War Awards to Munition Workers 1917
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Announced:- The Times | August 25, 1917, p. 7 & 8

The first lists are published today of appointments to the two new Orders - the Order of the British Empire and the Order of the Companions of Honour, which have been instituted by the King in recognition of the manifold services, voluntary and other, which have been rendered both by British subjects and their Allies in connexion with the war.

The Order of the British Empire has five classes, namely:-

1. Knights Grand Cross (G.B.E.)
2. Knights Commanders (K.B.E.)
3. Commanders (C.B.E.)
4. Officers (O.B.E.)
5. Members (M.B.E.)
1. Dames Grand Cross (G.B.E.)
2. Dames Commanders (D.B.E.)
3. Commanders (C.B.E.)
4. Officers (O.B.E)
5. Members (M.B.E.)

The first two classes, in the case, of men, carry the honour of Knighthood, and in the case of women the privilege of prefixing the title "Dame" to their names. Altogether 268 appointments have been made to the Order, and in addition the Medal of the Order has been awarded to 52 men and women, most of whom are workers in munition factories, for " acts of great courage, self-sacrifice, or high example; of initiative or perseverance; of skill, resource, or invention." Seventeen appointments are made to the Order of the Companions of Honour. This Order carries with it no title or precedence, and is conferred upon a limited number of persons for whom this special distinction seems to be the most appropriate form of recognition, constituting an honour dissociated either from the acceptance of title or the classification of merit.


After consultation with the Government of India and the Dominions, it has been agreed that lists for India and the Dominions should appear at a subsequent date.

Members of the Civil, Military, and Naval Services will be included in subsequent lists.

The King has been pleased to make the following appointments:-


LADY PAGET. Serbian Relief Fund.
Mrs. KATHERINE FURSE Commandant-in-Chief, Women's Voluntary Aid Detachment.
THE HONOURABLE LADY LAWLEY. Honorary Secretary, Queen Mary's Needlework Guild.
LADY REID. Special service in connexion with Australian Forces.


THE RIGHT HON. LORD EMMOTT, G.C.M.G. Director of the War Trade Department.
LORD CUNLIFFE. Governor of the Bank of England. Has rendered many services to the Government on financial matters.
VISCOUNT GLADSTONE, G.C.B., G.C.M.G. Chairman of the War Refugees Committee.
The RIGHT HON. SIR JOHN FLETCHER, BARON MOULTON, K.C.B., F.R.S. Director-General of Explosive Supplies in the Ministry of Munitions.
The RIGHT HON. ALEXANDER, BARON STRATH-CLYDE. Has done notable service in aid of the campaigns for recruiting, war saving, and food economy.
The RIGHT HON. SIR ERIC GEDDES, K.C.B. Formerly Inspector-General of Transportation, Headquarter Staff, France. Now First Lord of the Admiralty.
SIR ARTHUR PEARSON, BART. Chairman of the Blinded Sailors and Soldiers' Care Committee.
The HON. ARTHUR STANLEY, C.V.O., C.B., M.P. Chairman, the British Red Cross Society and St. John of Jerusalem in England.
LORD SYDENHAM, G.C.M.G., &c., &c. Has rendered special services in connexion with the Air Board, and also as chairman of a Royal Commission on Public Health.
The HON. MR. JUSTICE SANKEY. Joint Chairman of the Advisory Committee as to Internment and Repatriation.
The HON. MR. JUSTICE YOUNGER. Joint Chairman of the Advisory Committee as to Internment and Repatriation.
ALEXANDER McDOWELL, Esq. Joint Director for Ireland, Ministry of Munitions.


THE HON MRS. ALFRED LYTTELTON. War Refugees Committee.
MRS. CHARLES LEES. Was Mayor of Oldham. Member of Education Committee. Town Council of Oldham. Alderman of Borough Council of Oldham.
THE MARCHIONESS OF LONDONDERRY. Founder of the Women's Legion.


