Jacob REPLOGLE of Butler County, Ohio Individual Detail

Subject* Jacob REPLOGLE (17123)

Residence* 05 Sep 1813 Butler Co, OH; 5 Sept. 1813: A person named Jacob Riprogle (sic) resided Butler County, OH.

Milit-Beg* 05 Sep 1813 War of 1812, Capt. Thomas Freeman's Co., OH, 5 Sep 1813 - 21 Jan 1814. This Jacob and George, Jr. were both in War of 1812 in same unit.

Military* 04 Mar 1814 Butler Co, OH; Jacob enlisted as a private, 4 Sep 1813-4 Mar 1814, in Captain Freeman's Company of Infantry, 2nd Regiment, Ohio Militia, War of 1812. At the end of his service Jacob returned 275 miles to his home at Butler Co. Ohio. A George Reprogle, Jr., enlisted (or was drafted) about the same time in War of 1812 as a Private in Captain Thomas Freeman's Company, Ohio Militia Regulars.

Residence: 05 Mar 1814 Butler Co, OH; 5 Mar 1814: A person named Jacob Riprogle (sic) resided Butler Co OH.

Residence: __ ___ 1820 Is this "Jacob Reprogel, Bath Twp Greene Co OH in 1820"?

Note* __ ___ ____ RRG, unknowns, p 417. Ref 824, 2551d, 2785, 4586. See George Replogle, Jr. (RN 16983) who was married at Butler Co OH on 19 Jul 1814.

Sources* __ ___ ____ Letter from Madelon Raymond (Pullman, WA) to Paul H. Replogle, 29 Aug 1980; File (MI), p 02785 letter 29 Aug 80.; Jacob Replogle, Jacob Replogle military records. (n.p.: n.pub.), p 02786-02787 Jacob Replogle. Hereinafter cited as Jacob Replogle military records.; Letter from Madelon Raymond (Pullman, WA) to Sandy Fackler, 5 Dec 1980; File (MI), p 04586 letter 5 Dec 80.; "Fackler, Sandy, Greene Co OH, n.d.", n.d., Sandy Fackler (unknown author address), to Madelon Raymond (Pullman, WA), p 04588 letter n.d; unknown repository, unknown repository address. Hereinafter cited as "Fackler, Sandy, Greene Co OH".; Letter from Madelon Raymond (Pullman, WA) to Larry V. Richardson, 7 Mar 84; File (MI), p 05637 letter.


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