Cleveland Clergy to 1942

Cleveland District Round Table

Cleveland Clergy to 1942

Don O'Malley has spent years at the Cuyahoga County Archives and other places collecting this information from the city directories of Cleveland. It is a work in progress, and currently goes to 1942. This listing is not only useful to those with clergy in the family, but to all those who had family married by clergy. This will help to determine the place of the marriage and the likely religious belief of the bride, the groom or both which may lead to other records. This is a huge labor of love. We appreciate Don sharing this with us, and the assistance and encouragement of those at the County Archives.

Aaron I.H.Nusach Arie 5705 Outhwaite1923 
Abbott H.P.A.Trinity Cathedral 2241 Prospect18981920
Abendroth E.Shore Haven Evang'l 324 E. 22219301942
Abovitz J.Chevas Jerusalem E. 39 near Central1915 
Abramson M.Niveh Zedek Cong. 10915 Morrison ave.1937 
Acosta W.C.Grace P. & E. E. 91 & Harvard1941 
Acosta W.C.St. Mary's P. & E. 9719 Ramona Blvd.19411942
Adamek J.St. Mary's of the Nativity 9510 Aetna rd.1909 
Adams G.D.Grace P. & E. 550 Sawyer18911893
Adams S.W.First Baptist Erie & Euclid18481863
Addington L.E.First Friends Church 263 Cedar1930 
Addis O.N.First Free Methodist 6001 Franklin19401942
Addison M.D.Allen Temple A.M.E. 2607 E. 671942 
Agne R.C.Old Stone Church Public Square ( First Presby. )19241926
Ahern A. J.St. James 17514 Detroit St.1917 
Ahern E. J.St. Thomas Aquinas Superior & Ansel rd.1915 
Ahern L.J.St. Ignatius 10205 Lorain St.19281930
Aigner F.Sixth Reformed 4843 Wendell19041912
Aiken S.C.First Presby. Rockwell & Ontario18351856
Ailer C.C.Zion Hill Baptist 2541 E. 3719231940
Aitken G.R.Second Friends Werner rd. & Vineyard19221925
Akers L.R.First Bedford M. & E. North & East Grace Bedford19401941
Akeson L.Swedish Cong'l 5803 Lexington19081910
Akin S.C.Euclid St. Presby. Euclid & Brownell18531863
Akram W.Ahmadiyya Moslem Misson 5311 Woodland1937 
Albers G. A.Trinity Evang'l Chapel Lawn near Ridge18981890
Albert R.A.Emmans Evang'l 3325 Virginia ave19151917
Aldrich H.N.St. Mary's P. & E. 9719 Ramona Blvd.1925 
Alexander R.J.Beckwith Memorial Presby. E. 107 & Deering1906 
Allan J.W.New Hope Baptist 2586 E. 6319371940
Allardt C.H.A.German Evang'l Erie & York18421866
Allen H.B.Woodland Hills. M. & E. Woodland Hills & Union18981900
Allen J.W.Second New Hope Baptist 2580 E. 6318981941
Allen W.R.Grace Presby. South Harvard & Sawyer1900 
Allison J.Bolton Ave. Presby. E. 89 & Cedar1906 
Allison J.M.Euclid Cong'l 1496 E.19619401942
Allison J.P.Dunham Ave. Disciples of Christ E. 66 & Quinby19061925
Almquist O.Salvation Army #3 1309 E. 901923 
Alton J.T.Windermere Meth. 14037 Euclid19271932
Ames A.A.Franklin Ave. Christian 1688 Fulton rd.19291931
Andel J.J.Holy Family 13205 Chapelside1941 
Andel J.M.St. Procops West 41 & Trent19181930
Anderson A.R.Trinity M. & E. W.99 & Madison1942 
Anderson A.S.Corlett Christian 3983 E. 1311925 
Anderson E.Bethlehem Evang'l 7503 Wadepark19061915
Anderson E.T.Grace M. & E. Quincy & Lincoln19061915
Anderson F.Salvation Army # 3 1309 E 901941 
Anderson F. C.Parkwood Ave. M. & E. E. 110 & Lee1915 
Anderson F. O.Bethel Cong'l W. 52 & Franklin19151917
Anderson G.H.Bethel Baptist 1418 Addison rd.19411942
Andes L.J.Blessed Sacrament 3381 Fulton rd.19341941
Andres J.Schiffein Christi Evang'l 84 Huntington18831890
Andrescheck A.St. Joseph's 25 hazen18831889
Andrews B.V.C.Glenville Presby. E. 105 &Helena19351940
Andrey A.A.St. Vitus 6111 Glass19301941
Ange R.C.Old Stone Church Public Square 19251926
Angelaitis J.F.Our Lady of Perpetual Help 1802 Neff rd.19401942
Angelberger W.United German Evang'l W. 38 & Bridge18801894
Ansberg J.H.Nottingham Baptist E. 167 & Arcade19231925
Anthony C.J.St. Michael's Scranton rd. & Clark19231924
Anthony R.W.Glenville Presby E. 105 & Helena1915 
Antonoff J.St. Michael's E. 30 & Prospect ave.19231925
Appel W.Erin Ave. Baptist W. 32 & Erin ave19151917
Applegarth H.Euclid Ave. Baptist 1926 E. 1818941900
Applegrove H.H.Bethel A.M.E. 15321 Shiloh Rd.1923 
Appleton J.G.Brooklyn Hts. Cong'l W.18 & Sschaaf rd.1937 
Arentz P. R.St. Joseph's 25 Hazen18881891
Arentz T.St. Joseph's Woodland & Chapel18881893
Argust F.R.Welsh Baptist Wire near Wire Mills18841887
Armington W.B.Windermer M. & E. 1901 Belmore19171923
Arnold B.S.Calvary United Brethern Hillard & Northland19231925
Arnold F.S.Willson Ave. Presby. Willson & Mathew18981900
Aron I.Nosach Arie Congregation 5705 Outwaite ave.1917 
Arp E.W.Universal Spiritualist Center 10316 Superior ave.19411942
Asberry K.A.Church of the Living God 7221 Kinsman rd.19361938
Ashburn O.L.Grace M. & E. E. 83 & Quincy1930 
Ashley B.F.Tabernacle Baptist Scovill & Sterling1875 
Asmus C.Broadway M. & E. 5246 Broadway19351937
Assel J.Third United Brethern 2099 E.Madison ave18961900
Athey N.R.Dunham Ave. Christian 1629 E. 661942 
Attinwood W.R.All Saints P. & E. 73 [old.mentor ]19051907
Attwood W.R.St. Peter's Epis. 1322 Endanola18961910
Atwater J.M.Franklin Ave Church of Christ Franklin & Fulton1880 
Atwood W.R.All Saints P. & E. Scranton & Mentor18961900
Auping W.A.W.St. Andrew's Evang'l 8917 Miles Park19131940
Avary F.B.St. Johns P. & E. W.26 & Church19191923
Avery F.B.St. Paul's Euclid & Case1903 
Avery J. T.First Cong'l Erie & Prospect18521853
Aves C.S.All Saints P.& E. 698 Scranton rd.18811888
Aves H. D.St. Luke's P. & E. W. 78 & Lake1890 
Aves H.D.St. John's P. & E. W. 26 & Church St.18881890
Azbill W. K.Durham Ave. Christine E. 66 & Quinby19151917
Babutin G.St. Helena's 1367 W. 6519151941
Babutin G.Holy Trinity 2560 E. 9319411942
Bacher R.F.St. Stephen's 1930 West 5419221930
Bachmann W.St. Clements Lincoln & Madison19401941
Backora V.P.Mizpah Cong'l 3734 E. 591925 
Backus A.J.Good Shepherd Spiritualist 1618 Euclid ave.19411942
Badger N.N.Grace P. & E. Harvard & Sawyer1880 
Badgley O.Pearl St. M.& E. 4200 Pearl rd.18941914
Badgly C.Brooklyn M. & E. 1853 Pearl1894 
Baechtold J.J.First German M. & E. Scovill & Sterling1900 
Bagby E.D.Franklin Circle Fulton & Franklin1906 
Bahnsen A.F.St. Paul's Evang'l E.127 & Woodland19361941
Bahusen R.Miles Park Presby. Miles Park near E. 911925 
Bailey G.St. Philip the Apostle P. & E. 3825 W. 3319221925
Bailey H.C.Antioch Baptist 2407 Central ave.19031927
Bailey R.E.East End Baptist E.97 & Euclid19151917
Bailey W. E.Woodland Ave United Evang'l Woodland near Evens ct.1869 1870
Baillie A.W.Salvation Army 2304 East 9.St.1923 
Baker A.Wade Park Ave. M. & E. 8520 Wade Park19361938
Baker A.L.Lincoln Park M. & E. 3406 Woodbridge19231925
Baker A.L.Ridgewood M. & E. Ridge rd. & Southingham1930 
Baker C.W.St. Paul's P. & E. Euclid & Case19071909
Baker E.E.Woodland Ave. Presby. Woodland & Kennard18981900
Baker E.M.First Unitarian E.82 & Euclid1942 
Baker F.Hough Ave. Reformed E.71 & Hough1942 
Baker F.M.Goodwill M. & E. 2416 E. 919231941
Baker G.United Brethren in Christ Lorain near Willett18651868
Baker P.Holy Trinity Woodland near Giddings18801887
Balcom R.B.St. Marys Epis Woodland near Case18701873
Baldwin H.A.First Free Methodist 6001 Franklin1923 
Baldwin H.R.St. George's P. & E. 4338 E. 13119411942
Baldwin R.Broadway Christian Eagle near Broadway19281930
Bales M. M.Cedar Ave. Baptist E. 103 & Cedar19251927
Ball G.M.Taylor St. M. & E. 257 Taylor St.1891 
Ball J.Bible Christian Church Home & Walnut1875 
Ball L.Salvation Army Citadel Corps 2304 E. 91942 
Ballenberger C.Chewra Kadisha Case near Orange18861890
Balmat V.B.St. John's Cath. E. 9 & Superior19401941
Balogh M.St. John the Baptist 80 Rawlings1915 
Bamford W.T.South Brooklyn United Presby. Pearl & Spokane19191926
Bancroft E. H.Scranton Rd. Free Baptist Scranton Rd. & Clark1917 
Banks J.S.All Saints P. & E. Scranton & Mentor19151925
Banks K.P.St. Edward's 6914 Woodland ave.19291930
Banks K.P.St. Philip Neri 8209 St. Clair19361942
Banks L.A.First M. & E. Euclid & Erie1900 
Banks L.A.St. Colman's 2027 W.651902 
Bark E.A.St. Mary's W. 30 & Carroll1934 
Barnett E. D.Brooklyn Memorial M. & E. 1856 Pearl rd.18981900
Barnett E.D.Brooklyn M.& E. 3317 Archwood18901908
Barnett E.D.East Glenville M. & E. St. Clair & Lancelot19231927
Barnum G.W.Wesleyan Methodist Brownell & Ohio18701871
Barr E.V.Free Will Spiritualist 2211 E. 761942 
Barrett F.W.J.Windermere M.& E. 3469 Euclid18901900
Barrett L.A.Eells Memorial Presby. 6802 Quinby1906 
Barry F.T.Woodland Hills Cong'l 3151 E. 9419211942
Barry T.F.St. Philomena's 13824 Euclid1930 
Barry T.F.St. Patrick's W.38 & Bridge1929 
Barry T.F.St. Patrick's W.38 & Bridge1922 
Bartels H.W.Grace Evang'l 13001 Cedar rd.19231942
Bartels H.W.Grace Evang'l Luth. 2182 Middlefield rd.1928 
Barth D.Kneseth Israel 2555 E. 4619231925
Barthelet J.St. John's Cath. Erie & Superior18681869
Bartholomew A.H.English Eveng'l Ohio & Brownell1880 
Bartholomew A.H.Holy Trinity Evang'l Putnam & Scovill18841888
Bartko P.St. Joseph's E. 23 & Woodland19401941
Bartkowiak V.St. Stanislaus 3649 E.651941 
Bartlett C.J.St. Ignatius 10205 Lorain St.1922 
Bartlett C.J.St. Mary's Seminary 1227 Ansel rd.19271929
Bass J.Avery A.M.C. 2363 E. 2819231925
Bastel F.T.Emanuel Cong'l 2371 E. 15719231925
Basten W.F.Third Baptist Mission W. 52 & Bridge1873 
Basten W.F.Third Baptist Clinton & State1873 
Bates C.S.St. Paul's P. & E. Euclid & Case18841895
Bates G.A,Nottingham Baptist E.176 & Arcade19401941
Bates W.Friendship Mission M. & E. 1305 W. 2519251939
Baum H.C.First German Baptist 6019 Kinsman19161919
Baumann C.Quincy St. Mission M. & E. Quincy & Lussenden18871890
Baumann C.St. Paul's M. & E. W. 44 & Bridge1915 
Baumann F. J.Bethanien Kirche M. & E. Willard & Ursula18981899
Baumann W.F.St. Paul's Evang'l E.127 &Woodland19201930
Baumer H.W.Eight Evang'l Reformed 2409 Willowdale19381942
Baumgaetner J.St. James Luth. 4781 Broadview rd.19361942
Baunbach C.H.First United Brethern W. 42 & Orchard19031904
Baxter J.Brooklyn Memorial M. & E. 2705 Archwood19231925
Bayliss R. L.Lane Memorial M. & E. E. 31 & Cedar ave.1915 
Baznik L.B.St. Lawrence 2530 E. 8119351936
Beal B.F.First German M. & E. E. 71. & Cedar19121917
Beatty S.M.Bethel Presby. Bridge & York1863 
BeckScovillAve. Methodist Longwood & Scovlii1871 
Beck A.Nusach Arie 5705 Outhwaite1925 
Becka J.W.St. Adelbert 2347 E.8318991942
Becker A.Bethany English Luth. W. 98 & Willard19171918
Becker E.Schifflein Christi 1645 Superior19041907
Becker P.Holy Trinity 7211 Woodland18871915
Becker W.St. Mary's W.30 & Carroll18871890
Beckermann S.Anshe Emeth Congregation Eire near Woodland18861888
Beckermann S.Shaarei Torah Congregation 247 Orange18981900
Bednar P.First Slovak Baptist Tremont & College19131917
Beechley R. C.Simpson M. & E. W. 86 & Clark1915 
Beer W.C.Bible Christian Church Orange & Irving1873 
Beers G. A.Lakewood Baptist Detroit & Grace19101913
Beery A.F.Zion Eveng'l Asso. Colgate & Ridge18871890
Beggiani N. S.St. Myron's 2210 E. 211926 
Begin F.L.St. John's Cath. E. 9 & Superior19401941
Behrends A.J.F.First Baptist Erie & Euclid1875 
Behrendt W.Bethanien Kirche Evang'l Burton & Storer18691870
Behrendt W.Bethanien Kirche 221 Storer18951912
Bell E.D.W.St. Paul's A.M.E. 2555 E. 551923 
Bell H.R.St. John's Epis. 11305 Clifton Blvd.1934 
Bell J. W. St. Joseph's Saranac rd. & Aspinwall19151917
Bell J.W.St. Joseph's 14405 St. Clair19191930
Bell M.C.Sunrise Spiritualist 2414 E. 311942 
Belle D.Holy Trinity Evang'l 299 Woodland19001906
Belles E. V.Immanuel Presby. E. 156 & Macauley1915 
Belser J.W.Eleventh Reformed 14911 Westropp19231925
Belser J.W.First Reformed 1946 W.3219091913
Bender T.W.Aaron Erin Ave.Baptist W. 32 & Erin ave.1940 
Bender T.W.Erin Ave Baptist Erin & W. 321941 
Benedict O. S. B.Holy Cross 30 Hill St. .18981902
Bengston A.B.Immanuel's Evamg'l 2325 Forestdale1930 
Benisak W.S.Holy Family E. 131 & Southview ave.1930 
Benko M.F.Martin Luther Evang'l 2139 W. 1419301942
Benner L.D.Fourth Ind. Evang'l W. 32 near Clark1906 
Bennett G.S.West Blvd. Christian West 101 & West Blvd.19221925
Benzing E.Second Reformed 35 Henry St.1873 
Berg G.German M. & E. Erie St.18611866
Berg G.M. & E. Church Lorain & Hudson18681869
Bergen H.H.South Presby. 3166 Scranton rd.19221926
Berger J.Ahavath Israel 10107 Kempton19401942
Berger M.L.Park Cong'l 1380 Euclid1892 
Berman M.Anshe Sfard 3386 E. 1191923 
Bernas A.Sacred Heart Of Jesus E. 71 & Kazimer1926 
Bernhardi C.W.Zion Evang'l 1418 Branch1922 
Bernhardi C.W.United Evang'l West 38 & Bridge18701921
Bernstein H.Polish Jewish Synagogue 67 1 / 2 Orange1879 
Berry F.T.Unity Baptist 3109 E.9819221934
Berry JPuritan Cong'l W.58 & Franklin19111916
Berry J. F.Bethlehem Cong'l Broadway & Fowler19081917
Berry T.St. Patrick's W. 38 & Bridge1927 
Berstecher G.Friedens Kirche 28 Harold18911916
Bertram F.J.St. Ignatius 10205 Lorain St.19161927
Berwin G.M.Unity Evang'l 3525 W. 251941 
Betts M.A.Friendship Primitive Baptist 3051 Central19251930
Beyer H.C.Bethany Kirche W.91 & Willard19061910
Beyer H.C.St. Paul's M. & E. 1965 W. 4419201923
Beynon W.H.Olivet Baptist West 52 & Bridge19051907
Bialik J.S.Immaculate Heart of the B.V.M. E.65 & Lansing1930 
Biebelheimer E.Nottingham Baptist E. 167 & Arcade1915 
Bigelow F.E.Archwood Cong'l Archwood near W.2519101941
Bigelow G.E.Church of the Master E. 79 & Euclid19371941
Bigger R.R.Westminster Presby. Addington & Wade Park19101915
Bignell W.P.First M. & E. St. Clair & Wood1863 
Bilchik S.Mishkun Israel 3510 E. 1491942 
Bill I.West Cleveland Baptist W. 85 & adison18941895
Bilon P.St. Valdmir's 2280 W. 1119401942
Bininger C.Cleveland Ht. Presby. 1836 Wilton19361940
Bininger C.E.Cleveland Hts. Presby. 3020 Mayfield rd.19401942
Binkley S.L.Prospect St. M. & E. Prospect & Huntington1880 
Binna A.St. Casimir's 8223 Sowinski ave.19251926
Bird P.S.Church of the Covenant Presby Euclid & Cornell19341942
Birk I. C.St. James Evang'l Hayden ave. & Shaw1917 
Birney G.H.Euclid Ave. M. & E. E. 93 & Euclid19141915
Biro M.First Hungarian Baptist 8005 Holton19231930
Bischoff W.O.St. John's Evang'l 4486 Mayfield rd.19221942
Bisheim A.K.Second Reformed E.99 & Olivet ave.1925 
Bittinger J.B.Presbyterian Church Euclid & Clinton1856 
Bjuge C.B.Bethal Evang'l Free Church W.52 & Franklin19301937
Black B.J.Shaffer Memorial M.& E. 12202 Miles ave1925 
Black B.J.Nottingham M. & E. St. Clair & Melville rd.19201932
Black J.L.St. Paul's A.M.E. E. 55 & Quincy19411942
Blackburn J.H.Lakewood M. & E. Summit & Detroit19091941
Blackburn J.H.Pearl Rd. M. & E. 4198 Pearl rd.19221927
Blackwood J.M.Washington Blvd. United Presby. 3241 Washington Blvd.192319231940
Blair T.St. Cecelia's 3476 E. 15219371941
Blake F.J.Bethel Baptist E. 33 & Central1923 
Blake J.D.Brookside Chapel 2325 Forestdale ave.1942 
Blanchard F. Q.Euclid Ave. Cong'l 9606 Euclid19151942
Blatt B.A.Our Lady of Peace 12505 Buckingham19381941
Bliss J.G.Waring St. Methodist Waring & Oregon18701873
Blood D. C.Bethel Church Vine St.18341839
Bloomfield A.W.Presbyterian Headquarters 1365 Ontario1942 
Bloomquist E.W.Calvary Baptist 3550 W.2519231927
Blum S.Erin Ave. Baptist W. 32 & Erin19301932
Blume R. A.Bethany M. & E. W. 91 & Willard19151917
Blyth R.B.Brooklyn Hts. Cong'l 1693 W. 1819171941
Blyth R.B.Brooklyn Hts. Congregational 4693 Dornur1942 
Blythe R.B.Archwood Cong'l Archwood near W.2519111921
Bobo U.N.Athens F.B. Holiness 3206 Central ave.1942 
Bochert G.United P. & E. Church Professor 7 Pelton1873 
Body J.Martin Luther Evang'l Luth. 2189 W. 141915 
Boebel C.E.Peace America Luth. E. 93 & Marshall1942 
Boeenhard C.Lorain St. M. & E. Lorain & Hudson1863 
Boeff A.P.St. Boniface 5300 Denison19311936
Boehm C.St. Elizabeth 9016 Buckeye rd.18951927
Boeke C. H.St. Peter's E. 17 & Superior19151917
Boettner F. W.Mt.Pleasant Free Methodist 12709 Union ave.1915 
Boff F.M.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior18721875
Bohatec C.Czechoslovak Baptist Clark & Scranton19391941
Bolles J.A.Trinity P. & E. Superior near Bond18561890
Bollis J.St. Peters Epis. Scovill & Chapel1875 
Bolt J.First Holland Reformed W. 58 & Waverly1906 
Bombach A.L.St. Christine's 885 E. 22219371941
Bomberger J.H.Hough Ave. Reformed Episcopal Hough & Dorchester19001902
Boone A.L.Shiloh Baptist E.55 & Scovill19371941
Booth J.West Blvd. Christian West 101 & West Blvd.19371942
Borcherding W.Erie St. German M. & E. 303 Erie1875 
Borenhard C.M. & E. Church Lorain & Hudson1866 
Borenhard C.German M. & E. Erie st18681869
Borkhardt W.East St. Johanne's 24 Cable1905 
Borosz E.Hungarian Baptist Mission 2111 W. 251915 
Bossart P. F.Salem Evang'l E. 121 & Hamlin 1917 
Bothbyl M.First Christian Reformed 2085 W. 5819191926
Botherton H.Trinity Baptist Broadway & Fullerton18841903
Botwin B.Ohel Jabneh 3118 E. 11919401942
Bourquin P.H.Friedens Kirche E.46 & Kimmel19391942
Bovington D.First Bedford Baptist Broadway & South Park19341942
Bovington D.First Baptist E. 46 & Prospect19171928
Bowen E.R.Centennial Welsh Cong'l Jones near Broadway18881890
Bowen R.G.Second Free Methodist 12709 Union ave.1940 
Bowers R.E.Lakewood Cong'l W. Clifton & Detroit19231939
Bowles H.O.St. Andrew's P. & E. 2173 E. 491941 
Bowman G.R.Linden St. Evang'l 30 Linden St.18801888
Boyden E.Trinity Epis. Seneca & St. Clair18371838
Boyer J.L.Collinwood M. & E. 839 E.15019101915
Boyer V.Emmanuel P. & E. 8313 Carnegie19061908
Boyer V.Christ Church P. & E. 10808 Superior19111916
Boyer W. S.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard1912 
Boyington D.First Baptist of Bedford Broadway & South Park1940 
Brachna G.West Side Evang'l 1900 W. 281940 
Bradford R.L.Second Seventh Day Adventist 2566 E. 4619231925
Bradley D.F.Pilgrim Cong'l Jennings & Starkweather19061940
Bradrick L.B.Collinwood M. & E. 15228 St. Clair1940 
Bradstreet S.I.Old Stone Church Public Square 18231838
Brady L.A.St. Mary's W. 30 & Carroll1913 
Brandes H.F.W.St. Mark's Evang'l Pearl & Ardmore19101927
Brandt O.E. Scandinavian Evang'l Outhwaite near Willson18861890
Brandt W.M.Emmaus Evang'l W. 36 & Mapledale19231925
Braun T.F.Bethany Evang'l West 41 & Storer19261942
Braun V.Zion Evang'l German Aaron near Superior18871890
Braun W.Fifth Reformed Higgins & Hague1880 
Braun W.A.Mt.Calvary Evang'l 12819 Lorain19231925
Brazda C.East Side Baptist 12700 Corlett19401942
Breck C.Trinity Epis. Superior & Bond18701873
Breed W.R.St. Paul's P. & E. 2747 Fairmount Blvd.19321936
Breed W.R.St. Paul's P. & E. E. 40 & Euclid19091930
Breff A.St. Ignatius 10205 Lorain St.1930 
Breff A.St. Boniface 5300 Denison1930 
Breig A.St. Michael's Clark & Scranton19041911
Brelsford M.E.Cleveland Baptist 14516 Euclid19061931
Breman J.East Cleveland Baptist Euclid & Rosemont1911 
Bremer J,.First United Brethern 33 Peach St.18851889
Brenann J.P.St. Philip Neri 8209 St. Clair19141930
Brenkus C.J.Our Lady of Good Councel 4423 Pearl rd.1932 
Brennan F.Blessed Sacrament 3381 Fulton rd.1927 
Brennan F.St. Philip Neri 8215 St. Clair19201926
Brennan F.P.St. Paul's 1200 Chardon rd.19401942
Brennan J.L.St. Boniface 5300 Denison1941 
Brennan J.P.St. Edward's 6914 Woodland ave.18991914
Brennan J.P.Our Lady of Peace 12505 Buckingham19301931
Brennan J.P.St. Philip Neri 8209 St. Clair19161934
Brennan P.St. Peter's E. 17 & Superior1915 
Brennan R. E.St. Mary's Seminary 1800 Lakeside1917 
Brennan R.E.S.T.Bridget's 2504 E. 2219261931
Brereton L.M.St. Peter's P. & E. Detroit & West Clifton19411942
Bresnyak J.Sts.Cyril & Methodius 12608 Madison1930 
Brewster W.H.University Hts. Cong'l University Hts.18571870
Brickner B.R.Anshe Chesed Cong. E. 82 & Euclid19291942
Brinker E.Trinity Evang'l Carroll & jersey18701871
Brissel L.St. Agnes 8000 Euclid ave1915 
Brockington R.Universal Hagar Temple 2327 E. 791942 
Broek D.Dutch Reformed Scovill near Perry1875 
Bronn J.W.Lorain St. M. & E. 139 Lorain19001901
Brooke B.F.First M. & E. 67 Prospect Ave.1879 
Brookine C.F.St. Mary's P. & E. 7911/2 Woodland18941900
Brooks C.A.Baptist City Mission 1234 Schofield Bld.1914 
Brooks E.Union Ave. M. & E. 9108 Union ave.1939 
Brooks F.St. Pauls Epis. Euclid & Sheriff18641873
Brooks L.E.Church of God W. 44 & Stickney1934 
Brotherton H.Trinity Baptist Broadway & Fullerton18831903
Brown A.Society of Friends 179 Cedar ave.18891890
Brown A.R.Union Ave. M. & E. 9312 Union ave.1930 
Brown A.R.Glenville First M. & E. Parkwood & St. Clair1941 
Brown D.Salvation Army # 4 823 E. 1521941 
Brown E.A.Broadway M. & E. 4415 Broadway19291934
Brown E.R.Methodist Headquarters 884 The Arcade1942 
Brown F.Second Ebenezer Baptist 5705 Outhwaite1941 
Brown F.T.Westminster Presby. Wood St.1856 
Brown G. L.St. Aloysius 10932 St. Clair19141915
Brown H.S.Old Stone Church Public Square1909 
Brown J.Trinity Church 377 Superior1876 
Brown J.New Light Spiritualist 5311 Woodland ave.19411942
Brown J.Church of the Atonement P. & E. 675 Kinsman18981900
Brown J.Church of the Redeemer P. & E. Superior & Almira18981900
Brown J.D.Woolsey St. Christian Woolsey near St. Clair1900 
Brown J.P.Shiloh Baptist Church 409 Sterling Ave.18841888
Brown J.W.Trinity P. & E. Superior near Bond1880 
Brown J.W.H.Lorain St. M. & E. Lorain bet. Pearl & Hicks19001901
Brown L.H.Lane Metropolitan M. & E. E. 46 & Cedar19231930
Brown L.L.Trinity Baptist 115 Marcelline19061908
Brown M.E. Glenville Meth. 555 Eddy rd.1934 
Brown M. C.Woodland Hills. M. & E. Woodland Hills & Union18981900
Brown M.M.East Shore M. & E. E. 222 & Lakeshore Blvd.19301935
Brown P.E.Helping Hand Baptist 2526 E. 2819411942
Brown R.C.Bedford Christian North & Blaine19411942
Brown R.E.Bedford Christian North & Blaine19371940
Brown R.S.Mt.Zoin Cong'l 5600 Central1930 
Brown S.N.Mt.Zion Cong'l Maple near Garden18861889
Brown T.Bethany Evang'l West 41 & Storer1928 
Brown T.F.St. Procops West 41 & Trent1941 
Brown W. G.Swedenborgian Unitarian Scovill & Wilson18701871
Brown W. H.Church of God 10623 Lee rd.19231924
Brown W.S.Grace P. & E. E. 91 & Harvard1940 
Browne M.G.New Jerusalem Arlington bet. Garden & Cedar18981900
Bruck C.A.First German Seventh Day Adventist 3161 W.1419411942
Brucker F.A.St. Catherine's 3447 E.9319331940
Brucker F.A.St. Thomas Aquinas 9205 Superior19231930
Bryan I. V.Shiloh Baptist Church 409 Sterling Ave.18941895
Bryant P. J.United Holy Church of America 6411 Quincy1937 
Bubb C.Grace P. & E. 2077 E. 3619041916
Bucher A.J.First German M. & E. Scovill & Sterling18881890
Bucher C.S.Grace Cong'l W.65 & Colgate19141917
Buckey H.E.Shaffer Memorial M.& E. 12002 Miles ave19301931
Buckley M.L.Collinwood Church of Christ 864 Manning ave.19061913
Buddenbaum H.German M. & E. Lorain & McLean1873 
Budzik G.St. Stanislaus 3649 E.651941 
Bueermann F.Tremont Baptist Church Tremont & College1903 
Buel A. P.Euclid Ave. Baptist 1926 E. 1818941895
Buesser F.Schifflein Christi 1645 Superior18801883
Buettner W.H.St. Paul's Evang'l Scovill & Greenwood18801884
Bundy C.St. John's A.M.& E. 496 Erie18981915
Bunge W.H.St. Paul's Evang'l Dudley & Elton19111921
Burdick G.W.Grove United Brethern Southern near Quincy1880 
Burghardt C.St. Johanne's Cable near Broadway18701916
Burgoon C.P.Grace P. E. 9908 Somerset ave.19151916
Burik E.Holy Ghost 2408 W. 141911 
Burik E.St. Nicholas Greek Cath. 2476 E. 221909 
Burik E.St. Nicholas Greek Cath. 1452 E.361908 
Burke E. F.St. Mary's Seminary 1800 Lakeside1917 
Burke E. F. St. John's Cath. E. 9 & Superior1913 
Burke G.D.St. Colman's 2027 W.6519211926
Burke P.T.St. Catherine's E.93 & Heath19301932
Burns R.C.First Baptist Fairmount & Eaton1930 
Burr C.Rockport M. & E. 3300 Wooster Rd.19231926
Burr H.C.Pearl St. M. E. Pearl near Memphis19101913
Burr L. E.Mt.Haven Baptist 3725 Cedar1913 
Burroughs H.G.Second Spiritualists E. 110 & Superior19231926
Burton L.St. Johns Epis. Church & Hill18561875
Burton L.St. Marks P. & E. West 48 & Franklin18731890
Burton L.All Saints P. & E. Vega near Columbus18701875
Burton L.St. Johns Epis. Church & Hill17561875
Burtt B.H.West Park M. & E. W.135 & Lorain19291935
Bury R.St. James Epis. Superior & Alabama18651873
Bury R.Episcopalian Church Seneca & St. Clair18161820
Busse J.Our Lady of Good Councel 4423 Pearl rd.1926 
Bustard W. W.Euclid Ave. Baptist Euclid & E.1819071926
Butchart F.D.West Blvd. Christian 2046 West Blvd.19281929
Butchart F.D.Broadway Christian Engle near Broadway19151938
Butchart F.D.Glenville Christian E. 105 & Helena19201942
Butchart F.D.Aetna St. Disciples of Christ Aetna near Broadway19061922
Butler J. V.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior19361938
Butler P.E.Church of Christ 9218 Folsom ave.1942 
Butler W.H.Day Spring Baptist Church 2613 E. 2919231926
Buttner W.St. Pauls Evang'l 132 Scovill1881 
Buxton E.O.Franklin Ave. M. & E. W. 32 & Franklin18901921
Cabell P.B.New Jerusalem Arlington bet. Garden & Cedar18841889
Caddell L.G.St. Paul's A.M.E. Westpark Bellaire & Hirst1941 
Cadman W.Miles Ave. Disciple 75 Pratt1901 
Cadman W.J.Miles Ave. Christian 9050 Miles Ave.18961900
Cadman W.J.Miles Ave. Disciple Gaylord St.18981902
Cahill I.J.Crawford Rd. Christian 1607 Crawford rd.1940 
Cahill I.J.Christian Church Headquarters 987 The Arcade19231930
Cala A.Beth Hamidrash Amshe Galicia 10512 Bryant ave.19401941
Caldwell L.D.Taylor St. M. & E. 257 Taylor St.18701871
Calhoun N.M.Hight's Cong'l Jennings & Howard18801884
Calkins F. J.Bridge St. Methodist Bridge & Taylor18981899
Calkins S.S.Mt.Zion Cong'l Maple near Garden18841886
Callahan F.H.Windermere M. & E. Euclid & Holyoke19361937
Callaway G.N.Oehlhoff Memorial M. & E. 5612 Clark1925 
Callister J.Bethel Mission Superior & Spring18881890
Calvey E.T.St. Patricks 4427 Rocky River dr.19171930
Campbell A.M.Linndale Presby. 3761 Cress rd.1923 
Campbell G.C.Cedar Ave. Christian 7401 Cedar1937 
Campbell J. H.Prospect St. Universalist18451848
Campbell J.C.Lakewood Nazarenes 15502 Detroit ave.19401942
Campbell J.C.Nottingham M. & E. 18316 St. Clair19381941
Campbell J.W.First M. & E. E. 30 & Euclid18881890
Canfield S. B.Second Presby Public Square18441853
Cannon J.Disciple Church Franklin & Fulton18651869
Cantino P.Holy Rosary 12021 Mayfield rd.1917 
Capell M.Fifth Spiritualists E. 152 & Aspinwall1925 
Capitani S.St. Anthony of Padua 1265 Central18861890
Cappe H.Holy Trinity E. 73 & Woodland1915 
Cappl S. W.St. Ignatius 10205 Lorain St.1917 
Carabine J. A.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard19151917
Cardinal B. G..Beulah Baptist Saranac & Cardinal19251927
Cargarve J.W.ArchwoodAve. Cong'l 2708 Archwood ave.1895 
Carhart J.E.Trinity Cathedral 2021 E. 2219191920
Carhartt J.E.St. Albens 577 Euclid Blvd. E. Clev.19191926
Carhartt J.E.St. Albin's P. & E. 2530 Edgehill rd.19231925
Carmen E.Cleveland Hebrew Mission 2409 E. 551923 
Carney J.T.St. Agnes 8000 Euclid ave19261940
Carpenter J.E.Epiphany P. & E. 21000 Lake Shore Blvd.1942 
Carr J. M.Miles Park M. & E. E.91 & Miles Park18981900
Carrabine J.A.St. Edward's 6914 Woodland ave.19231925
Carroll C.W.Hough Ave. Cong'l 8273 Hough ave.18981910
Carroll J.T.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard18861923
Carron A.St. Johns Cath. 1007 Superior18531869
Carter E.J.Zion A.M.E. Mission 490 Central1900 
Carter F.E.East Madison Ave. Cong'l E.Madison & Quincy1905 
Carter G.R.Lakewood Seventh Day Adventist 15502 Detroit1941 
Carter G.R.Hough Ave.Seventh Day Adventist 5704 Hough ave.19411942
Carter G.R.Lakewood Seventh Day Adventist Detroit & Arthur19401942
Carter G.R.Hough Ave. Seventh Day Adventist 5706 Hough1940 
Carter L.Grace P. & E. Huron & Erie18531856
Caruso V.St. Rocco's 3205 Fulton Rd.1937 
Casey J.E.St. Agnes 8000 Euclid ave1914 
Caslin G.Second Mt.Olive Baptist E. 28 & Scovill1941 
Caulk R.K.Church of the Holy Spirit 8417 Wade Park19151916
Caver R.M.Bethany Baptist 1450 Cedar19301942
Cebula S.St. Stanislaus 3649 E.651909 
Celesnik J.St. Mary's 15521 Holmes ave.19371940
Cerveny P.Holy Trinity 7211 Woodland1915 
Cerveny P. M.St. Procops West 41 & Trent19011942
Cerveny P.M.St. Ladislas Corwin & Holton18971920
Chalker F.L.Wade Park Ave. M. & E. Wade Park & Marcy1900 
Chalker F.L.Grace M. & E. Quincy & Lincoln18971900
Chalker F.L.Woodland Ave. Evang'l Woodland & First Sts.1880 
Chaloupka V.A.Nativity 9612 Aetna rd.19131942
Chalunpka W.A.Our Lady of Lourdes E.54 & Hamm1902 
Chapman O.U.Church of the Master Baptist 9515 Euclid1942 
Chapman W.S.Glenville First M. & E. 10309 Colonial ave.1929 
Chapple J.Bible Christian Baptist Walker & Sawyer18791880
Charek E.J.Our Lady of Good Counsel 4423 Pearl rd.1934 
Cheney J.L.Euclid Ave Baptist E.18 & Euclid19181925
Cheney J.L.Willson Ave. Baptist Willson & Quincy18941910
Chernushin A.Sts.Peter & Paul 12705 Madison ave.19371942
Chester C.T.WillsonAve. Presby. 1222 Sixth ave.18851890
Chevereaux C.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior18751881
Chisholm C.W.M. & E. Mision Waring near St. Clair1863 
Chomicky G.St. Vladmir's 2280 W.141930 
Christophori J.St. Peter's 1700 Superior1889 
Chrney J.L. Euclid Ave Baptist E.18 & Euclid1924 
Chryer T.W.Avery M. & E. 2363 E. 281930 
Chryst J.A.St. Stephen's 1930 West 5419041906
