1930 Census Index

Clermont County Genealogical Society

Index to the1930 U. S. Census for Clermont County, Ohio
Indexed from microfilm volumes
1757 and 1758 by
Margie Thomas, Pam Smith and Jennie Marshall

 According to a rule established in 1952. the U. S. Census Bureau could not
release data from the 1930 census for 72 years from the official census day. And, still,
when microfilm copies of those records were made available in April of 2002, there was
no name index to help locate an individual. The National Archives provided soundex for
only 12 southern states. For all remaining states, a researcher needed to locate his
ancestor's address using city directories and then use a microfilm tliat locates street
addresses by enumeration district. Once tlle enumeration district was determined, tlie
researcher still had to scan the entries in that district, page after page. to find the street
and then his ancestor. What a time-coiisuming process!
On 5 March, 2003, CCGS received their previously ordered and long awaited
microfilms of the 1930- census for Clermont County. After all that time and anticipation,
we were disappointed to find that they were not readable and had to be sent back. Again,we waited.

When the readable replacements arrived in the summer, Margie Thomas and
Jennie Marsliall went to work. Using home microfilm readers. Margie copied the head of
household name, page, and village or township. Jennie checked all of Margie's work.
What they could not read, they took to the library in Batavia to view on better microfilm .
readers. Over a year later, when they had copied and proofread the entire county, they
checked it all again. Then. Pam Smith volunteered to enter it all into a computer, and
alphabatize it. She finislied tlie 10,080 listings on 250 pages in a very sliort time!
Altliougli indexes have been put together by subscription sites on the internet,
they were done quickly by people who are unfamiliar with the county's residents. and
predictably. contain many inaccuracies. We are fortutiate tliat Margie Tliomas, Jennie
Marshall, and Pam Smith are all three familiar with Clermont County genealogy and
surnames. Sometimes the handwriting was so difficult to read tliat all three studied the
names, compared their guesses against names in other resources for the given area.
including a previous census. When any doubt remained, the name was listed under
rnultiple possibilities.
We are deeply indebted to these three very dedicated ladies. They have given
countless hours of tlieir own time to benefit every Clermont County researcher. Thank
you, Margie, Jennie, and Pam. Your generosity and commitment are inspirational!
Amy Sclineider, President (2004-2005)
Clermont County Genealogical Society.

Clermont County, Ohio Township /Village Abbreviations

Code Township     Code Village
BA Batavia AML Amelia
FR Franklin BET Bethel
GO Goahen Blank Within Twp
JK Jackson BVL Batavia
MM Miami CED Cedron
MN Monroe CHL Chilo
OH Ohio EDN Edemton
PC Pierce FEL Felicity
ST Stonelick GBS God's Bible School
TA Tate GOS Goshen
UN Union INF County Infirmary
WA Washington LVD Loveland
WL Williamsburg MLF Milford
Wn Wayne MLN Milford Novitiate
MOS Moscow
NR New Richmond
NVL Neville
OWN Owensville
UTP Utopia
WLB Williamsburg

1930 Census Roll # and Page #
By Township/Village

Roll # 1757

Township Village Page
Batavia Amelia 152-153a
Pierce Amelia 155-156a
Batavia Batavia 158-169
Batavia Within Twp 170-187
Batavia Infirmary 188-188
Franklin Felicity 189-194a
Franklin Chilo 195-196
Franklin Within Twp 196a-197
Franklin Utopia 197a-198
Franklin Within Twp 198a-201
Franklin Cedon 201a201a
Franklin Within Twp 202-208
Goshen Within Twp 209-218a
Goshen Goshen 219-221
Goshen Within Twp 221a-222
Jackson Within Twp 223-233
Milford Loveland 234-245a
Milford Milford 246-264
Milford Within Twp 265-275
Milford Novitiate 276-277a
Milford God's Bible School 278-278
Milford Within Twp 279-295a

Roll #1758

Monroe Within Twp 1-12
Ohio New Richmond 13-31
Ohio Within Twp 32-40a
Pierce Within Twp 42-64
Stonelick Owensville 65-68
Stonelick Within Twp 69-79
Tate Bethel 80-94
Tate Within Twp 95-111
Union Within Twp 112-132a
Washington Moscow 133-135a
Washington Neville 136-137
Washington Within Twp 138-149a
Wayne Within Twp 150-160a
Williamsburg Williamsburg 161-172
Williamsburg Within Twp 173-185a

Alphabetical Index To Heads of Household  in Clermont County in 1930 Census