Nancy, I did have the children of William Sr. and Susannah Walker and I visited their grave site last week in Butler County. I still have to believe that Elimus is the son of William Sr. because the New London Cemetery where Elimus is buried had notes that said his father was William. That in its self is so convincing and with the census showing two additional sons (Hopefully sons) of William Jr. and Martha, that makes it even more convincing. I will keep you posted on any new information I find. Paula -

I was up late last night trying to prove that Elimus Jenkins was the 
son of William Jenkins born 1801 married to Martha Grant. I visited 
the site you referred me to where the record showed one son of William 
Jenkins. I have Heritage Quest and browsed the records last night and 
found the 1830 and 1840 Morgan Twp, Butler County census with William 
Jenkins listed. The 1830 census had two William Jenkins presumably Sr. 
& Jr. William Sr. was born in 1762 and died in 1833 so the listing 
with one male of sixty under seventy would be William Nugent Sr. There 
was a male of fifteen under twenty in the household. This could be a 
grandson. There were two females, one age of 15 under 20 and a female 
listed of 60 under 70. The other William showed William Jenkins Jr., 
with Jr. next to name, which is most like William born 1801 and Martha. 
There is a male listed age of 5 under 10 which could be Elimus since 
he was born in 1822. William's son Wilson K. was born 1834 according 
to the site with the Grant info. There was a male of twenty under 30 
which would fit with William born 1801. So only one son is shown in 
1830 census with one female as a wife and three females which 
corresponds with the daughter of William and Martha. Now the 1840 
census get more interesting with William Jenkins with the addition of 
two more males. So now we have 1 male of 5 under 10, 1 male of 15 
under 20 and one male of 20 under 30. The male of 20 under 30 could be 
my Elimus, the male of 15 under 20 could be Wilson and a third male of 
5 under 10 another son. There were five females that are consistent 
with the daughter of William and Martha. William and Martha's ages 
were also consistent with this family as being the family of Elimus. I 
know Elimus was married by 1850 since his first child was born ca 1843. 
The children of Elimus and Barbary on the 1860 census was Nancy E., 
Hulda, Martha, Nathaniel Clare, Malinda, Benjamin, Amelia "Millie" (my 
GG Grandmother) born 1871, William Jenkins, Sarah. I need to add the 
two additional children Washington and John to my list that you found 
on the 1850 census. I am going to the Butler County Historical Society 
soon to see if they have all of William & Martha's children listed and 
that possibly Elimus will be listed. I hope these census can shed some 
new light to the Jenkins family, if this is in the same William Jenkins 
as the William Jenkins father of Elimus. Thanks for the additional 
On Jun 30, 2006, at 12:18 PM, wrote:

> Paula, I should have paid closer attention to what you said about your 
> grandma
> "Millie". So of course there are siblings older than William. And I 
> meant to add
> that "Elinnes" and "Barbery" were just variations on their names - 
> that's how
> they were spelled only in the 1880 census, it looks like. Probably 
> phonetically.
> Nancy


I don't have the Ancestry subscription anymore, but the 1880 census is free.

They show Elinnes and Barbery Jenkins with children: William (b abt 1861), Sarah (b abt 1862), Washington (b abt 1864), and John (b abt 1866). Elinnes, a farmer, was born about 1823, and the record says his parents were both born in PA. (Maybe yes, maybe no.) Barbery was born about 1824, and it says both her parents were born in PA. William's parents (Elinnes adn Barbery) were both born in OH. William and Washington were farm laborers, Sarah was at home, and John was in school.

If you could access the 1850 census maybe through your library, you might find Elinnes still at home. On the other hand, maybe they had children older than their son William and the 1850 - and then the 1860 - censuses might list that info. The 1840 census might give some clues for Elinnes and his parents. View Record Name Parents or spouse Home in 1880 (City,County,State) Est. Birth Year Birthplace Relation View Image View Record Elinnes Jenkins Barbery Jenkins Morgan, Butler, OH abt 1823 Ohio Self &&&&&&&&&&&& View Record Barbery Jenkins Elinnes Jenkins Morgan, Butler, OH abt 1824 Ohio Wife &&&&&&&&&&&& View Record William Jenkins Elinnes Jenkins, Barbery Jenkins Morgan, Butler, OH abt 1861 Ohio Son &&&&&&&&&&&& View Record Sarah Jenkins Elinnes Jenkins, Barbery Jenkins Morgan, Butler, OH abt 1862 Ohio Daughter &&&&&&&&&&&& View Record Washington Jenkins Elinnes Jenkins, Barbery Jenkins Morgan, Butler, OH abt 1864 Ohio Son &&&&&&&&&&&& View Record John Jenkins Elinnes Jenkins, Barbery Jenkins Morgan, Butler, OH abt 1866 Ohio Son &&&&&&&&&&&& =================================== Name: Barbery Jenkins Age: 56 Estimated birth year: abt 1824 Birthplace: Ohio Occupation: Keeps House Relationship to head-of-household: Wife Home in 1880: Morgan, Butler, Ohio Marital status: Married Race: White Gender: Female Spouse's name: Elinnes Jenkins Father's birthplace: PA Mother's birthplace: PA =================================== William Jenkins Age: 19 Estimated birth year: abt 1861 Birthplace: Ohio Occupation: Farm Laborer Relationship to head-of-household: Son Home in 1880: Morgan, Butler, Ohio Marital status: Single Race: White Gender: Male Father's name: Elinnes Jenkins Father's birthplace: OH Mother's name: Barbery Jenkins Mother's birthplace: OH In a message dated 6/29/2006 8:36:36 PM Central Daylight Time, writes: Nancy, Thanks for getting back to me on my Jenkins Line. My three Greats Grand father Gilla Elmus Jenkins was born in 1822. He died in 1900 and is buried in the New London Cemetery in Butler County. He married Barbara Wynn. I found his grave and his wifes grave. The care taker of New London Cem. had addtional info that Elmus died of pneumonia and that his father was William Jenkins. He had no name for Elmus's mother. Elmus was the only name on the stone other than Jenkins. Elmus and Barbara had nine children including my Great Great Grandmother Amelia "Millie" Jenkins. Amelia was born in 1855 and married William Nugent. I received some of my Jenkins material from another Jenkins researcher who had given Gillia as Elmus's first name. I talked to the butler County Historical Society and they have the genealogy of the Nugent family and do have the children listed for William and Martha Grant. I plan on going to the society sometime soon since I live in Highland County, Ohio and it is not too far from me. The birth date for Elmus would fit in with the birth dates of the other siblings and after looking at the census in Butler county during these years there were only two Williams in Morgan twp, Butler County and one could be Sr. and the other Jr. I am going to dig further and will let you know if I find out any more info. Paula