Church C. N.Scovill Ave. .M. & E. Scovill & Longwood18981900
Churchill G. C.Denison Ave. Cong'l 9901 Denison ave.19381940
Ciamprchini A.St. Anthony of Padua 1265 Central19251926
Ciolek S.Sacred Heart of Jesus 1326 E. 7119391940
Claflin E. S. Cleveland Hts. Presby. Mayfield near Superior1915 
Clapp R.G.Schauffler Church 5019 Pershing1937 
Clare T.Miles Park M. & E. E.91 & Miles Park19251927
Clark C. W.Trinity M. & E. W. 99 & Madison1940 
Clark C.W.Shaffer Memorial M.& E. 12002 Miles ave19411942
Clark G.St. Paul's Epis. 1842 Hastings19371939
Clark G. V.Mt.Zion Cong'l 2113 E. 3119151917
Clark J.Our Lady of Peace 12505 Buckingham19371939
Clark J.A.Our Lady of Peace E. 126 & Shaker Blvd.19381940
Clark P.L.St. James Epis. 5607 Whittier1941 
Clarke E.A.St. John's A.M.C. 2255 E. 4019231925
Clarke G.C.St. Paul's P. & E. 15837 Euclid ave.19371942
Clauser A.M.Evangelical Mission 2680 E. 931939 
Clauser E.F.Bethal Gospel Tabernacle 3118 Colburn1935 
Clausing H.A.St. Matthew's Reformed Wendellin & Broadway19211928
Claxton R.B.St. Paul's P. & E. Euclid & Sheriff1856 
Cleaveland E. P.Bolton Ave. Presby. E. 89 & Cedar1915 
Cleland J.W.Pearl Rd. M. & E. 4200 Pearl rd.19401941
Clendenin F.M.Grace P. & E. Huron & Erie18841886
Clokey A.W.Glenville Presby. Doan & Helena19031907
Clovis F. L.St. Mary's Seminary 1800 Lakeside1917 
Clovis F. L. St. John's Cath. E. 9 & Superior1913 
Clovis F.L.St. Anthony of Padua 1265 Central19271939
Clovis F.L.St. Marian's 1238 Central1930 
Coakwell C.A.Epiphany Reformed Episcopal E. 86 & Euclid1942 
Coakwell C.A.Crawford Rd. Christian 1607 Crawford rd.19301939
Coe F.T.St. Stephen's P. & E. 986 E.15019401942
Coe F.T.St. Gorge's P. &. E. 4338 E. 1311937 
Cohen A.Beth Hamidrash Hagodol 116 E. 1051942 
Cohen A.E.Anshe Emeth Beth Tefilo 1117 E. 10519301942
Cohen G. N.Israelitish Anasche No. 48 Eagle st.18631873
Cohen J.Tifereth Israel Cong. Huron & Miami18651866
Cole G.A.Trinity Baptist Broadway & Fullerton19261932
Cole R.L.Christian & Missionary Alliance 1552 E. 931942 
Cole S.L.Morning Star Baptist 2674 E. 6319401941
Collie J. W.Seventh Day Adventist 249 Cedar18691871
Collins C.T.Plymouth Cong'l Prospect & Perry18751881
Collins E.F.Salvation Army # 8 2516 Market Ave1923 
Collins H. L.St. Josephs 14405 St. Clair19201921
Collins I.E.St. John's A.M.E. 2346 E. 91906 
Collins J. F.St. Colman's 2027 W.6519031905
Collins J.F.St. Bridget's 2504 E. 2219101925
Collins J.F.St. Augustine's 2480 W. 1419261931
Collins L.C.Zion Temple Baptist 6112 Scovill19401941
Collom J.Baden Ave.Mission Baden near Garden1889 
Colman E.C.St. Luke's P. & E. Broadway near Cross18741875
Colvin A.R.First Swedish Baptist 1418 Addison rd.19371940
Colvin B.F.New Bethlehem Baptist 6504 Woodland19401941
Colvis F.L.St. Anthony of Padua 1265 Central1930 
Commons W.Friends Union St. Chapel Union near S. Woodland18981899
Compagno M.Holy Redeemer 15712 Kipling ave.19251937
Conant W.L.Bleeker St. Baptist Mission Bleeker near Storer18981900
Condo S.S.Trinity Evang'l Asso. East Madison & Holton1884 
Condo S.S.Calvary Evang'l Oakdale near Woodland18861889
Conkle J.Woodland Ave. M. & E. Woodland & Slater1903 
Conlan J.St. Patrick's 3600 Bridge18561871
Conlan J.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior18531870
Conlan J.V.St. Patrick's W. 38 & Bridge18661875
Conlan T.J.St. John's Cath 1007 Superior18731875
Conley W.E.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard19301931
Conn D. M.Russell ave. Baptist Russell & Zoeter18981900
Connell A.R.Miles Ave M. & E. 9114 Miles Park1928 
Connell A.R.Miles Park M. & E. E.91 & Miles Park1928 
Conner L.E.Church of God E.105 & Columbia19151927
Connolly P.St. Columbkill's 2691 Superior1905 
Conry E.B.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard1922 
Cook G.M.Christian Headquarters 987 The Arcade1942 
Cook W.S.Lakewood Christian 17513 Detroit19221927
Cooke H. E.St. John's P. & E. W. 26 & Church St.1915 
Cooley H.R.Cedar Ave Baptist E.103 & Cedar18881909
Cooley H.R.Cedar Ave. Disciple Church Cedar & Forest18841890
Cooley L.Bethel Mission Superior & Spring18841886
Cooley M.Bible Way Spirit 7603 Quincy1942 
Cooley W.C.Trinity Epis. Superior & Bond18651869
Coolidge J.K.St. Martin's P. & E. Fairmount Blvd. & Lee Rd.19231925
Cope J.E.Kinsman St. M. & E. Kinsman & Herald19021903
Copeland D.H.St. Albin's P. & E. 2530 Edgehill rd.19401942
Cordero J.P.Willson Ave. M. & E. E. 55 & Luther1930 
Cordes H.Zion Evang'l Asso. Aaron near Superior1880 
Cordo V.St. John's Baptist 12306 Soika ave.19401941
Cordo V.First Italian Baptist Mission 3740 E. 14219231926
Corlett T.St. Peters Epis. Scovill & Chapel18701873
Cormac W.Third Baptist Clinton & State 18551863
Cornell R.O.Apostolic Church of God 2050 W. 551942 
Cornwall N.E.All Saints P. & E. 779 1/2 Scranton rd.18871890
Cory J.B.Asbury Chapel M. & E. Superior near E. Madison18841890
Cote A.C.Annunciation 50 Moore1903 
Cotton W.H.Mt.Olive Baptist 3290 E. 12619371941
Couch C.H.Highland Cong'l W. 114 & Detroit19231925
Courtice R.T.Ebenezer Bible Christian Irving & Orange1875 
Cox A.Parkwood Ashbury M. & E. 1323 E.11019381939
Cox C. W.Clark Ave. Friends W. 38 & Clark1915 
Cox H.L.First Friends 3219 Cedar ave.19231925
Cox P.Orchard Grove Friends Church Vinyard near Warner1906 
Crable C.H.Mt.Haven Baptist 3725 Cedar ave.19171941
Craft C.J.Grace P. & E. 550 Sawyer1895 
Craft E.J.Grace P.& E. Harvard & Sawyer1896 
Craft G. G.Wilson Ave. Baptist Wilson & Quincy18871889
Craft G.G.Wilson Ave. Baptist Wilson & Quincy18841886
Crafts G.G.East End Baptist E.97 & Euclid18981900
Craig J. E.St. James P. & E. E. 55 & Whittier1915 
Cramer F.W.Third Baptist Clinton & State18871891
Cramer W.A.Christian Missionary Alliance E. 40 & Cedar1909 
Crandall L. A.Euclid Ave. Baptist Euclid & Huntington18811891
Crawford J.Gospel Hall 1477 Addison rd.19401941
Crawford J.M.Pleasant Valley Baptist 3108 Scovill1925 
Crawford J.M.Pleasant Valley Baptist Jennings near Redman1923 
Crawford N.West Blvd. Christian West 101 & West Blvd.19291934
Crawford N.J.West Blvd. Christian 2046 West Blvd.1932 
Creahan J.G.St. Agnes 8000 Euclid ave1905 
Cregan J.P.Our Lady of Peace E. 126 & Shaker Blvd.19331940
Crehan A.A.St. Bridget's Perry near Northland1900 
Crescentini J.Holy Rosary 12021 Mayfield rd.1929 
Cressentini H.St. Marion's 2200 Woodhill rd.19281930
Cristy A. B.Lake View Cong'l 2889 Euclid ave.18981899
Crockar J.St. John's P. & E. Church & Wall18751880
Crookall E.Independent Spiritualist 5511 Euclid ave.19411942
Crooks A.Wesleyan M. & E. Ohio & Brownell1863 
Crosby D. H.African Methodist Ohio St.18701871
Cross S.H.Second Friends 4499 Warner rd.19391940
Csutoros A.Hungarian Reformed W. 25 & Monroe19191923
Csutoros A.Hungarian Reformed Cong'l 1940 E. Madison18691871
Csutoros S.W.First Magyar Presby. 12604 Buckeye rd.19401942
Cudnik C.L.St. Hyacinth's E. 61 & Francis19391941
Culler A.J.Hights Christian 3451 Avalon rd.1942 
Culler A.J.Hights Christian 16815 Holbrook rd.19351941
Culliton J.P.St. Colman's 2027 W.6519221926
Cummings F. J.St. John's E. 9 & Superior ave.19151917
Cummins J.F.Our Lady of Peace 12505 Buckingham19171930
Cunningham A.Shiloh Baptist Sterling near Scovill18691873
Curl O.L.East View Cong'l 15705 Kinsman19401941
Curry J.H.Forestdale Presby. Washington Park & McGregor1925 
Curtis E.South Cleveland Presby. Miles Park18651882
Curtis M.M.Beckwith Memorial Presby. Fairmount & Deering18831886
Cushing C.W.First M. & E. Euclid & Erie1875 
Custer A.R.Miles Park M. & E55 Miles park18991902
Cuthriell J.F.Madison Ave Baptist W.95 & Madison ave19231941
Cwiakala P.Sacred Heart of Jesus Marcelline & Krakow18981900
Czarkowski T. A.St. Hedwig's 12703 Madison ave.1915 
Czirbusz J.St. Christine's 885 E. 22219251926
Czyczak J.Sacred Heart of Jesus E. 71 & Kazimier1917 
Dainiska A.Dr.M.L. Evang'l Luth. 2139 W.141928 
Dale W.H.Church of the Redeemer Evang'l 326 Mill1906 
Daley J.T.St. Procops West 41 & Trent1912 
Daley J.T.St. Thomas Aquinas 9205 Superior19151921
Daley J.T.St. Aloysius 10932 St. Clair19401942
Dallas J.R.Emanuel Evang'l W. 14 & Starkweather19371940
D'Anchise G.G.St. John's Beckwith Memorial Presby. 2062 Murray Hill19401942
Dandridge E.Mt.Haven Baptist Central near E. 1141906 
Dandridge E.D.Shiloh Baptist Sterling near Scovill18981909
Danford C.W.East Glenville M. & E. St. Clair & Lancelot19281930
Danielson E.L.Swedish Cong'l Addison Rd. & Decker1940 
Dankworth A.St. John's Evang'l Bessemer & Porter18801887
Dannenfeldt T.St. John's Evang'l 1027 E.17619401942
Dannenfeldt T.St. Johanne's Evang'l 705 E. 15919251929
Darbie C. Crawfofd rd. Christian 1607 Crawford rd.1913 
Darling C.D.Blvd. Presby. E.Blvd.near Superior19221925
Daroczy M.Westside Magyar Reformed Church 1946 W. 3219381941
Darrow A.Third Baptist Clinton & State18671869
Darsie C.Cranford Christian 1607 Cranford19121915
Darsie C.Franklin Circle Church Fulton & Franklin18841898
Dascomb H.N.First Cong'l W. 45 & Franklin Blvd.19151917
Dauda W.Hungarian Baptist E.118 & Buckeye rd.19231941
Daudet J.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard18671871
Daukworth A.St. John's Evang'l Besemer & Porter1881 
Davidowitz H.S.Anshe Chesed Cong. E. 82 & Euclid19291930
Davidson J.A.Irving St. Cong'l Irving & Orange18961918
Davidson W.A.Woodland Ave. M. & E. Woodland & First ave.18881890
Davidson W.L.Broadway M. & E. 4415 Broadway1880 
Davis E.E.Mayflower Presby. 141 [ old ] Beechwood1905 
Davis J.St. Andrew's P. & E. 2173 E. 491942 
Davis J.E.Church of God & Saints of Christ 2226 E. 3719151923
Davis W.V.W.Euclid Ave. Presby. Euclid & Brownell18831886
Day L.W.Superior St. M. & E. Superior & Aaron18861890
Day W.Bethel Evang'l Vine st18391848
Dean J.H.Brooklyn United Presby. 3710 Spokane19271942
DeBeer J.Holland Reformed E.67 & Scovill1874 
DeBow C.First M. & E. 3146 Warrington1928 
DeBow C.L.First M. & E. E. 30 & Euclid19281930
DeGoesbriand L.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior18351853
Deiniger L.Calvary Evang'l 2765 Woodhill rd.1930 
Deininger L.East 75 St. Evang'l 2616 E. 7519391941
Deininger L.Cleveland Hts. Eveng'l 2416 S.Taylor rd.1942 
Deininger R.Calvary Evang'l 9623 Parkside19271930
Dekker A.First Holland Reformed 453 Waverly1917 
Delaney J.B.St. Aloysius 10932 St. Clair19171930
Deller H.F.Hough Ave. Cong'l 8273 Hough ave.19301931
Dembowski I.St. Casimir's 8223 Sowinski ave.1924 
DeMiller E.S.Glenville Disciples of Christ E. 55 & Helena1906 
Dempsey J.C.St. Ignatius 10205 Lorain St.1941 
Dempsey L.A.Blessed Sacrament 3381 Fulton rd.19381940
Dennerle G.M.St. Peter's 1700 Superior19271942
Denzel P.E.Our Lady of Good Council 4423 Pearl rd.19291934
Depmann B.St. Joseph's Woodland & Chapel18881897
DePriest R.E.St. John's Epis. 7716 Kinsman1930 
DePuy I.N.Lakewood Baptist 13200 Detroit19151925
DePuy S.Lakewood Baptist Detroit & Lincoln1889 
DeSimone F.Church of the Savior Presby. 15415 Kipling1923 
Deters H.F.St. Paul's Evang'l E. 28 & Scovill19071909
Detzel G.R.St. Francis E. 71 & Superior19301932
Deutschlander J.Deursch Evang'l W. 89 & Willard19301942
DeVeny O.R.Emanuel Evang'l W. 14 & Starkweather19411942
Dewart J.H.East Cleveland M. & E. Doan near Euclid1880 
Dewey H.W.Willson Ave. M. & E. Willson & Luther18981900
Dewitz C.Tenth Reformed 725 E. 10119131915
Dianiska A.D.Martin Luther Luth. 2139 W. 1419171929
Dieterich W.W.Wendermere Meth. 14037 Euclid ave.1932 
Dietz F.C.Christ the King 15911 Terrace rd.1937 
Diezel G.St. Francis 7119 Superior19411940
Dik C.Our Lady of Lourdes E.54 & Hamm19151919
Dik C.W.St. Wenceslaus E.37 & Broadway19171941
Dillon M.M.Grace P.& E. Hamilton & Walnut1875 
Dillon P.Bethel Water St.1856 
Dillon Rev. Mr.St. John's E. 9 & Superior ave.18351838
DiMaria A.St. Rocco's 3538 Trent ave.1923 
Dimmick B.F.Central M. & E. Church Prospect & Wilson18881890
Dingeldey J.Friedens Kirche Waterman near Tod18981900
Dinwoodie C.Salvation Army # 1 2304 East 9.St.1923 
Dissette T.K.Lorain St. M. & E. Lorain bet. Pearl & Columbus1875 
Ditter R.C.Immanuel Evang'l 4515 W. 13019381942
Dittmer C.A.Salvation Army # 2 E. 77 & Quincy1923 
Dix R.H.All Souls Univeralist Church Superior & Melbourne19231925
Dixon E.D.Holygrove Missionary Baptist 3937 Central19301940
Dixon E.D.Holy Grove Baptist 6113 Scovill1941 
Dixon E.D.Holy Grove Baptist 5913 Scovill1937 
Doan E.S.Church of the Shepherd Presby. E.Madison & Varian1900 
Doane J.Plymouth Cong'l Prospect & Perry18841889
Dobberstein E. A.Peace Evang'l E. 65 & Waterson1917 
Dobobosan G.Buna Vestire 1793 W 571942 
Dobrotwor D.St. Peter & St. Paul 2280 W. 719131925
Docter W.F.Concordia Evang'l 11019 Union ave.19161924
Doherty F.B.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard18881890
Dole C.J.Grace Cong'l W.65 & Colgate1917 
Dole C.J.Parkwood Cong'l Madison & Parkwood19231925
Domer F.A.Grace M. & E. Quincy & Lincoln19001936
Domladovac M.C.St. Paul's 1369 E.4019231925
Donkin D.B.Church of the Holy Cross 30 Hill1900 
Dons T. W.Erin Ave. Baptist 2973 W. 3219261927
DonzwiterFourth United Brethern 4210 Hodgson1915 
Doppka J.St. John Cantius 906 Collage19131941
Dorland J. T. Society of Friends 179 Cedar ave.18861889
Dorland J.T.Society of Friends 179 Cedar ave.18861888
Dorn T.St. Pauls Evang'l E.55 & Spencer19401942
Dorn T.H.St. Paul's Evang'l E. 55 & Spencer19401942
Dornheim A.G.Bethlehem Evang'l 3469 E. 6519071909
Dotson J.H.Mt.Pisgah Baptist 2183 E.461923 
Doty T.K.First Wesleyan Methodist Ohio & Brownell1889 
Dowdy F.S.Miles Ave. Church of Christ E.123 Miles ave.19341941
Dowell M.St. Mark's P. & E. W. 48 & Franklin ave.19401941
Dowell M.Christ P. & E. 3457 Warrensville Center rd.1942 
Dowling G.T.Euclid Ave. Baptist 1926 E.11818791917
Downie J.St. Philomena's 13824 Euclid19251927
Downs T. F.Bleeker St. Baptist Mission 3430 W. 5619251927
Downs W.M.East Mt.Zion Baptist 2171 E. 10319401942
Draegert A.C.Faith Evang'l Hayden & Glenside rd.19411942
Dray F.P.First Wesleyan M. & E. 9007 Wade Park19401942
Drechsler S.B'nai Jeshurum 226 Woodland Ave.18871906
Dreher J.C.St. Charles Parma Ohio1938 
Dreher W.Seventh Reformed Willcutt near Woodland18841911
Dreher W.German Reformed 2409 Woodmere1922 
Dreher W.Euclid Reformed Chardon rd. near E. 20019371942
Drexler C.St. Andrew's 5137 Superior19321940
Driscoll S. J.St. Thomas Aquinas 9205 Superior19341936
Driscoll S.J.St. James 17514 Detroit St.1941 
Droppers O.G.Dutch Reformed 1918 W. 6519231942
Drost D.J.East Side Christan Reformed 12706 Union ave.19411942
Dubose C.M.Phillip's Chapel M.& E. 2633 E. 6319301940
DuBose C.M.Christian Community 6106 Outhwaite1942 
Dubosh F. J.St. Wendelin's 2281 Columbus rd.1917 
Dubosh F.J.Sts.Cyril & Methodius 12608 Madison19291967
Dubosh F.J.Our Lady of Mercy 2423 W. 1119231926
Duda F.St. John Cantius Proffessor & College18921941
Duda N.Holy Ghost 1411 Kenilworth ave.19161917
Duerr J.W.C.Christ P & E. 357 Orange18691930
Duffy E.P.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior19061907
Duffy J.J.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior19071929
Duffy J.J.St. Paul's Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament 4108 Euclid19401942
Dugan W.St. Thomas Aquinas 9205 Superior1934 
Duggan F.Bosworth Rd. Presby. Bosworth & Flower19361940
Dumas R.W.Damascus Baptist 7721 Kinsman19301942
Dumper A.Trinity Catheral Perry & Euclid18711902
Duncan S.W.Second Baptist Euclid & Huntington18681873
Duncan W.W.T.Lakewood M. & E. 15700 Detroit19331941
Dunn H. E.Ebenezer Baptist W. 32 & Erin19251927
Dunn J.St. Cecelia's 3476 East 15219351941
Dunn T.A.St. Malachi Washington & W. 2519061907
Dunning G.H.Bethany Presby. 564 Pearl rd.18881890
Dunning G.H.Bethany Presby. W.65 & Clinton18691900
Dunzweiler J.Second United Brethren Elton & Dudley19001925
Dunzweiler W.Fourth United Brethren Fulton rd. & Hodgson19121923
Dushek C.Eastside Baptist 12700 Corlett1930 
Dwyer P.C.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior1896 
Dykstra S.Dutch Reformed 45 Linden1882 
Earle H.J.Glenville First M. & E. Parkwood & St. Clair1930 
Easton F. C.Bridge St. Free Methodist W. 45 & Bridge1915 
Easton F. C.First Free Methodist 6001 Franklin1917 
Easton F.C.Rocky River Free Methodist 22887 Detroit rd.1930 
Eaton C. A.Euclid Ave. Baptist 1926 E.11819031930
Eaton J.Pearl St. M.& E. 4200 Pearl rd.19141931
Eaton J.S.Shaffer Memorial M.& E. 12902 Miles ave18941930
Ebert A.Friedens Kirche Waterman & Todd1893 
Ebin N. H.Ohavi Emuna Cong. E. 37 & Scovill1915 
Eby A.B.Peoples Cong'l Eddy rd near St. Clair19061917
Eby O.Glenville Cong'l 557 E.12419011911
Eckhardt H.P.Grace Evang'l 4827 Lexington18951907
Eckhardt H.P.Christus Kirche 173 Selden1893 
Eckhardt H.P.Grace Evang'l Willson & Spencer18981900
Eckstein E.B'nai Jacob 1207 E. 1051930 
Eckstein E.B'nai Jacob Kol Israel 3448 E. 14919401941
Edmonds E.P.Euclid Ave. M. & E. Euclid & Oakdale18881890
Edwards L. A.Park Cong'l E. 112 & Ashbury19081910
Edwards R.H.Church of the Redeemer Presby. Superior & Almira1900 
Edwards R.M.St. James P. & E. Superior & Alabama18841886
Edwards T.Madison Ave. Baptist W.95 & Madison1904 
Edwards T.J.Superior Ave. Baptist E. 25 & Superior1937 
Edwards T.J.Shaker Square Baptist E. 130 & Buckeye rd.19401941
Edwards W.Episcopal City Mission 9307 Carton ave1927 
Edwards W.J.St. Mary's Epis. 9719 Ramona Blvd.1939 
Edwards W.P.Centennial Welsh Disciple Jones near Broadway18801887
Edwards W.V.St. Mary's P. & E. 9719 Ramona Blvd.1940 
Edwards W.V.City Mission P. & E. 2241 Prospect19401942
Eells J.Second Presby. Superior & Wood18561873
Egli A.Friedens Evang'l 3587 Kimmel rd.19231925
Eglin W.H.Wade Park Ave. M.& E. E. 86 & Wade Park19301940
Eglin W.H.Peoples M .& E. W.65 & Bridge19191927
Ehlers K.H.Pilgrim Evang'l Manor Park & Detroit19091942
Ehrgott A.Cedar Ave Baptist E.103 & Cedar19061909
Eickelberg H.Eleventh Reformed Shiloh rd. near Waterloo rd.1915 
Eiringer J.St. Michael's Scranton & Clark1930 
Eischen J.M.St. Stephen's 1930 West 5419151917
Ekloff E. E.First Swedish Baptist Addison near Wade Park19231926
Ekstrom J.E.First Swedish Baptist White & E. 571906 
Elder A.H.Second United Presby. 2144 Broadway18841890
Elder J.M.First United Presby. Erie near Prospect18881889
Eldredge L.O.Kinsman St. M. & E. E. 75 & Kinsman Rd.19231925
Elkins G. F.Bethlehem Congregational Broadway & Fowler1915 
Elliott A. R.People's M. & E. W. 65 & Bridge19351936
Elliott E.B.Peoples M. & E. W. 65 & Bridge1936 
Elliott G.M.Miles Ave. Church of Christ E.123 Miles ave.19301931
Elliott S. O.Kinsman St. M. & E. Kinsman & Herald18861888
Elmer W.Woodland Ave. Evang'l Woodland near Evins Ct.1900 
Elwell C.St. Celia's 15001 Kinsman rd.1932 
Elwell J.St. Celia's 15001 Kinsman rd.19301940
Emerson C.B.Trinity Cathedral P. & E. E. 22 & Euclid19371942
Endly P.Jenning's Ave. M. & E. 2363 W.1418881892
Endly W.C.Jennings Ave. M. & E. 361 Jennings18891891
Engleberg L.Oheb Zedek 10915 Morison19411942
Englehart A. J.St. Patrick's 3600 Bridge1915 
Engram W.L.Mt.Giliad Baptist 2366 E. 6319401941
Eninger P.E.Christ Gospel Tabernacle 3722 Superior ave.1942 
Ens I.G.Holy City New Jerusalem 12600Euclid ave.19161942
Eppens H.Christus Kirche W.98 & Cudell18851917
Eppens H.St. Paul's United Evang'l Scovill & Greenwood18691911
Eppens H.St. Paul's United Evang'l Scovill & Greenwood1906 
Epstein H.F.Chevas Jerusalem E. 84 & Cedar1925 
Erickson C.J.Swedish M. & E. 1409 Addison19231940
Ernsberger H.B.Calvary Evang'l Euclid near Lockwood E. C.19401941
Ernsberger H.B.Calvary Evang'l E.105 & Adams19091928
Ernsberger H.E.Messiah Luth. 3241 Berkeley1930 
Erwin J.Franklin St. Methodist W.32 & Franklin18701872
Escott N.E.Brooklyn Hts. Cong'l 4693 W.181935 
Escott N.F.Brooklyn Hts. Cong'l 4693 W.1819351925
Eshmayer R.E.Olivet Evang'l Reformed E. 99 & Olivet1942 
Etjen J.Trinity Evang'l Ind. E.40 & Cooper19061923
Ettinger J.Beth Hamidrash Hagodol Beth Israel E.27 & Woodland1906 
Evans H.W.Lane Metropolitian M. & E. E.46 & Cedar19401941
Evans J.J.Almighty Church 3272 E. 401923 
Evans J.M.Welsh Cong'l 296 Pearl rd.18801890
Evans J.M.St. James A.M.E. 10525 Hudson1925 
Evans T.H.St. Paul's P. & E. 2747 Fairmount Blvd.19401942
Evans W.G.Trinity Baptist Fullerton & Broadway19201921
Evens J.M.Welsh Cong'l 296 Pearl rd.18751888
Evens W.G.Little Rock Bapt. 2212 Scovill1919
Ewald D.Evang'l Asso. 779 1/2 Scranton rd.1895 
Ewing T.D.Windermere Presby. Windermere & Euclid19331942
Excell B.Scovill Ave. M. & E. Scovill & Longwood18721875
Excell B.M. & E. Church Doan & Euclid18731880
Extence G.Kinsman Rd. Cong'l 2701 E. 6119071930
Eyler G.E.St. Matthew's Evang'l Scranton & Meyer19101927
Fack H.C.Independent Prot. 118 Fulton19741909
Faflik F.St. Procops West 41 & Trent19071908
Faflik F.Holy Family E. 131 near Chapelside19151917
Faflik F.J.Holy Family 4069 E. 1311919 
Fahey T.F.St. Johns Cath. 1007 Superior18791908
Falk S.St. Marys Jersey & Carroll18631879
Fall J. O.Western Seaman's Friend 37 Superior18691871
Fall J. O.Bethel Chapel &.Mission 37 Superior18691871
Fall R.E.Grace P. & E. E. 91 & Harvard1942 
Fant P.A.St. John's Beckwith Memorial Presby. 2062 Murray Hill1923 
Fark M.First Roumanian Baptist 1416 W. 5719231940
Farmer R.I.Christ Methodist 3578 W. 1381942 
Farrell J. P. St. Colman's 2027 W.651910 
Farrell J.F.St. Cecelia's 13719 Kinsman19091923
Farrell J.J.St. Jerome's 15000 Lakeshore Blvd.1928 
Farrell J.T.St. Johns Cath. 1007 Superior19021922
Farrell J.T. St. Cecillia 15001 Kinsman19161926
Farrell P.St. John's Cath 1007 Superior18921908
Farrelly J. P.St. John's E. 9 & Superior ave.1913 
Farrow P.E.Church of Jesus Christ L.D.S. 1428 E. 1101930 
Fassitt J.St. Paul's Epis. Euclid & Sheriff1863 
Fathers Rev. FSt. Wenceslaus John Street18681869
Faucetto A.F.Bible Presby. 1385 Andrews ave1942 
Fawcett J.St. Paul's Epis. Euclid & Sheriff18671869
Feld W.F.St. Mary's W.30 & Carroll1930 
Feller F.Christus Kirche 3271 West 431908 
Felton C.E.First Methodist Euclid & Erie18681871
Fensterunker L.F.St. Boniface 5300 Denison1940 
Ferguson D.F.Alpha Omega 10591 Quincy ave.1942 
Ferrell C.E.Calvary P. & E. Mission W.Madison near Ridge rd.1888 
Ferreri A.P.Holy Redeemer 15716 Kipling19401942
Ferris F.H.Fairmount Presby. 2557 Fairmount19341942
Ferris F.H.First Presby. Of East Cleveland Euclid & Nela Park19221925
Fetterman J.Chewra Kadisha Case & Orange18981900
Fetzer G.German Baptist 6403 White19081941
Fetzer G.Erin Ave Baptist Erin & Hitchcock18871890
Feuerlicht D.Ohew Zedek Congregation Lorain & Root18861889
Feuerlicht D.Ohew Zedek Congregation Lorain & Root18861888
Feurlicht D.Ohew Zedek Congregation Lorain & Root18871888
Feustermaker L.F.St. Boniface 5300 Denison1938 
Fewsmith L.Old Stone Church Public Square ( First Presby.)1915 
Field E.Bolton Ave. Presby. Bolton & Cedar19191923
Figenscher M.A.St. Paul's Meth. W.44 & Bridge19401942
Figenscher M.A.Ochihoff Memorial M. & E. 5612 Clark ave.19401941
Figuers C.H.First Ind. Spiritualism 1625 E. 551923 
Filipi M.Mizpah Bohemian Cong'l 3736 E. 5919351937
Fillbrandt R.R.Ebenezer Evang'l W.65 & Sargent19111926
Filson C.N.Collinwood Church of Christ 771 E. 15419231929
Findlay J. L.Trinity Cong'l E. 84 & Cooper1917 
Findley J. L.Collinwood Congregational 822 E. 15019151916
Finnie G.Fairmount Presby. 17605 Kinsman1933 
Firestone F. A.Trinity Evang'l E. 105 & Tacoma1915 
Firis T.St. Nicholas E. 36 & Superior19401942
Fischer H.J.First United Brethrern W. 42 & Orchard19091910
Fishback C. G.Shiloh Baptist Church 2340 E. 301917 
Fisher C.F.Collinwood Cong'l E.152 Aspinwall18811941
Fisher J.F.Leffingwell Memorial 10427 Detroit1923 
Fisher O.D.Madison Ave. Cong'l E. Madison & Quincy1880 
Fisher O.D.Madison Ave Cong'l 962 E. Madison ave.1883 
Fisk A.W.Grace Epis. Huron & Erie18631866
Fison S.St. Matthew's P. & E. W. 84 & Clark ave.1898 
Fitch W.E.E. Madison Cong'l 962 E. Madison ave.1903 
Fitzgerald J. W.St. Catherine's 3447 E 9319251926
Fitzgerald W.D.Christian & Missionary Alliance 632 Linda1942 
Fitzgerald W.J.Our Lady of Peace 12505 Buckingham19301934
Fitzpatrick A.M.St. Malachi Washington & W. 251934 
Flanigan M.J.St. Patrick's 3600 Bridge19111940
Flannigan M.J.St. Vincent DePaul 13400 Lorain19161942
Fleming H.D.Detroit Ave. M. & E. Detroit & Winchester1906 
Fleming J.J.St. Joseph's 14422 Aspinwall ave.19361939
Fleming T.A.Miles Ave. Christian 9610 Pratt19041932
Flood J.A.St. Colman's 2027 W.6519301936
Flynn J.W.First M. & E. E. 30 & Euclid19351941
Fochtman F.R.St. Joseph's 2543 E. 231932 
Foehunsh F.Baptist Church E. 18 & Prospect1881 
Foisel H.St. Johanne's Evang'l Cable near Broadway19251940
Foisel J.St. John's Evang'l 575 Eddy rd.19291942
Foot C.Disciple Church Franklin & Fulton18651869
Foote H.C.St. Peter's P. E. Chapel Chapel & Scovill1889 
Foote J.P.St. Paul's Zion M. & E. 2355 E. 551930 
Forbes J.M.Grace Church South 505 Sawyer19031905
Forbush T.B.Unitarian Church of the Unity Case Hall18701875
Ford F. C.West Blvd. Christian West 101 & West Blvd.19131916
Ford F.C.Madison Ave. Christian W.95 & Madison19061911
Ford J.C.Calvary Baptist 2601 Library19001906
Forman R.L.Church of Our Saviour M. & E. 2537 Lee rd.19401941
Forrer R.St. Stephens 1930 West 5418941895
Forrester E.G.Sixth United Presby 1291 E.14119401942
Forst J.St. Joseph's 2543 E. 231921 
Fortney A.Danish Evang'l Luth. 19147 Eastoverlook1940 
Forwick F.First German Reformed Penn & Carroll18751880
Forwick F.Newburg Presby. Walnut & Public Square Newburg1876 
Forwick Fr.First Reformed 195 Fulton18751909
Forwick W.First Reformed Church Carroll & Penn1873 
Foshay M.W.West Cleveland Baptist W.95 & Madison18981933
Foster G.I.Memorial Church of the Good Shepherd 1106 Addison19081925
Fould B.L.Anche Chesed Eagle & Erie18531856
Foulkes W.H.Old Stone Church Public Square18951926
Fourdek S.Our Lady of Lourdes E.54 & Hamm18831893
Fox P.Mizpah Cong'l Chapel 3734 E. 5918981906
Fradenbunty J.N.First Methodist Euclid & Erie1876 
Frame E.Society of Friends 179 Cedar ave.18841886
Frame N.Society of Friends 179 Cedar ave.18841886
Frank H.Second United Brethern Elton & Dudley18931900
Frank T.E.Trinity Congregational 3557 Washington Blvd.1942 
Franke R.Evin Ave1892 
Franko E.P.St. Elizabeth 9016 Buckeye rd.19271939
Franko E.P.St. Theresa 10704 Penfield1940 
Franz A.J.Ninth Eveng'l Reformed 1256 E.7418961925
Fraser J. G.Congregational Headquarters 1229 Schofleld Bld.1917 
Frazee T.Clark Ave. Friends Chapel Clark near W. 381906 
Frederick G.H.Cottage Baptist Church Superior & Minnesota1875 
Freeman J.N.Calvary Presby. Euclid & East Madison18981900
Freeman W.E.Revelation Baptist 8007 Central19401941
Freeman W.R.Frank Ave. Baptist 10820 Frank ave.1925 
Freiburg H.Our Lady of the Angels 3644 Rocky River dr.19351939
French J.M.First United Presby. Erie near Prospect18801889
Freshwater R. M.Broadway M. & E. Broadway & Gallup18981890
Freshwater R. M. Broadway M. & E. Broadway & Gallup18861888
Freshwater R.M.Woodland Ave. M. & E. E. 61 & Woodland18881921
Frey C.E.Cathedral Latin School 10932 St. Clair19041916
Frey C.E.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior19171923
Friebolin W.Fifth Reformed 50 Higgins18891906
Friebolin W.Third Evang'l Reformed 398 Aaron18861889
Friedrich E.J.St. Paul's Evang'l 1486 E. 5519291930
Friedrich F.First German Baptist Scovill & Forest18911925
Fritsch H.S.Hough Ave. Cong'l E. 82 & Hough19101927
Frohne T. P.Immanuel Evang'l 7124 Kinsman19111923
Frost A.F.New Jerusalem Arlington bet. Garden & Cedar18801933
Frost H.West Park Cong'l 4095 Rocky River Dr.19271940
Frost H.A.Parkwood Cong'l Madison & Parkwood18951942
Fry C.St. Aloysius 652 Lakeview rd.1915 
Fuenfetuech E.Sixth Reformed Smith near Broadway18881890
Fuenfstueck E.A.First United Evang'l Erie & Ohio18861899
Fuerst A.N.St. Mary's Seminary 1227 Ansel rd.1938 
Fuessner H.Tabor Evang'l Asso. W. 41 & Raible1915 
Fuessner H.Tabor Evang'l W. 50 & Eichorn19121925
Fuestermaker L.F.Our Lady of Good Counsel 4423 Pearl rd.19401930
Fuller M.B.Lakewood M. & E. 15700 Detroit19211940
Fuller R.L.Mt.Herman Baptist 2564 E. 3819371941
Fulmer D.P.Westpark M. & E. W. 135 & Lorain ave.19101923
Fulmer L. S.First Presby. Of E. Cleveland Euclid & Nela19151925
Fulmer L.S.Wesr Park M. & E. 3670 W. 1381924 
Furdek S.Our Lady of Lourdes E.54 & Hamm18841913
Gaehr G.Woolsey St. Evang'l E. 79 & Korman1906 
Gaehr G.Salem Evang'l 2533 E. 3319101912
Gaehr T. .Ebenezer Evang'l Gordon & Sargent18981902
Gaffney J. R.St. Edward's 6914 Woodland ave.19251926
Gaffney J.R.St. Augustine's W. 14 & Howard19251927
Gaffney T.I.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior19221923
Gage C.Grace M. & E. E. 83 & Quincy19131937
Galagher E.S.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior19361940
Galbreath I.J.St. Andrew's Free Will A.M.E. 2287 Scovill1941 
Gallagher H.St. Pauls 1231 Chardon rd.1939 
Gallagher A.L.St. Columbkill's 2691 Superior19391941
Gallagher D.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard19151917
Gallagher E.J.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior1937 
Gallagher H.St. James 17514 Detroit St.  
