Smithereens of Smith families in South Canterbury N.Z.

Probate records      

The frequency of this name makes the tracing of Smith lines peculiarly difficult. You don’t want to spend a lot of time researching only to find that you were tracing the wrong Mary Ann Smith.  During this study I found three Smith families in the probate records who originally were not Smith's. They had a surname change to Smith on arrival in NZ. Also observed the arrival vessel wrong for another Smith family, couldn't find them on the Cressy in 1852, but found them on the Labaun in 1851 and the mistake was in the newspaper Ashburton Guardian in 1918 and repeated in the book by Wilkinson South Canterbury's Early Settlers and Immigrants, 1990.  Also found initials wrong in the newspapers even for wedding write-ups and arrival dates off for ships. Temuka Cemetery seems to be missing a lot of cemetery records in the online database especially Catholic burials.

Clues are everywhere: Family Histories Newspapers  Probates  BDM  Passenger Lists Rolls  Cemeteries  WW1 Temuka Cemetery Waimate Cemetery Marriages Deaths

Start with yourself and work from the present day to the past. Smith has long been the most common surname in New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain with [15,620 in 1881 census] and the US and each U.S. census lists more and more Smiths, from 274,919 in 1850 to 2,376,206 in 2000 and the second most common surname in Canada and the fifth most common name in Ireland. Yet the name is far from generic and has a rich and complicated history. Before year 900 it was a noun. Surnames began to come about in the Middle Ages, when people were often identified by their trade. Just about every village in Britain had a smith, usually a blacksmith. Some names were once more specific, with people called Blacksmith or Smithson, and were later shortened to Smith. The name in the British Isles in the 1881 census shows a higher concentration in areas like Shetland Isles, Scotland, Lanarkshire and Yorkshire, England, and fewer in southern counties (opens up in a new window) like Cornwall and Devon. Tasmania has the top concentration for Australia and the Tasman area in NZ. The Welsh had a different naming system, calling people after their fathers’ first names, so trade names like Smith are less common there. In South Canterbury some of the Smith farmers named their farm after the village in the old country that was special to them. It can be a joy having a special name to research. Smith is also used as a first name and a middle name.

Smith is the top surname in NZ
1913 (29808)
1963 (64955)
1988 (57999)
2003 (57946)
2013 (58297)
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Shetland Family History
How to research from afar

This short extract is from J.B.A. Acland's (from Mt. Peel, S. Canterbury, N.Z.) lecture in England in 1858. "Men go out to the colonies for various reasons:-
First: A man may go out officially, holding some or other government appointment.
Secondly: He may be travelling in search of health or pleasure, or for scientific purposes.
Thirdly: He may go out intending to make as much money as he can in a few years, and return to England.
Fourthly: He may be wishing to improve his condition by finding and making for himself a new home in a new land, and, as a true colonist, be prepared to cast his lot in with the fortunes of his new country, be what they may. It is to those who have this last objective in view that New Zealand offers special advantages, and it is with this object that the class of persons to whom I have alluded shall go out. Let them not form the visionary ideas of making fortunes they will not do that, but they may, one and all, make a solid improvement in their condition, acquire a moderate competence, and leave their children settled on their own freehold land, in a fair way of doing well."

In 1874 W.W. Smith was the new gardener, staying at Mount Peel until 1880, and being followed by Moloney, Moffat, and John Jacob who worked in the gardens from 1900 to 1925. The lilies at Mt Peel are thought to have been started by W.W. Smith and are beautiful but only out for a short time around Christmas...under the trees on the way to the church is a mass of white when they are out. Look out for lily day. He worked at Mt. Peel until shortly before his marriage on 30 September 1880 to Mary Foreman, a dressmaker. The couple were married in Ashburton; they were to have at least seven children, three of whom died in childhood.  Alexander Smith b. in 1891. Walter Valentine Smith b. 1894 to Mary and Wm. Walter Smith.

Star 26 November 1901 Page 3
SMITH.— Nov. 22, 1901, at the Domain Lodge, Ashburton, after a brief illness, Walter Valentine, youngest and dearly beloved son of William W. and Mary Smith, aged eight years.

Ashburton Guardian 28 March 1904 Page 2
In view of the fact that at the end of the present month the Ashburton Domain is losing its present curator, W. W. Smith, who is entering upon a wider sphere of usefulness as one of the members of the Scenery Preservation Commission, it has been thought desirable to place on record the following facts concerning the Domain. During his ten years' connection with Ashburton's chief pleasure reserve and beauty spot, Mr Smith has done a vast amount of work, the present condition of beautiful grounds, renowned throughout Canterbury, being to a great extent due to his ability and industry. The Domain reserve was set aside at the time the town of Ashburton was first laid out in 1864 — when it was known as "The Grange." In July, 1894, the present Curator, Mr W. W. Smith, took charge, commencing duty on June 18th, 1894. Towards the close of 1897 and early in 1898, the handsome gates near the Lodge were erected, and last year the Coronation Gates, the gift of the County Council, were added at the corner of Wills and West Street. It is almost superfluous to add that almost all the way through Mr Smith's has been the guiding hand in the beautifying of the Domain, as also in the work in Baring Square East. In him the town loses a worthy citizen, and a zealous servant, one who will be greatly missed from our midst.

There is Robina Henry Smith wife of William Smith died 14 Aug 1898, aged 50 years buried at Mt. Peel.
Temuka Leader 18 August 1898 Page 2
Smith. At Peel Forest, August 14th, 1898, Robina Henry Smith, the youngest daughter of the late Robert Henry, of Larwick, Shetland, the dearly beloved Wife of William Smith, aged 50 years.

New Zealand Herald, 6 March 1942, Page 7
Auckland Star
, 7 March 1942, Page 9 NATURALIST'S DEATH [1942 William Walter Smith 86Y]
MR. W. W. SMITH One of New Zealand's most prominent horticulturists and naturalists who had been recognised by the King for his work, has died at New Plymouth. He was Mr. W. W. Smith, aged 90. At various times during his life, Mr. Smith was in charge of the Ashburton Domain, the public gardens at Palmerston North, and for twelve years, from 1906 to 1918, he was in control of Pukekura Park, New Plymouth, designing the general plan for the park. Mr. Smith was born in Hawick, Scotland, and when he came to New Zealand was in charge of the late Mr. J. B. A. Acland's garden at Mount Peel, Canterbury, for over four years. He was later appointed a commissioner to the scenery department of the New Zealand Government. For many years Mr. Smith corresponded with children interested in insects and plants. He was granted a medal by the King in 1936. Three sons survive him. [Last Address: New Plymouth-Hotel Cargill (Gardener)]

Electoral Roll - Gladstone District 1876-77
437 Smith, Alexander Bruce leasehold Rollesby Run 48, Burkes Pass, Waitangi and Run 21 Mt. Cook
438 Smith, David  Waimate freehold 1 acre part section 3728 with house
439 Smith, Frederick Waimate household Town section 91, house, Sherman St.
440 Smith, George William leasehold Waihi river Section 4335, Waitangi and Geraldine
441 Smith, Henry Waimate Lot 1, section 5647, Waimate
442 Smith, Peter Waimate household part section 4316 Waimate bush
443 Smith, Robert Waimate freehold part section 4311 Waimate and house and sections part subsection 49, section 997
444 Smith, Stephen Thomas freehold abode Geraldine. Part section 11181 Waimate
445 Smith, Thomas Henry George Waimate leasehold Lot 1, section 5647 Waimate
446 Smith, William Cunningham freehold Haldon Station run 225 Mount Cook

Family Histories 

Alexander Hewson married Mary E. Smith  
Alexander Bruce Smith formerly of Tasmania
John Smith b. Howthorpe, Yorkshire - daughter Lillie married John Talbot 3rd Sept. 1890 at Glen-iti.
Robert Pollock Smith formerly of Airdrie, Scotland, dairy farmer, Waimate for 30 years.

SMITH is a surname you really need to do research by association (starting with the current and working back)

Early Settlers by Wilkinson. There was a David Smith living at Deep Creek in 1860. James Smith was living in Timaru by 1864.  Robert Smith, his wife Elizabeth, sons Robert and Henry and daughter Mary came to Lyttelton on the "Cressy" in 1852 [sic] and went to live in the Mount Peel District. Robert was from Shropshire and went to work on the Orari Gorge Station until 1864. He then bought a property at Winchester which he named Smithfield. [I find the Robert Smith family arriving on the Labuan in 1851 not the Cressy.]

Press, 17 March 1911, Page 9
The Smithfield Estate, owned by Mr Robert Smith. Mr H. S. Smith still carries on the wool scouring business in Winchester with which the two brothers have long been associated.

Timaru Herald 11 October 1920 Page 7
Mr H. E. Smith, of the Smithfield wool works, Winchester, has taken over the Waihi wool works, Winchester, and from date would like farmers to bring their wool and skins there. These works are close to the railway and are sure to prove more central and convenient to the farming community than the old Smithfield works. By carrying on the business at the Waihi works on the old good business footing, Mr Smith hopes to retain old clients and make the acquaintance of new ones. This change takes place from to-day.

Timaru Herald, 14 October 1911, Page 1
The engagement is announced of Miss M. Routledge, eldest daughter of Mr W. P. Routledge, The Mill, Temuka to Mr P. Smith, Junr., Smithfield, Winchester.

Ashburton Guardian, 30 August 1918, Page 2 EARLY DAYS. Alexander Hewson married Mary E. Smith in 1872
The Smiths arrived in New Zealand in the Cressy [sic -arrived on the Labuan], one of the first four ships. Mr Smith worked at Riccarton and Middleton, near Christchurch, for a few years, but came to Ashburton County in 1857, to Tripp and Acland's, Mount Peel Station. Mr and Mrs Smith, and two sons and two daughters, travelled from Christchurch by bullock dray. The bullock dray got stuck in the Rangitata, and had to be left there all night, Mrs Smith and family having to remain on the dray all night.
    The Smith family, consisting of Mr and Mrs Smith, their sons, and four daughters, left Orari Gorge Station for Smithfield, Winchester, in 1864. At the time of writing, there still remains alive Henry E. Smith, Winchester [born at what is now Riccarton Bush in 1854 aka Harry Smith of Winchester], with two of his family, and Robert Smith, a grandson of Mr Smith, sen., with two of a family, working a part of Smithfield. The youngest son got killed many years ago by a football accident, leaving two sons (Bernard and George Smith), both of whom were killed in action in France during the present war. All the daughters are still alive, three being married. The eldest, Mrs Alexander Hewson, has 13 of a family alive; the second girl is unmarried, and the third, Mrs J. Grant, has two daughters. The youngest, Mrs William Lambie, Mount Possession, has two sons. Undoubtedly, Mr and Mrs Smith were good pioneers. 

Henry Edward Smith, 22, fellmonger, married Temuka 28 March 1877 Louisa Young, 20. St. Mary's Geraldine, M.R. Macdonald Dictionary.
His parents came to Mt Peel in a bullock dray in 1856. later went to Orari Gorge where Harry started work as a fleece picker. He worked in that shed for fifty seasons as fleece picker and woolclasser and only missed one day. He used to go to Australia to class there and it was a delay in transport that caused him to miss his one day's shearing. He and his brother started a fellmonger at Winchester.

Tripp and Acland left Christchurch on the 26th April 1856 to their station. The party comprised of the party comprised of Mr and Mrs Robert Smith (employed as a shepherd) and their children, Robert, aged three, Harry, aged two and Mary, nine months. Ned Sampson, Sharp (as a cadet) and Abner and Robinson Clough. They arrived at Mount Peel and lived in a tent for 19 days while the first house was built, a simple cottage 18ft by 10ft divided into two rooms, about 9ft high, constructed from cabbage tree trunks as winter was fast approaching. Ref. Mount Peel Station 1856-1982 - Research Archive - Lincoln ... Wilson. Mrs Robert Smith gave birth to a child at Mt Peel only with her husband present in 1856. [Sarah Ann Smith was born at Mt. Peel in February 1858, married John Grant in 1876. Her birth was never registered but was noted in a diary of C.S. Tripp, kept at Mt. Peel. She is buried in Timaru Cemetery, died aged 75 in July 1933]

Temuka Leader 13 April 1926 Page 1  HONOURING A PIONEER.
Farewell to Mr and Mrs H.E. Smith "THE FATHER OF WINCHESTER"
A function unique in the history of the Settlement took place in the Victoria Hall, Winchester, on Friday evening last, when a large gathering representative of all those districts between Mayfield and Temuka met to suitably honour Mr and Mrs H. E. Smith, on the occasion of their departure from Winchester. After a hearty supper served by members of the Social Committee, secretary, Mr. J.L. White (headmaster), then read several extracts from letters received, including the following from Mr F. W. Shallard, now of Riversdale: —
"I have known Mr Smith nearly all my life, in fact, for over fifty years, so can claim to be one of his oldest friends. I started work with Mr Smith at the old scouring works at Winchester and went with him to Smithfield when, Mr Robt. Smith put up the works there. I learned the trade of wool classing under him, and recall with pleasure the good times we have had together. Mr Smith was more like an elder brother to me than an employer. The "Big Man," as we always affectionately called him, took, a foremost part "in helping on, any worthy object in the district, and took a keen interest in the old Waihi Football Club; in fact, for anything to help, along the little township, he was always there. In more recent years I believe he has had a good seconder in Mrs Smith, who, in time of sickness or adversity has been a great help to those afflicted.
Writing from Perth street, Timaru, Mr T. D. Burnett, M.P. for Temuka, said: "I am exceedingly sorry at not being able to be with the Winchester people on Friday evening, to bid farewell to Mr and Mrs Smith. Mr and Mrs Smith deserve well of their district, for to think of Winchester is to think of Harry Smith, the big hearted pioneer with a heart big enough for everyone's troubles to the exclusion of his own, Naturally I have a very warm corner in my being for the early pioneers, who saw the country in its native tussock and tamatukauri, and if ever a man carried his soul in, his face it was Harry Smith, who was one of those mortals who was getting ready to greet one a quarter of a mile a-way. I wish them long life and happiness wherever their lot is cast."
Among those who spoke in endorsement of the chairman's remarks were Mr Jno; South, Orari Bridge, Mr Smith's oldest acquaintance present; Mr A. J. Blakiston, Orari Gorge Station, Geraldine; Mr John Webb, Peel Forest; Mr C. Austin, Winchester; Mr T. Gunnion, Temuka; Mr H. C. Barton, Ruapuna; Mr J. C. South, Winchester; Mr W. McLeod, Orari Gorge; Mr T. Bennett, Ruapuna; and Mr H. A. Philp, Winchester, all of whom expressed the highest admiration and regard for Mr and Mrs Smith, and wished them Godspeed and all success in their new home, and all rejoicing that it was not Mr Smith's intention to go beyond the confines of South Canterbury.
Speaking reminiscently, Mr Smith gave a brief resume of his life, which provides also a kaleidoscopic picture of the history of the province. He was born at what is now called Riccarton Bush, then the property of the Dean Bros., the pioneer settlers of Canterbury, in the year 1854, just four years after the landing of the Canterbury Pilgrims at Port Lyttelton. At that time Canterbury was a windswept, tussock strewn, thinly peopled wilderness, with a population of under 4000 Europeans, while South Canterbury was an open, fertile, comparatively empty district, in the process of being cut up into large sheep stations, of which Major Horn-brook and the Rhodes brothers took up the first.
In 1557, when he was three years old, his family shifted to Mt. Peel, the journey being accomplished by bullock wagon—practically the only means of transport in those days. Crossing the Rangitata their team got into difficulties, and they had perforce to spend the night in the wagon in the middle of the river. Next day they arrived at Mt. Peel Station, occupied by Tripp and Acland, where they built their first house, which was an erection of cabbage tree trunks set upright, cobbed, and with snow-tussock thatch. In 1860 the family removed to Orari Gorge, where there were then no houses. Amidst snow they pitched their tent close by where the homestead stands, but, the creek rising during the night, they were washed out and had to take refuge beneath the bullock dray. Here they founded the Orari Gorge Station. The first house built there was of totara slabs placed vertically, and is still standing. During their four years' stay at the Gorge, there occurred the heaviest snowstorm in the history of New Zealand, when the countryside lay deep under a heavy white mantle, all traces of fences being obliterated. The depth recorded in Geraldine was four feet. This was in 1862, the year after the discovery of gold in Gabriel's Gully, Otago.
    Moving on to Smithfield in 1864, they built a sod house by Mr W T. Priddle's residence. Here, they lived till after the '68 flood. Monday, February 4, 1868, was a date to be remembered. A strong south-east wind led to an exceptional downpour, which commenced about 2 p.m. on Sunday and continued torrentially until at 6.30 a.m. on Monday the flood was at its height, and a sea of water inundated the land. One could have rowed a boat from Winchester to Washdyke, and in Temuka street there was fully three feet of water. Where Mr John DeRenzy's house now stands there was three feet of water. The Orari ran close by the west of the railway station, with the Waihi to the east, only a low ridge between this and Milford preventing the co-mingling of the two rivers all the way to their mouths.
    A heavy misfortune now befell the family in the accidental death of the father, and the home was broken up. In company with his brother, he was sent to school in Christchurch. The rector of the High School then was Mr Charles Cook, and one of the staff was Mr Montgomery, father of Mr James Montgomery, one time headmaster of the Geraldine School, and now on the staff of the Boys' High School, Christchurch. After leaving school he was apprenticed to learn the wool trade at Washdyke. There the N.Z. Meat Preserving Company had erected a large boiling-down and canning works, similar factories being operated at Woodlands and Kakanui. The majority of the workmen were among the roughest characters in New Zealand, and made the Washdyke a veritable hell on earth. This was the time of the slump when prime wethers from the Mackenzie Country were sold at, 8d a head to be boiled down and canned. He came to Winchester in 1872, and has resided in the district ever since. At Orari Gorge he had learned fleece-picking at the age of seven years, and had since, worked there for fifty-four shearings without ever getting the "sack." The Trunk Railway was put through South Canterbury in 1877, and he had fenced the line between Brown's Creek, Temuka to Winchester along the east side. In the same year he planted the bulk of the trees in the Park at Winchester. Recent years had upset the calculations of many a wool trader. He had had his ups and downs more downs than ups— and like many another he had gone down, but he rejoiced in continued good health and a host of friends. He regretted having to leave Winchester, but he hoped to he able to make a home about Geraldine and the fine presentation they had just received, would be of invaluable service to that end.

Press, 22 July 1933, Page 2 EARLY DAYS RECALLED. [Sarah Ann SMITH married John Grant in 1876]
DEATH OF MRS SARAH ANN GRANT. LIFE IN SOUTH CANTERBURY. Some interesting experiences of the early days in South Canterbury have been recalled by the death of Mrs Sarah Ann Grant, writes Mr C. H. Tripp from Timaru. Mrs Grant's parents, Mr and Mrs Robert Smith, were passengers in the Randolph [sic], one of the First Four Ships, and their only surviving son is Mr Harry Smith, late of Winchester, but now of Geraldine, who was born at Riccarton within a month of the late Mr John Deans. When Messrs Acland and Tripp took up the Mount Peel Station they engaged Mr and Mrs Smith, and sent them there in a bullock dray with their four young children. They were delayed by the rivers, and the journey took them nine days. In February, 1858, their daughter, afterwards Mrs Grant, was born at Mount Peel. Though there are several people living who were registered in the first Timaru birth registry, which covered all the area between the Rangitata and the Waitaki rivers, and from the sea to the West Coast, she was born before the registry was established, and was possibly the first white child born in the district. Her birth was never registered, excepting in a diary of the late Mr C. S. Tripp, that he kept at Mount Peel.

An Arduous Trip. In September, 1860, Mr Tripp, having taken up the Orari Gorge Station, and finding he had then too much to do developing Mount Peel, let the Orari Gorge Station to Mr Smith on terms. As there was then only a narrow track through Peel Forest, Mr Smith took two bullock drays with "Transport Jack," a runaway sailor, over the Rangitata above Shepherd's Bush Station, and back again over by Marshall's ferry about two miles above the present traffic bridge. Mrs Smith, with the help of two bushmen, carried her baby, their two sons Robert and Harry Smith, and their two young daughters, aged three and five years, for 13 miles to the Orari river, where the drays were to meet them. On their arrival at the Orari, snow was on the ground, and no bullock drays were in sight. There was a hut there that had been built by Mr Gibson when he was manager for Mr Jollie, just below the present homestead of Mr J. M. Tripp. The walking party met Mr John Irvine just leaving the hut. He told them there was no food left, and no blankets, but advised them to make a good fire and wait in the hut till the drays arrived in the afternoon. But the drays did not arrive, so they sat up all night very hungry and kept a roasting fire going. Next day about 10 a.m. a rider arrived from Marshall's ferry with food and said the drays were stuck in the Rangitata. Eventually they arrived about 2 p.m., took them all across the river, and with the bushmen, "Taranaki Jack" (a Canadian) and Ned Carter, an old soldier, they pitched their tents by the creek about 50 yards below where the present homestead is built at Orari Gorge. They started felling trees and splitting slabs for building a house from the trees in the bush near the homestead. The piece of bush, however, by the present woolshed, was reserved, and a penalty of £100 had to be paid if any trees were cut in it. This piece of bush is still intact, and is still known as the "hundred pound bush." The stumps of the totara trees near the homestead, though now over 70 years old, are still as sound as ever. In September, 1864, the lease being up, Mr Smith took up the Smithfield estate near Winchester, and removed all his family there. Some members of the family are still there to-day. Mrs Grant had rather a tragic life apart from her early experiences. She married the late John Grant, who had a farm near Pareora, but when the Coolgardie gold rush broke out in Western Australia he went over there and subsequently arranged for Mrs Grant to go, and agreed to meet her in Melbourne. On her arrival in Melbourne she found herself stranded with no money or friends or news of her husband. She subsequently found out that he had left Coolgardie to catch a boat at Perth as arranged, and she found out where he had stopped the first night of the journey, but all trace of him from there was lost, and he has never been heard of since. Mrs Grant is survived by two daughters. Mrs Emily M. Wilson, of Christchurch, and Miss Smith, of Browne street, Timaru.

Children of Sarah Ann and John Grant
1877 Emily Maude  [married William George Wilson in 1909]
1879 Florence Mary

Press, 20 July 1933, Page 1
GRANT — On July 19th, 1933, at 4 Browne street, Timaru, Sarah Ann Grant; aged 75 years (late of Ashburton). The Funeral will leave her late residence, 4 Browne street Timaru, This Day (Thursday), at 1 p.m., for the Timaru Cemetery Sewell Bros., Undertakers.

Timaru Herald, 26 March 1900, Page 2
At Smithfield, Winchester, on Friday evening Mr and Mrs Robert Smith entertained a large party of friends, the gathering being to celebrate the 21st birthday of their only son Robert. About 80 young people attended, and a more enjoyable party was never held in the district. The dance took place at the wool works, the large central room making a capital ballroom. Messrs Murray (violin) and Heap (piano) supplied the music, and Messrs T. L. Hart and G. Tomlinson made capital M.C.

Temuka Leader 20 September 1902 Page 2
SMITH. On September 18, 1902, at Smithfield, Janet, the beloved wife of James Smith, aged 77 years.

Press, 22 June 1944, Page 1
SMITH — On June 21, 1944, at the residence of her son, Robert Evans Smith, Studholme street, Temuka, Mary Jane, beloved wife of the late Robert Smith (late of Smithfield, Winchester) in her 86th year.

Mary Jane Smith of Winchester, widow, died 21st June 1944 at Temuka. Son Robert Evans Smith, farmer of Winchester, NZ, born at Winchester. There is a Smithfield creek runs through Te Awa. Te Awa Road goes off Winchester/Geraldine highway a km from Winchester and comes out between Winchester and Temuka on SH1…

Timaru Herald, 7 March 1899, Page 1 FARM TO LET.
TO LET BY TENDER, for a term of Five Years, a FARM of 810 Acres. First Class land, being pan of the Smithfield Estate, near Winchester. Tenders to be in by 31st March. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. For conditions of lease and other information apply to JOHN AITKIN, Smithfield, Winchester.

Robert beloved husband of Mary Jane Smith born March 19th 1853 died June 29th 1918 late of Smithfield, Winchester [aged 66].
George Arthur Smith born May 1865 died May 1888 late of Winchester [aged 26]

Press, 22 June 1944, Page 7
SMITH — The Friends of the late Mary Jane Smith are respectfully informed that her Funeral will leave the residence of her son, Robert Evans Smith, Studholme street, Temuka, on Friday, June 23, at 2 p.m., for a service at St. Peter's Church, and thence to the Temuka Cemetery. S. Erwood.

Robert Evans Smith b. 1879

George Arthur Evans Smith of Winchester - Farmer/Soldier formerly of Winchester and afterwards a member of the NZ Territorial Force, Burnham Camp. Wife Marjorie Malta Smith nee Fraser, they married in 1941. He was named after his uncle? who died in WW1. Witness F.J. Smith, Solicitor, Temuka. N.J. Williams, typists, Temuka.
Death certificate in the will. No of entry 6779. G.A.E. Smith b. in NZ., farm hand, married. Name of mother: Muriel Cordelia Smith. He was a Lance Corporal No. 203792 21st Auckland Battalion, 5th Infantry Brigade. Died 15 March 1944 Italy, killed in action. Aged 24. Informant R.S. Wogan, Director of Pay Accounts and Base Records, Wellington. Deputy Registrar General R.H. Wylde. Cassino War Cemetery, Italy. Muriel Cordelia Smith, nee Routledge married in 1913 - wife.   She died 30 May 1951. Muriel Theodora Smith was born to Muriel Cordelia and Robert Evans Smith in 1915.  Muriel died May 30th 1951, aged 58. Robert Evans Smith was born in 1879 to Mary Jane and Robert Smith. Roll 12: 1 Jul 1943 - 31 Dec 1943 p. 179 NOK: Mrs Marjorie Malta Smith (wife), “Evensfield”, Hilton RD., Temuka. Robert Evans Smith, retired farmer, Temuka. R.E. Smith died in 1953 aged 74.

Timaru Herald, 3 April 1913, Page 6
SMITH—ROUTLEDGE. On March 26th, at St. Peter's Church, Temuka, by the Rev. A. H. Norris, Muriel Cordelia, eldest daughter of W. P. Routledge, "The Mill," Temuka, to Robert Evans, only son of Robert Smith, Sunnydale, Timaru.

Children of Muriel Cordelia and Robert Evans Smith:
1915 Smith Muriel Theodora
1916 Smith Elizabeth Mary
1920 George Arthur Evans Smith m. Marjorie Malta Fraser in 1941

Bernard Arthur SMITH & George Arthur Edward SMITH, both killed in WW1, were the sons of George Arthur Evans SMITH & his wife, Josephina Bernadina SMITH, nee BRINKMANN. Josephina & George were married in NZ in 1882. Josephina/e subsequently had five children with William Auguste PEEZ.

Josephine Bernardine Smith was living in Cave Timaru as a Housekeeper in 1900 (Electoral Roll)
Josephine Bernardine Peez was living in Burnett St, Ashburton (married) with a William Auguste PEEZ (window Cleaner).

Marriage of William Peez to Josephine Smith in NSW, Australia. It appears according to a tree on Ancestry that they had 2 children born in Australia then came back to NZ and had 3 more.
Name: William A Peez
Spouse Name: Josephine P Smith
Marriage Date: 1900
Marriage Place: New South Wales
Registration Place: Leichhardt, New South Wales
Registration Year: 1900
Registration number: 1463

No. 432. George Arthur Evans Smith, 21, livery stable feeder, Christchurch, bachelor, born Orari Gorge, son of Robert Evans Smith, farmer and Elizabeth nee Cooke married Josephine Bernardina Brinkmann aged 17 sinister, born Germany daughter of Edward Brinkman , boarding house keeper, Christchurch and Josephina Rluft? Witnesses Elizabeth Emily Smith, Winchester, Edward Brinkmann, CHCH, Regina Brinkmann, CHCH on 28 December 1882 at St. Luke's, ChCh.

WW1 10/3741, 4/223
4/223 Lance Corporal Bernard Arthur Smith at Wellington. NZ Engineers. Served 221 days.  Discharged 19 April 1915. Tattoo both arms and chest Neptune seal. - Army Bernard Arthur Smith, railway porter, Railway Dept., N.Z. C of E. Winchester. Mother Mrs W.A. Peez, 64 Dobson St., Ashburton. Discharged 19 March 1915.
10/3741 Enlisted 4 Sept. 1915. Sergeant B.A. Smith 1st Battalion, Canterbury Regiment, 2nd Company, NZEF was killed in action in the field 11 Dec. 1917, Belgium. Born Winchester, N.Z. October 24th 1886. Was in the Navy nine years, Samoan Force, Railway Engineers 8 months. NOK: mother. Short will issued. Josephine Bernardine Peez.  Died aged 31. Polygon Wood Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium. D 16. [Headstone of Robert Smith at Temuka Cemetery reads Bernard Smith Srgt. 9th Reinforcements eldest son of George A. Smith, of Winchester, N.Z. killed in France 11th Dec. 1917 aged 31 years and George Arthur Smith 22nd Battn aged 27 years, difficult to read..] NoK on embarkation Mrs J.B. Smith (mother), Barnett Street, Ashburton

Ashburton Guardian, 4 January 1918, Page 4
Sergeant Bernard Arthur Smith, killed in action on December 11, was the eldest son of [the late George A. Smith of Winchester] and Mrs Peez, Ashburton. He was born at Winchester, and was educated at the Winchester and Temuka School. Sergeant Smith was in the Navy for nine years, but prior to enlistment was employed on the railways. When war broke out he enlisted, and was sent to Samoa, where he remained, for eight months, being invalided home. On his recovering he, joined the Ninth Reinforcements, and was for some time in Egypt. He was then sent to Sling Camp remaining, there for 15 months on the training staff. He left for France early in September last. His brother George was killed in action on September 15.09.16 on the Somme. 

Why two service numbers?
Those who served with the Samoan Expeditionary Force generally discharged from the NZEF on their return to New Zealand in early 1915. When they re-enlisted for subsequent service, they were usually given a new number. So yes, this is the same person. Some members of the NZEF managed to retain their Samoan service number throughout, so as usual, there are no absolute rules as to who changed service numbers and who didn't. Maybe it was possible to elect to retain your previous number - perhaps as a way to show that you volunteered first in August 1914.  I can't offer any proof of it working that way.

Rank: Corporal 
Date of Death:15/09/1916
Age: 27
Regiment/Service: New Zealand Rifle Brigade 2nd Bn. 3rd Panel
Additional Information: Son of Mrs. W. A. Peez (formerly Smith), of Ashburton, New Zealand, and the late George A. Smith; husband of Mildred Smith, of Riverside, Hampton Wick, Middx., England.

Cyclopedia of New Zealand, Canterbury edition. Vol. 3 pages 889-894. Published 1903
SMITH, Robert, Farmer, Wool Scourer, Fellmonger, and Flax Miller, Smithfield, Winchester. Mr Smith as born in Halswell, near Christchurch, in 1853. His father, the late Mr Robert Evans Smith, was manager of the Mount Peel station, and subsequently leased, from the late Mr Tripp, Orari Gorge station, where he was for five years, when he took up Smithfield farm, near Winchester. The subject of this sketch was educated at the High School, Christchurch, and was apprenticed to the wheelwright and millwright trade with Messes John Anderson and Sons, Christchurch. On completing his time he went to Winchester, where he was for ten years in business as a wheelwright. He afterwards established wool-scouring works at Smithfield, and flax-mill added later. In 1890, he went for a trip to England with his wife, to whom he married in 1878, and who is a daughter of the late Mr John Gibbs Hart, a very early settler of Rangiora. On returning the following year, Mr Smith in addition to his other vocations, entered onto farming pursuits on his farm of 900 acres. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and an active adherent of the Church of England, and was for a term a member of the Temuka Road Board. His brother-in-law, Mr Thomas Lawson Hart, is a partner in his wool-scouring business. 

Temuka Leader 2 July 1918 Page 2 ROBERT SMITH, SENR.
The death is announced in another column of Mr Robert Smith, boot., an early settler at Winchester, at the age of 66 years. The late Mr Smith was born at Halswell, near Christchurch, in 1853. His father, the late Mr Robert Smith, was at one time manager of the Mount Peel Station, and after a time look up the Smithfield farm, of 900 acres, near Winchester. The late Mr Robert Smith was educated at the Christchurch High School, and then served an apprenticeship as a wheel and millwright, with Messrs Andersons and Sons. He then came to Winchester, and started business as a wheelwright, and this business he carried on for 10 years. He then established, the wool-scouring works at Winchester, and flax-scouring works were added. In 1878 he married a daughter of the late Mr John Gibbs Hart, of Rangiora, and in 1890 he and his wife went on a trip to England. On returning the following year, in addition to his other vocation, he entered into farming, pursuits on his farm at Smithfield. He was an active, far-seeing man. For a time he was a member of the Temuka Road Board. He took great interest in church Work, and for a time was an office-bearer an St. John's Church. He was a member of the Masonic fraternity. About a year ago his health broke down, and hr removed to Christchurch, where hr died on Saturday last. He leaves a widow and son to mourn their loss. The funeral takes- place to-morrow, and will leave Winchester for the Temuka Cemetery at 2 o’clock.

Timaru Cemetery. From headstone.
Thomas James Smith is buried in Timaru with his wife and eldest daughter Ethel Maud (1888-1974). Mrs C.E. West.
Harriet Ann Smith died 5th January 1938 aged 74 years
Husband T.J. Smith born 22nd March 1856 and died 6 June 1955
Their eldest daughter Ethel Maud West 1888-1974.
T.J. Smith married Harriet Ann Roberts in 1886 in NZ. He a retired engineer. Children:
1888 Ethel Maud Smith married Charles Edward West in 1928
1890 James Garner Smith
1892 Frank Sylvester Smith married Grace Etta Hammond in 1921
1896 Minnette Harriet Smith Breen
1898 Lillian Gertrude Smith married Percy Edward Clark in 1922

12649 Trooper Frank Sylvester SMITH last address Smithfield, Timaru. Born in Timaru. Methodist. Last employer Mrs Bain, farming, Levels Valley. NoK on embarkation: Father T.J. Smith, Smithfield, Timaru. 5' 10 162lbs. Age 23 11 months on enlistment Nov. 15th 1915. Enlisted 1st Dec. 1915. Total service 2 years and 98 days. C Squad 11th 2nd Reserve 2nd Mtd Rifles. 22 June 1916 posted to CMR Sqdn from 12th Rfts. 1 Aug. 1916. Still in Egypt. 31 July 1917 still in Egypt. 9 Oct. 1917 Pleurisy. Transport Wiltshire. Discharged in NZ 23 March 1918 on account of illness contracted on active service. Received Silver War badge. Died 11 June 1958 Fairview. Nok Mrs G.E. Smith, Fairview, widow. 

SMITH, James Garner - WW1 N/N - Army born Timaru 7 December 1889. [Died 7 Oct. 1968 Timaru] Father Thomas James Smith. Mother Harriett Ann Smith. Mother born Lyttelton. Father born Tasmania. Father has resided in NZ 45 years. Mother all her life. Joiner. Old North Rd, Timaru. Married. Last employed by Westland Timber, Timaru. 5' 10" 154lbs. Methodist. Left home 17 June 1918. Arrived camp 18 June 1918. NOK: Mrs Mary Ellen Smith (wife), Corner Old North Pages Rd, Tycho Delivery, Timaru. Married Mary Ellen Harris [b. 8 Feb. 1887 -16-Aug. 1949, buried Timaru], spinster, 8 April 1914 by Rev. I Featherston. Child: Richard Garner Hughes born 2 March 1918 at Timaru [died Dec. 25th 1937 aged 19 years]. A Coy 42nd. Trentham. Vincent's gingivitis.["trench mouth"] Demolisation 19 Nov. 1918.

C.T. Borrell, Saddler,  H. Cox, Tailor,  John A.Smith & Son, Garage, on the Main St., Pleasant Point.
 [Charles Borrell leased the building for five years  from 1924 then he shifted to Geraldine]
From Pleasant Point History: The Education Department Bus Depot had its beginnings as a Motor and Cycle Works run by Mr Knox when he moved from his previous business. It was later taken over by Smith and Agnew partnership followed by John A. Smith and, lastly, Tom Forrest. It was always referred to as the Blue Garage. When under the management of J.A. Smith, it was burnt out and he then transferred his business to Pleasant Point Motors. The building remained vacant through the depression and was next used when taken over by the Education Department as a depot and servicing garage for the school buses.

Timaru Herald 11 October 1920 Page 7
Messrs John A. Smith and A. J. Agnew announce that they have taken over Mr Knox's motor garage, Pleasant Point, and trust, by carrying on the business on sound up-to-date lines as in the past, and by catering for every want of the motoring public, to retain old customers and make the acquaintance of new ones. Mr Smith has managed garages in both Pleasant Point and Fairlie, and his mechanical knowledge and capabilities in every department of the motor business are well known to all. Mr Agnew is also well known to the district, having been born in Pleasant Point and worked there for many years. Mr Smith will be in charge of the workshop and mechanical department, whilst Mr Agnew will handle the selling and business side of the business. Full stocks of all motor requisites, tyres, petrol, oil and cycle goods will be carried, and clients are assured of an excellent service under the new management.

Timaru Herald 3 November 1925 Page 5 PLEASANT POINT.TOWN BOARD.
The monthly meeting of the Town Board was attended by the following commissioners: Messrs M. Maze (chairman), H. Friel, G. Saunders, G. Crozier, and H. Christie. Mr John A. Smith asked permission to erect a petrol bowser.— Granted.

Timaru Herald 30 November 1925 Page 2
A large property in Pleasant Point has recently changed hinds, Mrs Jopp having sold her up-to-date garage to Mr John A. Smith, the well-known motor specialist.

Smithfield Wool Scour closed in 1920.  In 1911 the Smithfield Estate, at Winchester, owned by Mr Robert Smith, and Mr H. S. Smith still carried on the wool scouring business in Winchester with which the two brothers have long been associated

F.H. Smith was a member of the Timaru Harbour Board. He was from Albury.

Timaru Herald, 27 April 1891, Page 2
Agnew — Cook. On April 23rd, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. R. Tout, Alexander Knox, second son of James Agnew, Pleasant Point, to Lavinia Burton, eldest daughter of John Cook, Pleasant Point.

Alexander Knox Agnew of Pleasant Point was made a JP in 1908.  Robert Knox went to camp. J. Smith continued the business.

 When I think of Smithfield I think of the Smithfield Freezing Works between Washdyke and Timaru probably named after the meat market in London. In 1174 the site was described by William Fitzstephen as: "a smooth field where every Friday there is a celebrated rendezvous of fine horses to be traded." In 1710 the market was surrounded by a wooden fence containing the livestock within the market employed a chain (le cheyne) on market days.

Nelson Evening Mail 15 May 1907, Page 1
I was shown to-day (writes the Winchester correspondent of the Lyttelton "Times") a fine healthy specimen of that great Australian scourge, the Bathurst burr. The specimen was found growing at the Smithfield wool-scouring works, Winchester, by the proprietor, Mr H. E. Smith. There is no doubt as to the plant being the Bathurst burr, as Mr Smith has had long experience of it on New South Wales and Queensland sheep stations. Some eight or nine years ago a vessel, the Strathgiff, laden with Australian wool for England, caught fire and put into Port Chalmers, where the hold was flooded and the fire quenched. The wool was sold. Among the buyers was the late Mr D. M'Caskill, of Winchester, who sent some of it to Mr Smith's works to be scoured, and in this wool were some of the burrs. About three years ago a plant made its appearance, but was killed by the frost. This year the plant above mentioned has grown. The seed has evidently germinated after lying eight or nine years in the ground.

