
B, (Buchanon) P.
B., N lot marker stone
Baird, Naomi Wethington
Baker, Lester Lee vet
Baker, Lester
Ballard, Effie
Ballard, Huse
Ballentine, George Porter
Balog, Bernard A. vet
Balog, Bernhard Alois
Balog, Rachel V. Benjamin Herbert
Banks, Burnest vet
Banks, Burnest
Banks, Connie M.
Banks, Irene King
Banks, Phillip L.
Barber, Eliza Jane
Barber, Margaret
Barber, Mattie A.B.
Barker, Sue Moreton
Barkley, Bell R.
Barkley, Florella
Barkley, George
Barkley, John
Barkley, Joseph H.
Barkley, Joseph
Barkley, Lizzie S.
Barkley, Margaret
Barkley, Rebecca
Barkley, Sarah R.
Barkley, W. G.
Barkley, William stone
Barkley, William
Bartley, James R.
Bauer, Carolyn J.
Bauer, Lee
Bauer, Lester W. vet
Bauer, Lester
Bauer, Neva M.
Beckelhimer, Elizabeth A.
Beckelhimer, George and Elizabeth closeup
Beckelhimer, George
Beckelhimer, Wilson
Begley, Bert vet
Begley, Bert
Begley, Malvery Roberts

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