Gallagher H.St. Malachi Washington & W. 251941 
Gallagher J.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard18671871
Gallagher J. F.St. John's Cath. Erie & Superior18671869
Gallagher J.F.St. Johns Cath. 1007 Superior18681871
Gallagher J.F.St. Mary's 2453 Broadway18751879
Gallagher J.F.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard18801886
Gallagher J.J.Christ Gospel Mission 1030 Webster1942 
Gallagher M.St. Edward's 6914 Woodland ave.1932 
Gallagher M.St. Patricks 4427 Rocky River dr.19391940
Gallagher M. E.St. Patrick's 3600 Bridge19361938
Gallagher M.E.St. Edward's 6914 Woodland ave.1930 
Gallagher N.Cathederal Latin 2115 Coventry19231930
Gallagher N.St. Augustine's W. 14 & Howard1917 
Gallagher N.St. Anns 2115 Coventry19241935
Gallagher N.St. Philip Neri 8209 St. Clair19161917
Gallagher O.L.St. Agnes 8000 Euclid ave19201930
Gallagher R.J.St. Colman's 2027 W.6519411943
Gallagher T.St. Johns Cath. 1007 Superior1867 
Gallagher T.P.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard19281936
Gallagher W.B.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior19351938
Gallena W.J.Holy Name Harvard & Broadway1913 
Gallimore C.Franklin Ave. M. & E. W. 32 & Franklin19091910
Gallina W.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard1913 
Galpin W. A.Forstdale Presby. Mission Harvard & Independence18981900
Ganger N.Ohab Zelek Congregation 2318 Broadway18981900
Gans H.C.Denison Ave. Cong'l 9901 Denison ave.19401942
Gardner C. A.Unitarian Church of the Unity Case Hall18701871
Gardner E.P.Woodland Ave. Presby. Woodland & Kennard18731875
Garfield J. P.East Cleveland Cong'l Eucild & Page19081910
Garn H.W.Lakewood Disciples of Christ Detroit & Park Row1906 
Gary L.Primitive Baptist 15225 Sunview19091941
Gasser J.F.Tremont St. Baptist Tremont St.19051906
Gaston W.North Presby. 4726 Superior18841915
Gat A.St. Stanislaus 3649 E.6519361940
Gates E. H.Seventh Day Advent Mission 1103 Case18861888
Gattuso S.St. Rocco's 3205 Fulton rd.19281942
Gattuso S.Our Lady of Mt.Carmel 7104 Detroit19121942
Gawlik A.S.St. John Cantius Professor & College 1941
Gaylord H. L.Trinity Presby. Superior near Bond18981900
Gaylord J. W. Madison Ave. Baptist W.95 & Madison1917 
Gazaway J.W.St. John's A.M.E. 496 Erie18831886
Gebauer C.C.Friedens Kirche E.46 & Kimmel18691912
Geddes H. L.North Presby. E. 40 & Superior1915 
Gee C.S.South Presby Scranton & Prame19151921
Gee C.S.Miles Park Presby. E.91 & Miles1921 
Gehr N.Evang'l Asso. Of N. America St. Clair & Lake18411850
Gekeler H.Christian World 3861 W.201923 
Genuth D.L.Kinsman Jewish Center 14619 Kinsman rd.19401942
George R. A.Calvary Congregational Lockwood & Euclid1915 
George R.A.First United Presby. 2221 Huntington18881892
George R.A.Trinity Cong'l Cedar & Bertram18961915
Geradin A.St. Mary's 84 Hurd18801901
Gerarddin A.Church of the Annunciation Hurd & Moore18811898
Gerardin A.St. Mary's of the Assumption W. 30 & Carroll18891890
Gerberding R. H.Emmaus Evang'l W. 36 & Mapledale19171920
Gerhardstein H.J.St. Peters 116 Dodge19031904
Gerhart U.E.Blessed Sacrament 3381 Fulton rd.1940 
Gerig J. F.First Missionary Church Woodland ave.19331935
Gerig S.S.Evang'l Mission Church 2566 E. 861910 
Gerity L.T.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard19361937
Gernat J.B.St. Michael's Greek Cath. 1502 Bridge1942 
Gerrity J.J.St. Vincent DePaul 13400 Lorain19371941
Gershuny M.Oheb Zedek 10915 Morison ave1930 
Gerz J.St. Stephen's 1930 West 5419171957
Getchell E. P.Union Cong'l E.93 near Union19081910
Gething J. Forest City Mission 927 Indpendence18691871
Getter H.C.Trinity Evang'l Detroit & Hall1923 
Gibbons R.P.St. Theresa 10609 Granger rd.19291942
Gibbons R.P.St. Agnes E. 81 & Euclid ave1941 
Gibbons W.J.St. Augustine's W. 14 & Howard1875 
Gibelil A.Holy Rosary 12021 Mayfield rd.18941906
Gibson O.Apostolic Faith Church of God 3712 Scovill1942 
Giesen H.Immanuel M. & E. Quincy & Lussenden1900 
Giesen O.Zion German M. & E. Woodland Hills & Bessemer19001925
Giesser K.Church of God 2806 Daisy1923 
Giffin J.W.First United Presby. E. 71 & Carnegie19151940
Gilbert A.N.Euclid Ave. Baptist Euclid & Streator18881890
Gilbert B.G.True Vine Baptist 7519 Central1941 
Gilhooly J.I.St. Augustine's W. 14 & Howard1913 
Gill A.S.Emmanuel P. & E. 8614 Euclid Ave.19161942
Gillespie G.G.Mayfield Friends Mission Mayfield Hts. Ohio1931 
Gillespie H.Lakewood M. & E. 15700 Detroit1922 
Gillespie J.L.Church of God 2657 W.251915 
Gillett E.First M. & E. St. Clair & Wood18651866
Gillett J. M.Bethel Evang'l Vine st18441850
Gillins G.Unity Baptist 3209 E. 801940 
Gilmore F.A.Parkwood Asbury M. & E. 1317 E. 11019301880
Gilmour R.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior18721890
Ginsburg Z.Sharith Israel of Mt. Pleasant 3342 E. 11919301930
Gipson M.L.Church of the Living God 2324 E. 291923 
Gittelson B.Shaarei Torah 2357 E. 5519061923
Gittleson B.Agudath Achim Cong' E.30 & Scovill18961923
Glinkovsky D.Chabath Jerusalem 887 Parkwood dr.19411942
Glocar E.St. Savo's 1765 E. 3619401942
Glover B.G.Bethel Baptist 2495 E. 351923 
Gmuca S.St. Andrew's 5105 Superior19231926
Gmuca S.St. Benedict's 10701 Lamontier1930 
Gnidovec A.St. Lawrence 2530 E. 8119261930
Godduhn G.A.Glenville Ind. Evang'l E. 101 & St. Clair19051906
Godfrey E.J.Fohl Memorial United Brethren Cedar & Newton1900 
Godman W. D.M. & E. Church Church & Hanover18681869
Goetsch F.W.Eight Reformed Willowdale near Pearl1909 
Goetz G.Friedens Kirche Evang'l 24 Harold19001903
Goetz G.Zion Evang'l Asso. E. 105 & Hampden1915 
Goff T. C.Unitarian Church of the Unity Case Hall18701871
Golawski B.Good Shepherd Church E. 73 & St. Clair1937 
Golawski B.Our Lady of Czestochowa 3510 Broadview rd.1942 
Goldberg H.B'nai Congeration 1971 W. 571937 
Goldberger L.Kneseth Israel Congregation 2555 E. 4619151917
Golden D.Armenian Cong'l E. 55 & Magnet1930 
Golder C.First German M. & E. Scovill & Sterling1880 
Goldfarb H.Community Temple 9801 Euclid ave.19271942
Goldian D.A.St. John's Evang'l 4240 E. 5519301940
Goldman M.Orthodox Old Home 736 Lakeview rd.19411942
Goldman S.Jewish Center 1117 E. 1051923 
Goldman S.Anshe Emeth Beth 1117 E.10519231925
Goldner J.H.Euclid Ave. Christian 9900 Euclid ave.18981942
Golubic M.St. Nicholas St. Clair & Lyman1903 
Gomez J.St. James A.M.E. 8401 Cedar1941 
Gommel J.C.St. Paul's M. & E. Bridge & W. 441906 
GontynSt. Marys Columbus & Girard18701871
Goode W.S.Lakewood Christian 17513 Detroit19131915
Goodman C.S.St. Mark's 2836 Franklin ave.19031940
Goodrich W.H.First Presby. Public Square & Ontario18631872
Goodwin D.L.B.St. Peter's P. & E. Detroit & West Clifton19231939
Goodwin T.Perry St. M & E. Perry St.1853 
Gordon W.Church of the Ascension 13216 Detroit St.19141928
Gorman R.N.St. Agnes 8000 Euclid ave1920 
Gotsch. G.St. Peters Evang'l 2420 E.7919081919
Gould F.A.Jenning's Ave M. & E. Jenning's & Kenilworth18941895
Grable M.J.Dunham Ave. Christian 353 Dunham18981903
Grabowski J.A.Immaculate Heart of the B.V.M. E.65 & Lansing1930 
Gracey E.J.St. Paul's E.200 & Chardon rd.19301934
Gracey E.J.St. Colman's 2027 W.651926 
Grady R.C.Westminster Presby Prospect & Huntington18871942
Graening H.H.Peace American Evang'l E. 93 & Marshall19401941
Graeper F. H.Trinity Evang'l Scranton rd. near Aiken19151917
Graessle D.St. Pauls M. & E. W.44 & Bridge18841888
Graff F.L.West Park Cong'l 3905 Rocky River Dr.19211925
Grafton J.O.West Park Friends 3778 W. 140 1890
Graham P.Brooklyn M. & E. 1846 Pearl rd.1898 
Graham P.F.Taylor St. M. & E. 257 Taylor St.18851890
Gramonchet F.St. Augustine's Wood & Jefferson18691871
Grandmougin Rev.St. Augustine University Hts.18681869
Grannum S.E.Cory M. & E. E. 35 & Scovill1930 
Grant C.N.Franklin St. M. & E. West 32 & Franklin1875 
Grant C.N.First M. & E. Church Euclid & Erie18691873
Grant D.M.Case Ave. Presby. Case & Cedar19001918
Grant J.Maple Hts. Presby. Libby & Broadway19251930
Grant J.W.Church of God & Saints of Christ 2224 E. 371942 
Gratz G.S.Clevend Hts. Evang'l 2116 South Taylor rd.19331941
Gratz G.S.Emmanuel Evang'l W. 14 & Starkweather19201926
Gratz G.S.Ebenezer Evang'l 2195 W. 6519231930
Gravener E.C.Union Ave. Free Methodist 12709 Union ave19211925
Gray G.W.Scovill Ave. M. & E. Scovill & Florence18731898
Gredys L. A.Roumanian Baptist Mission W. 58 & Franklin1915 
Green B.S.Plymouth Cong'l Prospect & Erie18671911
Green J.D.Peoples M. & E. W. 65 & Bridge1930 
Green O.Cedar Ave. Baptist 2194 E. 9719101925
Green R.M.Cornelius Baptist E. 30 & Cornelius1923 
Greene A.B.Disciple Church Franklin & Fulton1856 
Greene J. R.Trinity Cong'l E. 84 & Cedar1915 
Greene J.R.Calvary Cong'l Lockwood near Euclid19211913
Gregg S.Third M. & E. Parry near Scovill1856 
Gregg S.Bethel Church Superior & Union1875 
Gregg S.First Methodist St. Clair & Wood18271830
Grenfell T.Willson Ave. M. E. E. 55 & Luther1923 
Gresko D.Sts.Peter & Paul W. 7 & College1941 
Greutzner E.First German Baptist Scovill & Forest1873 
Gries M. J.The Temple E. 55 & Central1915 
Gries M.J.The Temple E.55 & Central19001906
Griffin M.D.Elsmere - Lee M. & E. Lee rd. & Telfair19401941
Griffin M.D.Grace M. & E. E. 83 & Quincy19351941
Griffin M.F.St. Philomena's 13824 Euclid19361942
Griffith J.E.Evergreen Ind. Spiritualism 7017 Superior1923 
Griffiths S.W.Welsh Presby. E.55 & White19131942
Griglio P.St. John's Beckwith Memorial Presby. 2062 Murray Hill1925 
Grimmel J.C.German Baptist 961 Payne ave.1899 
Grimmett M.C.Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist 2317 E. 3619401941
Grimmett M.E.Revelation Baptist 2450 E. 291923 
Grinage J.H.Friendship Mission M. & E. 1281 Spruce1930 
Grindon H.A.St. Philip the Apostle P. & E. 3210 Denison19021942
Grindon H.L.St. Philip Epis. 3509 Riverside19391941
Gristo A.New Sardies Baptist Primitive Orange near E. 311923 
Grohne J.W.Calvary Evang'l Lutheran Euclid & Lockwood1942 
Groom F.H.Franklin Circle Christian 1688 Fulton rd19221942
Grose T.W.Trinity M. & E. W.99 & Madison18981901
Grossman H.Shomre Shabbus 843 E. 1051930 
Grossman I.Shomre Shaboth 843 E. 10519401942
Groth J. W.St. John's Evang'l United McBride near Willson18861889
Grover D.C.Cleveland Hts. M. & E. Superior & Center19061933
Grover D.C.Parkwood Ave. M. & E. Parkwood & Lee18981900
Grskovic N.St. Paul's E. 40 near St. Clair19061917
Gruber A.W.St. Clair Ave M. & E. St. Clair & E. 1051906 
Gruber C.B.First Hungarian Baptist 8005 Holton19411942
Gruber K.First Hungarian Baptist 8005 Holton19401941
Grueber R.E.Christ P. & E. 357 Orange18941900
Gruetzner E.First German Baptist Forest & Scovill1875 
Grumbine J.C.F.New Though Church 1916 E. 1051923 
Guhl M.Friedens Kirche Herald near Woodland ave.18871891
Gulyassy S.St. John's E. 22 & Scovill19231941
Gunnerfeldt O.R.First Swedish Baptist Addison near Wade Park1925 
Gustafson D.C.Redeemer Swedenborgian 15120 Detroit ave19401941
Gutry N. R.Swedenborgia Church of the Holy City19341940
Guy W. H.Church of the Open Bible 120 Gaylord1861871
Gwernyd B.Franklin Ave. Cong'l W. 38 & Franklin18981899
Haase F.St. Joseph's E. 23 & Woodland1906 
Haass H.Immanuel Evang'l Northeast ave. & Colfax ave.18881890
Habegger T.Brooklyn Missionary 5801 Vandalia1939 
Habegger T.Brooklyn Missionary 4004 Cypress1942 
Haberbosch E.F.St. Michael's Scranton & Clark19081937
Habig G.St. Agnes 8000 Euclid ave1917 
Habig G. H.Holy Trinity Woodland ave1924 
Habrda R.Our Lady of Lourdes E.54 & Hamm19101913
Hackenberg C.A.St. James Evang'l Hayden ave.& Ardenall19231934
Hackert A.M.St. Mary's W. 30 & Carroll19121928
Hadley H.C.Christian Endeavor Memorial 84 Irvington19031911
Hadley L.J.Clark Ave. Friends Chapel W. 38 & Clark1925 
Haefele F. M.Immanuel Evang'l Scranton & Seymour18981899
Haefele F.M.Immanuel Evang'l 522 Kinsman18971920
Haetigen A.St. Helena's 1367 W. 651915 
Hafer K.J.Eleventh Reformed 14911 Westropp19401942
Haffner J.S.Trinity Cong'l 8407 Cedar1925 
Hagan J.R.St. John's Cath. E. 9 & Superior19371941
Hagan J.R.St. Augustine's W. 14 & Howard1916 
Hagar F.W.Euclid Ave Baptist E.18 & Euclid19071909
Haggerty R.Christian & Missionary Alliance 2226 Woster rd.1942 
Haggerty W. F.St. Phillip Neri East Blvd. & St. clair19171918
Haggerty W. F.St. Peter's E. 17 & Superior19131915
Hague L.E.North Cong'l E. 72 & St. Clair1930 
Hahn A.Tiffereth Israel Cong. Huron & Miami18751920
Hahn C.Westside Penticostal 1665 E.8519371941
Hahn F.B.Grace Reformed English 907 Wilson18881890
Haight T. M.First Cong'l Detroit .& Church18681869
Hain H.St. Paul's Evang'l Scovill & Greenwood18651869
Haines N.Church of Christ Baptist 3517 Central ave19301926
Haithcox J.O.St. John A.M.E. 2263 E.4019401941
Halaburda J.St. George's E. 91 & Oregon19151917
Halcomb J.B.St. Rose of Lima W.114 & Detroit19191927
Haldy H. L.Clark Ave. Friends W. 38 & Clark1917 
Haley F.St. Mathew's 6917 Detroit1924 
Haley F. J.Holy Rosary 12021 Mayfield rd.19151917
Haley F.J.Immaculate Conception 4129 Superior19081912
Haley L.F.St. Matthew's P. & E. W. 84 & Clark19231925
Haley L.F.St. Luke's P. & E. W. 78 & Lake ave.19231925
Hall A.Z.Third Baptist Clinton & State18981900
Hall C.Epworth Euclid Method. 2643 Queenston rd.19411940
Hall E.East Mt. Zion E. 103 & Cedar19301937
Hall F.Elizabeth Baptist 5803 Venning Pl.19411942
Hall F.Trinity Cath. 563 Prospect1896 
Hall F. M.Trinity Presby. Superior near Bond18941902
Hall F.F.Elizabeths Baptist 2564 E. 6419071937
Hall F.L.Congregational Headquarters 720 Euclid ave. R. 8011930 
Hall F.M.St. Mary's P. & E. Woodland & Wallingford1875 
Hall F.M.South Presby. Scranton & Prame19201940
Hall F.M.South Presby. 3514 W.3519271928
Hall F.M.St. Mark's P. & E. W. 48 & Franklin ave.18881894
Hall G.First Swedish Baptist White & Dent1903 
Hall I.D.Immanuel Baptist Superior & Parkwood Blvd.18981919
Hall J.Euclid Ave. Church of Christ Euclid & Streator18751900
Hallberg C.Salvation Army #. 6 10806 Cedar Ave.1923 
Hallinan P.J.St. Aloysius 10932 St. Clair19371941
Hallock L.C.Asbury M. & E. Superior & Russell1915 
Hallock L.C.Simpson M. & E. 9011 Denison19171940
Halter C. C.St. Clements Lincoln & Madison1936 
Halverstadt R. A.Christian Endeavor Evang'l Memorial E. 73 & Cedar1915 
Hamel D.Second German Baptist E.55 & White19131925
Hammer E.S.St. Patrick's 3600 Bridge1935 
Hammer L.St. Patrick's W. 38 & Bridge1910 
Hammer L. O.St. Joseph's Saranac rd. & Aspinwall19151917
Hammer L.O.St. Jerome's 15000 Lakeshore Blvd.18801941
Hammers T.First United Brethern Quilliams & northampton19361941
Hanawalt G.L.Lorain St. M. & E. Rhodes & Chatham19021904
Hancock S.F.Superior St. Baptist Superior & Minnesota1887 
Handke F.Broadway Evang'l Mission Tod near Union18981900
Hanflin T.J.St. Joseph's 14405 St. Clair19301925
Hanford W.Old Stone Church Public Square 18211838
Hanley E.A.East End Baptist E.97 & Euclid19031906
Hanley J. M.St. Bridget's 2504 E. 2219151917
Hanlke F.C.Emanuel Evang'l W. 14 & Starkweather19401940
Hanna C.O.Glenville Christian E. 105 & Helena19171923
Hannah J.St. Malachi Washington & W. 2518841886
Hannah J.Immaculate Conception Superior & Lyman18881890
Hannawalt O.E.Miles Park M. & E. E.91 & Miles Park19401941
Hanninger B.M.Wade Park M. & E. 8520 Wade Park1942 
Hannon E.S.St. Patrick's 3600 Bridge19321941
Hannon E.S.Blessed Sacrament 3381 Fulton rd.1940 
Hannon J.St. Colman's 2027 W.6518921940
Hanold T.C.Christ Evang'l Reformed W. 98 & Cudell1942 
Hanrahan T.A,St. Ignatius 10205 Lorain St.19191927
Hansen J.C.First Evang'l Thornhill & Arlington19251930
Hansen L.P.Scandinavian Evang'l Outhwaite near Willson18981928
Hanulya J.P.Holy Ghost 1413 Kenilworth19231942
Hard C.B.Franklin St. M. & E. West 32 & Franklin1873 
Hardendorf C. W. Glenville Cong'l 625 Eddy rd.19151917
Hargrove J.W.ArchwoodAve. Cong'l 2708 Archwood ave.18971899
Harkness F.G.St. Lukes W.78 & Lake1919 
Harman J.E.Peace Evang'l E. 93 & Marshall ave.18871925
Harmon E.Salvation Army Citadel Corps 2304 E. 91942 
Harp W. A.Collinwood Christine 763 E. 15419151917
Harper F.L.Bethany Presby. W.65 & Clinton19251929
Harris F.C.Clark Ave. Friends W. 38 & Clark1923 
Harris R.A.East Madison Cong'l 2395 E. 7919141915
Harris R.E.Eastview Cong'l Kinsman & Menlo19151930
Harris S.Church of God 7711 Kinsman1942 
Harris W. B.Cory M. & E. Chapel Garden & Forest18861888
Harrison W.Lakeshore Presby. St. Clair bet. McHenry & Lyman18761902
Harrison W.Welsh Presby. Elm St. Nbgh.18751889
Harrold F.H.D.Simpson M. & E. 3115 W.8419081940
Harry E.St. Philip P. & E. 3825 W. 3319151918
Harshman C.W.Willson Ave. M.& E. 5616 Superior19121910
Harshman R.A.Gloria Dei Evang'l 5801 Memphis19411942
Hart G.L.Olivet Baptist West 52 & Bridge18871903
Hart G.L.Superior St. Baptist Superior & Minnesota18861890
Hartel J.St. Emerick's W.24 near Bridge19171941
Hartel J.St. Elizabeth's E. 90 & Buckeye rd.19111918
Hartman A.St. Marys W.30 & Carroll19061910
Hartman J.H.Wilson Ave. Baptist Wilson & Quincy18871892
Hartzog W.B.Immanuel Baptist Superior & Parkwood Blvd.19041906
Harvey G.Salvation Army # 7 4139 E. 931941 
Harvey P.Salvation Army Mission & 6 10704 Cedar1934 
Haselhuhn J.C.Second German Baptist Case near Kelley18841887
Has-Ellison J.Bethel Cong'l 5207 Franklin ave.19411942
Hasenpflug G.Salem Evang'l Asso. Erie & Eagle1880 
Haskell C. A.Miles Park Presby. Miles Park Near Sawyer18981899
Haskell W.H.South Park M. & E. Miles Park & Sawyer18871889
Haskett C. A. Bethlehem Cong'l Broadway & Fowler18981899
Hathaway H.S.St. Andrews Chapel Presby. East Derbyshire rd.19001901
Hatiegan A.St. Helena's 1367 W. 6519171940
Hauger M.B.First M. & E. 2135 St. Clair19061867
Hauser A.F.Evang'l House Asso. 7440 Broadway18731914
Hauser F.Evangelical Mission 2682 E. 931917 
Hausser F.Frst Christian Alliance Church 1906 E. Madison18691871
Hausser F.E.Emmanuel Church E. 130 & Union1923 
Haverfield W.H.Oehihoff M.& E. 1616 Crawford19261929
Havice M. A.Lakewood Evang'l Luth. 16400 Detroit1915 
Hawkins A.Friendship Baptist E. 37 & Scovill19231926
Hawkins G. B.St. Clair St. M. & E. St. Clair & Wood18521853
Hawks T.H.Second Presby. Superior & Wood18661869
Hayden A.J.First Presby. 425 Case18621876
Hayden J.B.Fairmount Presby. 2557 Fairmount19221925
Hayden J.B.Woodland Ave Presby. E. 46 & Woodland19201937
Hayden W. S.Christian Disciple St. Clair near Doan18861888
Haydn H.C.Old Stone Church Public Square ( First Presby)18751900
Hayes G.Inspirid Spiritualist Church of God 1899 W. 251942 
Hayne M.E.Third Baptist Clinton & State18701871
Hayward I. A.Mt. Zoin Cong'l Erie St.18681869
Haywood J.W.St. Mary's P. & E. 9719 Ramona Blvd.1923 
Hazeltine G.Grace Epis. Huron & Erie18681869
Heacock L.Second Friends 7915 Vinyard ave.1915 
Heaston W.D.First Bedford M. & E. North & East Grace Bedford19301940
Heath J.C.Neriah Baptist 6909 Quincy1940 
Hebron J.Bethel Mission Superior & Spring1889 
Hecht E.St. Mary's Seminary 354 Lake near Dodge1887 
Hedlind C.A.Swedish Cong'l Addison Rd. & Decker1941 
Heffernan J.St. Luke's Bunts & Clifton19361938
Heffernan J.St. Bridget's 2504 E. 221906 
Heffernan J.A.St. Luke's Bunts & Clifton19251941
Heffernan J.P.St. Philip Neri 8209 St. Clair1930 
Heffner J.S.Nottingham Community Cong'l 18227 Nottinghan rd.19331942
Hefter D.D.Christ Church P. & E. Orange near Belmont19001931
Heid J.M.Holy Trinity 7211 Woodland19261929
Heidbrink F.H.St. John's Lutheran 5826 Cable ave.19271933
Heiermann F.St. Mary's W.30 & Carroll19271930
Heimann C.A.St'Catherine's E.93 & St. Catherine19181942
Heiniger J.St. John's Reformed Evang'l McBride near Willson18841887
Heininger J.W.Calvary Evang'l 9818 Wamelink19141939
Heininger J.W.Emanuel Evang'l W. 14 & Starkweather1929 
Heinrich A.H.St. Philomena's 13824 Euclid1930 
Heinrich A.J. St. Philomena's 13824 Euclid19191935
Helbig G.N.Holy Trinity E. 72 & Woodland1921 
Helistern L.Our Lady of the Angels 3644 Rocky River dr.1930 
Hellison J.Has.Bethel Cong'l 5207 Franklin ave.19401940
Helwig C.German Meth. Mission Prospect st18451849
Hempstead C.S.Church of the Saviour M. & E. Lee & Bradford19301917
Hendershot J.P.First Bedford Baptist Broadway & South Park19301900
Hennessy J.R.St. James 17514 Detroit19391901
Henninger J.W.Calvary Evang'l 2765 Woodhill rd.1912 
Henry C.F.All Soul's Universalist Willson & Have18691903
Henry E.Salvation Army 2304 E. 91941 
Henschen E. W.Fourth Evang'l 40 Louis18981900
Hense J.A.Zion Evang'l Asso. Colgate & Chestnut Ridge18841888
Hensel J.Calvary Evang'l 362 Perry18831930
Hensel L.C.Immanuel Presby. 15423 Macauley19361942
Hepburn S.Salvation Army #. 7 10125 St. Clair1923 
Herbrecht O. G.Hough Ave Reformed E. 65 & Hough1915 
Herbst L.East Blvd. United Evang'l EaSt. Blvd. & Mt.Overlook1925 
Herbster W.Woodland Ave. Presby. Woodland & Kennard19031904
Herczegh J.First Hungarian Reformed 2852 E. 7919231941
Herczegh J.First Evang'l 2856 E. Blvd.1942 
Herezegh J.Bethel Hall Mission East Blvd. & Buckeye rd.1942 
Herkner W.H.Calvary Evang'l 2763 Woodhill19341941
Hernan J.L.St. Aloysius 10932 St. Clair1935 
Herr J.C.St. Stephen's 1930 West 541899 
Herzer H.First German Evang'l Erie & Ohio18831888
Herzig C.Anshe Marmaros 1207 E. 10519351942
Herzig C.Mount Pleasant Niveh Zedek E119 & Euclid19301941
Heuvel A.Holland Christian Reformed 414 Waverly1900 
Heyl W. C.Highland Congregational W. 117 & Detroit1915 
Hiatt A. J.St. Clair M. & E. St. Clair & Doan1895 
Hiatt A.J.Broadway M. & E. Broadway & Gallup18841886
Hiatt C.W.Euclid Ave. Cong'l Euclid & Logan18991910
Hickman S. M.Broadway M. & E. Broadway & Gallup1887 
Hickman S.M.Superior St. M. & E. Superior & Aaron18801940
Hickman S.M.Woodland Ave. M. & E. Woodland & First ave.18831886
Hicks W.C.Grace P. & E. Prospect & Bolivar19241926
Hieber G.St. Mary's Jersey & Carroll18841886
Higgins J.St. Elizabeth's E. 90 & Buckeye rd.1936 
Higgins J.St. Johns Cath. 1007 Superior19321934
Higgins T.F.St. Anthony & St. Bridget 2508 E. 221941 
Higgins W.O.St. Augustine's W. 14 & Howard1873 
Higley A.P.Calvary Presby. 7509 Euclid19151942
Hilberry H.K.Rhodes Ave. M. & E. Fulton & Chathman1906 
Hilberry H.K.Detroit St. M. & E. Detroit & Winchester18981900
Hildreth T.F.Lorain St. M. & E. Lorain bet. Pearl & Hicks18881889
Hildreth T.F.People's Tabernacle Vincent St. 1888 
Hill D.W.Second Mt.Sinai 2350 E. 5519371941
Hill F.H.Union Ave. M. & E. 9312 Union ave.19411942
Hill J. W.East Mt.Zoin Baptist10820 Frank ave.19101911
Hill J.H.Cedar Grove Baptist Missionary 3033 Woodland1937 
Hill J.R.Mt.Nebo Baptist 2215 St. Clair19001941
Hill M.Scovill Ave M. & E. Mission Scovill & Florence1873 
Hillman J.L.Franklin Ave. M. & E. 126 Clinton19021930
Hillman J.L.Franklin Ave. M. & E. W.52 & Franklin1900 
Hilzinger H.Second German Baptist Case near Kelley18941940
Hindley J.G.East Cong'l Euclid & Page19231926
Hinkle G.W.Grace P. & E. Huron & Erie18801933
Hinz A,W.Immanuel Luth. 2920 Scranton rd.19261942
Hinz A.Emanuel Luth 4504 W.13019261940
Hirsch H.Erin Ave. Baptist W. 32 & Erin ave19331942
Hirschman C.A,Calvary Evang'l 2765 Woodhill rd.19231933
Hitch F.St. Vincent DePaul 13400 Lorain19291935
Hitch F.I.St. Mary's 14800 Brookpark rd.19401942
Hitchcock J.V.Pilgrim Baptist Mission 21 Bleeker1903 
Hnuta M.Broadway M. & E. Broadway & Gallup1980 
Hodge W.Lee Memorial A.M.E. 7701 Quincy ave.19401941
Hoecht E.St. Mary's Seminary Lake near Dodge18841886
Hoerstman J.St. Ignatius 10205 Lorain St.18991923
Hoffman E.A.Grace Cong'l W. 65 & Colgate18841892
Hoffman F.Sixth Reformed 4843 Wendell ave.19121915
Hoffman J.First Dutch Reformed Blair & Cedar19001910
Hoffman J.Miles Park M. & E. E.91 & Miles Park19161936
Hoffman J. F.Miles Park M. &. E.91 & Miles Park19151916
Hoffman J.F.Cleveland Hts. M. & E. Superior & Hampshire1923 
Hoffman J.F.Friedens Kirche Evang'l E. 46 & Kimmell19041917
Hoffman P.Salvation Army 2179 E.551941 
Hoffman P.Salvation Army Service Center 2179 E. 551942 
Hoffmann C.First Reformed W. 32 & Carroll1915 
Hoffner I.Israelitish Society18391845
Hogan C.Annunciation of the B.V.M. 4697 W.13019351930
Hogan J. R. St. Patrick's 3600 Bridge1917 
Hogan J.R.St. Augustine's W. 14 & Howard1915 
Hoge M. A. Westminster Presby Prospect Huntington18651869
Hogenbloom S.First Dutch Reformed Blair near Cedar18981900
Hogenbroom S.M.First Dutch Reformed 5803 Lexington18951925
Hogue C.H.Lily Baptist 3344 Central19301943
Hohnstein J.P.St'Johanne's Evang'l 2104 W. 4419321933
Hoisington H.R.North Presby. Aaron & Superior18731875
Holbrook F.C.Lakewood Cong'l Detroit & Highland18981906
Holbrook H.E.Calvary Baptist 3550 W.2519191930
Holcomb J.B.St. Colman's 2027 W.6519181931
Hollar W.P.Phillips Ave. Presby. E.125 & Phillips19401942
Hollenson C.M.Martin Luther Evang'l West 89 & Madison19401942
Holley C. D.East Mt.Zoin Baptist10820 Frank ave.1909 
Hollinghead J.H.Kinsman St. M. & E. Kinsman & Herald1895 
Hollingshead J.H.South Park M. & E. Miles Park & Sawyer18861888
Holloway D.P.Pentecostial Church E.55 & Lexington1940 
Holmes C.Mt.Lebanon 10820 Frank ave.19301941
Holmes J.J.Liverpool Baptist 2050 E. 511937 
Holt H.E.North Presby. 4001 Superior19201940
Holtcamp J.St. Paul's M. & E. 1965 W. 4419241940
Holtcamp J.H. Pilgrim Cong'l Jennings & Starkweather19251926
Holtkamp J.H.Bethanien Kirche M. & E. Willard & Urusla18921902
Holtrop E.J.West Side Christian Reformed 2087 W. 5819301942
Holtrop O.East Side Christian Reformed 12702 Union ave.19261930
Holtz E.D.Broadway M. & E. 4415 Broadway18901928
Homan S. J.Rescue Mission 211 Ontario18691871
Homme T.A.S.Bethel Comg'l W. 52 & Franklin1923 
Honecker J.Westside Evang'l Asso. Swiss near Lorain18841887
Honeywell J.Third Baptist Clinton & State19671940
Honold T.Christ Evang'l 9807 Cudell19311941
Hoop F. J. Holy Trinity E. 73 & Woodland1917 
Hooper E.J.Miles Ave. Presby. E.91 & Miles19211926
Hoot C.A.St. Boniface 3565 W. 5419261939
Hopp F.J.St. Francis E. 71 & Superior19221941
Hopper C. A.St. Luke's W. 78 & Lake19371939
Horak W. J.St. Stanislaus 3649 E.6518941895
Horak W.J.St. Martin's E. 23 & Scovill18981942
