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There are regional projects available for interested genealogists and family historians to adopt and maintain. If you would like to participate in the New ZealandGenWeb project, please contact the project coordinator with the name of the available regional project you are interested in adopting.

Participate in New ZealandGenWeb!

To get an idea of what would be involved in hosting one yourself, take a look around the existing regional projects. All available projects have template sites set up, so you already have something to start with. They each cover a range of topics, including: vital records, biographies, resources, look up services, passenger lists, queries, surnames, geographical information, church records, court records, cemeteries, family history centres, localities of interest and pretty much anything else that might be of genealogical or historical relevance to the region.

Some experience in creating and maintaining a Web site is necessary, although I am able to offer assistance and answer questions you might have from time to time. You can either create an account of your own or, preferably, make use of a free account that can be set up for you at RootsWeb. (You will need FTP software like CuteFTP to access this account).

The most important qualifications to have? A passion for genealogy and family history and an interest in the area covered by the regional project!

There are some helpful guidelines for New ZealandGenWeb regional project hosts available here.

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