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Stagecoach Lines in Southwestern Ohio

Stage Coaches

Concord Coach details about stagecoaches

stagecoach eCards
including Rivers, Trails, and Current State Parks

When Ohio Was The "Wild West"

Northwest Terratory, short history & map
West Chester Township
History of West Chester and early southwestern Ohio history
Ohio Wagon Road grants

Ohio Historic Transportation

Ohio Migrations
Ohio Revolutionary Memorial Trails System
Pioneer Migration Routes Through Ohio
Timeline of Historic American Highways through Ohio. Includes map of Indian thoroughfares through Ohio
Transportation Progress in Butler County
National Road and more of its history
Canal Days in Middletown
Railroads in Butler County
A History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County, Ohio (1882 on-line book)
City of Springdale History (on-line book)
Brethren Migrations
Western Migration

Maps of Southwestern Ohio

Northwest Territory: see short history
Animated map of the USA: changing borders between 1650-1907
Migration routes through Ohio
Maps of Ohio with county boundary lines from 1792-1816
Current Butler Co, Clermont Co, Greene Co, Hamilton Co, Montgomery Co, Preble Co, Warren Co, SW Ohio, whole state of Ohio
1895 Butler Co, Clermont Co, Greene Co, Hamilton Co, Montgomery Co, Preble Co, Warren Co, whole state
William H. Harsha Lake map, East Fork of the Little Miami River, Clermont Co.

Delaware Indian Road
Hamilton - Darrtown - Four Mile Creek - Oxford (Brown Rd north) - College Corner - Muncie, Indiana

Delaware Indian Road

Dayton-Franklin-Middletown-Hamilton-Cincinnati Stagecoach Line (1818) archives
Early Transportation
Elk Creek, in Madison Township
Brownstown near Trenton
Monroe was half-way between Dayton and Cincinnati, and was a principle stage stop. Voorhes and Rucker owned the lines.

Ohio Stage Company: Cincinnati, Lebanon, West Middletown, Eaton, Richmond

Two miles north of Sharonville, Spread Eagle inn, on Mt. Pisgah. This was a stop on the Underground Railroad
Golden Lamb, Lebanon
West Middletown
Eaton * Richmond

Western Stage Company: Cincinnati, Trenton, West Middletown, Dayton

West Middletown
Poasttown * Carlisle * Dayton
"For forty years or more there has been an omnibus run daily between New London and Cincinnati. The Western Stage Company carried on staging 35 years ago. John R. BEVIS was an early proprietor; from him it passed into the hands of his brother, Jesse C., who quite recently sold out to Charles SHIELDS, who, in turn, sold to Clements BUTTERFIELD. In former days, before the time of pikes, an old-fashioned leather-spring stage was run between Cincinnati and Connersville. The trip was made in three days. Frederic GEORGE was among the first and most permanent drivers." from the 1882 A History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County, Ohio, in Morgan township. See this page also for more info on early roads.)

Mail Stage: Cincinnati, Hamilton, Dayton

"In 1825 the Cincinnati and Dayton mail stage ran once a week between Cincinnati and Dayton. It left Cincinnati every Monday at 4 A. M., and arrived at Hamilton the same day by 6 P. M. It left Hamilton every Tuesday at 4 A. M., and arrived at Dayton the same day at 6 P. M. From Dayton it left every Friday at 4 A. M., reaching Hamilton the same day by 6 P. M. It departed from Hamilton every Saturday at 4 A.M. and arrived at Cincinnati the same day by 6 P. M." A History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County, Ohio)

Cincinnati, Hamilton, Eaton and Richmond line

Mentioned in the Elk Creek bicentennial sketch for Madison Township

Okeana (Butler County, Morgan twp.)

A member of the Morgan Township Historical Society thinks that the Grover Nugent house in Okeana was a stagecoach stop. The house is now gone. There definitely was a bus line going through Morgan Twp. before the 1840s. It went from Cincy to Brookville, Indiana. - Jill Evans, MTHS

Oxford, Millford, Cincinnati

Stage route established about 1835
Oxford had several taverns, houses, and bars for travelers, some of whom went on to Bath Springs or Brookville, IN.

Accomodation Stagecoach Line

US Route 42: In the early 1800s, a part of what is now US Route 42 in Greene and Warren Counties was used by the Accommodation (Stagecoach) Line route (source)
Waynesville: historic houses on the Accommodation Line, which connected Cincinnati with the National Road (old route 40) at Springfield.
Corwin: the Accomodation Line followed the western ridge of the Little Miami River. This Franklin-Trenton Road followed an old Indian trail. This stage line was eventually replaced with the Little Miami Railroad, which ran through Corwin in Warren County.

Other Ohio Stage Lines and Stops

Ohio Stage Company, Fairfield County
Germantown and the Germantown Turnpike
National Road, originally the Cumberland Road

SW Ohio Rivers, Trails, State Parks

John Bryan State Park
Little Miami River trails, Greene County
Little Miami Scenic Trail
Loveland to South Lebanon, Buckeye Trail along the Little Miami [inc. map]
Williamsburg section, Buckeye Trail
East Fork trails, Clermont County

People and Stories of Stagecoaches

Blue Ball, Samuel Dick, Joseph Parks
Diary of Fortesque M. Cuming, traveling to the Zane Trace around Chillicothe, OH: 1807
Charles Dickens came to the Golden Lamb, Lebanon
Mary Fields, "Stagecoach Mary"
Stagecoaches and big freight wagons replaced the keelboat, so in 1815 Mike Fink moved further west.
James Shields, died in a stagecoach accident, 1831
Miami Valley Vignettes: Pioneers and the Next Generation

Current Historical Programs and Re-enactments

Buckeye Trail Blue Blazes hikes with scheduled events
Southwestern Ohio Genealogy & Historic Events Calendar: free to add or check local events
Genealogy and Historic Event Calendar: free to add or check local events

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