Horn A.L.Holy Tabernacle Baptist 2222 E. 381937 
Horn J.E.Bethel Full Gospel 10808 Superior1942 
Horning E.M.St. Ann's 2175 Coventry rd.1940 
Hornung H.Collinwood Cong'l 896 E. 15319171923
Hornung J.W.Collingwood Cong'l E.150 & Aspinwall19101922
Hornung W.L.Zion M. & E. E. 93 & Bessemer19231925
Horowitz I.Anshe Galicia 10512 Bryant ave.1930 
Horstman J.St. John's 1007 Superior19001908
Horstmann I.F.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior18941906
Horstmann J.St. Ignatius 10205 Lorain St.1917 
Horton F.A.Case Ave. Presby. Case & Cedar18751902
Hosford G.Seventh Day Adventist 1894 E. 661924 
Hosmer F.L.Church of the Unity Bolivar & Prospect18801889
Hospers G.H.Second Dutch Reformed W.65 & Colgate18991901
Houck G.F.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior19051915
Houghton R.C.First M. & E. Erie & Euclid18801916
House E.E.Grace Presby Hilliard & Rosewood19231925
Houser A.F.Trinity Baptist Broadway & Fullerton19111918
Houser O.Grace M. & E. E. 83 & Quincy19151917
Houser O.H.Trinity Baptist Broadway & Fullerton10111931
Houston I. J.Hough Ave. Cong'l E. 82 & Hough19081910
Hovanec G.St. Mary's 15521 Holmes1930 
Howard J.W.Open Door Baptist 2566 E. 8319401941
Howie D.Grace Cong'l W.65 & Colgate19231930
Howie D.Euclid Village Cong'l E. 214 & Euclid1930 
Hoying L.A.Our Lady of Good Counsel 4423 Pearl rd.19291941
Hoyt J.L.Nottingham Cong'l 18295 Nottingham rd.19251927
Hoyt J.W.Cedar Ave Baptist E. 31 & Cedar1930 
Hranilovic E.St. Nicholas Greek Cath. 1452 E.3619201940
Hranilovich M.S.St. Nicholas Greek Cath. 1452 E.3619151925
Hranilovich M.S.St. Nicholas 2209 Quail ave.1930 
Hreha J.St. Boniface 5300 Denison1934 
Hribar P.St. Mary's 15519 Holmes ave.1915 
Hribar V.St. Vitus 6111 Glass19001906
Hribar V.St. Mary's 15521 Holmes19231942
Hritz G.St. Michael's 4502 Bridge1930 
Hritz G.St. Gregory 2035 Quail ave.19361942
Hroch J.St. John Nepomucene 4914 Fleet19061936
Hubbel W.H.Holy Spirit Epis. 11905 Ashbury1937 
Hubbell C.G.Holy City New Jerusalem 12600Euclid ave.1942 
Hubbell W.H.Second United Presby. E. 111 &. Miles ave19151935
Hudak A.J.St. Wendelin's 2281 Columbus rd.1929 
Huddleston G.W.Lorain St. M. & E. Lorain bet. Pearl & Hicks18881921
Hudson T.H.St. Luke's M. & E. 1373 E. 1231930 
Huebschmann J.Christus Kirche W.98 & Cudell19061925
Huebschmann J.S.Schifflein Christi 1645 Superior19001922
Huebschmann J.T.Schifflein Christi 1645 Superior19181926
Huges C.W.Church of the Advent Epis. 15603 Lake ave.1932 
Huggins R.G.Church of God 10623 Lee Rd.19101942
Hughes E. G.Plymoth Cong'l Prospect west of Erie18681869
Hughes T.Trinity M.& E. W.99 & Madison18961925
Hulbert H.W.Old Stone Church Public Square18981900
Hull J.H.Grace Cong'l W.65 & Colgate18871890
Hull O. L.Glenville Christian E. 105 & Helena1915 
Humensky J.J.St. Anthony St. Bridget 2498 E. 2219381942
Humphreys T.A.Olivet Cong'l Wade Park near Giddings18981935
Hunscher H.J.Asbury M. & E. Superior & Russell19881900
Hunt M.C.Detroit Ave. M. & E. Detroit & Winchester19381941
Hunter A.Aetna St. Disciple 5 Aetna St.18981899
Hunter A.A.Brooklyn Memorial M. & E. 2705 Archwood19301934
Hunter J. R.Church of the Holy City Euclid & Penrose1915 
Huntington J.East Glenville M. & E. 12703 St. Clair19221925
Hurley G.W.Universal Hagar Spiritual 2480 E. 201942 
Hurley J.P.Immaculate Conception 4129 Superior19231926
Hurt R.B.St. Luke's Zion M. & E. 7718 Quincy1930 
Hutchings S.Old Stone Church Public Square ( First Presby.)18311832
Hutchins R.G.Woodland Ave. Presby. Woodland & Kennard18951896
Hutchins W.Bible Christian Universal Orange & Irving18701871
Hutchins W. Bible Christian Unitarian Orange & Irving1871 
Hutchison W. J.Boulevard Presby. E.Blvd. Near Superior1925 
Hutchison W.J.Boulevard Presby. 1319 East Blvd.1940 
Hutchuson J.W.Boulevard Presby. East Blvd. & Superior19261902
Huzi J.St. Procops West 41 & Trent1930 
Hyde C.Josephine Baptist Mission Perry & Cherry1913 
Hyland P.V.Annunciation of the B.V.M. 4505 W.13019251930
Hynek A.St. Wenceslas 2666 E.3518741917
Hynes C.St. Thomas Aquinas 9205 Superior19381940
Hynes M.J.St. Mary's Seminary 1227 Ansel rd.1942 
Hynes M.J.Immaculate Conception 4129 Superior19191934
Idone A.R.St. Marian's Woodhill rd. & Fairmount rd.19061917
Ilse M.H.St. Johanne's Evang'l of Collinwood 705 E. 15918921923
Imhassly J.St. Mary's W. 30 & Carroll18941895
Imhof F.C.East 75 St. Evang'l 2620 E. 7519221923
Ingraham A.M.Lakeview Cong'l 2889 Euclid1900 
Irvin D.Allen Chapel Mission C.M.E. 8205 Burke ave.1925 
Irvin D.D.Avery A.M.E. 2363 E. 281942 
Irving C.H.Olivet Baptist West 52 & Bridge19171923
Irwin D.D.Avery A.M.E. 2365 E. 2819001941
Irwin D.D.Jones Chapel M. & E. 7703 Quincy19301881
Isle M. H.St. Johanne's Evang'l Luth. E. 159 near Holmes19091916
Israel W.R.Trinity P. & E. Superior near Bond18841886
Ivancho D.St. Mary's 4600 W. 351942 
Ivancho D.St. Mary's 37 Charles Bedford Ohio1939 
Ivankcho D.St. Mary's 1600 W. 351940 
Ivers M.St. Johns Cath. 1007 Superior18671873
Jack B.B.Sunflower New Thought Asso. 19206 Pawnee ave.19411942
Jackson A.Madison Ave. Presby. E.Madison & Wade Park18981900
Jackson J.J.St. Mark's Baptist 2377 E. 5919371941
Jackson J.S.Mt.Zion Cong'l Maple & Central19001906
Jackson T.H.St. John's M. & E. 279 Erie1880 
Jacob E.A.St. John's Evang'l 5826 Cable19291942
Jacobs W.S.Lakewood Baptist Detroit & Lincoln1930 
Jacobson B.C.St. James Episcopal Euclid Ave1933 
Jacobson B.G.Trinity Baptist Broadway & Fullerton19331940
Jaffa P.W.B'nai Israel 4504 Bridge ave.19231925
Jager M.St. Vitus 6111 Glass1930 
James W. M.United Cong'l E. 123 & Miles1915 
James W.G.Madison Ave. Baptist W.95 & Madison19131915
James W.N.Pilgrim Cong'l Jennings & Starkweather19211940
Janes H.Irving St. Cong'l Irving & Orange18981900
Jarkovsky J.J.Mizpah Cong'l 3736 E. 591930 
Jarman B.Immanuel Baptist E. 123 near Saywell1923 
Jarosi L.A.Holy Trinity Luth. 2508 E.2019091942
Jarosz J.S.St. Barbara's 1505 Denison ave19301942
Jarsak K.Church of Christ Baptist E. 71 & Gertrude19251927
Jasko M.St. Benedict's 2940 East Blvd.1940 
Jatho C.C.Incarnation P. & E. E. 105 & Marlowe19241940
Jauch W.Salem M. & E. 4006 Cypress ave.19251929
Jean T.J.Mount Zion Erie & Webster18701872
Jeffers W.H.Euclid St. Presby. Euclid & Brownell1875 
Jefferson C.L.St. Mark's Presby. 5507 Thackeray19231942
Jefferson J.J.Church of God 2909 E. 751942 
Jend H.First German M. & E. Scovill & Sterling1892 
Jenkins A.W. Madison Disciple Church W.Madison & Henry1891 
Jenkins J.A.First Cong'l W.45 & Franklin19061940
Jennings A.D.Grace P. & E. E. 91 & Harvard19011933
Jennings F.Church of the Master E. 79 & Euclid19301900
Jennings G.P.St. Agnes 8000 Euclid ave18961937
Jersak C.Gertrude Ave. Baptist E. 71 & Gertrude1923 
Joblin M.Church of the Blessed Hope 626 Woodland18691907
Johns F. P.St. Edward's 6914 Woodland ave.19251926
Johnson C. I.First Swedish Baptist E. 57 & White1909 
Johnson D.E.St. Andrews Chapel Presby. West Derbyshire rd.1900 
Johnson E.Bethel A.M.E. 15321 Shiloh rd.1941 
Johnson E.A.Second M. & E. Erie & Ohio1863 
Johnson F.Olivet Bapist W. 52 & Bridge1913 
Johnson H.New Prospect Baptist 2686 E. 3719231941
Johnson J.B.Christian Church Euclid & Sherman1873 
Johnson L.Church of Christ Holiness9809 Quincy1942 
Johnson M.St. Peter's Zion Mission C.M.E. E. 75 & Colfax rd.1925 
Johnson O.A.Walworth M. & E. 1227 Giddins rd.19261930
Johnson R. A.St. John's A.M.E. 496 Erie18891890
Johnson R.A.St. John's A.M.E. 496 Erie18861889
Johnson R.M.African M. & E. Bolivar & Erie18531856
Johnson S. M.United Cong'l E. 128 & Miles ave1917 
Johnson W.Peoples Tabernacle 13 the Doan18841888
Johnson W.Ethiopian M. & E. 3733 Central ave.1917 
Jonas M.E.Church of God in Christ 10525 Hudson ave1942 
Jones A. C.Church of the Holy Spirit Wade Park & Commonwealth18981900
Jones A.C.St. Philip the Apostle Presby. Luverne & Denison18981900
Jones C. E,Mt.Union Baptist 3725 Cedar ave.1915 
Jones C. R. Second Emanuel Baptist 2408 Central ave.1917 
Jones C.M.Ambassador for Christ Mission 653 E. 1401942 
Jones C.R.Second Emanuel Baptist 2391 E. 791923 
Jones C.W.Second Emanuel 2395 E. 7919211940
Jones E.B.Primitive Baptist 2558 E.631940 
Jones F.B.Church of Christ Christian St. Clair near Doan18981900
Jones F.R.Bethel Missionary Baptist 5705 Outhwaite18881937
Jones G.H.Advent P. & E. Delaware & Woodward1938 
Jones H.P.St. John's M. & E. 2161 E. 401930 
Jones J.C.Church of the Holy Spirit WadePark & Commonwealth1900 
Jones J.D.Floating Bethal & City Mission 165 River rd.18691923
Jones J.H.Miles St. Church of Christ Miles bet.Gaylord1875 
Jones J.L.Universal Hagar Spiritual Temple 3125 Kinsman rd.1942 
Jones J.V. Jones Rd. Cong'l 8012 Jones rd.1913 
Jones M.E.Church of God in Christ 2712 Cedar1923 
Jones M.H.Homested St. Baptist Homested near Broadway19031904
Jones O.Denison Ave. Cong'l 9901 Denison ave.1937 
Jones O.C.Franklin Ave M. & E. W. 32 & Franklin19061917
Jones P.Church of the Covenant Presby. 11205 Euclid19281902
Jones S. D.Wesleyan M. & E. Euclid near Public Square18481849
Jones T.H.Jones Ave. Cong'l Jones & Spafford18971898
Jones V.St. James 17514 Detroit St.19411942
Jones W.Centeniel Cong'l 26& 1/2 (old) Bissell18991903
Jones W.C.NazareneChurch Hayden & Claiborne19231927
Jones W.H.St. John's P. & .E. Church & Wall18961899
Jones W.O.Jones Rd. Cong'l Jones rd.near Broadway19061910
Jordahl V.T.Danish Luth. Church 19147 Eastlook rd.1937 
Jordahl V.T.Our Saviors Evang'l W.58 & Franklin18961942
Joyce F.J.St. James 17514 Detroit St.19231934
Joyce F.J.St. John's Cath. E. 9 & Superior19371941
Juengel E.G.St. Peters Luth. Crow & Quincy18831940
Juergens A.H.Immanuel Evang'l 4515 W.13019151934
Juhasz E.St. Elizabeth 9016 Buckeye rd.19271930
Jump V.C.Glenville First M. & E. Parkwood & St. Clair19361940
Kadzie W.R.First Cong'l W.45 & Franklin1924 
Kaechele A.Friedens Kirche Evang'l 2626 E. 751906 
Kaechele A.Zion Evang'l Assn. Superior & Aaron19021905
Kaho J.D.St. Michael's 9515 Union ave19251930
Kaiser A.Our Lady of Good Counsel 4423 Pearl rd.19291935
Kalamaja T.St. Stanislaus 3649 E.6519061935
Kalisch I.Tifereth Israel Huron near Pittsburgh1856 
Kalvesmaki W.J.Mt.Pleasant Free Baptist 12709 Union ave.1942 
Kamphausen H.Christ Evang'l 9807 Cudell19191940
Kanaga J.B.Trinity Evang'l Asso. East Madison & Holton18801898
Kane J.South Brooklyn Church of God 4591 W. 411938 
Kane W. A.St. John's E. 9 & Superior ave.19151917
Kane W.A.St. Paul's Chardon rd. & E. Vill.1923 
Kane W.A.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard19011905
Kappandatze J.R.St. Theodosius 733 Starkweather19231942
Kargler E.M.Mt.Pisgah Baptist 2183 E.461925 
Karizan E.Sts.Peter & Paul Evang'l Quail & Thrush1906 
Karnes H.R.Second United Presby. E.110 & Miles ave.1942 
Karreman A.Second Dutch Reformed W.65 & Colgate19061910
Karuziskis A.Our Lady of Perpetual Help 15201 St. Clair ave.1930 
Kasa J.W.Seventh Day Adventist 3161 W. 141942 
Kasinsky J. T. St. Hedwig's 12703 Madison ave.1917 
Kathe R.St. Agnes 8000 Euclid ave1917 
Katt A.F.St. Peter's Evang'l 18000 South Moreland Blvd.19401942
Katt A.F.St. Peter's Evang'l 3596 E.15419261937
Kauffmann J. S.East Blvd. United Evang'l E. Blvd. & Quincy19171931
Kaufman I.Woodland Ave. Ind. Evang'l Woodland Ave near E. 831915 
Kazmierski L.St. John Cantius Collage & Professor1926 
Kean P. E.Simpson M. & E. 8519 Clark1942 
Kedzie W.R.First Cong'l W. 45 & Franklin19231940
Keefe W.St. Luke's Clifton & Bunts19341935
Keek J. M.Woodland Ave. M. & E. Woodland Hills & Slater18981900
Keemp E.All Saints Epis. Vaga near W. 251884 
Keene J.Trinity Cath. 12847 Euclid ave19141927
Keep J.Old Stone Church Public Square ( First Presby.)18331835
Kegg J. W.St. Ignatius 10205 Lorain St.1926 
Kelch J.Holy Rosary 12021 Mayfield rd.1930 
Kelih A.Slovenian Mission Baptist E. 17 & Superior19231934
Keller F.J.Christ Evang'l W.43 & Robert18981942
Kelley B.B.St. Bridget's Perry near Woodland1873 
Kelley J.F.Salvation Army 2179 E.551929 
Kellogg H. W.Woodland Ave. M. & E. Woodland & First18861888
Kelly E.St. Augustine's W. 14 & Howard19241900
Kelly J.St. Malachi Washington & W. 2519011924
Kelly J.L.St. Vincent DePaul 13400 Lorain19181940
Kelly J.L.Church of the Annunciation 12908 Astor1929 
Kelly J.L.Annunciation of the B.V.M. 4697 W.13019301937
Kelly J.T.St. Augustines 2486 West 141919 
Kemble D.Detroit Ave. M. & E. Detroit & Winchester19111915
Kemmoris W.J.St. Colmans 2027 W. 651934 
Kemp C.C.St. Lukes P. & E. W. 78 & Lake18971900
Kemp E.L.St. John's P. & E. W. 26 & Church St.18841886
Kemp E.L.All Saints P. & E. Vega near Columbus18841886
Kendall J. S.Fohl United Brethren Cedar & Newton18951897
Kendall J.S.Superior St. United Brethren Superior & Lindus18951934
Kendall P.M.Dunham Ave. Christian 1629 E. 6619181941
Kennedy B.St. Patrick's 3600 Bridge19301940
Kennedy B.J.Immaculate Conception E. 41 & Superior19251942
Kennedy C.W.MilesPark M. & E. 9111 Milespark19161919
Kennedy F. F.Case Ave. Presby. Case & Cedar18981900
Kennedy M.St. Patrick's W. 38 & Bridge18551856
Kenneweg C.F.Community Presby. 2300 Warensville Center rd.19231942
Kenney J.Lincoln park M. & E. W.14 & Starkweather19211923
Kenney J.E.Broadway M. & E. 5246 Broadway19401942
Kenney W.A.Woodland Hills. M. & E. E. 93 & Union19061909
Kenny J.R.St. Edward's 6914 Woodland ave.19251927
Kenny J.R.Immaculate Conception E.41 & Superior1944 
Kenny J.R.St. Patrick's 3600 Bridge19321942
Kenrich P. G.Pilgrim Evang'l Detroit & Manor Park1917 
Kenrich P.G.Franklin Circle Franklin & Fulton.19181940
Kent J.D.Second Calvary Baptist 12017 Emery ave.19051941
Kent J.S.St. Mary's P. & E. Woodland & Wallingford1880 
Kenyon A.Second Baptist Erie bet. Euclid & Prospect18481849
Kepner C.Cyril Cong'l W. 43 & Cyril1941 
Kershner P.S,East Cleveland Cong'l 1813 Page ave.19301941
Kershner P.S.East Cleveland Congregational 1813 Page ave.1942 
Kertchman B.E.Friends of Israel Christian Mission 2611 E. 511923 
Kerze F.L.St. Lawerence 2530 E. 8119031938
Ketes M.J.Peoples M .& E. W.65 & Bridge19101920
Key C.R.Collinwood Congregational Aspinwall ave.1942 
Keyes M.J.Peoples M. & E. W. 65 & Bridge19141920
Kickel E.A.Holy Trinity 7211 Woodland19161942
Kickel E.A.St. Aloysius 10932 St. Clair19231926
Kielar M.St. Stanislaus 3649 E.6519071940
Kielsmeier E.A.Fourth Reformed 3106 Woodbridge19201942
Kikum H.St. Peter's 1700 Superior18801899
Kimmel A.Trinity Evang'l 171 Case18721925
Kimmons W.J.St. Colman's 2027 W.6519371941
Kindt K.M.St. Matthew's Evang'l Scranton & Meyer1928 
Kindt K.M.St. Matthew's Evang'l 9019 Wade Park18801930
King B.R.Westminster Presby Addison & Wadepark19211925
King G.B.Euclid Ave. Baptist 1926 E.1181936 
King G.O.Willson Ave. Baptist Willson & Quincy18791911
King G.O.Logan Ave. Baptist Euclid & Logan18821890
King O.G.Hough ave. Reformed E.65 & Hough ave.19251923
King P.C.Denison Ave. Cong'l 9901 Denison ave.19191941
King T.A.Church of the Redeemer Detroit & Andrews19151923
King W.B.Miles Park M. & E. E.91 & Miles Park1909 
Kingsley H.M.Mt.Zion Cong'l E. 55 & Central19231925
Kinkbeiner J.Tabor Kirche Evang'l Isabelle near Evans18981899
Kinney J.R.St. Patrick's W. 38 & Bridge19291940
Kinsler A.R.North Presby. 4726 Superior19291942
Kipp P.E.Case ave. Presby. Case & Cedar188871890
Kiraly J.Church of God Baptist 7245 Kinsman19301940
Kiraly J.Church of God in Christ 2300 Lakeside1941 
Kiraly J.Highway Mission 7545 Kinsman ave.19281940
Kiraly J.Highway Mission 7245 Kinsman19301940
Kiraly J.E.Church of Gos in Christ 2300 Lakeside ave1942 
Kirby E.A.Immaculate Conception 4129 Superior19361938
Kirby E.A.St. Rose of Lima W.114 & Detroit19301940
Kirby E.A.St. Celia's 15001 Kinsman rd.19301940
Kirby E.A.Holy Cross E.200 & Lakeshore Blvd.1930 
Kirby E.M.St. Cecilia's 3476 E.15219301935
Kirby T.A.Holy Cross E.200 & Lakeshore Blvd.19271942
Kirch N.St. Franciskus Superior near Becker18881890
Kirsch N.St. Franciskus 285 Becker18891890
Kish J.First Hungarian Presby. E. 126 & Buckeye rd.19151930
Kitterer A.E.Trinity Evang'l 3525 W.2518821935
Kitterer T.A.Schifflein Christi Thornhill & Arlington19301942
Kitterer T.A.Deaconess Evang'l Hospital 3308 Archwood19351941
Kitterer T.A.First English Luth. E. 105 & Fairmount1933 
Klahr H.A.Old Stone Church Public Square19301940
Klaiber A.W.Zion M. & E. E. 93 & Bessemer1906 
Klein A.Zion Evang'l 1418 Branch18791883
Klein E.M.B'ne Yeshoran Cong. 71 Michigan1880 
Klein H.H.Sharith Jacob 822 Eddy rd.19351942
Klein J.Sherith Jacob Cong. E. 25 & Orange1906 
Klein J.B'nai Jeshurun Congregation E. 55 & Scovill19151917
Klein J.E.St. Johanne's Evang'l 2108 W. 4419271941
Klein L.St. Stephen's 1930 West 5419311941
Klein L.Mt.Pleasant Niveh Zedek E. 119 & Union ave.19251940
Klein M.B'ne Yeshoran Cong. 71 Michigan18841888
Klein W.G.Fifth Reformed Evang'l 6713 Hague19211942
Klein W.K.United Evang'l W.38 & Bridge18901941
Kleinberg S.Ohave Enuni Ansch 7117 Cedar19301930
Kleinhans P.O.Bethlehem Evang'l Garfield near E.10319061942
Klocker H.J.Holy Trinity 7211 Woodland1937 
Klocksiem O.C.St. Pauls M. & E. W.44 & Bridge18871890
Kloucek L.St. Adalbert's 2347 E. 831906 
Knalley W.E.First Spiritualists of E. Cleveland Hayden & Potomac1925 
Knapp A.D.Brooklyn Memorial M. & E. W. 25 near Archwood1906 
Knapp A.D.Jennings Ave. M. & E. Jennings & Starkweather18861889
Knauff H.Bethany M. & E. W. 91 & Willard19211940
Knautz E.Christ Meth. 3670 W.13819391941
Knautz E.Bethany M. & E. W. 91 & Willard19361937
Knautz E.Zion M. & E. E. 93 & Bessemer1930 
Knechle G.St. Mark'sEvang'l 4466 Pearl rd.19191930
Knight A.A.Miles St. Church of Christ Miles near Broadway18801881
Knight D. W.Independence M. E. 3567 Independence rd.1915 
Knight D.W.Wade Park Ave. M. & E. E. 86 & Wade Park1906 
Knight D.W.Kinsman Hts. M. & E. 12500 Kinsman rd.19151941
Knight H.B.Wesleyan M.& E. Ohio & Brownell18651895
Knippel J.G.Zion Evang'l 10512 Hampden19151940
Knopf A.First German Baptist Kinaman & Griswold19231926
Knowles H.M.Broadway Christian Engle near Broadway19371942
Knowles L.G.Highland Christian W.119 & Lorain19251942
Koch C.St. Paul's M. & E. 1965 W. 4418921930
Koch C.G.Salem Evang'l Erie & Eagle1873 
Koch J. I.Holy Cross E.200 & Lakeshore Blvd.19341941
Koch J.I.Holy Cross E.200 & Lakeshore Blvd.1941 
Koch J.S.St. Thomas Aquinas 9205 Superior19331940
Koch W.C.Trinity Evang'l Chapel Lawn & W. 6518841886
Kocinski J.PSt. Josaphat's 1431 E. 3319151941
Kocinski J.P.St. John Cantius 906 Collage18821928
Kocsis F.First Hungarian Spiritualists 2057 W. 2819231925
Koczan B.St. Elizabeth 9016 Buckeye rd.19301938
Koehne E.Salem Evang'l 2539 E. 331915 
Koenemund L.Our Lady of the Angles 3644 Rocky River dr.19031942
Koerling I.St. Mary's 47 Jersey1880 
Koerner W.St. Procops West 41 & Trent18941896
Kohler C.S.Holy Trinity Evang'l Putnam & Scovill18871940
Kohn J.Adath Jeshurun E. 149 & Westropp1923 
Kolar A.St. Martin's 33 Henry18981937
Kolaszewski A.F.Immaculate Heart of the B.V.M. Fremont n Marcelline18691906
Kolaszewski A.F.St. Stanislaus Forman near Todd18841890
Kolinski J.St. John Cantius Proffessor & College1917 
Kollar N.American Rescue Mission 3001 St. Clair1934 
Koller A.St. Margaret's 2925 E. 11619301941
Koller A.St. Margaret's 2925 E. 1161941 
Koller P. W.Christian Endeavor Evang'l Memorial E. 73 & Cedar18981899
Komaid J.St. Maron's 2214 E. 1161930 
Komnenich M.St. Savo 1565 E. 361923 
Konaid J.St. Maron's 2214 E. 2119411942
Konarski A.St. Casimir's 8223 Sowinski ave.1930 
Konarski A.A.Sacred Heart of Jesus 7007 Kazimier1935 
Konwinski M.St. John Cantius Proffessor & College1930 
Konwinski M.St. Hedwig's 12903 Madison ave.1926 
Koob G.St. Ignatius 10205 Lorain St.19121917
Koob G. L. Holy Trinity E. 73 & Woodland1917 
Koob G.L.Holy Trinity 7211 Woodland1904 
Koopman G.German Baptist Scovill & Forest18701872
Kopittke A.W.Second United Brethern Elton & Dudley1889 
Kopstein M.Ohr Chudosh Anshe Sfard 10522 Amor1941 
Korab O.J.St. Adalbert's 2347 E. 8318801941
Korbel A.Bohemian Moravian Evang'l E. 65 & Ovington19001914
Kosower J.S.Glenville Reformed Episcopal Avondale ave.18981928
Kosower J.S.German Hospital W. 32 & Franklin1913 
Kostyk M.Sts.Peter & Paul 12705 Madison ave.19231925
Koudelka J.M.St. Procops West 41 & Trent18761881
Koudelka J.M.St. Michael's Scranton & Clark18821940
Koudelka J.W.St. Wenceslas E. 37 & Broadway18951940
Kowan J.E.Shomre Hadath 1302 Parkhill1930 
Kozolowski F.J.St. Hedwig's 12903 Madison ave.19231925
Krafft E.M. St. John's Evang'l 3236 E.5519221941
Kraft W. Birch St. Church of Christ 4503 Franklin19041923
Krahbeal J.German M. & E. Prospect near Erie1863 
Krajdzieski M.Sacred Heart of Jesus E.71 & Kazimier ave.19301940
Kramer E.C.Holy Trinity 7211 Woodland19111916
Kramer S.Chevas Jerusalem 887 Parkwood rd.1930 
Kramer S.J.Our Lady of Good Counsel 4423 Pearl rd.19161942
Kramer S.K.Young Israel 880 Lakeview rd.19301942
Krampe A.Fourth Reformed 3106 Woodbridge19091920
Krapp E. A.Woodland Ave. Presby. E. 46 & Woodland 1915 
Kraus F.St. Joseph's 2543 E. 231929 
Kraus J.Chewra Kadisha Case & Woodland1880 
Krause A.St. Paul's United Evang'l Peach & Fir18741875
Krause H.St. Paul's Evang'l Bridge & Taylor1873 
Krehbiel J.German M. & E. Prospect near Erie18651866
Kremer S.J.Our Lady of Good Counsel 4423 Pearl rd.19221942
Kresina J.St. John Nepomucepe E. 50 & Fleet1917 
Kresina J.F.Holy Family 13205 Chapelside19151940
Kress W.S.St. Edward's 6914 Woodland ave.18971940
Kretzmann C.St. John's Evang'l Bessemer & Porter18651895
Krisko J.Nativity 9600 Aetna rd.1933 
Krislov I.Tifereth Israel 3386 E. 11919341941
Krislov I.Ohel Jacob Anshe Sfard 3471 E. 14019401942
krispinski J.W.Our Lady of Mercy 2423 W. 1119301942
Kroch F.J.St. John Nepomucene E. 50 & Fleet1909 
Krumbine M.H.Plymouth Cong'l Coventry & Drexmore1934 
Krumbine M.H.Plymouth Cong'l Weymouth & Coventry19301942
Kruse F.P.Tremont Baptist Tremont & College18981940
Krusko J.St. Joseph's Greek 9347 Orleans19401941
Krzycki W.St. Stanislaus 3649 E.6519151936
Kuberek P.St. Stanislaus 3649 E.6519191943
Kubik P.Czechoslovak Baptist Clark near Scranton19331937
Kubik P.H.Euclid Immanuel Baptist 1545 Chardon rd19411942
Kuechle G.St. Marks Evang'l Pearl & Ardmore19301941
Kuenzli C.Zion Evang'l Aaron near Superior1875 
Kuhn J.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard18631867
Kuhn J.St. Joseph's E23 & Woodland1873 
Kuhn J.Holy Family 13205 Chapelside1875 
Kulla J.Sacred Heart of Jesus Marcelline & Krakow18941895
Kummons W.J.St. Colman's 2027 W.651935 
Kunnert J.P.St. Peter's 1700 Superior18881890
Kuyper J.E.Eastview Cong.l 3671 E.1311921 
Kuyper J.W.Denison Ave. Cong'l 9901 Denison ave.19111938
Kuyper Rev.United Cong'l E. 123 & Miles19221923
Labraski C.St. Stanislaus 3649 E.651934 
LaCroix J.H.Collinwood M. & E. 15228 St. Clair19171925
Ladd H.M.Euclid Ave. Cong'l Euclid & Logan18861941
Lahr W.B.Christian Endeavor Memorial Evang'l Brenton & Cedar19001940
Laing S.M.Washington Blvd. Presby. 3217 Washington Blvd.19411942
Lake W.S.Euclid Immanuel Baptist 1545 Chardon rd19171937
Lamb D.S.Methodist Church of S.Euclid 1536 Green Rd.19381942
Lamb J.H.Calvary Evang'l Asso.Church Woodland & Perry18841886
Lamb J.H.Trinity Evang'l 1284 E. Madison ave.1884 
Lamb T.St. Patrick's W.38 & Bridge1893 
Lamb T.P.Blessed Sacrament 3381 Fulton rd.18901915
Lambert W.V.St. Spyridon 1098 Addison rd.1942 
Lamy J.H.Salem M. & E. 4006 Cypress ave.1923 
Landa M.Tetiever Ahavas Achim 954 Linn dr.18981942
Landon H.West Park Baptist 15208 Lorain19401941
Lane C.Emmanuel Nazarenes 4105 E. 1141940 
Lane W.M.New Zion Baptist 2491 E. 5519401941
Lang G.St. Peter's 1700 Superior1903 
Lang J. J.Emmanuel Evang'l W. 14 & Starkweather18981900
Lang J.J.Salem Evang'l Asso. Erie & Eagle18841886
Lang J.J.Salem Evang'l Starkweather & Emmanuel18861935
Lange A.W.Spiritual Resurrection 2702 Franklin1923 
Lange J.H.A.First German P. & E. Erie & Ohio1873 
Langford W.M.Clark Ave. M. & E. 1536 Clark ave.18981900
Laster M.T.Trinity Baptist 3756 Central ave.1937 
Lathburg C.Church of the Holy City 2229 Cummington1920 
Laughlin E. G.Jennings Ave. Christian Jennings near Buhrer18971900
Lavery F.J.St. Aloysius 10932 St. Clair19141929
Laviotes C.Church of the Annunciation W. 14 & Fairfield19401942
Lavric J.St. Lawrence E. 81 near Union1915 
Lawrence A.Clark Ave. Friends Chapel 987 Clark18981908
Lawrence G.St. Wendelin's 2281 Columbus rd.1941 
Lawrence R.E.North Solon Baptist Solon Ohio19401940
Lawrence T. C.Fidelity Free Baptist 8402 Wade Park1915 
Lawrence T.C.Fidelity Free Baptist 1536 E.7818921912
Lawson B.R.Emanuel Baptist 7025 Cedar19401941
Lawson B.R.Emanuel Baptist 2395 E. 7919411942
Lawson E.J.Baptist Church of the Master 2035 E. 961925 
Lawther L.Lakewood Presby. Belle & Detroit19291942
Lazinski C.St. Casimir's 8223 Sowinski ave.18991903
Leach B.F.Collinwood Christian 3983 E. 15419301942
Leahy M.D.St. James 17514 Detroit St.19031941
Leak T.J.Franklin Ave. M. & E. 126 Clinton18841886
Leavitt G.R.Plymouth Cong'l Prospect & Perry18841890
Lebensohn M.G.Beth Israel Chebra Kadisha 85 Hill18871889
Lebkanich V.Sts.Peter & Paul 12705 Madison ave.1930 
LeBlond C.H.St. Anthony's Boys Home 8301 Detroit St.1928 
LeBlond C.H.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior19101911
Lechtenberg W.A.St. Michael's Scranton Rd. & Clark19391941
Lecktenberg W.A.St. Michael's Clark & Scranton1938 
LeCraneySt. Joseph's Kinsman St.18671940
LeCroix J.H.Collinwood M. & E. 15228 St. Clair19231925
Lee F. D.Kinsman St. M. & E. Kinsman & Herald19301930
Lee S.H.First Cong'l Church Detroit & State1875 
Lee T.Pilgrim Baptist 2178 E. 4019061941
Lee T.Open Door Baptist 2566 E. 831941 
Lees J. W.St. John's Cath. E. 9 & Superior19351936
Leffler A.M.First Hungarian Evang'l 8015 Rawlings19391942
Lehman A.Anshe Chesed Cong. Farmers Hall18421945
Lehman H.W.Zion M. & E. E. 93 & Bessemer1918 
Lehner P.A.St. Ignatius 10205 Lorain St.19361937
Lehr C.F.First German Baptist Southingham & Ludlow1926 
