Temuka War Memorial, South Canterbury, New Zealand

Timaru Herald 9 April 1920, Page 3
At a meeting of the Memorial Committee was held in Mr Booths office, Temuka. There were present Mr E.B. Cooper (chairman), the Rev. Chas. McDonald, Dr. Hastings, Mrs Stevens, Misses W. F. Evans, and A. Few. Five sketch plans were received from Messrs Greenstreet and Anderson, architects, Christchurch, but no estimates of costs accompanied them. None of the designs were approved. Dr Hastings expressed the thought that a cross design would be preferable as it would be representative of religion and the sacrifice made by the men, and on his motion, seconded by Mr Evans, it was decided that the secretary write to the Geraldine Memorial Committee and ascertain who designed their memorial and the probable cost. It was also agreed to write Messrs. Greenstreet and Anderson, Christchurch, W. Parkinson, Auckland, and a Dunedin firm, for cross designs. The meeting then terminated. A meeting of the Names Committee was also held. Present The Mayor (Mr T. Gunnion, chairman), Messrs S. S. Cargo, J. S. Lee, R. W. Crowther, E. G. Scrimshaw, Geo. Hancox, J. Banibridge, J. N. McLeod, R. M. Sievewright, E. B. Cooper, and the Revs. A. H. Norris and Chas. McDonald, Mr E. Boot's name was added to the committee. In accordance with a notice of motion the Rev. A. H. Norris moved that it be a recommendation to a public meeting to be convened by the Mayor, that the memorial to be erected contain the names of all soldiers in the Temuka district who died during the period of the war beyond the shores of New Zealand. The motion was seconded by Mr Cargo, and after discussion was carried. It was also moved, by Mr Crowther that it be a recommendation to a public meeting, to provide on the memorial space or spaces for names of those who have died, and those who may die, as a result of war service, after their return to New Zealand. This motion was lost. Several fresh names were added to the list of fallen, and it was left to the chairman and secretary to call another meeting when necessary.

Press, 11 August 1922, Page 9
August 10. A monument to fallen soldiers of the district was unveiled to-day at Temuka by his Excellency the Governor-General, Lord Jellicoe, in the presence of about 2000 people. The monument, which takes the form of a granite obelisk, is situated in the Temuka Domain and cost 1000 pounds. In bright sunshine the ceremony took place and everything passed off in the best possible way. People were present from all parts of the district. There was a procession from the township to the site of the memorial, this being led by the combined Temuka Brass and Salvation Army bands, under Ensign Pratt and Bandmaster W. G. Hawkey. The Temuka Pipe Band, under Pipe-Major Brown, was also present, and then followed the Temuka Territorials under Lieut. Clements, the Senior Cadets under Lieut. Scrimshaw, and about 6O members of the R.S.A. On the specially prepared dais there were seated with his Excellency, Mr T. D. Burnett, M.P., his Worship the Mayor of Timaru (Mr F. J. Rolleston), the Mayoress of Temuka (Mrs T. Gunnion), Mrs W. G. Aspinall (president of the local Red Cross Society), the Mayor of Temuka (Mr T. Gunnion), the Rev A. H. Norris, Rev. C. McDonald, Rev. J. Griffin, Ensign Pratt, Mr J. J. Ellis (Geraldine County Council), Mr G. W. Armitage (chairman of the Canterbury Education Board), Mr J. Lee (president of the Temuka and Geraldine R.S.A.), and Mr E.B. Cooper (town clerk).

New Zealand Herald, 14 August 1922, Page 8 WAR MEMORIALS.
LORD JELLICOE'S VIEWS. I know of no part of the Empire where the fallen have been remembered in more fitting ways than in this Dominion," said the Governor-General, Lord Jellicoe, when unveiling a war memorial at Temuka last week. The Government and the people have done their utmost to perpetuate the memory of their fallen. Much has been done for those who, alas! have come back maimed. The bereaved have been looked after by the Government and people, and much has been done to find work for those who were fortunate enough to return to their homes in health and vigour. But there is one other thing that these memorials do, namely, they remind the Government and the people that they should never forget what the heroes of the battlefield have done for civilisation. As one passes through this Dominion he sees many of these memorials. This is a sign of what New Zealand has given for King and Empire, and it is also a proud record of what New Zealand has reason to be proud, and a reminder to those who erect them never to forget to try to emulate the deeds of those who have given their lives. In this way the memorials will act as a great incentive to future generations to rise to higher ideals, thought, and deed.''