ALAN GARRETT ANDERSON, ESQ. Formerly Vice-Chairman of the Wheat Commission, Board of Trade. Now Controller, Admiralty.
HERBERT AUSTIN, ESQ. Has rendered valuable services in the production of the munitions of war.
CAPTAIN CHARLES BATHURST, M.P. Formerly Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Food.
THOMAS BELL, EsQ. Deputy Controller for Dockyards and Shipping.
GEORGE JOHN CARTER, ESQ. of Messrs. Cammell, Laird, Birkenhead. Has rendered valuable service to the Ministry of Munitions.
DUGALD CLERK, Esq. Member of the Panel of Board of Invention and Research, Admiralty. Member of the Ministry of Munitions Inventions Department. Member of the Trench Warfare Advisory Panel.
CHARLES JOHN CLELAND, ESQ., Acting Chairman, Glasgow Local Committee on Naval and Military War Pensions.
BRIAN COKAYNE, Esq. Deputy-Governor of the Bank of England.
WILLIAM COLLINGWOOD, ESQ. Chairman, Cooperative Board of Management, Manchester and District Armaments Output Committee.
SIR EDWARD COOK. Joint Director of the Official Press Bureau.
SIR RICHARD FREDERICK CRAWFORD, K.C.M.G.. Commercial Adviser to his Britannic Majesty's Embassy at Washington.
THE RIGHT HON. SIR AILWYN EDWARD FELLOWES, K.C.V.O. Chairman, Board of Agriculture Consultative Committee.
CHARLES WILLIAM FIELDING, ESQ. Chairman of the Pyrites Sub-committee of the Explosives Supply Department and Chairman of the Materials and Metals Economy Committee, Ministry of Munitions.
JOHN RITCHIE FINDLAY, Esq. Chairman of the Scottish National Housing Company. Member of the Scottish Advisory Committee of the National Relief Fund, &c.
CHARLES BLAIR GORDON, Esq. Late Vice-Chairman, Imperial Munitions Board, Canada, now representative of the Ministry of Munitions in U.S.A.
THE HON. WILLLAM HENRY GOSCHEN, Chairman, King George V. Hospital. Deputy Chairman, Joint Finance Committee Red Cross and Order of St. John of Jerusalem.
HENRY PERCY HARRIS, ESQ., M.P. Chairman of the London War Pensions Committee.
ALFRED EDWARD HERBERT ESQ. Deputy Director-General in charge of the Machine Tool Division and Chairman of the Machine Tool Committee, Ministry of Munitions.
JOHN HUNTER, ESQ. Director of Factory Construction and Director of Iron and Steel Production, Ministry of Munitions.
JOHN HANNEL IRVIN, Esq. Formerly Adviser to the Board of Trade on Fish and Food Supplies, &c.
CYRIL JACKSON. Esq. Vice-Chairman, War Pensions Statutory Committee.
PROFESSOR HERBERT S. JACKSON, F.R.S. Chemical Adviser to the Optical Research Branch of Ministry of Munitions.
ROBERT MOLESWORTH KINDERSLEY, Esq. Chairman, National War Savings Committee.
LEONARD WILKINSON LLEWELYN, Esq. Director of Materials and Deputy Director-General in the Department of Munitions Supply.
LYNDEN MACASSEY, Esq., K.C. Director of Shipyards Labour, Ministry of Munitions. Chairman of Special Arbitration Tribunals on Munition Workers' Wages, and lately Chairman of the Clyde and Tyne Dilution Commissions, and member of the Commission on Clyde Munition Workers' Grievances.
HERBERT EDWARD MORGAN, Esq. Hon. Assistant to Director Employment Exchanges, Ministry of Labour. Hon. Organizer Extension Fund, Union Jack Club, previously attached to Ministry of Munitions, Imperial Munitions Board, Canada.
SIR THOMAS MUNRO. Director of Women's Wages Section, Ministry of Labour, served on Clyde and Tyne Dilution Commissions, &c.
SIR DOUGLAS OWEN. Chairman of Advisory Committee, War Risks Insurance Office, Chairman Coal Exports Committee.
CECIL PARTRIDGE, ESQ. Manager and secretary, Metropolitan Munitions Committee.
ERNEST MURRAY POLLOCK, Esq., K.C., M.P. Controller of the Foreign Trade Department, Foreign Office.
SIR VINCENT LITCHFIELD RAVEN. Deputy Controller (Navy), late Acting Chief superintendent, Royal Ordnance Factories, Woolwich.
THOMAS ROBINSON, ESQ. Adviser to the Board of Agriculture. Fish Food Committee, &c.
MAJOR SIR THOMAS BILBE ROBINSON. K.C.M.G. Agent-General for Queensland. Director of Meat Supplies for Allied Forces, Board of Trade.
ARTHUR ROBERTS, ESQ. Assistant Director-General, Royal Army Clothing Department.
EDMUND ROBBINS, ESQ. Secretary of Admiralty, War Office, and Press Committee.
JOHN SMITH SAMUEL. ESQ. Secretary to Lord Provost of Glasgow, and took active part in raising various war funds.
HON. LIEUT.-COL. EDWARD STEWART D.L., J.P. Medical Assessor to the Red Cross and Society of St. John of Jerusalem in France.
FREDERICK WILFRED SCOTT STOKES. ESQ. Chairman of East Anglian Munitions Committee. Inventor of Stokes gun, &c.
RICHARD THRELFALL. ESQ., F.R.S. Member of the Advisory Council of Industrial and Scientific Research.
W. WALTON, Esq. Vice-President, Admiralty Transport Arbitration Board.
ARTHUR KEYSALL YAPP, ESQ. National Secretary, Young Men's Christian Association.
THE RIGHT HON. DONALD MACLEAN, M.P. Chairman, London Tribunal.


