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A RootsWeb Message Board is available for genealogists and family historians with a research interest in New Zealand. Messages can be posted and classified by topic, including: query, bible, biography, birth, cemetery, census, death, deed, immigration, lookup, marriage, military, obituary, pension and will. Visitors can respond to these and share research and data.

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  • You have a greater chance of making a connection with a query that is written clearly and concisely.
  • The subject of your message should help visitors accurately interpret its topic; it is the first thing they will see when searching or browsing thousands of posts.
  • Only surnames should be listed in the Surnames field, each separated by a comma.
  • Messages should be formatted readably, with surnames only in upper case; messages posted in block capitals are not acceptable.
  • Be sure to classify your post appropriately; unless you are posting data or offering a lookup, it should be classified as a query.
  • Irrelevant or otherwise inappropriate posts may be removed without notice, at the discretion of the board administrator.

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