Hicksite "Little Brick" Cemetery, Madison Twp., Clark Co. OH

The Hicksite Society of Friends Meeting House and Cemetery “Little Brick”

South Charleston – Clifton Road

Madison Twp., Selma, Ohio

As Transcribed by Julie Noble October 1, 2002

This listing is a combination of two things: a physical reading by myself and actual cemetery records. However, the cemetery records are not a record of names and dates, but rather a plot map. By comparing my reading to the plot map, I was able to discern to whom the illegible markers belonged, as well as being able to see who was missing a marker altogether. I'm told that more extensive records may be found at the Wilmington College Library where records are kept regarding the Green Plain Monthly Meeting (Friends) history. This is a very well laid out cemetery and all of the markers are in neat straight lines, all facing the same direction. Most of the markers can still be read today, however there are a few older, very weathered ones. I have made notations where ever necessary to help with possible "family relationships". It appears that most of the family are buried with one another, but there are a few stray burials. Any notations within quotation marks are actual inscriptions on the markers themselves and notations within parentheses are possible or certain family relationships.

Directions to the cemetery

South Charleston-Clifton Rd is about 2 miles east of Selma Pike off Rte 42. Turn north on South Charleston - Clifton Rd. and go about 1 mile, just past Dolly Varden Rd. (which is off to the right). The Hicksite Meeting house sits on the north side of the road and can be recognized as a single story little brick building with 2 sets of white front doors. It is situated right near the road. The cemetery is behind the meeting house.





