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1559 Will of William Leng of Nether Catton, Yorkshire
(The two upper images overlap slightly.)

  1. In dei no[m]i[n]e amen the sixt[h] day of Ap[ri]le in the yere of o[u]r lord god m ccccc lix I w[illia]m lenge
  2. of nether catton husbandman being of p[er]fecte mynd & good remembrance do make
  3. this my last will & testament as in forme followeth First I give & bequeth my soull to
  4. almighty god to the blessed virgen marie & to all the celestiall company of heven & my
  5. body to be buried in the p[ar]ishe churche yerd of catton It[em] I bequeth to the sacrament xijd
  6. It[em] I give to Ric[hard] lenge my son my fermhold It[em] to the said Ric[hard] my draught my
  7. wayn plough & all thinges belonging to them It[em] to the said Ric[hard] I give my crops
  8. of ?corne of the ground & vj wandes of ynge in wilberfosse fild It[em] I give to Jane leng
  9. my daughter all my shepe on[e] waie & a counter my bed & on[e] mattresse w[i]t[h] all thinges
  10. belonging ther[e]to It[em] I give to Rob[er]t lenge on[e] bushell of whete & on[e] white headed
  11. stott It[em] I give to thomas nelis my best gray Jakett It[em] I give to Jenet my doughter
  12. one bushell of whete It[em] I give to Alison sanderson on[e] bushell of whete Item to
  13. Agnes my doughter on[e] bushell of whete It[em] I give to the said Ric[hard] one cowe Item

  1. I will that the said Jane my daughter shall shifte w[i]t[h] Ric[hard] all my goodes w[i]t[h]in the house / the residewe
  2. of my goodes my dettes paid & my funeralls discharged I give to the said Ric[hard] whom I make my
  3. Executor of this my last will & testament Thes[e] being record[e]rs of the same will & testament Rob[er]t
  4. Clerke John Smeton John Clerke & Thomas A[cr?]eth clerke & Curate ther[e] /

-Garth Swanson

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