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Butler County Ohio Wall Map ,
Butler County Ohio Wall Map
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*McGuffey Museum, Oxford
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Local Covered Bridges:
*Butler Co OH Covered Bridges
*Black (Pugh's Mill) Bridge
*State Line Bridge,
moved from Oxford to Bebb Park
"This bridge was built in 1850 and spanned Indian Creek on Fairfield Road west of Oxford..."

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Butler County Towns,
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* Bethany
* Blue Ball
* College Corner
* Collinsville
* Darrtown
* Excello
* Fairfield : current - Keith Seckel will answer short Fairfield questions
* Gano
* Hamilton
* Jacksonburg
* LeSourdsville
* Maud
* McGonigle
* Middletown (also see: Middle-America
* Millville
* Monroe
* New Miami
* Newkirk
* Okeana
* Overpeck
* Oxford (including Oxford On-Line)
* Pisgah
* Poast Town
* Port Union
* Princeton
* Reilly
* Schenck
* Scipio
* Seven Mile
* Shandon
* Somerville
* Stockton
* Trenton
* Venice (Ross PO)
* West Chester: current
* West Middleton
* Current and obsolete Butler County places

College Corner sits on the state line. It is an interesting place to do genealogical research because not only do you change states, during part of the year, you change time zones when you cross the main street. The local cemetery is actually in Union County IN -
by Lyndon Irwin in MO

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Local Maps, Facts, and Geography

Ohio Maps OnLine: * Counties maps of OH | Digital Ohio maps | ODOT Maps Resource Page
Ohio: * Formation of the state of Ohio, timeline maps
* On-line Map searches, Google
Other Historic Maps

Local Butler County CURRENT Maps OnLine: ODOT map
* Butler Co GIS Map Gallary index, including current Land Cover map, pdf file
* Butler Co Engineer's Office Highway map and OnLine Map, with street index search
* Topography and Archaeology of Butler Co OH   *   Topography map, from Morgan twp
* Topographical atlas of Ohio. (Butler Co) David Rumsey Map Collection
* MapQuest * Google interactive map * OhioLine

Butler County TOWNSHIP Maps:
* Old (1807 - smaller) and current township names & facts
(WestChester replaced Union, 2000)
* McBride's 1834 Reappraisal Maps: PDF files from Records Center and Archives of Butler County Ohio
* McBride's 1836 Maps and name search: (contributed by D. Kowallek and B. McMaken, 2006)
* 1875 townships, sections, ranges
* Hanover twp plat map, 1875
(click to enlarge)
* 1895 Butler Co
* 1914 Butler & Hamilton Cos
* Current OnLine Map
: click on townships for section numbers

Butler County FEATURE maps:
* Local covered bridges * Bicentennial Barn map, 2003 * County Parks * Fishing Prospects * Glacial Deposits map * Quaker meeting map 1851-53 * 1915 Railroad map, southern Ohio
Search Butler County features: Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) USGS query form

* Appraisal Network map of SW Ohio * Preble Co
* Montgomery Co plus road map
* Warren Co * Hamilton Co with road map
* Roads in Southeastern Indiana
* Franklin Co * Union Co
* All IN counties from Stats Indiana
Neighboring County FACTS from Wikipedia:
* Hamilton Co * Montgomery Co
* Preble Co * Warren Co
* Franklin Co
* Union Co
More Maps
Early OHIO:Early USA:
* 1895 Atlas of Ohio: map, towns, counties
* Ohio Maps, 1788-1930: county formation and census maps
* Ohio Country 1787-1803 (
* Animated map of the USA: changing borders between 1650-1907
* Historic Maps Search

Butler County Ohio Townships with current & pre-2000 map
Fairfield twp: history
Hanover twp:
   history, 1875 platbook
Lemon twp: history
Liberty twp:
   history and more
Madison twp: history + more
Milford twp: history
Morgan twp:
   history, landmarks
Oxford twp: history
Reily twp: history
Ross twp: history
St. Clair twp:
   history, 1875 platbook
Union twp:
   Chamber of C., history
Wayne twp:
West Chester twp
   Union twp, 2000
Neighboring Townships: Listed below are the townships in Butler County with their neighboring counties, in Ohio AND Indiana. If you have any people in these Butler County townships, it is a good idea to check into their neighbor(s) area. Contributed by Sara
Also see municipalities, Wikipedia