Press, 27 April 1923, Page 11
Anzac Day was appropriately observed in Temuka on Wednesday afternoon by an impressive -service being held at the fallen soldiers' memorial in the Domain. The wealth of wreaths deposited at the foot of the memorial testified that the heroic deeds in the Great War had not been forgotten. Prior to the commencement of the service a procession was formed at Gunnion's corner, headed by the massed bands and followed by returned soldiers, about 70 strong, under the president, Mr J. S. Lee, Territorials and Cadets, under Lieutenant E. G. Scrimshaw and the general public, and marched to the Domain, where it was estimated that about 2000 persons had congregated. The Mayor (Mr T. Gunnion) occupied the chair, being supported by the Rev. Chas. Mac Donald, Commandant Cook, S.A., the Rev. P. H. Pritchett, and Chaplain W. H. E. Abbey. The proceedings were opened by the massed bands playing "Nearer My God to Thee," after the hymn "0 God Our Help in Ages Past" was .sung by those assembled, and the Rev. Chas. Mac Donald repeated the Lord's Prayer. The chairman said that they all knew that they had assembled to honour the memory of the fallen heroes. He was pleased that the memorial had been erected in the Park. Other sites had been mentioned, but finally the spot recommended by the speaker had been chosen, where all could assemble at least one day in the year. The Rev. Pritchett gave as a Scriptural reading the 107th Psalm, after which the hymn "God of Our Fathers" was sung. Commandant Cook, of the Salvation Army, gave a stirring address, taking as his text 2 Samuel, chapter 1, verses 17 to 27, "David's lament." The hymn "For Ever With the Lord" was sung, after which a prayer was offered up by Chaplain W. H. E. Abbey, and the audience again joined in singing "Abide With Me." The Benediction was pronounced by the Rev. Mac Donald, after which the National Anthem was sung. Three volleys were then fired, and "The Last Post" sounded by Cadet Burtenshatt, concluded a most impressive service.

Temuka War Memorial bears 114 names of those killed in WWI plus 42 additional names were added in January 2014. The town lost a further 43 men in WWII. On 4 August 2014, New Zealand commemorated the centenary of Great Britain s declaration of war on Germany and the beginning of New Zealand s involvement in World War One. 103,000 New Zealand men and women served overseas during WWI from a population of around a million. Many who volunteered when the war was first declared. Four years later 18,200 New Zealanders had fallen and we had lost 5% of our men of military age and about 40,000 were wounded. The effects of the war had rippled viscerally through the nation, "through the empty farms, the damaged families, the silenced fathers and brothers ...". 
12 April 1922 Temuka Leader - names

Photo taken April 2007 by Margaret Todd.
2007 photo about five wreaths.

of the men of this district who in the Great War
Fought for righteousness and freedom
died the death of honour
"Through the storm and death agony they have attained the vision of the Eternal."
"Their name Liveth for evermore."

Unveiled by
His Excellency the Governor General
Viscount J.R. Jellicoe, O.M., G.C.B., G.C.V.O.
10th August 1922
T. Gunnion 
Mayor           E.B. Cooper   Town Clerk