Timaru Herald, 17 May 1888, Page 2
Quite a gloom was cast over Geraldine yesterday when it became known that Mr George Smith, of Winchester, had died the previous night. The deceased gentleman was laid up with a bad attack of dysentery about a week ago, but up to Monday, no serious consequences were anticipated, in fact on Saturday he seemed to have improved considerably. His sudden death will prove a great loss to the Waihi Football Club, of which he was elected captain when the Geraldine and Winchester Clubs amalgamated, he was a perfect host in himself, and played a remarkably good full-back game. Mr Smith leaves a wife and child to mourn his loss.

Ashburton Guardian, 18 May 1888, Page 2
Mr George Smith, of Winchester, died suddenly on Wednesday last. Deceased was a well known local athlete and footballer, being only recently appointed Captain of the Waihi Club. He leaves a wife and child. The match Ashburton vs Waihi which was to have been played to-morrow has been postponed as a mark of respect. 

Furneaux Smith, 1839-1913 : history and family tree, 1839-1975
Author Smith, R F
A genealogy of Smith family, gold miners in Central Otago. Pub Place Ashburton, N.Z. Publisher R F Smith Pub Date 1975 (pbk.) 32 p. ; geneal. tables ;

Scotland to New Zealand : David and Christina Smith
Author Berry, Valmai.
A genealogy of Smith family, pioneer settlers in Timaru. Includes a spiral family tree on a separate piece of paper, written in pencil is: "Scotland to New Zealand David and Christina Smith Family tree Donar Mrs V Berry 14 Manson Street Blenheim." 20p

The descendants of David Smith (born c1833) his wife Maria Jones and his second wife Sarah Sole nee Bason
Author Smith, Wendy L
A genealogy of the descendants of David Smith (born c1833), his wife Maria Jones and his second wife Sarah Sole (nee Bason). Includes a basic family chronology and family history information in chapters based on David Smith's children and other themes. Pub Place Invercargill, N.Z. Publisher W L Smith pbk.) 170 p.: geneal. tables; David Smith, Maria Jones, Maria Smith, Maria Smith, Sarah Sole, Sarah Bason, Sarah Smith, Waitaki District.  The South Canterbury Museum has a copy.  In 1859 Sarah Bason married Edward Sole. Sarah Sole married David Smith in 1873. There is a copy of the family tree book Wendy wrote in June 1996 at the Waimate Museum. David Smith and Maria Jones married in Dunedin, Otago, NZ on 09 Oct 1856 and they moved to Waimate soon after this. The had two children. David (1858) and Jane (1861). Maria died in 1869 and David SMITH remarried Sarah SOLE nee BASON 21 Jun 1873. Sarah and David had one son together Robert David SMITH born 05 Jul 1872.

They travelled from afar ... from Devon to Ashburton : tracing the Blee family from Widdecombe-in-the-Moor
Author Blee, R G
Pub Place [Ashburton, N.Z.] Pub Date [2010] 161 p. ; ill. ; geneological tables; Blee Smith. Blee family. Smith family Genealogy 

A Family called Smith by Janet Beach, 228 p., [6] p. of plates : ill. (some col.), maps ; 30 cm. 2009. Francois Press.  George and Elizabeth Ellen Smith (1848 - 1911) with George William (1841 - 1927) and sister Polly emigrated on the Rangitikei in 1876. They settled in Temuka. G.W. moved to Christchurch and had a shop in Opawa Road for many years. Some of the family did live at the Tripp settlement and one did marry a George Smith that was no relation. 

A family called Smith by Janet Bench.

It is not easy investigating Smiths!!!! 

Temuka Leader 24 September 1910 Page 1
On Tuesday evening a number of the friends and relations of Mr and Mrs George Smith, of Epworth, who are about to take up their residence on the Tripp Settlement, assembled at the residence of Mr and Mrs Albert Smith to bid them good-bye and wish them all future prosperity. Mr J. Bambridge presided. He commenced by reading a letter from Mr E. Brown, who said he was very sorry that a previous engagement prevented his attendance. it would have given him much pleasure to be present to express his appreciation of Mr and Mrs Smith as citizens of Temuka. He had known them longer and more intimately than most of them, Mr Smith had been in his employ for over a quarter of a century. Mr Smith as long as he had been in Temuka about thirty years. He had a hobby for growing fine fruit, and his currants and monster gooseberries exhibited at the Temuka Floral and Horticultural Society’s shows. Some few years ago Mr Smith had decided to start on his own, not in business, but as a small farmer, and he had purchased some land at Epworth. Mr George Phillips, as a neighbour and friend since ‘70 or ‘77, also testified to Mr Smith’s worth. Mr Green (Waitohi) endorsed the remarks of the previous speaker. Mr Goodeve also endorsed all that had been said. Mr and Mrs Smith had been fortunate in their children. He was sorry that they could not to all present that evening, but some lived too far away. Their parents had done well by them, and he hoped they would all succeeded be as highly respected as their parents. There was only one daughter left now under the family roof — Miss Jessie — and she was going to Orari Gorge with her parents. Amidst applause, Mr Hope then presented Mrs Smith with a beautiful rug, Miss Smith with a handsome gold brooch set with diamonds, and Mr Smith with a silver-mounted purse of sovereigns. Mr A. Smith, on behalf of his father, mother, and sister, thanked them for their kind remarks and for their handsome presents

Timaru Herald, 27 November 1911, Page 4
SMTH. On Nov. 25th, 1911, at Temuka, Elisabeth Ellen, the beloved wife of George Smith, Tripps Settlement (late of Temuka); aged 63 years. Deeply regretted.

Press, 12 May 1927, Page 8
Temuka Leader 12 May 1927 Page 3
The death has occurred, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs J. F. O'Donnell, 25 St. Leonard's street, Temuka, of Mr George Smith, a very old resident of the district, at the age of 86 years. The late Mr Smith, whose wife [Elizabeth Ellen Smith] predeceased him in 1911, was born in Maresfield, Sussex, England, and arrived in New Zealand in the sailing ship Rangitikei in 1876 - the fastest, then on record. With his wife and two children, Mr Smith then took up his residence in Temuka, and for a time followed his trade as a carpenter. He had resided in this district practically ever since. He then took a position with Mr Elijah Brown, coal and timber merchant, on the site where the C.F.C.A. buildings stand to-day, and remained in that employ for twenty-six years continuously. After that, Mr Smith bought a small farm at Epworth from the late Mr John Myer, and resided on it for nine years. Then he sold out and removed to the Tripp Settlement, Orari Gorge, where he engaged in farming for five years, subsequently retiring and spending the rest of his life with, the different members of his family. While living in Temuka, the late Mr Smith was keenly interested in gardening, and in the days when the Temuka Floral and Horticultural Society was flourishing, he was a regular exhibitor, taking many prizes for small, fruits and pot plants. He had enjoyed good health up till about a year ago, when be began to fail, and for the last, month or two he had been practically an invalid. He leaves a family of four sons and two daughters as follows: Messrs G. W. Smith (Christchurch), A. E., F. J., W. H. (Temuka), Mrs H. Killoh (Orari), and Mrs J. F. McDonnell (Temuka). The late Mr Smith’s wife [Elizabeth Ellen] predeceased him in 1911. [Mary Ann Eliza Smith married Henry Killoh in 1907] [Albert E. Smith]  [Frank J. Smith] The funeral will take place at the Temuka Cemetery to-day.

Temuka Leader 28 November 1911 Page 3
An old and highly respected resident of Temuka, Mrs George Smith, passed away to her rest at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr James Killoh, on Saturday morning. With her husband and family Mrs Smith arrived at Lyttelton in the ship Rangitiki about 35 years ago. They soon made their way to Temuka and after working as a carpenter for some time, Mr Smith entered the employ of Mr E. Brown. and continued the same for 20 years. He then purchased the late Mr John Meyers' property at Epworth and with Mrs Smith, Miss Smith and two younger sons went to live on it. Last year the family moved to the Tripp Settlement and there have since resided. About four years ago Mrs Smith had a serious illness and from this she never recovered. She is survival by her husband, four sons (G.W. Smith, Christchurch. Albert E., Walter W., and Frank J. Smith, Temuka) and two daughters (Mrs M.A.E. Killoh, Temuka and Miss Miss J.F. Smith. The funeral will take place this afternoon leaving the residency of her son Mr A. E. Smith.

Elizabeth Ellen Smith died Nov. 25th 1911 aged 63.
Her husband George Smith died May 10th 1927 aged 86 years.

Press, 14 May 1927, Page 7
The funeral of the late Mr George Smith took place in Temuka on Thursday afternoon, and was largely attended. The Rev. H. R. Fell conducted services at the house, and at the graveside, and the bearers were the four sons: Messrs G. W., A. E., F. J., and W. H Smith. Many beautiful floral tributes were sent by friends.

Children of Elizabeth Ellen and George SMITH:
1877 Smith Albert Edward
1879 Smith Jessie Florence m. Hugh McDonnell in 1916
1882 Smith Francis Joseph
1883 Smith William Henry

Temuka Cemetery: In loving memory of Elizabeth Ellen, beloved wife of George Smith, who died Nov. 25th 1911 aged 63 years and her husband George Smith died May 10th 1927, aged 86 years. 

James SMITH (18 Aug 1823 Crosshouse, Kilmaurs Parish, Ayr-16 Dec 1918 Ormondsville bur. Temuka)
m. Janet (Jane) McKIE (1825 Scotland-18 Sept 1902) Janet Smith of Winchester died 18 1902 aged 77 also James husband of the above died 16 Dec. 1918 aged 96. Erected by their son Charles Smith. Both buried at Temuka Cemetery. James and Jane Smith had eight children:
John Smith m. Marion MASON 13 March 1875 at Lyttelton.
Samuel Smith b. 1857 m. 20 Feb 1884 in Temuka to Jane McCALLUM.
Jane Smith b. 1863 m. 14 Nov 1883 in Geraldine to James TREMBATH. Both buried in Timaru. Jane died Oct. 21st 1927 aged 64.
Janet Smith b. 1868 m.1882 George MEREDITH junior (10 Feb 1907 Hilton) contractor.

Charles Smith  (9 July 1859-12 July 1939) Waipukuaru farmer married Mary Miller Patrick of Gapes Valley 26 April 1881. Children:
1885 Smith Mary Agnes
1881 Smith Jane Elizabeth
1883 Smith Elizabeth Harvey
1887 Smith Margaret Jane
1890 Smith Mabel Ellen
1891 Smith William James
1893 Smith Charles John
1895 Smith Alexander Hugh

Ellen Smith died 26 June 1892 in childbirth and is buried in Timaru. Her baby died too. She was born Ellen Usley Murfitt in 1850 in Ely, Cambridgeshire, England. Married Thomas Charles Smith, a flour miller. Thomas was born in 1844 Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. His parents were John and Eliza Smith. They had 16 children. Possible children:
1869 Smith Mary Elizabeth
1871 Smith Ellen Nash
1877 Smith Beatrice Bing
1879 Smith Evelyn
1883 Smith Lillian Constance
1884 Smith Minnie Grace
1886 Smith Anna May Violet
1886 Smith Henry William
1887 Smith Jessie Maria

Timaru Herald, 21 March 1899, Page 2 Death
Smith. On the 21st March, Thomas, the beloved husband of Bessie Smith aged 45 years.

Timaru Cemetery - headstone. Thomas Smith a native of Mitcheldean who departed this life March 21st 1899 aged 44 years, also his wife B.J. Smith died 2nd April 1944 aged 82 years. He was a Mason. Bessie J. Smith.   

Mitcheldean is a small town in the east of the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England

Newspaper clippings

Lyttelton Times, 31 March 1855, Page 2  & Lyttelton Times, 4 April 1855, Page 2 Jury List
Bridger, Osmer, Timaru, overseer
Carter, Henry, Timaru, servant
Davis, John, Timaru, servant
Day, James, Timaru, servant
Pollard, David, Timaru, servant
Smith, Charles, Timaru, servant

Lyttelton Times, 26 April 1862, Page 3
Smith, David, Waituna creek, Freehold. Section of 20 acres, No. 1734
Smith, Robert, Grampian Hills, Orari river, Household. On run No. 52, house, stockyard, and woolshed, paddock

Timaru Herald, 18 June 1864, Page 4 RESIDENT MAGISTRATE'S COURT.
Timaru — June 14, 1864, [Before G. W. Hall, Esq., J.P., Chairman, and H. Belfield, Esq., J.P.] David Smith, of Deep Creek, publican, was charged with a breach of the Auctioneers' Ordinance, by selling goods at Waimate Bush, without having a license. Defendant pleaded guilty.

Timaru Herald, 2 July 1864, Page 3
WAITANGI ROAD BOARD. A meeting of the above Board was held on Monday, June 27th, at the residence of John Studholme, Esq., Waimate. The Undermentioned tenders were then read For forming and metalling 56 chains 30 links on the Main South Road. Stephenson and Clarke, £520; Edward Smith, £315; John Wilson, (accepted), £204 13s. 6d.

Timaru Herald, 10 September 1864, Page 3
On the 27th July last he was at Waimate Bush, at Clarke's Hotel. Before going there he was at Manchester' s store. He saw a saddle there on the verandah. It was like the saddle produced. Samuel William Smith was next called and sworn.

Timaru Herald, 2 July 1864, Page 5 RESIDENT MAGISTRATE'S COURT.
Timaru -June 27, 1864 [Before B. Woollcombe, Esq., R.M.] Bristol v. Smith.— Damages, £20 os. Od. This was an action for damage sustained owing to defendant's dogs worrying and destroying sheep. Samuel Bristol, sworn, said: On Saturday last, when I was on my run, I saw defendant with two dogs; I stopped behind a flax bush. Defendant was then off his horse. When he remounted his dogs left him and began worrying and disturbing my sheep. He never offered to call them off until he saw me. F. B. Smith, sworn, said On Saturday, as I was coming along the road, my dogs were with me, I saw one of them fetch a mob of sheep along towards the track. I called the dog then to come in behind. They are registered in Otago. I registered them immediately I arrived in Timaru. By the Court I will swear the dogs did not bite any sheep in my sight. Damages, £1. Costs divided.

Timaru Herald, 8 October 1864, Page 4
At the conclusion of the service on Sunday last at the Mechanics Institute, a meeting was held to determine what steps should be taken to procure a minister of this denomination for the district. "That a committee be now appointed to make the necessary arrangements to consist of the following, (with power 1 to add to their number), viz.— Messrs. Inglis, Chisholm, Sutter, Buddle, Munroe, Crawley, James Smith, Dr. McLean, Fyfe, A. Patterson, Captain Scott, Alexander Bennett, F. Cullman, Nelson, and Mansfield."

Timaru Herald, 22 October 1864, Page 4
As a man named Bradley (bullock-driver to Mr D. Smith) was crossing Pareora River on Thursday last, he suddenly threw down his whip and immediately fell dead. 

Timaru Herald, 1 February 1879, Page 2 Death.
Smith. On January 31st, at Church-street, Olive Elizabeth, infant daughter of C. E. O. and F. Smith, aged 11 weeks.

Olive Elizabeth Smith b. 1878 to Frances and Charles Edward Orlando SMITH
Stanley Smith b. 1884 to Frances and Charles Edward Orlando SMITH
Charles Edward Orlando SMITH died in 1928 aged 80. He married Frances Phillips in 1876.

Otago Daily Times 17 June 1881, Page 4
Mr Farquharson Proctor, sen., of North-East Valley, has just completed the purchase of Scotston, South Canterbury, having paid Mr Jno. Stace Smith the sum of £8172, being at the rate of £14 per acre, for the property.

Timaru Herald, 30 January 1901, Page 4
I see that the Upper Otaio School Committee is trying to set the name of the school changed to that of Blue Cliffs. Now, Blue Cliffs being about six miles distant from the school, I think the idea, absurd. It has gone by its present name ever since it was started. About twenty-one years ago the owner then of Scotston, Mr John Stace Smith, tried to get the name changed to Scotston school, but the people would not have it, and I do not see why it should he changed now. I hear that letters addressed to a few people of Upper Otaio, sometimes go to the Lower Otaio post office but if these residents were to have these letters addressed St. Andrews such correspondence would then be delivered by the mail carrier as mine is; but -should it be deemed necessary to have the name altered. I would suggest that it be called Scotston, as it is built on a portion, of that estate, but I fail to see any reasonable excuse for its name being altered at all. I am etc., AN OLD RESIDENT.

Timaru Herald 12 August 1880 Birth [Alexander Woodburn born to Margaret Watson & John Stace Smith]
SMITH. At Timaru, on the 2nd August, the wife of Mr J. Stace Smith, of Scotston, of a son.

Timaru Herald, 9 September 1881, Page 2 Football
A match will be played at Temuka tomorrow between the S.C.F.C. and the Geraldine Club. The following are the names of the teams Timaru: Black, Chapman, Eichbaum, Hughes, Lough, LeCren, Mackay, Pigeon, Rhodes, Shepherd, Smith (captain), Shirtcliffe, Turner, and Wilson.
Temuka: Barker, Beechy, Clinch, Chamberlain, Grant, Murray, Paterson, Pearpoint, Russell, Roberts, Reid, George Smith, Robert Smith, H. B. Smith, Hubert Smith, and Wake.

Timaru Herald, 9 June 1885, Page 2
The Court then rose. Resident Magistrate's Court, Timaru. At this Court yesterday morning Captain Sutter, J.P., and His Worship the Mayor presided. A first offender charged with drunkenness was cautioned and dismissed. J. H. C. Smith, charged with the same offence, pleaded guilty. He assured the Bench if they let him off this time he would at once go and take the pledge. It was the only fault he had got, that of taking too much to drink at certain times. The Bench said as there were many previous convictions against accused he would be fined 20s, in default eight days hard labor.

Timaru Herald, 13 September 1887, Page 3
John Langmuir Smith, laborer, working a contract at present at Mrs Herbert's.

South Canterbury Times 8 February 1888 Page 3
At the Resident Magistrate’s Court to day before J. Jackson, Esq, John Langmuir Smith was convicted of drunkenness and sent to goal for one month. He was wanted yesterday as a witness, but at that moment he was helplessly drunk and fast asleep.

Temuka Leader 1 March 1898 Page 3
John Langmuir Smith, an old identity, well known between Timaru and Fairlie died at the Timaru hospital on Saturday, the result of a stroke of apoplexy. [Died 26th Feb. 1898, aged 53. Buried in Timaru Cemetery 28 Feb. 1898 Row 87, Plot 428. No headstone.]

Timaru Herald, 13 August 1900, Page 3
A meeting of persons interested in the formation of a Yorkshire Society in South Canterbury was held in the Empire Hotel on Saturday afternoon. There were present:—Messrs H. B. Kirk, M. Redmayne, S. Hanson, J. Robinson, F. Palliser, S. Green, R. Smith, J. Jackson, W. Halstead, S. Smith, J. Smith, S. Wood, H. B. Webster, and W. Taylor. Mr Redmayne was appointed secretary pro. tern., and those present were appointed a provisional committee, with the addition of the following; names: Major Jowsey, Messrs G.H. Rhodes, E. G. Stericker, H. Wood, R. W. Simpson, Waite, J. Smith, R. Wood, B. Dickinson.

Temuka Leader 14 April 1917 Page 4
On Easter Day, in the afternoon, at Holy Trinity Church, Orari, Rev. Canon Hamilton presented certification to the Sunday School scholars. The following children were successful in obtaining one, starting from the infants ; Willie Blissett, Doreen Smith, Iris Smith, Ethel Austin, Agnes McAlisler, Kathleen McAlisler, Charlie Pierce, Rene Blissett, Leslie Crowther, Maisic Crowther, Rita Austin, Cecil Stevens, Melba Smith, Howard Smith, Ethel Blissett, Sadie Payne, Maud Stevens, Marjorie Pierce.

Temuka Leader 18 March 1922 Page 1 A GERALDINE FARM
Reserved judgment was delivered at the Supreme Court in Christchurch last week by Mr Justice Adams in the case in which the Public Trustee, as administrator of the estate of George Smith, deceased, together with Charles Munro Smith and Ernest Ackerman Smith, proceeded against Charles Jaine for specific performance of a contract for the purchase of a farm at Beautiful Valley, Geraldine.

New Zealand Herald, 30 August 1928, Page 1
SMITH. On August 12 at his late residence, Purchas Road, Takapuna. Charles Edward Orlando, youngest son of the late Mr and Mrs. Richard Smith, Ludstone Hall, Claverley, Shropshire, England and dearly-beloved husband of Frances Smith. [O'Neill's Point Cemetery Row J Plot 85  ] [Frances died ‎1‎/‎24‎/‎1939 Row J Plot 85] 

Richard was a farmer at Ludstone, Claverley, Shropshire and had most, if not all, his children christened at Claverley. Mary Smith was b. 1831 Ludstone Hall and moved to NZ. Richard and his family left Ludstone and eventually England for New Plymouth New Zealand in 1850. Apparently Richard died the first week in New Zealand. The youngest Charles Edward Orlando Smith became a surveyor and lived in Auckland. Richard's wife Elizabeth and children settled and stayed in New Zealand. Birth dates on 1841 were rounded. Elizabeth b:1826c, Sarah b: 1827c, Catherine b: 1829c, Mary b: 1831c, John b: 1832c, William b: 1834c, Esther b: 1835c, Thomas b: 1837c, Christopher b: 1837c, Llewellen b: 1840c

North Otago Times,19 May 1893, Page 2
At Timaru, on May 16th, James Walter, the only beloved child of John and Elisabeth Todd Smith (of Scotston), aged 1 year and 9 months. The funeral will leave the Oamaru Railway Station for the Cemetery on the arrival of the Timaru train about 11 o'clock on Friday morning. Thomas Falconer, Undertaker.

Star 25 April 1896, Page 6
Timaru Herald, 25 April 1896, Page 3 Inquest
An inquest was held at Temuka yesterday, before Mr C. A. Wray, coroner, on the death of John Arthur Smith; a lad of nine years, who had been found in the Temuka River the previous day. From the evidence it appeared that deceased, who was dumb from birth and mentally afflicted, had been last seen playing in the paddock at the back of his mother's house. The paddock adjoins the Temuka River, which runs at this place deeply and swiftly. One of the witnesses animadverted strongly upon the action of the South Canterbury Charitable Aid Board, which had been asked to have the child placed in some institution; or, as an alternative, to provide the mother with assistance to watch the boy. The Coroner thought it beyond the province of the jury to discuss the administration of the Charitable Aid Board, the members of which were presumably the best representatives of the people. The jury, returned a verdict of accidentally drowned. From the evidence of Mary Ann Smith, a widow, the mother of deceased, Jeremiah Boston, a labourer, and Samuel Wright, a retired farmer, it appeared that the boy who was 9 years of age, was of weak intellect and dumb from his birth. Mrs Smith was a widow who had a hard struggle to get her living by dressmaking. Mr Wright said He considered Mrs Smith's a very deserving case, and thought that many unworthy people were assisted whilst honest struggling people received little consideration.

Temuka Leader 17 October 1896 Page 4
Mr F. Wilson Smith, solicitor, who left Geraldine yesterday to settle down in Auckland.

Timaru Herald 10 October 1928 Page 2 MR F. WILSON SMITH
A well-known lawyer in Auckland for over 30 years, Mr F. Wilson Smith died last week at the age of 64. Born in Yorkshire, Mr Wilson Smith came to New Zealand with his parents in 1876, and was admitted as a solicitor in 1887. For some time he practised at Geraldine removing to Auckland in 1897, being admitted as a barrister two years later. He retired about a year ago. Mr Wilson Smith is survived by his wife, one son, Mr F. Wilson Smith, of Matamata and three daughters, Mrs A. Bremner, of Auckland, Mrs A. M. Nicholson, of Timaru, and Miss M. Wilson Smith of Auckland.

Star 15 July 1887, Page 3
The following deferred-payment sections were granted William Smith, 4 acres, Fairlie Creek. Charles Neville, 2 roods 22 porches, Arowhenua. Stephen Spillane, John M'Auliffe, and John Spillane, 1 rood each, Arowhenua.

Timaru Herald, 9 December 1901, Page 3
The annual concert in connection; with the Fairlie State School was held on Friday evening in the public hall, which was filled by a large and appreciative audience of parents and friends. The School Committee should be cheered by a handsome amount for their prize fund. The chairman, Mr Joseph Binney, opened the proceedings with a short speech, and introduced the first items, songs by the infant classes. Several songs were given in capital time and tune. Mrs H. G. Smith sang "She wore a wreath of roses," and as an encore sang "Kate O'Shane," and later on sang "The old folks at home."

Timaru Herald, 23 December 1893, Page 3 FAREWELL DINNER AT FAIRLIE.
Mr J. W. Smith, who has been stationmaster at Fairlie for the last four years has been promoted to take charge of the railway station at Brunnerton.

Timaru Herald, 2 March 1904, Page 3 (Before Mr R. L. Banks, J.P.) James McGill, a prohibited person, was charged with being on licensed premises. Constable Barrett applied for the case to be remanded, to Timaru. The same defendant was charged with disorderly behaviour when drunk in a public street in Fairlie on Saturday last. H. G. Smith, and Walter Close gave evidence of the disorderly conduct on the street, and in a paddock close to the main street. 

Ashburton Guardian 17 June 1911 Page 4 DOUGLAS SETTLTMENT. Results of Ballet.
WAIMATE, June 16. Great interest was taken in the ballot for the Douglas. Settlement today. The afternoon was occupied in examining the applicants, there being 129 for thirty-four sections. The ballot was taken this, evening, and occupied over two hours. The following are the results -. Section 1 (201 acres), D. Ponsonby, Loburn, Rangiora; section 2 (205 acres), Jane Collie, Linwood; section 3 (176 acres), Alice Maud Smith, Albury ;

Timaru Herald, 15 November 1911, Page 3 POACHING AT FAIRLIE.
The South Canterbury Acclimatisation Society proceeded against Thomas Smith for poaching at Fairlie. Mr W. H. Smith, hon. ranger at Fairlie, stated that on 22nd October inst. he saw the defendant in company with J. Webster and J. Davey on the Opihi. Later, about 5.30, he again came across them, and saw one of them putting fish into a bag. Went over to them and demanded to see the bag, and after a lot of trouble it was given to him. There were two fish in the bag. Smith had a gorse knife with him, and they admitted that they had taken two trout. Smith had since seen him and said he was sorry for what he had done, and that this was his first attempt at poaching. He was a married man, and had been out of work for some time. Constable Hyland, Fairlie, deposed that Smith called on him and said he had been caught poaching. They went down to catch eels, but killed a trout and put it in the bag. He was unable to come down to the Court, as he would lose a job he had just got. The Magistrate entered a conviction, and fined defendant the minimum penalty, £2, court costs 11s, witnesses 8s 6d, and solicitor's fee 10s 6d, total £3 10s.

Timaru Herald, 3 December 1914, Page 4
About 5 p.m. on Saturday last a four roomed house, belonging to Mrs Katherine Small, of Fairlie, and occupied by Mr James Smith, blacksmith, of Fairlie was destroyed by fire at Le Cren's Road, about two miles from Fairlie. Mr Smith and a man named Howard Elsom were living in the house and about 2 p.m. they left their abode leaving a small fire in the kitchen. They wore working in a paddock near by and about the time above mentioned Smith noticed smoke issuing from the roof. He ran to the house and found the ceiling and walls of the kitchen on fire, and succeeded in saving about £20 worth of furniture. The house was insured in the State Fire Insurance Office for £85 and Smith's furniture and personal effects with-the United Insurance Co. for £75. The cause of the fire is unknown.

Flora Smith attended Fairlie School and was dux the last year she attended, daughter of the station master Fairlie in 1914 and at Timaru High School in 1919 and was awarded the Cain essay Prize.
Children of Margaret and William John SMITH:
1900 Smith Errol William James
1902 Smith Flora Agnes m. William Leslie Stewart in 1926.
1906 Smith Lulu Doreen Reid

Timaru Herald, 5 March 1918, Page 5
Mr A. McDonald, who has been a member of the staff of Messrs A. E. Smith and Co., Temuka, during the past three years, has been appointed to a position on the staff of the Canterbury Farmers Co-operative Association.

Timaru Herald, 10 May 1920, Page 7
Mr A. Riddle, of the Kaiapoi Post Office staff, has been transferred to Fairlie, and Mr C. P. Smith, of Fairlie, is being transferred to Kaiapoi.

Temuka Leader 17 April 1926 Page 4 RUGBY HALF A CENTURY AGO. OTAGO v. TEMUKA, 1878
Mr H. E. Smith, who was farewelled at Winchester on Friday last was in his earlier days a keen devotee of football. Conversing with our correspondent, he recalled the famous match of 1878, when the Temuka team gave the touring Otago representatives the hardest match of their New Zealand tour. Mr Smith was a member of the local team, which was defeated by one try to nil. This, the only try of the match, was scored before any Temuka man had handled the ball, and resulted, humorously enough, from the fact that the Temuka full-back was that day wearing a brand-new white outfit (uniform jerseys were not then the rule), and did not care to risk soiling it by tackling his man! Figuring in the Temuka team with Mr Smith were: R. H. Pierpoint (full-back), Jno. McBratney (wing three-quarter), Frank Tavener, E. H. Dobson (now of Christchurch), John and James Patterson, S. D. Barker, Francis Barker (now of Timaru), Donald H. Potts (still carrying on as a sheep farmer at Kati Kati, Auckland), Ambrose Potts (now of Hokianga, Auckland) and a third brother, Geoffrey Potts, who when last heard of was farming in the Wanganui district. The remaining three members of the team Mr Smith could not recall.

Temuka Leader 9 August 1927 Page 2
Ex-Constable James Lawrence Smith, who was well and favourably known in the Timaru and Temuka districts, passed away at Temuka late on Saturday evening. The late Mr Smith was born at Kaitangata 47 years ago, and prior to leaving that district, was employed in the mines. At the age of 25 he joined the police force, his first station being Invercargill. From there he was transferred to Timaru, where he was stationed for a number of years. He then saw service in Temuka and Brunnerton, after which he returned to Waimataitai. After a few years he was transferred to St. Kilda, and about a year ago, he was superannuated on account of ill-health, after having completed 21 years' service. The late Mr Smith recently settled in Temuka. For the past eight weeks he was confined l lo life bed, owing to heart trouble, and ho passed away in his sleep late on Saturday night. He was a zealous and faithful officer, and gained the respect and confidence of all those with whom he came in contact. He leaves a widow and children to mourn their loss.

Temuka Leader 11 October 1927 Page 3
Not long after shop closing time on Saturday night, Mr Gil. Smith and a friend were the only two left in Messrs A. E. Smith and Co.’s grocer’s establishment, King street, and they were just preparing for their departure when they heard a slight rattle of the handle of the back door, as if somebody was trying to open it very quietly. Mr Smith rushed to the door and opened it quickly, and the intruder - a man of medium height and fairly athletic build — at once made off. Mr Smith shouted to him, but the intruder made a dash for the Crown fence and vaulted it cleanly (about six feet), landing in one of the flower beds of the Crown Hotel garden, and leaving his footprints plain to be seen.

Press 20 April 1929 Page 5 Drivers' Licenses.
The procedure taken in issuing drivers' licenses in Pleasant Point has been a subject of discussion between the Pleasant Point Town Board and the South Canterbury Automobile Association. The Board states that all drivers have hitherto gone through a test with Mr T. Forrest, garage proprietor, and since his departure from the town the testing has been carried out by Mr J. A. Smith, the new owner of the local garage.

Press, 28 November 1930, Page 7
Thefts from Till. In the Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Mr C. E. Orr Walker, S.M., Stanley Charles Smith, aged 20 years, ft labourer, of Pleasant Point (Mr F. J. Rolleston), pleaded guilty to the theft of £22 4a 6d from the garage of John Alfred Smith, Pleasant Point, between July 10th and October 26th, He also pleaded guilty to stealing &2 from the bakehouse of Stanley Charles Smith, of Pleasant Point. Mr Rolleston said that the thefts were admitted, but only £12 10s had been taken from the garage, and restitution had been made of that amount to Mr Smith.

Frederick Smith, photographer, Timaru 1871-1872 and Waimate.

Temuka Leader 3 August 1893 Page 3
A man named Alexander Smith was brought to Temuka from the Rangitata Traffic bridge yesterday, suffering from a broken thigh. Mr. Smith was on last Saturday employed at Mr Booth's saw mill, Peel Forest, working a circular saw, and after cutting a piece of timber the back of the saw caught it and flung it over with terrible force, striking Mr Smith on the thigh. Mr Smith was of course thrown, down and rendered incapable of continuing his work, and was removed to his house at the Rangitata traffic bridge. He had no idea that his leg was broken, and the weather being extremely wet and wintry, nothing was done further than to get some medicine and a lotion from Geraldine. Yesterday, however, being fine; Mr Smith was brought to Temuka in an express to Dr Hayes, who at once saw that the man's thighbone was broken, and advised that he should be taken to Mr Tombs's boarding house. This was done, and there he still remains, and will remain for some weeks before he is able to get about again. The piece of timber that' struck Mr Smith was 8in. x 12m. and 13ft. long, so it can easily be realised that that, flung with great violence, would give a terrible blow.

"Blame it on the Smith's"

Timaru Herald 27 October 1869 Page 2 Death
Sept. 29, at Timaru, the beloved wife [Maria] of Mr David Smith, of Waimate, aged 41 years. [42yars DIA]

Timaru Herald, 16 July 1878, Page 2 Deaths
Smith - On the 25th June, Mark, the much lamented son of John and Christiana Smith, of Cliff House, near Timaru aged 26 years. [ Mark Smith late of Timaru, farmer, died 25 June 1878, aged 26. Father John Smith. ]
Smith - At Smithfield, Winchester, on 15th July, Charles Smith, aged 49 years.

Evening Post 25 June 1878 Page 2
Timaru. 25th June. A young man named Mark Smith, a farmer at Saltwater Creek, near Timaru, was killed through the kick of a horse this morning whilst ploughing.

Timaru Herald, 21 May 1879, Page 2 Death
Ritchie. On April 27th, at Timaru, Susan Smith Elizabeth, only daughter of Alexander and Elizabeth Ritchie, aged six months. McLeod.

Star 14 September 1885, Page 2
Smith.— Sept 12, at her residence, Le Cren street, Timaru, Mary, beloved wife of William Smith (formerly of Temuka) aged 30.

South Canterbury Times 25 April 1892 Page 2 DEATH.
Smith On the 23rd April, at the residence of Mr Lord, Grey Road, Timaru, Fanny, second daughter of Mr William Smith, of Waimate ; aged 32 years. Deeply regretted. Waimate paper please copy.

North Otago Times, 19 May 1893, Page 2
At Timaru, on May 16th, James Walter, the only beloved child of John and Elizabeth Todd Smith (of Scotston), aged 1 year and 9 months.

Timaru Herald, 14 May 1895, Page 2
Smith. On May 13th, 1895, at Kerrytown, Josephine, beloved wife of Mark Saunders Smith aged 30 years.  [In 1889 Mark Saunders married Josephine BOASE.] [In 1897  Mark Saunders married Margaret Lawerson]

Timaru Herald, 6 August 1895, Page 2 Death
Smith — At Springfield farm, Otaio, at the residence of Mr David Martin, on the 4th August, Joseph K. Smith, late of Forfarshire, Scotland aged 88 years.

Timaru Herald, 16 March 1897, Page 1 FUNERAL NOTICE
The Friends of Mr and Mrs J. H Smith are respectfully informed that the funeral of their late eldest daughter Eliza Jane will leave their residence, Stafford Street, this day (Tuesday) the 16th inst., at 3 p.m. J. E. BECKINGHAM, Undertaker.

Timaru Herald, 16 March 1897, Page 2
Smith. At Timaru, on Monday. March 15th, Eliza Jane, eldest daughter of J. H. Smith, blacksmith aged 20 years.

Timaru Herald, 4 January 1899, Page 2
Smith. On January 3rd, at his residence, LeCren street, William Smith (Postal Department) aged 48.

Star 3 January 1899, Page 3
Timaru, Jan. 3. Mr W. Smith, who has been for thirty five years in the postal and telegraph service, died this morning, aged forty-eight. He was employed for most of the term at Temuka and Timaru, and was a respected officer. He leaves a widow and five children.

Ashburton Guardian, 21 March 1899, Page 2
Smith. On March 20, 1899, at the Timaru Hospital, of typhoid-fever, Thomas Smith, of the Railway Department. Aged 45.

Timaru Herald, 26 March 1900, Page 2
Smith On 24th March, at her residence, Stafford street, Timaru, Mary Elizabeth, beloved wife of Thomas Smith, seedsman aged 66 years. Passed peacefully away.

Otago Daily Times 23 October 1900, Page 4
SMITH. At his residence, Fairlie, on the 22nd October, Joseph Smith, sen, aged 82 years.— The Funeral will leave his late residence, Fairlie, for the Balclutha Cemetery, on Wednesday, 24th inst., at 1 p.m.

Star 7 April 1902, Page 3
SMITH.— March 31, at Waimate, Charlotte, the beloved wife of John Smith, late of Hornby after a long and painful illness, entered her much-longed-for rest; aged 64 years. They will be done! 

Evening Star 19 March 1904, Page 8
The ballot for sections in Rosewell Settlement took place at Timaru
101, Edwain Smith, Pleasant Point;
118, Agnes Smith, Pukeuri;

Ashburton Guardian, 17 August 1904, Page 2
Smith. At Timaru, on the 16th inst., Thomas David, eldest son of Matthew and Mary Smith, Ashburton. Aged 49 years.

Press, 18 November 1904, Page 5 & Otago Witness 23 November 1904, Page 10
Dunedin, November 17. In the Divorce Court, Nancy Smith's petition was heard for a divorce from William Smith on grounds of desertion and cruelty. The parties had been married in Ireland, but have resided in South Canterbury since about 1880. There were eleven children of the marriage. Tue respondent at one time carried a razor and took it to bed with him. When the son grew old enough he prevented the ill treatment. The respondent did not appear, and was not represented. A decree nisi was granted, to take effect in three months, the petitioner to .have custody of the children, and respondent to pay the costs. 
    Nancy Smith, the petitioner, said she was married to respondent at Broughshene, County Antrim, Ireland, on the 22nd March, 1878. They lived together for 11 or 12 months, and then came out to the colony. They lived together in South Canterbury till about six years ago, and there were 11 children by the marriage, 10 of whom were still alive. Respondent began to ill-treat her five or six years before he left her. Hannah Frame, petitioner's married daughter.

Otago Witness, 23 May 1906, Page 45
SHANKS — On the 19th May at his residence, Timaru, James Stewart, the beloved husband of Helen Gray Smith, and eldest son of J. S. Shanks, of Mataura; aged 42 years. [married in 1898]

Star 22 September 1906, Page 5
SMITH. — September 18, at his residence, Barnard Street, Timaru, Robert Smith (late of Guiseley, Yorks, England), in his sixty ninth year.  

Timaru Herald, 7 October 1908, Page 4
SMITH. On October 6th, at Timaru, William, the beloved husband of Mary Smith of Southburn; aged 60 years.

Otago Witness 7 October 1908, Page 51
SMITH.— On October 4 (after a lingering illness), at her residence, Owaka, Helen Duncan, the beloved wife of Charles Smith, late of Lower Harbour, Port Chalmers, and Temuka; in her sixty-eighth year.