W. A. APPLETON, Esq. Secretary, General Federation of Trade Unions.
SIR IAN MURRAY AMORY, BART. Devon Appeal Tribunal.
DR. GARRETT ANDERSON. Organizer of the first Hospital run by women at the front.
PROFESSOR HERBERT BRERETON BAKER, F.R.S. Professor of Chemistry, Imperial College of Science and Technology. Member of the Trench Warfare Advisory Committee, Ministry of Munitions.
MRS. CECIL BAKER. Hon. Secretary, British Ambulance Committees.
MISS LILIAN C. BARKER. Lady Superintendent of the Women's Welfare Department, Royal Ordnance Factories, Woolwich.
C. A. DE R. BARCLAY, ESQ., M.V.O. Counsellor of His Britannic Majesty's Embassy at Washington.
LADY FLORENCE ELIZABETH BARRETT. Has rendered valuable service in connexion with the British Red Cross Society.
LEONARD BAIRSTOW, ESQ., F.R.S. Chief of Aerodynamics Department, National Physical Laboratory.
MRS HENRIETTA OCTAVIA BARNETT. Has done valuable social work in connexion with the war.
MISS GERTRUDE BELL. Has done special war work in the East and rendered valuable service to Red Cross.
CHARLES WILLIAM BRYANT, Esq. Managing-Director of Brotherhoods (Limited).
WILLIAM BLANE, ESQ. Contract Department, War Office.
J. T. BROWNLIE, Esq. Amalgamated Society of Engineers.
HENRY SEYMOUR MOSS-BLUNDELL; Esq., LL.D. Trade Division, Admiralty.
A. BELLAMY, ESQ. President, National Union of Railwaymen.
PROFESSOR W. H. BRAGG, F.R.S. Member of Panel of Board of Invention and Research, Admiralty.
ALBERT THOMAS CARTER, ESQ., D.C.L. Adviser to his Majesty's Procurator-General and Solicitor to the Treasury in connexion with Naval and Prize Matters.
PROFESSOR SYDNEY JOHN CHAPMAN. Professor of Political Economy, Manchester University, now Director of Industrial War Inquiries Branch.
ALAN ERNEST L. CHORLTON, ESQ. Member of the Committee of the Board of Invention and Research, Admiralty.
ALFRED HOWE COLLINSON, ESQ. Director of Inspection of Munition Areas.
WILLIAM DUDDELL, Esq., F.R.S. Member of Panel of Board of Invention and Research, Admiralty, Member of Munitions Inventions Board, Ministry of Munitions.
HENRY DYER, ESQ. Ex-Mayor of West Ham. Has rendered special war services.
ALFRED SHERWOOD ESSLEMONT, Esq. Director of the Optical Munitions and Glassware Branch of the Ministry of Munitions.
LT.-COLONEL HENRY FOWLER. Late Director in the Gun Ammunition Division, Ministry of Munitions.
MRS. HELEN MAY GASKELL. Hon. Secretary British Red Cross Society and Order of St. John of Jerusalem War Library.
WILLIAM MARTIN GELDART, ESQ., D.C.L. Treasury Solicitors' Department.
MAJOR ARCHIBALD ALEXANDER GORDON, M.V.O. Secretary, Belgian Relief Fund.
LIEUT.-COL. JAY GOULD, M.B., I.M.S. Late Commissioner British Red Cross, Mesopotamia.
FRANK WILLIAM HARBORD, ESQ. - Consulting Metallurgist, Ministry of Munitions.
THOMAS WHEELER HART, Esq., M.B. County Director, British Red Cross Society, East Lancashire.
ERNEST MUSGRAVE HARVEY, Esq. Deputy Chief Cashier, Bank of England.
MISS MARGARET HOGG. Matron of Guy's Hospital.
GEORGE IRVING HOPE, ESQ. Superintendent, Printing Department, Foreign Office.
HERBERT CAVAN IRVING, ESQ. Chairman of Local Tribunals, Dumafries.
ERNEST NATHANIEL JOSEPH JACOBSON, Esq. Special Services, Metropolitan Special Constabulary.
HENRY JAPP, Esq. Deputy Director-General in charge of the American Branch, Ministry of Munitions.
PROFESSOR FREDERICK WILLIAM KEEBLE, F.R.S. Has rendered valuable services to the Food Production Department.
