Philips of Belmont & Guernsey David PHILIPS and Elizabeth MCWILLIAMS
Submitted by: David Phillips


The above people are my Great Great Great Grandparents. The following 
information is some data I have gathered that documents some of their 
vital statistics.

David’s parents were Evan Philips (born abt 1760 in Maryland (unproved), 
died before January 1824 in Belmont County, Ohio) and Jane Unknown (died 
before June 1825 in Belmont County, Ohio). He was born 22 October, 1786 
probably in Ohio County, West Virginia (Virginia frontier at the time) 
and died in 1838 in Guernsey County, Ohio. David’s birth date is based 
upon Bible records that I have placed on the Belmont County, Ohio GENWEB 
Biography/Bible records page. His death date is based upon two sources. 
First the book “Pioneer Cemeteries of Guernsey County, Ohio” found in 
the Guernsey County, Ohio Genealogy Society states that he (as well as 
Elizabeth and a daughter Jane ) are buried in the Senecaville Cemetery, 
Richland Township, Guernsey County, Ohio. The Headstone (which I have 
not seen) states David Philips 1786 1838; Elizabeth Philips 1794 
1848; Jane Philips 1818 1839. Second at the Guernsey County 
Courthouse I found the following under the Probate/Guardianship 
Documents (the actual documents are supposedly at the Guernsey County 
Genealogy Society, but when I checked there, they were not organized and 
I could not find them): Probate Vol A, Page 324 David Philips deceased 
by April 1839.

Elizabeth’s parents were George McWilliams (born about 1764 in Scotland, 
died unknown supposedly in Guernsey County) and Margaret McCoy (born in 
Ireland also died unknown). Her birth and death dates are documented 

David and Elizabeth were married 7 October, 1813 in Belmont County, Ohio 
per Belmont County, Ohio Marriage Book B, Page 60. An interesting aside 
is that David’s twin brother, Enoch married Elizabeth’s sister, Hannah.

The following Land Deed documents David and Elizabeth’s heirs 
(Children). I suspect that it is executed because Elizabeth is in ill 
health (she died in 1848) to settle up David’s estate. The 
daughters-in-law mentioned are Barbary (Barbara ?) Razor and Nancy 
Brothers. It is found in Deed Record Book W, Pages 403/404, Guernsey 
County, Cambridge, Ohio:


Know all men by these presents that we Elizabeth Phillips, widow of 
David Phillips decd, Enoch Phillips and Barbary Phillips, his wife, Evan 
Phillips and Nancy Phillips, his wife, Nathan Winnet and Elizabeth, his 
wife of Wright Township, Guernsey County, Ohio and Edward Carson & 
Margaret, his wife and John J Dullon & Hannah, his wife of Morgan County 
and state aforesaid heirs in law of David Phillips aforesaid decd late 
of Guernsey and state aforesaid for and in consideration of the sum of 
One hundred and forty eight dollars and forty-nine cents to us in hand 
paid by Israel Hafer of Morgan County, Ohio, the receipt whereof we do 
hereby acknowledge and are therewith content and satisfied, have 
granted, bargained, sold, aliened and conveyed and by these presents do 
grant, bargain, sell, alien and convey unto the said Israel Hafer his 
heirs and assigns forever a certain tract or parcel of land situate in 
Guernsey County, Ohio being Lot No twenty-eight, Section No three, 
township One and Range One United States Military land, To have & To 
Hold the said premises with all the appurtenances and privileges to the 
same belonging or in any wise appertaining to him the said Israel Hafer 
his heirs and assigns forever. And the said Elizabeth Phillips, Enoch 
Phillips & Barbary Phillips, his wife, Evan Phillips & Nancy, his wife, 
Nathan Winnet & Elizabeth, his wife, Edward Carson & Margaret, his wife 
and John J Dullon and Hannah, his wife for themselves, their heirs and 
Assigns that they are lawfully seized of the said premises, that the 
premises are free and clear from all encumbrances whatsoever except 
William Phillips (this is David Philips’ brother that also lived in 
Guernsey County and apparently had loaned Elizabeth some money on the 
land. Following this document is another Land Deed in which William 
Philips and his wife Priscilla sold their rights to this property to 
Isreal Hafer for six hundred fifty dollars and fifty-one cents) and that 
they will forever Warrant and defend the same with the appurtenances 
unto the said Isreal Hafer his heirs and assigns against the lawful 
claims of all persons whomever except William Phillips aforesaid. In 
Testimony Whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this 1st day 
of April AD 1848.

Executed in presence of 
Wm Jackman 
Elizabeth X Phillips
Theo Jackman 
Enoch Phillips
Clo Hethrington 
Barbary X Phillips
James Sayer 
Nathan Winnet

Elizabeth Winnet

Evan Phillips

Nancy Phillips

E B Carson

Margaret Carson

John J Dullon

Hannah Dullon
The State of Ohio
Guernsey County
Before me Wm Jackman a Justice of the 
Peace in and for the said County personally appeared the within 
Elizabeth Phillips, Enoch Phillips and Barbary his wife, Evan Phillips 
and Nancy his wife, Nathan Winnet and Elizabeth his wife, Edward Carson 
and Margaret his wife, John J Dullon and Hannah his wife and severally 
acknowledged the signing and sealing of the foregoing deed to be their 
voluntary act and deed and the said Barbary Phillips, Nancy Phillips, 
Elizabeth Winnet, Margaret Carson and Hannah Dullon being examined by me 
separate and apart from their said husbands and the contents of said 
instrument made known to them by me they then declared that they did 
voluntarily sign seal and acknowledge the same and that they are still 
satisfied therewith.
Given under my hand and seal this first day of April in the year of our 
Lord one thousand eight hundred & forty eight 
Wm Jackman J P 

of Richl Tp
Entered for record May 15, 1849
and recorded May 15, 1849
Albert Chas Armer 

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