Temuka Leader 8 October 1908 Page 2
A Dunedin paper reports the death of Mrs Smith the wife of Mr C. Smith late of Temuka at her residence, Owaka. The deceased lady was the mother of Mrs. Schmedes, wife of the head master of the Seadown school, and with her family lived in Temuka for some time.

Isabella Ann Smith married Cornelius Frederick Schmedes in 1881.

Timaru Herald, 27 January 1909, Page 4
SMITH. On January 26th, at her parents' residence, Buchanan street, Timaru, Edna Blanche, the beloved and only daughter of Alfred Arthur and Olive Smith, aged eight months.

Children of Olive Madeline Alfred Arthur SMITH:
1902 Smith Charles Alfred Arthur
1904 Smith Leslie George
1905 Smith Gordon William
1907 Smith Eric Lawrence
1908 Smith Edna Blanche
1910 Smith Herbert Stanley Fowke
1911 Smith Olive Blanche
1913 Smith Annie Madeline

Lake County Press 8 July 1909, Page 4
News has been received by Mr P. Smith of this town, that his son, Samuel, had the misfortune to lose his wife. Death took place at Geraldine. Four little children and a sorrowing husband are left to mourn the loss of one they loved so dearly.

Star, 10 August 1909, Page 3 Death
SMTH — August 9, at the Timaru Hospital. Thomas John Smith; aged thirty-six years; late of Rangiora, after a long and lingering illness. Interment Timaru Cemetery, Thursday. W. J. Lister. Undertaker.

Timaru Herald, 7 February 1910, Page 4 Death
SMITH.— On February 4th, at his parents' residence, Jackson Street, Timaru, John William, the beloved and youngest son of Mary and the late William Smith; aged 24 years. Deeply regretted. Privately interred at Temuka Cemetery on Sunday, 6th February.

Timaru Herald, 10 September 1910, Page 5
Nine New Zealand riders left Christchurch on Thursday evening to take part in the Australian road race. They have appointed as captain Mr A. B. L. Smith, well-known in Timaru.

Mataura Ensign 9 May 1910, Page 4
At "Stranaer Cottage," Timaru, Lizzie, second daughter of the late Thomas Smith, Mataura. 

Timaru Herald 18 June 1904 Page 2 DEATH.
SMITH. On 16th inst., Emma, beloved wife of John Smith, Saltwater Creek, in her forty-sixth year.

Otago Daily Times 21 April 1911, Page 5 Timaru
Maretta Smith, a little girl residing in Forth street, broke her arm yesterday by falling from a sofa on which she was playing. She was taken to the Hospital yesterday afternoon.

Evening Star 10 July 1911, Page 6
Miss Henrietta Smith, M.A., of Invercargill, has been appointed secondary assistant at the Temuka District High School.

North Otago Times 15 November 1911, Page 2
SMITH. On November 13th at Timaru, William Smith, late of Windsor, aged 65 years.

Timaru Herald, 16 November 1911, Page 5 SUDDEN DEATH.
FROM HEART DISEASE. A man named William Smith, 65 years of age, a farm labourer employed by Mr McKeown of "Kinnoul," Tyohoa Flat, died suddenly in the early hours of Tuesday morning. An inquest into the circumstances surrounding the death were held before the Coroner (Mr V. G. Day), at the Timaru Courthouse yesterday. Sergeant Bowman presenting the evidence. James Newson, a ploughman living with deceased, said that Smith had his tea as usual on Monday night. Some time afterwards, he complained of indigestion, but appeared to recover. Mrs McKeown attended to deceased and had him put to bed.  

Timaru Herald, 8 October 1913, Page 7
Mr J. C. Smith has just returned to Timaru from a nine months' trip to the Old Country.

Timaru Herald, 22 July 1914, Page 6
SMITH.—On July 20th, at Fairlie, Louie, the beloved daughter of the late Mr and Mrs W. Smith, in her 21st year. Interment today at Timaru Cemetery.

Otago Daily Times 10 September 1914, Page 4
SMITH. On September 9, at Dunedin. John Smith, late of Waimate; aged 76 years. Father of Mrs C. R. Batetman (Waimate) and Mrs A. H. B. Poulter (91 Oxford street, Dunedin). After many years patient suffering, borne with Christian fortitude.

Timaru Herald, 18 March 1916, Page 8
SMITH.— On Saturday, 18th March, at the Timaru Hospital. Daphne Olga, the dearly beloved daughter of Holger and Maud Smith, King Street; aged 3 years.
[Daphne Olga Smith born in 1913 to Maud and Holger Valdimer SMITH. Maud Battcock married in Holger Voldimer SMITH in 1907]

Golden Wedding

Mataura Ensign 19 June 1902, Page 2
Two old and much respected residents of Gore—Mr and Mrs Jas. Smith—celebrated their golden wedding yesterday, they having been married by the Rev. Mr Leslie, at Arbroath, Scotland, on June 18, 1852. They arrived in the colony by the ship Mary Ann in 1859, and settled for a time at Christchurch where Mr Smith, being a carpenter by trade, assisted in building the first hospital in that town. The couple removed to Temuka, South Canterbury some years later and came to Southland about 20 years ago. There are living four sons, one daughter, 38 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. The sons are Messrs Jas. Smith (late of Otama and now of Timaru), W. Smith (Gore), E. S. Smith (late of Otama and now of Windsor, Oamaru), and D. G. Smith (Riversdale). The daughter is Mrs J. W. Velvin, of Gore. [The only sister of Mrs. Smith, Mrs James Philp sent word that she could not attend, owning to the serious illness of her son]

The ship Mary Anne sailed from London 26 April 1859 and arrived arrived Lyttelton 4 August 1859
Smith James 33 from Lanark, cartwright.
Ann 32
Elizabeth 5
James 3
William 1 

Timaru Herald, 7 April 1916, Page 6
SMITH.—On April 6th at Timaru, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of D. G. Smith, Hurdley Street, and sister of George and the late J. W. Velvin. So loved, so mourned. Temuka, Oamaru, and Christchurch papers please copy. [Aged 47] [Elizabeth Velvin married David Gordon Smith in 1885. Both born in NZ]
Elizabeth Velvin married David Gordon Smith in 1885. Children of Elizabeth and David Gordon SMITH
1886 Smith Leonard Gordon
1887 Smith Ethel Margaret
1890 Smith George Leslie James
1892 Smith Elsie Elizabeth
1894 Smith Cecil Eric
1896 Smith Herbert Stanley
1897 Smith David Gordon Sturrock
1899 Smith Annie Kelvin
1905 Smith Percy Edward William

SMITH, Cecil Eric, 73003 (19 March 1894 - 1967) third s/o David Gordon and Elizabeth (née Velvin) Smith. Cecil married Kate Elizabeth Jane Walker on 10 Feb. 1920 at Timaru. Smith also sister of Mary Ellen Smith (1878 -1948).
SMITH, George Leslie, 41033 (18 December 1890 - 9 March 1961) second s/o David Gordon and Elizabeth (née Velvin) Smith.
SMITH, Gordon David, 73892 (26 July 1897 - 4 May 1967) fifth s/o David Gordon and Elizabeth (née Velvin) Smith. NoK on embarkation Mrs A. Sinclair (sister), The Cave, Timaru.
SMITH, Stanley Herbert,
37064 (28 January 1896 - 22 February 1972). Fourth son of David Gordon and Elizabeth (née Velvin) Smith. NoK on embarkation D.G. Smith (father), Hereford Street, Timaru

1890 Smith George Leslie James - WW1 41033. Born Temuka. 18 Dec. 1890. Presbyterian. 23rd Rein. Otago Infantry Regt. D Coy. Died 9 March 1961 in Geraldine aged 71. Buried Geraldine. NOK Mrs. Dorothy Smith, 91 Peel St, Geraldine. On 16 March 1961, the War Pensions Board decided that his death was due to his service with the Forces. Had mild gastritis, mild influenza and tonsillitis and D.A.H. while overseas. G.L. Smith married Dorothy Byron in 1943. Military headstone. NoK on embarkation D.G. Smith (father), Hereford Street, Timaru.

Timaru Herald, 19 July 1916, Page 6
SMITH.— On July 19th. at Timaru, W. H. Smith, of Fairlie, in his 83rd year.  [William Henry Smith]

Timaru Herald, 1 September 1916, Page 6
SMITH. On August 31st, at his parents residence, Old North Road, Timaru, Garner Sylvester, infant son of Mr and Mrs James Garner Smith; aged 20 days. At rest. Private, interment.

Timaru Herald, 28 June 1917, Page 6
EVANS. At the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. F. Smith, on Tuesday, June 26, Fanny Chadwick, the dearly loved wife of E. Evans, Arundel, and sister of Mrs P. Gwatkin and A. Cooper, in her 64th year.

Timaru Herald, 5 March 1918, Page 5
Mr A. McDonald, who has been a member of the staff of Messrs A. E. Smith and Co., Temuka, during the past three years, has been appointed to a position on the staff of the Canterbury Farmers' Co-operative Association, Geraldine.

Timaru Herald, 22 June 1918, Page 6 Death
Smith: On June 19th, 1918, George, eldest son of the late G. A. and E. Smith, Broom Farm, Lincoln, and eldest brother of Smith Bros., Rangiaho, Beautiful Valley, Geraldine.

Timaru Herald 30 September 1918 Page 6
Another old identity, Mr William Kirk Smith, of Timaru, and late of Hokitika and Ashburton. passed away last evening. He carried on a carrying business at Hokitika, and later at Ashburton. He was a recipient of the military medal and pension, having fought in the "Taranaki Settlers' War." Mr Smith was an elder in the Ashburton Presbyterian Church, and while local preaching at Mayfield had a paralytic stroke. He had been a patient sufferer for 21 years, living at Ashburton, Wanganui, and for some years now at Timaru. He was a member of Trinity Church. Ha was married twice, and leaves two sons, Mr J. R. Smith, of the Postal Department, Wellington, and Mr W. W. Smith, of Timaru. Two sisters, Mrs W. Gooch and Mrs P. Wilson, reside in Hokitika.

Timaru Herald, 20 November 1918, Page 6
SMITH. On November 19th, at Timaru, William Percy Gordon Smith, beloved husband of Lidy Smith. {In 1911 WPG Smith married Lily Bell]

Timaru Herald, 16 July 1919, Page 2 WANTED
To know the whereabouts of GEORGE SMITH, married five or six years ago: last heard of February, 1916, at Timaru; man of sixty years of age. Brother Bob inquiring from Edinburgh. Anyone who can give information kindly forward it to Timaru Herald Office.

Timaru Herald, 13 October 1919, Page 6
SMITH. At the residence of her daughter, Mrs Hopping, Gapes Valley, on October 11, Catherine Smith, beloved wife of Francis Smith, late of Christchurch, in her 86th year. R.I.P.  [In 1893 Catherine Smith married Joseph Hopping]

Timaru Herald, 21 August 1919, Page 6
SMITH. In loving memory of James Smith, Fairlie, died August 21st, 1918. Gone, but not forgotten. — Inserted by his loving brother, Wm. Smith, Glen-iti.

Press, 25 August 1923, Page 4
The Rev. and Mrs H. W. Smith, who will shortly be leaving Timaru for Christchurch, will be tendered a social evening and presentation in St. Mary's schoolroom on Tuesday next.

Press, 3 October 1927, Page 5
Mrs James Smith and her daughter (Mrs Barclay) have left Temuka to take up their residence in Dunedin.

Press, 24 January 1928, Page 7
Mr and Mrs G. W. Smith, who have been the guests of Mr and Mrs A. E. Smith (Temuka) returned to Opawa on Saturday.

Press, 26 February 1929, Page 7
Mr and Mrs G. Smith, who have been on a visit to the former's brother at Temuka, returned to Christchurch by the second express yesterday.

Press, 20 April 1929, Page 5
The procedure taken in issuing drivers' licenses in Pleasant Point has been a subject of discussion between the Pleasant Point Town Board and the South Canterbury Automobile Association. The Board states that all drivers have hitherto gone through a test with Mr T. Forrest, garage proprietor, and since his departure from the town the testing has been carried out by Mr J. A. Smith, the new owner of the local garage.

Press, 27 September 1933, Page 6
Miss Wicks has returned from Willowbridge and is visiting her sister, Mrs F. Smith, Lower Seadown

Auckland Star, 20 June 1934, Page 16
Timaru, Tuesday. The death occurred in hospital tonight of Ivan Smith, aged 18 years, a resident of Timaru. who was knocked down by a car in Wai-iti Road last night. The driver of was Mr. J. R. Nimmo, of Dunedin. Mr. G. Elgin, who was walking with Smith at the time of the accident, was also knocked down and rendered unconscious, but his injuries are not serious.

Press, 30 May 1936, Page 1
RADFORD—On May 28th. 1936, at Napier Hospital, Howard, beloved of the late James Radford, Temuka and brother of Mrs Judson, Temuka. Mrs Smith, Orari. Mrs Olliver. Miss Radford, 532 Worcester street. Christchurch. Funeral Saturday, Hastings.

Press, 15 July 1937, Page 2
Mr and Mrs W. J. Smith (Trafalgar street) are visiting their daughter, Mrs Stewart (Wyndham).

Press, 11 February 1938, Page 14
Timaru, February 10. Reginald Randall David Smith, who was recently sentenced to death for the murder of William Gaby, was charged in the Magistrate’s Court, Timaru, to-day, before Mr H. Morgan. S.M., with having, at Seacliff, obtained money and goods of a total value of £8 16s 7d by means of a valueless cheque. 

Alexander Watson Smith (12/1/1901 - 1983)
Blue Cliffs. In 1948 A.W. Smith came to Blue Cliffs as head shepherd. He was known as Sandy Smith. Stayed on for 14 years and retired to Timaru. He was the youngest son of Alexander Searle Smith. His brother Ollie Smith (Oliver Rowntree Smith) was the manager of Grampians Peaks for forty years from 1914-1950. He was appointed by Norman Hope. R.K. Smith, a son of A.B. owned Black Forest and managed Morven Hills, Tarras. He married Margaret Elsie Barker in 1930. Sandy was 82 when he died.

Walter Smith 1800-1842 married Anne Upham Furneaux (b. 1801 - ) 11 November 1823 Brixham, Devon, England. Children:
Anne Upham Smith 1824-1880
Walter Smith 1833-1882
John Furneaux Smith 1836-1898
Mary Furneaux Smith 1839-1841
Furneaux Smith 1839-1913 died in Geraldine, N.Z. age 74

Otago Daily Times 9 April 1926 Page 8
SMITH. Oh March 31. at Pleasant Point (suddenly), Samuel, the beloved husband of Prances Smith, and eldest son of the late Furneaux Smith, of Arrowtown, and Mrs M. H. M. Smith, Geraldine;, aged 53 years.— Interred at Geraldine.

Lake County Press 15 April 1926 Page 2
The death occurred at his home, Pleasant Point, on the 31st ult. of Mr Samuel Smith. Deceased was a native of Arrowtown, being the eldest son of the late Mr Furneaux Smith. The interment took place at Geraldine, where his mother resides. Mr John F. Smith, of Lowburn, is a brother of deceased.

Otago Witness 14 July 1909, Page 39
News has been received by Mr F. Smith, of Arrowtown, that his son, Samuel, had the misfortune to lose his wife, whose death took place at Geraldine. Four little children are left to mourn their loss.

Tuapeka Times, 14 July 1909, Page 3
Lawrence residents will regret to learn of the death of Mrs Samuel Smith (nee Miss Rachel Ann Shury,  m. 1901) which occurred at Geraldine last week. She leaves a family of five young children, the eldest being only seven years of age.

Otago Witness 30 October 1901, Page 47
SMITH — SHURY. On the 25th July, at the English Church, Lawrence, by the Rev. Canon Richards, Samuel Smith, eldest son of Furneaux Smith, Arrowtown, to Rachel Ann, only daughter of the late William Edward Shury.

1904 4th Aug. Smith Charles Furneaux. Temuka Cemetery. Doris Smith nee Arnold (1905 -1948) w/o Charles Furneaux Smith 1904-1989.
1906 Smith William Herbert
1909 Smith Stanley Frederick
1902 Smith Edith Mercy
1907 Smith Rachel Evelyn

Lake County Press 25 December 1913, Page 4
The death is announced at Geraldine (Canterbury) of Mr Furneaux Smith, who was for many years a resident of this district. He arrived in Arrow in the very early days and followed mining with more or less success in various parts of the district. He left Arrow about nine months ago to reside in Canterbury. He leaves a large family to mourn their loss.

Temuka Leader 16 December 1913 Page 2
SMITH On December 14th, at the residence of his son-in-law, Mr W. Rae, Healey Street, Geraldine, Furneaux Smith, in his 71th year.

Evening Post, 20 September 1926, Page 13 Mrs Furneaux Smith in her 81st year [Anna Maria Pratt married in 1844]
By the death of Mrs. M. A. M. Smith, of Geraldine, which took place at the residence of her daughter (Mrs. W. Rae), another of the old South Island pioneers has been removed, says the "Otago Daily Times." The deceased lady, who had reached the age of 81 years, was born in Mitchem, Surrey, and came to New Zealand with her parents in the Maori, landing at Lyttelton in 1858 landing in Lyttelton. The family settled down at Riccarton (Christchurch), and six years later, just after the death of her father, Mrs. Smith went to the Shotover gold diggings, where she married the late Mr. Furneaux Smith. They settled down in Arrowtown until 1912, when they removed to Geraldine, and a year later Mr. Smith passed away. Mrs. Smith took a keen interest in the affairs of the Geraldine Methodist Church, and was one of its most prominent workers. Eight children of a family of eleven survive—namely. Mrs. W. Burrows (Dunedin), Mrs W. Rae (Geraldine), Mrs. J. M. Cameron (Christchurch), Mrs. W. Redhead (Christchurch), Mr. J. F. Smith (Cromwell), Mr. J. H. Smith (Winchester), Mr. F. Smith (Temuka) and Mrs. G. Miller (Timaru). The late Mrs Smith took a keen interest in the affairs of the Geraldine Methodist Church. [Amelia Bracy Smith married William James Redhead in 1902]

John Moffat Cameron married Annie Smith in Canterbury in 5 April 1893. He was a blacksmith. Died 22 July 1946 age 78. Buried Bromley. Annie died 11 July 1939 age 71. Buried Bromley.

1895 Cameron Furneaux Donald James d. in 1969 age 76. Married Ellen Mary Hudson in 1936.
1900 Cameron Hilda Dorothy Olive Annie
1902 Cameron Sarah Irene Annie

Otago Daily Times 17 July 1917 Page 6 RETURNED SOLDIERS FROM GAZA
A steamer arrived at Port Chalmers yesterday, bringing 75 wounded and invalided soldiers from Egypt.
7/1444 Trooper Furneaux Jas. Cameron, shepherd, Pleasant Point, Timaru. [Died in 1969, farmer Lincoln]

Children of Mercy Anna Maria and Furneaux Smith
1865 Smith Lavinia Amelia  married Burrows
1867 Smith Mary Mercy
1869 Smith Annie (listed under Murcy and Furneoux Smith)
1872 Smith Samuel (listed under May and Furneaux Smith) died March 31 1926 at Pleasant Point aged 53
1871 Smith Amelia Bracey married Redhead
1874 Smith Sarah
1878 Smith John Furneaux m. Elizabeth Harris in 1912
1881 Smith James Henry
1883 Smith Furneaux married Elizabeth Jane Ritchie in 1915
1885 Smith Edith Susan Sparks (Miller)
Smith Esther

Temuka Leader 2 September 1919 Page 2 Birth
SMITH. On August 29th, to Mr and Mrs Furneaux Smith, Ewen Road, Temuka a son.

Geraldine Cemetery
Furneaux Smith 1839 -1913
and Mercy Anna Maria Smith 1844-1926  

'Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, AWNS-19370324-55-4'
AWN 24 March 1937. Fishing at the Rangitata mouth 1937.  W.B.H. [sic] Smith, Temuka
Temuka Cemetery 654174 W.P.H. Smith N.Z. Military Forces Died 9.12.1995 aged 69 years.
William Patrick Smith 11 Lyall Terrace, Temuka

Temuka Leader 5 July 1902 Page 2
A series of farewell socials have been held in connection with the departure of Mr W. Smith and his family to Pareora. The first took place at the Rangitata Island school. Mr Smith and family have been valuable helpers in connection with the Temuka Primitive Methodist church at Temuka, Mr Smith occupying the position of local preacher for more than twenty years, and Sunday School superintendent for a considerable period. Mr Smith's services have also been much in request and have been highly valued at Geraldine, Orari, Rangitata Island, and wherever he has officiated. By his consistent life and genial disposition he has greatly endeared himself to a large circle of friends. The family of Mr Smith will also be greatly missed by the church, Miss A. Smith having been the organist; and the Misses Smith members of the choir.

Otago Witness, 24 November 1909, Page 38
A man named Robert Hyland Smith, well known as a bookmaker at Waimate, committed suicide by cutting his throat with a razor. He was fined last week for assaulting an old man on the show grounds while drunk, and this and other things preyed on his mind.  

Press, 7 July 1934, Page 22
Timaru, July 6. John Robert Nimmo, of Dunedin, who was charged in the Magistrates Court, Timaru, to-day, with having negligently driven a motor-car in Wai-iti road on June 18, thereby causing the death of Ivan Herbert Smith was committed to the Supreme Court for trail.

Timaru Herald 13 July 1934 Page 3
Mr George Burnside Smith, who died in the Timaru Hospital yesterday, was a well known figure in the South Canterbury district. Born in Banffshire, Scotland, 76 years ago, he came to New Zealand in 1876 to join his father who was farming in Ashburton. Several years later he came to South Canterbury and after acting in the capacity of farm manager he acquired a property of his own in the Levels Estate, which he farmed until he retired in 1916. He then took up residence in the Temuka district where he had lived ever since. In 1886 he married Miss McPeak, of Timaru, who still survives, and there is a family of two sons, Mr Charles Smith (Temuka), and Mr William Smith of Nelson. One daughter, Mrs T. Cunnard, lives in Christchurch.

Press, 27 March 1935, Page 2
Mr and Mrs W. J. Smith (Beverley House) have returned from a visit to their son, Mr Errol Smith (Greymouth). They will leave on April 8 on a trip to England and the Continent.

Press, 26 March 1940, Page 1
SMITH — On March 25, 1940, at his residence, Rakaia, Walter Norman, dearly beloved husband of Irene Veronica, and younger son of Mrs and the late H. F. Smith, Pleasant Point; aged 36 years, By request. no mourning.

Press 21 March 1944
SMITH: On March 19 1944, at Ashburton, Mary Wood, widow of Hugh Smith, 21 Cross Street, Ashburton; aged 77 years (late of Riverside)
SMITH: On March 19, 1944, at her residence, 102 Peel Street, Geraldine, Elizabeth, widow of the late John Edward Smith; in her 76th year.

Press 30 December 1936 Page 5 SOCIAL AT MAUNGATI
In honour of the coming of age of Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Smith, a large number of relatives and friends were entertained at a party given by her grandfather, Mr Routledge, sen., at the Maungati School. The evening took the form of a social and dance, the music being supplied by Mrs Coulter. Mr McCully was master of ceremonies. The schoolroom was decorated with streamers, balloons, shrubs, and flowers. Mr Fenn proposed the toast of the guest of the evening. Mr Routledge, jun., replied. Among those present were Mr and Mrs Smith, Mr and Mrs McCully, Mr and Mrs Dale, Mr and Mrs D. I. Dent, Mr and Mrs G. Allen, Mr and Mrs G. Clissold, Mr and Mrs Sides, Mr and Mrs Winterbourne, Mr and Mrs Swaney, Mr and Mrs G. Squires, Mr and Mrs T. Squires, Mesdames Coulter, and Cookson, Misses Betty Smith, Violet Stewart, Doreen McManus, Jean Lamb, Gwenyth Evans, Collier, Smith (3), Messrs I. Stewart, R. Ford, H. Fenn, C. McManus, T. Dale, L. Evans, K. Cocks, W, Evans, K. Dale, P. Routledge, Collier, G. Dale, Routledge, sen., and Smith.

Temuka Leader

Temuka Leader 9 July 1896 Page 2
Smith. On July 7th, at Mr G. Thomson’s residence, Temuka, Charles Robert Tasman, infant son of William and Lissie Smith, Orari, aged 3 weeks.

Temuka Leader 11 July 1896 Page 2
Smith — On July 10th, 1896, at his residence, Main Road, Temuka, John Smith, the beloved husband of Catherine Smith, aged 74 years.

Temuka Leader 21 July 1887 Page 2
Smith. On the 19th July at Gore, Southland, Frances, the beloved wife of William Smith, aged 25.

Temuka Leader 26 September 1889 Page 2
Smith. On the 25th September, 1889, at Temuka, Harriet, the beloved wife of Isaac Smith, aged 36.

Temuka Leader 14 May 1891 Page 2
SMITH. On Tuesday, 12th May, at Mr Cliff’s farm, Upper Swamp Road, Jessie Ann, the beloved daughter of William and Mary Smith, aged one year.
[headstone Temuka. William Smith died Oct. 6th 1908. Son John William Smith died Feb. 4th 1910 aged 24]

Temuka Leader 24 January 1895 Page 2
Smith. On January ?22th, 1895, at Temuka, William Smith, the beloved husband of Mary Smith, aged 40 years.

Timaru Herald 24 July 1895 Page 2 Death
Smith — On Tuesday, July 23rd, Richard Smith, Hilton ; aged 53.

Temuka Leader 6 August 1901 Page 2
Smith. On June 7th, 1901, drowned in the river Cherwell, Oxford, England, Edwin Thomas Smith, brother of G. Smith, Main Road, Temuka, aged 42 years.

Temuka Leader 9 June 1904
CHAPMAN. On June 8th, 1904 at Masterton, North Island, Miriam Eleanor Smith, the beloved wife of Charles John Chapman (late of Temuka).

Temuka Leader 16 July 1903 Page 2
SMITH. On July 15th, 1903, at her residence, Main Street, Temuka, Catherine Smith, aged 58 years.
[buried at Temuka, no headstone]

Temuka Leader 2 March 1907 Page 2
SMITH. On Feb. 28th, 1907, at Winchester, Louisa, the beloved wife of Henry Edward Smith, and second daughter of Major J. A. Young, V.D., Winchester.
[headstone Temuka, aged 49]

Timaru Herald 25 November 1907 Page 4
SMITH. On November .23rd, at his residence. Commercial Street, Richard, beloved husband of Agnes Smith; aged 76.—At rest.

Temuka Leader 11 February 1909 Page 2
SMITH. On Feb. 10, 1909, at her mother's residence, Temuka, Agnes Smith, the daughter of Mrs Gaby, aged 19 years.
[headstone Temuka - also on headstone Ethel Pearl Smith d. Oct. 21st 1930 and Francis Murray Smith d. April 16th 1961]

Temuka Leader 28 October 1909 Page 2
SMITH. On the 25th October, 1909, at the Oamaru Hospital, Cecilia (Cissy), eldest and beloved daughter of E. S. and M. A. Smith, of Windsor, Oamaru ; in her 18th year. A patient sufferer gone to rest.

Temuka Leader 4 January 1912 Page 2
SMITH. In Loving Memory of John Smith, who died December 26th, 1910, at Rangitata.

Temuka Leader 28 November 1911 Page 2
SMITH. On Nov. 25th, 1011, at Temuka, Elizabeth Ellen, the beloved wife of George Smith, Tripp’s Settlement (late of Temuka); aged 65 years.

Temuka Leader 9 November 1912 Page 2
YOUNIE. On November 6th 1912, at the Timaru Hospital, Alexander, the beloved husband of Jane Smith Younie; aged 65 years.

Temuka Leader 2 July 1918 Page 2
SMITH. On June 29th, 1918, at Spreydon, Christchurch, Hubert, the beloved husband of Mary Jane Smith, in his 66th year.

Temuka Leader 25 September 1920
SMITH. On September 14th, at Hamilton, Agnes, the dearly loved wife of Arthur Smith.

Temuka Leader 29 September 1923 Page 2
SMITH. At his residence, Talbot Street, Geraldine, on September 27th, 1923 John Edward, dearly loved husband of Elizabeth Smith; in his 60th year.

Temuka Leader 1 August 1925 Page 2
SMITH. On July 31, 1925, at Temuka, Maria, the beloved wife of George Smith; aged 77 years.
[headstone Temuka, George d. May 19th 1929 aged 83]

Temuka Leader 1 August 1925 Page 2
The Friends of the late MARIA SMITH arc respectfully informed that her Funeral will leave the residence of Mrs J. Davey, Wood Street, Temuka, THIS DAY, August. 1, 1925, at for the Anglican Church (St. Peter's), and thence to the Cemetery. COMER, Undertaker.

Temuka Leader 12 May 1927 Page 2
SMITH. On May 10th at the residence of his daughter, Mrs J. F. McDonnell, 25 St. Leonard’s St, Temuka, George, widower of the late Elizabeth Ellen Smith; aged 86 years. [headstone Temuka, wife died Nov. 25th 1911]

'Smith' is so very common and it may take some time to establish which one you are looking for.

Marriage write-ups

Timaru Herald, 15 December 1866, Page 2 Married
At Waimate, on the 29th November, by the Rev. Geo. Barclay, Mr Thomas Newton to Mary Anne Smith, both of Waimate.

Timaru Herald, 30 July 1870, Page 2 MARRIED.
July 2, at Timaru, by the Rev G. Barclay, John Murray, ship carpenter, to Jane Smith, eldest daughter of Mr Wm. Smith, of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Lyttelton Times Tuesday 20 April 1875
SMITH - MANSON - March 13, at Presbyterian Church, Lyttelton, by the Rev. W.S. M'Gowan, John, second son of J. Smith, Geraldine, to his cousin Marion, second daughter of Mr S. Manson, Hain's hill, Head of the Bay.

Timaru Herald, 2 April 1877, Page 3
Smith — Young — On the 28th March, at St. Saviour's Church, Temuka, by the Rev. J. Preston, Henry Edward Smith to Louisa Young, second daughter of J. A. Young, both of Winchester.

Temuka Leader 2 March 1907 Page 2 Death
SMITH. Feb. 28th, 1907, at Winchester, Louisa, the beloved wife of Henry Edward Smith, and second daughter of Major J. A. Young, V.D., Winchester.

Charles Michael Smith, farmer, Wai-iti, married 5 June 1878 at St. Mary's, Clementina Gosling, d/oWilliam Gosling. St. Mary's, M.R.,Macdonald Dictionary.

Children of Clementina & Charles MichaeYoungl SMITH
1879 Smith Muriel Margaret
1881 Smith Helen Isabel

Christopher Richard Smith, sheepfarmer, married 1 June 1878 at St. Mary's Timaru Lucy Ellen Shaw. Rev. George Foster. St. Mary's M.R. Macdonald Dictionary.

Children of Lucy Ellen & Christopher Richard Smith
1881 Smith Louisa Frances
1883 Smith Adeline
1886 Smith Catherine Edith
1888 Smith Ethel Maud
1892 Smith Llewellyn Lionel
1893 Smith Herbert Norman
1896 Smith Reginald
1900 Smith Charles Jeffery

Timaru Herald 18 June 1878 Page 3
Smith — Shaw — On Saturday, June 1st, at St. Mary's Church, Timaru, by the Rev. George Foster, Christopher Richard Smith, of Hawaii, Sandwich Islands, to Lucy Ellen, eldest daughter of Charles Reginald Shaw, of Timaru.

Timaru Herald, 26 January 1882, Page 2 Marriages - Double wedding
Smith — Simpson.— On the 3rd January, at the Presbyterian church, Temuka, by the Rev. D. Gordon, James Smith, farmer, to Annie Philip, eldest daughter of Mr W. Simpson, farmer, Temuka.

Children of Annie Philip Smith and James Smith
1885 Smith Elizabeth Dewar
1886 Smith William Simpson buried Timaru Cemetery d. Jan. 12 1935 aged 76 years. In the same plot is Rosa Smith  d. Oct. 13th  1928 aged 72 years. Gladys Eva Smith was b.1911 to Elizabeth Rosa and William Simpson SMITH
1888 Smith Leonard Gordon
1892 Smith Laura Annie
1894 Smith Barbara Muriel

Temuka Leader 7 January 1882 Page 2 Double wedding
Smith — Eagle. On the 3rd January, at the Presbyterian Manse, Temuka by the Rev. David Gordon, William Smith, second, son of Mr James Smith, farmer, Milford, to Fanny, sixth daughter of the late Henry Eagle. [Henry Eagle died in 1877 NZ BDMs]

Evening Post 14 December 1877 Page 2
MASTERTON. 13th December. A man named Henry Eagle was killed to-day through the upsetting of a dray with a load of shingles at Ruamahunga Bridge. It is said that he leaves a wife and a large family at Temuka or Timaru.

Possible children of Fanny and William SMITH from NZ BDMs.
1882 Smith Leonard Francis
1885 Smith Ivy
1887 Smith John
1889 Smith Florence Beatrice b. 27 Sept. 1889 and  d.1980

Temuka Leader 21 June 1887 Page 3
Richard Smith appears that he hailed from Temuka, South Canterbury, and he had only been married on Tuesday last. Married Helen Prattley. Smith had large whiskers and was an Englishman.

Timaru Herald, 26 January 1882, Page 2 Marriages
Smith — Bundesen— On the 10th January, at St. Mary's Church, Timaru, by the Rev. Thomas Flavel, Alfred William, second son of H E. Smith, Gloster, England, to Maria Fredericka, only daughter of B. P. Bundesen, Timaru.

Children of Maria and Alfred William SMITH
1882 Smith Alfred Edwin
1888 Smith Gordon Bundesen

Tuapeka Times 21 July 1883 Page 2 
Smith — Hibbard.— On the 18th July, at St. Mary's Church, Timaru, by the Ven. Archdeacon Harper, assisted by the Ven. Archdeacon Beaumont, James, second son of James Smith, Esq., Greenfield, Otago, to Nora Ann, eldest daughter of Benjamin Hibbard, Oakleigh, Timaru.

Children of Nora Ann and James Smith
1899 Smith Alan James

Timaru Herald 4 September 1883 Page 2 Marriage
Crozier — Smith. — On the 3rd September, at Albury, by the Rev. D. McLennan, George Crozier, Pleasant Point, to Edith, fourth daughter of Albert Smith, Albury.

Timaru Herald 24 April 1884
HENDERSON - SMITH. On the 11th April, at Timaru, by the Rev. Wm. Gillies, Alexander Henderson, to Jessie P. Smith.

Wellington (NZ) Archives: ITM (The date isn't necessarily the date of the marriage) Intentions to marry 1884 April 7th
Alexander Henderson, warehouseman, 33 of Dunedin to marry Jessie Purves SMITH, 27 of Timaru, resident there 3 yrs, at the house of Mrs Jessie SMITH, Timaru by the Rev. William GILLIES, Presbyterian.

Timaru Herald, 8 March 1886, Page 2 Marriage
Smith — Grant. At Hope Lodge, Moffat, on the 29th December, 1885, John Stace Smith, jun., Glenholstein, Beansjour, Winnipeg, late of Otaio, South Canterbury, to Jane Horsburgh Grant, daughter of the late William Grant, New Valley Estate, Dikoya, Ceylon. [Dekoya - Star 8 March 1886, Page 2]

Timaru Herald, March 1886, Page 2
WOOD - SMITH. On the 11th March, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. W. White, M.A., William Walter Wood, to Julia Winifred, fifth daughter of Albert Smith, of Albury.

Timaru Herald, May 1886, Page 2
MELTON - SMITH. On 24th May, at St. Mary's Church, by the Ven. Archdeacon Harper, John Melton, to Annie Evangeline Smith.

Timaru Herald, December 1886, Page 2
SMITH - GELLATLY. At Caversham, Timaru, on the 23rd inst., by the Rev. W. White, Anthony Adrian Smith, to Jeannie Stewart, youngest daughter of the late Robert Gellatly, farmer, Perthshire, Scotland {Gellatty}

Timaru Herald, 29 June 1887, Page 2 Marriage
Agnew - Smith. At the Manse, Pleasant Point, by the Rev. W. White, M.A., William George, eldest son of James R. Agnew, Pleasant Point, formerly of County Antrim, Ireland, to Janet Thom, second daughter of George Smith, Edinburgh. Home paper please copy.

Timaru Herald, 9 July 1887, Page 2
Bradshaw—Smith.—At Fitzroy, Melbourne, Edward Thomas Bradshaw, of National Bank, Collins street, to Elizabeth Herbert, daughter of Henry Smith, Silverstream, South Canterbury, grand nice of the late Lord Langford, of Langford Hall, Dublin, and god-child of Lady Herbert, Herbert House, Belgravia, London.

Timaru Herald 31 July 1890 Page 2
Smith—Thomson.— On the 29th inst., at Denmark Street, Temuka, by the Rev. John Dickson, Presbyterian minister, Agnes, oldest daughter of William Smith, Waihola, to James, fourth son of George Thomson, Temuka.

Evening Star 9 May 1894 Page 2
Smith - Grater.—On April 11th, at All Saints, by the Rev A. B. Fitchett, William Edward, second son of Henry Smith, Pleasant Point, Timaru, to Marion (Minnie), youngest daughter of Henry Grater, Dunedin.

Children of Marion and Henry Smith:
1895 Smith Samuel
1897 Smith Marion
1900 Smith Adam Drysdale

Timaru Herald 11 June 1894 Page 2
A very pleasing ceremony took place in Totara Church on Tuesday, 5th June, when Mr A F Campbell, eldest son of Mr Colin Campbell [and Elizabeth Finlay Campbell], Totara Valley, was married to Miss Annie Fraiser Smith, eldest daughter of Mr Albert Smith, of Waimate. She picturesque little church was crowded during the ceremony— there being over 100 persons present. At the conclusion of the service the bridal party adjourned to the residence of the bridegroom's father, where a splendid repast was provided.

 Timaru Herald 22 April 1895 Page 2 MARRIAGE.
Acton — Smith — On April 17th, at St. Albans Church, Pleasant Point, by the Rev. Stanley Hinson, Harry, second son of Edward Acton, to Nina Amelia, daughter of Mr H. Smith.

Timaru Herald 24 March 1899 Page 2 MARRIAGE.
Rogers — Smith — On March 21st, at the Presbyterian Church, Waimate, by the Rev. A. G. Morrison, Mr William Thomas Rogers, of Pleasant Point, to Miss Isabella Smith, fourth daughter of Mr. A.B. Smith, of the Hook, Waimate.

Auckland Star, 25 September 1931, Page 3
Mr. Henry Charles Smith, of 10, Penrhyn Road, Mount Eden, who died on September 19, was born in Melbourne in 1859 and came to New Zealand three years later, his father, Mr. H. Smith, being one of the staff brought over from Melbourne by Holmes and Richardson, the contractors for the Port Lyttelton tunnel. Mr. Smith joined the railway service at Heathcote in 1873 and spent his earlier years in Canterbury. In his early twenties he was promoted to stationmaster at Kirwee, and subsequently held the same position, at Fairlie, Featherston, Mosgiel, Masterton and Palmerston North, being 14 years at the last place. From there he retired on superannuation in 1913, and came to Auckland to live. From 1915 to 1919 returned to the service to assist the department during the time so many of the staff were on active service. Mrs. Smith survives her husband. There are the following children : Messrs. H. L. P. Smith, of Ohakune, and C. L. C. Smith, of Wellington, and Mrs. E. H. Tyler, of Rotorua.