ANDREW BRADLEY LAMBERT, ESQ. Section Superintendent, Royal Army Clothing Department.
ANDREW LAING, ESQ. - Wallsend Slipway and Engineering Company.
W. T. LAYTON, Esq. Director-General of Requirements and Statistics, Ministry of Munitions.
THE HON. F. O. LINDLEY. - Counsellor of His Britannic Majesty's Embassy, Petrograd.
MISS EVA CHARLOTTE ELLIS LUCKES. Matron of the London Hospital
WILLIAM W. MACKENZIE, ESQ., K.C. Arbitrator under Munitions of War Acts.
Miss MARGARET MACMILLAN. Has done valuable social work.
MISS ANNIE McINTOSH. Matron of St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
CHARLES JAMES MATHEW, Esq., K.C. Chairman of the War Pensions Sub-Committee.
ALGERNON MAUDSLAY, ESQ Hon. Secretary, Belgian War Refugees Committee.
GEORGE METCALFE, ESQ. Member of the American Dollar Securities Committee.
EDMUND SEBAG MONTEFIORE, ESQ. Secretary to the Civilian Internment Camps Committee, Home Office.
DR. FLORA MURRAY. Doctor in charge, Endell-street Hospital.
THE HON. LADY NORMAN. For special services in connexion with the British Hospitals in France. Mentioned in Commander-in-Chief's dispatches. Took a Hospital to France in 1914.
H. NORMAN, Esq. Counsellor of His Britannic Majesty's Embassy at Tokyo.
CHARLES SANDBACH PARKER, ESQ. Member of Commission Internationale de Ravitaillement.
FRANCIS HERBERT PADWICK, ESQ., J.P. Chairman, West Sussex County War Committee.
SISTER PAULINE. Sister Of Charity, Italian Hospital, Queen-square, London.
ROBERT GROSVENOR PERRY, ESQ. Has rendered valuable services in the production of explosives.
PERCIVAL LEA DEWHURST PERRY, ESQ. Director, Agricultural Machinery Department, Ministry of Munitions.
MISS DOROTHEA PROUD. Welfare Department, Ministry of Munitions.
PERCY JOHN PYBUS, ESQ. Has rendered valuable services to the Labour Supply Department of the Ministry of Munitions.
LADY ROXBURGH. Hon. Secretary, the Queen's Work for Women Fund.
DR. MARY ANN DACOMB SCHARLIER. Has done valuable social work in connexion with the war.
MRS. CHARLOTTE SEYMOUR SCLATER. Hon. Secretary, Queen Alexandra's Field Force Fund.
LADY SOPHIE BEATRIX MARY SCOTT. Head of Gifts Department Stores, British Red Cross Society.
JAMES SEXTON, ESQ., J.P. National Union of Dock Labourers.
LANCELOT GREY HUGH SMITH, ESQ. Chief Delegate of British Mission to Sweden in 1915. Chairman of Committees connected with restriction of Imports, &c.
CLEMENT HENRY STEVENS, Esq. Deputy Director-General of Shell Manufacture, Ministry of Munitions.
MISS ALICIA LLOYD STILL. Matron of St. Thomas's Hospital and Superinitendent Nurses, Nightingale Training School.
MRS. EDITH NELLIE STOKES. Hon. Organizer Surgical Requisites Association.
THOMAS MORRIS TAYLOR, ESQ. Deputy Director-General, Munitions Labour Supply.
PROFESSOR JOCELYN FIELD THORPE, F.R.S. Trench Warfare Chemical Advisory Committee.
HARRY TEMPEST VANE, ESQ. Valuable war services on War Office and Munitions work.
ARTHUR WATSON, Esq. Member of Railway Executive Committee, London.
MRS. ALEXANDER MARY CHALMERS WATSON. Chief Controller, Women's Army Auxiliary Corps.
CAPTAIN MAYNARD FRANCIS COLCHESTER-WEMYSS. County Director, British Red Cross Society, Gloucestershire.
JOHN FISHER WILLIAMS, ESQ., Aliens' Branch, Home Office.
WILLIAM WINDHAM, ESQ., Chief of Section, Employment Department, Ministry of Labour.
HAVELOCK WILSON, ESQ., Seamen and Firemen's Union.
SIR GEORGE CROYDON MARKS, M.P., Labour Department, Ministry of Munitions. Served on Tyne Labour Commission.