Leich W.F.First Reformed 492 old Rhodes19011940
Leiderbach C.A.St. John Nepomucene 3785 Independence Rd.19391930
Leifer M.Shomre Israel 10512 Massie ave.19091925
Leiffler M.B'nai Jacob Israel 2576 E. 611900 
Leininger W.West Park Congregational 3909 Rocky River dr.19371942
Lemmon C.North Cong'l 886 E. 7619031905
Lemmon C.H.Union Cong'l E.93 near Union18951903
Lemmon C.H.North Cong'l E.72 & St. Clair19061919
Lemon J.B.Willson Ave. Baptist E.55 & Quincy19111919
Lemon W.L.Superior Ave. Baptist E. 25 & Superior19061923
Lemon W.R.Superior Baptist 1730 E.2719151925
Lenschau F.First German Evang'l Erie & Ohio18751909
Leonard C.First English Luth. E. 105 & Fairmount19331934
Leonard R. H.Floating Bethel Evang'l Church18481849
Leonard W.A.Trinity Cathedral P. & E. E. 22 & Euclid18921923
Leonhardt T.Zion Evang'l 1418 Branch18691940
Lepp W.A.First United Brethern 2706 Noble rd.1942 
Lerch J.Calvary Evang'l Perry & Woodhill1875 
Lev M.Immanuel Mision to the Jews 15 Longwood ave.18691871
Levin S.Kol Israel 3668 E. 14919301940
Levingston E.L.Second A. M. E. 1519 Cedar1900 
Levy B.Ohr Chudosh Anshe Sfard 10522 Amor1942 
Lewicky L.Sts.Peter & Paul W. 7 & College1930 
Lewis A.J.Hough Ave. Baptist 8273 Hough ave.1937 
Lewis A.S.Lakewood Baptist Detroit & Lincoln19331941
Lewis E.M.Kinsman Rd. M. & E. E. 75 & Kinsman19151917
Lewis E.M.East Glenville M. & E. St. Clair & Lancelot19191922
Lewis E.S.Franklin Ave. M. & E. W. 32 & Franklin18981900
Lewis H. B.Windermere M. & E. Euclid & Holyoke1915 
Lewis J. L.Scranton Rd. Free Baptist Scranton & Clark1915 
Lewis L.G.Bridge St. Free Baptist W. 52 & Bridge19041905
Lewis T.E.Archwood Cong'l Archwood near W.2518631910
Lewis W .F. D.Cleveland Hts. Presby. Mayfield near Superior19231932
Lewis W.F.D.Cleveland Hts. Presby. 2877 Hampshire19251937
Leypoldt J.Erin Ave. German Baptist W. 32 & Erin1937 
Lichliter M. H.Epworth Memorial M.& E. E. 55 & Prospect1917 
Liebovirz H. A.Oheb Zedek Cong. E. 38 & Scovill19151917
Lieninger W.West Park Cong'l 4095 Rocky River Dr.1941 
Lile B.B.Episcopal Diocese of Ohio 2034 Cornell1940 
Limouze A.H.Glenville Presby E. 105 & Helena1923 
Linberg A.First Swedish Baptist White & Dent 18941894
Lindeman W.C.Trinity Lutheran Jersey near Lorain18581902
Lindsay R.S.Seventh Day Adventist Twinsberg Ohio1919 
Lindsey O.St. Paul's M. & E. E. 151 & Naples1941 
Lingelbach W.Zion Evang'l 65 Aaron1900 
Lingelbach W.Salem Evang'l Erie & Eagle18861890
Lipinski E.Polish Baptist Mission Broadway & Fullerton1915 
Lippoldt J.J.Faith Evang'l Hillard & Woodward19301940
Liscinsky J.W.St. Andrew's 5103 Superior19151919
Lisenkovsky W.St. Theodosius Starkweather & St. Olga1917 
Litterst T.St. Peter's 1700 Superior1875 
Little G.L.First M. & E. St. Clair & Wood1856 
Lloyd F.St. Marks P. & E. West 48 & Franklin18981899
Lloyd F.E.J.St. Matthew's Presby. Clark & Young19001941
Lloyd R.J.South Hills Baptist Tampa & Broadview rd.19081941
Lochtefeld M.Our Lady of Good Counsel 4423 Pearl rd.19311934
Lochtefeld M.Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament 2350 E. 7919411942
Loegler D.East Blvd. United Evang'l 2574 East Blvd.19391942
Loegler D.Calvary Evang'l 2765 Woodhill rd.19301901
Loehr C.J.Friedens Kirche E.65 & Waterman19051909
Loeser M.Israelitish Ansche Chesed 28 Eagle St.18651866
Logan J.W.East View Cong'l E. 142 & Kinsman19231940
Logan P.A.St. Aloysius 10932 St. Clair1913 
Logue J. W.Asso. Presby. Of America Hancock Block Hall18431850
Lohmann A. G.Sixth Reformed 1047 Broadway18981938
London A.Agudeth Achim 10407 Adams1942 
Long H. B.Trinity Cong'l E. 84 & Euclid19081910
Long J.St. Lukes Epis. Brosdway near Cross18701938
Long R.G.Unity Evang'l 4154 Pearl rd.19171942
Longsworth W.H.Glenville Cong'l St. Clair & Eddy rd.19291940
Lorenz E.First United Evang'l Brethern Peach & Orchard18841887
Lottig M.Fourth Spiritualists 919 Huron rd.19231925
Lotz J.East View Congregational 15705 Kinsman ave.1942 
Lotz J.M.Plymouth Cong'l Coventry & Weymouth rd.1940 
Louzecky V.J.Broadway M. & E. 4415 Broadway19291941
Lowe J. W.M. & E. Church St. Clair & Wood18481849
Lowman R.T.Franklin Blvd. M. & E. W. 32 & Franklin19201941
Lowry H.W.Linndale Presby. 3761 Cress rd.1925 
Luba G.St. Andrew's Abbey 10510 Buckey rd.1940 
Lucacin E.St. Helena's 1367 W. 651906 
Lucas C.H.Community A.M.E. 7717 Central ave.19401941
Lucas W.L.Mt.Pilgrim Baptist E. 29 & Woodland1925 
Luce F.W.First M. & E. 3814 Prospect ave19111916
Luchansky J.Church of God 9623 Manor1923 
Ludlow A. C. 1888Miles Park Presby. Miles Park near Sawyer18861940
Ludwig G.M.East Blvd. United Evang'l East Blvd. & Quincy1923 
Luechauer J.G.First United Brethern 4210 Orchard19121920
Luecke E.St. Matthew's Evang'l Scranton & Meyer19341942
Luethi L.J.Lake View Cong'l Euclid ave. opp. Lake View Cemetery19061910
Luhr H.St. Peters Dodge & Superior18671930
Lukacs J.St. John the Baptist Greek Cath. Buckeye & Woodhill1909 
Lund W.M. & E. Church St. Clair & Frontier1856 
Lundgren J.A.Bethlehem Evang'l 7503 Wadepark18941942
Lundgren S.Salvation Army #3 Corps 1309 E. 901942 
Lundquist T.Bethlehem Evang.Luth. 7507 Wade Park1917 
Lupa G.S.St. Andrew's 2175 E. 491930 
Lupton D.First Unitarian E.82 & Euclid19251941
Luttrel D.E.Brooklyn Gospel Tabernacle 3420 Henninger rd.1942 
Lyle E.Church of the Good Sheperd P. & E. E.Madison18981900
Lyle T.Church of the Good Sheperd 330 E. Madison18801889
Lyle T.Church of the Holy Spirit 4 Olive Pl.19011900
Lyman O.A.Euclid Ave. Presby Euclid & Brownell18671940
Lynn S.P.Westminster Presby Prospect & Huntington1866 
Lyon A.J.Taylor St. M. & E. 257 Taylor St.18831886
Lyon F.S.Cedar Ave. Baptist 1580 Cedar18801895
Lyon J.A.Simpson M. & E. 8519 Clark19401941
Lyon M.W.Golden Rule Presby. 13905 Diana19131937
Lyons H.G.Messiah Baptist 7401 Cedar ave.19371941
Lytle J. S.Second M. & E. Erie & Ohio18651866
Lytle L.S.Second M. & E. Erie & Ohio18661900
Lzudarek F.R.Our Lady of Czestochowe E. 141 & Harvard1934 
MacAlpine R.J.North Presby. 4726 Superior1910 
MacAulay P.W.Miles Park Presby. E.91 & Miles19271942
Macauley J.C.Cedar Ave Baptist E. 89 & Cedar19221930
Macduff R.E.St. Mary's P. & E. Woodland & Wallingford18841899
MacHale J.St. Malachi Washington & W. 2518951915
Machol M.Anshe Chesed Cong. E. 82 & Euclid18801931
Mack P.A.Metropolitan Baptist 7614 Central ave.19401906
Mackenzie C.E.St. Luke's P.& E. Lake & Tennessee19031904
MacKenzie F.G.Epiphany Reformed Episcopal E. 86 & Euclid19251941
MacKenzie H.Gospel Church 1524 E.8219111923
Mackintosh G.A.South Presby. Scranton & Prame1902 
Mackintosh G.A.Immanuel Presby. 15423 Macauley19241926
MacLean J.S.Fourth United Presby. E. 105 & Massie ave.19201937
MacMahon E. T.Grace Cong'l W. 65 & Colgate18981902
MacMahon E. T.Nottingham Cong'l 18295 Nottingham rd.19151917
MacMahon E.T.Grace Cong'l 7741 Lorain19001917
MacNair E.W.Lakewood Cong'l Detroit & West Clifton Blvd.19341942
Macoskey W.O.Glenville Baptist E.105 near Elgin19331937
MacRae J.A.Fidelity Baptist 8402 Wade Park19081937
Macrory H.B.First Nazarenes 1550 Hayden ave.19401942
Madigan J.F.St. Thomas Aquinas 9205 Superior19281940
Madtes H.Third Baptist Clinton & State18941895
Maffett J.B.Bedford Christian North & Blaine1930 
Magdanz W.Fourth United Brethren Hodgson & Rhodes18951897
Maguire G.Calvary Baptist W. 25 & Library ave.19001933
Mahaffey J.A.Brooklyn United Presby. 3710 Spokane19101911
Mahan J.A.St. Patrick's W. 38 & Bridge19271932
Maher J.E.St. Edward's 6914 Woodland ave.19301941
Mahney J. J.St. Ann's 2175 Coventry 1926
Mahon J.St. John's Cath 1007 Superior1930 
Mahon T.F.St. Thomas Aquinas 9205 Superior18651937
Mahone T.F.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior19221924
Mahoney J. J.St. Ann's Cedar & Coventry rds.19251926
Mahony J.J.St. Thomas Aquinas 9205 Superior19201927
Mahony T.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior18641900
Mahony T.St. Johns Cath. 1007 Superior18671888
Mahony T.M.St. Patricks's 3600 Bridge18811890
Malcolm J.W.First Cong'l Franklin & Taylor18961930
Malecha J.W.St. Adelbert 307 Lincoln18871903
Mallett R.J.Trinity Cathedral P. & E. E. 22 & Euclid19251928
Malloy F.A.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard18941897
Malloy F.A.St. Aloysius 652 Lakeview rd.19051926
Malone J.W.First Friends Church 263 Cedar18981915
Maloney J.F.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard18951911
Maloney J.P.St. Malachi Washington & W. 251880 
Maloney Rev.St. Mary's Columbus & Gerard18671911
Malony J.P.St. Malachi Washington & W. 2518691897
Malvey J. P.St. Malachi Washington & W. 2518681869
Manchester C. E.Scovill Ave. M. & E. Scovill & Longwood18861888
Manchester C.E.Broadway M. & E. 4415 Broadway18931912
Manchester C.E.Euclid Ave. M. & E. Doan near Euclid18841895
Manning A.E.St. Edward's 6914 Woodland ave.1909 
Manning G.F.St. Rose of Lima W.114 & Detroit1939 
Mapes E.G.Christ P. & E. 3457 Warrensville Center rd.19121941
Mapes E.G.St. Albans P. & E. Euclid & Edgehill19091940
Mapes E.G.Christ P. & E. 10806 Superior19201935
Maple C.C.Peoples Tabernacle 1358 Hayden1923 
Marceau P.F.St. Agnes 8000 Euclid Ave.19351937
Marcellius D.Swedish Cong'l 1230 Lexington18981940
Marchant T.T.St. Theresa's 10609 Granger rd.19411942
Marcley A. F.First Dutch Reformed 5807 Lexington1915 
Margolies S.Anshe Emeth Cong. E. 37 near Woodland19061915
Margolis S.Anshe Emeth Cong. Forest near Scovil1905 
Marjenin S.St. Wendelin's 2281 Columbus rd.19361937
Mark R.W.Old Stone Church Public Square ( First Presby.)19271933
Markus S.The Temple E. 105 & Ansel Rd.1930 
Marlowe A.M.Mt.Pilgrim Baptist E. 29 & Woodland1923 
Marsha B.St. Basil's 2231 E. 9 St.1906 
Marsha B.St. Elias 1225 Webster rd.19151917
Marston C.D.Detroit Ave. M. & E. Detroit & Winchester1930 
Martin C.A.St. Colman's 2027 W.6519211962
Martin G.F.St. Malachi Washington & W. 251941 
Martin G.F.St. Joseph's 14405 St. Clair19281930
Martin G.F.St. Joseph's St. Clair & E.130 1930
Martin W.B.St. Elizabeth's 9016 Buckeye rd.1932 
Martin W.P.Bible Christian Church E. 40 & Central1923 
Martin W.S.St. Elizabeth 9016 Buckeye rd.1930 
Martindale H.C.Trinity M. & E. W.99 & Madison1915 
Marting A.L.Church of the Cross M. & E. Caledonia & Winsford19271832
Martorelli R.Holy Rosary 12021 Mayfield rd.19221940
Maruno J.J.St. John Nepomucene E. 50 & Fleet1930 
Masalski S.St. Stanislaus 3649 E.6519211937
Masar F.St. Ladislaus E. 92 & Holton1926 
Masat A.J.St. John Nepomucene E. 50 & Fleet19371941
Masat A.J.Sts.Cyril & Methodius 12608 Madison19141919
Masat A.J.Sts.Cyril & Methodius 12608 Madison19151927
Masin F.A.St. John Nepomucene E. 50 & Fleet19351939
Mason A.St. Luke's Baptist 2322 E. 3919191940
Mason A.J.Corinthian Baptist 2423 E. 5919411942
Mason A.J.Corinthian Baptist 2123 E. 3619301940
Mason T.J.Church of the Epiphany Euclid & Glen Park19151938
Maszotas J.St. Stanislaus Forman near Todd18881890
Maszotas J.St. George's Mission Dodge & Superior18981900
Matousek R.R.St. Wenceslas E. 37 & Broadway1942 
Matousek R.R.Holy Family E. 131 & Southview ave.19271940
Matturd J.Holy Rosary 12021 Mayfield rd.1921 
Matturro J.Holy Rosary 12021 Mayfield rd.1921 
Matuskovits J.Hungarian Baptist West Chatham & Fulton1923 
Matyaczko I.St. John The Baptist (United Greek ) 78 Rawlings18981900
Maughiman W. B.Asbury M. & E. 6835 Superior1917 
Maul G.C.Ebenezer Evang'l 925 E.7319151917
Mautz S.W.Martin Luther Evang'l West 89 & Madison19171926
Maxwell A.W.St. James A.M.E. Hudson near E. 1051906 
May E.M.Bethlehem Cong'l Broadway & Fowler1896 
Mayenin S.St. Wendelin's 2281 Columbus rd.1940 
Mayer J.St. Paul's Evang'l Arthur & Detroit1922 
Mayer J.Tifereth Israel Cong. Huron & Miami1873 
Mayer L.Tabor Evang'l 3510 W. 1419201942
Mayer L.Zion Evang'l 10512 Hampden1930 
Mayer P.Independence M. E. 3567 Independence rd.19021930
Mayer P.O.East Shore Meth. 44 E.2201940 
Mayer T.C.Rockey River M. & E. 19428 Detroit rd.19351941
Mayo A.D.Congregational Christian Walnut St. 1856 
Mayo J.A.St. Andrew's P. & E. 2173 E. 491940 
Mayr L.Salvation Army # 8 2042 W. 261942 
Mays L.Salvation Army # 8 2042 W. 261941 
Mazanec F. J. H.St. John Nepomucene E. 50 & Fleet1926 
McAllister B.Independent M. & E. 3131 Central ave.19401942
McAllister B.St. John's Ind. M. & E. 2130 Central ave.1941 
McAllister J.Immanuel Baptist Superior & Parkwood Blvd.19151918
McAlpine J. J.Salvation Army Bedford Ohio19011903
McAlpine J.J.Franklin Ave. M. & E W. 57 & Franklin19301931
McAlpine J.J.Miles Park M. & E. E.91 & Miles Park19211937
McAlpine J.J.Kinsman St. M. & E. Kinsman & Herald18981900
McBride C.Holy Rosary 12021 Mayfield rd.19341942
McCalla T.G.C.All Saints P. & E. Scranton & Mentor19101913
McCallister G.G.Broadway Christian Engle near Broadway19131929
McCann C.S.St. Colman's 2027 W.651928 
McCann J.P.St. Philomena's 13824 Euclid19211941
McCann J.P.St. Cecelia's 13719 Kinsman rd.18971927
McCarty B.Windermere M. & E. Euclid & Holyoke18861925
McCaskey R.Lorain St. M. & E. Lorain bet. Pearl & Hicks18831886
McCaskey R.Ciark Ave. M. & E. 810 Clark ave.1886 
McCaskey R.M.Taylor St. M. & E. 257 Taylor St.18761938
McCauley M.S.St. Luke's Cumberland Presby 2574 E. 3819251939
McClay J.B.Jenning's Ave. M. & E. 2363 W.1419051940
McClay J.B.Gordon ave.M. & E. 1880 W.6519041906
McClintock E.H.Church of the Covenant Presby' 11209 Euclid ave.19371940
McCloskey J.P.St. Patrick's W. 38 & Bridge1851897
McConnell J. S. United Presby. Erie near Huron18651869
McCormick H. B.Crawford Rd. Christian 1607 Crawford rd.19151919
McCormick H.B.Lakewood Christian 17513 Detroit19321941
McCormick H.R.St. Johns Cath. 1007 Superior1934 
McCormick H.R.St. Ann's 2175 Coventry19371939
McCormick J.Trinity Church 2021 E. 221911 
McCormik H.B.Lakewood Christian 17513 Detroit19131942
McCowatt H. R.Trinity P. & E. Cathedral E. 22 & Euclid1915 
McCoy J.B.Good Hope Baptist Mission 3342 Scovill1941 
McCutcheon W.M.Holy Trinity Baptist 6104 Scovill1941 
McCutcheon W.M.Holy Trinity Baptist 7498 Kinsman rd.1937 
McDonald A. M.Cleveland Baptist Asso. 1134 Scofleld Bldg.19251927
McDonald H.A.First United Presby. Erie near Huron18741875
McDonald W.H.Macedonia Baptist 2495 E. 3519231940
McDonough C.W.St. Agnes 8000 Euclid ave1920 
McDonough J.St. Agnes 8000 Euclid ave1941 
McDonough J.M.St. Mary's Seminary 1800 Lakeside1917 
McDowell J.K.St. Agnes 8000 Euclid ave1938 
McFadden J.A.St. Agnes 8000 Euclid ave19091910
McFadden J.A.St. John's Cath. E. 9 & Superior19251941
McFarlan W.F.Garfield Hts. Baptist 9403 Gerfield Blvd.19301930
McGaffin A.Euclid Ave Presby. 11405 Mayfield rd.1912 
McGaffin A.Euclid Ave. Presby Euclid near Ford1915 
McGaffin A.Church of the Covenant Presby. 11205 Euclid19191924
McGill J.Associate Presby. 11 Ohio St.18531856
McGinnis O.W.Incarnation P. & E. E. 105 & Marlowe19361942
McGlynn F.J.St. Clements Lincoln & Madison19261928
McGlynn F.J.St. Francis DeSales 3434 George Ave, Parma Ohio1935 
McGlynn F.J.St. Francis E.71 & Superior19301938
McGlynn F.J.St. Philomena's 13824 Euclid19061941
McGovern F.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior1875 
McGrew G.H.St. Paul's Presby. Euclid & Case18981904
McGuire G.W.St. Bridget Perry north of Woodland19171939
McGuire P.J.St. Bridget's Perry north of Woodland18741875
McHale J.St. Malachi Washington & W. 2518961916
McInerney J. F.St. John's Cath. Eire & Superior11891900
McInerney J.E.Annunciation of the B.V.M. W. 22 & Moore19121915
McInerney J.F.St. Malachi Washington & W. 2519171934
McInturff J.A.Schaffer Memorial M. & E. 12002 Miles ave19361940
McIntyre B.B.Salvation Army # 5 Corps 2379 E. 331942 
McIntyre S. J.Church of Christ 2373 E. 821937 
McIntyre T.D.Our Lady of Peace E. 126 & Shaker Blvd.19351937
McIntyre W. A.Bleeker St. Baptist Mission Bleeker near Storer18941895
McKay P. M. Trinity Baptist Broadway & Fullerton1923 
McKeever J.A.St. Edward's 6914 Woodland ave.1911 
McKenney T.E.St. Thomas Aquinas 9205 Superior19411942
McKenney T.E.St. Malachi's W. 25 & Detroit19341940
McKenney T.E.St. Agnes 8000 Euclid ave19151933
McKenny T.E.Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament 2354 E. 7919231926
McKinney J.St. Agnes 8000 Euclid ave1915 
McKinney W.H.Antioch Baptist E. 89 & Cedar19301942
McKinstry A.R.Incarnation P. & E. E. 105 & Marlowe1923 
McLain R.F.Corlett Christian 3983 E. 1311930 
McLain R.F.Broadway Christian Engle near Broadway19301937
McLaren W.E.Trinity P. & E. Superior near Bond1875 
McLaughlin C.J.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior1930 
McLaughlin J.T.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior19291934
McLaughlin P.St. Wendelin's 2281 Columbus rd.18411850
McLean D.M.B.United Presby. Erie near Huron18671900
McLendon H.L.Calvary Baptist 3550 W.2519191940
McLin R.Antioch Primitive Baptist 2622 Scovill1942 
McMahon E.T.Grace Cong'l W. 65 & Colgate19041906
McMahon T.G.Christ the King 15911 Terrace rd.19411904
McMahon W.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior18751879
McMahon W.Christ The King 1862 Noble rd.1930 
McMahon W.St. Bridget's Perry near Northland18801925
McManns F.J.St. Malachi Washington & W. 251935 
McMeeken C.R.Peoples M. & E. W. 65 & Bridge19381941
McMichael T.H.First United Presby. E. Prospect & Giddings18691940
McMillan S.C.Allen Temple A.M.E. 6010 Woodland1940 
McMonagle R.J.St. Edwards E. 69 & Woodland19121925
McMonagle R.J.Immaculate Conception E.41 & Superior19301931
McMorris W.A.Mt.Pleasant M. & E. 12702 Abell ave.1930 
McN Poteat E.Euclid Ave. Baptist 1926 E. 1819371942
McNally J.K.St. Patrick's W. 38 & Bridge19261941
McNally P.St. Rose of Lima W.114 & Detroit19301937
McNamara W. B.St. Colman's 2027 W.651931 
McNamara W.B.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior19341940
McQueen M.W.Windermere M. & E. Euclid & Holyoke1942 
McWilliams T.S.Calvary Presby. 7509 Euclid19061912
Mears E.St. Johns Cath. 1007 Superior18701925
Mechler A.V.St. Francis 7114 Superior19151926
Meckel T.West Side Evang'l Mission Swiss near Lorain18861888
Meckel T.C.Evang'l Asso. 779 1/2 Scranton rd.1889 
Meckstroth A.W.Third Reformed 860 Eddy rd.1941 
Meena E.M.St. George's (Greek) W. 14 & Starkweather19301942
Meena E.M.St. George's W. 14 & Starkweather19371888
Meikle A.M.Union Cong'l 10202 Kinsman19221923
Meikleham W. B.Cedar Ave. Baptist E. 103 & Cedar1917 
Melcher A. V.St. Francis 7119 Superior1917 
Melcher T. H.German Lutheran Erie & Bolivar18701871
Meldrum A.B.Old Stone Church Public Square19071923
Merchant L.T.Calvary Baptist 3550 W. 2519401942
Merenkow B.Sts.Peter & Paul W. 7 & Professor1937 
Merkel J.Erin Ave. Baptist 98 Hitchcock19031906
Merkel J. H.Nottingham Baptist E. 167 & Arcade1917 
Merkel J.H.First German Baptist Scovill & Forest18791917
Merrill J.M.First Cong'l Greenwood near Pearl18871890
Meschenmoser R.St. Mary's W.30 & Carroll19121930
Metternich F.St. Francis 2136 Superior18921941
Meyer J.H.St. Paul's Evang'l Arthur & Detroit19221942
Meyer J.H.St. Luke's W.85 & Sauer1941 
Meyer T.C.Rocky River M. & E. Detroit & Parsons19211935
Meyrs E.St. Augustine 32 Tremont1876 
Mezera F.Our Lady of Lourdes E. 54 & Hamm19281941
Micek R.St. Stanislaus 3649 E.6519291941
Michaelfelder A.P.Faith Fvang. Luth. Hilliard & Woodward1935 
Michelfelder A.P.Faith Evang'l Hilliard & Woodward19221941
Mickey W.C.Bethany Presby. W.65 & Clinton19031923
Mickle J.C.Mt.Zion Congregational 9014 Cedar ave.1942 
Midgley J.A.All Saints P. & E. Scranton & Mentor19301942
Midkiff E.H.Glenville Baptist 737 E. 10519251942
Miesse G.W.Trinity Eveng'l Asso. E.Madison & Rawlings18751890
Migdol T.St. Mary's 37 Charles Bedford1941 
Migliore V.A.St. Anthony of Padua 1265 Central18881940
Milam C.W.Scovill Ave. M. & E. E. 35 & Scovill1906 
Milet J.M.Gesu Miramar Blvd. & Washington Blvd.1937 
Milholland J.S.Sixth United Presby. 1071 E.1411919 
Milholland J.S.Sixth United Presby. E. 138 & Castalia ave.19231925
Miller B.St. Michael's Clark & Scranton19371940
Miller C.D.First English Luth. E. 105 & Fairmount19101927
Miller E.D.United Presby. 14500 Detroit19041941
Miller E.D.Lakewood United Presby. Lakewood & Detroit1942 
Miller E.I.Gethsemane Evang'l 2392 Noble rd.19261942
Miller E.T.St. Peter's Evang'l Mission E. 79 & Sherman1930 
Miller G.W.Zion Evang'l E. 105 & Hampden19201923
Miller N.A.Gloria Dei Evang'l 5801 Memphis1937 
Milligan J.R.Old Stone Church Public Square ( First Presby.)1906 
Mills C.S.Pilgrim Cong'l Jennings & Starkweather18941901
Minor C.St. John's Epis. Church & Wall18681869
Mirossay V.St. Joseph's 9417 Orleans19231925
Misich J.St. Lawrence 2530 E. 811930 
Misich J.St. Paul's 1371 E. 4018821942
Mitchell A.Calvary Chapel Presby. Euclid & E. Madison1880 
Mitchell A.Old Stone Church Public Square18841940
Mitchell C.B.First M. & E. 606 Euclid19011906
Mitchell E.U.Mt.Calvary Baptist 1963 Central ave.19231925
Mitchell J.Lorain St. M. & E. Lorain bet. Pearl & Hicks18801928
Mitchell J.Taylor St. M. & E. 257 Taylor St.18821883
Mitchell J. M.Mt.Olive Baptist Treadwell Nbgh.1909 
Mitchell L.W.East Mt.Vernon Baptist 2379 E. 7619231937
Mitchell W.H.Archwood Cong'l Archwood near W.2519321940
Mitchell W.S.Epworth Memorial M.& E. Willson & Prospect1906 
Mitro M.Holy Ghost 2403 W. 1419131917
Mittelstede M.G.Shaker Square Baptist 13014 Buckeye rd.1937 
Mittendorf F.H.St. Luke's Evang'l 4204 Pearl rd.19241928
M'Lean W.Old Stone Church Public Square ( First Presby.)18221823
M'Lean W.Old Stone Church Public Square 1822 
Mlotkowski J.Sacred Heart of Jesus E.71 & Kazimier ave.19251934
Mlotkowski J.Immaculate Heart of Mary 6700 Lansing19291942
Moeller J.First United Brethren Orchard & Peach18951897
Moeller J. E.Oakdale Evang'l Oakdale near Steinway18981899
Moeller J.E.Emanuel Evang'l Jennings & Starkweather19001901
Moench C.Indpendent Prot. German 102 Burton18811882
Moench C.St. Marys Seminary 354 Lake1883 
Moench C.Schifflein Christi 1645 Superior19211938
Moes N.A.St. Mary's Seminary 354 Lake near Dodge18841890
Mohorter J.Aetna st. Disciple 15 Aetna St.18961938
Mohr C.St. Peter's 1700 Superior19101937
Molohan J.St. Bridget Perry north of Woodland18711938
Molony J.P.St. Malachi Washington & W. 2518661903
Monaghan A.St. Joseph's E.23 & Woodland19271935
Monaghan J.St. Bridget Perry St. 18681869
Monaghan W.F.St. Charles Ridge rd. & Wilbur19161940
Moncol A.J.Cyril Cong'l W. 43 & Cyril19231925
Monnet P. E.St. John's Presby. Murray Hill & Paul1915 
Monnett P.E.Italian Christian Mission 12108 Mayfield1906 
Monohan J.St. Bridget's Perry north of Woodland18691870
Monteith J.Euclid St. Presby. Euclid & Brownell18651869
Moody W.E.Pentecostal Church E. 57 & White1923 
Mooney E. A.St. Mary's Seminary 1800 Lakeside1917 
Moore A.Mt.Zion Cong'l 2315 E. 3119081910
Moore A.Antioch Baptist 447 Central ave18951899
Moore A. L.East Cleveland Baptist 14516 Euclid ave.19151917
Moore C.E.Glenville Presby. E. 105 & Helena1942 
Moore E. J.Wade Park M. &. E. Wade Park & Marcy18981900
Moore E.M.Cannan Baptist 14701 Ohio19061942
Moore I.Church of God in Christ 2685 E. 531942 
Moore J.W.Zion Evang'l Woodland Hills & Bessemer19041935
Moore O.J.Willson Ave. M. & E. E. 55 & Luther19061907
Moran F.T.St. Patrick's W.38 & Bridge19021940
Moran J.J.Immaculate Conception 4101 Superior19411942
Moran W.T.St. Timothy 4357 E.13119301932
Moreland J.W.Cory Chapel M. & E. Garden & Forest18881890
Morgan J. T.Homested Baptist (Welsh)18961900
Morgan J.G.Jones Ave. Cong'l Jones & Spafford19291930
Morgan J.J.A.Church of the Good Sheperd P. & E. E.Madison1875 
Morgan J.J.A.St. James P. & E. Superior & Alabama18751876
Morgan Y.P.Trinity P. & E. Superior near Bond18881890
Morhart C.C.Church of the Redeemer Evang'l 2966 W. 3019091937
Moriarty M.L.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior19151937
Moritz P.Immanuel Evang'l Sussex rd. & Lomond Blvd19291930
Morlock M. C. St. Johanne's Evang'l 2108 W.441916 
Morrison W. W.Christian Missionary Alliance 10205 Cedar1915 
Morrow R.Kinsman St. M. & E. Kinsman & Herald18861890
Morton A.D.South Park M. & E. E. 18 & Walnut1875 
Morton E.W.Shaffer Memorial M.& E. 12902 Miles ave19131922
Morton J.Wilson Ave. M.& E. 29 Dibble ave.19021905
Moschenmoser R.St. Mary's W.30 & Carroll1923 
Moseley C.J.St. Catherine's E.93 & St. Catherine ave19271941
Moseley C.J.St. Columkill's E. 26 & Superior19121926
Mosley C.J.Immaculate Conception 1513 Superior19031906
Mosley T.S.Church of God 2380 E. 391923 
Mosshammer J.P.Second or Bethel United Brethern Elton & Dudley18841887
Motkowski J.St.John Cantius Professor & College1915 
Mott C. A.Second Friends 7915 Vinyard ave.1917 
Mott C.F.Collinwood M. & E. 15228 St. Clair19191934
Mott C.F.Trinity M. & E. W.99 & Madison18801930
Mott R.First United Evang'l Erie & Ohio18881896
Mott R.J.Advent P. & E. Delaware & Woodward19401942
Mottershead J.Lakewood United Methodist 15700 Detroit19111938
Moulton A.K.Free Will Baptist Putnam & Scovill1873 
Movitski P.S.St. Hyacinth's E. 61 & Francis1918 
Mower S.Taylor St. M. & E. 255 Taylor St.18741876
Moxom E.J.First Baptist Erie & Bolivar1882 
Moxom P.S.First Baptist Euclid & Erie18791908
Mueller A. H.Salem M. & E. Cypress near Pearl Rd.1915 
Mueller D.West Park M. & E. W. 135 & Lorain19251930
Mueller E.G.St. Phillip's Evang'l 2426 E. 7919401942
Mueller F.Salem Church Evang'l 114 Linden19001941
Mueller F.Emmanuel Evang'l Luth. 2928 Scranton rd.18921900
Mueller F.Immanuel Evang'l W. 14 & Starkweather1906 
Mueller F.W.Zion Evang'l 65 Aaron18961899
Muffitt W.C.Bridge St. Free Methodist Bridge & Taylor1894 
Mufleh M.St. Elias 1227 Webster ave.19231926
Mufleh M.St. Elias 3166 Scranton rd.19261941
Mulder J.First Holland Reformed 2136 W. 5819131914
Mulgrew E.J.St. Aloysius 10932 St. Clair19331940
Mulholland J.F.Immaculate Conception 4129 Superior19311934
Mulholland K.W.St. Vincent DePaul 13400 Lorain19301936
Mullen J.St. James 17514 Detroit St.1915 
Mullen J.St. Thomas Aquinas 9205 Superior1917 
Mullen S.East Glenville Meth. 555 Eddy Rd.1939 
