Coss, David

Submitted: Mary Evelyn Staley
Source: Belmont Co History, Family Records

The First Coss Family came from Holland and the Ship going to the Port of New York, got lost in the dense fog sailed into Hampton Road, sailed up the Potomic River, landed the passengers in Maryland about 50 miles below Washington D.C.(not their yet) in 1774. They settled there.

In 1775 the French and Indians were killing the settlers im Westren Pennslvania. The English sent Gen Braddock with 2000 English Troops, Washington with 1000 colonists to fight the French and Indians, a Coss was amoung them. After the defeat of Braddock, Washington brought the Army home, and disbanded. Coss married after the War and moved his Family to the Ohio River down stream where Wheeling now stands.

Their were 8 Children(one daughter not known) and 7 boys. Abraham, Jacob, Adam, James, Daniel, Benjamin, and David.

David is my first proven Ancestor. He was born in Pennsylvania in 1796, and came to Martins Ferry about 1804. He inlisted in the War of 1812, serving with Wilson Milita of Belmont Co. After the War he married Nancy Smith of Maryland on March 7, 1817. Children - Adam, William, Harrison, George, Angleline, Ann, and Smith. David acquire land from Ebenezer Martin, who was laying lots in 1835 for the new town of Martinville. It was called Coss Addition. David died on Augest 12, 1876. The many friends that attended his Funeral were Ebenezer Clark, H.T. Smith, John Vanpelt and Samuel Dean. His wife Nancy died on May 9, 1879. Both are buried at Riverview Cemetery.

Geroge Coss, my GGGrandfather, son of David and Nancy Coss, was born in Martins Ferry, lived in the Glenn Runs area, He married Hannah Brown on May 9, 1843. Hannah being the daughter of George and Rebecca McLaughlin Brown. Rebecca being the Daughter of Betty Zane, the hero of Fort Henry Children- Emeline, Theodore, John, Sara, Sanford, Angeline, and Elizabeth. George died in 1867, his wife Hannah in 1896. Both are biried in Riverview Cemetery.

Theordore Coss, my GGrandfather, son of Geroge and Hannah Coss, was born in Martins Ferry, on Jan 1, 1847. At the age of Sixteen he inlisted in the Civil War, he was wonded twice, and was a prisoner in Andersonville Ga, the worse prison of the War. After the War he married Margaret Jane Wise on April 18, 1868. Margaret being the Daughter of Simon and Caroline Wise. Children- Frank, John, Melvan, Fredick, Chester, William, Lucy, Madge, Scott, Nellie, and Edward.

Edward my Grandfather, Son of Theo and Margaret Jane Wisw Coss, was born in Martins Ferry on Nov 7,1868. He was a miner, and spent his entire life in Glenn Runs. Ne married Clyde Davis in 1897, Clyde being the daughter of John and Esther Campbell Davis. Children-William, Helen, Melvan. Harriet, Harry, William, Esther, and Harmon.

Harmon Coss, my Father, Son of Edward and Clyde Coss, was born in Martins Ferry on March 28, 1910. He Married Marie Strauss on May 3, 1934 in Bridgeport. Marie being the Daughter of John William amd Mary Elizabeth Mauck Strauss. Children-Mary Evelyn, Josephine Ann, Gerald Frances, and Patrica Kathryn . He was in the Armed Forces for 21 years, retiring in 1965. He died on Feb 24, 1976 in Veterans Hosiptal in Pittsburger. He is biried in St Mary`s Cemetery in Martins Ferry. As for my Mother, she is very active, overseeing her Grandchildren and Greatchildren.

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