Star 24 February 1888, Page 2
Smith — Coutts.— Feb. 18, at Sunnydale, Gore, by the Rev. A. Mackay, Henry Charles Smith, Stationmaster, Fairlie Creek, to Jessie, third daughter of Louis Coutts, of Gore, Southland.

Children of Jessie and Henry Charles Smith aka Harry Smith
1889 Smith Harry Louis Percy
1892 Smith Clarence Leonard Charles
1893 Smith Jennie Irene Ivy  [Jeannie Irene Ivy married Edward Hamilton Tyler in 1921]

Timaru Herald 11 June 1894 Page 2 Annie Fraser married Alexander Findlay in 1894
A very pleasing ceremony took place in Totara Church on Tuesday, 5th June, when Mr A F Campbell, eldest son of Mr Colin Campbell, Totara Valley, was married to Miss Annie Fraser Smith, eldest daughter of Mr Albert Smith, of Waimate. She picturesque little church was crowded during the ceremony there being over 100 persons present. At the conclusion of the service the bridal party adjourned to the residence of the bride groom's father, where a splendid repast was provided.

Timaru Herald, 25 March 1895, Page 2
Smith — Cunningham — On March 21st, at the residence of the bride's brother, Totara Valley, by the Rev. W. Comrie, Fairlie, Matthew Smith, farmer, Seadown, to Cecilia, eldest daughter of David Cunningham, farmer, Waitohi.

Children of Cecilia and Matthew SMITH:
         Smith Marion Jane Stuart  married Thomas
1897 Smith Matthew John [of Clandeboye, farmer]
1899 Smith Cecil David
1900 Smith William James Munro [of Seadown, farmer]
1902 Smith Robert Stuart

Star 12 May 1896 Page 2
Smith— Kerr — May 5 at St Mary's Church, Timaru, by the Ven. Archdeacon Harper, John Hartley Smith, M.A., Christchurch, to Mary, eldest daughter of E. G. Kerr, Harlau, Timaru.

Child of Mary Ann & John Hartley SMITH
1906 Smith Edward Hartley

Timaru Herald 6 May 1896 Page 3
There was a large gathering, of ladies chiefly, at St. Mary's Church a half-past 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon, to witness the wedding of Miss Mary Kerr, eldest daughter of Mr E. G. Kerr, the well-known proprietor of the Timaru Herald and South Canterbury Times to Mr J. Hartley Smith, B. A., lately a member of the staff of the Timaru High School, and now of the Boys' High School, Christchurch. The wedding was a quiet one, but it was exceptionally well omened if it holds true that "Happy is the bride that the sun shines on," for the afternoon was bright and summer like. The altar of the church was covered with white chrysanthemum blooms and a cross of the same flowers was raised at the back. In front an arch of the same flowers and foliage was erected for the bride and bridegroom to stand beneath during the ceremony. The Ven. Archdeacon Harper, assisted by the Rev. Mr Orbell, solemnised the marriage, and Mr Gooch accompanied the singing on the organ, and played the Wedding March while the young couple signed the register and as they left the Church. The bride was given away by her father ; her sister, Miss Maude Kerr, was bridesmaid, and Mr M. H. Browne, of the High School staff, was groom man. On passing from the church door to the carnage awaiting them, the happy pair were subjected to showers of white chrysanthemum petals. The members of the family and some friends filled a four-in-hand drag, and others invited followed in baggies, to Harlau, to partake of the wedding breakfast, after which the young couple drove to Winchester, where they will spend a short honeymoon. The bride wore a handsome travelling costume by Mrs King, of Ballantyne and Co.,'s, in navy blue face-cloth skirt and velveteen bodice, with picture hat in satin felt to match, trimmed with velvet and birds. The bridesmaid wore a rich-looking brown dress, with picture hat to match. Many favourable comments were made on the sensible departure from the rule of white dresses for weddings. The members of the newspaper staffs manifested their interest in the ceremony by displaying bunting from the office windows, and the harbourmaster's staff also bore a flag in honour of the event. The members of the staff desire to add their congratulations to those of other friends, and wish the young couple a long and happy life together. 

Timaru Herald, 1 April 1911, Page 1
Miss Kerr has gone to Christchurch, on a visit to her sister, Mrs Hartley Smith.  

Southland Times 10 May 1900, Page 2
Smith — Rowley. On 3rd May, 1900, at Avondale, Southland, by the Ven. Archdeacon Stocker, Robert Kermode, son of the late Alexander Bruce Smith, of Mona Vale, South Canterbury, to Betty, daughter of the late John Cotton Rowley, and grand-daughter of the late Archdeacon Mathias.

Children of Elizabeth Cotton & Robert Kermode SMITH
1900 Smith Elizabeth Rowley
1904 Smith Gridelda Mary
1906 Smith Thomas Rowley
1910 Smith Prudence Rowntree
1913 Smith Robert Angus Kermode

Timaru Herald 11 January 1904 Page 2
SMITH—PALLISER On the 30th December, 1903, by the Ven. Archdeacon Harper, at St. Mary's Church, Timaru, Sam Smith, of Napier (late of Timaru) to Elizabeth, daughter of Frank Palliser, Timaru.

Timaru Herald, 2 January 1904, Page 1 Elizabeth Palliser married Sam Smith in 1903.
On Wednesday, December 30th, a large crowd of persons assembled at St. Mary's Church to witness the marriage ceremony of Miss Palliser to Mr S. Smith, formerly of Timaru, now of Napier. Between 300 and 400 persons were invited guests to the church, and afterwards to the wedding breakfast, at Saltburn, the residence of the bride's parents. The first bridesmaid being Miss L. Smith, sister of the bridegroom. The best man was Mr J. Smith, and the groomsman was a younger brother, of the bridegroom.

Child of Elizabeth & Sam SMITH
1904 Smith Francis Robert

Bush Advocate, 20 November 1908, Page 4
SMITH— DUNNAGE— At the Church of England, Dannevirke, on November 18, by the Rev. E. Robertshawe, B.A., Agnes M. D., youngest daughter of the late C. J. Dunnage, of South Canterbury, to William H. Smith, eldest son of F. Smith, of Alfredton.

Child of Agnes Mary Dora and William Henry SMITH
1913 Smith Agnes Muriel

William James Sinclair Shields married Alice Jessie Smith in 1909
Temuka Leader
19 January 1909 Page 3 
A quiet but pretty wedding took place in Temuka on Wednesday, 13th inst., when Mr W. J. M. Shields [sic], son of Mr Shields, of Mayfield, was married to Miss Alice Smith, third daughter of Mr Isaac Smith, Temuka. The Rev. G. McDonald was the officiating minister. The bride was charmingly attired in a dark brown Eton coat and skirt with a pretty white hat trimmed with cream and brown roses. She was attended by Miss M. Cain, Seadown, who wore a dark navy Gibson coat and skirt, white chiffon hat, trimmed with pale blue roses and sweet peas. The bridegroom was attended by Mr Horace Smith, brother of the bride. Both bride and bridesmaid carried beautiful shower bouquets, the gift of Mrs S. Wright, Hazelthorpe.

Temuka Leader 5 August 1909 Page 2
SMITH—MEREDITH. At the Presbyterian Church, Temuka, by the Rev. C. Macdonald, on the 21st of July, 1900, Francis Murray Smith, eldest son of the late Wm. Smith, Temuka, to Ethel Pearle Meredith, fifth daughter of the late George Meredith, Hilton.

Children of Ethel Pearle & Francis Murray SMITH:
1910 Smith Donald Meredith
1912 Smith Ethel Pearl
1914 Smith Frances Mabel
1916 Smith Melba Agnes
1918 Smith William Murray

Temuka Leader 19 January 1911 Page 2
SMITH--WILLIAMS On Thursday, 12 January, 1911, at the Oxford Termite Baptist Church, by the Rev. E.H. Hobday, of Dunedin, Arthur Walter, eldest son of Mrs E. Smith, of Sydenham, Christchurch, to Agnes, fifth daughter of Mr Richard Williams, of Temuka, South Canterbury.

Children of Agnes & Arthur Walter SMITH
1914 Smith Arthur Shepherd
1916 Smith Lilian Phyliss

Temuka Leader 28 September 1912 Page 3 Flora May Boston
A wedding was solemnised at Winchester on Thursday by the Rev. A.H. Norris, the contracting parties being Miss Boston, daughter of the late Mr Boston, and Mr James Smith, both of Winchester.

Children of Flora May & James SMITH:
1913 Smith Doreen Flora
1915 Smith Mavis Agnes
1918 Smith James Rex

Timaru Herald 3 April 1913 Page 6
SMITH—ROUTLEDGE. On March 26th, at St. Peter's Church, Temuka, by the Rev. A. H. Norris, Muriel, eldest daughter of W. P. Routledge, "The Mill," Temuka, to Robert Evans, only son of Robert Smith, Sunnydale, Timaru.

Children of Muriel Cordelia & Robert Evans SMITH
1919 Smith George Arthur Evans
1916 Smith Elizabeth Mary
1915 Smith Muriel Theodora

Edwin Taylor Smith married Elizabeth Ball in NZ in 1886. David Roy Thomas Smith was born in 1891 in NZ s/o Elizabeth and Edwin Taylor SMITH.

Lyttelton Times 1 May 1886 Page 4 Marriage
Smith—Ball. April 24, at Phillipstown Church, by Key H. J. C. Gilbert, Edwin Taylor Smith, of Christchurch, late of Croydon, Surrey, England, to Elizabeth Ball, youngest daughter of the late Thos. Ball, Woodend.

Press 11 May 1906 Page 7
Elizabeth Smith was granted a summary separation against her husband, Edwin Taylor Smith, on grounds of cruelty, who was ordered to pay 20s a week towards his wife's and son's support.

Timaru Herald, 13 May 1919, Page 6
SMITH—KELLY. On April 21st, 1919, at the Sacred Heart Church, Timaru, David Roy, only son of Mrs E. Smith, Timaru, to Margaret Catherine (Peg), second daughter of Mr and Mrs J. P. Kelly, of Invercargill.

Star 19 June 1919, Page 7
SMITH—KELLY. A pretty wedding was solemnised by the very Rev Dean Tubman at the Sacred Heart Church, Timaru when Miss Margaret Kelly, second daughter of Mr and Mrs J. P. Kelly, of Invercargill, was married to Mr David Roy Smith, only son of Mrs E. Smith, of Timaru. The bride, who was given away by Mr G. Wills, wore a handsome cream gaberdine costume with cream felt and velvet hat to match, and earned a bouquet of cream roses. The bridesmaid, Miss Maisie Kelly, wore a saxe blue costume with blue and putty georgette hat to match, and earned a. bouquet of pale pink and white flowers. Miss Peggy Reilly made a very pretty flower girl, wearing a white velvet frock beautifully embroidered with blue to match. She carried a little basket of blue and white flowers. F W. F. Glue acted as best man. Mrs Mangos played some very fine selections during the ceremony, and the Wedding March as the couple left the church. The wedding breakfast was tastefully served at the Stafford tea rooms. The bride s travelling costume was a grey cloth and furs with black velour hat.

Star 25 July 1919 Page 1 Marriage
SMITH— FOX. — June 12, 1919, at St Mary's, Addington, by the Rev Canon W. S. Bean, Walter Tennyson, fourth son of Mr and Mrs P. J. Smith, Sydenham, to Clara Alice, only daughter of the late Mr and Mrs James Fox, of Waimate.

Temuka Leader 7 February 1920 Page 2
WASHINGTON—SMITH. On February 4th, 1920, at the residence of the bride’s parents, by the Rev. Chas. Macdonald, George Leslie, son of Mr and Mrs T. Washington, Temuka; to Gracie, second daughter of Mr and Mrs Alfred Smith.

Timaru Herald 21 February 1920, Page 7
SMTH--WALKER. A very pretty wedding was celebrated at the Highfield Church, Timaru on February 10, when Miss Katie Walker, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs G. H. Walker, Wai-iti Road, was married to Mr Cecil Smith, of Oamaru, third son of the late Mrs D. G. Smith, Timaru. The Rev. Adam Begg performed the ceremony. The bride, who was given away by her father, looked very pretty in a gown of cream silk with a bodice of rich silk lace, and trimmed with seed pearls. The embroidered veil was worn in mop cap style and held in its place with a wreath of orange blossom, and she carried a shower bouquet of white flowers. Miss Thelma Walker was chief bridesmaid. The bridegroom  was attended by his two brothers, Mr George Smith as best man, and Mr Gordon Smith, as groomsman. Mr and Mrs Smith will make their home in Oamaru.

Albert George Joseph Smith married Irene Wanaka Erwood in 1928
Temuka Leader 25 September 1928 Page 2
KITCHEN EVENING. FUNCTION AT TEMUKA. Miss R. Erwood and Mr Bert. Smith were the guests of honour at a kitchen evening given by the members of the Anglican Tennis Club, and held in the Parish Hall, on Thursday evening. Mr Stan. Erwood carried out the duties of M.C., and there was never a dull moment throughout the whole evening.

Temuka Leader 13 October 1928 Page 3 SMITH - ERWOOD.
October 4, at 6 p.m., St. Peter's Anglican Church, Temuka, was the scene of a very pretty and interesting wedding, the contracting parties being Irene Wanaka, younger daughter of Mr and Mrs G. Erwood, "Andrewville," Temuka, and Albert George Joseph (Bert.), eldest son of Mr and Mrs A. E. Smith, ''Riverslea," Wallingford road, Temuka. The Vicar (Rev. G. N. Watson), performed the ceremony, Mr C. Davies presiding at the organ. The Church was very prettily decorated by girl friends of the bride. As both parties are among the most popular of Temuka's younger set, the Church was filled to overflowing, large numbers being unable to gain admittance, to witness the ceremony. The bride, who was escorted to the altar by her father, was charmingly gowned in a French model frock of white georgette, the long bodice being heavily beaded in silver. The skirt was quite plain except for a narrow inserted panel of accordian pleats in front, while at either side were loose panels beaded in silver and falling below the hem of the skirt. The long sleeves were caught in at the wrists by narrow bands. Her tulle veil was worn with a coronet of orange blossoms and silver. She wore silver shoes, and her toilet was completed with a beautiful bouquet of white daffodils and fresias intermingled with silver and asparagus fern.
    Miss Agnes Smith, sister of the bridegroom, attended as bridesmaid, and her model frock of sapphire blue French crepe de chene was the last word in designer's perfection. The long, sleeveless bodice was rucked on either shoulder with a band of rucking at the waist, from which fell the full scolloped skirt, ornamented with rows of multi coloured stitching. She wore a coronet and armlets of multi-coloured flowers, and gold shoes, and carried a bouquet of lavender violas and freezias intermingled with silver and asparagus fern and numerous streamers of lavender and gold ribbons.
    In a dainty frilled frock of japonica and pink georgette, wee Joan Black, cousin of the bride, acted as flower girl. Her, head-dress was of silver leaves, and she carried a basket of freezias, pink camelias, and fern, finished with a bow of pink tulle. Little Jackie Searle, nephew of the bride, attired in a cream suit, was page boy. He carried a silver horse-shoe, which he afterwards presented to the bride for luck.
    The bridegroom. was attended by his cousin, Mr Laurence Smith, of Christchurch, as best man. After the ceremony a reception was held in the Parish Hall, ninety guests attending. Mrs Erwood received her guests in a frock of navy crepe de chene relieved with white, and hat to tone. Her bouquet was of red camelias and fern. Mrs Smith, mother of the bridegroom, wore black crepe de chene and a black satin hat trimmed with multi coloured flowers. She carried a bouquet of freezias and fern. After the wedding supper, a jazz evening was held, over a hundred couples being present. The young couple were the recipients of many beautiful presents, including several cheques. Mr and Mrs Smith later left by car en route for the West Coast, Mrs Smith wearing a smart tailored costume of prune-coloured cloth, and hat to tone.

Press, 13 July 1933, Page 2
MAXWELL— COLLINS. The wedding was celebrated recently at the Geraldine Presbyterian Church of Agnes Lilian, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs M. Collins, Geraldine, to Alexander Collett Davies, elder son of Mr and Mrs H. Maxwell, "Greenhills." Kakahu. The Rev. W. McNeur (Pleasant Point; performed the ceremony, and Miss E. Sherratt was the organist. The bride was escorted by her uncle, Mr A. E. Smith (Temuka). Miss Ngaire Collins, sister of the bride, attended as train-bearer wearing a Victorian frock of white satin and a head bandeau of delphiniums. Mr J. Collins, the bride's brother, was best man. At a reception held later, the bride's mother received her guests wearing a floral crepe de chine frock, black hat, and a black silk coat and scarf.

Press, 1 April 1937, Page 3 MCLACHLAN—SMITH
The marriage was celebrated yesterday at Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church, Temuka, of Phyllis Lilyan, only daughter of Mr Smith and the late Mrs A. W. Smith, to Lewis Donald, only son of Mr and Mrs B. L. Maclachlan, Hayhurst street, Temuka. The church was decorated with pastel shaded flowers by friends and teachers of the Presbyterian Sunday School. The Rev. Lawrence M. Rogers officiated and the organist was Miss P. Airey. During the ceremony a solo was sung by Mr Alan Dale. The bride, who was escorted by Mr E. Blackmore. On leaving the church, the bride was presented with a silver horseshoe by little Romole Smith. After the ceremony Mrs G. A. Duncan, aunt of the bride, received the guests.

Temuka Leader 1 October 1931 Page 2
Mrs R. Smith, Christchurch, is the guest of her parents, Mr and Mrs E. Blackmore, “St. Leonard’s,” Temuka.


Timaru Herald 10 April 1917 Page 7
The firm of the Waimate Motor Garage Ltd., presented their foreman, Mr. A. Deadmarsh, with a beautiful silver tea set on the eve of his marriage to Miss Alice Smith. [Archibald George Deaman married Alice Maud Smith in 1917]

Timaru Herald 17 October 1925 Page 3
BROWN—SMITH. On September 16th, the Presbyterian Church, Highfield, was the scene of a very pretty wedding, when Kathleen, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs W. Smith, Glen-iti, was married to Alexander McDonald Brown, of Ashburton. The Bev. Adam Begg was the officiating minister. The service was fully choral. Miss A. Flanagan presided at the organ.

Temuka Leader 19 December 1925 Page 2
The engagement is announced of Marjorie, younger daughter of Mr and Mrs T. Moses, Milford, to Thomas Graham, second son of Mr T. G. Smith, Temuka.

Temuka Leader 15 September 1931 Page 2
The engagement is announced of Edward John, second son of Mr and Mrs W. A. Ives Temuka, to Marjorie Jean Smith, eldest daughter of Mr Mrs A. Smith, Racecourse Road, Waimate.

Temuka Leader 27 May 1930 Page 2
The engagement is announced of Hazel Yenleen, youngest daughter of the late Mr J. E. Smith and Mrs Smith, Peel street, Geraldine, to Henry Kenneth, only son of Mr and Mrs H. Anderton, Chalmers Avenue, Ashburton.

Hazel Yeuline Smith was born in 1907 in NZ to Elizabeth and Edward John Smith.

Press, 2 April 1942, Page 2
The engagement is announced of Mona Kate, only daughter of Mrs K. Protheroe and the late Mr G. L. Protheroe of Ashburton, and Victor Wharton, only son of Mr and Mrs F. W. Smith, of Timaru. 

Golden Wedding

Press, 4 April 1938, Page 1 GOLDEN WEDDING.
SMITH—McNAIR. On April 2, 1888, at Temuka, by the Rev. G. Barclay, Edward Smith, of Temuka, to Jessie Campbell McNair, of Temuka. Present address: 46 Cox street, Allenton, Ashburton.

Temuka Leader 11 September 1923 Page 3 GOLDEN WEDDING.AT TEMUKA 50 years
Commemorated at Temuka yesterday, the happy pair being Mr and Mrs George Smith, of Main North Road, Temuka. Mr and Mrs Smith were married in the Parish Church of Headington, Oxon, on the 10th September, 1873, and came to New Zealand in the following year, landing at Lyttelton on the 29th June, 1874. Next day they took passage in the s.s. Maori for Timaru, and landed by means of the old surf boats, a slow and unpleasant method: particularly when a surf was running, and they recall the half mile in the surf boat as being the most unpleasant part of their voyage from the Old Country. They arrived in Timaru on a Saturday morning and with little loss of time came on to Temuka, their destination, in one of Cobb and Co’s coaches. And in Temuka they have remained ever since. For many years Mr Smith carried on a nurseryman and florist’s business, and he still grows a great deal of fruit, and with Mrs Smith, makes a feature of flowers. At yesterday’s celebration, Mr and Mrs Smith entertained their relatives and friends at a sumptuous wedding breakfast, among those present being the Mayor and Mayoress (Mr and Mrs T. Gunmen), Mrs J. Bryan (sister of Mrs Smith), Mrs Ashby, Misses F. and E. Ashby, Mr S. Ashby, Mr and Mrs Ambler, Mr and Mrs Jack Cowan, Mrs Mallett, (Chch), Mr J. and Miss Davey. Mr and Mrs George Thomson, Mr and Mrs W. F. Evans, Mr Geo. Levens, Mr J. Cambridge, and others. The Mayor, who presided, proposed the health of Mr and Mrs George Smith. In doing so he said it was rather rare for people to be able to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding, and it was something to be proud of. Mr and Mrs Smith had lived in the district for many years—nearly half a century, and had always been esteemed and honoured as good citizens. The Mayor’s remarks were supported by Mr W. F. Evans. He had been a neighbour of Mr and Mrs Smith for ten years, and no one could have better. They were always ready to do a kindly action...

Stonehouse sailed Plymouth 10th April 1874 and arrived Lyttelton 27th June 1874
Smith George 27 Oxfordshire     Forest Labourer
         Maria 24

Pleiades sailed London 29th August 1874 and arrived Lyttelton 16th December 1874
Bryan, Joseph 26 Oxford Carpenter
          Mary Ann 28
          Joseph 4 Died on board
          Kate 3
          James 6 months

Temuka Cemetery. In loving memory of Maria, beloved wife of George Smith, died July 31st 1925, aged 77 years. Also her husband, George, died May 19th 1929 aged 83 years. At rest. Address: 321 Main Rd, Temuka.

Maria Smith, married woman, in her will left all property to her niece Florence Mary Ashby wife of William Irvine Ashby, farmer, Nor_oft, Rangitata, South Canterbury. He was appointed executor of her will. Her husband, George Smith, formerly of Temuka but now of Timaru, nurseryman, to forgetful to attend to any business. Signed by Maria Smith March 29th 1923. Witness Thomas Perry Sheen, Grocer and Henry Edward Gapper, merchant, both of Temuka. F.J. Smith, a solicitor of the Supreme Court of NZ. Maria was born in Devonshire, England. W.J. Ashby was born at Coopers Creek, NZ. [Florence Mary Bryan b. 1877 married William Irvine Ashby in 1896.] [Florence M. Ashby died 10th Sept. 1946 aged 76. William I. Ashby died 1st May 1942 aged 64. Both buried at Arundel Cemetery.] [Mary Ann and Joseph Brayn had one daughter Florence Mary Bryan in 1877 and probably one son William in 1882.] 

Temuka Leader 31 March 1910 Page 2
SMITH — ROULSTON.—On March 28, 1910, at the Presbyterian Church, Temuka, by the Rev. C. Macdonald, M.A., Horace J., eldest son of Isaac Smith, Temuka, to Annie, second daughter of W. C. Roulston, Temuka. [Mr Arthur Smith acted as best man.]


Robert and Elizabeth Smith of the Grampians: their son George Arthur born 30 May 1861. Sst. Mary's, Timaru, Register of Births. Macdonald Dictionary.

Lyttelton Times, 26 November 1863, Page 4 Birth
Smith — Lately, at Timaru, the wife of Mr. Smith, builder and contractor, of a daughter.  [Elizabeth Frances Smith was born to Mary and William Smith 10 Nov. 1863]

Timaru Herald, 29 January 1879, Page 2 Birth
Smith. On January 10th, at Temuka, the wife of Mr William Smith of a daughter.

Birth: 10 April 1906 At Christchurch son Edward Hartley to Mary Ann and John Hartley Smith. [Edward married Marguerite Gladstone Bennett in 1920]

Temuka Leader 11 May 1911 Page 2 Birth
SMITH. On May 8th, at Dr Volekman’s hospital, the wife of Horace J. Smith, of a son.
[Courtenay Moyle Smith born to Annie and Horace John Smith]

Timaru Herald, 14 August 1916, Page 6 Birth
SMITH. On August 12th, 1916, the wife of J. G. Smith, Old North Road, Timaru son.
[Garner Sylvester Smith born to Mary Ellen and James Garner Smith]

Maybe your heritage is not truly a Smith

Moulds Smith was born a BELTON but his father was George Belton Smith.

Star, 23 May 1908, Page 5 & Ashburton Guardian, 22 May 1908, Page 2
BARRETT— SMITH. May 20, at the residence of the bride's parents, "Lime View," Albury, South Canterbury, Hugh Sargeant Barrett of Auckland, third son of Mrs and the late Mr H. W. Barrett, Ashburton, to Henrietta (Hetty) third daughter of Moulds Smith, Esq.  

Timaru Herald 29 December 1913 Page 7
There was a very pretty wedding in the Albury Presbyterian Church on Tuesday last. The bridegroom was Mr Isaac Smith, farmer, Albury, and the bride Miss Vida Anderson, also of Albury. The bride was charmingly dressed in white silk. Misses Mabel and Ivy Anderson, sisters of the bride, were the bridesmaids, who were tastefully dressed in deep cream, voile over silk with blue sashes. The hats were of tagel straw, with lancer plumes. A very large number of friends were present. The Rev. P. Wilson was officiating clergyman.

Children of Elizabeth Vida and Isaac Hairsine Smith
Bruce Edwin Smith born  10th Jan. 1915. Died 2007.
Allan Beattie Smith born 1916.
Muriel Doreen Smith b. 15 June 1918. Married Polson.

Timaru Herald 2 January 1915 Page 3 Claud Evelin West Anderson
ANDERSON - SMITH. A quiet wedding took place at "Lime View," Albury, on Thursday, 24th December, when Miss Margaret Smith, fourth daughter of Mr and Mrs M. Smith, was married by the Rev. J.C. Patterson, M.A., to Mr C. E. Anderson, of Albury. The bride, who was given away by her father, was dressed in soft white silk crepe trimmed with fine lace, the collar and wide belt being of white satin. The bridesmaid, Miss Eva Smith, wore a tussore silk belt and collar, hat to match. Mr Herbert Anderson, brother of the groom, acted as best man. [Vida Anderson's brother]

Moulds Smith b. in Flexbro, Lincolnshire, England on 1851 to George BELTON and Edna Moulds. Moulds married Mary Hairsine on November 26th 1874 at St. Mary's Church, Bloomflett, Yorkshire, and had 12 children.  The family wife Mary and two young children, came out on the barque Sarah Bell to Port Chalmers January 1878 after a long voyage of 104 days, under the name SMITH. Mr Smith and family took the coastal steamer to Lyttelton. Moulds Smith died June 11th 1935 at Albury aged 84. Mary died at "Brooklands," Pleasant Point August 21st 1934 aged 80 years.  The Smith family took up land in its native state at Charing Cross, near Greendale, North Canterbury and farmed it for 29 years. Their first house was a sod building of two rooms. All 12 children (six sons and six daughters) attended the Charing Cross School. Then he moved to the Albury district. Lime View was the original name for Silver Hill, a property on Limestone Valley Rd, farmed by Ian Morrison in 2014.  Later he moved to Southburn and eventually settled at "Brooklands" Totara Valley where he had been some 15 years at the time of his death.  Mrs Smith died on August 21 1934 at Totara Valley in her 81st year, buried at the Pleasant Point Cemetery.

Golden Wedding photo John b. 1885 is missing. Henrietta is behind her father.

Otago Daily Times 5 January 1878, Page 2 Arrival Port Chalmers
Sarah Bell, barque, 812 tons, Ditchburn, from London. New Zealand Shipping Company, agents. Passengers—Mr and Mrs Burchan and family (3), Mr and Mrs Smith and family (2), Mr and Mrs Ellmers and family (4), Mr and Mrs Pigott, Mr and Mrs Lawson, Miss Moore, Mesdames Kerry, Johnson, Watts, Messrs Limber, Baker, Waller, Prebble, Walker, Bickley. Mr James Arnott, aged 34, died of heart disease and dropsy on 30 December, he was an old colonist returning to Otago after an absence in the Mother Country.

The 12 children of Moulds Smith and Mary Hairsine and only 10 had families:
Frances Smith, b. 1875, in Broomfleet, UK, where Mary's father farmed. d. date unknown.
Isaac Hairsine Smith, b. 1876, Eastrington, UK, baptised Methodist, d. 1966. Married Elizabeth Vida Anderson in 1913.
Edna Smith, b. 1879, d. 1963.
Henrietta Smith, b. 9 September 1881, Charing Cross, married Hugh Sargeant BARRETT of Ashburton May 20 1908 at teh bride's parents,  "Lime View", Albury, South Canterbury. He was living in New Lynn working for Crum Brick and tile. Henrietta d. 27 February 1965, Hamilton.
Margaret Smith, b. 1882, married in 1915 to Claud Evelin Anderson, sister of E. Vida Anderson. Both buried at Albury. Margaret d. May 15 1966 aged 83 years.
George Smith, b. 1884, d. date unknown.
John Smith, b. 1885, d. date unknown.
Mary Hairsine Smith, b. 1887, d. date unknown. (married Richard Elijah VINCENT in 1916 with no issue)
Henry Moulds Smith, b. 1888, d. June 10th 1960 aged 71. Lived in Pleasant Point beloved husband of Margaret Edith Smith nee Chamberlain 2nd d/o Mr and Mrs J.W. Chamberlain, "Crosshill," Southburn, m. April 6th 1927 who died Aug. 19th 1980 aged 80.
Francis Middleton Smith, b. 1890, d. 1960.  (did not marry)
Charles Watson Smith, b. 2 December 1893, Charing Cross, d. 18 November 1984, Christchurch.
Eva Alice Smith, b. 11 September 1895, d. 28 May 1965.

Moulds Smith was born a BELTON, but chose to call himself Smith, presumably after his grandmother. In the Canterbury Cyclopedia he was referred to the son of called himself George Belton-Smith.

Otago Witness 24 March 1909 Page 51
SHALLARD— SMITH.— On February 3 at the residence of the bride's parents, "Baywood," Tokonui (formerly of Winchester, Canterbury), to Elizabeth Rose, eldest daughter of Mr E. H. Smith, late of Island Cliff, Oamaru. 

Evening Post 21 December 1912
Houlihan - Smith. On the 27th November, at St. Mary of the Angels, Edward, second son of J. Houlihan, of Timaru, to Florrie, third daughter of S. W. Smith, Nairn-street, Wellington.  

Timaru Herald, 13 December 1919, Page 8
FOSTER—SMITH —At St. Viglans Manse, on the 9th October, by the Rev. C. E. Duff, B.D., George Webster, M.M. (late of the 17th Reinforcements, third son of George Foster, Butler Street, Timaru (late of Ruapuua) to Annie Peter, second daughter of Archibald Smith, 52 Kinnaird Street, Arbroath, Scotland.

Evening Post, 24 April 1920, Page 1
SMITH - KERNICK - On the 7th April, 1920, at the Unitarian Church, by the Rev. E. Hale, William, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. John Kernick, of Timaru, to Mabel, youngest daughter of Mrs. S.W. Smith, 47, Nairn-street, Wellington. 

Press, 19 July 1920, Page 2
KENNEDY—SMITH. On Thursday a very pretty wedding took place at the Geraldine Presbyterian Church, Mr William Melrose Kennedy, of Winton, Southland, being the bridegroom, and Miss Ellen Elizabeth Smith, elder daughter of Mr E. Smith, of Talbot St., Geraldine, the bride. The marriage was solemnised by the Rev. J. Dawson, Madill, and the bride, who was given away by her father, looked extremely well in a dress of ivory crepe do chine and georgette, with swathed belt of shell pink georgette, relieved with gold and pearl trimming. The bride also wore a beautiful silk net veil, draped in a mob-cap caught with sprays of orange blossom, and carried a shower bouquet with ivory satin streamers. She was attended by two bridesmaids —Miss Eileen O'Connell, of Christchurch, cousin of the bride, who was attired in a dress of apricot crepe de chine and georgette, with touches of mauve, and Miss Maisie Kennedy, of Winton, Southland, sister of the bridegroom, who wore a dress of champagne crepe de chine and georgette with touches of emerald green—and by her young sister Hazel Smith, as flower-girl, the latter wearing a pretty frock of white embroidered voile with shell pink satin sash and white hat with pink and white moss roses, and carrying, a basket of winter roses. The bridegroom, a returned soldier, was attended by Mr James Walker, of Invercargill, as best man, and by Mr Walter Lock, of Nelson, a cousin of the bride, as groomsman. As the young couple left the church the organist, Miss E. Sherratt, played the Wedding March. After the ceremony, a large company sat down to the wedding breakfast, which was served in the Oddfellows' Hall. The Rev. J. Dawson proposed the health of the happy couple, and a number of felicitous speeches were made, the speakers including Colonel MacKenzie and Mr F. R. Flatman. The wedding presents were both numerous and costly. The bride and bridegroom left by the northern express, the bride wearing a negro-brown costume and a beautiful set of red fox furs, with a black panne velvet hat.

Timaru Herald, 23 October 1915, Page 3
The engagement is announced of Miss Roma Hope, second daughter of Mr and Mrs Arthur Hope, Tumanako, to Major Spencer-Smith, London. The wedding takes place at New Year.

Obituaries - ladies first

Press, 30 September 1935, Page 8
The death occurred early on Saturday morning of Mrs F. J. Smith, the wife of Mr F. J. Smith a well-known Temuka solicitor. Although Mrs Smith had not enjoyed good health for some time, her death was quite unexpected. Mrs Smith was the daughter of Mr and Mrs W. Smith, who were well known pioneers of South Canterbury, and who died some years ago. That part of the business area of Timaru known as 'Hay's Buildings' was named after the parents of Mrs Smith.

Constance Mary Sterndale Smith of Temuka, married woman, died 27th Sept. 1935. Husband Frederick John Smith of Temuka, Solicitor

Temuka Cemetery: In Loving memory of L.A.C. No. 429022 R.N.Z.A.F. Beloved younger son of  Frederick John, and the late Constance Mary Sterndale SMITH, aged 29 born Leven, Fife, Scotland. [no date of death on this headstone. Interment 7 April 1949]

Press, 15 February 1939, Page 2 Mrs Louisa Smith (wife of Alexander Searle Smith)
The death occurred at Fairlie recently of Mrs Louisa Smith, wife of Mr A. S. Smith and a daughter of the late Mr Thomas Ferens who held Stockfull Station, near Oamaru. Mrs Smith, with her husband, had a long connexion with the pioneering history of the Mackenzie Country. Her father, before he took up a sheep station, was one of the first Wesleyan missionaries in New Zealand. Mrs Smith is survived by her husband, three sons, and four daughters. The sons are Messrs Oliver Smith (Grampians), T. B. Smith (Kimbell), and Alex Smith (Strathallan), and the daughters Mrs George Hunt (Pareora). Mrs C. Verner (Thames), Mrs Walter Anniss (Sherwood Downs), and Mrs C. A. Collinson (Wellington). Mrs Smith was the first white girl born north of the Moeraki river, in Otago. Although she was not actively connected with public work, she took a close interest in her husband’s public career, which included membership of the Mackenzie County Council for three years, president of the Fairlie Racing Club, president and foundation member of the Mackenzie Collie Club, an original director and former secretary of the Fairlie Saleyards Company, president and also secretary of the Mackenzie Agricultural and Pastoral Society, and a foundation member of the Fairlie Tennis Club. Mrs Smith was one of the pioneers who helped to build up the Mackenzie Country’s reputation for hospitality.

Timaru Herald, 13 September 1920, Page 3 MRS MARGARET G. SMITH
The death occurred at her residence, Talbot street, Geraldine, of another of the fast disappearing band of pioneers, in the person of Mrs Margaret Goodfellow Smith, widow of the late Hugh Smith, Glasgow, and sister of Mrs Wagstaff, Talbot Street, Geraldine, on September 5th, at the age of 79 years. Mrs Smith had lived in Geraldine for almost thirty years, but prior to that had lived in Dunedin, where she held an important position with Brown Ewing. During the last eighteen months she was confined to her bed, but her suffering and weariness were borne with great patience. Always of a bright, cheerful and unselfish disposition, she had endeared herself to the large circle of friends who mourn her loss.  

Timaru Herald, 7 September 1920, Page 6
SMITH. On Sunday, September 5th, at her residence. Geraldine, Margaret Goodfellow, widow of the late Hugh Smith, Glasgow, and eldest daughter of the late John Waugh, farmer, Roxburghshire, Scotland; aged 79 years. (Dunedin papers please copy).

Temuka Leader 19 March 1932 Page 2 MRS ELIZABETH SMITH
The death occurred early on Friday morning of Mrs Elizabeth Smith, wife of Mr Walter Henry Smith, at the age 46 years. Deceased was well-known and liked in the district, and the news came as a great shock. She had had an affection of the throat for some years, but the trouble did not become serious until about a week ago. A daughter of Mr and the late Mrs T. Earle, Mrs Smith was married at Christchurch 23 years ago [1909], and has resided in Temuka ever since. Besides her husband, she leaves two sons, Harry Victor [b. 1910] and Earl. The funeral will take place at the Temuka Cemetery to-morrow.

Press, 28 October 1943, Page 2 MRS JOHN HAMPTON [nee Sarah Jane Smith]
Mrs J. Hampton, a former resident of the Douglas Homestead, Waimate died recently in Christchurch. Born at Haley, Oxfordshire, England, she arrived in Rakaia when a child with her parents, Mr and Mrs Joseph Smith. In 1886 [sic: 1888] Sarah Jane Smith she married Mr John Hampton, and they engaged in farming in the Dromore, Ruapuna, and Winslow districts, moving to Douglas, Waimate, in 1911. During the World War, Mrs Hampton, was an energetic worker for the Waihao Downs Red Cross. For the last 16 years she had lived at Prebbleton. A daughter died in 1927, and her youngest son, Clarence, is a prisoner of war at Stalag XVIIIB, Germany. The other members of the family are Mesdames Dowie (Timaru). Houston (Hastings), Wooster (Christchurch), Mehrtens (Douglas), Schumacher (Christchurch), and Messrs Edward, Walter, James, Joseph, and Mafeking Hampton.  

Press, 19 March 1942, Page 1
Smith — On March 18, 1942, at Ashburton, Catherine Margaret, beloved wife of William Taylor Smith, of Hakataramea; in her 66th year. [nee Harvey, married 1900]
Children of Catherine Margaret and William Tayler Smith:
1900 Smith Allan Tayler
1901 Smith Edward Alexander
1904 Smith William John
1907 Smith Irene Eleanor
1910 Smith NR
1914 Smith Duncan Graham

Press 10 October 1945 Page 9
SMITH —The Funeral of the late William Tayler Smith will leave the residence of his son, Mr Allan  Tayler Smith, Springburn, tomorrow (Thursday) at 2 pm., for the Alford Forest Cemetery.

Ashburton Guardian 17 September 1902 Page 2
Smith. — Lost overboard from the s.s. Zealandia, on Saturday, September 13, 1902, William Tayler Smith, late of Birchlands, Staveley, the beloved husband of Hannah Smith, in his 58th year. William Tayler Smith of Staveley, farmer. Hannah Smith, Executrix.

