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"As the dawn is now about to pierce the night, so let their memory inspire us to work for the coming of the new light into the dark places of the world. We will remember them."  A wreath was laid at the base of the Cenotaph before a lone bugler played the Last Post and the flags at the Cenotaph were lowered to half mast. Heavy rain continued to fall and the crowd stood in silence for a minute.

Images courtesy of Carol. Posted July 11 2003.  Photos of servicemen appeared in the "Weekly News".  Do a search on the NZ mailing list archives for WW1 & WW2 photos "Weekly News" to find who's photo appeared in the "Weekly News"  The photos were provided to The Weekly News by the families etc. They were not taken by the army or navy. Auckland Weekly News Casualty List October 10, 1918 image 40 photos including Sergt. S. McClelland of Winchester., killed in action.  May 20 1915

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Sandi Halling
is placing all the names Carol lists on the NZ mailing list, on a database.
Eltham Historical Society have a good coverage of "Weekly News" for this period and is prepared to search their photos for a small fee, if date of death is known. N.B. Not all servicemen who were killed had their photos published. Their contact is: Jill Bennett

PTE. Robert Francis Aitken 14044 of Timaru. Killed in action on
Friday 5 April 1918. Age 23. 1st Bn., Canterbury Regiment, N.Z.E.F.
Son of Robert and Barbara Aitken, of Pleasant Point, Timaru, New Zealand. Buried in the Martinsart British Cemetery Somme, France. 

'Weekly News'  19 September 1918

PTE. A.J. Attwell
Of Waimate. 
Died of wounds 
'Weekly News'  28 February 1918


Pte. Albert H. Austin
of Timaru and Oamaru
Killed in action.
'Weekly News' 
13 June 1918


Rifleman S. Bennett
of Geraldine. Wounded.

Weekly News'  4 January 1917


Rifleman Alfred Brasell 21770 1st Bn. 3rd, N.Z. Rifle Brigade of Pareora West. 
Killed in action on Thursday 16 August 1917. Son of Mrs. A. Brasell, of Pareora West, Timaru.  Messines Ridge (N.Z.) Memorial to the Missing, commemorates over 800 soldiers of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force who died in or near Messines in 1917 and 1918 and who have no known grave. Located at Mesen, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium.

  'Weekly News'  4 October 1917


Lance Corporal James Brown 21769 of Clandeboye, 
N.Z. Machine Gun Corps died of wounds on Monday 15 October 1917. Age 29. 
Buried Nine Elms British Cemetery, Poperinge, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium.
'Weekly News'  3 January 1918 


Tpr. O.P. Carr and his brother Sergt. J.J. Carr both of Waimate           
Missing believed killed in action.             Killed in action                   
'Weekly News'   23 May 1918       

Sergt. C.H. Crowe
Sergt. C.H. Crowe, of Geraldine. Killed in action. 
Weekly News' 7 September 1917

PTE. A.R. DOBIER, of Timaru. Killed in action in Somme, France, aged 25. Remembered with honour. Caterpillar Valley (New Zealand) Memorial, a memorial to those missing men of the New Zealand Division, 1,205 in all, who fell in the Battles of the Somme in 1916.
Weekly News' 16 November 1916


Private W.H. Gason, 614248 1st Bn., Canterbury Regiment, N.Z.E.F. 
of Temuka. Killed in action on Friday 12 October 1917.
 Son of H. J. B. and Rose Gason, of Temuka. The Tyne Cot Memorial to the missing is one of four memorials to the missing in Belgian Flanders.

'Weekly News'  3 January 1918



Corporal Sydney. H. Gibson 15893 of Timaru, 3rd Bn. 3rd, N.Z. Rifle Brigade died of wounds on 
Thursday 18 October 1917 . Age 22.  Son of Mrs. M. A. Gibson, of Timaru. Buried Nine Elms British Cemetery, Poperinge, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium.

