Batavia IOOF

 Clermont County Genealogical Society

Batavia I.O.O.F. Cemetery

(Odd Fellows Cemetery)

Old Boston Road, In Village of Batavia

Photography by Pamela Smith

St. Rt. 32 from Mt. Carmel to Batavia Main Street in the Village of Batavia left on Market Street, right on Wood 
Street, left on Old Boston Road, go over a single lane bridge it is on the left. Parking: extra road paving to pull off 
right in front of cemetery. Not heavily traveled road. Most of the stones were removed or vandalized. This has taken 
place - 1952 - until present.

Notes and Additional Inscriptions
Lost Stones
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Cemetery View
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Most Interesting-the Applegates monument, LOGS
AEA footstone
Allen, Fannie M. on Perkins Family Stone
Anderson, Anna E.
Applegate, Allie E or T.
Applegate, Francis
Applegate, Jane Tate
Applegate, Joseph JMA Footstone
Applegate, Joseph M
Applegate, Mary A.
Applegate, Missouri G.
Applegate, Missouri MCA footstone
Applegate, O. N.
Babcock, Maria A.
AJB Footstone
JWB Footstone
Brown, Carl
Buchanan, Anna E.
Buchanan, Millicent R.
Burnet, America J.
Burnet, James W.
Coats, Linsay
Devoe, R. R. on Perkins Family Stone
Edson family marker
Edson (Father and Mother) footstones
Edson, May
Edson, Theodore
Ellis, Jesse
Ellis, Julian A.
Ellis, Sarah and Jesse Monument
Ellis, Sarah C.
Ellis, Sarah SCE Footstone
Ellis, Thomas
Ellis, Thomas Footstone
Gerard, Elizabeth (maybe) only Elizabeth not matched.
Goff, Daniel L.
Harlow, Edwin T.
Higgins, Lydia
Hill, Rev John (broke)
Hill, Rev John (broke)
Hulick, Christiana R.
Hulick CRH footstone
Hulick, M. A.
illegible-broken - 29, 1873, aged 95 xx
Illegible by Weavers
Illegible- Little May laying by Ellis Monument
Illegible see notes under Mary Ham...
Inscription verse monument base
Inscription within cemetery
Inscription within cemetery
Inscription within cemetery
Inscription within cemetery
Jones, Eliza J.B.on Perkins Family Stone
Kidd, Emma B.
Kidd, Hannah & Joseph full monument
Kidd, Hannah R.
Kidd, Joseph
Kidd, Mark
Kidd, Mary
MK footstone
Krieger, Mary M.
Lee, Caroline. footstone nest to Lee monument
Lee, George S.
Lee, Mary A. footstone next to Lee monument
Lee, Norman. foostone next to Lee monument
Lee, Ora. footstone next to Lee monument
Lee, Theresa M.
Lytle, Amer Footstone
Lytle, Amer T.part of Shade Monument
Lytle Footstone
Lytle, John C. Footstone
Lytle, John C.part of Shade Monument
Lytle, Mary Footstone
Lytle, Mary T. part of Shade Monument
Lytle, Wm. part of Shade Monument
Moore, Linsay Coats (top)
Moore, Olivia M.
Pegg, Thomas
Pegg, Thomas (close-up)
Perkins, Levi M.
Perkins, Margaret T.
WHP footstone
Renolds, Mary Ellen
Reynolds, W. H.
Rust, J. M.
Rust, J. M. Monument
Rust, J. M. Monument
AS footstone
Shade, Enos
Shade, Father Footstone
Shade, Francis E.
Shade, Francis Footstone
Shade Monument
Shade Monument
Shade, Mother Footstone
Shade, Sarah A.
Sprague, Franklin Pierce
Stark, Alexander
Stark, Geo P.
Stark, Hester
Stark, Kate
Stark, Lutheria
Stark, Mary Jone
Talley family stone
Talley, John F. and Sarah
Talley, John F. (underneath)
Talley, Sally
Tate, America J.
Tate, Jane
Tate, Lizzy R.
Teasdale, Daisie
Vonwinkel, John (maybe ) did rubbing could get a John and...
Wageman, Frankie R.
Waite, James T.
Wayland, Ann.
Wayland, Ann
Wayland, Bessie
Wayland, Dr. William Sen.
Wayland, Nancy
C W stone
Weaver footstone
Weaver, John Lewis
Weaver, Mary
Weaver, Sarah N.
Weaver, Simeon
Weaver, Simeon & Mary
Weaver, Simeon, Mary, John Lewis and Sarah Family Stone
GHW footstone
White, Inice H.
MW footstone
Worstell, Edwinia W.
Worstell, Richard M.
XHW footstone
JZ Footstone

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