Press 19 November 1926 Page 8
STAVELEY. With the death on Wednesday of Mrs W T. Smith, of "Birchlands, Staveley, at the age of 81. Although there were settlers in the Springburn-Staveley district before the late Mrs Smith settled there, she had lived there so long and for so long had been the districts oldest resident, that she and her late husband are often looked on as the district's pioneers. The late Mrs Smith at one time went Home with the Reeves family, at the time the present Hon. Mr Pember Reeves was a child, and when he was on his recent visit to New Zealand, Mrs Smith was among the guests of honour at one of the receptions given to him. Mrs Smith met her late husband Mr William Tayler Smith, while at "Buccleugh," about 1867 and they were married in 1869. Mr and Mrs Smith immediately bought and settled on a 20-acre section situated on what was then the edge of the bush There they built one of the first houses in the locality—a two-roomed cottage. Mr Smith was one of the well-known bullock dray carriers for the stations in the gorges, and in this work he was an associate of the late
Mr Alex Hewson, who, in his "Early Days in the Ashburton County," says that Mr .Smith was one of the first owners of horse waggons. The times were hard, but like many other pioneers. Mr and Mrs Smith worked harder, and eventually won a position of affluence, owning much land in the Springburn district. The late Mrs Smith was a fine old lady. She was a member of the Springburn Presbyterian Church, and took a lively interest in matters affecting the district, especially the church and the school. Mrs Smith's maiden name was Graham, and scattered over the country are many relations, including her step-brother Mr Graham, of the firm of Graham, Wilson, and Smellie, Christchurch. She was mother to a large family, which was as loyal to her as she was to them. The members of her family are: The late Mr J. T. Smith, Mr W. T. Smith, Hakataramea Downs, South Canterbury: Mr H. T. Smith, Staveley: Mr G. T. Smith. Mt. Somers: Mrs A. McCormack, Ashburton, Mrs E Turton, Hakataramea; Mrs F. Johnstone, "The Hossack," Hanmer: Mrs H. Sharplin, Ashburton; Mrs S. Lemon, Laurtston: Mrs T. S. Harrison, "Drayton," Methven; and Miss Smith, Staveley. There are over forty Grandchildren, and a number of great grandchildren. Mrs Smith died in Ashburton.

Children of Hannah and William Taylor Smith:
1874 Smith Emma
1876 Smith William Taylor
1878 Smith Hannah
1880 Smith Hay Taylor
1882 Smith Margaret
1884 Smith George Taylor
1886 Smith Jessie
1889 Smith Daisy Isabel

Otago Daily Times 10 May 1947 Page 3 CENTENARIAN’S DEATH
LONG RESIDENCE IN TIMARU , May 9. Mrs Sarah Elizabeth Smith, who reached the age of 100 years last February, died to-day. Mrs Smith came to New Zealand in the sailing ship Duke of Edinburgh, 71 years ago, and settled in Timaru. Her family numbered six and there is one surviving son.

Harry the son of Sarah E. Smith died Nov. 20th 1943 aged 68.
Sarah E. Smith died May 9th 1947
Violet Mary Smith wife of C.E. Smith died 23 July 1971 aged 77
Charles Edward Smith died Jan. 27 1977 aged 91.

Duke of Edinburgh arrived at Lyttelton on Wednesday, Nov. 17, 1875
Smith Thomas 24 farm laborer Surrey
Smith Eliza 22
Smith Thomas 19m
Smith Olive infant 3m

Smith Thomas 37 laborer Sussex
Smith Sarah 28
Smith Harry infant

Thomas Smith b. 1881 in NZ to Sarah Elizabeth and Thomas Smith

Cemetery Records - In December 2015 there were 329 records for SMITH in the TDC cemetery database for Timaru. Temuka 110. Geraldine 54. Pleasant Point  30.  Waimate 129. The Mackenzie District had 39. Woodbury 3. Otaio 3.  St. Mary's Esk Valley 2. Mt. Peel 2. There were 24 John Smith's in the TDC database in 2015 and 24 William Smith's and 23 Mary Smith's, 17 George Smith's, 14 James Smith's, 14 Elizabeth Smith's, 13 Margaret Smith's, 11 Charles Smith's, 10 Robert Smith's, 10 Thomas Smith's,  8 Jane Smith's, 7 Albert Smith's, 6 Agnes Smith's, 6 Annie Smith's and 6 Edward Smith's.

By April 2018 there were 529 Smith in the TDC database. 111 at Temuka.  339 at Timaru.
1 at Arundel. George Harold Smith born 16 Dec. 1909. Died 9 Aug. 1990 aged 80.
There were 215 Smith's listed at Salisbury Park Crematorium database from 1967 -Sept. 2019.

Waimate. pdf

Marie Brinkman Smith 		died 26 March 1900 	aged  2 	Plot 4
Thomas Smith       		died 30 June 1897 	aged 66		Plot 13
Charlotte Smith     		died 2 April 1902 	aged 64 	Plot 21
John Smith          		died 11 Sept. 1914 	aged 74 	Plot 24
Matthew Smith      		died 22 June 1915.	aged 59 	Plot 24
Elizabeth Ann Smith 		died 8 June 1921 	aged 69 	Plot 23 
Janet Ann Smith			died 20 June 1965 	aged 83		Plot 24
Joseph Kitchen Smith     	died 4 August 1895 	aged 88		Plot 240 
Elizabeth Ann (Eliza)Smith 	died 8 June 1921 	aged 28 	Plot 362
Margaret Jane Smith 		died 10 June 1913 	aged 30		Plot 362
Mary Ann Smith 			died 27 Sept. 1947 	aged 80 	Plot 757X
Robert Young Smith 		died Sept 18 1933 	aged 68 	Plot 757X
Albert Smith 			died 12 Oct. 1917 	aged 22  	     757X Cemetery Passchendale
Thomas Smith 			died 21 April 1902 	aged 65 	Plot 360
Andrew Smith 			died 3 May 1896 	aged 62 	Plot 361
Norman Douglas Benbow Smith	died 7 November 1907 	aged 2m		Plot 493 b. Sept. 1907, Waimate
Christina Smith 		died 27 December 1925 	ages 80  	Plot 538 PRESBYTERIAN
David Smith 			died 3 December 1921 	aged 78 	Plot 537 PRESBYTERIAN
James Thomas Smith 		died 2 Feb. 1949 	aged 42 	Plot 544
James Smith 			died 22 January 1947 	aged 79 	Plot 558
Robert Smith 			died 12 January 1900 	aged 80 	Plot 393 Free ground
Agnes Smith 			died 11 August 1895 	aged 78 	Plot 393 Waimate free ground
Simon Andrew Smith 		died 20 July 1949 	aged 68 	Plot 142A
Margaret Mary Smith 		died 23 July 1966 	aged 82 	Plot 142A
Ann Smith 			died 25 Sept. 1921 	aged 25 	Plot 608
William Smith 			died 19 March 1904 	aged 83 	Plot 607
William Smith 			died 9 Oct. 1917 	aged 50 	Plot 606
Vilma (Velma) Jean Smith 	died 25 June 1927 	aged 2m		Plot 605
Sarah Smith 			died 29 March 1896 	aged 57 	Plot 377
James Henry Smith 		died 24 January 1928 	aged 70 	Plot 278 Free ground 
Robert David Smith 		died 16 August 1962 	aged 90 	Plot 1216 PRESBYTERIAN

Marie Brinkman Smith was born in 1898 to Sophia Margaret and Archibald Smith. Another child Raymond Knock Smith was a late birth registration in 1938. Archibald Smith married Sophia Margaret Brinkmann in 1895. Sophia M. Smith died in 1933 aged 64. 

40 Smith's listed in June 2018 in the Mackenzie District Cemetery Database.
Fairlie Cemetery

William Smith 1835 - Feb 1904 (aged 69) Plot 22, P3
and son Albert Smith March 1893 - Jan 1894 (aged 10 months)
(William & Georgina Smith)

Elsie Ena Smith 22 Aug 1906 - 14 Jan 1988 (aged 81) w/o
Frederick John Alexander Smith 10 Feb 1907 - 5 Mar 1989 (aged 81)

Margaret Ann Smith buried 20 July 1988 aged 83
Cecil Thompson Smith 1910-1979 Arnhem veteran
husband of Margaret (Peggy) 1915-1998

Elise Smith d. 14 Jan. 1988 aged 81.
Frederick John SMITH Age: 81 years 5/03/1989

Alexander Ross Smith 8 Aug 1929 - 5 Jul 1979 (aged 49). Husband of Jenny.

Eric Russell Smith 18 Nov 1902 - 8 Aug 1982 (aged 79)
s/o Alice Maud & Robert David Gilmour Smith.
married Ivy Rachel Clarkson in 1931.
Ivy 26 Apr 1909 - 8 Aug 1982 (aged 73) d/o Mary Rachel Miller Clarkson.

Eric Vernon Smith 13 Jan 1906 - 2 Dec 1995 (aged 89). Husband of Mary Smith 1909 -1955.
Born to Mary Jane & Ernest Vernon Smith. Married Mary Agnes Boyd in 1932.

Jessie Leah Ross Smith 1889 - June 1966 (aged 76–77)
w/o Thomas Bruce Smith 1894–1981 (m. 1921)
Thomas Bruce Smith 1894 - Sep 1981 (aged 86–87)
s/o Louisa & Alexander Searle Smith.

Joyce Smith died Aug. 1948 aged 34 (1914-1945)
wife of Walter R. Smith
Parents of Charles.

Louisa Smith buried March 3rd 1947 aged 70
Anglican. Late George Smith.

Susanna "Susan" Marie Smith 1874 - 5 Dec 1954 (aged 80) Anglican
w/o Thomas James Smith 1882–1942  aged 60

William Donald "Don" Gunnion Smith died 31 Oct. 2004 aged 76
Helen Veronica Smith b. 21 June 1932 and died 5 Nov. 1999.

Thomas Linton Smith aged 70 Died 24 June 1943. Married Gracie Jane CLARE in 1919
Grace Jane Smith died Sept. 1969 aged 77.
Clare Christina Gray nee Smith w/o C. McCulloch Gray of Kaiapoi died 5 Sept. 1992 aged 72.
[Chamberlain Settlement 364 acres William Dunckley Campbell to Thomas Linton Smith May 1920]

Bruce Edwin Smith died 19 Oct. 2007 aged 92.
Florence Joyce Smith

Burkes Pass
Cecil Edmond Smith buried 19 April 1925 aged 55

Geraldine Cemetery 54 Smith's buried as of April 2018

Smith, Albert Douglas Raymond 67 Years 20 Aug 1965 of Campbell St., Geraldine
also Ella Smith d. 23 Oct. 1980 aged 86. listed under Smith, Ellen Christina 86 Years 23 Oct 1980

Smith, Donald Raymond 62 Years 3 Jan 1977 of Macdonald St.
Smith, Myra Elise 84 Years 26 Dec 2005

Smith, Edward Albert Sayers 74 Years b. 17 Jan. 1908 d. 10 Jul 1985 h/o Margaret.
Smith, Grace Margaret nee Milliken m. 1936. 97 Years b. 31 Jan.1914. d. 30 Jul 2011

Smith, Elizabeth 19 March 1944 Row 212. Plot 80. born Pleasant Valley, Geraldine
and Elizabeth Smith d. 27th Sept. 1923 aged 59
Smith, John Edward 59 Years 27 Sep 1923 Row 212 Plot 79 obituary

Smith, Fanny nee Henry 5 Mar 1915 Row 433 Plot 31 w/o Stephen Thomas Smith passed away 5th Dec. 1927.
Smith, Stephen Thomas 68 Years 17 Dec 1996 [m. Jane Laurel Shrimpton in 1939]

Smith, Furneaux 74 Years 14 Dec 1913 Row 213 Plot 93
Smith, Mercy Anna Maria nee PRATT 13 Sep 1926 aged 80
Smith, Samuel 31 Mar 1926  aged 53 Row 213 Plot 94 not listed on headstone

Smith, George 91 Years 24 Jul 2001 Row 552 Plot 16. Military headstone 429903 LAC 1939-45 R.N.Z.A.F.
also Eileen Elizabeth Smith nee McDonnell m. 1942. b. 10 Aug. 1916.  d. 3.4.1999 aged 82. Not listed in TDC database.

Smith, Henry Stephen 60 Years 12 Nov 1936  -Row 214 Plot 52. headstone on plot 53.
Smith, Harriet 27 Years 16 Nov 1918 Row 214 Plot 53
Smith, Kenneth 1 Year & 11 months 20 Aug 1920 Row 214 Plot 51
Smith, Jessie 95 Years 12 Dec 1975 -not listed on headstone Row 214 Plot 52.
Smith, Henry Stephen Gordon 80 Years 23 Mar 1983 Row 363 Plot 19.  Mother was Jessie and father Henry Stephen Smith
Smith, Joyce Ethel  nee Stevenson m. 1933. 77 Years b. 28 Feb.1913. d. 4 Jul 1990 of Totara St.
Smith, Robert Cyril 90 Years b. 13 March 1906 d. 17 Nov 1996

Smith, James 43 Years 11 Dec 1944  Row 454 Plot 246
Smith, Dorothy 60 Years 22 Jul 1970 of Peel Forest Rd Row 454 Plot 245

Ashburton Guardian 18 December 1944 Page 1 Death
SMITH—On December 17, 1944, at his residence, Cox Street, Geraldine, James, dearly loved husband of Dorothy Smith; in his 44th year.

Smith, Joan Bona 88 Years b. 22 Feb. 1915 4 Jul 2003 Row 352 Plot 26
Smith, Robert Henry Stephen 50 Years 7 Nov 1961 of Upper Waitohi. Row 352 Plot 27

Smith, Kate nee Woodard m. 1911. 96 Years 28 Mar 1981 The Downs Row 451 Plot 301 born 20 April 1884
Smith, Henry Edward 86 Years 3 Sep 1940
Smith, Margaret Joyce 70 Years b. 12 March 1916 - d. 04 Feb 1986
Alick H.W. Smith 1912 - 1988 {not in TDC database} Alick Henry Woodward Smith b. 2 January 1912 to Kate and Henry Edward Smith. Another child Norah Elizabeth b. 1913.

Smith, Robert 30 Years 22 Nov 1918 Row 214 Plot 109
also Fanny Hammond Died Dec. 19th 1918 in her 29th year.

Smith, Thomas David 72 Years 2 Jun 1963  Main North Rd, Geraldine Cemetery  Row 503 Plot 16
Smith, L S 27 Feb 1941 - Geraldine Cemetery  Row 504 Plot 6 same photo  for Row 503 Plot 16 Peel Street, Geraldine.

Smith, Annie Myrtle d. 4 July 1986 of Orari w/o Donald Smith
Smith, Bessie Ava 78 Years b. 12 March 1918 and d. 2 Feb 1997
Smith, Catherine 85 Years 11 Oct 1919  no headstone
Smith, Charles 44 Years 16 Jul 1878  no headstone
Smith, Charles 32 Years 12 Sep 1874  [market gardener, died from a fall from a horse. Inquest held.]
Smith, Charles T R 8 Jul 1896  no headstone age 3w Robert Charles Tasman Smith s/o Elizabeth and William Smith.
Smith, Donald 82 Years 13 Jun 1958
Smith, Douglas Herbert 10 Years 28 Apr 1943 no headstone
Smith, Evelyn Camelia 82 Years 16 Feb 1967 of Main North Rd. no headstone Row 472 Plot 6
Smith, Henrietta Louise 76 Years 11 Jul 1970
Smith, Henry Arthur 71 Years b. 1-1-1928. d. 19 Sep 1999 Ashes Beam. Cox St. Geraldine.
Smith, Infant 9 Apr 1918 Row 114 Plot 613 no headstone
Smith, J  no headstone Row 211 Plot 1
Smith, Jane Rebeka 66 Years 9 Jun 1872 no headstone [Jane Rebecca]74
Smith, John 35 Years 9 Jun 1877  no headstone Row 9 Plot 93
Smith, Lillian Susan aged 46 d. 25 Feb. 1941 buried 27 Feb 1941 Row 451 Plot 307
Smith, Margaret interment 20 Sep 1920  Row 322 Plot 20 and Janet Wagstaff interned 6 Oct. 1922 Row 322 Plot 21. [Margaret Goodfellow Smith, d. 5 Sept. 1920, age 79, late of Talbot St. buried 8 Sept. 1920]
Smith, Matilda d. 30 Dec 1935 aged 93 Row 444 Plot 180
Smith, May 25 Feb 1968  no headstone children section Row 601 Plot 1
Smith, Richard 53 Years interment 25 Jul 1895 Row 0 Plot 305 no headstone
Smith, Richard George 6 Years 23 Jul 1939 Row 451 Plot 308
Smith, Stillborn 7 Jan 1948 Free Ground Row 0 Plot 52
Smith, William George 93 Years b. 14 June 1881. d. 30 Jan 1974  Taylor St, Geraldine Row 451 Plot 290

In March  2018 there were 30 Smith's buried at Pleasant Point.

Smith, Adrienne Mary 64 Years 17 May 2010  Row 70 Plot 31
Smith, Charles 1 Jun 1926  aged 75 years.  no headstone  Row 6 Plot 134
Smith, Charles William 20 Oct 1893 no headstone Row 1 Plot 37
Smith, Dinah 16 Jan 1907. Died Jan. 14th 1907 aged 79. Row 12 Plot 54 husband William Bundle died April 15th 1866 aged 44.
Smith, Edward John Dunbar [Ted] 71 Years 18 June 1999. Husband of Alison. Row 50 Plot 7
Smith, Elizabeth Hazel Grace "Betty" Died 22nd 1944 aged 12 years. d/o Arthur & Grace Smith. Row 23 Plot 103
Smith, Eric Doxon 45 Years 8 Dec 1975 s/o Harry & Margaret aged 45 yrs Row 21 Plot 168
Smith, Eric George 7 Sep 1909 no headstone Row 2 Plot 77
Smith, Leslie "Bill' 74 Years 30 Apr 1997 Born 1922.  Row 50 Plot 5A. H/o of Pearl May.
Smith, Lucy 28 Jun 1903  - no headstone Row 2 Plot 74
Smith, Margaret 9 Jul 1918 - no headstone  Row 8 Plot 131.
Smith, Stanley Rupert 17 Mar 1910 Row 11 Plot 291

Smith, Francis Edwin 20 Feb 1942 aged 70 Row 4 Plot 229 Pleasant Point w/o Fanny nee SAYERS, farmer from Fairview born at Pleasant Point [son Edward Albert Sayers Smith b. 1908 is buried in Geraldine.] [daughter Marjorie Helen Smith aka b. 1907 Marjorie Ellen Smith] [Fanny Smith d. 8th Aug. 1945 aged 71 and buried Timaru Cemetery]

Smith, Ernest G 2 Dec 1918 no headstone Row 2 Plot 111
Smith, Ernest Oswin 83 Years 19 Feb 1971 no headstone Row 2 Plot 111
Smith, Margaret Ellen 4 Jun 1971 no headstone Row 2 Plot 110

Smith, Albert 82 Years 6 Oct 1917. Died 3rd Oct. Also their daughter Mary Ann Capill died April 10th 1888, aged 27 years. Row 2 Plot 62
Smith, Mary Ann 82 Years 20 Dec 1916  Row 2 Plot 62

Smith, Margaret 25 Nov 1914 Row 7 Plot 14 Waitawa nee ELDER w/o R.A. Smith
Smith, Raymond Albert 15 Mar 1955 aged 77 Row 7 Plot 15 [m. Charlotte Elizabeth JOHNSON in 1916.]

Smith, Eileen Sarah 83 Years 31 July  2010
Smith, Nevill Stewart 84 Years 24 Sep 2009 b. 14 Aug. 1925

Smith, Evelyn Ada May 18 Years 10 Jan 1913 Row 11 Plot 292
Smith, Frederick 25 Jun 1922  Row 11 Plot 250

Smith, Henry Foster 69 Years 9 Sep 1926 Row 7 Plot 87 h/o Mary D. Smith
Smith, Mary Dunlop 10 Dec 1940 aged 71 Row 7 Plot 86 nee HUNTER

Smith, Mary 21st Aug 1934 died at "Brooklands" Row 23 Plot 74
Smith, Moulds 11 June 1935 aged 84 died at Albury Row 23 Plot 74 H/o Mary

Smith, Henry Moulds 10 June 1960 aged 71 Row 22 Plot 116 h/o Margaret Edith Smith
Smith, Margaret Edith 19 Aug 1980  aged 80 Row 22 Plot 116 nee CHAMBERLAIN

Timaru Herald, 2 December 1918, Page 4 Death
SMITH. On December 1st, 1918, at Levels Valley, Ernest Oswin, youngest, and dearly beloved son of Ernest Albert and Margaret Ellen Smith; aged 2 years 9 months. A patient little suffer gone to rest. So loved so mourned. Private interment, Pleasant Point Cemetery. (W. J. Lister, Undertaker.)  [buried Pleasant Point - no headstone. Born 1916]

Henry Foster Smith of Totara Valley, farmer, born in England, died at Totara Valley 9th Sept. 1926 aged 69. Buried Pleasant Point. Mary Dunlop Smith, widow, born in Ireland.  Mary Dunlop Smith died 8th Dec. 1940 aged 71. Mary Dunlop HUNTER married Henry Foster Smith in 1889. Children:
1893 Smith Henry Hugh
1894 Smith Eveline Ada d. 10 Jan. 1913 aged 18. Name spelled Evelyn Ada May on headstone next to Stanley's.
1900 Smith Frederick Robert Hunter m. Amelia Christina Isabella KERSLAKE in 1927
1903 Smith Walter Norman
1907 Smith Stanley Rupert buried at Pleasant Point 17 March 1910.

Timaru Herald, 12 November 1917, Page 3 A PIONEER AT REST. THE LATE ALBERT SMITH

With the death of Mr Albert Smith, of Waitawa, another of the old pioneers has passed away. Mr Smith was born at Fairford, Gloucestershire, where, he followed-farming pursuits in his early years. He came to New Zealand in 1859 in the ship Zealandia, accompanied by his wife and child, having married a Miss Major of Eastlett Gloucestershire, in 1857. Mr Smith worked on the Coldstream Estate, and while shepherding at Ealing, on the banks of the Rangitata river, he lived in a sod hut where the railway bridge is at the present time, and having learnt the caprices of the river, was general pilot to travellers journeying north and south. Later he went to Lake Heron to work for Mr Mellish. There were no roads or bridges in those days, and the haulage was done by bullocks. Mr and Mrs Smith met with bad weather, and had a trying journey of five weeks. Mrs Smith did not see a white woman for three years. Mr Smith started farming on his own account in 1866, at Pleasant Point, living in a sod house near where the public school now stands. He and his family were washed out by the 1868 flood. He then built a good timber house still in occupation. Ten years later he went to Albury, and carried on farming there till 1888, when he sold out. In 1890 he took up 1600 acres of the Levels Estate from the Government, which he named "Fairford," after his native place, and the "Fairford" wool got a very good name. In 1907 his eldest son took over the run, and Mr Smith retired on a small farm near Pleasant Point, where he lived till his decease, only nine months after the death of his wife. He had two sons and six daughters, of whom two sons and five daughters are still living. A letter received by him from his native place in 1862 from an aged friend begged his return, promising a partnership in his business, as he "wished for a faithful, trustworthy partner" which speaks well for Mr Smith's character as a young man. Honest and upright be always was in all his dealings; and he was one of the many early settlers who helped make New Zealand, a for the Motherland to be proud of.

Zealandia sailed London August 11th 1859 - arrived Lyttelton November 12 1859
Smith Albert 22 Glostershire Iron Moulder
Mary Ann 24 [nee MAJOR]
Sarah 4 mths

Children of Mary Ann and Albert Smith
1861 Smith NR (Mary Ann Smith 1862 -1888)
1863 Smith Emma d. 1950
1871 Smith Francis Edwin  "Frank"
1873 Smith Ruth
1877 Smith Raymond Albert  d.15 March 1955 - Pleasant Pont

Margaret Smith nee Elder wife of Raymond Albert Smith of Waitawa died 25 Nov. 1914 and is buried at Pleasant Point. Left the surviving widow and the following children namely, Violet Ann Smith (b. 1904), Albert John Elder Smith (b. 1907), Beryl Margaret Smith (b. 1911) and Donald Raymond Smith, all of who are under the age of 21 years. Albert Smith of Kerrytown and Francis Edward Smith of Pleasant Point. Witnesses: Charles Austin Paterson of Pleasant Point, surgeon. Lelitia Annie Miller of Pleasant Point, nurse. [In 1903 Raymond Albert Smith married Margaret EDLER] [In 1916 Raymond marries Charlotte Elizabeth JOHNSON] Raymond died March 13th 1955 aged 77 and is buried at Pleasant Point in the same grave as Margaret.
Children of Margaret and Raymond Albert SMITH
1904 Violet Ann
1907 Albert John Elder
1911 Beryl Margaret
1914 Donald Raymond

Timaru Herald, 19 December 1916, Page 6
December 18, at her residence, Waitawa, Mary Ann, the beloved wife of Albert Smith; aged 82 years.

Timaru Herald, 4 October 1917, Page 4
Smith. On October 3rd, at Timaru, Albert Smith, late of Waitawa; aged 82 years.

At the Pleasant Point Cemetery in the same plot for Mary Ann and Albert Smith is "Mary Ann Capill died April 10th 1888 aged 27 years" the wife of James Capill, Albury. The headstone for in the next plot "Sacred to the memory of James Major died 29th Aug. 1885 aged 94 years." James Major originally from Gloucester, England is Mary Ann Smith's father. Also a memorial attached to the side of Mary Ann and Albert's memorial is for their daughter Mary Ann Capill and she was married to James Capil in 1882. Mary Ann Smith was born in Rangitata in 1862. Mary Ann Capill died during child birth in Albury where they managed a hotel. 

James CAPILL or CAPIL born in Sheffield, England in 1851 to George Capill and Elizabeth nee Lambert. He married Mary Ann Smith on 18 April 1882 in Fairlie. They had two children: Mary Ann and Albert George. His wife died 13 April 1888 in Albury and is buried in Pleasant Point with her parents.

Albert George Capill married Daisy Ellen Bray in 1917 c/o John and Harriet Bray, Fairlie. Albert Capill was born in Albury to James Capill and Mary Ann Smith the d/o Albert Smith from Cave/Albury. His father was James Capill who married Mary Ann in Fairlie in 1882, he arrived in NZ in 1851 aged 1 yr on the Castle Eden one of the seven founding ships to Canterbury. Both of his parents died when he was a child and he was raised by a member of the Smith family. The farm "Oakwood," at Ashwick, had previously been owned by Jim Capill and before Jim by Albert Capill who married Daisy Bray.

Timaru Herald, 1 November 1917, Page 5
Guinness and Le Cren Ltd., will hold to-morrow, a clearing sale of horses implements, sundries, etc., on Mr R. A. Smith's property, "Waitawa," on account of the executors in the estate of the late Albert Smith.

Timaru Herald, 3 October 1918, Page 4
SMITH. In loving memory of my dear grandfather, Albert Smith, who died at Waitawa, October 3rd, 1917. Farewell dear grandfather. Inserted by Mrs A. R. Grevell, Brisbane.
SMITH. In sad but loving memory of my dear father, Albert Smith, died October 3rd, 1917. Inserted by his sorrowing daughter, R. Jemmett.

Otago Witness 29 June 1890 Marriage:
SMITH - COXHEAD. On the 24th June, at the residence of F.M. Coxhead, Duncan Street, Dunedin, by the Rev. A. Cameron, B.A., Ebenezer Smith to Mary Coxhead both of Timaru.

Timaru Herald
Saturday 12 December 1891 Death aged 47 years.
SMITH - On the 10th Dec., at his residence, Park View, Timaru, of influenza, Ebenezer Smith. Deeply regretted. The funeral will leave his late residence, Park View, this day a 4 o'clock. J.E. Buckingham, Undertaker.

Timaru Herald 15 June 1892.
BIRTH: SMITH. On the 14th inst, at Stafford Street, Timaru, the wife [Mary] of the late Ebenezer Smith, of a daughter.
Death: SMITH. On the 14th inst, at Timaru, Adele Winnifred, infant daughter of the late Ebenezer Smith.

Timaru Herald, 22 December 1891, Page 2
It is announced this morning that the coal and firewood business so successfully conducted by the late Mr Ebenezer Smith is for sale. The yards are the most convenient in town.

Birth 1862/11507 Smith Edward Sturrock to Ann and James Smith
1890 Mary Hophinson married Edward Storruck SMITH
1935 Edward Sturrock died aged 73

Temuka Leader 27 March 1890 Page 2
Smith — Hopkinson. On March 26th, at the Wesleyan Church, Temuka, by the Rev. R. S. Bunn, Edward Storrock Smith, youngest son of Mr Jas. Smith, Gore, Southland, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Mr W. Hopkinson, Temuka.

Press, 3 December 1935, Page 12 MR E. S. SMITH
TEMUKA, December 2. Mr Edward Sturrock Smith, who died at Oamaru last week, was a resident of Temuka many years ago. Mr Smith was born at Christchurch in 1862. Shortly after his birth, his father, Mr David Smith [sic], left Christchurch to take up a farm at Milford, Temuka. Mr Smith was educated at the Milford and Temuka Schools. He gained his first experience of farming on his father's farm. When a young man he started a carrying business at Temuka, which he carried on successfully for a number of years. In 1892 he sold out the business to Mr T. E. Gunnion and acquired a farm at Otamita, near Gore. Four years later he removed to Ngapara, where he farmed for five years, before acquiring property which was originally part of the Elderslie estate. The land, which was 700 acres, was held under a lease in perpetuity. A few years ago he sold out and went to reside at Oamaru. Mr Smith served two years in the Canterbury Yeomanry Cavalry, and 14 years in the Temuka Rifles. When in Temuka he was for several years a member of the Order of Oddfellows. As a Freemason he was initiated in Lodge St. George, Temuka, and was also attached to Lodge Ngapara. When living at Temuka he proved a good all-round performer on the running track, competing at the different sports meetings in South Canterbury. He played football with the Temuka Club. He was a referee for the football clubs after he retired from playing. Mr Smith was married in 1890 to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr William Hopkinson, sen., of Temuka: They were the first couple to be married in the present Methodist Church at Temuka. Mr Smith leaves a widow and a family of seven [2s, 5d]. one son was killed in the war and a daughter died some years ago. Cyclops.

Children born to Mary Ann and Edward Sturrock SMITH:
1891 Smith Arthur James b. Temuka (not recorded)
1892 Smith Cecelia
1894 Smith Mary
1895 22nd April Smith Edward Francis b. Gore.  WW1 9/1970.  Died of wounds 9 Dec. 1917.  Buried: Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, Belgium. NOK: M.S. Smith (mother) Totara, Oamaru. James Smith, Park Lane, Timaru, Excuetor.
1898 Smith Annie Sturrock b. Ngapara, N.Otago
1901 Smith Ella Fergusson b. Ngapara, N.Otago
1903 Smith Lilian Elizabeth b. Oamaru
1908 Smith William Gorden b. Oamaru
1909 Smith Mabel Jessie

Press, 10 November 1937, Page 7 MR E. A. SMITH
The death occurred suddenly, at his residence, “Lincolnfleld," Springs road, Lincoln, this week, of one of the most prominent farmers of the Lincoln district, Mr Ernest Acreman Smith. He was the youngest son of Mr and Mrs G. A. Smith, early pioneers of the district. He took over his father’s farm, which he successfully farmed till the time of his death. He also owned land at Rolleston and Geraldine. Eight or nine years ago at Rolleston, he successfully introduced subterranean clover, which was almost the first to be sown in Canterbury. He was also one of the first to grow blue lupins. Many farmers watched with interest his experiments with them, which proved very successful. He was well known in the South Island as a potato grower, interested in the latest varieties. He was a breeder of Clydesdale horses and took many prizes at the different shows. He was a life member of the Canterbury Agricultural and Pastoral Association. Mr Smith also owned a stud flock of Southdown sheep, which he improved each year by introducing new blood from the best breeders. Mr Smith, being of a retiring nature did net take an active part in public affairs, but was called on by surrounding farmers for advice and help which he readily gave. He leaves three sisters and three brothers. The funeral, which was private, was attended by near relatives from Tauranga, North Island, Timaru, Christchurch and Lincoln. The pall-bearers were Mr Sidney Smith (brother), Mr A. W. Smith (nephew), Mr F. C. Banks (brother-in-law). Mr S. Cunningham (brother-in-law). Mr Allan Leslie, Eltham, and Mr J. Stewart. The Rev. G. McRae, Presbyterian minister at Lincoln, officiated at the graveside.

Press, 19 August 1936, Page 12 MR Francis Henry SMITH
Timaru. August 18. The death of Mr Frank Smith, which occurred at “Waratah,” Albury, South Canterbury, on Monday, removed one of the best-known sheep farmers in the South Island. Born at Long Bay, Tasmania, in 1868. Mr Smith arrived in New Zealand as a lad with his father, and lived with him on Rollesby Station, Mistake Station, and Wolds Station in the Mackenzie country. Later Mr Smith, sen., removed to Mona Vale, Albury, and afterwards to “Waratah.” Mr F. Smith purchased “Albury Park,” which he occupied for some time, subsequently selling it to take over “Waratah.” Mr Smith was educated at the Burke’s Pass and the Timaru Main Schools. From 1911 to 1914 he represented the Waitaki constituency in Parliament, and for a time he was a member of the Timaru Harbour Board and the Timaru High Schools’ Board. Military matters claimed his attention, and he was a lieutenant in the Mackenzie Mounted Rifles, Mr Smith was one of the most successful breeders of merinos in New Zealand in his day, and was a well-known exhibitor, winning many championships at metropolitan shows. Recently he shipped sheep to South America at prices which were very satisfactory. As a flockmaster Mr Smith was unexcelled. In his younger days Mr Smith was a keen athlete, being particularly good over 440 hurdles. At one time he was captain of the Mackenzie Football Club. He is survived by a widow and young family of two daughters and one son.

Emily Louisa Gillingham married Francis Henry Smith in 1901. No children listed

Evening Post, 29 February 1932, Page 9 [Francis Smith]
The death occurred on Saturday last of Mr. Frank Smith, late of Timaru and Christchurch, in his eighty-fourth year. Arriving in New Zealand in 1860, he took up his residence in Christchurch, joining the staff of Messrs. A. J. White and Co., and later he was with Messrs. Hobday and Jobberns, and Messrs. J. Ballantyne and Co., who, in 1893, appointed him manager of their Timaru: business. In 1897 he was appointed drapery manager of the South Canterbury Farmers' Co-op. Stores. Retiring in 1920, he spent the remaining years of his life in Christchurch and Wellington. The late Mr. Smith married Miss Lydia Philpott, of St. Albans, [in 1867] whose death occurred in November last [age 85], and leaves the following family: Mrs. A. H. Thompson, Christchurch; Mrs. J. Gardiner, Queenstown; Mrs. F. Shallard, Riversdale; Mr. S. W. Smith and Mrs. Ray Dale, Timaru; Mr. C. F. Smith and Mrs. H. B. Cooper, Wellington; Mr. P. C. Smith, Dannevirke; Mr. K. P. Smith, Wairoa; and Mrs. G. Robinson, Auckland; also twenty-nine grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. The late Mr. Smith in his early years took a great interest in municipal and school affairs, and also in horticulture, and for many years was president of the Star Football Club, Timaru. He was always a fervent worker in the cause of Methodism.

[Alice Lydia b. 1867 m. Arthur Harloe THOMPSON in 1893]
[Emily Maud Smith b. 1871 m. Frederick William SHALLARD in 1902]
[Charles Francis William Smith b. 1873 m. Francis Amelia Holdgate in 1904]
[May Crosbie Smith b. 1876 m. Harry Basil COOPER in 1911]
[Ethel Adeline Smith b. 1876 m. George ROBINSON in 1907]
[Kate Mildred Smith b. 1878 m. Allan Raybutt DALE in 1902]
[Sydney Webster Smith b. 1881m. Florence May Owers in 1904]
[Percy Clearance Smith b. 1885 m. Muriel Eva Turner in 1915]
[Kenneth Philip Smith b. 1888 m.  Agnes Chynoweth Knapp in 1914] 

Timaru Herald April 1896
PHILPOTT. On April 2nd, at his residence, St Albans, Isaac William Philpott, in his eighty- third year, beloved father of Mrs F. Smith, Timaru, deeply regretted. Arrived on one of the first four ships "Randolph".

Canterbury's ties to Methodism goes back to 1850 when and the "Randolph" sailed into Lyttelton Harbour and on board were Wesleyan members and their families. These united in a service of praise while the ship was lying at Gravesend. On their voyage as they passed down the Channel they held a prayer-meeting. Among the 'pilgrims' there were many who were ardently attached to the church. They had not been there long when Rev. J. Watkins, Superintendent of the Southern Missions held a service at Dampier Bay, Lyttelton, and also in the whare of Mr Isaac W. Philpott, in Hagley Park, near Riccarton Bush. Mr Philpot's own family, with Mr Broughton and two other persons, constituted the congregation. Local services, after the Wesleyan style kept the cause alive. 

Timaru Herald, 7 January 1911, Page 2
COOPER—SMITH. An exceedingly pretty but quiet wedding took place on Wednesday at the Wesleyan Church, the contracting parties being H. B. Cooper, only son or Mr T. Cooper, Wellington, and Miss May Smith, fifth daughter of Mr F. Smith, Timaru. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. W. Baumber. The bride wore a very pretty dress or crystalline silk, trimmed with real insertion interlaced with white satin ribbon. She also wore a beautifully embroidered veil with the usual wreath of orange blossoms, and carried a shower bouquet. She entered the church on her father's arm, and followed by two sweet children, nieces of the bride, Dora and Kathleen Dale, dressed in dainty white dresses and blue snocs, and carrying blue shepherds' crooks with a sheaf of pale pink carnations tied to them with ribbon. Miss Beatrice Smith, sister of the bride, being the maid of honour, wore a smart frock of pale blue striped voile, braided with blue, hat of black crinolene straw, lined with blue, and carried a shower bouquet of pale pink. The bridegroom's gift to the bride lovely pendant, and to the bridesmaids a gold curb bangle, and to the wee girls gold initial brooches. The bridegroom was attended by Mr Gordon Tapper as best man. After the ceremony, Mr and Mrs Francis Smith entertained the guests in the Wesley Hall. Mrs Smith, mother of the bride, wore a lovely silk dress and sequin bonnet; Mrs Harloe Thompson (Christchurch) pretty brown costume with hat to match; Mrs F. Shallard (Riversdale), black frock and hat; Mrs R Dale, brown costume, hat trimmed with pale blue Mrs C. Smith (Napier), a becoming dress of brown flora voile and pretty black hat; Mrs W. Harrison, smart frock of black crepe de chene, hat to match Miss Harrison, cream costume, floral hat; Mrs Howard, becoming dress and picture hat; Mrs Hunt (Wellington), a lovely black silk toilet and toque to correspond; Mrs Ben Low (Wellington) a pretty cream frock and picture hat; Mrs Collier, a becoming frock of cream and brown and very pretty hat; Mrs W. Baumber, smart heliotrope frock, with hat to match. To show the popularity of the couple, they received nearly 50 telegrams, including a cable from the bride's brothers. They also received a large number of presents, a piano (the gift of the bridegroom's father) being one of them. The happy couple left for the southern lakes, the bride wearing a navy blue braided costume and Saxe blue hat.