WILFRED BALGARNIE, ESQ., M.B. Assistant County Director, British Red Cross Society, Hampshire.
DENIS ROBERT PACK BERESFORD, ESQ., Hon. Secretary, County of Dublin Branch, British Red Cross Society.
MISS ETHEL LILIAN BIRKIN, Organiser and Secretary, British Red Cross Society, Nottingham. Matron, British Red Cross Auxiliary Hospital, Nottingham.
THOMAS GEOFFREY BLACKWELL, Esq., Restriction of Enemy Supplies Department, Foreign Office.
WILLIAM ALLPORT BROCKINGTON, Esq., Director of Education for Lancashire.
WILLIAM JOHN HENRY BRODRICK, Esq., Secretary Aliens Advisory Committee.
JAMES BROWN, ESQ., J.P., Scottish Miners' Association.
MISS GLADYS MARY BROUGHTON, Organiser of Women's Welfare in National Shell and National Projectile Factories. Services lent from Indian Educational Service.
F. CHANDLER, ESQ. Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners.
FREDERICK E. W. COLLER, ESQ. Shipyard Manager, Messrs. Armstrong's Naval Yards.
MRS. JANET ELIZABETH COURTNEY. Adviser on Staff Welfare, Ministry of Munitions.
GEORGE CUMMING, ESQ. Engineering Manager-Director, Messrs. Harland and Wolff.
EDWARD FLETCHER DAVIES, Esq. Expert Adviser in the Finance Section, Ministry of Blockade.
MRS. MABEL DEASE. Chief Welfare Superintendent, Inspection Department, Ministry of Munitions.
MAJOR LIONEL NATHAN DE ROTHSCHILD. Military Representative, City of London Tribunal
GEORGE KEITH BULLER ELPHINSTONE, ESQ. Managing Director of Elliott Bros., Electrical Instrument Makers, Lewisham.
COUNCILLOR TOM FOX. British Labour Amalgamation.
CAPTAIN SYDNEY THOMAS BURGOYNE. Formerly in Department of Inspector, Transportation, G.H.Q., France.
MICHAEL BIRT FIELD, ESQ. Director of Messrs. Kelvin, Bottomley, and Baird (Ltd.)
SAMUEL GALBRAITH, ESQ., M.P. Durham Miners' Association.
WILLIAM GORDON, ESQ., LLD. Has rendered valuable service in connexion with various War Funds, &c.
ALDERMAN GEE. General Union of Textile Workers
DAVID GILMOUR, ESQ. Scottish Miners' Association.
GUY PHILIP HARBEN. Special Commissioner for Anglo-Italian Trade.
WILLIAM EDWARD HART, ESQ. Has rendered valuable service in connexion with various War Funds, &c.
HENRY MICHAEL HODGSON, Esq. Contraband Department, Foreign Office.
WALTER HUDSON, Esq., M.P. Assistant Secretary, National Union of Railwaymen.
MISS ETHEL BASIL JAYNE. Welfare Superintendent, Messrs. Armstrong, Whitworth, and Co.
JAMES EDWARD KING, Esq. Contraband Department, Foreign Office.
CAPTAIN FRANCIS BARTON LANGRIDGE. Assistant Secretary to the Commissioner, British Red Cross Society, Boulogne.
WILLIAM JAMES LARKE, Esq., JUNR. Director of Labour Dilution Supply, Demand, and Allocation, Ministry of Munitions.
PROFESSOR JOHN CUNNINGHAM McLENNAN. Professor of Physics, University of Toronto.
CHARLES McNEILL, Esq. American and Argentine Remount Commission.
GEOFFREY MARKS, Esq. Finance Officer, London Special Constabulary.
MRS. FLORENCE MATHEWS. Lady Superintendent of the Free Buffets, Victoria Station.