'Weekly News'  3 January 1918

Pvte. J.L. Greenfield (Temuka). Otago Infantry; wounded

Sgt. C. Groves (Timaru). Canterbury infantry, wounded

Trooper W.H. Hay, Canterbury Mounted Rifles. Killed in action.
Weekly News'  10 June 1915


Private David Lundie of Timaru. Wounded.
Weekly News' 

Weekly News 10 Oct. 1918
Sergt. W.T. McClelland, of Winchester, KIA,
Sergt. S. McClelland, of Winchester, KIA 
Samuel McClelland, 6/1650, single, age 23, 3rd Reinforcements, served with the Machine Gun Corps, KIA 30 May 1918. Badge
William Thomas McClelland, 6/1651, single, 3rd Reinforcements, served with the Canterbury Infantry Battalion. MID. Died in France 14 August 1918.
Thomas Warwick McClelland (father), Post Office, Winchester

Pte. D. McDonald
of Waimate
Killed in action
'Weekly News'  12 December 1918

Pvte. H. Page (Albury) Canterbury Infantry; Wounded

Sapper  L.J. Palmer of Timaru
'Weekly News'   7 December 1916

A sapper is a military engineer who does sapping. (digging trenches or undermining fortifications) A sap is a covered trench or tunnel dug to a point near or within an enemy position.


Private R. Richardson of Timaru. Wounded. 
Weekly News'  31 August 1916


GNR G.H. Simmons, of Timaru. Died of sickness. 
S/o James and Eliza Simmons. Died 16 August 918. Buried in France.
'Weekly News'
26 Sept 1918

Private C.S. Verity of Timaru
'Weekly News'  5 October 1916

Pte. Frank Wagstaff
of Timaru
Died of sickness
'Weekly News'  4 April 1918

Sapper J. Walker of Pleasant Point.
'Weekly News'  7 December 1916


Pte. A.V. Whitley
of Timaru
Killed in action
'Weekly News'  28 February 1918


L.Corp. J.K. Wilson of Timaru.
'Weekly News'  18 January 1917

AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS - Photos of men killed, wounded, died of wounds, missing etc. and the odd one receiving decorations.