Aitken		J.
Aldred		E.
Annals		F.J.
Archer		E.
Aspinall	W.D.
Ashwell		S.H.
Barker		T.E.
Barrett		F.
Benbow		P.J.
Bird		T.H.
Booker		G.E.
Booker		T.E.
Brosnahan	T.J.
Brown		J.
Cain		A.
Campbell	D.
Carr		E.M.
Carr		J.J.
Carr		J.
Carr		O.P.
Charteris	M.
Clarke		J.
Clarke		P.
Connell		J.W.
Crannitch	J.
Davey		S.E.
Davey		W.J.
Donehue		A.T.
Elder		J.
Divan		G.
Fitzgerald	T.
Fothergill	J.S.
Frew		A.
Gason		W.H.
Gibson		S.
Gillespie	E.B.
Gould		E.J.
Greelish	J.
Guilford	W.
Haar		C.J.
Hamilton	J.
Hamilton	M.
Harrison	I.
Harte		W.G.
Hearn		J.T.
Hiddlestone	A.H.
Hill		L.W.
Histen		T.J.
Horgan		T.
Horseman	G.
Horseman	H.
Hoskins		W.W.
Hullen		H.C.
Huxford		W.T.
Johnson		C.
Joseph		J.H.
Kay		A.I.W.
Kennedy		T.R.
Lane		T.
Levens		G.W.
Lee		A.
Lee		L.
Lloyd		W.J.
Manihera	W.
Martin		E.
Maurice		F.D.
Middlemiss	D.
Miles		E.G.
Mills		A.
Mills		D.C.
Monahan		H.
Mulvaney	T.
Moore		G.
Moore		J.R.
Morgan		A.
Morgan		W.S.
McIver		C.
McCallum	J.
McClelland	S.
McClelland	W.T.
McClintock	A.S.
O'Connor	J.J.
O'Connell	J.
Oldfield	F.W.
O'Neill		J.B.
O'Shea		C.
O'Shea		D.
Overend		W.A.
Parker		A.
Perry		T.J.
Polaschek	W. Polaschek
Phillips	R.
Pohio		S.
Prattley	H.J.
Rainey		W.J.
Sanders		T.A.
Smith		G.J.
Spring		M.
Storey		H.
Sullivan	P.
Talbot		A.E.
Talbot		B.H.
Talke		A.
Tate		J.A.
Thomas		G.F.D.
Twomey		F.D.
Tooley		D.D.
Wade		J.
Wallace		S.P.
Webb		W.W.
Whitau		P.
Woodhead	G. (M.M.)
Wright		E.
Yates		F.G.		

The Names of the Men who Fell in World War II
1939 - 1945

Ackroyd		V.J.
Baxter		J.
Boyle		J.
Boyle		R.
Brown		M.C.
Burke		J.J.
Coffey		S.J.
Davis		B.W.
Eathorne	J.
Edge		H.J.
Fowler		R.
Gillies		B.
Gale		W.K.
Healy		M.J.
Hislop		D.
Hayhurst	A.J.
Johnson		V.T.
Jones		R.O.
Kennedy		S.G.
Leathem		S.
Low		G.A.
Mallet		H.
Morrison	F.W.
McClintock	A.J.
McDowell	R.
O'Connell	J.G.
O'Connell	J.J.
O'Neill		A.E.
Opie		A.A.
Paipete		J.
Paiki		J.
Preddy		S.S.
Reihana		T.
Robins		G.F.
Spillane	F.E.
Solomon		T.H.A.
Thompson	J.E.
Taylor		G.H.
Waaka		T.
Waters		G.
Watts		J.R.
Whaitiri	H.
Williams	L.L.

2014 update. Article
In January 2010 42 names of Temuka's from World War 1 dead were added to the war memorial by Les Jones from Aorangi Harding memorials. The project said the project dated back to the publication of Paul McNicholl's history of Temuka in 2009. "It featured a list of all the soldiers from Temuka who were killed in World War I. It transpired there were several names missing from the cenotaph. The local community board provided about $2000 in funding towards the project, while Temuka RSA committee member Kaye Donaldson spent a year doing research. It's good to fill in another piece of history.

Battes H.A.
Baxter E.T.
Bean N.F.
Beaumont E.H.
Bennett J.
Bottle H.
Butler M.F.
Chitty F.E.
Cross H.H.
Dalton M.J.
Davies A.J.
Davies P.S.
Donovan J.
Farnie S.C.
Benbow P.J.
Horseman G.
Horseman H.
Gray W.M.
Hide F.G.
Horgan C.
Jackson W.
Joynt W.J.
King A.W.
Lee W.A.
Maddren A.H.
Maze N.
Murphy P.A.S.
O'Connell J.P.
O.Connor D.
O'Connor H.
Robinson A.G.
Shaw D.J.
Sim W.T.
Smart S.J.
Smith B.A.
Smith G.A.W.
Smyth E.
Tangney E.
Weir W.G.
Whitau A.K.P.
Williams A.E.B.
Williams H.S.