DUNCAN McFAYDEN MILLAR, Esq. Medical Services, British Red Cross Society, Durham.
WALTER HALLIDAY MORESBY, Esq. Attached Intelligence Directorate, War Office.
WILLIAM MOSSES, ESQ. National Advisory Committee on War Output.
GEORGE MOUNSEY, Esq. First Secretary, His Britannic Majesty's Embassy at Rome.
HENRY MUSGRAVE, Esq. Special work in connexion with hospital and war funds.
WILLIAM ERNEST NELSON, Esq. Assistant County Director, British Red Cross Society, Warwickshire.
DAVID ARTHUR NICHOLL, Esq., M.A. Town Clerk of Wandsworth.
LADY MURIEL PAGET. Raised and organized the Anglo-Russian Hospital.
ERNEST PARKINSON, Esq. Chairman, Board of Management, Bradford National Munitions Factory.
ROBERT JOHN PARR, Esq. Director of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.
E. L. POULTON, Esq. National Union of Boot and Shoe Operatives' Society.
WILLIAM TAYLOR POSTLETHWAITE, Esq. Clerk, Swinton and Pendlebury Urban District Council
MISS EDITH HELEN PRATT. Late Staff Superintendent for Welfare, Gun Ammunition, Filling Division, Ministry of Munitions. Now Deputy Chief Controller. Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (France).
HAROLD V. RAFFETEY, Esq. Vice-Chairman, Bucks Agricultural Executive Committee, and District Valuer, Land Valuation Department.
LIEUT.-COL. WILLIAM THOMAS REAY. Inspector-General of Divisions, Metropolitan Special Constabulary.
MRS. SIBYL KATHERINE NEVILLE-ROLFE. Special work on many War Committees.
W. C. ROBINSON, Esq., J.P. Amalgamated Association of Beamers, Twisters, and Drawers.
FELIX ROSE, ESQ., J.P. Assessor of Cotton Claims. Board of Trade.
MISS ELSIE SAUNDERS. Organizer and Secretary, British Red Cross Society, Derbyshire.
JOHN HENRY SILLEY, Esq. Member of Messrs. Green, Silley, Weir. Special work in connexion with ship building.
OSWALD RICHARD ARTHUR SIMPKIN, Esq. Contraband Section of War Trade Intelligence Department.
MRS. LENA SIMPSON (Miss LENA ASHWELL). Organizer of Entertainments for Troops.
FRANK SMITH,, Esq. Secretary, Shipbuilding and Engineering Federation.
WILLLIAM BROWNHILL SMITH, Esq. Chairman of Glasgow Local Tribunal
G. H. STEWART-BUNNING, Esq. Postmen's Federation.
JAMES STEWART, Esq. Organization of Belgian Refugees in Scotland.
MISS MERIEL TALBOT. Has done valuable work for the Board of Agriculture and the Victoria League.
BEN TURNER, Esq.. J.P. General Union of Textile Workers.
MRS. LOUISA WILIKINS. Chairman Women's National Land Service Corps.
ALDERMAN PATTERSON WATTS, J.P., C.C. National Federation of Blast Furnacemen.
HAROLD INCHBALD WILSON, Esq. Assistant in Procurator-General's Department.
MRS. ETHEL MARY WOOD. Honorary Organizer of the London War Pensions Committee.
JAMES WYLIE, Esq. Legal assistant in the Department of the Solicitor to the Treasury.
THE HON. CECIL C. FARRER. Acting First-class Clerk and Secretary of the Rationing Committee.
R. YOUNG, Esq. Amalgamated Society of Engineers.


