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 Biographies of Early Settlers and Prominent Men (and Women)




This project wouldn't have been completed without the help of a few people. I would like to thank Ed Page for donating the use of his book "The History of Clark County, Ohio, by W. H. Beers".  I would like to thank Janie Whitty for helping me transcribe some of the township biographies and finding the glitches when putting this project together. 

Okay here is the discloser and technical information. Please do not use these biographies as gospel. Like any document that has been written over and over again this type of file is considered a secondary source. Also there are 2 types of errors in these biographies that I need to point out.  First, it may contain errors from the original author & publisher. Second there are errors, due to the transcription process. I tried to find all of them but I know there are some out there.  I used an OCR (Optical Character Reader) program to scan book pages into a text format and then transferred those bios into the CC Helper program so they can be indexed by surname and township and page number.


Surname Register for Biography Index: A  thru  GH  thru  LM  thru  RS  thru  Z

Township Index and Page Numbers:  A  thru  GH  thru  LM  thru  RS  thru  Z    


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