Press, 22 September 1922, Page 13 Mr G.F. Smith
There passed away at Hamilton on Sept. 13th inst., another of the Pioneers of Canterbury in the person of Mr George Frederick Smith. He was driving into Hamilton with his wife when the horse shied and overturned the trap and he received injuries which resulted in his death. The deceased arrived in Lyttelton in the ship Duke of Bronte in 1851. He married [1865] Miss Sarah Cooper, the daughter of another pioneer, the late Mr George Cooper, late of Port Levy, Oxford and Leeston. He leaves four sons and five daughters to mourn their loss — Messrs F. C. Smith and  W._. Smith, ____. W.R Smith (Styx), and H. C. Smith (Christchurch). Mrs Toban? (Hamilton), Mrs McDonald (Matamata) Mrs Carter (Whakatane), Mrs Wood (Papanui), and Mrs Shaw (Richmond). The ship in which Mr Smith arrived was never heard of again on the return voyage. In those day there was no wharves in Lyttelton, everything having to be landed in boats. In his early days deceased worked for the late Mr Robert Rhodes, of Rhodes Bay, afterwards becoming a boatman at Lyttelton. He also worked on the Sumner road and the Lyttelton tunnel, subsequently going to the gold diggings at Dunstan, Shotover and Gabriel's Gully, where he was fairly successful. He assisted to build first woolshed erected in Timaru, where he also was a boatman before the advent of the present facilities For shipping. On one occasion he was swamped in the surf barely escaping with his life. After visiting the diggings he took up land at Flaxton, and then acquired a farm at Southbridge, ultimately selling out and for a time lived in Linwood, and about 20 years ago went to Hamilton. Mr Smith was a breeder of Romney Marsh sheep, also draught horses, several of these being bought by the Government for shunting purposes. Although he never entered public life he was a close follower of politics and was a keen supporter of the late Wm. Rolleston. On one occasion the deceased and a mate agreed to ship with "Bully" Hayes, but fortunately got an inkling of his true character in time. While on the diggings with a brother, an attempt was made to rob them of their gold, but the plan was frustrated. One of the would be robbers was subsequently identified as a member of the Burgess gang. Mr Smith did his full share of pioneering work, and on several occasions was instrumental in saving life from drowning. He was a keen student of nature and a collector of Maori curios.

Children of Sarah and George Frederick SMITH
1871 Smith Walter Cooper
1879 Smith Annie Maria
1875 Smith Rachel Lapaye
1870 Smith Louisa Jane
1873 Smith Elizabeth Mary
1868 Smith William Robert
1872 Smith Minnie Alice
1866 Smith Frederick Cooper

Timaru Herald, 5 September 1916, Page 9 Mr ISAAC SMITH
The late Mr Isaac Smith, who died at Temuka on Sunday morning, 3rd Sept., was born at Sandown, Isle of Wight, in 1853. He came to New Zealand in the Blairgowrie in 1875 and reached Timaru by surf-boat. Arrived at Temuka, he lived for a while with his sister, Elizabeth, Mrs Henry Voyce. [Elizabeth SMITH d/o of William SMITH and Elizabeth (Betsy) DRAKE, came out on the Crusader to Lyttelton in 1874 with 5 children] He was employed by the railway as a platelayer until three years before his death. While in this employment he helped to form the railway between Temuka and Timaru. He had been connected with the Temuka Presbyterian Sunday School for 38 years, and was superintendent for 35 years before his death. He was a diligent worker for the Sunday School, and his loss will, be felt keenly. He was a member also of the School Committee and the Presbyterian Church. He leaves four sons and five daughters to mourn their loss. He was very popular with all with whom he came in contact, and his death is keenly felt by a large number of friends.

Blairgowrie sailed from London May 29th 1875 and arrived Lyttelton August 22nd 1875
Smith, Isaac 22 Hants Labourer and wife Harriet 22.

Children of  Harriet and Isaac Smith
1875 Rebecca Mary
1877 Charlotte Minnie
1878 Alice Jessie
1883 Horace John
1887 Stuart [I bequeath to Stuart my watch]

In 1895 Isaac Smith married Sarah Cain. Children of Sarah and Isaac SMITH:
1906 Smith Maddesrona Zepthina
1895 Smith William [I bequeath to William my two rings]
1902 Smith Samuel [I bequeath to Samuel my bicycle]
1907 Smith Enda Rhodesse
1898 Smith Fashoda

Isaac, beloved husband of Sarah Smith died Sep. 3rd 1916 aged 63 years. Also her infant daughter Enda Rhodessia died July 9th 1907 and of Sarah beloved wife of the above died Nov. 13th 1954 aged 82 years. At rest. Also in the same plot is Harriett Smith, date of interment 17 May 1890 aged 36.

Henry VOYCE b. 1841 in Colwall, Hereforshire, England died 11 June 1926 in Temuka aged 85. He married Elizabeth SMITH, daughter of William SMITH and Elizabeth (Betsy) DRAKE. Elizabeth died 9th Aug. 1922 aged 79 years. Rosina Rebecca died 12 April 1922 buried Temuka Cemetery. The family arrived at Lyttelton 31 Dec. 1874 on the Crusader. Henry 33 a platelayer from Oxford, Elizabeth 32, Lousia M. 9, Rosina R. aged 7, William aged 5, Henry aged 4, Jessie (f) aged 3 and Edith aged 9 months. William SMITH was born Abt. 1805 in Ryde, Isle Of Wight, Hampshire, England. He married Elizabeth (Betsy) DRAKE on 12 Jun 1830 in Brading, Hampshire, England.

Timaru Herald, 3 September 1909, Page 7 MR J. H. SMITH
The death occurred at Christchurch on Tuesday of Mr J. H. Smith who had been for some years a master at the Christchurch Boys' High School, and who was for some time assistant master at the Timaru Boys' School. Mr Smith, says the "Press." was in Christchurch in 1863, and educated in this city, and spent most of his life here. He entered as a pupil of the Boys' High School at the age of thirteen years, when it was founded in 1881. He was one of the first holders of a Junior University scholarship. He took his M.A. degree with first class honours in Greek and Latin. Later on he was appointed assistant master at Timaru Boys' High School under Mr G. Hogben. In 1894 he was appointed assistant master at his old school. ... His disposition made him a great favourite with the boys, and with his fellow-teachers also he was very popular. He leaves a widow, a daughter of the late E.G Kerr, of Timaru.

Press, 6 August 1900, Page 2 Mr J. L. Smith
It is with regret we record the death of Mr J. L. Smith, of the Ashburton railway station staff, which took place suddenly during the past week at his mother's residence, Tinwald. He was for many years in the booking office at the Christchurch station, and was afterwards goods' clerk at Timaru. He was well known in athletic circles, being at one time a foremost member of both the Canterbury and South Canterbury Amateur Athletic clubs, and having in 1898 represented the former club at the championships at Wanganui, and in 1899 the South Canterbury club at Dunedin. He was also a member of the Christchurch Football Club and the Colonial Football Club and Ancient Order of Druids at Timaru. The high respect in which he was held by those who knew him was in some measure shown by the large number who attended his funeral at the Ashburton cemetery on Wednesday last, and by the many lovely wreaths sent from almost all parts of the colony.

Press, 9 August 1927, Page 7 Ex-Constable J. L. SMITH
Ex-Constable J. L. Smith, who was well and favourably known in the Timaru and Temuka districts, passed away at Temuka late on Saturday evening. The late Mr Smith was born, at Kaitangata 47 years ago, and prior to leaving that district was employed in the mines. At the age of 25 he joined the police force, his first station being Invercargill. From there he was transferred to Timaru, where he was stationed for a number of years. He then saw service in Temuka and Brunnerton, after which he returned to Waimataitai. After a few years he was transferred to St. Hilda, and about a year ago he was superannuated on account of ill-health, after having completed 21 years' service. The late Mr Smith recently settled, in Temuka. He leaves a widow and children to mourn their loss. 

Press, 9 October 1928, Page 14 MR JAMES SMITH
Mr James Smith whose death occurred at his residence, Payne street, Rangiora, at the age of 80 years, has a long connexion with the town and had been a useful member of the community. He was born in Newlands, Gloucestershire, England, and went to sea at the age of 12 years. He rose to the office of captain, but in 1876 he ended his seafaring life to settle in Rangiora. After being in business for some time he entered the employ of the Borough Council as foreman of works, a position he filled for 23 years, and as borough inspector for another live years when, owing to his health failing, he retired. ...He was married in 1876 to Miss Catherine Murfitt, who survives him. They had a family of. six sons and eight daughters, namely: Messrs L. and M. Smith (Rangiora) J. R. Smith (Pleasant Point), G. Smith (Wanganui), G. S. Smith (Hamilton), Mrs McNab and Mrs Vaughan (Takapau), Mrs J. Thompson and Mrs T. Thompson (Rangiora), Mrs G. Power (Kaiapoi), Mrs Sommerville (Napier), and Miss B. Smith (Rangiora). The funeral, which will be a fireman's, will take place to-morrow afternoon.

Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, AWNS-19171129-40-8 SMITH, Lieutenant Albert D., killed in action, aged 23, was a son of Mr Robert Smith of High Street, Waimate. Previous to enlisting he had served his time as a chemist. He left for camp a year ago last January and left with the 14th Reinforcements. He was sent to France, where he was wounded on 16 November 1916. He had a broken ankle. After a few months he got his promotion as first lieutenant. [AWN 22.11.1917] The Waimate Museum and Archives hold photographs of Albert Smith and his family, artwork by Albert, his sword and scabbard, a Memorial Plaque, a NZEF Certificate of Service, and his British War Medal. The South Canterbury museum has a good photo of him online.

Press, 5 October 1933, Page 17 Mr. R.Y. SMITH  [Robert Young Smith aged 68]
The death occurred recently (18 Sept. 1933) at his residence, High street, Waimate of a respected and old resident of the town in Mr R. Y. Smith at the age of 66 years. He was born at Waitahuna, Otago in 1857 and spent his early years in that province, going to Waimate in 1867. Though of a retiring nature Mr Smith was keenly interested in the welfare of the town and district. He was an ardent angler, and fished the Waitaki river season after season for 45 years. Before going to Waimate he lived in Oamaru, where he took a keen interest in the acclimatisation of fish and game, being a member of the combined Waitaki - Waimate Acclimatisation Society. Upon going to Waimate he became a member of the Waimate society at its inception more than 20 years ago and helped to further the work of game acclimatisation right up to the time of his death. He was also a keen rifle shot and was a member of the volunteer rifles, both in Oamaru and Waimate, attaining the rank of sergeant, and also gaining the long service medal, his total service amounting to 27 years. He was an honorary member of the Volunteer Fire Brigade for 25 years and of the Loyal Heart of Friendship Lodge of Oddfellows. He leaves a widow (Mary Ann Smith) and a family of seven daughters and-one son—Miss D. Smith (Waimate), Mrs Alexander Bringans (Darfield), Mrs H. Dodd (Timaru), Mrs O'Daniels (Christchurch), and Misses H. and L. Smith (Waimate), and Mr R Smith (Waimate). The oldest son, Lieutenant A. D. Smith, was killed in the Great War.

Mary Ann Sinclair GUNN married Robert Young SMITH in 1893. Children:
1894 Smith Albert David  KIA 12 October 1917 Tyne Cot Memorial, Tyne Cot Cemetery,  Belgium
1895 Smith Hilda Agnes
1898 Smith Bertha Winifred
1900 Smith Vera Annie
1902 Smith Lily Mary
1905 Smith Ina Margaret
1906 Smith Robert Sinclair
1907 Smith Dorothy Marion
missing one name

Robert Young Smith, a painter, of Oamaru, who has a branch business in Waimate, was bankrupt 8 May 1905. By 1910 he was the ranger in Waimate. His son Albert joined the NZEF and left from Wellington, bound for England, on 26th June 1916. His parents were Robert Young Smith and Mary Ann Smith of 180 High Street, Waimate. Albert was the eldest of nine children. He was a keen member of the Cadets while at school and at a young age became an officer in the Territorials, the CYC. 14716 Lieutenant Albert Smith was killed in action on 12th October 1917, at the age of 23 years, while serving with the 1st Battalion, 3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade, NZEF, "C" Company, in Ypres, Belgium. Reported to G.H.Q. 2nd Army. Albert is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial, Tyne Cot Cemetery, Zonnebeke, Belgium. He was born 19 April 1894 in Riversdale.  Spent 2 years with the 2nd S.C. Reg. He was a chemist assistant for F. Akhurst, Waimate. He was a Methodist. 6' 156lbs. Wounded in action 2 Dec. 1916 admitted Aust. CCS. Promoted to Lieutenant 15 July 1917. Rejoined unit 1 Sept. 1917. Killed in action 12 Oct. 1917 in the field, Belgium.

Mary Ann Smith died 27 September 1947, aged 80, Presbyterian, buried Waimate 757X
Harold Richard Pugh of St. Andrews, grocer and Charles Thomas of Waimate, labourer, the executors. She bequeaths to her daughter Dorothy Marion Pugh of St. Andrews, married woman her piano. To her daughter Lilly May Gillam of Morrinsville, married woman, her wireless set. To her daughter Jessie May Bringans of Darfield, married woman, her double bed. Allowed Hilda Agnes Jackson (married William Robert Jackson in 1947) to have free use income occupation and enjoyment thereof during her lifetime subject to her paying all rent rates taxes interest insurance premiums and other outgoings usually payable out of income from time to time in connection therewith (except the repairing and renovating of the dwelling house being part of my residuary estate. M.J. Witness Denholm (Myrtle Josephine Denholm), Domestic Servant of Waimate. E. Kelly (Ellen Kelly) Domestic servant. Mr W.F. Boland, Counsel (William Frederick Boland).

Star 3 January 1899, Page 3
Timaru, Jan. 3. Mr W. Smith, who has been for thirty five years in the postal and telegraph service, died this morning, aged forty-eight. He was employed for most of the term at Temuka and Timaru, and was a respected officer. He leaves a widow and five children.  

Children of Marianne Josephine and William SMITH born:
1893 Smith Marianne Fortune
1896 Smith Dorothy Ferguslie
1897 Smith Marguerita Ferguslie

Timaru Cemetery: In memory of William Smith, Marianne Smith and Rita Fergulie.
In the same plot:
Smith, Dorothy Ferguslie 69 Years 1 Mar 1965
Smith, Marguerita Ferguslie 9 Oct 1927
Smith, Marianne Fortune 84 Years 6 Sep 1977
Smith, Mary Anne Josephine 86 Years 9 Aug 1950
Smith, William 48 Years 3 Jan 1899

Smith had an uncle —very ill—
Expressed a wish to make his will:
"Leave everything to you, my boy.”
Smith struggled to conceal his joy

Probate Records  online - 50 names studied. Only two made their mark. Catherine and a William Smith, everyone else signed.
TU25/1874 SMITH Charles - Geraldine - Gardener
TU40/1876 SMITH Edward - Timaru - Contractor
TU65/1878 SMITH Charles - Winchester - Farmer
TU69/1878 SMITH Mark - Timaru - Farmer
TU170/1883 SMITH John - Waimate - Labourer
TU306/1891 SMITH Ebenezer - Timaru - Coal Merchant
TU425/1896 SMITH Andrew - Hook - Farmer
TU443/1897 SMITH John - Temuka - Hairdresser
TU512/1899 SMITH William - Timaru - P.O. Clerk
TU520/1899 SMITH Thomas - Timaru - Railway Employee
TU566/1901 SMITH Robert Edward - Timaru - Farrier
TU748/1905 SMITH John Hancocks - Timaru - Blacksmith
TU822/1906 SMITH Robert - Timaru - Gentleman Surveyor
TU830/1907 SMITH Louisa - Winchester - Married Woman
TU909/1908 SMITH William - Southburn near Timaru - Farmer
TU075/1910 SMITH John William - Timaru - Labourer
TU115/1910 SMITH John - Kingsdown - Farmer
TU369/1912 SMITH Andrew - Waimate - Farmer
TU376/1912 SMITH Thomas - Timaru - Surveyor
TU396/1913 SMITH William - Laghmor - Gardener
TU403/1913 SMITH William - Tycho Flat - Farmer
TU534/1914 SMITH Furneaux - Geraldine
TU601/1914 SMITH Sarah Louisa - Timaru - Widow
TU604/1914 SMITH Agnes - Timaru - Widow
TU631/1914 SMITH Margaret - Waitawa
TU678/1915 SMITH Margaret Ann - Timaru - Widow
TU705/1915 SMITH Matthew - Waimate - Printer/Jrnlst
TU758/1915 SMITH Ernest - Timaru - Railway Clerk
TU874/1916 SMITH William Henry - Fairlie - Labourer
TU880/1916 SMITH Clementina - Gleniti - wife of Chas M.
TU886/1916 SMITH John Rose - Timaru - Borough Inspt
TU919/1916 SMITH George Arthur Edward - Ashburton - Mercantile Clerk
TU1056/1917 SMITH Elizabeth - Waimate - Widow
TU958/1917  SMITH Samuel Richard - Geraldine - Soldier
TU1084/1917 SMITH Albert - Coal Creek & Pleasant Pt - Farmer
TU1103/1917 SMITH William (elder) - Waimate - Groom
TU1104/1917 SMITH William (younger) - Waimate - Labourer
TU1211/1918 SMITH Robert - Timaru - Farmer
TU1259/1918 SMITH James - Fairlie - Carrier
TU1344/1919 SMITH Robert Lemuel - Geraldine - Labourer
TU1405/1919 SMITH Robert - Morven - Farmer
TU1936/1922 SMITH Frederick - Timaru - Retired Farmer
TU2034/1923 SMITH Jane - Timaru - wife of Richard
TU2812/1927 SMITH Gideon Anderson - Timaru - Retired Farmer
TU2839/1927 SMITH Richard - Timaru - Labourer
TU2981/1928 SMITH James - Timaru - Retired Farmer
TU3351/1931 SMITH Matthew - Seadown - Farmer. Died at Temuka 7 March 1931. Widow Cecilia Smith.
TU3438/1931 Record Missing SMITH Arthur - Pleasant Point - Farmer
TU3555/1932 SMITH Thomas Langley - Timaru - Fisherman
TU3755/1933 BURGESS Sarah Smith - Timaru - Wife of John T.
TU3766/1933 SMITH Robert Young - Waimate - Painter
TU3862/1934 SMITH George Thomas - Waimate - Mechanic d. 26 May 1934
TU3891/1934 SMITH George - Temuka - Farmer (George Burnside Smith) (died 12 July 1934)
TU3918/1934 SMITH Mary - Albury - Married Woman
TU4002/1935 SMITH William - Timaru - Retired Gardener
TU4049/1935 SMITH Moulds - Totara Valley - Farmer
TU4112/1935 SMITH Constance Mary S - Temuka - Married Woman
TU4237/1936 SMITH William Simpson - Levels Timaru - Farmer d. at Seacliff 16 May 1936. 2nd April 1925 Elizabeth Rosa Smith his wife divorced Wm S. Smith on the ground Wm was a person of unsound mind and unlikely to recover and had been continuously for the period of seven years immediately preceding. Elizabeth since married Edward Albert Trembath of Waimate, mill owner. Brother Leslie John Smith of Rosewill.
TU4292/1936 SMITH Francis Henry - Waratah near Albury - Sheepfarmer
TU4332/1936 INNES John Smith - Haldon - Runholder
TU4359/1936 SMITH Henry James - Pareora - Farmer d. 22 July 1936. Wife Marjorie Majuba Smith
TU4503/1937 Record Missing SMITH George - Fairlie/Lake Tekapo - Boardinghouse Keeper
TU4701/1938 SMITH Marjorie Majuba - Otipua near Timaru - Widow.  d. 9 August 1938. Neville Thomas Bell is a cousin of the late Henry James Smith, the husband of said deceased.
TU4865/1939 SMITH Mary - Timaru - Spinster
TU4917/1939 SMITH Jessie - Timaru - wife of William W
TU4986/1939 SMITH Frederick George - Timaru - Warehouseman
TU5295/1941 SMITH Charles - Pleasant Point - Clerk  
 TU5394/1941 SMITH Eva Alice - Timaru - Married Woman  
 TU5216/1941 SMITH John - Waimate - Retired Farmer  
 TU5222/1941 SMITH Mary Ann - Otaio - Widow 
 TU5537/1942 SMITH Cecilia - Temuka - Widow  
 TU5505/1942 SMITH Francis Edwin - Fairview - Farmer  [PGG executor of will - Maurice Ballantyne Warren]
  TU6048/1944 SMITH Bessie Jane - Timaru - Widow 
 TU6103/1944 SMITH Clara - Timaru - Married Woman 
 TU6085/1944 SMITH Elizabeth - Geraldine - Widow 
 TU6070/1944 SMITH George Arthur Evans - Winchester - Farmer/Soldier 
 TU6054/1944 SMITH George Edward - HMS Neptune - Electrical Artificer 
 TU6121/1944 SMITH John Kinnison - Timaru/Lawrence - Retired 
 TU6234/1944 SMITH John Linton - Waimate - Grocer 
  TU5996/1944 SMITH Mary Ann - Ashburton - Married Woman 
  TU6208/1944 SMITH Mary Ann - Timaru - Spinster 
  TU6081/1944 SMITH Mary Jane - Winchester - Widow 
  TU6038/1944 SMITH Mary Wood - Ashburton - Widow 
  TU6127/1944 SMITH William James Munro - Seadown - Farmer d. 11 Aug. 1944. Born Seadown. Presbyterian.  [Spouse Eva Cole Smith] [Brother Matthew John Smith of Clandeboye]
  TU6507/1945 SMITH Annie Georgina - Tinwald - Widow 
 TU6422/1945 SMITH Fanny - Timaru - Widow 
  TU6407/1945 SMITH Harriett Blanchard - Temuka - wife of Albert E 
  TU6493/1945 Record Missing SMITH William Tayler - Hakataramea Downs - Sheepfarmer 
  TU6769/1946 SMITH James Hardy - Timaru - Retired Farmer 
 TU6560/1946 SMITH Janet Wallace - Temuka - Widow 
 TU6763/1946 SMITH John - Timaru - Labourer 
 TU6578/1946 SMITH Kate Elizabeth Sarah - Timaru - Widow 
 TU6773/1946 SMITH William - Orari - Labourer 
 TU6660/1946 SMITH William Tayler - Hakataramea Downs - Sheepfarmer 
 TU6789/1947 SMITH Edward Percival - Pareora - Flying Officer RNZAF 
 TU6804/1947 SMITH James - Waimate - Public Workers Foreman 
 TU6829/1947 SMITH Louisa - Fairlie - Widow  died in Timaru 28th Feb. 1947. Daughter: Gladys Lilian Black wife of Walter George Black, stock agent, Fairlie.
 TU6974/1947 SMITH Mary Ann - Waimate - Widow 
 TU6958/1947 SMITH Walter - Timaru - Retired Company Manager 
 TU6892/1947 SMITH William James Richard - Ashburton - Casual Labour 
 TU7076/1948 PARKS-SMITH Ethel Eleanor - "Tosau" Corowa NSW - 
 TU7175/1948 SMITH Alexander Searle - Fairlie - Farmer 
TU7390/1949 SMITH John Raymond - Temuka/Masterton - Student/RNZAF 
TU7350/1949 SMITH Matilda - Timaru - Married Woman 
TU7335/1949 SMITH William - Gleniti - Labourer 
TU7452/1949 SMITH Simon Andrew - Waimate - Labourer
TU7880/1950 SMITH Edward Alexander - Hakataramea - Sheepfarmer
TU8004/1951 SMITH Christina Cormack - Timaru - Widow
TU8016/1951 SMITH Muriel Cordelia - Temuka - wife of Robert E
TU8271/1951 SMITH Christina Campbell B - Timaru - Widow
TU8416/1952 SMITH Eva Cole - Timaru - Widow
TU8439/1952 SMITH David John - Washdyke - Retired Woolbuyer
TU8523/1952 PILLIDGE Charles Smith - Pleasant Point/Timaru - Retired Farmer
TU8549/1952 SMITH John Henry - Timaru - Retired
TU8601/1952 SMITH William Joseph - Pleasant Point - Contractor
TU8646/1952 SMITH Robert Henry - Timaru - Salesman
 TU111/1953 SMITH Hay Taylor - Hakataramea - Farmer 
 TU255/1953 SMITH James Hardie - Timaru - Labourer 
TU73/1953 SMITH Mary - Wellington - Widow  
TU190/1953 SMITH Robert Evans - Temuka - Retired Farmer 
 TU343/1954 SMITH Crissie Agnes - Timaru - Spinster 
 TU76/1954 SMITH Dorothy Roder - Timaru - Married Woman 
 TU348/1955 SMITH Joseph - Dunedin/Timaru - Railway Servant  
 TU172/1955 SMITH Thomas James - Timaru - Engineer  
 TU287/1955 SMITH Walter Henry - Temuka - Storekeeper 
 TU363/1956 SMITH James Albert - Timaru - Storekeeper  
 TU152/1956 SPENCER-SMITH Drummond C H - Essex, England - Baronet 
 TU263/1957 SMITH Arthur Herbert - Timaru - Pensioner  
 TU301/1957 SMITH Catherine - Timaru - Widow 
 TU233/1957 SMITH Furneaux - Temuka - Retired Nurseryman  
 TU55/1957 SMITH Mary - Timaru - Widow  
 TU40/1957 SMITH Stuart - Temuka - Labourer  
 TU171/1958 SMITH Albert Edward - Temuka - Retired Merchant  
 TU326/1958 SMITH Donald - Orari - War Pensioner  
 TU339/1958 SMITH Frank - Timaru - Billiard Saloon Proprietor  
 TU220/1958 SMITH Frank Sylvester - Fairview - Labourer 
 TU300/1958 SMITH Ida - Timaru - Married Woman  
 TU360/1958 SMITH John - Pleasant Point - Farm Worker  
 TU43/1958 SMITH John William Gerald Arthur - Timaru - Retired Butcher  
 TU463/1958 SMITH Thomas Alfred - Ashburton - Labourer  
 TU406/1958 ZIESLER John William Smith - Timaru - Commission Agent  
 TU193/1959 ANDERSON Agnes Ellen Smith - Timaru - Widow  
 TU129/1959 SMITH Annie Elizabeth - Temuka - wife of Francis J  
 TU204/1959 SMITH Arthur - Pleasant Point - Farmer  
 TU41/1959 SMITH Clara Millicent - Temuka - Married Woman  
 TU459/1959 SMITH Evelyn - Pleasant Point - Married Woman 
  TU151/1959 SMITH Mary - Waimate - Widow 
 TU331/1959 SMITH Mary Teresa - Waimate - Widow 
 TU145/1960 SMITH Dora Amelia - Flemington - Widow 
 TU22/1960 SMITH Elizabeth Ann - Waimate - Widow
TU222/1960 SMITH Henry Moulds - Totara Valley - Retired Farmer  
 TU168/1960 SMITH Mark Lawrence - Four Peaks, Geraldine - Farmer  
 TU206/1960 SMITH William John - Timaru - Railway Driver  
 TU90/1960 SPENCER-SMITH Thomas C H - Essex England - Baronet  
TU480/1961 SMITH Margaret - Timaru - Married Woman  
TU469/1961 SMITH Mary Ann - Waimate - Widow
 TU428/1961 SMITH Robert Henry Stephen - Upper Waitohi, Pleasant Point - Sheepfarmer  
TU133/1961 SMITH William James Tayler - Cave - Farmer  
TU392/1961 TALBOT Leonard Smith - Timaru - Medical Practitioner 
TU131/1961 WALLACE Margaret Smith - Timaru - Widow  
TU63/1962 SMITH Myra Holland - Waimate - wife of Andrew Plomer 
TU163/1962 SMITH Philip Flood - Arno - Farmer 
TU16/1962 SMITH William - Waimate - Retired Farmer 
TU218/1963 SMITH Albert John Vaux - Timaru - Grocers Assistant 
TU355/1963 SMITH Albert Neil - Waimate - Cartage Contractor 
 TU117/1963 SMITH Beeken - Winchester - Retired 
 TU113/1963 SMITH Bertie Thomas - Timaru - Labourer 
 TU323/1963 SMITH Francis Joseph - Temuka - Labourer 
 TU23/1963 SMITH Nellie - Timaru - Manageress 
 TU236/1963 SMITH Thomas David - Geraldine/Arundel - Retired Farmer 
 TU229/1964 SMITH Alice - Waimate - Widow  
TU124/1964 SMITH Dulcie Joan - Fairlie - Married Woman  
TU109/1964 SMITH Kate Alice - Timaru - Widow  
TU314/1965 SMITH Albert Douglas R - Geraldine - Retired Farmer 
TU147/1965 SMITH Cecil Henry - Timaru - Draper Assistant  
TU299/1965 SMITH Elizabeth Vida - Pleasant Point - Married Woman. d. 21st July 1965. Allan Beattie Smith and Bruce Edwin Smith both of Albury, farmers. Daughter Marion Donella Davie.  Florence Joyce Besley married Bruce Smith after the war. Bruce farmed up Richardson's Road, and was a Lancaster pilot during the war. Joyce died 2 Aug. 1991 aged 74. Bruce Edwin Smith R.N.Z.A.F.425947 Fg. Off. DFC died 19 Oct. 2007 aged 92. Both buried at Albury. Allan Beattie Smith married Doris Eleanor Wisley in 1942.
 TU341/1965 SMITH Ellen Catherine - Timaru - Spinster  d. 20 June 1965. Sisters Janet Ann Smith, Crissie Agnes Smith, Isobel Weiklejohn Smith and Williamina Scott (widow) of Dunedin.
 TU97/1965 SMITH George Taylor - Waimate - Retired Farmer 
 TU462/1965 WATSON Jessie Smith - Timaru - Spinster 
  TU10/1966 SMITH Isaac Hairsine - Albury/Waimate - Retired Farmer 
  TU150/1966 SMITH Leonard Gordon - Timaru - Retired Farmer 
  TU90/1966 SMITH Madge - Waimate - Widow 
 TU133/1966 SMITH Sarah Clarke - Timaru - Married Woman. w/o Leonard Gordon Smith of Timaru, retired farmer. 
TU391/1966 SMITH Wallace - Timaru - Farmer 
 TU447/1966 SMITH William George Warren - Timaru - Lorry Driver 
 TU31/1967 SMITH Alexander - Waimate - Horse Trainer  
 TU340/1967 SMITH Joseph Pentland - Timaru - Retired Farmer 
 TU508/1968 RUSSELL William Smith - Waimate - Company Director 
TU289/1968 SMITH Charles Christopher - Waimate - Labourer  
TU6/1968 SMITH Charles Frederick - Timaru - Branch Manager  
TU80/1968 SMITH Harry - Waimate - Retired Grocer  
TU190/1968 SMITH Iain Leonard - Timaru - Storeman  
TU224/1969 SMITH Charles Hay - Temuka - Labourer  
TU241/1969 SMITH Eveline Camelia - Timaru - Widow  
TU180/1969 SMITH James Garner - Timaru - Company Director  
TU453/1969 SMITH Mavis Catherine - Timaru - Married  
TU373/1970 CLOW James - Timaru - Smith  
TU334/1970 SMITH Dorothy - Geraldine - Widow  
TU406/1970 SMITH Margaret Gwendoline J - Timaru - Married  
TU193/1970 SMITH Mary Gladys - Waimate - Widow 
 TU91/1970 SMITH Walter Ralfe - Timaru - Company Manager 
 TU43/1971 CURR William Smith - Timaru - Storekeeper 
  TU54/1971 HOGG John Henry Smith - Timaru - Hotelkeeper 
 TU428/1971 LEE-SMITH Alfred Francis - Timaru - Electrical Engineer 
 TU212/1971 SMITH Edward Henry - Timaru - Labourer  
TU62/1971 SMITH George Frederick L - Timaru - Motor Mechanic  
TU13/1971 SMITH George Robert - Timaru - Retired  
TU170/1971 SMITH John Saunders - Winchester - Pensioner 
 TU262/1971 SMITH Leslie John - Timaru - Farmer 
 TU220/1971 SMITH Ronald James - Pareora - Woolclasser  
TU308/1971 SMITH Violet Mary - Timaru - Married 
 TU35/1972 KEEFFE Alexander Bruce Smith - Geraldine - War Pensioner  
TU47/1972 SMITH Margaret Elsie - Timaru - Married  
TU232/1972 SMITH Susan Currie - Waimate - Widow  
 TU156/1972 SMITH William - Timaru - War Pensioner  
TU213/1972 SMITH William Lawrence - Timaru/Temuka - Retired  
TU401/1972 SMITH William Leslie - Timaru - Storeman  
 TU20/1973 CAMPBELL Thomas Smith - Fairview - Retired Farmer  
TU29/1973 SMITH George Huntley - Timaru - Salesman  
TU203/1973 SMITH Janet Martha - Timaru - Widow 
 TU494/1973 SMITH Leonard Allan - Twizel - Overseer 
 TU445/1973 SMITH Victor George - Geraldine - Joiner 
 TU136/1973 SMITH Weldon Richard - Timaru - Flat Proprietor

Albert Smith of Coal Creek/Pleasant Point - Farmer was born at Fairfold in the county of Gloucestershire in England. Wife Mary Ann Smith. Sons Francis Edwin Smith and Raymond Albert Smith both of Coal Creek aforesaid farmers, my said Trustees to sell and convert into money such part of my estate and property as shall not consist of money as and when they shall in their discretion deem it most expedient so to do either by public auction, private sale or otherwise in such manner as they shall think fit and to stand possessed of the proceeds of such sale and conversion and of such part of my personal property.... Charlotte Searles. Mary Ann smith the other Executor named in the will died at Pleasant Point on the 18 December 1916. Albert Smith died at Timaru 3rd October 1917. Raymond Albert Smith was born at Albury. Francis Edwin Smith was born at Pleasant Point. 

Arthur Smith of Temuka was born at Roxburgh in Otago. Witness on will for Peter Johnson who was born in the Shetland Islands, Scotland. Feb. 1917.

Gideon Anderson Smith formerly of Temuka and of Sawyers Bay, Otago, retired farmer. Died at Timaru 28 day August 1927 aged 83 [b. 1844]. Buried at Temuka Row 80 plot 559. Deceased was born at "Islesburgh," North Mavin in Shetland Isles, Scotland. His son Arthur Smith was born at Roxburgh, Otago. Gideon married Christine Campbell Black ELLIOT in 1892.  She was born March 12th 1865 and died in Timaru Dec. 9th 1951. Agnes nee Crossan, the first wife of Gideon, and Gideon Anderson Smith had:
1868 Smith Arthur in NZ
1870 Smith John Crossan d. 1939 aged 69
1872 Smith Agnes Smith m. Laurence Dalzill of Tuapeka on 7 June 1905 at Bald Hill Flat. John C. Smith. her brother, gave her away.
Agnes died in childbirth on 15 December 1873 at Coal Creek, Mount Benger. Manslaughter charge against doctor.

At the Temuka Cemetery Plot 80 row 577.
Arthur Smith born Islesburgh, Shetland. July 28th 1866. Died Timaru Aug. 1st. 1931 aged 65 also his wife Georgina Taylor born Edinburgh June 8 1864 died pleasant Point Jan 20th 1950. and their daughter Charlotte Sinclair Cargill (Lottie) wife of Arthur Weir Cargill 30-10-1903 - 7-8-1992.
George Ferguson Smith born Shethland 4-3-1899 and died Dunedin 3-1-1975 aged 85 husband of Elise Oscaria  nee Warren 17-1-1904 - 22-4-1992.
John, eldest son of the late Arthur & Georgina Smith born Islesburgh, Shetland 25th Oct. 1893, died Timaru 20th Sept. 1958.

Otago Witness 6 February 1907, Page 35
Mr Gideon Smith, late of Teviot Downs, with Mrs Smith and their son, Mr Arthur Smith, are on a visit to the district, on the way to the Old Country. Mr Smith, it may be remembered, sold- out last spring to a Mr Rodgers, of Queenstown. Since that time he and his wife and son have visited the North Island, Canterbury, etc. They have now returned to see their many friends before leaving for the Old Country, where they intend to spend the winter, or rather summer. They all look well, and are quite pleased with their trip, but they reckon, the Teviot district is as good as any part of the colony. Our hearty good wishes go with the party, who deserve a real good time. Mr Smith was born in the Shetland Islands, and came to this district when a young man. By thrift, and good judgment he earned competence for himself. Mrs Smith, who is a daughter of the late Mr Mathew Elliot, of Mount Benger Station, was born in this district, as was also their son Arthur.

Otago Witness 5 February 1908, Page 59
Mr Gideon Smith's 12-14 Argyll is at present being garaged at Mr S. R. Stedman's. Mr Smith bought this car when on a recent journey Home, and after touring Scotland with his brother ,in it brought it out to New Zealand. He has since travelled over a lot of Otago country in the Argyll.

Mt Benger Mail, 11 April 1917, Page 3
Official advice was received by Mr Robert M. Smith, Coal Creek, last week, that his eldest son Private Gideon Smith was killed in action in France on March 24th. Private Gideon Smith, who left New Zealand with the 15th Reinforcements, was a native of Roxburgh, where he lived until the family removed to Coal Creek some years ago. The deceased soldier took an active part in Lodge affairs occupying the position of First Chief Ranger of the Forresters' Lodge, Court Roxburgh, and in former years was well known in local Rugby circles, being a member of the Coal Creek fifteen.

Charles Smith, farmer, late of Winchester, NZ died 15 July 1878 aged 44. Interned 16th July, Geraldine Cemetery, free ground, no headstone. Sister is Sarah Leegood wife of Samuel Leegood of Lewis Street, Westbourne Square, London. Brother John Smith of Cradley Heath Staffordshire, England. Executors Robert Smith, blacksmith and Richard Turnbull, auctioneer. Mr Arthur Ormsby solicitor Timaru will apply for probate.

Timaru Herald, 16 July 1878, Page 2
Smith - At Smithfield, Winchester, on 15th July, Charles Smith, aged 49 years.

Charles Michael Smith married Clementina Gosling in 1878. Children:
1879 Smith Muriel Margaret m. Harold Desmond Bailey in 1914.
1881 Smith Helen Isabel m. John Digby Percival MEE in 1904.

Clementina Smith nee Gosling wife of Charles Michael Smith of Gleniti near Timaru, farmer. He named his 48 hectares (118 acres) property "Apsley,"  which was on the north side of Wai-iti Rd and west what is now Mountain View Rd. Ownership passed to Bernard Howard Tripp who added a storey to the house and renamed it 'Orielton." The property was subdivided December 1878. Charles Michael Smith was born at Bangalore, a fortress town in India to the son of a Scottish doctor in the Indian army whose father had also lived in India. Smith came from Inverness to NZ in the 1870s.  Probate granted to Muriel Margaret Bailey, born Timaru wife of Harold Desmond Bailey (b. Sinla, India) of Gleniti, farmer, married (marriage certificate in will) June 10 1914 in the house of Charles Michael Smith, Timaru and Helen Isabel Mee, wife of John Percival Digby Mee of Levels, farmer the executors in the said Will and Testament named. Clementina was born in Christchurch, NZ and died 25 July 1916, resided at Timaru. Gladys Clarke formerly of Timaru but now of Sydney, spinster the other subscribing witness. Lucy Watrett Reid. C.M. Smith
Timaru Cemetery Row 11, plot 260. No headstone.
Smith, C M 82 Years 15 Dec 1927 interment date
Smith, Clementina 28 Jul 1916 interment date

Timaru Herald, 16 July 1892, Page 2
Smith — Mee. On July 12th, at St. Mary's Church, by the Ven. Archdeacon Harper, Charles Overton Smith, New Plymouth, to Mary Ellen, eldest daughter, of John Mee, Timaru.