Mullen S.A.Epworth Euclid M. & E. 1909 E.10719281940
Mullen S.H.Brooklyn Memorial M. & E. 2615 Archwood18881942
Muller D. H.Central M. & E. Prospect & Willson18861888
Muller D.H.Scovill Ave. M. & E. Scovill & Longwood18831886
Mullet W. L. E. 75 St. Evang'l Church E. 75 st19351937
Mulligan T.P.St. Malachi Washington & W. 2519101916
Mulligan T.P.St. Timothy 4357 E.13119251942
Munds W.C.Church of the Incarnation St. Clair & Glenville19271930
Munson D.Walworth M. & E. 1227 Giddins rd.1939 
Munson D.B.Walworth M. & E. 1337 Giddings rd1941 
Munson F.M.St. Mary's P. & E. Woodland & Wallingford18881890
Muresan O.St. Mary's 6201 Detroit ave.1915 
Murphy A.St. John's Cath 1007 Superior19261941
Murphy A.J.St. Agnes 8000 Euclid ave19231937
Murphy C.P.Community Spiritualist 8303 Central19411942
Murphy E. J.St'Lukes Bunts & Clifton Blvd1940 
Murphy G.F.Immaculate Conception E.41 & Superior18931941
Murphy M.St. Augustine's 32 Tremont18801940
Murphy M.St. Mary's Theological 600 Lake18861888
Murphy R.E.St. Aloysius 10932 St. Clair19351937
Murphy T.J.St. Ann's 2175 Coventry19341938
Murphy W.J.St. Thomas Aquinas 9205 Superior19261930
Murray E.W.True Vine Baptist 7519 Central1940 
Musalski S.St. Stanislaus 3649 E.6519301900
Muse H. M.Mt.Zion Cong'l at Chase Hall18651866
Musil J.Cyril Cong'l W. 43 & Cyril18921917
Mutschmann E.E.St. Paul's Evang'l 7322 Elton19281942
Myers C.H.Plymouth Cong'l Coventry & Weymouth rd.19231926
Myers J.C.First Meth. Ohio & Brownell1888 
Myers L.B.Trinity Evang'l East Madison & Rawlings19001921
Myers R.West Park Friends 3778 W. 1401940 
Myers W.A.Scranton Ave. Free Baptist 1018 Scranton rd.18981911
Myland D. W.Gospel Church 1192 Central18691871
Myler J.P.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard18841887
Mylott R.St. Augustines 2486 West 1419061940
Mylott R.Annunciation W. 22 & Moore18991906
Nagel B.Second Holland Christian 1054 1/2 [old] First ave.19051906
Nash W.St. Philomena's 13824 Euclid19111918
Naumann W.L.Calvary Evang'l 2765 Woodhill rd.19091921
Navin R.B.St. Agnes 8000 Euclid ave19251926
Neale R.W.First Rocky River Baptist 19643 Center Ridge rd.1930 
Necid L.Nativity 9600 Aetna rd.19061907
Necid L.St. Ladislaus E. 92 & Holton19081941
Negele C.F.Salem Evang'l Erie & Eagle1875 
Neitz F.C.Oakdale Evang'l Oakdale near Steinway18981900
Nellis M. F.St. Thomas Aquinas 9205 Superior19061908
Nelsenius G.Swedish Evang'l 434 Central1889 
Nelson F.H.Community Presby. 1659 Rosewood ave. Lkwd.19401941
Nelson H.E.Christian Missionary Alliance 9814 Cedar1923 
Nelson H.E.Gospel Tabernacle 1552 E. 931923 
Nelson S.A.First Swedish Baptist White & Dent18981905
Neumann M.Franciscan Monastery Hazen & Chapel1889 
Neumeister M.Bethlehem Evang'l E. 65 near Union1906 
Neumeister M.Zion Evang'l E. 105 & Hampden1940 
Neustick J.B.St. Mary's W. 30 & Carroll18881891
Newcomb O.R.Forrestdale Mission Parma Ohio1921 
Newton B.G.Franklin Ave. Cong'l W. 38 & Franklin18981889
Newton W. L.St. Mary's Seminary 1227 Ansel rd1937 
Nichola J.Evang'l Asso. Erie & Eagle18481849
Nichols F.E.Kinsman Rd. M. & E. 7401 Kinsman1930 
Nichols F.J.Grace M. & E. E. 83 & Quincy19221932
Nichols J.R.Bethlehem Cong'l Broadway & Fowler18881890
Nickel J.St. Peter's Evang'l 2424 E. 7919231925
Nicley H.True Missionary Baptist 3211 Scovill1937 
Nicolay C.A.St. Boniface 5300 Denison1937 
Nieberding E.J.St. Vincent DePaul 13400 Lorain1938 
Nieberding E.J.St. Francis DeSales Parma Ohio1937 
Nieberding E.J.St. Charles State rd. Parma Ohio1934 
Niemann J.H.Triniry Evang'l 2049 W. 3018761910
Niemeyer G.First Reformed 65 Quincy18871925
Niemeyer G.Ebenezer Dutch Reformed Lawn & Aspen18871889
Nist A.M.St. Boniface 5300 Denison1941 
Noakes B.Church of the Epiphany Euclid & Glen Park18891900
Noakes B.T.Emanuel P. & E. Euclid & Brookfield18801899
Noble C.D.Swedenborgian Unitarian Scovill & Wilson18701872
Noble G.N.Phillips Chapel C.M.E. 2633 E. 6319251930
Noble T.K.University Hts. Cong'l University Hts.18701873
Nolan J.St. Marys Seminary 354 Lake19131941
Nolan J.St. Bridget Perry north of Woodland1908 
Nolan J.A.Holy Rosary 12021 Mayfield rd.19221914
Nolan J.F.St. Edward's 6914 Woodland ave.19171923
Nolan J.F.St. Thomas Aquinas 9205 Superior19061917
Norcross A.H.Central M. & E. Prospect & Willson18841886
Norris R. J.Fulton Rd. M. & E. Fulton & Chatham1917 
Norris R.J.Franklin Ave. M. & E. W. 32 & Franklin19251929
Norton H.D.Grove M. & E. Quincy & Southern18881890
Nottage T.B.Central Gospel Tabernacle 8232 Central ave.1942 
Novak A.St. Nicholas E.22 near Scovill1906 
Novak F.Holy Family 13205 Chapelside19321940
Novak J.St. Vitus 6111 Glass1917 
Novak J.W.Our Lady of Lourdes E.54 & Hamm19031907
Novak W.F.Holy Family E.131 &Southview19311942
Novak W.F.St. Procops West 41 & Trent19131936
Nowak A.Temple on the Hights 3130 Mayfield rd.1930 
Nowak A.Bnai Jeshrun Temple E.55 & Scovill19031924
Nugarsky J.St. Boniface 5300 Denison19001933
Nussbaum J.Christian & Missionary Alliance 4247 Pearl rd1942 
Nutting J. D.Utah Gospel Mission 9277 Amesbury ave.1937 
Nystrom G.Walworth M. & E. 1337 Giddings rd1913 
O' Reilly J.St. John's Cath. Erie & Superior18681869
Obenhaus V.Church of the Covenant 10660 Carnegie19141937
O'Boyle W.J.St. Timothy 4357 E.13119361940
O'Brien J.St. John's Cath. E. 9 & Superior19401941
O'Brien M.St. Colman's 2027 W.6518981900
O'Brien P.St. Patrick's W. 38 & Bridge18901892
O'Callaghan E.M.St. Colman's 2027 W.6518801928
O'Callagher C.J.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior1873 
O'Callagher E.M.St. Patrick's W. 38 & Bridge18781887
O'Connell P.J.St. Rose of Lima W.114 & Detroit19251942
O'Connell P.J.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard19171923
O'Connell P.J.St. Johns Cath. 1007 Superior19021940
O'Connell J.T.St. Mary's Seminary 354 Lake near Dodge18881890
O'Connor J.St. Bridget Perry north of Woodland1904 
O'Connor J.St. John's Cath. Erie & Superior18801926
O'Connor J.St. Augustine's Jennings & Howard18901906
O'Connor J. A.St. Colman's 2027 W.6519071909
O'Donnell W.Our Lady of Mt. Carmel 11021 Mt.Carmel Rd.19351951
Oeberman L.Hayden Ave. Gospel Church 2580 Hayden ave.19281900
Oehlschlegel H.First United Brethren Orchard & Peach1900 
Oetjen J.Cedar Ave M. & E. E. 71 & Cedar ave.1923 
O'Farrell K. B.Emmanuel P.&E. E.87 & Euclid19091929
Ogden R.Case Ave. Presby. Case & Cedar18831886
O'Grady R.St. Jerome's 15000 Lakeshore Blvd.19221924
O'Hara J.F.St. James 17514 Detroit St.1928 
Ohare E.M.St. Patrick's W.38 & Bridge19031906
Oldsen A.St. Paul's Evang'l Arthur & Detroit19381936
O'Leary J.St. Patrick's 3600 Bridge18941940
O'Leary J.St. Colman's 2027 W.6519051940
Olejnyik G.St. Elizabeth 9016 Buckeye rd.19341937
Oliver I.C.Olive Baptist 2171 E. 2219251940
Olmstead E.H.West Madison Ave. Christian Madison & Wellington18981932
Olmstead W.B.Bridge St. Free Baptist W. 52 & Bridge18851890
O'Loughlin W.C.St. Ignatius 10205 Lorain St.19101941
Olsavsky A.Sts.Peter & Paul 2051 Quail19231940
Olson O.T.Epworth Euclid M. & E. 1909 E.10719341941
Olthoff J. F.Erie Ave. Baptist Erie & Hitchcock19091913
O'Malley M. J.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior1913 
O'Malley M. J.St. Columbkill's Superior & E. 2619151917
O'Malley M.J.St. Patrick's 3600 Bridge19041912
Oman J.J.St. Lawrence 2530 E. 8119171941
Ondik M.J.Holy Name 8328 Broadway19301940
O'Neil J.C.St. Agnes 8000 Euclid ave19381940
O'Neil W.J.St. Jerome's 15000 Lakeshore Blvd. 1938
O'Neill F.J.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard18801908
Opperman J.F.Friedens Kirche Waterman & Todd1894 
Oppermann F.Christus Kirche W.98 & Cudell18691934
O'Reilly J.St. Columba Superior & Alabama1873 
O'Reilly T.C.Villa Angela Chapel 17001 Lake Shore Blvd.19121942
O'Reilly T.J.St. Joseph's 14405 St. Clair1941 
O'ReillyT.C.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior18991927
Oriemanski A.B.Corpus Christi 4124 Stickney1942 
Orlemanski A.B.Corpus Christi 4124 Stickney19401941
Orlowski H.St. John Cantius 2286 Proffessor18981906
Oros J.St. John the Baptist R.C. 8021 Rawlings19031913
Orosz S.First Hungarian Baptist 8005 Holton19151917
Oroze J.St. John the Baptist 80 Rawlings1904 
Orwig W.W.Friedenskirche Eveng'l Brown bet. Woodland & Pratt 1875 1880  
Orzechowski M.J.StJohn Cantius Fairfield & Collage19171940
Orzechowski M.J.Immaculate Heart of Mary 6700 Lansing19151929
Osborn D.C.Erie St. Methodist Woodland & Perry18671871
Osgood R.G.Crawford Rd. Christian 1607 Crawford rd.19411942
O'Shea D.St. Edwards E. 69 & Woodland1915 
Osowski E.J.St. Casimir's 8223 Sowinski ave.19301940
Otheman E.Superior St. Baptist Superior & Minnesota1900 
Ott G.Zion Evang'l 411 Erie18841940
Ozmun S.P.Rocky River M. & E. Detroit & Parsons19231925
Pace F.W.Church of the Redeemer Presby.1350 W. 6919231942
Pace F.W.Italian Presby. Mission 1350 W. 691923 
Paceleo G. C.Italian Baptist Mission E. 33 near Woodland1915 
Page S.B.Second Baptist Erie & Ohio18561866
Page W. M.East Mt. Zion Baptist 10816 Frank ave.1915 
Page W.M.Gethsemane Baptist E. 30 & Scovill19231926
Paine L.Central M. & E. Prospect & Willson18871889
Pakiz M.St. Mary's of the Assumption Crosby near Case1909 
Paley E.Beth Israel Cong. E.43 & Scovill1919 
Paley E.Beth Hamidrash Hagodol 1161 E. 10519251942
Paley E.Beth Hamidrash Hagodl E. 27 & Woodland19151917
Palmer A.R.M. & E. Mission Bridge & Taylor18631871
Palmer H.Swedish Cong'l 7411 Decker19151930
Paltrovitch S.Anshe Emeth Cong. Erie near Woodland18801900
Palus I.J.St. Peters 1700 Superior19331939
Palus J.M.St. Michael's Scranton & Clark1911 
Panuska W.A.St. Procops West 41 & Trent18961900
Parcels Rev. Mr.Mormon Church of Christ18481849
Pardee C.J.Highland Christian W. 119 & Lorain19211923
Parish H.L.Clark Mission Methodist Lorain near Pearl18641891
Parker C. L.First Cong'l of Collinwood Manchester & Mars19081910
Parker C.J.Christian Army Gospel Mission E. 40 & Cantral1923 
Parker C.L.Union Cong'l 10202 Kinsman1919 
Parker C.L.Union Cong'l E. 94 & Ramona Blvd.19151918
Parker S.E.Friendship Baptist 3656Scoville ave.1937 
Parosi L.A.Holy Trinity Evang'l 2508 E. 2019251922
Parrish H.L.Pelton Ave. M. & E. Pelton bet. Literary & College1875 
Parrish H.L.Clark M. & E. Mission Lorain near Pearl18661873
Parrott H.B.Trinity Baptist Broadway & Fullerton19401941
Partch L.Olmsted Falls Ohio19071940
Patch O.D.First Free Will Baptist Scranton & Clark18751893
Patterson B. J.St. John's E. 9 & Superior ave.1917 
Patterson C.C.Church of the Incarnation St. Clair & Glenville1903 
Patterson C.T.All Soul's 10075 Keemar ct.19081930
Patterson G.F.Church of the Incarnation St. Clair & Glenville19001941
Patterson R. G.Seventh Day Adventists E. 55 & Hough ave.1915 
Patterson R. J.St. John's Cath. E. 9 & Superior1915 
Patterson R.J.St. Christopher's 20141 Detroit rd.19221942
Patterson T.C.Lily Baptist 2535 E. 3319371941
Pattie J.R.Church of the Ascension 13216 Detroit St.19411942
Patton B.B.Holsey Mission A.M.E. 3603 Croton ave.19251920
Patton P.St. Joseph 14422 Aspinwall ave.1937 
Paukszto V.St. George's E. 21 & Oregon1906 
Paul R.W.Denison Ave. Cong'l 9901 Denison ave.19241934
Paulson A.First Swedish Baptist 1418 Addison rd.1915 
Paulus I.J.St. Michael's Clark & Scranton19391940
Paulus I.J.St. Peter's E. 17 & Superior1932 
Pawlikowski R.Sacred Heart Of Jesus 4326 E.7119401942
Pawlikowski R.T.Our Lady of Czestochowa 3510 Broadview rd.1941 
Paxton B. W.St. Andrew's P. & E. 2334 Central1915 
Payne J.H.Cory M. & E. Chapel Garden & Forest18841887
Payne L.Central M. & E. Prospect & Willson1889 
Payzant A.S.St. Paul's P. & E. 14137 Euclid ave.19151925
Pearce E.E.Broadway M. & E. Broadway & Gallup19151922
Pearse C.J.First Baptist Fairmount & Eaton19151937
Pearse R. W.Glenville Baptist E.105 near Elgin19091917
Peck C.L.Garfield M. & E. 5001 Turney rd.19401941
Peck C.L.Shaffer Memorial M.& E. 12902 Miles ave19171920
Peck C.L.Second Friends 4499 Werner rd.19301935
Peck C.L.Asbury M. & E. Superior & Russell19061911
Peddel F.C.Full Gospel Mission 3719 Mack Ct.1935 
Peery T.B.Trinity Evang'l Detroit & Hall19301940
Pelikan J.Pentecost Evang'l 13303 Madison ave.19301941
Pellina H.Holy Rosary 12021 Mayfield rd.1915 
Pendleton C.H.Idaka Baptist Memorial Church Kennard & Prospect18841887
Penfold C.C.First United Presby. 7101 Carnegie19401941
Penfold C.W.Boulevard Prosby. 1319 East Blvd.1942 
Penner P.E.Evang'l Mision 9707 Steinway ave.19071908
Peppard J.P.St. Philip Neri 8209 St. Clair19161941
Perkins B.J.Friendship Baptist 2301 E. 551941 
Perkins B.J.Friendship Baptist 2301 E. 5519301942
Perkins S.G.Collinwood M. & E. 15228 St. Clair19271930
Perry G. B.St. Paul's Evang'l Euclid & Sheriff18461853
Perry G.B.Grace P. & E. Huron & Erie18481856
Peter J.St. Emerich W.24 near Lorain19131940
Peterson V.A.St. James P. & E. E. 55 & Whittier19231942
Peterson V.H.Calvary Evang'l 2765 Woodhill rd.19411942
Petre G.Hungarian Baptist Fulton & Chatham19001941
Petrovich B.St. Starvo's 1565 E. 3619371930
Petty C.E.All Souls Universalist Superior & Melbourne1915 
Pevk C.L.Garfield M. & E. 5001 Turney rd.1940 
Pfeil N.St. Peter's 1700 Superior18971929
Pferrer R.G.Zion Evang'l E. 105 & Hampden19411942
Philip J.Sharith Israel 3342 E. 1191942 
Philips T.D.Park Cong'l Crawford & Cullison1900 
Phillips H.C.First Cleveland Baptist Fair Mount & Eaton rd.19301942
Phillips R.Salvation Army # 2 E. 77 & Quincy1941 
Phillips R.Salvation Army 4139 E. 9319251941
Phillips W.F.Lakewood M. & E. 15700 Detroit1940 
Philo S.Anshe Chesed Cong. Erie near Woodland18861888
Pickard G.E.Cleveland Hts. M. & E. Superior & Hampshire19251922
Pickard W.B.Epworth Euclid M. & E. Willson & Prospect18981904
Pickard W.L.First Baptist Prospect & Kennard18981901
pickering M.Salvation Army Industrial 715 Bolivar1923 
Pickett C.H.Tabernacle Baptist 7243 Kinsman Rd.1941 
Pieper F.Trinity Evang'l 2131 W. 3019011925
Piepkorn A.C.Faith Evang'l 1181 Hayden19121940
Pierce W. W.Bethel Mission Superior & Spring18861888
Pietrusiewicz F.St. Stanislaus 3649 E.6519401942
Pillow E.J.St. Paul's Baptist 2564 E. 3819011925
Pilot H.W.Calvary Baptist 2610 Library19111917
Pinney A.Second Baptist Erie St.18561857
Piotrowski I.Sts.Cyril & Methodius 12608 Madison1919 
Piotrowski I.St. Mary's Berea Ohio1927 
Piotrowski L. St. Casmil's E. 82 & Palaski1913 
Piper A.E.First M. & E. 3250 Euclid19221923
Piper W. H.Zion Tabernacle 192 Onario18691871
Pirritte W.Taylor St. M. & E. Taylor near Bridge1873 
Pitrowski I.St. Casmir's E.82 & Sowinski1906 
Place H.S.Gordon ave.M. & E. 1880 W.6518971912
Platzer H.K.Gospel Center 1871 E. 811941 
Pleshko P.Russian Mission Baptist Tremont & College1925 
Plummer R.J.Tired Stone Baptist 3762 Scovill1941 
Poat M.Our Lady of Good Counsel 4423 Pearl rd.19181919
Pobst L.East Cleveland Baptist 14516 Euclid ave.1937 
Pocock E.W.Noble Rd. Presby. Noble & Kirkwood19091942
Podetsky I.M.Ohr Chudosh Beth Anshe Sfard 10522 Amor19401942
Poeath I.Oheb Zedek 10915 Morison ave1930 
Pohzehl W.F.Martin Luther Evang'l West 89 & Madison18971910
Pollak A.Our Lady of Good Councel 4423 Pearl rd.19361939
Pollock W.Lakewood United Presby. 14500 Detroit19231940
Pomeroy C.S.Second Presby. Superior & Wood18751920
Ponikvar B.St. Vitus 6111 Glass19111942
Pop E.St. Maria's 6202 Detroit ave.19211930
Pope R.B.First M. & E. Euclid & Erie18861889
Pope T.J.M.& E. Church Hanover & Church1856 
Popovich P.St. John 2036 Scovill1917 
Porath I.Niveh Zedak 11901 Union ave.19401942
Poratunszky S.St. Michael's 4502 Bridge19371940
Porter C. M.Woodland Hills. M. & E. E. 93 & Union1915 
Porter C.M.Union Ave. M. & E. 9108 Union ave.19131918
Porter H.H.Euclid Village Cong'l E. 214 & Euclid19251940
Porter P.St. Mary's P. & E. 9719 Ramona Blvd.19151916
Post H.Our Lady of Good Counsel 4423 Pearl rd.19161921
Poteat E.M.Eucild Ave Baptist 1926 E. 1819391940
Potts A.Church of God E.93 & Woodland19221937
Powell E.R.Broadview Baptist 4505 Broadview19301942
Powers J.J.Holy Name Harvard & Broadway1891 
Powers J.M.St. Ann's 2175 Coventry19171942
Powers J.M.St. Thomas Aquinas 9205 Superior19051915
Prather R.E.Bedford Nazarenes E.Glendale near Broadway1942 
Pratt N.M.Plymouth Cong'l E. 22 & Prospect19061910
Pratt W.M.Mt.Nebo Baptist 1279 E. 1219231925
Pretzer A.C.St. Mary's Jersey & Carroll19091940
Preuss E.M.Tenth Reformed 725 E. 10119141941
Price J. J.St. Columbkill's Superior & E. 2619151917
Price J.J.Immaculate Conception Northfield rd.19071941
Price W.W.Tried Stone Baptist 2200 Broadway1906 
Pricee J.St. Columbkill's Superior & Alabama1916 
Prieska A.Christ P. & E. Orange & Belmont18911914
Priestley J.Wade Park Ave. M. & E. Wade Park & Marcy1933 
Prince B.J.Shiloh Baptist Church E. 30 near Central1906 
Prince B.J.Shiloh Baptist E. 55 & Scovill1925 
Prisc S.St. Benedict's 2940 East Blvd.1937 
Prisc S.St. Andrew's 5103 Superior19401942
Prislopsky V.St. Michaels Greek Cath. 3570 E. Blvd.19391942
Proehl A.C.St. Paul's Evang'l Dudley & Elton1923 
Profant M.First Slovak Baptist Tremont & College19231926
Prohl R.C.Church of the Redeemer 2966 West 3019381941
Prosser D.Perry St. M & E. Perry St.18511852
Prosser D.St. Clair Ave M. & E. St. Clair & Parkwood 1853
Prosser D.Euclid Ave. M. & E. Euclid & Oakdale18871888
Prosser D.Kinsman St. M. & E. Kinsman & Herald18831886
Prosser D.Woodland Ave. M. & E. Woodland & Lisbon18751875
Prosser D.Willson Ave. M. & E. Willson near Superior18541875
Prucha J.Mizpah Cong'l 3734 E. 5919311942
Prucha J.Immanuel Cong'l 2371 E.8219051910
Prucha J.Bethlehem Cong'l Broadway & Fowler18941930
Prucha J.Euclid Village Cong'l 11716 Woodland Ave. 1923
Prucha J.Immanuel Cong'l 2371 E. 8219131918
Pulley A.E.Bethel A.M.E. 5504 Kinsman rd.1942 
Pullman T.First Unitarian E.82 & Euclid1935 
Pullmann H. J.First German M. & E. Scovill & Sterling18981900
Purcell Rev. Dr.St. John's E. 9 & Superior ave.18371838
Purpus W.Dutch P. & E. Erie & Hamilton1873 
Putnam A.B.Emanuel P. & E. Euclid & Brookfield18881890
Quackenbush N.First Baptist Euclid & Erie18651869
Quaife R.Irving St. Cong'l Irving & Orange18881890
Quick O.B.Cory Center A.M.E. 3500 Scovill ave.19401941
Quigley P.F.St. Mary's Seminary 1227 Ansel rd.18841886
Quinn J.J.St. Catherine's E.93 & Heath18961940
Quinn P.J.St. Agnes 8000 Euclid ave19001920
Raca E.St. Anthony of Padua 1265 Central1915 
Radecki A.A.St. Casimir's 8223 Sowinski ave.19261942
Rader L.S.Woodland Ave. M. & E. Woodland & Slater1891 
Raffensberger E.B.Westminster Presby Prospect & Huntington18701873
Rahill J. W. Calvary Cong'l Lockwood near Euclid ave.1917 
Raidabaugh P.W.Calvary Evang'l Asso. Oakdale near Woodland1888 
Raidabaugh P.W.Calvary Evang'l Asso. Oakdale near Woodland18881890
Raile F.N.Glenville Presby. Doan & Helena1900 
Ralph E.A.Bethlehem Cong'l Broadway & Fowler19301942
Ralph W.W.Broadway M. & E. 5646 Broadway1940 
Ramsey J.W.Bethany Evang'l Luth. W. 89 & Willard19201923
Ranaker A.J.Second Baptist Case near Kelly18871889
Randall E.F.Olivet Baptist West 52 & Bridge19341941
Randel W.H.St. Jerome's 15000 Lakeshore Blvd.19351936
Randolph J.A.Bethlehem Baptist 310 S.Woodland1940 
Rantz A.J.St. John's P. & E. W. 26 & Church St.19411942
Rappaport M.Anshe Emeth Congregation Eagle near Woodland18841886
Rappe A.St. Johns Cath. 1007 Superior18351870
Rath L.Sacred Heart of Mary 4423 Pearl rd.19121940
Ratz J.M.St. Emeric's 1924 W. 2219181919
Raudenbush J.Third Spiritualists 6523 Euclid ave.1925 
Rautanen V.Finnish Evang'l 1433 W. 5719301942
Ravinson G.Ohave Amuno Anshe Russia 3530 E. 221906 
Raymond J.T.Fidelity Baptist 8402 Wade Park19171926
Ready M.J.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior19301940
Ready M.S.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard19241925
Reager J.S.Scovill Ave. M. & E. Scovill & Longwood1896 
Reber G.St. Malachi Washington & W. 2519081927
Reber G.St. Boniface 5300 Denison19291937
Rebholz S.St. Peter's 1700 Superior1873 
Recker D.C.First English Evang'l Euclid Hts.Blvd. & Derbyshire19401942
Redecki A.A.St. Casmir's E.82 & Sowinski19351940
Redmer L.St. Hyacinth 6114 Francis ave19081915
Redmer L.St. Casmir's E.82 & Sowinski19151925
Redmer L.S.St. Hyacinth's E. 61 & Francis19171918
Redmond J.B.Cory A.M.E. E. 35 & Scovill1923 
Reece M.W.Rhodes Ave. M. & E. 3558 Chatham19071912
Reed A. M.Fourth United Presby. E. 105 & Massie ave.1915 
Reed C.D.Zion M. & E. E. 93 & Bessemer19411942
Reeder G. A.Trinity M. & E. W.99 & Madison1915 
Reeder G.A.Lorain M. & E. Lorain betw. Pearl & Hicks18961899
Reeder G.A.Jennings Ave M. & E. Jennings & Starkweather1900 
Reeves C.W.Grove M. & E. Southern near Quincy18881889
Reeves S.J.Union Grove Baptist 7509 Woodland1941 
Regan M.J.St. Malachi Washington & W. 251906 
Rehak L.St. Benedict's 2940 East Blvd.19121942
Reia E.St. Anthony's 1267 Central ave.1917 
Reich J.Ahavas Zion Congregation E. 61 & Woodland1915 
Reich M. W.The Temple (Tifereth IsraelCong. 140 Putnam18981899
Reiches W.Anshe Grodno 2359 E. 551930 
Reichlin C.St. Stephen's 1930 West 5418731916
Reichlin U.A.St. Rose of Lima W.114 & Detroit1941 
Reid A.B.Brooklyn United Presby. 3710 Spokane19121917
Reidenbach R.R.Martin Luther Evang'l West 89 & Madison18981940
Reilley T.C.St. Colman's 2027 W.651918 
Reilly E.A.Our Lady of Peace E. 126 & Shaker Blvd.18941942
Reilly E.A.St. Patrick's W.38 & Bridge19101911
Reitinger P.Mizpah Congregational E.55 near Fleet19121917
Relic M.St. Nicholas E. 36 & Superior19301940
Renter W.Fifth Reformed Evang'l 50 Higgins18871900
Repovich P.St. John's E. 22 near Scovill1917 
Reutenik H. J. German Reformed Penn & Carroll18651869
Reutenik H. J. Eight Reformed Tracy near Pearl rd.18981890
Revis J.St. Wenceslaus Arch & Burwell18681873
Reynolds G.Mt.Zion Cong'l 9014 Cedar ave.18991941
Reynolds J.St. Colman's 2027 W.6519301880
Reynolds J.J.St. Clement's Lincoln & Madison1930 
Rheindorff R.St. Joseph's Woodland & Chapel1887 
Rhode P.St. Joseph E.23 & Woodland19081923
Riale F.Glenville Presby. Doan & Helena18981937
Ribbins J.W.Providence Baptist 2344 E. 3019401941
Rice F.Tried Stone Baptist 448 Broadway1903 
Richards H.P.Lakewood Cong'l Detroit & Highland1897 
Richards J.E.Welsh Baptist Wire near Wire Mills1879 
Richardson A. M.East Cleveland Cong'l18651870
Richmond J.O.Fidelity Baptist 8402 Wade Park19271941
Rickard W.S.Ninth Evang'l Reformed E.74 & Lockyear19281942
Rickel A.M.Clevaland Hts.Evang'l S.Taylor rd & E.Scarborough rd.1930 
Rickert E.St. Margaret's 2919 E. 11619161926
Rider W.H.Euclid Ave. M. & E. Euclid & Oakdale18881889
Rider W.H.Miles Park M. & E. E.91 & Miles Park1890 
Riley E.A.Our Lady of Peace E. 126 & Shaker Blvd.19031938
Riley M.A.St. Colman's 2027 W.6519131928
Rilling J.W.Trinity Evang'l 16402 Detroit19401942
Ring T.G.Immaculate Conception 4129 Superior19171940
Ring W.C.St. Gregory's 1545 Green Rd.1941 
Ring W.C.Immaculate Conception E.41 & Superior19151930
Rippe H.H.Schifflein Christi 1645 Superior1902 
Ritter I.Metropolitan Community A.M.E. 8121 Quincy ave19401941
Ritzenberg S.E.Ohr Chudosh Beth Jacob Anshe Sfard 3471 E. 1401930 
Robbins J.W.Providence Baptist 4315 Broadway1923 
Roberts E. H.Detroit Ave. M. & E. Detroit & Winchester1917 
Roberts E.R.Athens Fire Baptist Church 3210 Central19161927
Roberts H.Salvation Army 2304 East (1928 
Roberts J.Jones Rd. Cong'l 8012 Jones rd.19151942
Roberts J.S.Mt.Pleasant M. & E. 12702 Abell ave.19351941
Robertson I,St. Matthew's P. & E. W. 84 & Clark1942 
Robertson J.L.Euclid St. Presby. Euclid & Brownell1880 
Robinson C.J.West Park Friends 3778 W. 1401942 
Robinson J.G.Bethany Presby. W.65 & Clinton19201940
Robinson S.L.Liberty Hall Baptist 5719 Kinsman19231925
Robinson W.Monumental Baptist 2537 E. 3319231925
Robinson W.A.Franklin St. M. & E. West 32 & Franklin18801912
Rocchi H.St. Anthony of Padua 1265 Central19061926
Rochester D.R.Church of God & Saints of Christ # 1 7516 Woodland1942 
Rochester E.D.Church of God & Saints of Christ 1604 Scovill1923 
Rockwell L.E.St. James 17514 Detroit St.19241936
Rodgers E.F.St. Stephen's Cumberland Presby. E. 55 & Scovill1941 
Rodgers E.F.Cumberland Presby. 2632 E. 611942 
Rodgers T.L.Tabernacle Baptist Scovill & Sterling18691871
Rodman B.J.Gesu Miramar Blvd. & Washington Blvd.19311942
Roemer J.L.South Presby. Scranton & Prame18951900
Roentgen J.H.First Reformed 105 Fulton18841895
Roentgen J.H.Seventh Ind. Evang'l E. 63 near Woodland19061915
Roentgen J.H.C.First Evang'l Reformed Penn & Carroll18861897
Rogers T. L.Baptist Tabernacle Scovill ave.18681869
Rogers W.H.St. Stephen's P. & E. 863 E. 15018951925
Rogers W.M.Independent Baptist 3530 Independence1930 
Rogosz S.Our Lady of Czestochowa E. 141 & Harvard19231940
Rohner J.St. Stephens 1930 West 5419191929
Rohrbaugh H.J.Eight Reformed 2409 Willowdale19251900
Romilly W.S.L.Grace Church E. 91 & Harvard19141915
Romoser G.A.Grace Evang'l E.55 & Lexington19111915
Rooney W.Holy Cross E.200 & Lakeshore Blvd.19301917
Rosbough J.L.Chestnut Grove Baptist 2481 E. 6319301919
Rosca T.St. Mary's 6201 Detroit ave.1917 
Rosenburg P.Kneseth Israel E. 105 & Columbia19301942
Rosenthal R. M.B'ani Jeshurum 3130 Mayfield rd.19401942
Rosinski B.St. Stanislaus 3649 E.6518941902
Ross W.S.Hough Ave. Baptist 8273 Hough ave.1941 
Roth R.St. Boniface 5300 Denison19231926
Rothchild E.Ohavel Emuna Anshe 294 Perry19001935
Rothenberger W.F.Franklin Circle Fulton & Franklin19071917
Rothrock E.S.Congregational Church 2101 Holmden1907 
Rothrock E.S.Congregational Headquarters 1229 Schofleld Bld.1917 
Rothrock L.E.Miles Park M. & E. E.91 & Miles Park1930 
Rothschild E.Ohavel Emuna Anshe 113 Hill18871890
Rothschild E.Beth Israel Chebra Kadisha 85 Hill18801889
Rothsewiler J.St. Paul's M. & E. W.44 & Bridge18721883
Roup N.St. John's Cath 1007 Superior1853 
Roush O.German United Evang'l Pearl & Memphis18911927
Rowe W. S.Wade Park Ave. M. & E. 86 & Wade Park ave.1915 
Rowe W.S.Schaffler Memorial M. & E. 12002 Miles19161940
Royce L.H.East Cleveland Cong'l Euclid & Page19121904