Timaru Herald, 22 August 1916, Page 7 LATE CORPORAL SMART.
Corporal Stanley Smart, of Waitohi Flat, who went into camp at Trentham Camp with the 18th's, was invalided home last week, arriving on Friday. Although seriously ill hopes were entertained of his recovery till Sunday, when, notwithstanding all that loving care and thought could do for him, he passed away. He was a young man of 22, greatly respected and much sympathy is felt for his parents and the family. The funeral will take place at Temuka Cemetery to-morrow. [name is on the Lower Waitohi War Memorial]

Photo taken the day after Anzac Day, April 2014. About 50 poppies on the ground, some hand made, and five wreaths. There were also five wreaths in 2007.
Presented by 2/4 battalion Alpha Company South Canterbury Platoon 'Lest We Forget' (yellow)
 In Grateful Remembrance from the Mayor, Councillors and Temuka Community Board (white)
Girl Guides of Temuka.  'Lest We Forget' (handmade red poppies)

Press, 21 May 1923, Page 4
In response to an invitation from the Temuka Memorial Committee, a large number of parents and relatives of the men of the district who fell in the Great War congregated in the Presbyterian Hall for - the purpose of being presented with memorial certificates. Amongst those present were the Mayor (Mr T. Gunnion), a number of Councillors, the Rev. A. H. Norris (Christchurch),' Messrs W. H. Abbey, Pritchet and J. D. Madill (Geraldine), and Mr J. S. Lee, president of the Temuka and Geraldine R.S.A. The certificates which are framed with oak, measure 18 inches by 12 inches and contain the same inscription as that on the memorial. This is mounted by an engraving of the memorial on either side being a Union Jack and the New Zealand ensign. These emblems are encircled by two fern leaves. Then follows the number of men from the district who fell, and the name of the recipient of the certificate, together with that of the fallen soldier, immediately underneath are the following lines "They sleep well under the soft gray skies, after the fight; the night is come upon them, and they lie. Wrapped closely from all earthly sound and sight. God's still night." After the certificates had been presented Mr S. Cain, on behalf of the parents, moved a very hearty vote of thanks to the Mayor and his committee for the gifts and also for what was done for the boys during the war. Mr S. Davey seconded the motion, which was carried amidst applause. A verse of the National Anthem and the Benediction concluded the ceremony.

'Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 35-R1415'
Temuka War Memorial, Temuka Domain. Photographer, Frederick George Radcliffe. At least 23 wreaths.

Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 35-R1418'


1914-15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal, named to 6/1470 Pte H. Bottle, NZEF
Henry Bottle was a farm labourer at Temuka, South Canterbury. He enlisted in December 1914 and left NZ in February 1915 with the 3rd Reinforcement. He was assigned to the 13th Company, Canterbury Infantry Regiment.
The Cantabains were among the first New Zealanders to disembark at Anzac Cove. Bottle's service papers record that he was badly wounded whilst landing. He was evacuated to the Hospital Ship Galeka and died on 20 May 1915. He was buried at sea and his name is engraved on the Lone Pine Memorial. Medals for sale on Trade-me in June 2015. Seller in North Shore, Auckland.

King St. RSA Rooms - offsite


On the pillars at the entranceway to the domain in Temuka are the names of four local men who paid the supreme sacrifice during the South African War 1899-1902.  Also located at the domain is the Old Identities statue with the names of early settlers and year coming to the county etched in stone and the Temuka War Memorial.

Lance Corp W. RODDICK
Killed Bothasberg S.A.
24 Feb. 1902

Trooper D. CLARKE
Killed Klerksdorp S.A.
14 Jan. 1902

Killed Bothasberg S.A.
24 Feb. 1902

Trooper W.G. MONAHAN
Killed Bothasberg S.A.
24 Feb. 1902

LOCATION - These Memorial plaques are set into gate posts at the western entrance to the Temuka Domain, Domain Avenue, Temuka.

Memorial Gates, Temuka, NZ

Mrs A Butler Series - Card No:- 2883P

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