Children of Mary Ellen and Charles Overton Smith:
1893 Smith John Hanson Overton
1895 Smith Madge Overton
1901 Smith Ida Overton

SMITH, John Overton - WW1 8/2317 - Army
1st. O.I.B. ex Samoan Adv. Rank: Private to 2/Lt.
Occupation: Warehouseman.
NOK: Chas. Overton Smith, No. 6 Ridings Rd, Remuera, Auckland also Madge Smith, Carven School, Palmerston North.
Cpl. J.O. Smith, Otago Infantry Battalion wounded 5 Dec. 1916 (Chas. O. Smith, 9 Maunsel Rd, Parnell) Field engineers.
Evening Post 17 January 1918 Page 7 FOR COMMISSIONS NOMINATED IN THE FIELD Sgt. J. O. Smith, 8/2317; C.S.M.
Discharged 27 Sept. 1919.

New Zealand Herald 15 September 1915 Page 9 PRIVATE OVERTON SMITH.
News has been received by Mr. Overton Smith, of Ponsonby, that his son, Private Overton Smith, has been invalided to St. Thomas's' Hospital, England, from the Dardanelles. The information was conveyed by a private cable, Private Overton Smith's name having not yet figured in any departmental list of invalided men. Private Overton Smith, who is 22 years of age, was born in Taranaki and received part of his education at King's College. He was in Germany for some years, and his knowledge of the language served him in good stead when in Samoa with the first Expeditionary Force. He acted as official interpreter for some time, before he returned to New Zealand to join the fourth reinforcements.

Otago Daily Times 21 July 1923 Page 14 FIRST TO ENLIST, SENTENCED IN SYDNEY.
SYDNEY, July 11. The son of an Auckland business man, said to have been the first man to enlist in the New Zealand Expeditionary Force in the great war, John Overton Smith, aged 30, pleaded guilty at the Quarter Sessions yesterday to two charges of having forged and uttered orders for the delivery of goods. Mr Abigail, who appeared for the defence, said that Smith’s order of enlistment in the New Zealand Army was No. 1. In the early days of the war he served in Samoa, and afterwards on the battlefields of Europe. He was twice wounded, once gassed, once blown up, and had been laid up with pleurisy and enteric. From the ranks he had reached the position of temporary captain. In answer to Mr Abigail, the constable who had arrested Smith said that his inquiries had led him to the belief that Smith had been a dupe. In binding Smith over to come up for sentence if called upon, Judge Revan warned Smith that the arm of the law would be ready to act if he again lapsed.

ROTORUA, this day. A sad occurrence took place here yesterday afternoon when Mr. C. Overton Smith, draper and outfitter, collapsed and died almost immediately on the Rotorua bowling green. Dr. Bertram, who was soon in attendance, pronounced life extinct from heart failure, to attacks of which Mr. Smith was subject. The deceased gentleman, who was 67 years of age, arrived from Lincolnshire, England, 47 years ago, was in business in Auckland for many years, and came to Rotorua two years ago, where his wife died shortly afterwards. Mr. Smith was a member of the Remuera club before settling in Rotorua. The deceased gentleman leaves one son, J. Overton Smith, of Rotorua, and two daughters, Mrs C. Fulton and Miss Overton Smith, of England. 

Edward Smith of Timaru, contractor died 13 Nov. 1875 at Timaru aged 48 years. Buried at Timaru Cemetery also his beloved daughter who departed this life December 20th 1868 aged 2 years and 8 months.  Has a headstone. Bequeath his real and personal estate unto William Bush of Timaru aforesaid contractor his executor. Wife Mary Smith. Patrick McIntyre of Timaru, Bachelor of Medicine. John William White of Timaru solicitor.

Ernest Smith, Timaru - Railway Clerk died 8th July 1915 at Trentham, Racecourse Hospital. Letters of Administration were granted to Charles Smith of Slater Street, St. Albans ward of the city of Christchurch, mail room clerk, brother. Mary Ann Smith of Linwood, Widow & Sophia Hitchings the wife of Alfred Edward Hitchings of Parkes Street, Woolston Bootmaker, George Smith of Grey Lynn, Auckland, bootmaker, Mary Helen Smith of Linwood, CHCH spinster, Elizabeth Gertrude Smith of Linwood, spinster and Alice Smith of Linwood CHCH, all being over the age of 21 years and being next of kin to the said Ernest. There where no other brothers or sisters of the said Ernest Smith deceased who predeceased him. The deceased left no debts. A.J. Malley, The Clerk of the Supreme Court Office, Timaru.

SMITH, Ernest - WW1 N/N - Army
Ernest was born 24 March 1889 at Opawa, Christchurch. Educated at Waltham School. After leaving school he joined the Railway dept as a cadet and was a long time in Christchurch as a telegraphist. He was transferred to Timaru. Resided at 1 Grey Rd, Timaru, worked of the N.Z. Railways, Timaru. Medical examined approved by D.D. Dryden, Timaru 4th May 1915. Enlisted 12th June 1915 at Trentham for the seventh reinforcements. Attested at Trentham 14 June 1915. He was 5' 10". 144lbs. C of E. Fair complexion, brown hair. Mrs M.A. Smith received the memorial Plaque 7 March 1923 at 550 Worcester St, ChCh. [there is absolutely nothing in his service record about how he died] [One doctor said malignant measles with pneumonia]

Sun, 10 July 1915, Page 1
SMITH.—On July 8, at Trentham Military Hospital, after a short illness, Ernest, youngest beloved son of Mrs and the late Mr A. G. Smith, 550 Worcester Street, Linwood. Deeply regretted. Late clerk Railways, Christchurch and Timaru.

Press, 10 July 1915, Page 6 THE LATE TROOPER E. SMITH.
Trooper Ernest Smith, who died at Trentham Camp on Friday, will be buried to-morrow. The funeral, which will be a military one, will leave his mother's residence, 550 Worcester street, at 2.30 p.m. for the Linwood Cemetery.

Dominion, 9 July 1915, Page 6 DEATH OF TWO MORE TROOPERS
Two troopers, Privates A. Clarke (Wellington) and E. Smith (Christchurch), died at the Trentham Hospital yesterday from complications following, on an attack of measles.

Star 12 July 1915, Page 8
Trooper Ernest Smith, of the Canterbury Mounted Reinforcements, who was one of the Trentham victims, was accorded a military funeral yesterday.

The Government set up a Parliamentary Commission on 10th July to investigate what had gone wrong at Trentham Camp and to seek ways to improve the situation. Trentham had problems with an outbreak of cerebrospinal meningitis, 29 cases - 6 fatal. Between December 1914 & July 1915, 33 recruits had died from disease while in Trentham Camp. 17 from pneumonia and as a result Trentham Camp was temporarily vacated in early July. On 3 July 1915, 7982 men had been in Trentham. Overcrowding was only one of the problems. The commission recommended reducing the size of the camp not to exceed 4,500, have drying facilities, better health facility, adequate drainage and sewerage and soldiers to to be swabbed on arrival and undergo medical examination for infectious disease twice a week. camp This was the catalyst for establishing Featherston. Glyn Harper - 2015 - ‎History

Sun, 12 July 1915, Page 11 MILITARY FUNERAL.
TROOPER ERNEST SMITH. Trooper Ernest Smith, of the Canterbury Mounted Reinforcements, who died at Trentham, was accorded a military funeral in Christchurch yesterday. The body arrived from, Wellington in the morning, and the coffin was carried from the wharf to the railway station by members of the Garrison Artillery. Prior to enlisting, Trooper Smith was in the Railway Department, and the firing party was drawn from the New Zealand Railway Engineers, under Sergeant-Major Emery. The body was conveyed on a gun carriage by the E Battery, under Corporal Dennis; following the body were men from the Railway Engineers and the infantry, as well as Trentham men and veterans, all under the command of Major McBeady. Captain Northcote, Area Group Commander was also present. The C.Y.C. Band, under Bandmaster Thom, played "A Garland of Flowers" on the way to the Avonside Cemetery [sic], where the, burial service was conducted by the Rev. 6. Fitzgerald. There was a large attendance of the public at the funeral, and many of the Linwood Unit of the Citizens' Defence Force were present.

Photo credit: Friends of Linwood Cemetery of FoLCCT
SMITH, ERNEST died Thursday, 8 July 1915
:Linwood Cemetery: Block number: 20 Plot number: 141
Date of burial: Sunday, 11 July 1915
Age: 26 years. Occupation: Clerk
Comments: Died: Coroners Warrant

Frederick Smith Timaru - Retired Farmer, died at Timaru on 21st June 1922 was a brother to Henry Foster Smith of Totara Valley, farmer, the administrator of the estate. William McCully of Seadown, farmer. George Steven of Timaru, retired farmer. Edward Darker Mosley, Registrar of the supreme Court of said District. H.F. Smith wrote: Two other brothers are surviving Frank Smith of Lincolonshire, in England, storekeeper aged 75 and Walter Smith of Grantham in England, Auctioneer aged 70; and two sisters, that is to say, Fanny Smith living in Ireland, spinster aged 72 and Kate Mary Smith of Grantham aforesaid married women aged 63. I have not for many years been in communication with my brothers and sisters in the United Kingdom, and am unaware of the married name of my sister Kate Mary. Furthermore I have no certain knowledge whether my said brothers and sisters are alive or dead. I am the only member of the family resident in NZ. H.F. Smith was born in Lincolnshire.

Frederick George Smith, Timaru - Warehouseman. Advisory trustee his brother in law Walter Watkins. Wife Emily Edith Smith. I give and devise my cottage containing three rooms and the land as number 116 Otipua Rd, Timaru to my trustee to permit my father and mother to have free use income occupation and enjoyment of the same from the date of my death ...during his or her lifetime. If Dorothy Cressida Makig employed by me at the date of this Will be a spinster to manage and carry on such business at a salary of two pounds per week together with a commission of one tenth share of the nett profits. F.G. Smith was born at Port Fairy (formerly known as Belfast) in the State if Victoria, Australia. Eric Baird, of Timaru Trustee Clerk. Lindo Stuart Abnerethy a solicitor of the supreme Court of NZ dated 7th Nov. 1939. William Allport of Timaru a foresaid Public Accountant. F.G. Smith died 12 Oct. 1939 aged 54. William Allport. Alfred Ibbotson, company manager of the perpetual Trustees Estate and agency Company of NZ is the Executor. Emily E. Smith died Oct. 7th 1941 aged 50years.  

Press, 17 October 1939, Page 6 MR F. G. SMITH
Mr Frederick George Smith, who died at Timaru last week, was well known in business circles in South Canterbury. He was born in Belfast, Victoria, in 1885 and came to New Zealand with his father at the age of 14. His career was a varied one. First of all, he worked as a bushman in the North Island after which he turned to mining. Later, he lived at Pareora, afterwards going to Timaru, where he was caretaker of the Theatre Royal. He next joined the railway service, being for a time a surfaceman at Fairlie. While in Mackenzie Country he served as a mailman and a rabbiter. While employed in the latter occupation, he got together sufficient capital to set up in business. He started a store at Burke’s Pass; and later moved to Watlington to conduct a similar business. Mr Smith later was interested in a fishing business at Oamaru, and subsequently lived at Kaiapoi. Going to Timaru 13 years ago, he started business as a draper, and was engaged in that occupation till the time of his death. Mr Smith was keenly interested in musical activities, and was largely responsible for the establishment of the Timaru Harmonica Band. He was married (Emily Edith Watkins) in 1912, and is survived by his widow, two sons, four daughter and a grandchild. The funeral took place on Saturday, the service at the graveside being conducted by the Rev. R. Carson. Members of the harmonica band paraded at the cemetery. [Lillian Emily Smith was born to Emily Edith and Frederick George Smith in 1915] [Emily died 7th Oct. 1941, buried Timaru, aged 50. Fred died 12 Oct. 1939 aged 54.] 

Timaru Herald 27 December 1935 Page 12
MATTHEWS — SMITH The marriage of Mr Ronald L. Matthews and Miss Lillian E. Smith, took place at St. Mary’s Church, Timaru, yesterday, the ceremony being performed by the Rev. D. Taylor. The best man was Mr John Hole, and the groomsman Mr Douglas Smith. The bride wore a shell pink satin beaute wedding gown gracefully cut on bias lines and made with long full rucked sleeves. The flared skirt formed a slight train effect. The shell pink embroidered veil was arranged in a halo coronet. The two bridesmaids, Miss Helen Smith, sister of the bride, and Miss Joyce Matthews, sister of the bridegroom, wore nile green taffeta gowns frilled to the hem and frilled cape effect on the bodice. Flowered Victorian caps and bouquets in primrose begonias completed their toilettes. The two small sisters of the bride wore duplicates of the bridesmaids’ gowns in primrose taffeta and carried small posies to tone. The bride’s mother was gracefully gowned in a navy flowered ensemble and a navy hat. Her bouquet toned with the rose shaded pattern in her ensemble. The bridegroom’s mother wore a beige floral georgette frock with a smart baku hat to match. Her shoulder spray toned with the trimming of her gown. The bride travelled in a rose and oyster crepe stella frock worn with an oyster shaded three quarter length silk coat, with a hat of rose and velvet flowers to match.

Emily Edith Watkins married Frederick George Smith in 1912. Children:
1915 Smith Lillian Emily
1916 Smith Helen Ferrier
1919 Smith Douglas William  born 19 Feb. Died 28 July 2001, probably a returned serviceman. Wife Orma Smith (1920-2020) M.B.E.
1919 Smith Eric George

Lillian Emily Smith married Ronald Ludeman Matthews in 1935

George Smith, retired farmer, Temuka. Son Francis Joseph Smith. Trustees son Albert Edward Smith of Temuka, merchant and Henry Killoh of Temuka, storekeeper. Probate 1934.  

Temuka Leader 22 July 1902 Page 2
SMITH—WOODHEAD. On July 10th, 1902, at the Residence of the bride’s mother, “Springbank,” Milford, by the Rev. J. D. Steele, Albert Edward, second son of Mr G. Smith, Temuka, to Harriet Blanchard, eldest daughter of the late Joseph B. Woodhead.

1902 Harriet Blanchard Woodhead married Albert Edward SMITH
Harriet Blanchard and Albert Edward SMITH. Chilkdren:
1905 Smith Albert George Joseph
1906 Smith Gilbert Edward
1912 Smith Harriet Lily Rosina

Temuka Leader 5 March 1908 Page 2
SMITH March 2nd. 1908, at 205, Cashel Street, Linwood, Harriett Lillian, beloved daughter of Albert Edward and Harriett Smith; aged three months.

George Harold Smith was born on 16 December 1910. He married Bessie Ava Johnstone, daughter of Francis Finlay Johnstone and Mary Eliza Rae, in 1936. He died on 8 August 1990 at age 79 and is buried at Arundel.  

Thomas Langley Smith of Timaru, fisherman, died 13 June 1932, aged 53. Born 1878. He married Kathleen Elizabeth Sarah Hooper in 1903 in Lower Hutt. Kate Elizabeth Sarah Smith of Timaru, widow, appointed her daughter Myrtle Irene Smith, b. 1905, Music teacher of Timaru, and Henry Hill Kingham, of Timaru, storekeeper, (died 30 Aug. 1940), to be executors. Son George Frederick Langley Smith b. 1903. Kate died 13 March 1946, aged 61 years. Maiden name Hooper. Dorothy Archdall Raymond of Timaru, solicitor. Solicitor to Myrtle Irene Field wife of Maurice Henry King Field of Bluff in New Zealand, shipwright, surviving Executor of the will. Kate died 30 August 1940. Kate was born in Taita, NZ. Irene was born in Wellington.

George Frederick Langley Smith and Mavis Catherine McAlwee married in 1931. George d. 5 Dec. 1970 age 67. Motor Mechanic. Address 70 Avenue Rd, Timaru. Buried Timaru. Mavis d. 15 Oct. 1969 aged 65.

Oamaru Mail, 27 June 1910, Page 3
Timaru, June 27. The steam fishing launch Kia Ora, the property of Charles Matson (fisherman) and E. J. Smith, caught fire in the harbor last night and was almost completely destroyed. The vessel was valued at about £600, and was insured in the Alliance office for £225 for a total loss.  

James Smith of St. Kilda, near Dunedin and lately of Temuka, retired Police Constable. Wife Jeannie Smith aka Jane Smith. Deceased died at Temuka 6 August 1927. He was born at Kaitangata, NZ of Scottish parents

James Smith, of Timaru, a retired farmer, died at Timaru 23rd October 1928. Wife Annie Philp Smith. My son Leonard Gordon Smith and Thomas Dewar Simpson of Albury, trustees. Children Leonard Gordon Smith, Leslie John Smith, Elizabeth Dewar McHedran wife of Colin Campbell McPhedran of Claremont, farmer, Laura Paterson wife of Leo Paterson of Cromwell, engineer and Muriel Davie wife of Kenneth Davie of Oamaru, taxi driver and James Edward Smith.

Timaru Herald 30 October 1928 Page 5 MR JAMES SMITH [born 23 May 1856 in Glasgow. Died 23rd May 1928 Timaru, wife Ann Philp died Feb. 11th 1931 aged 67 years]
Early residents of South Canterbury as well as younger people who were acquainted with him, will learn with regret of the death of Mr James Smith, one of the pioneer farmers of South Canterbury. The late Mr Smith came at the age of twelve years with his parents to New Zealand, landing at Timaru sixty-eight years ago. He spent his boyhood in this district, afterwards leaving for Southland, where he followed farming as an occupation. He returned to South Canterbury, however, and bought a farm of substantial acreage at Claremont, which he farmed very successfully until a few years ago, when he retired, to live in Timaru. Or a genial disposition he was a man who was liked by everybody. He was one of the foundation members of the Farmers’ Union, and also for many years a member of the South Canterbury executive of the Union. Mr Smith was an ardent horticulturist, and was considered to have one of the finest gardens in Timaru. He was a member of the Timaru Floral and Horticultural Society, and frequently exhibited at the Society’s shows with marked success. The late Mr Smith is survived by his widow and a grown-up family of three sons and three daughters.

Eliza Jane Smith, died at Timaru 31st October 1922 was born in NZ, aged 52. She was the wife of Richard Smith of Timaru, labourer.  Richard Smith died May 4th 1927 aged 70 years. Buried Timaru Cemetery. Also listed being buried in Row 30, Plot 381 is Minnie Smith. Buried 25 Nov. 1915.  Minnie is not listed on headstone or in the NZ BDMs.
Samuel Frank Smith of Timaru, storeman and sailor, aged 27 years.
Maud Caroline Loversidge wife of Richard Loversidge of Christchurch, watchmaker, aged 25 years.

Timaru Herald 5 May 1927 Page 8
SMITH. On May 4th, at the Timaru Hospital, Richard Smith, of 149 North Street, Timaru, and late of Albury; aged 70 years.

Timaru Herald 5 May 1927 Page 8 FUNERAL NOTICE.
The Friends of the late RICHARD SMITH are respectfully informed that his Funeral will leave the residence of his brother-in-law, Mr James Sutton, 24 Gibson Street, on FRIDAY, May 6th, at 2 p.m. for the Timaru Cemetery. W.J. LISTER.

Bessie Jane Smith, widow, lived at No. 11 Deal Street, Timaru died 19 May 1944. Son Thomas Frederick Smith. Daughter Ruby Isabel Bowkett. Executor Albert Ernest Lewis, of Timaru, architect.

John Smith of Temuka (otherwise Walter Haskethorpe), hairdresser and tobacconist son of William Haskethorpe and Maria Haskethorpe (nee Redhead) of Nottingham, England. Wife Catherine. John Smith died 13 January 1897.

John Smith late of Waimate, labourer died at Timaru 17 September 1883. Robert Smith, father. Anne Smith his mother. Had three sisters namely Helen the wife of John Hevey? of Waimate aforesaid farmer. Mary Ann the wife of Thomas Newton of Waimate aforesaid labourer. Louisa the wife of Frank Schmidt of Waimate foresaid contractor. John Hervey of the Hook near Waimate aforesaid farmer. Thomas Howley, clerk of the district Court of Timaru and Oamaru, holden at Timaru. Edward Hardcastle, deputy Judge.

Timaru Herald, 21 August 1919, Page 6 [
John Merry married a d/o Robert Smith in 1858 in Australia. Robert Smith came to NZ in 1860 and settled in the Hook, Waimate]
MERRY. On August 20 (suddenly), at his daughter's residence, 292 Zelwood, Otipua Road Timaru (Mrs George Grandi), John Merry in his 87th year —late of the Hook. [John Merry was b. 1832 in Whitehaven, Cumberland, England and died August 20, 1919 in Timaru. No headstone. He married Ellen Smith on July 6, 1858 in Spring Bay, Prossers Plains, Australia, d/o Robert Smith and Ann Dalgleish. Ellen Smith of Cupar/Cooper, Fife, Scotland d. Nov. 16, 1908, Timaru, buried under Helen Merry, no headstone. John Merry was a farmer the Hook, Waimate.]

John Edward Smith, of Geraldine, Stock Agent died 27 Sept. 1923 at Geraldine, aged 59. He was born at Timaru. Elizabeth Smith, widow was born at Pleasant Valley near Geraldine. Phillip Best of Christchurch, Land salesman was born at Pleasant Valley near Geraldine. Witness Frank Charles of Hilton, near Geraldine, farmer. [John Edward Smith married Elizabeth BEST in 1892] [Elizabeth Smith died March 19th 1944 and is buried at Geraldine.  Elizabeth Ellen Smith born 1893.

Temuka Leader 2 October 1923 Page 3 JOHN EDWARD SMITH.
Mr J.E. Smith, late stock agent of the Geraldine branch of the C.F.C.A., passed away on Friday evening at his residence, Talbot street. Geraldine, after a short illness. The late Mr Smith, affectionately known as "Ted," had been in the service of the C.F.C.A. for a period of 35 years, and was widely known and respected by a very large number of friends. He was considered second to none in his knowledge of stock, and was very highly esteemed by his employers, other stock agents and the public. Health compelled his retirement from active work about a year ago. His funeral, which was very largely attended, took place at the Geraldine Cemetery on Sunday. The late Mr Smith was in his 60th year, and leaves a widow and a daughter, to whom the sympathy of all is fully extended.

Temuka Leader 23 September 1911 Page 2
Mr E. Smith, who has been in charge of the live stock department of the C.F.C.A. at Geraldine for the past eighteen or nineteen years has received well earned promotion to head of the land department at Timaru. Mr Smith started with Mr J. Mundell at Geraldine over twenty years ago and joined the C. F. C . A, with Mr Mundell when his business was merged into that of the Association. Mr Smith has earned the reputation of being the smartest stock agents in South Canterbury and his selection for the Timaru position is an undoubted recognition of his worth as a member of the staff. Mr Smith's position will be filled by Mr G. Wood of the stock department , C.F.C.A. Waimate. Mr Wood is an old Woodbury boy well known in the Geraldine district.

John Bland Smith, a retired farmer, late of Mt. Gay, Pleasant Point, died 11th Oct. 1930. Aged 84. Buried 13th Oct. at Timaru.
Brother Frederick William Smith
Sisters Margaret Ann Smith and Alice Smith
Cousin: Henry Simpson of Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.
Cousin: James William Simpson of Liverpool.

John Rose SMITH, of Timaru, Borough Inspector, died 16 July 1916. Probate granted to son David Smith of Washdyke, farmer and daughter Mary Rose Williams wife of Edwin John Williams of Timaru, telegraphist. Both children born at Arthurton in Otago. John Rose Smith was born in Scotland. John Rose SMITH b. 1854 married Jane Limont (Jeannie) YOUNG in 1877.  Jeannie died at Timaru 26 Dec. 1909 aged 55 years.

John Rose SMITH married Jane Limont YOUNG in 1877. Children:
1877 Smith John
1879 Smith David
1881 Smith Margaret Finlay
1884 Smith Jane Elizabeth
1886 Smith Agnes McDonald
1888 Smith Mary Rose
1889 Smith Harriet Ann
1892 Smith Robert Henry

Timaru Herald, 17 July 1916, Page 6
SMITH. On July 16th, at 179 North Street, John Rose Smith; aged 62 years. [Buried Timaru Cemetery with Jeannie YOUNG, died 26th Dec. 1909, aged 55 years, beloved wife of J.R. Smith]

Timaru Herald, 23 July 1917, Page 6
WILLIAMS. At her residence, 179 North Street, on July 22nd, Mary Rose, beloved, wife of E.J. Williams, and youngest daughter of the late J. R. Smith; aged 28 years.

6/545 Pte Robert Henry "Bob" Smith born 5 August 1892 Arthurton, Southland. Carpenter worked for S. Mitchell, Timaru. Methodist. Lived at 179 North St., Timaru. Was in the 2nd (South Canterbury) Regiment. On enlistment at Timaru 11 August 1914 age 22 years, 5 9¼" 146lbs. Father John Smith deceased. Mrs M. Williams. Total service 2 years and 189 days. C/o R.A. Rodgers, Stafford St., Timaru. Embarked at Alexandra for D'Nells 12 April 1915. Wounded in action 25 April 1915. Admitted to No. 17th Gen. Hospital Alexandrina 1 May 1915 GSW arm slight. Transfered to No 2. A.G.H. Heliopolis 2 May 1915. Admitted to No. 2 Australian staty hospital Mudros 19 Sept. 1915 with dysentery. 18 Oct. 1915 transferred to SS Aquitania. 28 Oct. 1915 Admitted to King George Hospital, Stanford. Attached to strength NZ (Command) Depot Hornchurch 16 May 1916. Admitted to Walton on Thames 19 June 1916. Struck off strength 15 Feb. 1917. Invalided to NZ SS Willochra 12 August 1916. Discharged 15 Feb 1917 no longer fit for active service. The South Canterbury Museum has his diary online. [Bob died in 1952 aged 59 and is buried at Timaru. He married Dorothy Gladys Brown 23rd April 1919 and had three children. Gladys (1893 - 1978) buried Timaru.

Timaru Herald, 17 November 1915, Page 7
Mr R. Smith, North Street, Timaru, is in receipt of a private, cable from his son Private R. H. Smith, stating that he is now convalescent in King George Hospital, London. Private Smith was back in the trenches on August 15, after recovering from his first wound, and this private cable is the first intimation that his father has had that he was wounded a second time.

John Thomas Smith, late of Timaru, surveyor, died 12 November 1907. Victor Grace Day, registrar of this court. George Buchanan Junior of Wai-iti Rd Timaru Stock Agent. Francis Joseph Rolleston of Timaru, Solicitor, the Executors in the above estate. Niece Margaret Dorothea Blakelock of Shelfenger, Southern Road, East Finchley, London. Mary Monica Blakelock. Hilda Henrietta Blakelock. Rhoda Constance Blakelock. Nephew Christopher Albert Blakelock. Martin Ogle Blakelock. Cyprian Blakelock. To each of the daughters of the late Gilbert Hamilton McHaffie of Overton, Flemington near Christchurch, NZ. To Archibald McHaffie son of Gilbert Hamilton McHaffie. To each of the daughters of William Barker Howell of Marston Rd, Timaru, Gentleman. To each of the daughters of Arthur Bradshaw of 55 Regent Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. Reside to William Henry Smith eldest son of my late brother William Henry Smith, at present in Johannesburg South Africa. Emma Smith my late sister of 68 Warrior Square, Saint Leonard's on the Sea, County of Sussex, spinster. The following legacies to Thomas squire of 105 Durham Street, Sydenham, Christchurch or to his wife and in event of both them the said to Thomas Squire and his wife. Witnesses Robert Fergusson, Accountant, Timaru. G. Priest, Solicitor's Clerk, Timaru.

John William Smith of Timaru, labourer died at Timaru 4th February 1910. Widow Mary Smith. Annie Elizabeth Smith aged 29, Clara Smith aged 27 years, Mary Jane Smith aged 21 years, spinsters, the sisters of the above names deceased. Beeken Smith, of Timaru, farmer, brother of the above named. George Newy Lucus of Christchurch, engineer, and Alfred Vincent, of Timaru, contractor approved as sureties. Surviving, Mary Smith of Timaru. 

Wilson Smith an early example of a hyphenated surname.

John Wilson Smith of Amaiti - The Care in the County of Geraldine, farmer. Wife Mariana Smith. John Salmond, a solicitor. Frank Wilson Smith of Auckland. (F. Wilson Smith.) Witness Joseph Duggan and Arnold Milton both of then of Cave. Mr Kippenberger, counsel for the said Mariana Smith, widow.  Mariana Wilson Smith died in 1902 aged 62Y.
John W. Smith interned at Timaru Cemetery 16 Dec. 1896. No headstone. Row 5 plot 53
Smith, John W 16 Dec 1896 - Timaru Cemetery  aged 60.
Smith, Samuel 6 Apr 1899 - Timaru Cemetery
Smith, Samuel 4 Feb 1898 - Timaru Cemetery

Auckland Star, 6 June 1902, Page 8 Marriage
On May 15, May, at All Saints' Church, by the Ven. Archaeacon Calder, Sydney, fifth son of the late Frederick Taylor, to Ina, only daughter of the late J. Wilson-Smith.

Timaru Herald, 9 October 1905, Page 2
TAYLOR. At Remuera, Auckland, on the 2nd October, 1905. Ina, the beloved wife of Sydney Taylor and only daughter of the late John and Mariana Wilson Smith, Geraldine. [Sydney Taylor married Mariana Woodward Wilson Smith in 1902. She died 1905 at aged 38. Child born in 1903]

Timaru Herald, 17 September 1915, Page 2
WILSON SMITH. On January 14, 1002, at Montpellier, Dunedin, suddenly, Mariana, widow of the late J. Wilson Smith; aged 61 years.

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Auckland Provincial District] Barristers and Solicitors
Smith, F. Wilson, Barrister and Solicitor, Queen Street, Auckland. Mr. Smith was born in Yorkshire, England, in the sixties. He came to New Zealand with his parents in 1876, and was admitted as a solicitor in 1887, and as barrister in 1899. Mr. Smith practised his profession at Geraldine, in the provincial district of Canterbury, until 1897, when he removed to Auckland.

Temuka Leader 11 September 1900 Page 3 The Martinborough Fire.
Mrs Wilson Smith, with her infant daughter and her son, age 8 years of age, only left Geraldine a few weeks ago to join her husband. It will be noticed that Mr Smith lost his life while attempting to save his wife and child. Mr A. H. Wilson Smith is a brother of Mr Frank Wilson Smith, solicitor, erstwhile of Geraldine, now at Auckland. Mrs Wilson Smith is a sister to Mrs Drummond Sharpe, Woodbury (Grace Emily Collins married Charles Drummond Sharpe in 1896). (Emily Collins married Arthur Wilson Smith in 1891)

Both Emily and Arthur Harris Wilson-Smith died in 1900 and both were 36 years of age. Gwedoline died at 13 months in 1900.
Wanganui Herald, 11 September 1900, Page 2 The Martinborough Fire. Mr Wilson-Smith, wife and infant perish in flames.
Mr Wilson-Smith saved his eldest boy, and returned for his wife and infant, but was never seen again. The fire is believed to have originated in a defective chimney in Mrs Smith's room.

Ashburton Guardian, 18 September 1900, Page 2
The little boy Eric Wilson-Smith, another of the victims of the Martinborough fire, died at the Greytown hospital to-day, making the fifth death occasioned by the fire. The whole of the Wilson-Smith family—father, mother, and two children—are now dead.

Auckland Star, 11 September 1900, Page 8
WILSON-SMITH. On September the 9th, in the destruction of Puruatanga, Martinborough, by fire, A. H. Wilson, youngest son of the late J Wilson- Smith, Esq., and Mrs Wilson-Smith, of Shelly Beach Rd., Auckland. Also, Emily, his wife, daughter of A.S. Collins, Esq., of Nelson, and with them, their infant daughter Gwendoline.

Timaru Herald Thursday January 8 1891 Marriage
WILSON-SMITH - COLLINS - On January 1st, at St. James' Kowhai, Kaikoura, by the Rev. H. Ensor, Arthur Harris, son of J. Wilson Smith, of Geraldine, to Emily daughter of Arthur Shuckburgh Collins, of Mount Fyffe, Kaikoura

1863 Emily d/o Catherine Ann and Arthur Shuckburgh Collins
2002 Grace Emily d/o Erica Elspeth and Arthur Shuckburgh Collins [must be a late birth entry].
His parents, Wm & Henrietta Collins are buried in
Fairfield Cemetery, Nelson. Another Geraldine connection.

Timaru Herald, 23 March 1892, Page 2 Birth
Wilson Smith—On March 21st, at Geraldine, the wife of A. H. Wilson Smith, of a son.

NZ Births			Mother 		Father
1892 Wilson-Smith Eric 		Emily 		Arthur Harris 
1899 Wilson Smith Gwendolen 	Emily 		Arthur Harris
1904 Wilson-Smith NR lived 12h	Josephine 	Frank  

Timaru Herald, 31 August 1887, Page 2
A special meeting of the Committee of the Art Loan Exhibition was held yesterday afternoon in the Town Hall Members present Mr D. M. Ross (in the chair), and Messrs W. J. Tennent, R. Mackay, M. Gray, W. Ferrier, J. H. Wilson, Geo. R. George, J. Mourant, D. Blair, A. Hart, H. Wilson-Smith, and S. F. Smithson.

New Zealand Herald, 6 October 1928, Page 16 MR, F. WILSON SMITH.
The death occurred yesterday of Mr. F. Wilson Smith, of Remuera, a well-known member of the legal profession in Auckland for over 30 years. Mr. Wilson Smith was in his 65th year, and was a native of Yorkshire. He came to New Zealand with his parents in 1876, and was admitted as a solicitor in 1887. He practised for some time at Geraldine, Canterbury, coming to Auckland in 1897, and being admitted as a barrister two years later He retired about a year ago. In addition to his widow, Mr. Wilson Smith loaves a son, Mr. F. Wilson Smith, of Matamata, and three daughters, Mesdames A Bremner, of Auckland, and A. M. Nicholson, of Timaru, and Miss M. Wilson Smith, of Auckland.

Marianne Josephine Smith of Le Cren St., Timaru widow of William Smith, post office clerk, who died at Timaru 3rd January 1899.  Moss White of Barnard St. executors.

Mary Smith of 291 Barnard St, Timaru, spinster died 25 Oct. 1937. Sister Emily Smith same address. Brother Harry Smith of 66 Roseburgh St., Wellington, brother in law Frederick Arthur Bezzant of 65 Roseburgh St., Wellington. Witness Frederick Charles Bush, clerk 56 Woollcombe St, Timaru and Millie Howard Bush, home duties, 56 Woollcombe St, Timaru. List of nieces and nephews:
James William Smith of 47 St. James St., Christchurch
Arthur Smith of North Rd South Kaiapoi
Sam Smith of Mountain Rd P.O. Henderson, Auckland
Harry Smith c/o Frederick Arthur Bezzant, Wellington
Blanche Ethel Boys of 106 Parade, Island Bay, Wellington
Robert William Smith of 47 St. James St., Christchurch
Francis Robert Smith of Mountain Rd P.O. Henderson, Auckland
Kenneth Thyne Bezzant of 65 Roseburgh St., Wellington
James Burton Boys, No. 5 St. John Avenue, Palmerston North
Thomas Frederick Boys of 106 Parade, Island Bay, Wellington
Emily Smith of of North Rd South Kaiapoi

Mary Ann Smith of Otaio, widow, died 21st Jan. 1941 was born at Willston, Staffordshire in England. Daughters: Holland Christina Smith, spinster, was born at Timaru and Mary Ann Smith, spinster, was born at Otaio and her son Norman Isaac Edgar Smith, labourer was born at Otaio.

Robert Smith late of Barnard St, Timaru, Gentleman died 18 September 1906. Witnesses: Emily Smith of Timaru, dressmaker and Mary Smith of Timaru, dressmaker. Children: James William Smith of Christchurch, salesman, Mary Smith, Emily Smith, Arthur Smith of Kaipoi, Cloth Finisher, Ada Thyne wife of Thomas Gibbs Thyne of Wellington, bookbinder, Sarah Ann Bezzant of Wellington book binder, Harry Smith of Christchurch cabinet maker, Blanche Ethel Boys wife of William Edward Boys. Sam Smith of Timaru and Joseph Smith of Timaru.

SA418 2nd Contingent. SMITH. At Reitfontein, South Africa, on December 2nd, 2nd NZ Contingent, 4 Coy, Farrier-Sergeant Robert Edward Smith, eldest son of J.H. and Mary Smith, 28 Stafford Street, Timaru, aged 23 years and 3 months. Killed in action. He left NZ on the 20th January 1900. He died of wounds received in an engagement with the Boers at Rhenostar Kop in the Transvaal on the 29th day of November 1900.  Miles Jefferson Knubley a solicitor of Timaru wrote. "my son Francis Clissold Knubley is a member of the 2nd NZ Contingent and was in the engagement with the Boers at Rhenoster Kop on the 29th Nov. 1900. I received a letter dated January 1 from my son dated 8 Dec. 1900 from "Rhenostar Kop about 20 miles North of Bronkhurst Spruit"  in which the following paragraph occurs "It is with the greatest regret that I write of the death of Bob smith from wounds received on the 29th ulto. He was put on the train with the rest of the wounded but died soon after and is buried half a mile from Bronkhurst Spruit Station. He was hit in the lower part of the Stomach and the bullet did not come out. It is a pity he was not left here in the field ambulance for complete rest might have saved him but as it was he was taken down in bullock waggons. He died quite peacefully and spoke to the bearers carrying him to the train. He was a most obliging and good hearted chap and all the boys feel his loss very much. I can't realize I won't see his kindly face and smile again. Please convey my deepest sympathy to his people on their great loss. If possible we Timaru boys will put up a stone on his grave and do all we can to mark the place where a comrade lies." 8 Dec. 1900 Timaru Herald Buried - Diamond Hill Garden of Remembrance, South Africa. Horse: 418. Carbine: 418. Last employer: J.H. Smith, Timaru. C of E. He left a "Soldier's Will." His friend was Capt. Crawshaw. He had life insurance £207. His mother Mary Smith was the wife of John Hancock Smith of Timaru.

Which Trooper Smith? Oil on Canvas at the Aigantighe painting by William Greene, Timaru. The Soldier c. 1899, Boer War.  Robert Edward Smith, the eldest son of J.H. and Mary Smith. Smith departed South Africa on the Waiwera 20 January 1900. On 29th Nov. 1900 he was wounded at Reitfontein, and died of his wounds 2 Dec. 1900 in Bronkhorstspruit, Transvaal..


John Hancocks Smith, blacksmith, died 9th day of February 1905 at Timaru  in his 56th year. Wife Mary Smith. Value of his property does not exceed £400. Buried at Timaru also on the headstone Robert Edward their eldest son died December 1st 1900 of wounds received in the battle of Rhenoster Kop, South Africa, aged 23 years. In loving memory of Eliza Jane the eldest daughter of J.H. & M. Smith died 15 March 1897 aged 20½ years. Walter Smith interned 26 Aug 1947 aged 65 is in the same plot at the Timaru Cemetery Row 7 Plot 131.

