Phillips Biography - Belmont County Ohio
Submitted by: David Phillips
Source: Published History


Evan Phillips was born about 1760 (There are several  versions of where he was born.  One provided by his grandson who was a Doctor in eastern Ohio, is located in the Belmont County History published in 1889 and indicates that Evan was born in Wales. Other researchers indicate he was born in either frontier Maryland or Virginia.  In other words I do not know where he was born and lived prior to 1785 when he was recorded in the tax lists of Ohio County, Virginia (West Virginia).  I am still trying to locate Evan's origin.). 

He married Jane Unknown about 1782 and died in Belmont County, Ohio by January 1824. 

Based upon information I received from Velma Betzer (age 86) of Oreana, Illinois who is decended from Evan through his daughter Nancy Phillips Barton Barnes, Evan is possibly the son of James and Dinah (other records state James's wife was Ruth-she might be a first or second wife) Phillips of Loudoun County, Virginia.  James's children were Evan, Henry, John, Enoch, David, Eli, Solomon, Dinah and Elizabeth Phillips.  James died in 1770.  James' father was also a James Phillips who was married to Johanna and he died in 1720.  This second James' father was also James Phillips who's wife was Susannah and he died in Maryland in 1689.  This James Phillips connection is totally unconfirmed and undocumented as far as I can tell.  I will continue to try to confirm this information with firm documentation.

Evan is shown on the 1785/6, 1790/91 and 1795 Property Tax Lists of Ohio County, Virginia (currently West Virginia) as well as 1802, 1803 and 1805 Belmont County Tax List with 160 acres in Richland Township.  According to a History of Belmont County an Evan, Enoch and John Phillips were early settlers of Belmont County, Ohio.  In 1817 a David Phillips from Loudoun County, Virginia also moved to Belmont County, Ohio.  He is possibly another brother.  This history states that Evan probably settled there in the 1790's.  The "History of Belmont and Jefferson Counties, Ohio" by J.A. Caldwell of 1880 states that Evan and his family lived in the Wheeling (West Virginia) Fort during the Indian troubles.  The "Indian Troubles" began with the first settlers to cross the Allegheny mountains and ended, east of the Ohio River following the Treaty of Greenville of 1795.  The killing continued in Ohio until the end of the War of 1812 and the removal of the Indians west of the Mississippi River.

At the time of his death he still owned the 160 acres of land in Richland Township, Belmont County, Ohio.  He was preceded in death by his son Enoch who had moved to Guernsey County, Ohio. Evan's wife, Jane was born between 1775 and 1794 based upon the 1820 Belmont, Ohio census.  She died before June 1825 in Belmont County, Ohio.

Both Evan and Jane left Wills, Estate Records and/or Bible records that described their children and their possessions.  These Wills/Estates were filed in Belmont County, Ohio. 

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