MISS RACHEL MAUD ARD. Commandant, Rusthall V.A.D. Hospital, Tunbridge Wells.
GRANVILLE HUGH BAILLIE, Esq. Chief Technical Officer, Labour Supply. Department, Ministry of Munitions.
JOHN EDGAR BAKER, Esq. Technical Investigation Officer, Labour Supply Department, Ministry of Munitions.
Miss ROSA BASSETT. Work in connexion with initiating a method of recruiting, testing, classifying educated girls and women for special forms of work in War Office.
JOHN BICKERSTETH, Esq. Secretary Glamorgan Agricultural Executive Committee. Clerk of the East Riding County Council. Temporary Major Commanding 2/3rd Battalion East Riding Volunteers, &c., &c.
Miss CONSTANCE GWENDOLEN BINGHAM. Secretary, Contraband Committee, Foreign Office.
THOMAS CAPE, Esq. Cumberland Miners' Association.
Sub-Lieut. ERNEST SOMERVILLE BEARD, R.N.V.R. Quartermaster and Secretary, Royal Naval Auxiliary Hospital, Truro.
SIDNEY JAMES CHESTERTON, Esq. Section Leader, British Red Cross Company, Italy.
COUNCILLOR WILLIAM CARR, J.P. A leading Trade Unionist in Chester.
RUSSELL CLARKE, Esq. Aviation Electrician, Telegraphist, &c., Admiralty.
R. H. COATES, Esq. United Machine Workers.
ALBERT COCKING, Esq. Commissioner of the Church Army for Egypt.
Miss EDITH FLORENCE COLLINGWOOD. Secretary, Foreign Claims Department, Foreign Office.
W. F. DAWTRY, Esq. Steam Engine Makers' Society.
SIDNEY JOHN OLDACRES DICKENS, Esq. Commandant and Medical Officer, British Red Cross Society, Sussex.
E. JEROME DYER, Esq. Hon. Secretary, Vegetable Products Committee.
JOSEPH EDWARDS, Esq. President of the Barrow Branch of the Steel Smelters' Union.
MRS. JOSEPHINE HILDA FISHER. Commandant Balgowan Hospital, Beckenham.
GEORGE COOPER FRANKLIN, Esq., F.R.C.S., LL.D. Medical Officer in Charge, Hawkstone Red Cross Hospital, Farnham.
WILLIAM CHARLES GRANT, Esq. Temporary Admiralty Overseer at Boat Yard, Abadan, Persian Gulf.
J. H. HUDSON, Esq. Chief Engineer in Fuze Department in the munitions factory of Messrs. W. Cubitt and Son.
MISS ELIZABETH PHILLIPS HUGHES. Late Commandant and Organizer, British Red Cross Society, South Wales
WILLIAM HUNT, Esq. Typographical Association.
MRS. CATHERINE AUGUSTA HUNTER. Quartermaster, Hoole's House Hospital, Chester, British Red Cross Society.
MISS MARY JACKSON. Prisoners of War Book Scheme, Board of Education.