Additional Information
Battin, Edith W. 1897 1910    
Battin, Emily T. 1935 1909   (beside Samuel R.)
Battin, Esther M 1868 1951   hus Orlando T.
Battin, Mildred G. 1900 1993   hus Raymond F.
Battin, Orlando T. 1967 1952   wife Esther M.
Battin, Raymond F. 1905 1989   wife Mildred G.
Battin, Samuel R. 1829 1916   (beside Emily T.)
Bennett, Bertha       no marker, or illegible marker
Bennett, H. M.   10/3/1876 29y  
Bennett? “ H. M. B.”     Simply reads “ H. M. B.” no dates, no names (beside H. M.Bennett) 
Bennett?…”N. N. B”     No names, no dates… next to H. M. Bennett
Birdsall, Hannah S. 12/1/1884 9/16/1902    
Boone, Elizabeth L. 1912 1990 (ashes) hus Roger S.
Boone, Mary A 1874 1963   hus Walter S
Boone, Roger S. 1913 no date   h/o Elizabeth L. (same marker)
Boone, Walter S. 1871 1966 (ashes) h/o Mary A. (same marker)
Bostwick, Catherine Walker 1907 1990    
Bostwick, Fred O. 1889 1937    
Branson, Anna   1/15/1847 48y11m1d "wife of Thomas"
Branson, ?   12/22/1887 55y "wife of Thomas" ( name on top is worn flat)
Branson, Anna S. 9/26/1839 3/1/1902    
Branson, Nathan V. 11/19/1834 3/23/1919    
Branson, Thomas   6/5/1875 80y10m14d  
Branson, Thomasin H.       no marker, or illegible marker
Brown, Eliza   5/19/1884 75y "wife of George W. Brown"
Brown, George W.   5/17/1883 90y (or 80y)  
Brown, Jacob   1/22/1860 35y  
Brown, John       no marker, or illegible marker
Brown, Judith   5/27/1866 75y "wife of Jacob Brown"
Brown, Nancy N.   3/7/1855 50y  
Brown, William H.   9/29/1846 31y  
Bruce, Uriah       no marker, or illegible marker
Buffenbarger, Alvaretta 1893 1911    
Buffenbarger, Ananiah       no marker, or illegible marker
Buffenbarger, Ella       no marker, or illegible marker
Buffenbarger, Mary       no marker, or illegible marker
Buffenbarger, Sabina       no marker, or illegible marker
Calvert, Elta F. 1864 1964   w/o Thos L (same marker)
Calvert, Helen Elizabeth 1898 1997    
Calvert, J. Donald 1896 1973   h/o Mildred H. (same marker)
Calvert, Mildred H 1898 1936   w/o J. Donald (same marker)
Calvert, Richard Henley 1930 1936   (beside Mildred and J. Donald Calvert)
Calvert, Thomas L 1858 1941   h/o Elta F. (same marker)
Calvert, twin babies..TL & EF   12/30/1939   (written on marker as “39” 1839? Or 1939?)
Calvert, Warner L 12/24/1990 1/27/91 (sic) (not sure if this is 1890, 91 or 1990, 91)    
Chalfont, Abel no dates      
Chalfont, Hannah no dates      
Chandler, infant       no marker, or illegible marker
Cole, Arthur P.   12/26/1887 8m21d “Gone but not forgotten”
Cole, Efphama A.   4/3/1888 32y9m11d  
Cole, Harry   1/7/1965   ashes are buried with Efphama
Cole, John       no marker, or illegible marker
Cole?, reads only " S. H." no dates     (beside Ephama Cole)
Cox, Esther B 11/10/1908 11/27/1996 (ashes) w/o Lauren A. (same marker)
Cox, Lauren A. 10/20/1910 12/31/1993   h/o Esther B. (same marker)
Dugdale, Mary L. 3/29/1856 6/30/1934    
Engle, Sarah M.   10/14/1873    
Haley, Eddie 1/9/1867 10/21/1868   "son of W.L. & E.A Haley"
Haley, Ruthie   12/13/1876 16y  
Haley, Simeon       no marker, or illegible marker
Harrison, Ann Eliza 1/2/1824 10/9/1890    
Harrison, Anne 5/1/1797 4/15/1854    
Harrison, Catherine H.   1843 1843  
Harrison, James P.   1863 1863  
Harrison, Joshus   12/14/1875    
Harrison, Mahlon E.   1862    
Harrison, Mary   1863    
Harrison, Ruth H.   1872 48y11m16d  
Harrison, Sarah   12/17/1875 67y  
Harrison, Seth P   8/5/1882 81y  
Job, Allen's daughter       no marker, or illegible marker
Job, Allen's wife       no marker, or illegible marker
Little, Hamilton no dates      
Mason, Bessie M. 1887 1958    
Mason, Frances 1854 1943    
Mason, George 1844 1909    
Merritt, Margaret       no marker, or illegible marker
Merritt, Edward Sr. 4/8/1820 8/29/1906    
Merritt, Jane   5/16/1871    
Merritt, Jane   6/27 no year   (right beside Mary Merritt)
Merritt, Maria 12/15/1815 7/28/1885    
Merritt, Mary   7/4/1845    
Merritt, Susan   2/8/1845    
Merritt, T. E. 7/21/1850 4/15/1886    
Merritt, T.E.'s infant     (may be the marker back in the corner by Esther Roberts….simply says "S.T.") 
Merritt, Thomas   12/5/1867    
Myers, Hannah   7/2/1884 72y  
Myers, Isreal   1859 87y  
Myers, Rebecca A. 2/15/1836 1860 28y  
Myers, Ruth H 12/30/1841 1849 7y  
Myers, Tacy E. 2/24/1848 1869 21y  
Myers, William B.   7/2/1872 72y  
Noble, Thomas F.   1944 – 1945    
Oldham, Ann L.       not legible
Oldham, Ella 8/31/1831 2/7/1872    
Oldham, Levi W.       not legible
Packer, Aaron   7/1877? 89y24d  
Packer, Ann       no marker, or illegible marker
Packer, Ann B.   8/8/1839(or 89) 34y  
Packer, Eliza       no marker, or illegible marker
Packer, H.J.       no marker, or illegible marker
Packer, Harvey Sr.       no marker, or illegible marker
Packer, John       no marker, or illegible marker
Packer, Milton       no marker, or illegible marker
Parks, Ida Mae 12/7/1932 12/20/1932    
Richardson, Ann   1857    
Richardson, George C.   1864    
Richardson, Isaac   1864?    
Roberts, Esther 1886 1973    
Roberts, Merritt E. 1888 1952    
Roberts, Reuben M 1850 1930    
Roberts, Susan 1/4/1939 9/23/2000 (ashes placed betw Esther & Merritt) “She made the world a better place”
Roberts, Susan M. 1852 1934    
Schofield, Sarah E. W. 3/15/1850 9/7/1899    
Schooley, Abigail   5/21/1866 64y "wife of Wm Schooley"
Schooley, William   11/16/1881 84y  
Smith, Mahlon W.       no marker, or illegible marker
Taylor, Fannie   6/3/1886 85y  
Battin, CS & MA's infants. Just reads “ J. T.”     no dates  
Thompson, Ida       no marker, or illegible marker
Thompson, James   4/14/1881 27y10m8d  
Thompson, Walter H.   7/4/1876 2y5m "son of E. & Sarah Thompson"
Thorpe, Maria R. 1825 1878    
Thorpe, Samuel   7/29/1880 68y9m26d  
Thorpe, Sarah G. 1841 1905    
Thorpe, Thomas 1829 1909    
Tindall, Frederick 1857 1920    
Tindall, Martha B. 1872 1923    
Tomlinson, Mary E. 1840 1913    
Tomlinson, Moses H. 1859 1894    
U.A. Hope       no marker, or illegible marker
Unknown…reads only “J. H.” no dates     (between H. Little and Sarah Engle)
Unknown…reads only “S.T.”       Way back in the corner
beside Esther M. Roberts (this could be T.E. Merritt's infant)
Walker, A. Janney   7/23/1843    
Walker, Abel no dates      
Walker, Annie R. 11/26/1847 7/18/1902    
Walker, Catherine L. 1846 1923    
Walker, Daniel no dates      
Walker, Edward 7/15/1836 2/27/1910    
Walker, Elsie M. 1889 1973   w/o Ralph L. (same marker)
Walker, Hannah   10/26/1870    
Walker, Joseph L.       not legible
Walker, Lewis J. no dates      
Walker, Phineas L. 1845 1927    
Walker, Ralph L. 1884 1969 (ashes) h/o Elsie M (same marker)
Warner, Albert   3/24/1849   (buried amongst the Merritts)
Warner, Elizabeth M.       no marker, or illegible marker
Warner, Ida M.   3/11/1864    
Warner, Levi M.   9/8/1853    
Warner, Levi Sr.   3/9/1853    
Warner, Luella   4/11/1861    
Warner, Margarette A. 1/15/1847 12/4/1931    
Warner, Martha J. 9/10/1843 1/11/1933    
Warner, Mary S.   10/5/1862    
Warner, Simeon 10/22/1817 11/22/1895    
Wilkenson, Barbara E.       no marker, or illegible marker
Wilkinson, Charles 1833 1911    
Wilkinson, Mary 1/6/1806 3/1/1901    
Wilkinson, Sabina 1846 1923    
Williams, Lottie   1877 13y (between the Thorpes and Bennetts)
Willis, John W.       no marker, or illegible marker
Willis, Olive       no marker, or illegible marker
Willis, Rebecca       no marker, or illegible marker
Willis, Ridgeway       no marker, or illegible marker
Wilson, Fred M. 5/27/1854 4/28/1938    
Wilson, Laura E. 2/25/1854 12/15/1936    
Wilson, Mabel Etta 1879 1969 (ashes)  
Wilson, Walter Warren 1884 1959    

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