AITKEN, R F., Pleasant Point 13 September 1917
ANDERSON, James, Timaru 24 May 1917
ANDREWES, Leonard C., Ashburton 20 September 1917
ASPINALL, William D., Temuka 8 November 1917
ATTEWELL A J Waimate 28 February 1918
BAKER, Charles G., Christchurch 12 July 1917
BARCLAY, C C., 2nd Lieut., South Canterbury Coy 13 May 1915
BIRD, A J., Waimate 4 January 1917
BENNETT, S., Geraldine 4 January 1917
BILGTON, Francis J., Temuka 17 May 1917
BLACKLER, F C., Pleasant Point 26 July 1917
BRASELL, F W., Timaru 27 September 1917
BRIEN W S Waimate 19 July 1916
BRETT, James P, Geraldine 13 December 1917
BRISTOL, Ivor A., Timaru 26 July 1917
BROWN, G A., Ikawai 19 July 1917
BURNS A Timaru 19 July 1916
CAMPBELL A W Timaru 19 July 1916
CAMPBELL D Temuka 19 July 1916
CARR J J Waimate 23 May 1918
CARR O P Waimate 23 May 1918
CASKEY, T J., Fairlie 22 February 1917
CLARKE, A S., Timaru 11 October 1917
COTTER, H F., Timaru 26 July 1917
COUPER, James R, Timaru 8 November 1917
CURRY, Geo., Temuka 21 June 1917
DAVID, E J., Timaru 13 December 1917
DILLON, E T., Albury 9 August 1917
ELLIOT(T), W., Waimate 8 March 1917
FERGUSON, D J A., Timaru 20 September 1917
FITZGERALD, J., Waimate 27 December 1917
GARLAND, E., Waimate 22 February 1917
GLANVILLE, R B., Pareora West Timaru 22 November 1917
GODSELL, J A., Geraldine 13 September 1917
GOW, Charles, Timaru 8 November 1917
GRANT, David, Major, South Canterbury Coy 13 May 1915
GRANVILLE, G, Timaru 23 August 1917
GUINESS, A G., Timaru 15 November 1917
HAY W H Timaru 10 June 1915
HENNESSY N Timaru 7 December 1916
HEIND, Charles A S, Timaru 5 July 1917
HENRY, W S., Temuka 27 September 1917
HILL, J C, Lieut., South Canterbury Coy 13 May 1915
HIND, W E R., Timaru 6 December 1917
HIND, W E R., Timaru 15 November 1917
HOWES, C., Fairlie 31 May 1917
HOWES Chris Geraldine 28 September 1916
HUTT, J F., Waimate 21 June 1917
JENKINS, W S., Geraldine 23 August 1917
JONES Chris Fairlie 28 September 1916
JURR, J T., Timaru 26 July 1917
KIDD, D C., Timaru 17 May 1917
KNUBLEY F C Timaru 28 September 1916
LIVINGSTONE, C M., Fairlie 1 February 1917
LUNDIE, David, Timaru 9 August 1917
NEWCOMBE, H W., Christchurch 12 July 1917
PRATLEY, H, Temuka 18 January 1917
McCONNACH A Sutherland's 28 March 1918
McDONALD D Waimate 12 December 1918
MAHONEY, G R., Timaru 29 November 1917
MARSHALL, G R, St Andrews, South Canterbury 26 July 1917
MATTHEWS, C., Timaru 11 January 1917
MITCHELL, J., Geraldine 6 December 1917
MORGAN, A, Temuka 19 July 1917
NELSON Tom Cave, Timaru 28 March 1918
PALMER L J Timaru 7 December 1916
PARR Cuthbert, Pleasant Point June 29th 1916 wounded Sgt
RAMSAY, A S., Timaru 9 August 1917
READY, Robert G., Christchurch 20 September 1917
ROBERTS, J P., Lake Pukaki 2 August 1917
ROBERTSON, J., Timaru 11 October 1917
ROSS, H C, Fairlie 27 September 1917
SCANNELL, C., St Andrews 30 August 1917
SCANNELL, M J, St Andrews 30 August 1917
SCOTT J A 2nd South Canterbury Co. 10 June 1915
SEGAR, A E, Timaru 23 August 1917
STRACHAN, J T., Timaru 12 July 1917
STOREY, H., Timaru 2 August 1917
STUMBLES, A, Pleasant Point 22 November 1917
SMITH, Albert D. Waimate 29 November 1917
SMITH Cecil F Timaru 7 December 1916
SULLIVAN John B. Timaru, killed in action Rflmn
TAIT James Peel Forest 1 November 1917
THYNE, George, Timaru 27 September 1917
WAGSTAFF, Lieut. H S., Timaru 11 January 1917
WALKER J Pleasant Point 7 December 1916
WATSON, William, Timaru 23 August 1917
WHITELY A. Timaru 28 February 1918
WHYTE, Robert H, Timaru 6 December 1917
WILKES, O G., Timaru 8 March 1917
WILSON, Colin E, Timaru 8 March 1917
WILSON, J R., Timaru 18 January 1917

There would hardly have been a family or town in New Zealand who would not have been touched by the war and Passchendaele in particular.

Free Lance 17 Sept. 1915 pg 9
Lieut. Cyril Hayter.

"From o'er the sea at England's call,
her brave colonial sons stand by the empire one and all,
against the foe-man's guns.
Thou distance sever,
my thoughts are always with you.....

The Christchurch Press on Anzac Day 2005 had a feature on the Gallipoli campaign amongst which they included an whole page of casualties as published at that time, part of which I've included here (in another window) 256k. I know the scanning has a little bit to be desired.

