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Altman-Swope Cemetery

Franklin Township
Estimated:  38.887066   -84.124682
(I misplaced the original coordinates use above as a “general area” locator)
1573 State Route 222, Bethel, Ohio

Directions:  The cemetery is between Pt. Isabel and Felicity.  The most scenic, easy driving route would be to take St. Rt. 52 out of New Ricmond heading east and turn left on St. Rt. 222 at Chilo.  St. Rt. 222 turns into 133/222 so stay on this and go towards Felicity (north).  When you enter Felicity you will want to make a left hand turn on Light Street then a right on St. Rt. 222(north) until you reach 1573 St. Rt. 222.  Please do not enter the property without permission.

Pamela Smith visited this cemetery in the fall of 2012.  Presently the cemetery is located on land owned by Bonnie Faubion.  It is located on a small hill or ridge above a creek (which we are finding to be so predictable) and a lot of the stones were buried-- but some were up leaning against trees.  We would like to thank the following participants from Bonnie’s family who helped  find some of the stones:  Robin Simmermon Chandler, Alexis Faubion, John Faubion, Joshua Faubion, Brandon Faubion and Bonnie Faubion.

We could not locate Eleanor Ann Hill or Elizabeth C. Hill.  We searched a very long time.  Henry Swope is one of Pamela’s ancestors by adoption so she was thrilled to visit this cemetery.

Aerial  Altman-Swope map

Map to Altman-Swope Cemtery

Map original


7 walking past the Cemetery and looking back
7Walking towards location (I can see the stones)
Cemetery straight ahead on the upper ridge to left
Cemetery view (2)
Cemetery view 1
Cemetery view 2
Cemetery view
Helpers (2)
Helpers 2
Swope, Henery A. closeup
Swope, Henery A.
Swope, Henry C. Jun.
Swope, Henry C., Jun. closeup
Swope, Henry closeup
Swope, Henry
Swope, Margaret closeup
Swope, Margaret
Tivis, Artemas closeup
Tivis, Artemas
Tivis, Elizabeth closeup
Tivis, Elizabeth
Tivis, Infant son
Tivis, Luther closeup
Tivis, Luther

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