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City of Cleveland Birth Corrections & Affidavits

This index includes corrections and affidavits for the City of Cleveland Birth Records. It includes death dates, twin designations, and some name changes.

Missionary volunteers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints worked in conjunction with Cuyahoga County Archives to create digital images of many records housed in the Archives. These include the Birth Affidavits (1860-1897) and Corrections (1873-1908) indexed here. Senior missionary couples have accomplished document preparation, filming and indexing.

Cuyahoga County has thousands of records which will help us in the vital records of our families.. These indices will assist staff and volunteers at the Cuyahoga County Archive. The images are available on DVD or hard drives at the Archive, furnished by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Some images currently appear at under the link Ohio, Cuyahoga County Records, 1880-1950. It is the hope that all images be will posted by 2013. Eventually this index will be incorporated into FamilySearch's search engines.

To find the records for those which are posted, first make a note of the date and the information in the last column of this index and the image number. Then go to Scroll down a bit and click on "Canada, US and Mexico." Scroll down to Ohio and select "Ohio, Cuyahoga County Records, 1880-1950." Click on "Browse through 36,089 images." (Number subject to change!) Select the folder that best matches the index designation. (These may change as time passes.) The records are mostly in alphabetical order within the folder. If you are lucky, especially for the first part of the alphabet, the image number may take you directly to the record. If it does not, you will need to browse for it. If you do not find it, the images may not have been posted yet. Keep watching for it.

If you are requesting a record from the Cuyahoga County Archives at please include the entire index entry for your person.

Another resource to use is the City of Cleveland Births on Fold3 or FamilySearch. These include the original records, and many of them have the corrections added to them (penciled in) from the corrections and affidavits indexed here. Some even note that the affidavit is filed in the affidavit box. The advantage of using both types of records is that the original is the birth record and the affidavits and corrections include relatives and other information to document changes. You may find other relatives' names, addresses, birth circumstances, and other more specific information.

We sincerely thank Sara McGuire for doing this huge indexing project and for sharing it with us here. Thanks go to Elvira Drabik for her many hours of help with this index. We also appreciate the entire LDS staff and volunteers and Cuyahoga County Archives staff and volunteers for their efforts to provide us with this valuable data.

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