Royce L.R.First Wesleyan Methodist Euclid & Brownell1875 
Rubinsky B.St. Theodosius Starkweather & St. Olga1915 
Rudd W.C.Josephine Baptist Mission Perry & Cherry18981903
Ruddick C.E.Mt.Zion Cong'l Maple near Garden18731875
Rudge E.St. Mary's 1950 W. 3019251942
Ruebsaat G.St. Mary's W. 30 & Carroll18961901
Ruetenik H.J.German Reformed Penn & Carroll18631868
Ruetenik H.J.Eight Reformed 3102 Riverside18881906
Ruf L.E.Windermere Presby. Windermere & Euclid19151923
Rulison N.S.St. Paul's P. & E. Euclid & Case18801902
Rundt C.H.Immanuel Evang'l W. 14 & Starkweather19141916
Rupp S.E.Calvary United Brethern Hillard & Northland19271942
Rusch O.German United Evang'l 4229 W.3518821930
Russom C.Fifth Reformed 6713 Hague19031919
Ruszkowski C.St. Casmir's E.82 & Sowinski19151921
Rutan W.L.Trinity P. & E. Cathedral E. 22 & Euclid19221924
Rutkowski J.C.St. Hedwig's 12903 Madison ave.1941 
Rutledge J.S.Rocky River M. & E. 19414 Detroit19261929
Rutledge J.S.Old Stone Church Public Square1917 
Rutledge J.S.St. Clair M. & E. St. Clair & Doan18981928
Rutledge J.S.Methodist Union Union near E.9319231926
Rutledge J.S.St. Clair St. M. & E. 133 Ethel19001902
Rutledge W.A.WadePark Ave. M.& E. 1628 East8418951917
Ruzsa L.First Evang'l E. 105 & Fairmont19281930
Ruzsa S.First Evang'l 8021 Rawlings19151925
Ryan E.M.St. Malachi Washington & W. 2518881890
Ryan J.St. Paul's E.200 & Chardon rd.19251929
Rybacki S.S.Sacred Heart of Jesus 1326 E. 7118801942
Rylance J.H.St. Paul's Epis. Euclid & Sheriff18651867
Rysansky P.J.Our Lady of Lourdes E.54 & Hamm1909 
Sabow T.B.St. Joseph's 9417 Orleans19261930
Sachs S.Ahavath Zion 997 Lakeview rd.1940 
Sachs S.Ahavas Zion Congregation E.59 & Quincy19221940
Sachs Z.Ahavas Zion Congregation 6010 Woodland ave..1917 
Sallen A.Walworth M. & E. Giddings Rd. near Duluth1906 
Sallin J.Ebenezer Baptist Irving & Orange1879 
Sallinger S.Beth Israel Chebra Kadisha 85 Hill18841888
Salmon S.B.Method Union 791 Arcade Bld.19281925
Sampson W.Leffingwell Memorial Chapel 1745 Detroit18691871
Sampson W.Waring St. M. & E. Waring near St. Clair1875 
Samuels I.S.St. Paul's C.M.E. 2355 E. 5519251881
Sanders H.Shobre Shabot 843 E. 1051942 
Sanderson R.First Cong'l of Lakewood Clifon Blvd. & Detroit19081910
Sargeant R.F.North Cong'l E.72 & St. Clair18821941
Sauer H.St. Luke's Evang'l W. 85 & Willard18991942
Saul J.S.New Jerusalem Church Arlington bet.Garden & Cedar1875 
Saunders K.W.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior1941 
Sauvadet A.Church of the Annunciation Hurd bet. Bridge & Lorain18731875
Savanack P.R.St. Luke's P. & E. W. 78 & Lake19341942
Sawhill C.S.St. Agnes P. & E. 8920 Hough ave.19251916
Sayer E.Blessed Sacrament 3381 Fulton rd.1935 
Sayre W.A.First Free Methodist 6001 Franklin19231940
Scanlon M.A.St. Edwards E. 69 & Woodland18871897
Scanlon M.A.Holy Family Woodland & Geneva18801886
Schade A.E.Sixth Reformed 1047 Broadway18861931
Schaedel H.Immanuel M. & E. Qoincy & Lussenden18981900
Schaefers P.Immaculate Conception Bedford Ohio19411942
Schaeffers P.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior19301939
Schaffeld J.A.St. Michael's Clark & Scranton18991933
Schaider E.L.St. Stephens 1930 West 5419111937
Schalk E.L.Community Presby. 1659 Rosewood ave. Lkwd.1942 
Scharnitsky J.F.St. Lawrence 2530 E. 811937 
Schatz J.E.Independent Evang'l 2108 W. 44 ( St. Johanne's )19341942
Schauffler H.A.Bethlehem Cong'l 1532 Broadway18841900
Schauffler H.R.Cyril Disciple Chapel Train near Hamberger18871902
Schechter D.Kneseth Israel 5210 Outhwaith1920 
Scheible A.G.Pilgrim Evang'l Reformed 4592 E. 1311942 
Scheible A.G.Pilgrim Evang'l 13710 South Parkway18761936
Schenk G.Ebenezer Evang'l 2195 W. 651896 
Scheppach V.St. Mary's W. 30 & Carroll18961903
Scherer P. J.St. Mary's W. 30 & Carroll19341935
Schettler O.W.Zion Evang'l 1418 Branch18721932
Scheuermann L.Bethlehems Kirche Evang'l Asso. Kimmel & Sykora18881890
Scheuermann L.Zion Evang'l Aaron near Superior18861888
Schiff J.Oheb Zedek Parkwood & Morrison19231928
Schimmelpfennig J.H.First German M. & E. Scovill & Sterling18831886
Schirack P.W.St. Stephen's 1930 West 541914 
Schlindwein L.St. Marys West Park 14800 Brookpark19261940
Schlofer K.St. Joseph's Chapel & Hazen1873 
Schlosser K.St. Joseph's German Chapel & Hazen18721886
Schluembach F.St. Peter Dodge & Superior18961900
Schmidt A.St. Paul's Evang'l 2712 Scovil19111923
Schmidt A.Third United Brethern in Christ Kinsman rd. & E.7919151925
Schmidt H.Third Reformed 1565 E. 3618951938
Schmit J.St. Clements Lincoln & Madison18981936
Schmit J.J.St. Clement's Lincoln & Madison19251941
Schmit J.J.Holy Trinity 7211 Woodland19091916
Schmitt F.H.Dunham Ave. Christian E. 66 & Quimby19221924
Schmitz M.St. Joseph's E. 23 & Woodland1926 
Schnake P.C.St. Matthew's Evang'l E. 90 & Wade Park1925 
Schnatz J.P.Salem Church Eagle & Erie1856 
Schneider J.German M. & E. Church McLean & Lorain18751887
Schnert H. B.Fulton Rd. M. & E. Fulton & Chatham1915 
Schnidt A.St. Paul's Evang'l E. 28 & Scovill19151912
Schoeffel W.L.White Ave. Baptist E. 55 & White19371941
Schoenbrun E.Kneseth Israel 234 Woodland ave.18981941
Schoenemann G.C.St. Stephen's 1930 West 5419111934
Schoepelin C.F.Emanuel Evang'l 805 Scranton rd.1895 
Schoepfle C.H.Second Evang'l Reformed 44 Louis18861889
Schoepilin C. F.Friedens Kirche 24 Herald 18981899
Schoffeld J.St. Michael's Clark & Scranton19151928
Schooler A.Apostolic Faith 2641 E. 401923 
Schrembs J.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior19001941
Schroeder G.R.Woodland Misionary Woodland & E. Blvd.19231931
Schroeder O.Trinity Evang'l 2074 E. 301930 
Schroeder O.R.Second German Baptist E. 55 & White19231925
Schroeder P.M.St. Matthew's 1588 Ansel rd.19131938
Schroeder R.H.Mt.Calvary Evang'l 12819 Lorain19111942
Schroerluke O.P.Trinity Evang'l 3530 Scranton Rd.19181923
Schuelke P.Third Reformed Aaron near Superior1873 
Schuettler O.United P. & E. Church College & Tremont1873 
Schuetz B.St. Joseph's 40 Chapel18981900
Schuh D.German Evang'l York bet. Bond & Wood18431849
Schukhecht C.T.Zion Evang'l E.30 & Prospect19271942
Schuleen O.First Swedish Baptist 1418 Addison rd.19301909
Schultz C.H.St. James Presby. Sixth & Willson18981941
Schuman A. F.Quincy St. M. & E. Mission Quincy & Lussenden18861888
Schurdel T.Zion Evang'Luth. 2062 E.3018661934
Schuster W. M.Cristus Kirche Evang'l Clifford & Carlile18691870
Schwab J. F.Fourth United Brethren Hodgson & Rhodes18981900
Schwan H.C.Zion Lutheran York near Bond18531877
Schwan P.St. Lukes Luth. 6407 Luther18741921
Schwan P.St. Paul's Evang'l Superior & Sherbrook18861888
Schwane W.H.Christ Evang'l 3433 West 441940 
Schwarr H.Evangelical Zoin Luth. Bolivar near Erie18631925
Schwartz M.H.Agudath B'nai Israel 10512 Massie ave.19341942
Schwartz S.B'nai Jeshurum 1906 E. 591911 
Schwartz W.F.Hough Ave.Seventh Day Adventist 5704 Hough ave.1880 
Schwedrath O.F.First German Seventh Day Adventist 3161 W.141926 
Schweickhardt J.J.Seventh Reformed Episcopal Willcutt near Woodland1900 
Schwendener H.Erie Ave. Baptist Erie & Hitchcock18841891
Schwendener H.German Baptist Mission Erie & Hitchcock1887 
Schwin H.C.German Lutheran Erie & Bolivar18701873
Scotford J.R.Glenville Cong'l St. Clair & Eddy rd.19081925
Scott A.Helping Hand Baptist 3026 Woodland ave.1937 
Scott D.E.Parkwood Asbury M. & E. E. 110 & Lee ave.19241926
Scott H.True Missionary Baptist 3211 Scovill19401940
Scott H.H.Parkwood Ave.M. & E. 120 (old Cullison)19041909
Scott J.M.Third Baptist Clinton & State18751876
Scott m. C.Kinsman St. M. & E. Kinsman & Herald19041906
Scovill E.E.Denison Ave. Cong'l 9901 Denison ave.19001930
Scovill E.E.Union Cong'l E.93 near Union18881900
Scullan F.St. Malachi Washington & W. 251880 
Scullen W. A.St. John's Cath. E. 9 & Superior19131915
Scullen W.A.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard19061942
Searle R.Episcopalian Church Seneca & St. Clair18161845
Sears H.Western Seaman's Superior & Spring1888 
Seck J.First United Brethern 33 Peach St.1882 
Secrest P.E.Detroit Ave. M. & E. Detroit & Winchester19231925
Seeholzer A.M.St. Stephens 1930 West 5419011905
Seeholzer A.M.St. Boniface W. 54 & Denison19061925
Seeholzer W.E.Woodland Ave. United Evang'l E. 83 near Woodland19121929
Seeley W.M. & E. Church Church & Hanover1863 
Seeley W.Second M.& E. Mission Bridge & Taylor18651866
Seeley W.M. & E. Mission Bridge & Taylor18661925
Seikel P. S.St. Thomas Aquinas 9205 Superior1927 
Seip J.D.Tabor Evang'l Isabella near Evens18871940
Seip J.D.Emanuel Evang'l Asso. Jennings & Starkweather18731886
Seith W. L.Ebemezer Evang'l 2191 W. 6519321937
Seith W.L.East 75 th.St. Evang'l 2626 E.7519111940
Seith W.L.Freidens Kirche E. 75 & Woodland19131915
Seitter A. C.St. Rose of Lima W.114 & Detroit1915 
Selden J.H.Old Stone Church Public Square ( First Presby.)18881890
Sellar R.E.Bosworth Rd. Presby. Bosworth & Flower1942 
Semsan J. H.Third United Brethern in Christ Kinsman near E.7919361942
Sender H.Sharith Jacob Olivet & Parkwood1923 
Settle G.T.Gethsemane Baptist E. 30 & Scovill19371942
Severovich F.St. Nicholas Greek Cath. 1452 E.361934 
Shaffeld J.A.St. Michael's Scranton & Clark19231942
Shaffer M.D.St. James Evang'l 1424 Hayden ave.19161942
Shannon T.V.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior19151923
Shannon T.V.Christ The King 1862 Noble rd.19281942
Shapiro O.Shomre Shabot 2569 E. 371923 
Sharitt W.D.Messiah Evang'l DeSota & Berkeley19231925
Sharp D.R.Baptist Headquarters 2014 E. 91942 
Sharp L.ArchwoodAve. Cong'l 2708Archwood ave.19241942
Sharts D.W.Aaron St. Presby Aaron & St. Clair18701872
Shary J.First Hungarian Pentecostal 2682 E. 921923 
Shary J.Pentecostal Church E. 83 & Woodland1923 
Shattuck W.J.Eppworth Memorial M. & E. E.55 & Prospect18801915
Shaw A. S.East End Baptist E.97 & Euclid1913 
Shaw A.A.East End Baptist E.97 & Euclid1914 
Shaw C.T.Boulevard Presby. 10901 Churchill1915 
Shaw E.M.Grace Cong'l W. 65 & Colgate19391942
Shaw N.L.New Bethel Baptist 1200 Webster ave..19231925
Shaw N.L.King Solomon Baptist 2423 E. 401930 
Shay J.L.Cleveland Whole Gospel 4202 W. 4219271935
Sheehy J.H.Church of Jesus Christ [ Mormon ] 1428 E. 1101942 
Shepard S.E.Diciples of Christ Fulton & Franklin1873 
Shepherd J.B.Grace P. & E. Harvard & Sawyer18881899
Shepherd J.B.St. Paul's P. & E. Euclid & Case18881890
Sheppach V.St. Mary's W. 30 & Carroll18921903
Sherburne J.C.Bridge St. Free Methodist Bridge & W. 451906 
Sheridan J.St. Patrick's 3600 Bridge18751890
Sherman F.C.Grace P. & E. 1248 Bolivar Rd.18891941
Sheuerman L.Woolsey St. Evang'l Woolsey & Korman1900 
Shey L.W.St. Mark's P. & E. W. 48 & Franklin ave.18891923
Shiltz E.E.Independence M. E. 3567 Independence rd.19401891
Shingler J.J.Franklin Ave. Cong'l W. 58 & Franklin19001916
Shipman C. L.Universalist Church Case Hall18671869
Shipman S.B.Detroit St. Cong'l Mission Detroit & Liberty1875 
Shipman S.B.Franklin Ave Cong'l W.58 & Franklin18841890
Shipp H.G.Bethlehem Baptist 2417 E. 6319231927
Shisler W.R.Tabor Evang'l 3510 W.411930 
Short A.B.Spiritual Alliance 1916 E. 1051923 
Shultz H.D.Trinity United Evang'l E. 105 near Tacoma1906 
Sicheley H.F.S.Evang'l Methodist Woodland & Perry18711940
Sick J.First United Brethern Peach & Orchard18801881
Sidley A.R.Immaculate Conception 1030 Superior18801921
Sidley F.St. Catherine's E.93 & Heath19381941
Sidley J. A.St. Edwards E. 69 & Woodland19141916
Sidley J.R.St. Patrick's W. 38 & Bridge19051909
Siegel H.Anshe Galicia 10512 Bryant ave.1930 
Sieker H.Church of the Redeemer Evang'l Mill & Walton1900 
Silver A. H.The Temple E. 55 & Central1917 
Silver A.H.The Temple E. 105 & Ansel Rd.19231942
Silverman N.Anshe Shavat Amor near E. 1051923 
Simons E.A.East Glenville M. & E. 12702 Penobscot19011915
Simons M.O.First Unitarian E.82 & Euclid19001918
Simonson J.Salvation Army 2304 E. 919411942
Sims J.Old Landmark Baptist 3508 Central ave.1923 
Singer A.Beth el Congregation Erie & Summer18841886
Single W.J.Bayvillage19271940
Sinner F.St. Peter's 116 Dodge18841888
Sipek W.F.Broadway M. & E. Broadway & Gallup1905 
Sissle G.A.Cory M. & E. Chapel E. 37 near Central1906 
Sisson J.Old Stone Church Public Square 18301931
Sittler J.Messiah Luth. 3241 Berkeley19261942
Sivard J.H.West Park M. & E. W. 138 & Fairwood1930 
Sjoberg C.O.Swedish Cong'l 5803 Lexington1906 
Skeel R.Forestdale Presby. Washington Park & McGregor19231942
Skelton D.E.Cory C.M.E. E. 35 & Scovill19251923
Skinner J.Case Presby. Case & Sibley18701873
Skinner J.A.Westminster Presby Prospect & Huntington1875 
Skur J.St. Mary's 15519 Holmes ave19191923
Skym J.Welsh Baptist Wire near Wire Mills1890 
Slaby W.A.St. Procops West 41 & Trent19201923
Slaje M.St. Mary's 15521 Holmes19261930
Slaughter R.E.East Cleveland Baptist 14516 Euclid ave.19401942
Slisska W.St. Stanislaus 3649 E.651939 
Sloan J. F.Woolsey St. Disciple Woolsey near St. Clair18981900
Sloupsky E.St. Andrew's St. Clair near E. 551906 
Slutz E.R.Parkwood M. & E. E.110 & Lee1922 
Slutz E.R.Broadway M. & E. 4415 Broadway19191925
Slutz W.B.Bethany Presby. W.65 & Clinton19061908
Small C.H.Plymouth Cong'l 266 N. Moreland19261928
Smith A. J.German Evang'l Lutheran Concert Hall Public Square18431850
Smith A.H.Willson Ave. Baptist 2327 E.881907 
Smith B. K.East Mt.Zoin Baptist10820 Frank ave.19171926
Smith E. H.Shiloh Baptist 2344 E. 3019131915
Smith E. O.Superior St. Baptist Superior & Minnesota18981900
Smith E.B.Corlett Christian 3983 E. 13119401941
Smith E.J.Blessed Sacrament 3381 Fulton rd.19291932
Smith E.J.Parkwood Ave.M. & E. Parkwood & Lee19031940
Smith E.J.Kinsman St. M. & E. Kinsman & Herald19041906
Smith E.R.Corlett Christian 3983 E. 1311942 
Smith E.S.Brooklyn Memorial M. & E. 2705 Archwood19191940
Smith G. S. G. Lakewood Cong'l Detroit & W. Clifton Blvd19151917
Smith G.S.Congregational Headquarters 801 Hippodrome Bldg.1923 
Smith H.Emmanuel Nazarenes 4105 E. 1141942 
Smith H.J.Scovill Ave. M. & E. Scovill & Longwood18871891
Smith H.R.Morning Star Baptist 2410 Superior19251940
Smith J. F.St. Philomene 's Euclid & Wellesley1909 
Smith J.A.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior1930 
Smith J.E.Mt.Carmel Baptist 2391 E. 4019211941
Smith J.F.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior19211942
Smith J.F.St. Aloysius 10932 St. Clair1903 
Smith J.F.Peoples M. & E. W. 65 & Bridge1905 
Smith J.F.St. Philomena's 13824 Euclid19061927
Smith J.H.Shiloh Baptist 2340 E. 301923 
Smith J.S.St. Philomena's 13824 Euclid19091923
Smith J.W.V.Church of God 9719 Lamont ave.1942 
Smith L.J.Emmaus Evang'l W. 36 & Mapledale19301942
Smith M.Salvation Army # 6 10714 Cedar1941 
Smith M.Old Stone Church Public Square18871888
Smith R.S.Rock Port M. & E. 3300 Wooster rd.19301932
Smith R.S.Oehlhoff Memorial M. & E. 5612 Clark19301941
Smith S.W.Trinity United Brethern 1350 Hayden ave..19401942
Smith T.K.Miles Ave. Christian 9050 Miles Ave.1930 
Smith T.M.St. Malachi Washington & W. 251873 
Smith W.Church of the Good Sheperd 330 E. Madison1899 
Smith W. A.Brooklyn Memorial M. & E. Archwood near W. 2519151917
Smith W. T.Church of the Good Sheperd 330 E. Madison18981900
Smith W. T.Church of the Incarnation St. Clair & Glenville18981900
Smith W. X.Incarnation Episcopal E. 105 & Marlowe19351938
Smith W.A.Third Baptist Clinton & State1879 
Smith W.M.Calvary Presby.Chapel Euclid & E. Madison18831886
Smith W.M.Calvary Presby.Chapel Euclid & E. Madison18831886
Smith W.M.Old Stone Church Public Square ( First Presby.)18831888
Smith W.R.First Presby. 779 Case18881915
Smith W.S.Windermere M. & E. Euclid & Holyoke1941 
Smoke P.E.East Blvd. United Evang'l1930 
Smoke P.E.Woodland United Evang'l Woodland near E. 831906 
Smyth T.M.St. Malachi Washington & W. 2518711875
Sniff W.W.Franklin Circle Fulton & Franklin19001940
Snow R.R.East Cleveland Baptist Church 3539 Euclid ave.1903 
Snyder Rev.Home Mission 462 Cator ct.18691871
Sobleniowski S.St. Hedwig's 12903 Madison ave.19301935
Sodja M.St. Vitus 6111 Glass19101941
Soerheide G.W.City Mission 1318 St. Clair1923 
Solenski J.W.Sts.Peter & Paul 4750 Turney rd.19301937
Solinski J.W.St. Barbara's W. 15 & Denison19231938
Soltesz S.St. Emerich W.24 near Lorain19061909
Sommerfield M.H.Trinity Evang'l 2031 W.3019351942
Sommerlatte J.First Reformed Warren rd. & Alger rd.19241942
Sommerlatte J.First Reformed W. 32 & Carroll1923 
Soukup C.St. John Nepomuk's 2929 Woodhill Rd.1906 
Southard H.D.Trinity M. & E. W.99 & Madison1917 
Sovak C.J.St. Procops West 41 & Trent19151917
Spangler H.Euclid Ave.Christian E. 100 & Euclid19241928
Spanowski J.St. Peter & St. Paul 4750 Turney rd.19401942
Spanowski J.St. Josaphat's 1431 E. 3319231926
Spare B.Y.Westminster Presby Addison & Wadepark1929 
Spatariu J.St. Helena's 1367 W. 6519231940
Spatig W.Salvation Army 2304 E. 919411942
Spaulding H.Mystic Spiritualist Temple 2130 Woodland1942 
Spencer C.W.St. Paul's Evang'l E. 55 & Spencer19321937
Spicer J.Bible Seventh Day Adventist 1326 E. 5519401942
Spiedell C.M.Garfield Hts. Baptist 9403 Gerfield Blvd.19401942
Spining G.L.Woodland Ave. Presby. Woodland & Kennard18801886
Spinney W. A.East End Baptist E.97 & Euclid18941854
Spira E.A.Oheb Zedek 10915 Morison ave1940 
Sprecher S.P.Euclid Ave. Presby Euclid & Brownell18861917
Spreng G.F.Emanuel Evang'l Jennings & Starkweather18531873
Spreng S. P.Trinity Evang'l Asso. E. Madison & Rawlings18861888
Spring C.First Unitarian E.82 & Euclid19381926
Spring J.St. Mary's W. 30 & Carroll19021930
Stadt J.True Dutch Reformed Church 414 Hodge1875 
Staebler H.Friedens Kirche Kimmel near Hunting18871889
Stafford D. J.St. John's E. 9 & Superior ave.18881890
Stafford J.W.St. Johns Cath. 1007 Superior18671890
Stafford J.W.Grace Epis. Huron & Erie18671940
Stalder B.A.St. Christopher's 20141 Detroit rd.19411943
Stalker J. R. St. Matthew's P. & E. W. 84 & Clark ave.1915 
Stalker J.R.St. Luke's P. & E. W. 78 & Lake19081916
Stalker J.R.St. Luke's Evang'l W. 85 & Sauer19101916
Stamm J.F.Simpson M. & E. W. 86 & Clark19221926
Stanton F.J.St. Angela's W. 210 & Lorain rd.19251937
Stantz S. S.M. & E. Church Warren St.18681869
Stapleton J.Kinaman St. Cong'l Kinsman & Venning1906 
Stark A.R.Glenville Baptist 737 E. 10519151917
Stark W.H.Pilgrim Cong'l Jennings & Starkweather19261942
Starkey T.A.Trinity Epis. Superior & Bond18631928
Stearly W.Hough Ave.Reformed 185 Hough1892 
Stearly W.R.Emanuel Presby. Euclid & Brookfield18931908
Stearn S. L.Anshe Chesed Cong. Farmers Hall18421850
Steed J.H.Church of Christ Roxboro & Warren rds.1942 
Steen J.A.Parkwood Cong'l Madison & Parkwood1930 
Stegman M. A.Calvary Dutch Reformed 1920 W. 6519151917
Steiger R.J.St. Boniface 5300 Denison19291931
Steil H.J.Pentecostial Church E.55 & Lexington19291931
Steila J.Apostolic Oness 4843 Wendell1942 
Stein W.E.St. Matthew's Evang'l 3248 Scranton rd.1931 
Stein W.E.Mt.Olive Evang'l 10808 Superior19411942
Stein W.E.Mt.Olive Evang'l 822 Eddy rd.18751923
Stein W.E.Mt.Olive Evang'l 1334 E.11219291930
Steinhauer E.Light & Truth Spiritualists 2083 W. 2619231925
Stemmle R.J.Congregational Union 2653 Princeton19391913
Stemmo R.Congregational Headquarters 720 Euclid ave. R. 8011942 
Stempel C.St. Joseph's E. 23 & Woodland1930 
Stempel P.United German Evang'l W. 38 & Bridge18521875
Stenfeld P.Immanuel Church of Christ 4511 W.1301860 
Stepanoff V.St. Theodosius Literary near McKinstry18791871
Stephan E.W.Stephan Spiritualist 1931 E. 861941 
Stephan S.Pearl Rd. M. & E. 4198 Pearl rd.19291930
Stephanko J.St. Michael's 10000 Union ave.19301925
Stephen E.W.Stephan's Spiritual Euclid & E. 591923 
Stepler J.H.Second German Reformed Woodland & Putnam18881930
Sterns N.Erie St. M. & E. Erie bet. Ohio & Eagle18521853
Stevens G.L.Third Baptist Clinton & State18841886
Stevens W.D.South Park M. & E. Miles Park & Sawyer18801881
Stevenson M.L.St. James 17514 Detroit St.19191922
Stevenson M.L.St. Columkill's E. 26 & Superior19211926
Steward I.S.St. Matthew's Baptist 3110 Scovill19401913
Steward J.J.St. Rose of Lima W.114 & Detroit19151923
Stewart C.C.St. Paul's Baptist 5712 Ensign1940 
Stewart C.L.East Glenville M. & E. St. Clair & Lancelot19401941
Stewart L.H.Broadway M. & E. 4415 Broadway18981901
Stiegel R.J.St. Boniface 5300 Denison19301931
Stilwell H.F.First Baptist E.46 & Prospect19031915
Stine W. E.Mt.Olive Baptist 3290 E. 1261917 
Stockdale C.E.Simpson M. & E. 8519 Clark19281930
Stockdale C.E.Simpson M. & E. 7948 Hope ave19251941
Stocking C.East Cleveland M. & E. Doan near Euclid1875 
Stokes G. E.Superior St. Baptist Superior & Minnesota1887 
Stokes W.C.Franklin Ave. M. & E. W. 32 & Franklin19221923
Stone A.W.Glenville Baptist E.105 & St. Clare19061926
Stone A.W.Calvary Baptist Pearl & Liberty18981903
Stone R.Old Stone Church Public Square 18201838
Storey H.B.Grace Cong'l W.65 & Colgate1930 
Storgaard M.Glenville Baptist E.105 near Elgin19191930
Storm W.H.Concordia Evang'l E.Blvd. Near Union19301942
Story J.H.Central Baptist Church 2812 Central ave.1923 
Stote A.H.Tabernacle Baptist Scovill & Sterling18721873
Stouffer C.R.Bedford Nazarenes E.Glendale near Broadway19301941
Stowell G.P.Bethlehem Cong'l Broadway & Fowler18721925
Stoyakovich N.St. Stavo's 1565 E. 361930 
Stracke R.Erin Ave Baptist Erin & Hitchcock18941895
Streich C.First United Brethren Orchard & Peach18981900
Streich C.Fourth United Brethren Hodgson & Rhodes18981900
Streich C.Fifth United Brethern in Christ E. 71 & Gertrude1915 
Strich C.Third United Brethern Kinsman & E. Madison18871889
Strickland A.Salvation Army # 7 4139 E. 931942 
String J.H.Eight Reformed 2409 Willowdale19131921
Stringham S.C.Free Methodist Bridge & Taylor1875 
Strom O. A.First Evang'l Luth. 5705 Outwaite1915 
Strom O.A.Emanuel Evang'l 19147 Eastlook rd.19301931
Strom O.A.Our Savior's 1433 W. 5719141930
Strong A. H.First Baptist Church Euclid & Erie18681869
Strong A.H.First Baptist Euclid & Erie18661873
Stroup H.W.Windermere M. & E. Euclid & Holyoke19051909
Strzelec K.W.Polish Baptist E. 71 & Gertrude1925 
Stubbs T.United German Evang'l W. 38 & Bridge1882 
Stubbs T.Second M. & E. Erie & Ohio1856 
Stuber A.B.St. Mary's Avon Ohio1906 
Stuber A.B.St. Ignatius 10205 Lorain St.19311943
Stuber G.St. Mary's Northfield rd. & Paul1926 
Stuber G.N.Immaculate Conception Northfield rd. & Paul19251930
Stuber G.N.St. Mary's 300 Union St. Bedford Ohio1928 
Stuchell W.T.East Cleveland Cong'l 1751 Stratmore19141921
Studer V.P.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard18911933
Studwell W.G.Ascension P. & E. 13216 Detroit Ave.19221935
Stuer R.St. Ignatius 10205 Lorain St.1935 
Stumpf L.Hungarian Baptist Mission 2059 W. 281917 
Stuneck H.B.Brooklyn Nazarenes 2005 Cypress ave.1942 
Sturges C.M.St. Paul's P. & E. Prospect & Perry1875 
Sturtevant J.M.Jennings Ave Cong'l Jennings & Howard18841890
Stuzki J. W. Immaculate Heart of the B.V.M. Lancing near E. 71 1917  
Sullivan E.F.St. Patrick's W.38 & Bridge19151918
Sullivan J.C.Erie St. M. & E. Erie bet. Ohio & Eagle1875 
Sumsion S.Salem Strict Baptist 3111 W. 10519181941
Sunderland E.Grace P. & E. 9908 Somerset ave.1914 
Sunderland L.E.Epis. City Mission 1227 Scofield Bld.19121917
Suthern W.B.St. Andrew's P. & E. 2173 E. 4919231925
Sutphen P.A.Woodland Ave.Presby. 1354 Willson ave18881890
Sutphen P.F.Second Presby. E. 30 & Prospect18871915
Sutphen P.F.Second Presby W.14 & Starkweather1919 
Sutphen P.F.Church of the Covenant Presby. 11205 Euclid19231925
Sutter A.C.St. Rose of Lima W.114 & Detroit19141917
Sutton T.G.Bedford Assembly of God 659 Broadway1942 
Suvedet A.Immaculate Conception 4129 Superior18701871
Svozil J.St. Ladislaus E. 92 & Holton19061914
Swan G.Cleveland Hts. United Presby. Washington Blvd. & Lee1923 
Swanbeck J. W.Bethlehem Evang'l 434 Central ave18981899
Swartz A.Calvary Evang'l Asso. Perry & Woodland1880 
Swartz F.C.East Cleveland Cong'l Euclid & Page1906 
Sweeney D.Blessed Sacrament 3381 Fulton rd.19151917
Sweeney D.J.St. Thomas Aquinas 9205 Superior19201926
Sweeney T. V.St. John's E. 9 & Superior ave.1917 
Sweet F.W.East End Baptist E.97 & Euclid19201941
Swenson A.Swedish Cong'l Addison Rd. & Decker19251940
Swift J.E.Seventh Day Advent Mission 1103 Case18881889
Swigart P.F.St. Andrew's Luth. 8915 Miles Park1942 
Swisher O.R.Ebenezer Evang'l W. 65 & Sargent19401942
Sydoriak E.Sts.Peter & Paul W. 7 & College1925 
Syroski J.Sacred Heart of Jesus East 71 & Kazimier19001903
Szabo J.N.St. Emerich W.24 near Lorain19121940
Szczepanski F.J.St. John Cantius Fairfield & Collage1938 
Szepessy J.St. Elizabeth 9016 Buckeye rd.19081940
Sztucki J.M.St. Hyacinth 6114 Francis ave19211925
Sztupek L. A.St. Hyacinth's E. 61 & Francis1926 
Szudarek F.A.St. Hyacinth E. 63 & Francis ave1936 
Szudarek F.A.St. John Cantius 906 Collage19391941
Szulecki P.St. Barbara's 4147 Valley19121917
Szutucki J.St. Hyacinth's E. 61 & Francis19261941
Szyrocki V.Sacred Heart of Jesus 7007 Kazimier19061915
Tabakovich E.St. John the Baptist 9510 Buckeye rd.19251941
Taft E.A.Cottage Mission Baptist Superior & Minnesota18691925
Tagg J.H.Broadway M. & E. Broadway & Gallup18741877
Taggert R.First Baptist Church18331839
Takach J.Sts.Peter & Paul Quail ave1917 
Takach J.Sts.Peter & Paul Madison ave Lakewood Ohio1922 
Talisman S.Z.Shaarel Israel E. 135 & Kinsman1930 
Tanke J. H.German Evang'l Public Square1839 
Tanner H.V.Community Baptist 657 Broadway19371941
Tanner H.V.Immanuel Baptist Parkwood & Superior19091913
Tanner H.V.Community Baptist South Park Blvd.19071912
Tanner H.V.First Bedford Baptist Broadway & South Park1937 
Tanos E.A.St. Elizabeth 9016 Buckeye rd.19191941
Tarkowski N.St. Stanislaus 3649 E.6519271928
Tarnovsky P.Sts.Peter & Paul W.7 & College1923 
Tatum D.Society of Friends 179 Cedar ave.18731940
Tatum D.Society of Friends Y.M.C.A. 79 Public Square1873 
Taylor J.R.East Cleveland Epis.18671869
Taylor L. L.Plymouth Cong'l Prospect & Perry18971899
Taylor N.Salvation Army # 6 10714 Cedar1942 
