My Henckel/Hinkle information on Benjamin Debolt Henckel/Hinkle
by Lisa Hinkle Siders,
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Benjamin Debolt Hinkle was born December 24, 1827 in Butler County, Middletown, Ohio and died March 26, 1920. Son of Lewis & Sarah "Cline" Hinkle. Benjamin is the Grandson Joseph Jr. & Elizabeth "Debolt" Hinkle and Great Grandson of Great Grandson of Joseph Sr. & Lydia "Cook" Hinkle. Married Nancy Shelby on September 26, 1850, daughter of Middleton & Rachel "Coon" Shelby.

Joseph Sr. Hinkle was born 1759 in Germantown, Pennsylvania and died in Covalt Station, HamiltonCounty, Ohio on March 17, 1793. Son of Anthony Jacob III & Maria Magdalena "Zwecker" Hinkle. Joseph Sr. married Lydia Cook in 1777 Lancaster, Pennsylvania, daughter of Abel Cook.

The death date of Joseph Hinkle Sr. 1793, and birth date Benjamin Debolt Hinkle was December 24, 1827. I do not how you recieved that information posted on the Butler County, Ohio website.

As for when the Henckel/Hinkles came to United States here is 100% documentated Proof.

Jacob Anthony HENCKEL, because of similarity of names with that of the father, has often been designated as Anthony the second { II } and , like the father, was an emigrant to the Province of Pennsylvania in 1717. He died at Germantown, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania January 21, 1751 and is buried in St, Michael's Lutheran Church Cemetery where the remains of his parents had been interred.

Under the provisions of his father's Will, he inherited at the age of 19, the home and 100 acres of the paternal homestead in Falckner's Swamp, Nnew Hanover Township, Philadelphia {now montgomery} County, Pennsylvania. Here he lived when he married aboutr 1732, Anna Margaret { name and parentage unknown}. She was born June 28, 1711 in England. After the marriage, the mother, Maria Elizabeth {Dentzer} HENCKEL, continued to make her home with them until her death at Germantown, January 27, 1744.

Soon after the arrival in America of his family, the emigrant and his sons changed the spelling of the name by dropping"c" and thereafter for a period, the Henkel appeared in common usage. In the succeeding generation, a grandson, Anthony Henkel, III, again the spelling of the name, this time to HINKLE. While HENKEL and HENKLE continuted in use in many families, the greater number of descendants retain spelling Hinkle and this is especially true of descendants of the Sixth Branch .

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