Contributed Biographies and Family History Information
for Butler County OH Genealogy

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* Some Butler Countians who moved on * 1919 - Memoirs of the Miami Valley
* 1882 - A History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County OH * Contributed Butler Co OH obituaries

- A -
Austin - Doty family of Butler Co OH, by [email protected]
- B -
Birk - tombstone photo of Susan E., daughter (?) of T. & M Birk
Brown Family Histories (3) by James Brown, from Adina Dyer, by Paul Teetor
Burns, Hollowell, Leibrook, Ludlow (select individuals) from Gene Williams

- C -
Chasteen Family of Hamilton, Ohio, by Kathy Sharp Chasteen
- D -
Dearmond Family Surname Resource Center, by Nancy Sween
Drake (James and Mary, 1806) from Bill Brauker
- E -
Edwards (Hannah Mulford Edwards' tombstone photo)
- F -
Fullerton - Rolfe (John and Jane)
Freeman (Dr. Benjamin R. and Dr. William of Hamilton
- G -
George (Reuben and Ann Handley George)
Gilbert (Alfred West Gilbert and family) PDF by Mark Gilbert
Gilbert (John Thomas Gilbert and family) PDF presentation by Mark Gilbert
- H -
Handley (James and Isabella), by Sween
Henckel/Hinkle info on Benjamin Debolt Henckel/Hinkle, by Lisa Hinkle Siders
Burns, Hollowell, Leibrook, Ludlow (select individuals) from Gene Williams
- I -
- J -
Jenkins (Elimus Jenkins, buried in New London Cemetery) by Paula
Jenkins (William and Suzannah Walker Jenkins), by Sween
Johnson (Alexander and Elizabeth Whisman Johnson), by Rettig
Johnson (Jacob and Fannie George Johnson) chart, by Sween
Jolliff (Thomas and Jemima Winegar Jolliff's daughter Esther), Sween
- K -
Kendall (Stephan and Martha Bilderback) from Mary Jane Peterson
- L -
Lawson, William (Scottish Rebel)
Burns, Hollowell, Leibrook, Ludlow (select individuals) from Gene Williams
- M -
Meany - Coffee (James and Mary Meany COFFEE), from Eddie Cantwell
Moody (Granville) - early Ohio curcuit Methodist preacher, from Daniel A Masters
Moore (James William Moore) by Ted Crayne
- N -
Neilan - obituaries for John F. and Jane Wilson Kincaid Neilan from Audra Berisford
- O -
- P -
- Q -
- R -
Reading (Charles and Sarah Cooper Reading) from F. M. Reading
Replogle (Jacob Riprogle/Replogle) by Paul H. Replogle
Round/Rowan/Rowen/Rund Family of Butler County, Ohio, by Charles A. Round
- S -
Sizelove (daughters of George Washington and Margaret DeArmond Sizelove), Sween
Symmes - partial chart of Symmes family tree from "History of Butler County"
- T -
Teeter, Teetor - descendants of Isaac and Mary J. (CLAWSON) TEETOR, R. Mitchell
Teeter, Teetor - more on Isaac Teetor, Sween
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- Y -
- Z -
Ziliox or Zillyox of Millville around 1840, by Steve Moore

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Compiled by Nancy Sween