Fairfield Township--Hamilton Co. OH
Hanover Township
City of Middletown--Warren Co. OH
Lemon Township--Warren Co. OH
Liberty Township--Warren Co. OH
Madison Township--Montgomery Co. OH and Warren Co. OH
Milford Township--Preble Co. OH
Morgan Township--Franklin Co. IN and Hamilton Co. OH
Oxford Township--Franklin Co. IN and Preble Co. OH
Reily Township--Franklin Co. IN
Ross Township--Hamilton Co. OH
Union Township--Hamilton Co. OH and Warren Co. OH
Wayne Township--Preble Co. OH
West Chester Township

Historical Markers:
Black Covered Bridge, Pugh's Mill, Hamilton
DeWitt Log Homestead, east of Oxford
Freedom Summer '64 Memorial, Oxford
Lorenzo Langstroth, beekeeper, Oxford
Miami University, Oxford
Paddy's Run, Shandon
Voice of America, Bethany Station, West Chester
William Dean Howells, author, Hamilton
Williams Holmes McGuffey House, Oxford

Butler County, Ohio Places compiled by Larry Helton 1993:

Many of these places still exist. Those that do not often have a nearby road, school, or business named after the place now gone. I can tell you where most of these places were or is located and possibly where the name came from, others I can give you my guess. *Most common name followed by other known names if applicable.


Amanda - Amanda Station

Astoria - Jacktown

Auburn - Gandertown, Selkirk

Alert - Alert Station



Bruce's Station

Ball's Ferry - Brownstown

Bunker Hill - Dogtown

Blue Ball - Guilford

Busenbark - Busenbark's, Busenbark Station

Campbell's Station

Charley Town





City View Heights - High Bank

College Corner - College Corners



Daraugh's Station - Darraugh,Derrah,Dorrough,Dorough,Deuron

Dick's Mill - Dick's Crossing

Doty - Doty Settlement

Eighteen Mile Stand

East Hamilton


Excello - Engle's Corner,Morrell's Station


Flenner's Corner

Fairplay - Fair Play,Alston's Mill,Graham's Mill,Black Bottom,Hart's Block

Flockton - Flocton

Fairsmith - Smith's Station



Gregory's Station


Hanover Station


Hughe's - Hughe's Station

Indian Springs




Jacksonburg - Jacksonburgh,Jacksonboro,Jacksonborough

Jericho - Jerico,Jerico Corners

Kyle - Kyle's.Kyle's Station,Fontana


Lay High



LeSourdsville - Freeman's Station,Freemansburg,Knorr


Mount Auburn

Monroe Station









McGonigle - McGonigle Station

Morgantown - Whitewater, Whitewater Shaker Village

Mulhauser - Mulhauser Station

Maud - Maud's,Maudville,Shoemaker,Maud Station

Mosler - Mosler's


New Miami - Coke Otto,Otto,Kokotto



Oak Hill

Oakland - Oakland Station

Okeana - Tariff

Overpeck - Overpeck's Station

Ogleton - Ogleton Station


Poasttown Heights

Peck's Addition

Poasttown - Poast Town,Post Town,Poasttown Station,West Liberty

Port Union - McMaken's Bridge

Peoria - Ingleside

Princeton - Clawson,Clawson P.O.




Reily - Reiley

Richville - Amanda 

Ross - Venice,Venus

Reed's Station - Reed's Station Center

South Hamilton Crossing


Shelley Station

St.Charles - Saint Charles

Schenck's - Schenck's Station

Shandon - Cambria,Paddy's Run,New London,Vaughn,Glendower,Shandon Station

Seven Mile - 7 Mile,Utica

South Hamiklton - Sloptown

Somerville - William's Store

Stillwell's - Stillwell's Corner

Symme's Corner - Symme's.Symme's Corners,Symme's City,Union Corners

Scipio - Philantropy,Philanthropy

Stockton - Jones',Jones' Station

Snaptown - Surmandale,Snopstown,Schnapstown,Schnaps Town,Snagtown


Tylersville - Pug Muncy

Trenton - Bloomfield



Wood's - Wood's Station, Rogersville

West Middletown - Heno,Madison City

Woodsdale - Augspurger

West Chester - Chester,Mechanicsburg,Westchester

West Chester Station - Chester Station

Ohio map

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