W. H. JONES, Esq. Mersey Quay and Rail Carters' Union.
COUNCILLOR JEMMINSON. President, Trades and Labour Council
MISS ELISABETH HARIOTT KELLY. Soldiers' and Sailors' Families Association, Portsmouth.
CHARLES KEAN, Esq. Amalgamated Union of Engravers to Calico Printers.
MISS KATHERINE ANN BRENDA LANDON. Assistant Commandant and Quartermaster, Devon V.A.D. 66 and Exmouth Hospital, Devon, British Red Cross Society.
MISS IVY MATHESON. Honorary Secretary, Ladies' Emergency Committee of the Navy League.
MRS. MARY MacNALTY. Separation Allowance Department, Territorial Force Association.
GEORGE MILLIGAN, Esq. National Union of Dock Labourers.
ROBERT CLARKSON MILLS, Esq. In charge of Drawing Office, Munitions Inventions Department.
ERNEST REGINALD MOORE, Esq. Representative of the Church Army, Bases and Lines of Communication in France.
THOMAS WARREN MOORE, Esq. Secretary, Imperial Merchant Service, and Hon. Lieutenant Royal Naval Reserve.
HENRY MOSS, Esq. Superintendent of Munition Training Classes at the London County Council School of Building.
ALBERT WILLIAM OLDERSHAW, Esq. Executive Officer, East Suffolk War Agricultural Executive Committee.
ROBERT PALGRAVE PAGE, Esq. Civil Assistant to Intelligence Directorate, War Office.
GUY WYNNE PEYTON, Esq. Private Secretary to Parliamentary Secretary, War Office.
GEORGE PRICE, Esq. Storekeeper, Headquarters, British Red Cross Society, Malta.
GEORGE COSSAR PRINGLE, Esq. Member of the Scottish War Savings Committee.
HERBERT ALFRED PRITCHARD, Esq. Secretary, Glamorgan War Agricultural Committee.
CHARLES SAINSBURY, Esq. Late of Establishment Branch, Ministry of Munitions.
HERBERT SCHOFIELD, Esq. Principal of the Loughborough Technical Institute. Erected and equipped instructional factory and trained workers.
W. SIMCOX, Esq. Amalgamated Society of Engineers.
CAPTAIN MONTAGU WEMYSS SUART. Senior Commander, Metropolitan Special Constabulary.
CORRIE TAYLOR, Esq. Amalgamated Society of Engineers.
LEONARD CHARLES TRICKER, Esq. Storekeeper, British Red Cross Society, Malta.
HAROLD WILKINS, Esq. Head of Passports Department, British Red Cross Society.
MRS. LAURA WILLSON. Orgarnizer of Women's Work in Munitions Works in Halifax
MRS. FRANCES WOOD. Assistant Director, Statistical Branch, Ministry of Munitions.

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