Taylor V. D.Bethel Evang'l18371848
Teare H.J.St. Colman's 2027 W.6519191939
Tebeau A.C.Epiphany P. & E. 21000 Lake Shore Blvd.19401941
Tempel H.Holland Christian Church 414 Waverly18881893
Tenney H.M.Madison Ave. Cong'l E. Madison & Quincy18861890
Tenney H.M.First Cong'l Franklin & Taylor18801898
Tenwood F. A.St. Boniface W. 54 & Denison19101917
TePas A.St. Mary's Seminary 354 Lake near Dodge18841890
Tharp C. W.Volunteers for Jesus Mission 6705 Pennsylvania ave.1937 
Thayer E.H.First Cong'l W. 45 & Franklin19301942
Theuer J.G.Emanuel Evang'l Jennings & Starkweather18751876
Theuer J.G.West Side Evang'l Mission Swiss near Lorain18881890
Theuer J.G.Friedenskirche Evang'l Asso. Herald near Woodland 1884 1886 1888
Thiersch R.Ebenezer Evang'l Asso. 2195 W. 651917 
Thomas B.H.Bridge St. Baptist W. 52 & Bridge18841917
Thomas B.J.Olivet Baptist West 52 & Bridge19001906
Thomas D.New Salem Baptist 2760 E. 5119281941
Thomas D.T.Madison Ave. Cong'l E. Madison & Quincy18711900
Thomas E.P. Noble Rd. Presby. Noble near Mayfield19231940
Thomas J.Welsh M. & E. Elmo & Cannon18981900
Thomas J.H.Southern Baptist 2723 E. 5519401941
Thomas R.T.Church of God 7810 Kinsman1942 
Thomas T.A.Zion Evang'l 1418 Branch19141915
Thomas W.P.Phillips ave. Presby. E.125 near Phillips19061926
Thomas W.P.Boulevard Presby. Superior & Adrian18981906
Thome J.A.First Cong'l Detroit .& Church18561870
Thompson C.J.Beulah Missionary Baptist 14912 Saranac19411942
Thompson C.L.Cedar Ave Baptist E. 31 & Cedar19301940
Thompson H.A.Nazareth Baptist 1350 E. 12319231925
Thompson J. E.East Mt. Zion Baptist 10816 Frank ave1913 
Thompson W. K. C.Linndale Presby. Cress rd. near Bellair rd.1915 
Thornton J.St. Clements Lincoln & Madison19391940
Thornton R.H.Emmanuel Temple A.M.E. 2632 E.6119401941
Thornton T. W.Cedar Ave. Baptist E. 103 & Cedar1915 
Thorpe T.P.St. John's Cath. Erie & Superior18841890
Thorpe T.P.St. Columbkill's Superior & Alabama1880 
Thorpe T.P.Immaculate Conception 1030 Superior18741906
Thorpe W.P.St. Patrick's 4427 Rocky River dr.19381942
Thurman A.E.B'nai Israel 1791 W. 571930 
Thwing C.F.Western Reserve University 11109 Bellflower1926 
Tibbs J.African M. & E. Bolivar near Erie1863 
Tiedjan R.Franklin Ave. M. & E. W. 32 & Franklin1927 
Tietelman M.Oheb Zedek Cong. E. 38 & Scovill1906 
Tillmanns T.Friedens Evang'l 3587 Kimmel rd.19301932
Tilp C. H.Lakewood Evang'l 16400 Detroit1917 
Timme R.H.Engle Ave. Disciples of Christ Engle near Broadway1906 
Timme R.H.Andrews Memorial Christian 21 Eagle18981900
Tippett E.H.Hough Ave.Cong'l 1808 East 10118821917
Tippy W. M.Epworth Memorial M.& E. E. 55 7 Prospect19061914
Tirenan J.J.St. Clements Lincoln & Madison1936 
Tisdall J.J.Cedar Ave. Disciples of Christ E. 37 & Cedar1906 
Titus H.Orchard Grove Friends Church Vinyard near Warner18981928
Tivenan J.J.St. Clements Lincoln & Madison19371935
Tobakovich E.St. John's 9510 Buckeye rd.19171940
Todd W.M.Quinn Chapel M.& E. 3247 E. 13019301942
Toelke C.St. Mark's Evang'l Pearl & Ardmore19371942
Toland J.W. Miles Park M. & E. E.91 & Miles Park18941907
Tolhurst F.Trinity Baptist Broadway & Fullerton18751917
Tomasek A.St. Wendelin's 2281 Columbus rd.19091942
Tomc W.St. Vitus 6111 Glass1941 
Tomic F.Italian Presby. Mission 1251 W. 691915 
Toombs P.W.Church of God 2162 E. 371942 
Torbet H. L.Park Cong'l E. 112 & Ashbury19151917
Torbet H.L.Mayflower Cong'l 13077Euclid19221925
Totheroh A. F. Trinity Evang'l English E. Madison & Rawlings18981899
Traecy J.P.St. John's Cath. E. 9 & Superior1886 
Trainor J.M.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior1923 
Trainor J.N.Immaculate Conception 4129 Superior19151919
Trapp J.M.St. Stephen's 1930 West 541906 
Trapp J.M.St. Boniface 5300 Denison19411942
Trapp J.M.Holy Trinity 7211 Woodland19221940
Trautman H.Fourth Evang'l Reformed Louis bet.Clark & Meyer18751881
Trautmann H.Fifth Reformed Evang'l Hague & Higgins18841887
Treacey J.P.St. John's Cath 1007 Superior1941 
Treacy J.P.St. Agnes 8000 Euclid ave1923 
Treacy J.P.St. John's Cath. Erie & Superior18841887
Treacy J.P.St. Luke's Clifton & Bunts19261940
Treat J.C.Park Cong'l E. 112 & Ashbury1906 
Treff M.St. Peters Evang'l Quincy & Craw18841888
Trefzer J.F.C.Friedens Kirche E.46 & Kimmel19141917
Trickett G.H.Grace P. & E. E. 91 & Harvard19171922
Trickett G.H.St. John's P. & E. W. 26 & Church St.19251940
Trivesonno A.Holy Rosary 12021 Mayfield rd.1930 
Trivesonno J.N.Holy Rosary 12021 Mayfield rd.19191940
Trivisonno A.J.St. Marian's 2208 Woodhill rd.19231941
Trotter H.Epiphany Reformed Episcopal E. 86 & Euclid1925 
Troup F.Tabernacle Baptist 2535 E. 481923 
Trout J.H.L.Bethany Evang'l Luth. W. 89 & Willard19251880
Trout J.H.L.Bethany Evang'l Luth. 15460 Triskett19301942
Troy A.G.Our Lady of Peace 12503 bucking ave.1928 
Troy A.G.St. Rose of Lima W.114 & Detroit19301935
Trutia J.St. Maria Greek Ort. 6203 Detroit19301942
Tryon S.Trinity United Brethern in Christ E. 90 & Superior1915 
Tucker B.D.Diocesan Headquarters 2241 Prospect ave.1942 
Tucker J.E.Church of God & Christ 2340 E.281942 
Tucker L.Baptist Church Seneca & Champlain18361838
Tuft F.A.East Mt. Vernon 2379 E. 7619411942
Tullis D.D.Old Stone Church Public Square ( First Presby.)1934 
Turner V.E.Miles Park M. & E. E.91 & Miles Park1933 
Turner W.T.Lilly Baptist 2686 E. 371923 
Twietmeyer A.Mt.Hope Evang'l 1333 E. 1641941 
Twitchel J.E.E.Cleveland Cong'l Euclid & Branch1871 
Twitchell J.E.Euclid Ave. Cong'l Euclid & Logan18691875
Tyler J.Z.Euclid Ave. Disciple Euclid & Streator  
Tyree V.C.Church of the Cross M. & E. Caledonia & Winsford19401942
Tyrell B.First Mt.Olive Baptist 3288 E. 12619231941
Tyrus I.M.Cornelius Baptist 2697 E. 5119301900
Tyus I.M.Unity Baptist Church 3186 E. 801923 
Uherka F.Slovak Calvinist Presby. Church Lakewood & Detroit19401942
Uherka F.Slovak Calvinist Presby. Church Quail ave19171923
Uhlir W. A.Holy Family 13205 Chapelside19241940
Ulman J.A.Scovill Ave. M. & E. Scovill & Longwood1900 
Underwood J.P.Bethel M. & E. 161 Ohio1875 
Ungarsky J.St. Boniface 5300 Denison19301934
Ungemach O.St. Marcus Luth 3210 Ruby18931909
Upham A. G.First Baptist Prospect & Kennard18941895
Uphoff A. F.Westside Evang'l W. 38 & Bridge1934 
Upp A.F.First Scandinavian 8215 Clark ave.19061913
Upp A.F.Simpson M. & E. W. 86 & Clark1906 
Vahey GSt. Johns Cath. 1007 Superior18881895
Vahey G.St. Columbkill Superior & Alabama19001906
Valencik A.Pentecost Evang'l 13303 Madison ave.19351942
Valentin C.Our Lady of the Angels 3644 Rocky River dr.1923 
Valko S.Parkman Ohio1932 
Van Camp A.Jennings Ave M. & E. Jennings & Starkweather18831896
Vanca J.Most Holy Trinity 2644 E. 931923 
Vanca J.Holy Trinity 2654 E. 931925 
VanCamp A.Taylor St. M. & E. 257 Taylor St.18891940
VanCamp A.Brooklyn M. & E. 1846 Pearl rd.18981900
VanCamp A.Brooklyn M. & E. 1846 Pearl rd.18861890
VanCamp A.Gordon ave.M. & E. 1880 W.651895 
Vance J.St. Helena's 1367 W. 651930 
Vandenhenvel A.First Holland Reformed 453 Waverly1899 
VanDerBorch T.O.First Dutch Reformed 5807 Lexington18921940
VandeRiet G. J.Second Holland Reformed Thackeray near E. 5519151917
Vandersall C.H.Calvary Evang'l E. 93 near Steinway19051908
Vanek J.Czecho-Slovak Baptist Church Clark & Scranton rd.19221926
VanHorn P.B.Highland Cong'l 11227 Detroit19301942
VanHouten J.Ebenhaezer Dutch Reformed Lawn & Aspen18841886
VanHoutin J.Dutch Reformed Blair near Cedar18841886
Vaniscak G.K.St. Andrew's 2175 E. 491930 
VanZomeren J.Second Dutch Reformed W.65 & Colgate19111913
Vargo J.A.St. Ladislaus E. 92 & Holton19391940
Vasvary E.West Side Hungagian Reformed W. 32 & Carroll19301940
Vegh M.Magvar Baptist Mission E. 79 near Holton19061909
Veith H.United Evang'l 553 Superior18741920
Venney J.Bible Christian Universal Orange & Irving18701871
Venoutsos L.P.St. Spyridon 1098 Addison rd.19401941
Vernon H.A.Cleveland Hts. Baptist Euclid & Coventry19231927
Vernon S.C.Beachland Presby. 669 E.18519261942
Versavel A.Gesu Silsby rd. & Center rd.1930 
Vicek A.St. Procops West 41 & Trent18881891
Vickers W.N.Dunham Ave. Christian 1629 E. 6619181924
Vickers W.N.Miles Ave. Christine 9128 Miles ave19151917
Viglas J.M.St. Elizabeth 9016 Buckeye rd.1941 
Vilkutaitis V.G.St. George's 2527 Superior19231941
Vilkutaitis V.G.St. George's 2527 Superior19231941
Vinson R.B.Holsey M. & E. Mission 3603 Croton Ave.1923 
Vlcek A.St. Procops West 41 & Trent18861892
Voelkel E.E.Trinity Cong'l University Ht.19331925
Vogelmann W.W.Immanuel Evang'l & Reformed Lomond Blvd. Lytle rd.19411942
Volosin B.St. Gregory's 2037 Quail ave.19231940
Volosin B.St. Michael's 4502 Bridge1926 
VonBerge H.Second German Baptist 5515 White19021906
Vondersmith A.V.Hough Ave. Reformed E.71 & Hough1929 
VonGruenigen G.Fifth Reformed 2154 W.671911 
VonPakisch W.St. Mary's Jersey & Carroll18841886
VonSchluembach F.Schifflein Christi 1645 Superior18981913
Voskuhl J.H.Our Lady of Good Counsel 4423 Pearl rd.19411944
Voss H.E.Bethany Evang'l West 41 & Storer19121925
Voth R.Starkweather Ave. Baptist Mission 102 Sarkweather18981900
Vradenburg J.American Mission 3870 Payne ave.1942 
Vukonic V.St. Christine's 885 E. 22219281942
Wadsworth G.C.Grace P. & E. Prospect & Bolivar19221923
Wagner A.M.Hope Evang'l E. 112 & Ashbury19131942
Wagner E.F.First United Brethern W. 42 & Orchard19071927
Wagner N.St. Stephen's 1930 West 541930 
Wahl G.St. Paul's M. & E. W.44 & Bridge18981900
Wahl W.Ebenezer Evang'l 1002 E.7218691909
Walden J. H.First Baptist Church18331840
Waldo W.A.Willson Ave. Baptist E. 55 & Quincy19031909
Waldorf E.L.First M. & E. E. 30 & Euclid19151920
Waldron A.R.St. Malachi Washington & W. 251899 
Walenteichick J.J.First Russian Baptist 2339 Tremont19371941
Walker D.O.St. James M. & E. 8401 Cedar ave19301919
Walker J.C.Beulah Baptist Saranac & Cardinal19231940
Walker J.C.Sardis Baptist 7117 Cedar19401941
Walker J.J.St. Matthew's Evang'l Scranton & Meyer18861907
Walker R.Euclid Ave Baptist E.18 & Euclid19301935
Wallace W. B.East End Baptist E.97 & Euclid19101911
Walsh J.St. Aloysius 10932 St. Clair1941 
Walsh J.A.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard19371938
Walsh J.P.St. Agnes 8000 Euclid ave19231930
Walsh R.J.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard1930 
Walsh R.P.Holy Name Broadway & Harvard19331941
Walsh T.E.St. Colman's 2027 W.6519111920
Walsh W.J.St. Augustine's W. 14 & Howard19261942
Walter B. F.ImmaculateI Heart Of the B. M. V. E. 71 & Lancing1913 
Walter J.G.Mayflower Presby. E. 93 & Woodland19221923
Walter J.G.Hough Ave. Reformed E.71 & Hough19061938
Walters W.G.Madison Ave. Baptist W.95 & Madison19051927
Waltner C. J. Peace Evang'l Luth. E. 65 & Waterman1915 
Waltz R.D.Glenville M. & E. St. Clair & Lake1873 
Walz R.A.Salem Evang'l E. 121 & Hamlin 19231925
Wanner J. M.St. Vincent DePaul 13400 Lorain19281940
Ward E.W.Olivet Baptist 3302 Quincy19401941
Warner E.H.Brooklyn M.& E. 3317 Archwood1911 
Warner L.M. & E. Church Church & Hanover18661871
Warner L.K.Grace M. & E. Pelton bet. Literary & College1880 
Warner T.C.Taylor St. M. & E. 257 Taylor St.18801940
Warner W.Springfield Baptist 2243 Orange ave.1925 
Warnock R.L.Second United Presby. 2144 Broadway18691900
Warnshurs J.U.Dutch Reformed Presby 67 Scovill18701873
Warr S.Philips Chapel 2633 E. 631923 
Warren B.New Sardis Baptist 3602 Scovill1941 
Warren J. A.M. & E. Church Church & Hanover18651866
Warren W.H.Hights Cong'l Jennings & Howard1875 
Washburn A.H.Grace P. & E. Erie & Huron18671917
Washburn J.S.Willson Ave. M. & E. E. 55 & Luther19381942
Washburn J.S.Willson Ave. M. & E. E. 55 & Luther1942 
Washington G.Bethel M. & E. 15321 Shiloh rd.1930 
Washington M.F.Liberty Hall Baptist 5719 Kinsman19301941
Watkins J. H.Tried Stone Baptist 2848 E. 2919151917
Watson L.D.Mt.Pleasant C.M.E. 12702 Abell ave.1925 
Watson O. E.Trinity Cathedral Parry & Euclid18981912
Watson R.S.Cedar Ave. Christian 7401 Cedar19301920
Way S.F.Baden Ave. Mission Chapel Baden near Garden18841887
Way S.F.Bridge St. Free Methodist W. 52 & Bridge18861889
Wean J.Lakewood M. & E. 15700 Detroit19161940
Weaver O. F.Bethany Evang'l W. 89 & Willard1915 
Webb J.W.Beulah Baptist Saranac & Cardinal1937 
Webber F.R.Faith Evang'l 1181 E. 13819231941
Weber C. W.Seventh Day Adventhist 3161 W. 1419141916
Weber J.Nativity 9600 Aetna rd.19301938
Weddell J. W. Lakewood Baptist Detroit & Grace1909 
Weed C.A.Fidelity Baptist 8402 Wade Park1942 
Weed C.A.Euclid Immanuel Baptist 1545 Chardon rd1941 
Weekel N.P.Sacred Heart of Mary 44 Brookmere ave.1906 
Weersing J.First Christian Reformed 2085 W. 581910 
Wefel J.H.St. Peter's Evang'l 2426 E. 7919171924
Wefel J.H.St. Peters Evang'l 59 Baden18871920
Wefel J.W.St. Johanne's Evang'l 5826 Cable ave.19041926
Wegner E.F.First United Brethern 4210 Orchard19231942
Wegner H.F.Third Evang'l E. 79 & Kinsman19251933
Weidner H.C.St. John's Evang'l Turney near Granger19271942
Weigand B.A.St. Ignatius 10205 Lorain St.19161930
Weigand J. H,Salem Evang'l Asso. 2539 E. 331917 
Weimer E. S.Fohl United Brethren Cedar & Newton18981900
Weir E.L.St. Joseph's 2543 E. 231923 
Weiss C.W.St. Johanne's Evang'l 2104 W.4418891935
Weist S.Pilgrim Cong'l Jennings & Starkweather1915 
Welentelchick J.J.First Russian Baptist 2339 Tremont1937 
Wells H.G.First Presby. 6235 Hillside ave.19301898
Wells H.M.First Presby.of E. Cleveland 16200 Euclid19251942
Welsh J.St. John's Cath. 1007 Superior18881890
Wenceslas N.St. Procops West 41 & Trent1911 
Weseloh H.Immanuel Evang'l 2928 Scranton rd.18801925
Westenberg G.East Side Christan Reformed 12706 Union ave.19231925
Westerdall K.First Swedish Baptist 1418 Addison rd.1917 
Westerhold F.St. Peters 116 Dodge18701890
Westerkemp F.St. Peter's Evang'l 2426 E. 7918981925
Westwood A.W.Glenville Cong'l St. Clair & Eddy rd.19401942
Westwood R.H.Central Ave. Free Baptist 1514 old Dunham18901908
Wewer B.St. Joseph's 40 Chapel19001905
Wheatlake S.K.Bridge St. Free Methodist Bridge & Taylor18841900
Wheatley L.St. Jerome's 15000 Lakeshore Blvd.19061935
White E. A.Cory M. & E. Chapel E. 35 & Scovill19151917
White F. D.Christ Evang'l 10806 Superior1925 
White F.S.Trinity Cathedral P. & E. E. 22 & Euclid19201923
White G.L.Brooklyn Memorial M. & E. 2705 Archwood19361939
White G.L.Parkwood Asbury M. & E. 1323 E. 11019401941
White J.C.Plymouth Cong'l Euclid & Public Square1856 
White J.C.St. John's P. & .E. Church & Wall18731881
Whithead G.A.St. Agnes 8000 Euclid ave19261930
Whiting H. R.Shaffer Memorial M. & E. E. 120 & Miles ave.1915 
Whiting J.Second Presby. Superior & Wood18371838
Whitlock F.M.Bethlehem Cong'l Broadway & Fowler19001909
Whitlock F.M.Irving St. Cong'l Irving & Orange18831887
Whitmarsh W.T.St. James P. & E. Superior & Alabama18801888
Whitney R.E.Denison Ave. Cong'l 9901 Denison ave.19181927
Whittington W.Evangelical Asso.Church Perry & Woodland1873 
Whyte R.B.Old Stone Church Public Square ( First Presby.)19401942
Wiedner H.C.St. John's Evang'l Granger & Turney rds.19231940
Wiegand H.Salem Kirche Evang'l E. 33 near Woodland1906 
Wiegand J. H.Ebenezer Evang'l 2195 W. 651915 
Wiers N.Fourth Evang'l 40 Louis18851889
Wiess N.Fourth Reformed Evang'l 3106 Woodbridge ave.1882 
Wiest E.Unity Evang'l 3525 W. 2519381941
Wiggert W.Martin Luther Evang'l West 89 & Madison19351937
Wiggins W.St. Luke's Cumberland Presby. 6518 Quincy ave.19401942
Wight F.A.Miles St. Disciple Miles & Broadway18881890
Wilandt F.Christian Dutch Reformed 414 Waverly18841886
Wilber M.Bethany Presby. W.65 & Clinton1912 
Wilcox A.Disciple Church Franklin & Fulton18741914
Wilder J.B.Beulah Baptist 6010 Woodland19301942
Wilke O.H.German M. & E. W. 44 & Bridge18791940
Wilkins K.M.Walworth M. & E. Willson & Mason18981900
Wilkinson V.Q.Alliance of Sunshine E. 72 & St. Clair1923 
Will F. L.Christian Endeavor Evang'l Memorial E. 73 & Cedar1917 
Willa J. A.Grace Evang'l E.55 & Lexington19151917
William T.Phillips ave. Presby.1919 
Williams A.B.Kinsman St. M. & E. Kinsman & Herald19101911
Williams B.A.First Cong'l Church of Lakewood Clifton near Detroit1906 
Williams C.A.Mt.Pilgrim Baptist 3820 Woodland1937 
Williams C.D.Trinity Presby. Superior near Bond18981900
Williams D.G.Bethlehem Baptist 3618 Woodland1937 
Williams D.R.North Cong'l E.72 & St. Clair19171923
Williams E.L.Holy Spirit P. & E. 8415 Wade Park19231942
Williams E.L.Union Baptist 2347 E. 361925 
Williams E.N.Union Baptist 6302 Outhwaite19231941
Williams E.R.Simpson M. & E. Minton near Lorain18981900
Williams F.Universal Hagar Spiritual 9010 Quincy1937 
Williams G.F.Church of the Ascension 13216 Detroit St.19021911
Williams G.W.Grace P. & E. Harvard & Sawyer18841886
Williams H.B.Westpark M. & E. 3578 W.1381936 
Williams I.T.Jones Rd. Cong'l Jones rd.near Broadway1923 
Williams J.Church of God 3311 Archwood19221923
Williams J.M.Divine Spiritualist 5105 Euclid ave.19411942
Williams J.T.Morning Star Baptist 2410 Superior1923 
Williams J.W.Iconium Baptist 3043 Cedar ave1925 
Williams L.D.Nottingham Cong'l 18295 Nottingham rd.1923 
Williams L.L.North Cong'l E.72 & St. Clair1942 
Williams M.Union Asso. Church Union near Woodland Hills18861888
Williams W.G.Wade Park Ave. M. & E. 3512 Wade Park1941 
Williams W.J.First Cong'l W.45 & Franklin1927 
Williams W.R.First Friends Superior near Melbourne19251942
Williamson H.C.St. Matthew's P. & E. W. 84 & Clark1940 
Williamson J.D.Beckwith Memorial Presby. Fairmount & Deering18871900
Williamson W. W.Calvavy United Brethern in Christ Detroit & Arthur1915 
Williamson W.F.Grace Baptist Temple 1227 Webster1941 
Willing H.W.Walworth M. & E. 1337 Giddings rd1916 
Willis U.L.Second Seventh Day Adventist 7025 Cedar18801942
Wills U.S.Second Seventh Day Adventist 7025 Cedar1941 
Wilson C.B.Franklin Circle Christine 1688 Fulton rd.1917 
Wilson C.W.St. Paul's Baptist 5712 Ensign1941 
Wilson E.Peoples M. & E. W. 65 & Bridge19281930
Wilson E. E.Glenville M. & E. St. Clair & Parkwood19151917
Wilson E.E.Wade Park Ave. M. & E. E. 86 & Wade Park19231926
Wilson E.E.Grace M. & E. E. 83 & Quincy1912 
Wilson E.E.St. Clair Ave M. & E. St. Clair & Parkwood1907 
Wilson E.L.Trinity Missionary Baptist 3756 Central19121941
Wilson H.G.Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ 7110 Wade Park1923 
Wilson J.Miles Park M. & E. E.91 & Miles Park18901891
Wilson J. I.Nottingham M. & E. St. Clair & Melville rd.19111915
Wilson J.A.Free Methodist 259 Bridge18781940
Wilson J.C.Nottingham M. & E. St. Clair & Melville rd.19281930
Wilson J.E.A.Second Mt. Olive Baptist E. 28 & Scovill19231940
Wilson J.I.Broadway M. & E. 4415 Broadway19021930
Wilson J.J.Broadway M. & E. 4415 Broadway19031911
Wilson L.A.Broadway M. & E. 4415 Broadway1909 
Wilson S.W.Blessed Sacrament 3381 Fulton rd.18961941
Wilson W.F.Grace Temple Baptist 1227 Webster1942 
Wilson W.H.Scovill Ave. M. & E. Scovill near Erie18631940
Wilson W.R.Shiloh Baptist Church 409 Sterling Ave.18871890
Wilt M.E.Faith Evang'l 16511 Hilliard1942 
Winbigler C.Peoples Tabernacle Vincent St.1889 
Winbon J.C.Phillips A.M.E. Chapel 2631 E. 631941 
Windsor L.Trinity Evang'l Seneca & St. Clair18461854
Wineken F.Third Evang'l Jersey near Lorain1873 
Wingerier R.R.St. Gregory 1545 Green rd.1940 
Winter A.E.Lorain St. M.& E. Lorain bet. Pearl & Hicks18951867
Winter C. H.Olivet Baptist W. 52 & Bridge1915 
Winter J.F.Fourth Reformed 40 Louis18881894
Winter T.E.Crawford Rd. Christian 1607 Crawford rd.19231925
Winters W.B.Brooklyn Memorial M. & E. 2705 Archwood19261929
Winters W.B.Woodland Ave M. & E. Woodland & Siater18951925
Witt C.L.Emanuel Evang'l Jennings & Starkweather18871891
Wittlinger O.Zion Evang'l 1418 Branch19221941
Wochner H.St. Mary's Jersey & Carroll1880 
Woertz C.F.German Mission 3298 Fulton Rd.1923 
Wohlgemuth C.Broadway Evang'l Mission19041925
Woidke H.Redeemer Luth. W. 30 & Walton1942 
Wolcott S.Plymouth Cong'l Prospect & Erie18631873
Wolf E.A.St. Elizabeth 9016 Buckeye rd.1944 
Wolf E.A.St. Stephen's 1930 West 5419361937
Wolf F.D.Oehihoff M.& E. 8003 Wentworth19151926
Wolf F.D.Kinsman St. M. & E. Kinsman & Herald19061927
Wolf J. B.First Slovenian Baptist Mission E. 61 & Glass19151917
Wolf J.M.Collinwood M. & E. 15228 St. Clair1941 
Wolf L.St. Francis 7119 Superior19341923
Wolf L.M.St. Theresa's 10609 Granger rd.1938 
Wolfe A.S.Trinity United Brethern 1350 Hayden ave..1923 
Wolfe F.Lorain St. M. & E. 139 Lorain1877 
Wolford R.M.Miles Ave. Church of Christ E. 123 & Miles19411942
Woloszyk T.St. Stanislaus 3649 E.651942 
Wolsey L.Anshe Chesed Cong. E. 82 & Euclid19031923
Wolter F.G.Erin Ave Baptist Erin & Hitchcock18981900
Wonderly I.J.St. Rose of Lima W.114 & Detroit19001909
Wood A.Booth Memorial 1881 Torbenson1941 
Wood E.F.Nottingham M. & E. St. Clair & Melville rd.19171925
Wood E.F.East Glenville M. & E. St. Clair & Lancelot19151916
Wood L.L.Trinity Cong'l 3357 Washington Blvd.19401941
Wood L.L.Highland Cong'l W. 114 & Detroit19191932
Wood M.W.Plymouth Cong'l Prospect & Erie19001902
Wood R.D.Glenvill Baptist 737 E. 10518811926
Wood W.N.Salvation Army # 4 Corps 823 E. 1521942 
Woodhull W.S.Lincoln Park M. & E. 3406 Woodbridge19001917
Woodroofe R.W.Union Cong'l E.93 near Union19121938
Woodroofe R.W.Emmanuel P. & E. 8313 Carnegie19121930
Woods E. A.First Baptist Prospect & Kennard18871890
Woods E. A.First Baptist Euclid & Erie1917 
Woods E.A.First Baptist Dunham & Kannard18881898
Woods I. L.Euclid Ave. M. & E. E. 93 & Euclid ave.1917 
Woodson L.African Methodist Ohio St.18711901
Woolrich P.Gethsemane Baptist E. 22 & Scovill1915 
Worden J. N.Church of God 2604 W. 251915 
Wormser A.Dutch Reformed Blair near Cedar1880 
Worthington E.W.Grace P. & E. Prospect & Erie18881920
Worthman B.Zion M. & E. E. 93 & Bessemer1915 
Worthy C.R.Enoree Baptist 4206 Central ave.19371942
Wrbitzsky E.Cyril Cong'l Mission Selden ave. near Clark18881890
Wright A.J.Seciety for Saving Bldg. 145 Public Square19261937
Wright A.J.Lakewood Presby. Detroit & Marlowe19081926
Wright E.R.Federated Church's Hippodrome Bld.19211928
Wright L.C.Epworth Euclid M. & E. 1909 E.10719231930
Wrzesinski L.Sacred Heart of Jesus 2310 W.1418751924
Wuestenberg R.C.Woodland Ave. M. & E. Woodland & Slater19001904
Wulfman B.F.Zion Evang'l 1418 Branch19091922
Wyeth J.Glenville First M. & E.19201923
Wykoff W.F.Miles Park M. & E. E.91 & Miles Park1906 
Wylie E.M.Woodland Ave. Presby. Woodland & Kennard18711911
Wyneken F.Trinity Evang'Luth. Jersey & Carroll18651881
Wyneken T.Trinity Evagelical Carroll & Jersey1870 
Wysocki J.St. Stanislaus 3649 E.6519301941
Wysocki V.St. Stanislaus 3649 E.651941 
Yaecker E.W.Bethlehems Kirche Evang'l Asso. Kimmel & Sykora18881890
Yaecker E.W.Zion Evang'l E. 36 & Superior1906 
Yakush A.Seventh Day Advent Mission 1103 Case1937 
Yavorsky J.A.Sts.Cyril & Methodius 12608 Madison1939 
Yewell J.R.Tried Stone Baptist E. 38 & Scovill19131937
Yingling E.H.South Park M. & E. Miles Park & Sawyer18831886
Yingling E.H.Superior St. M. & E. Superior & Aaron1886 
Yingling W.K.Superior St. M. & E. Superior & Aaron18831886
Yingling W.K.Woodland Ave. M. & E. Woodland & First ave.18871891
Yoder R.M.Trinity M. & E. W.99 & Madison19061917
Yost W.Friedens Kirche 28 Harold1917 
Youmans J.S.Euclid Ave. M. & E. Euclid & Erie18841887
Youmans J.S.Scovill Ave. M. & E. Scovill & Longwood1880 
Young A.W.Brooklyn Nazarenes 2005 Cypress ave.19041941
Young C.Evang'l Protestant Jersey & Carroll18691884
Young C.Living Epistle 93 Harmon1869 
Young C. H.St. James A.M.E. 10525 Hudson1915 
Young D.Bibel Spiritualist 3123 Wade Park1937 
Young J.C.St. Paul's Evang'l Scovill & Greenwood1873 
Young J.C.Second Reformed Henry bet. Scovill & Woodland18751887
Yukl A.Immanuel Cong'l 2373 E. 8219061910
Yungling E.A.Erie St. M. & E. Erie bet. Ohio & Eagle18731885
Zachman H.L.East 75 St. Evang'l 2616 E. 7519281930
Zalla A.Beth Hamidrash Anshe Galicia 10512 Bryant1942 
Zambrowsky S.M.Hights Center 112771 Superior ave.19401942
Zaparyniuk M.St. Vladmir's 2280 W.1419371941
Zapotzky C.Holy Ghost Kenilworth near W. 141915 
Zarechney V.St. Mary's Columbus & Gerard1875 
Zawadzki M.J.Our Lady of Czestochowa 3510 Broadview rd.19401882
Zeal W.J.Woodland Hills. M. & E. Woodland Hills & Bessemer19031904
Zeglen J.A.Our Lady of Czestochowa E. 141 & Harvard19301942
Zeis H.C.South Presby. Scranton & Prame1931 
Zelie J.S.Bolton Ave. Presby. Bolton & Cedar18981900
Zelihoefer G.G.Friedenskirche Eveng'l Brown bet. Woodland & Pratt 18801880 
Zelinski D.B'nai Jacob Kol Israel 3448 E. 14019301930
Zeller A.St. Paul's United Evang'l Scovill & Greenwood1875 
Ziegler J. G.Tabor Evang'l Asso. W. 41 & Raible19141917
Ziegler J.G.Salem Church Evang'l 114 Linden1904 
Ziegler J.G.Ebenezer Kirche 2191 W. 6519041909
Zilko P.Church of the People 3806 Stickney1941 
Zimmerman L.B'Nai Israel Congregation 1794 W. 301915 
Zipf C.G.Third German Reformed 396 Aaron18781906
Zipser E.First Polish Baptist Broadway & Fullerton1917 
Zirbes W.J.First German Baptist Scovill & Forest18981913
Zlamal O.Our Lady of Lourdes E.54 & Hamm19161942
Zlamal O.St. Wendelin's 2281 Columbus rd.19061916
Zoeller P. M. St. Mary's Jersey & Carroll18821883
Zoeller P. M. St. Mary's Jersey & Carroll18801901
Zografos J.Church of the Annunciation W. 14 & Fairfield19051925
Zook P.L.Second Friends 4499 Werner rd.1942 
Zorbaugh C.L.Presby. Headquarters # 801 Hippodrome Bld.1923 
Zorbaugh C.L.Windermere Presby. Windermere & Euclid1907 
Zorn C.M.Zion Evang'l 411 Erie18811939
Zorn H.M.Zion Evang'l Superior & Aaron19031937
Zorn H.M.Presby. Church 1877Windermere1921 
Zotarelll G. V.Central Friendly Inn Chapel 26 Central18691871
Zouain L.St. Maron's 2210 E. 2119231937
Zucker F.R.St. Paul's Luth. Lakeland & Detroit19061908
Zurawecky S.S.Sts.Peter & Paul 4750 Turney rd.1940 
Zwilling F.G.St. Aloysius 10932 St. Clair19301938
Zwilling O.H.St. Lukes Evang'l 4204 Pearl Rd.19291941
Zwisler H.St. Michael's Clark & Scranton19151922

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