Row 1
Private J.H. McMilan
Invercargill, Canterbury Infantry, wounded

Trooper A. Mackenzie,
Mangatora, Wellington Mounted, wounded

Private T.P. Mahan
Christchurch, Canterbury Infantry, killed

Private W.J. Mansell
Cashmere Hills
Canterbury Infantry, killed

Trooper D.M. Manson
Motakara, Canterbury Mounted, wounded

Private C.J. Maroni
Foxton, Auckland Infantry, wounded

Private F.M. Marshall
Marton, Wellington Infantry, wounded

Corporal F. McG. Marshall
Wendonside, Otago Mounted, wounded
missing right half of newspaper page
Row 2
Private N.C. Morton
Redcliffs, Canterbury Infantry wounded

Private R.S.R. Murfitt
Christchurch, Canterbury Infantry, wounded

Trooper R.G. Murphy
Nasby, Veterinary Corps

Private A.C. Newcomb
Auckland, Auckland Infantry wounded

Private W.E. Newton
Invercargill, Otago Infantry, wounded

Private S.J. Norris
Lyttelton, Wellington Infantry, wounded

Private J. O'Connor
Hokitika, Canterbury Infantry, wounded

Private G.A. O'Shea
Wakefield, Wellington Infantry, wounded

Row 3
Private G. Payne
Inglewood, Wellington Mounted, wounded

Corporal R.E. Price
Christchurch, Australian Force, wounded

Private D.G.T. Pritchett
Mount Somers, Canterbury Infantry, wounded

Trooper C.E. Pryce
Invercargill, Otago Mounted, wounded

Sergeant W.B. Quenneall
Cavershan, Otago Infantry, wounded

Lieutenanut D.M. Robertson,
Christchurch, Canterbury Infantry, invalided

Corporal J.A. Ross
Streamlands, Auckland Mounted, wounded

Private F.J. Sage
Hawera, Wellington Infantry, wounded


Row 4
Private W. Smith
Hokitika, Canterbury Infantry, wounded

Sapper A. McL. Steele
Auckland Engineers, missing

Trooper T.W. Stringer
Christchurch, Auckland Mounted, wounded

Trooper H.R. Sullivan
Waimater, Canterbury Mounted, wounded

Private W. Sullian
New South Wales, Auckland Infantry, wounded

Private A. Terry
Stratford, Otago Infranty, wounded

Private K.H.H. Waha_ui
Onorohunga, Maori Contingent, wounded

Private T.P.H.H., Waha_ui
Onorohunga, Maori Contingent, wounded
Row 5
Private A.R. Wingham
Timaru, Otago Infantry, wounded

Private W. Woods
Invercargill, Otago Infantry, wounded

Sapper F.G. Pearson
Dunedin, NZ Engineers, killed

Private H.V. Petersen
Palmerston North, Otago Infantry, died of wounds

Sergeant J.W. T. Ross
Christchurch, Canterbury Infantry, killed

Lieutenant E.A. Scott
Timaru, Otago Mounted, wounded

Lieutenant E.A. Scott
Timaru, Otago Mounted, wounded

Corporal S.T. Seddon
Auckland, Auckland Infantry, wounded

Row 6
Sergent E.G. Seed
Christchurch, Canterbury Mounted, wounded

Private J.L. Sharman
Kennington?, Otago Infantry wounded

Private P. Silva
Parnell, Auckland Infantry, wounded

Private E. Slow, Wellington Infantry, wounded

Private A. Toms?
Roxburgh, Canterbury Infantry, died of wounds

Private J. Traynor
Invercargill East, Wellington Infantry, missing

Private N. Veart
Auckland, Auckland Infantry, wounded

Sergeant D.A. Vincent,
Paeroa, Auckland Infantry, wounded

Killed in Action
 "His country called and he answered."


Beside the Final Honour of a simple Wooden Cross
by E.W. Hornung, The Times  20 July 1917.


Timaru Herald, 30 May 1917, Page 7
Lieutenant J. F. G. Hislop, South Lancashire Regiment, son of Dr. and Mrs Hislop, Geraldine, was gazetted Captain on February 2G. Captain Hislop obtained his first commission from the New Zealand Military Forces in 10914, and his lieutenancy in the following December.

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