Mr. John Hancocks Smith, the Manager, was born at King's Winford, Staffordshire, England, on the 29th of September, 1849. His parents emigrated to Victoria in 1852, and he was apprenticed to a blacksmith at Ballarat, where he was afterwards in business with a partner for a number of years. Mr. Smith arrived at the Bluff in 1875, and found employment with Mr. Riley at Timaru. He went to Dunedin but came back to Timaru after 2½ years and went into patnership with Welsh at pleasant Point. After 8 years there he came back to Timaru and bought Cuthbertsons business which he later sold to his son. He went to Masterton but returned to Timaru to take charge of his son's business who was going to the South African War. Macdonald Dictionary. Mr. Smith was married in Bendigo to the eldest daughter of the late Mr. Robert Embleton, and has had seven daughters and two sons; one daughter and one son having died. Children of Mary and John Hancock SMITH: 7 daus. and 2 sons.
1876 Smith Eliza Jane d. 1897
1877 Smith Robert Edward d. 1900
1877 Smith Walter [there is a Walter buried in the Timaru Cemetery, Free Ground, plot 1, no dates]
1879 Smith Ethel Maud
1882 Smith Walter Smith d. 1947
1880 Smith Harriett
1884 Smith Ellen

Timaru Herald, 9 May 1899, Page 2
Mr J.H. Smith, well-known for the last thirty years or so in Timaru as a blacksmith and farrier, has flitted to Masterton and started business there. [After a few months in business in Masterton he came back to Timaru to take the management of the Stafford Street business.] 

Robert Smith late of Timaru, farmer died at Christchurch on 29th June 1918. He was born in Riccarton, Canterbury. Wife Mary Jane Smith of Timaru was born in Rangiora. His sister is Sarah Annie Grant of Ashburton. Another sister Emma Alice Smith of Timaru.

Sarah Louisa Smith formerly of Mona Vale Coal Creek but now of Timaru, Widow, died 20 Sept. 1914. Son Robert Kermode Smith now of Morven Hills, Tarras, station manager. Son in law Sandham Gillingham of Fairlie. Son Francis Henry Smith. Herbert George Smith. Daughter Hannah Gertrude Kirkland. Son William Tasman Smith. John Mee the younger of Timaru Stock Agent. Sister Julia Rowntree residing in Tasmania, spinster. Witness: Bessie Burnett, nurse, Timaru. Mary Stevenson, law Clerk, Timaru.

Thomas Smith late of Timaru, Railway Employee deceased died 21st March 1899. Bessie Jane Smith, widow. Lived on the corner of Wills St, Ashburton, section 1253.

William Smith late of Southburn near Timaru - Farmer. Died at Nurse Morris' Private Hospital at Timaru 6th Oct. 1908. John William Smith and James Yeatman, of Albury, farmer, executors of will. Wife Mary Smith. Niece Emma Smith. Buried Temuka.

William Smith of Laghmor in the county of Ashburton but lately of Westerfield, Ashburton died 3rd Feb. 1913. Wife Catherine Smith. Gardener.

William Smith died 14 Nov. 1911. David Smith of Rosewill, in NZ, farmer son of William Smith of Tycho Flat, deceased, He divorced his wife 17 Nov. 1904. His wife remarried William Simpson of Woodside, Outram. Other surviving children
Robert Smith of Pukeuri Junction, butcher, aged 30.
Thomas Smith of Rosewill, labourer, aged 29.
John Smith of Timaru, teamster aged 22.
and four daughters.
Hannah Frame, aged 33 wife of George Frame of Beaconsfield, farmer.
Elizabeth Smith, aged 25 of Beaconsfield, spinster
Annie Smith aged 20 of Rosewill
Margaret Smith aged 18 of Rosewill, spinster.

William Henry Smith of Fairlie, Labourer. Thomas Foden, builder, born in Staffordshire in England, and William Close, storekeeper, born in Canterbury, both of Fairlie, knew William Henry Smith of Fairlie. William Henry Smith died at Nurse Shank's Hospital at Timaru on the 19th July 1916. William Smith was born in Norway and is of Norwegian nationality, he came to this Dominion about 50 years ago and was a Naturalised British subject. His naturalisation papers are dated 28th January 1904 and are attached (copy). Uchter Kohn Mark, Earl of Ranfurly, the Governor of said Colony of NZ, granted the Naturalisation. Wm H. Smith bequeath to William Henry Ellis of Fairlie, labourer, all his working tools and also his wearing apparel but not jewellery in silver or gold I bequeath to Robina Myrtle Smith the younger daughter of the late William Smith of Fairlie, one half acre of land with four roomed cottage thereon and one half acre of land adjoining being the section No.s 1 & 2 part Reserve 1840 Block 1X Fairlie on the Fairlie Reserve in the county of Mackenzie, I also bequest to to Robina the contents of my house except the tools and wearing apparel.

Timaru Herald 5 May 1924 Page 9 MR W. SMITH.
Mr William Smith, who died at his residence, North Road, Papanui, in his 82nd year, was one of the pioneers; of South. Canterbury, and was widely known and respected. Born in Essex, he came to New Zealand in 1874, in the ship Cathcart. After landing at Lyttelton, he went to Geraldine, and soon afterwards started work as a ploughman on Four Peaks Station, owned by Messrs Walker and Clogston. Fifteen years later he left to commence fanning on his own account, purchasing a small farm at Te Moana. Later he disposed of this to take up a larger farm at Pleasant Valley. This be farmed successfully for a number of years. Eight vears. ago, owing to failing health, he left, with his family, for North Canterbury, and resided on North Road until his death. He leaves a widow and four sons to mourn their loss. Two of the sons served in the Great. War. The funeral, which took place on Saturday week at the Bromley cemetery, was attended by a large number of relatives and friends. The pall bearers were Messrs J. J. Ellis (Temuka), T. Donovan (Belfast), C. Sheppard (Richmond), and Jas. Booker (Winter’s Road), who came to New Zealand in the same ship as the deceased. Wreaths were sent by the following:—The widow and family, Mr J. J. Ellis and family, Mr and Mrs James Booker. Mrs Sheppard and Mrs Shann, Mr and Mrs Ern Clark, Mr and Mrs Donovan, Mr and Mrs Mell Clark, Slack and Temple families, Mr and Mrs D. Russell, Mr and Mrs Dallow and family, Mr and Mrs Gerard.

BDM records online

Matilda Hill married William Smith in 1890. HALL- SMITH. On the 5th March, at the residence of the bride's parents, Clyde Street, by the Rev. Dr Stuart, John William, eldest son of J.W. Hall, Esq., Greymouth, to Edith Elizabeth, only daughter of J.A. Smith, Esq., Dunedin.

Children of Matilda and William SMITH
1891 Smith William John
1893 Smith James Alexander
1895 Smith Kathleen Brewster
1896 Smith William John
1898 Smith Samuel
1900 Smith William
1904 Smith Andrew
1906 Smith Fanny Loughlan

William Smith was a brother to James Smith, a carrier of Fairlie who died in 1918. 

Passenger lists

 New Zealand Archives Passenger Lists, 1839-1973   87221 results as of Dec. 2015.
NZ Bound
419 results

Albert and Mary Smith came on the Zealandia arriving 12 Nov. 1859 and settled in Pleasant Point on 1866.
Charles Smith came to Timaru on the Strathallan in January 1859.
David Smith was living at Deep Creek by 1860.
James Smith was living in Timaru by 1864.
Richard Smith and his wife, A. Smith, came to Timaru on the Victory in October 1863.

Timaru Herald, 12 January 1909, Page 2 The Jubilee
VICTORY, 1863. Mrs A. Smith
STRATHALLAN, 1859. Robert Smith, Winchester

Press, 12 November 1895, Page 6 S.S. IONIC.
The following is the list of passengers for New Zealand by the Ionic, which left London on October 3rd:
Mrs R. Smith, Miss E. Smith, Miss L. Smith, Miss A. Smith, Miss B. Smith, Timaru

The Steadfast sailed from London 27 February 1851 and arrived Lyttelton, N.Z. 8 June, 1851. On board was the Stephen Payne Smith family who later settled in Geraldine.

Lyttelton Times, 14 May 1859, Page 4
Stephen Payne Smith applied for a wine and beer license, for his house, situated on the south bank of the Waimakariri, opposite Jackson's Ferry. Applicant engaged to put a punt on the river without delay, and also to ferry foot passengers across. The Bench granted the application.

Smith Stephen Payne 45 Carpenter died 1863 Lawrence, Otago.
Smith Jane Rebekah 44
Smith Jane Susannah 20 Domestic Servant m. Thomas Eaton in 1856
Smith Stephen Thomas 18 Laborer
Smith Elizabeth Harriet 15 Domestic Servant died 1865
Smith Mary Anne 13 
Smith Clarissa Emma 11
Smith Louisa Hedgeland 8 
Smith Maria Payne 8 
Smith William Samuel 6 died 10 Sept. 1861 Kaiapoi

Lyttelton Times, 6 September 1864, Page 4
Leathem — Smith — Aug. 27, at Kaiapoi, by licence, by the Rev. W. W. Willock, Mr. John Leathem, to Marianne, third daughter of the late Mr. Stephen Payne Smith, of Shearwater farm, formerly of Crockerton, Wilts. [In 1900 Mrs J. Leathem was living in St. Albans.]

Press, 18 October 1865, Page 2
Smith — September 29, at Rangiora, Elizabeth Harriett Smith, second daughter of the late Mr. S. P. Smith, of Sheerwater Farm, near Kaiapoi, aged twenty-nine years, of consumption.

In the Geraldine Cemetery Jane Rebeka Smith interned June 9 1872. In 1863 Clarissa Emma Smith married Adam Irvin, both are buried in the Geraldine Cemetery under the surname Irvine. Adam Irvine born May 8 1833 died Oct. 12 1901. Also his wife Clarissa Emma aged 71 interned 16 Oct 1911. Stephen Thomas Smith also living in Geraldine in 1899 and died May 1927 in Geraldine.  When the breath of life is flown, when the grace must claim its own, Lord of life, be ours, thy crown. life for evermore.

Stephen P. Smith's middle name PAYNE was his mother's maiden name and his farm was "Sheerwater" are both quite useful when searching for family members. 

Lyttelton Times Wednesday 10 February 1875
SMITH - HENRY NEWPORT - Dec. 19 1874 at St. Mary's Church, Geraldine, by the Rev J. Preston, Stephen Thomas Smith to Fanny, eldest daughter of Mr W. Henry Newport.

Temuka Leader 17 December 1927 Page 1 STEPHEN THOMAS SMITH
Another of the fast-diminishing band of early pioneers passed away on December 5, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs G. Reynist, Otipua road, Timaru, at the ripe old age of 96 years, in the person of Mr Stephen Thomas Smith. The late Mr Smith was born at Marlborough, in Wiltshire, England, in 1832, and was educated at Dacre College, afterwards being articled to a surveyor. He left with his parents for New Zealand in the barque “Steadfast,” in 1851, and shortly after arrival left his parents in New Zealand and took part in the rush to the Bendigo diggings which occurred in that year. After spending five years at the goldfields he returned to New Zealand in the ship “Mumford.” After landing at Lyttelton, he travelled by bullock wagon to Kaiapoi. Christchurch at that time was a flax swamp and a mass of niggerheads. He fanned at Kaiapoi for some years before he went to South Canterbury, where he married Fanny, daughter of the late Mr Henry, of Newport Bladon, Oxfordshire, the officiating clergyman being the late Rev. James Preston, of St. Mary’s, Geraldine, a fellow-worker of deceased at Bendigo. Mr Smith occupied the position of clerk at the McKenzie Timber Mills for some time, and for many years was engaged in pit sawing at Woodbury, and later with Mr R. Taylor in the Raukapuka bush. Het also took part in various gold diggings in New Zealand. After his retirement, he lived on the Woodbury road, Geraldine. The late Mr Smith was a man of a retiring nature, and never took any active part in public affairs. He had a family of four sons and five daughters. His youngest son, Richard, was killed in the Great War, and his second youngest, Robert, died during the 1918 influenza epidemic. His wife predeceased him thirteen years ago. Those still living are; Mrs Reynist (Timaru), Miss W. G. Sherratt and Mrs L. P. Scott (Raukapuka, Geraldine), Mrs A. J. Irvine (Orari Bridge), Mrs B. Donovan (Christchurch), Mr W. G. Smith (Raukapuka), and Mr H. S. Smith (Geraldine). The body was brought to Geraldine from Timaru on Wednesday, and was interred in the Geraldine Cemetery, Archdeacon Purchas, Vicar of St. Mary’s, conducting the burial service.

In 1874 Stephen T. Smith married Fanny Henry Newport. Children:
1875 Smith Rebecca Sarah
1876 Smith Henry Stephen
1878 Smith Eva Ellen m. Wm George Sherratt in 1896
1879 Smith Emily Maria
1881 Smith William George
1883 Smith Clarissa Fanny
1884 Smith Robert Samuel
1886 Smith Elizabeth Mary
1889 Smith Samuel Richard
Henry Stephen Smith married Jessie Foster in 1901.
Jessie died 12 Dec. 1975 age 95. Born 9 Oct. 1880. Buried Geraldine.
1902 Smith Henry Stephen Gordon d. 23 March 1983 buried Geraldine aged 80. b. 2 August 1902
1903 Smith Jessie Doris
1906 Smith Robert Cyril buried Geraldine aged 90
1904 Smith Kenneth Raymond buried at Woodbury in 1990 aged 90
1909 Smith George Harold buried at Arundel in 1990 aged 80
1909 Smith Enid Fanny Mabel

Samuel Richard Smith formerly of Geraldine, apiarist but lately Number 6/4145 Private in the NZEF C. Coy 10th Infantry. Presbyterian. Two years Territorial's. 133lbs. 5' 9½" Samuel was killed in action in the field in France on the 16th day of September 1916 when with 2nd Company 2nd. Batn, Canterbury Regt. Report A.F.B. 213 - 23rd Sept. 1916 by O/C, Rouen, France. Buried at the Caterpillar Valley Cemetery. He was born at Geraldine January 16th 1889. Estate effects granted to Rebecca Reynish wife of George Reyish of Pigeon Bay, farmer and Elizabeth Donovan wife of Herbert Donovan of Christchurch Jockey.  NoK on embarkation S.T. Smith (father), Woodbury Rd, Geraldine, NZ

Temuka Leader 8 April 1902 Page 2
Irvine—Smith. On March 26th, at North Belt Presbyterian Church, Christchurch, by the Rev. Dr. Erwin, John, the youngest son of the late Adam Irvine, to Rebecca Sarah (Becky), eldest daughter of Stephen Thomas Smith, both of Geraldine.

Temuka Leader 29 January 1901 Page 2
Wells — Irvine. On Jan. 1st, 1901, at the Presbyterian Church, Geraldine, by the Rev. A. B. Todd, James, eldest son of the late William Wells, of "Sea View," Ballina, New South Wales, to Jane Rebecca Smith, only daughter of Mr Adam Irvine, of Ashfield, Woodbury Road, Geraldine, New Zealand.

 Influenza Epidemic

Robert Lemuel Smith, of Geraldine, labourer died at Timaru hospital 22 day November 1918. He was born in Geraldine. Wife Harriett. Witness William Thomas Greenaway, bootmaker, Geraldine. William Henry Broad, Grocer, Geraldine. Ernest Henry Walker of Gapes Valley, farmer and George Walker of Tripp Settlement, farmer that we are the proposed sureties on behalf of Henry Stephen Smith of Woodbury, farmer was born in Geraldine, brother of the said deceased. The deceased's mother is dead and his father Stephen Thomas Smith is 85 years and is very feeble. The deceased left three children: Henry Stephen Robert Smith aged 7 years, Douglas Lemuel Smith aged 4 years and Kenneth Richard Smith aged 3 months [sic].

Timaru Herald 21 August 1920, Page 8
The friends of the Late Mr and Mrs Smith are respectfully informed that the Funeral of their late Son KENNETH RICHARD, will leave the residence of Mr Harry Smith, Tripp Settlement, on SUNDAY, AUGUST 22, at 1 p.m. for the Geraldine Cemetery.

Timaru Herald 23 August 1920, Page 4
A sad fatality occurred on Friday at Geraldine, which resulted in the death of Kenneth Richard Smith at the Timaru Hospital at 6.45 p.m. the same day. The circumstances surrounding the fatality are that the deceased, bright little boy of 1 year and 11 months, resided with his uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs H. S. Smith, Geraldine, having lost his father and mother within a week during the recent influenza epidemic. Mrs Smith had been washing the kitchen table, on which was a quantity of caustic soda. She was called away to attend to other two children of the deceased parents who reside with her. She then heard a cry from the boy, and on reaching him found that he had swallowed some of the soda.

Northern Advocate 23 August 1920, Page 2
A two-year-old orphan boy, named Smith, who was living with his aunt at Geraldine, swallowed some caustic soda. Medical attendance was obtained and the child was brought to the Timaru Hospital, where he died from shock and the effects of the severe burning of his throat. [Kenneth Richard SMITH died Aug. 20th 1920 aged 1 year and 11 months. Son of Harriet Smith who died Nov. 16th 1918 aged 27 years.]

Timaru Herald, 15 September 1917, Page 6
SMITH — In loving memory of Corporal Samuel Richard Smith, killed in action in France, on September 16th, 1916. No one he loved was by his side. To hear his last faint sigh; Or whisper just one loving word. Before he passed away. Inserted by his brother and sister-in-law. R. and H. Smith.

Lyttelton Times, 14 January 1864, Page 9
Irvine — Smith—Dec. 8, at Scotsburn, by the Rev. L. L. Brown, Mr. Adam Irvine, to Clarissa Emma, fourth daughter of the late Mr. S. P. Smith, of Sheerwater Farm, Kaiapoi. Children:
1864 Irvine William Stephen
1866 Irvine Helen Clarissa Jane
1867 Irvine Arthur John
1869 Irvine Robert Ernest
1870 Irvine Robert
1872 Irvine John Clarissa
1874 Irvine Jane Rebecca Smith
1877 Irvine Helen Heney
1878 Irvine Rachel Isabella

Tuapeka Times, 21 November 1883, Page 2 Marriage
Young - Eaton.— On the 15th November, by Professor Salmond, at the Manse, Dunedin, George Young, to Florence Jane, only daughter of the late Thomas Eaton, Waitahuna, and grand-daughter of the late Stephen Payne Smith, of Sheerwater farm, Kaipoia, Canterbury, N.Z., formerly of Crockerton, Wilts, England.

Christchurch City Library Church Register Index
Thomas Eaton & Jane Susannah SMITH m. 3 January 1856 at St. Michaels, Christchurch bach/sp,
witness: Stephen Payne Smith, Elizabeth Hariett Smith, Mary Ann Smith.

Strathallan arrived Timaru January 1859
Charles Smith, a single man, (bricklayer) who may have farmed in the Winchester area;
J. Smith and wife landed at Lyttelton

The "Echunga" departed London 10 Sept.1862 and arrived in Timaru 16 Dec. 1862, 102 days, then onto and then at Lyttelton on 24th December 1862. Landed 121 at Timaru. Government immigrants.
Smith Elizabeth E. Farm Servant
Smith Emily E. Farm Servant
Smith Fanny Domestic Servant

Lancashire Witch, arrived Lyttelton October 13 1863 from London
Smith George and wife Farm Labourer from Yorkshire
Smith Sophia Domestic Servant Lanarkshire

October 13, 1863 Victory, barque, from Southampton to Timaru with 231 passengers on board. 101 landed at Timaru. From Lancashire Richard Smith and wife A. Smith and William Smith wife and three children.

The Ivanhoe arrived Lyttelton June 12, 1864 from London. On board was T. Smith a farm laborer from Yorkshire and his wife and child.

The Ship Peeress, from London, arrived July 1874 with 300 immigrants (164 statue adults) on board for Timaru, arrived at Lyttelton yesterday, 118 days out from Gravesend.
Smith John 34 laborer from Oxon to go to Temuka
Smith Charlotte 34, Charles 10, Henrietta 8, Lottie 5
Smith William 25 laborer Oxon
Smith Sarah 30, Jno Hy.S. 8, William Charles 2ys 6mths

William Charles Smith was 2 years and 6 months when he landed with his parents William and Sarah Smith from Oxon in July 1874. They had come out on the Peeress. Laura Louisa Snow was born in Nelson, NZ on 1862 to George Snow and Martha Ann Newth. Laura Louisa married William Charles Smith in 1892 and had 3 children. She passed away on 1950 in Nelson, NZ, aged 88. William died in 1936 aged 64. Children:
1893 Smith Irene May
1895 Smith Lilian Adile
1904 Smith Iris Natalie 

Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives...
You can work out when a farmer moved by his sheep owners returns. Moulds Smith was at Charing Cross in 1906.  Not at Albury in April 1907 but at Albury in April 1908.

Sheep Owners Returns 1908 - ‎New Zealand
Geraldine County
Smith, C.M. Gleniti 1907 nil. 1908 261
Smith, David Levels
Smith, Edwin Pleasant Point
Smith, F.J. Temuka
Smith, H.F. Kakahu School
Smith, James Claremont
Smith, James Washdyke
Smith, J. B., Pleasant Point
Smith, J Saltwater Creek, Timaru
Smith, M Temuka
Smith, R Winchester
Smith, W Pleasant Valley

Mackenzie County
Smith, Albert Cave 1475 1876
Smith, A.S. Fairlie 163 1530
Smith, G.B. Mawaro 163 316
Smith, Isaac H. Albury April 1907 nil., April 1908 598
Smith, Moulds, Albury April 1907 nil., April 1908 1110
Smith, Mrs A.B., Mona Vale, Mawero April 1907 3243, April 1908 nil
Smith, Raymond, Mawaro 556 550
Smith, R.K., Burkes Pass April 1907 nil., April 1908 9000
Smith, T.H., Albury 3963 4506
Smith, W.T., Marwaro April 1907 nil., April 1908 4133

Waimate County
Smith, G.H.B. Cave
Smith, R.A. Mawaro
Smith, Robert Morven
Smith, Mrs J.P. Waimate
Smith, William, Southburn

Canterbury Shearers Awards 13th August 1906
Selwyn County
Smith, Moulds Charing Cross

Geraldine County
Smith, James Claremont
Smith, J.B. Pleasant Point
Smith, J., Timaru
Smith, R. Winchester

Mackenzie County
Smith, Albert Cave
Smith, Mrs A.B. Waratah, Albury

Waimate County
Smith, J.T. St. Andrews
Smith, R.A. Cave
Smith, Robert Morven
Smith, Thomas Waimate
Smith, William Southburn

Press, 12 September 1900, Page 5
Trooper Smith, of the New Zealand Mounted Infantry, died of enteric fever at Pretoria on September 7th, from enteric fever.  [The news of Trooper C. E. Smith's, No. 1 Company, 3rd Contingent death, which occurred on September 7th, was also conveyed in a message from Sir Alfred Milner received in Wellington yesterday. The deceased came from Clarence Bridge, and was the son of Mr T. Smith, of Timaru.]  

World War One Servicemen - Simple search SC Scroll Cenotaph Database Fatal Casualty Forms Commonwealth War Graves Commission Reserves

SMITH, Albert, 34940 (27 Feb. 1888 - 15 April 1975) b. St Neot, ENG. & married in 1913 Agnes Black. Albert and Agnes are buried with Agnes' parents in the Timaru Cemetery. NoK on embarkation Mrs Agnes Smith (wife), care of Mrs Black, Glen-iti, Timaru.
SMITH, Albert David, 14716 ( - 12 October 1917, Belgium) nok R.Y. Smith, 180 High St. Waimate.
SMITH, Albert Henry, 19063 (9 February 1905 - 7 June 1917, Belgium) 6th Rein. nok E. Smith, brother Geraldine.  S/o late Edward and Mary Smith.
SMITH, Bernard Arthur, 10/3741 ( - 11 Dec. 1917, Belgium) nok mother, Mrs JB Smith, Barnett St. Ashburton. S/o George A Smith, Winchester. His brother George KIA Sept. 15 1916 on the Somme.
SMITH, Bertie Thomas, 25/1024 (4 June 1894 - 25 Feb. 1963) the oldest s/o George Gilbert and Mary Craig (née Brown) Smith, Sophia Street, Timaru.
SMITH, Ernest, N/N (24 March 1889 - 8 July 1915 Trentham) nok mother, Mrs AG Smith (Mary Ann Smith), 550 Worcester St, CHCH. Late railway Dept. CHCH & Timaru, youngest son of M.A. & the late A.G.
SMITH, George Arthur Edward, 24/286 (20 January 1889 - 15 September 1916 Somme, France) nok Mrs GAE Smith wife c/o AJ Childs, Wills St., Ashburton. Brother B.A. Smith served in France.
SMITH, George Joseph Enzie, 12274 (29 April 1894 - 4 June 1916 d. Colombo enroute) nok
GB Smith, father, Temuka. Second s/of George Burnside and Mary (nėe McPeak) Smith.
SMITH, Henry Richard, 7/123 (3 September 1891 - 22 August 1915 Gallipoli, KIA aged 24, Hill 60 (New Zealand) Memorial) nok Richard Smith, 25 Avenue Rd, Timaru. S/o Richard and Eliza Jane Smith, 59 Raymond St, Timaru. Attended Albury School.
SMITH, James, 36495 (21 August 1889 - 10 June 1968) born in 1889 in Ireland. Working at Levels. Served in WW2.
SMITH, James Alexander, 34741 (7 March 1905 - 4 October 1917 Tyne Cot Cemetery, Belgium) nok Mrs M. Smith, Gleniti. S/o William & Matilda Smith of Timaru
SMITH, James Hardy, 49656 (4 March 1886 at Waimate - 10 May 1944) s/o Thomas and Jane Smith.  NoK on embarkation G.T. Smith (brother), Hook, Waimate
SMITH, James Gordon, 3/105A, Private  Main Body, Medical Corps, single, Hobbs St., Waimataitai, Timaru. nok James Smith, Percival St., Rangiora.
SMITH, Leonard Gordon, N/N (28 March 1888 - 3 May 1966) s/o James and Annie Philp Smith. Their son James Marshall Smith was born on 10 Oct. 1916 at Timaru.
SMITH, Norman Stanley, 25/1817 (1 May 1897 - 29 August 1966) second s/o George Gilbert and Mary Craig (née Brown) Smith, Sophia Street, Timaru.
SMITH, Oswald James, 45260 (28 May 1896 - 6 December 1917 Belgium) nok James Smith, The School Wylie's Crossing, Otago
SMITH, Robert Henry, 6/545 (5 August 1892 - 16 October 1952) nok John Smith, 179, North-street, Timaru. Photo Otago Witness 3rd June 1915. Youngest child of John & Jeannie Smith, 179 North Street, Timaru. Son R.N. Smith.
SMITH, Samuel Richard "Dick", 6/4145 (16 January 1889 - 16 Sept 1916 Somme, France) nok S.T. Smith, Woodbury Rd, Geraldine. S/o Stephen Thomas and Fanny Smith.
SMITH, William Alexander 7/124  CMR (13 June 1891 CHCH - 26 August 1915 at sea of wounds on HMHS Franconia ex Gallipoli) nok Louisa Smith, c/- J France, PO Picton. Brother of E. H. Smith, of Guise St., Temuka. Last employed by Julius Siegert, Fairlie, Anglican.
SMITH, William 26/1705 ( 20 July 1875 Amberley  -) nok Harry Smith, barber, Waimate (brother), discharged.
SMITH, William, 73526 (8 November 1895 - 4 April 1972) nok Mrs S. Smith (mother), 24 Wallingford Road, Temuka. S/o of Isaac and Sarah Smith.  Buried Temuka.
SMITH, William James Tayler, 32585 (15 March 1896 - 27 February 1961) nok G.B. Smith (father), TemukaCorp. Cecil F. Smith of Timaru 'Weekly News'  7 December 1916, third son of George Burnside and Mary SMITH, of Temuka. Brother of G.J.E. Smith and Charles Hay Smith of Temuka and Euphemia Mary Cunnard.

Cecil Ferdinand SMITH, WW1 7/1005 - Army
Born 1 February 1894 Pleasant Point. Anglican. Coachbuilder for J C Trengrove, Timaru. CMR.  Corporal Smith went into camp with the 3rd Reinforcements but got away with the 5th. Gunshot wound right hand. Wounded right fingers 9th August 1916, Cairo. Admitted No 27 Gen. Hosp. Abbassia 27/8/1916. This was the first time he had been off duty. He left as Lance Corporal but has since been promoted.
NOK Charles Smith, father, Box 8, Pleasant Point. Mother Elizabeth Jane Smith. Died in 1971 aged 76. Married Julia Annie Elock.

Smith, James Cecil Smith, 1926 b. in Waimate. Died Wellington 21 Oct. 1990.
Smith, Neville Keith, 1927-
National Library of NZ Interview with Neville Smith. Date: 12 July 1990 By: Smith, Neville Keith, 1927- Neville Keith Smith born Waimate. Outlines family background - father, Cecil Ferdinand Smith, served with Canterbury Mounted Rifles at Gallipoli and was an expert sniper.

Timaru Herald, 22 August 1916, Page 7
Mr Charles Smith. Pleasant Point has received word that his son, Corporal Cecil Smith, was wounded in the right finger. Corporal Smith went into camp with the 3rd Reinforcements, but got away with the 5th. This is the first time he has been off duty. He left, as Lance Corporal but has since been promoted.

Charles Smith, Pleasant Point, Clerk, died 30th May 1926 at Pleasant Point was born in Denmark in 1850. He came to New Zealand as a young man. Shortly after 1918 he applied for and was granted Letters of naturalisation and became a Naturalised British subject. Witnesses Henry Charles Dossett, Pleasant Point, a retired carpenter and Frederick John Dossett, the elder of Pleasant Point, N.Z., carpenter. Elizabeth Jane Smith was born at St. Austell, Cornwall, England. In the second line of the said will he has written his name as "Charles Smit" wrote Elizabeth now of Waimate in May 1941, now 80, an educated woman in full possession of her mental faculties, wrote that she believes this is a mistake.

Trooper Henry Richard SMITH, 7/123, 8th (South Canterbury) Mounted Rifles 2 years. Born 9 March 1891 at Pleasant Point s/o Eliza Jane and Richard Smith. His father was a carrier at Albury, Richard Smith, moved to Timaru just before the war. Year for DOB on attestation record is 1881. C of E.  Educated at the Albury School. Worked for W. Bray (probably John Bray of Cricklewood) of Fairlie at time of enlistment 18th August 1914 at Timaru. His father being a farmer. 5' 9½" 157 lbs. Age 22 years and 5 months on enlistment. Embarked 16th October 1914. CMR. Main Body embarked 16 Oct. 1914 for Egypt. KIA, ‘Hill 60’Dardanelles while holding the advance trench, 22nd August, 1915, aged 24. Son of Richard Smith of Albury (25 Avenue St, Timaru) (later 59 Raymond St, Timaru) Listed at ‘Hill 60’ Memorial, Gallipoli. Body not recovered. Yet to be listed at Fairlie. (photo online SC Roll). There is quite an entanglement between the Batchelor's and Smiths in Albury!  

Timaru Herald 22 August 1916 Page 6 IN MEMORIAM.
SMITH.—In loving memory of Trooper Henry Richard Smith, eldest son of Mr and Mrs Richard Smith, Raymond Street, Timaru (late of Albury, killed in action at the Dardanelles, on August the 22nd, 1915. For King and Country. He marched away so bravely, his young head proudly held, his footsteps never faltered, his courage never failed, and on the field of battle he calmly look his place; he fought and died for Britain, and the honour of his race.

Agnes Smith of Timaru, widow, died 24 Sept. 1914. Daughter Alice Ann Liddicoat wife of William Liddicoat of Mangaweka, labourer. Son William Rainsforth Smith. Daughter Emma Bowyer Bain. Daughter Margaret Ellen Hill. Son Joseph Ernest Smith. Son Richard Henry Smith of Timaru, grocer, the executor.

Timaru Herald 6 May 1897 Page 2 MARRIAGE
Bain — Smith— On the 14th April, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. C. E. Beecroft, William Gordon, eldest son of William Bain, of Gisborne, to Emma Bowyer, youngest daughter of Richard Smith, Timaru.

Timaru Herald 15 September 1915 Page 7 TROOPER H. R. SMITH.
Mr Richard Smith, Raymond Street, yesterday received official intimation of the death of his son, Trooper Henry Richard Smith 7-123, Canterbury Mounted Rifles, killed in action at the Dardanelles on 22nd August. Trooper Smith was 24 years of age, was educated at the Albury school, his father having then a farmer in that district. The late Trooper Smith was working for Mr W. Bray, of Winscombe, when he volunteered for the main Expeditionary Force. He was well liked by everyone in the district. The official notification was accompanied by expressions of condolence.

Evening Post, 15 September 1915, Page 2 Killed in Action 22nd August.
Daniel, Edwin Frank, 7/37, Tpr. (Edwin Herbert Daniel, Kingsdown, Timaru)
Hamilton, Hubert Arthur, 7/1592, Sergt. 2nd s/o (Rev. Canon Staples Hamilton, The Vicarage, Geraldine)
Smith, Henry Richard, 7/123, Tpr. (Richard Smith, 25, Avenue-street, Timaru, father)

Buried at the Timaru Cemetery. Eliza Jane Smith w/o Richard Smith died Oct. 31st 1922 aged 52 years. Richard died Mary 4th 1927 aged 70 years. In the same plot is Minnie Smith was interned 25 Nov. 1915. Richard Smith b. 19 Aug. 1857 in Switzerland married Eliza Jane Batchelor from Eyreton in 1890. Possible children:
1891 Smith Henry Richard  (KIA 22 Aug. 1915)
1893 Smith William Charles
1895 Smith Samuel Frank
1897 Smith Caroline Maud b. 20 Oct. 1897 Albury

7/124 Tpr. William Alexander Ivory Smith, Canterbury Mounted Rifles, 5ft 5", 140 lbs. Anglican. Light brown hair. Last employer: Julius Siegert, Fairlie. Anglican. C.M.R.
Brother of E. H. Smith, of Guise St., Temuka, Canterbury. Native of Fairlie, Canterbury.
NOK: Louisa Smith, care of J. Francis, Post-office, Picton, NZ
Died of wounds at sea, HMHS Franconia ex Gallipoli. Aged 23. 26 August 1915. Buried Lone Pine Memorial, Lone Pine Cemetery, Turkey. Photo to the right.

47773,  Samuel Smith. NoK on embarkation Mrs G. Todd (sister), care of A. Watson, Hairdresser, Timaru
6/1982 Samuel Robert William Smith NoK on embarkation Mrs H. Smith (mother), Grey Street, Timaru
 6/1981 Joseph Holdsworth Smith. Address before enlistment Shorbourne, Arthur St., Timaru, NoK on embarkation Charles Wilcox Smith (father). 111 Hill Street, Wellington, NZ
George Stewart Smith born 22 March 1888 in Timaru. Presbyterian. 2nd Lieutenant AIF, 6th Battalion, 14th Reinforcement. NoK on embarkation A A Smith, 144 Riversdale Road, Hawthorn, Victoria, AUS
10/1005 Sydney James Smith, Address before enlistment Timaru, NZ. Died 28 August 1981 NoK on embarkation James Carolus Smith (father), 3 Albert Villa, Barnds Green Road, New Southgate, London N., England
 55189 Cornelius Smith born 10 October 1885 in Timaru - Died 11 May 1973.  NoK on embarkation Mrs C. Smith (wife), Mangaweka, NZ
 48288 John Smith born 1 February 1884 in Timaru - Died 19 February 1919 from pneumonia. NoK on embarkation Miss N. Smith (sister), Kawhatau, Mangaweka, NZ
23/966 Stanley Edward Smith, Address before enlistment Saint Elmo, Wai-iti Road, Timaru. NoK on embarkation G.F. Smith (father), 131 Deans Street, Saint Albans, Christchurch, NZ
63054 Donald Smith, shepherd, NoK on embarkation A. Smith (brother), Park Road, Waimate
60998 Duncan Campbell Smith, ploughman, NoK on embarkation J. Smith (father), Landsdown, Hook, Waimate
AIF 4026 Peter Smith born Waimate. Address before enlistment Pre 24 September 1915 Commonwealth Savings Bank, Melbourne, Victoria. NoK on embarkation Miss Annie Smith.
7/1292 William George Smith. NoK on embarkation G.T. Smith (father), Geraldine, NZ
7/2315 James William Ellis Smith, NoK on embarkation Mrs Elizabeth Smith (mother), Pleasant Valley, Geraldine, NZ
44422 Joseph Wilding Smith, miner, NoK on embarkation E. Smith (brother), Geraldine, NZ
Albert Henry Smith born 7 August 1878 in Waimate - Died 7 June 1917. NoK on embarkation E. Smith (brother), Geraldine, NZ. Albert Smith was the son of the late Edward and Mary Smith.
KIA 7 June 1917 Age 50. Messines Ridge British Cemetery, Belgium.
33466 James Henry Smith NoK on embarkation Mrs L.C. Smith (wife), care of Mrs McGuire, 62 Edward Street, Timaru
6/1402 William Smith, 80 Grey Road, Timaru, NoK on embarkation Mrs W.C. Smith, Till Street, Oamaru
4/84 Walter William Smith, Care of R. B. Hurst, P. O. Box 1, Waimate, NZ. NoK on embarkation W.H. Smith (father), Dersingham, Norfolk, England
 4562 Herbert Smith, born Australia. NoK on embarkation Mrs A. Hoskins (friend), Waimate

Jessie Georgina SMITH
Jessie Georgina Lovie (aka J.B.C. Lovie) b. September 11, 1860 in Coull, Aberdeenshire, Scotland d/o William Lovie b. 1835 and May Christie b. 1835 (not married).  Jessie Georgina Lovie (name is J.B.C. Lovie) at the age of 22 came to NZ on the s.s. Bombay, left England 11 Nov. 1883 and arrived Port Chalmers 23 Jan. 1884
Other husband: George Gallie married Jessie Birss Christie LOVIE in 1886 in NZ. 
Alexander William Gallie was born to Jessie and George Gallie in 1886.
Jessie died December 11, 1911 in Timaru. Buried Timaru Cemetery 13 Dec.

Otago Witness
, 18 June 1886, Page 17.
On the 21st of May, at the Timaru Hospital, George Gallie, second son of Alexander Gallie ; aged 29 years. Deeply regretted. Home papers please copy.

Jessie Georgina Gallie married William Smith 2 Feb. 1888 at Fairlie Registry Office.
William Smith b. 28 April 1835 at Great Hormead Hertfordshire, England to William Smith and Sarah Ann Ivory. Other wife Elizabeth Haines (Motueka 1861) William and Elizabeth had a daughter Elizabeth Emily in 1865 in Motueka, and Barbara Helen in 1867 in Motueka.
William died 2 Feb. 1904 aged 69 and is buried in Fairlie in the same plot as their infant son Albert who in 1894 died aged 10 months.
Children of Georgina and William Smith were all born in Fairlie:
1889 Smith Sarah Ann Jane  b. August 10 1889, in Fairlie. Married William Macarthur 15 June 1910. Sarah died aged 20 from pneumonia 18 June 1911 one month after the birth of Albert Howard MacArthur who died in 1976. Sarah is buried in Fairlie. William Alfred Macarthur died aged 73 in 2010 and is buried in the same plot in Fairlie.
1891 Smith William Alexander Ivory b. 13 June and died of wounds at sea ex Gallipoli 26th Aug. 1915.
1893 Smith Albert Edward. Disease ?diphtheria. Interned at Fairlie 3 Jan. 1894. Presbyterian.
1895 Smith Edward Henry m. Annie Margaret King in 1931. E.H. Smith died 26 March 1963 buried Timaru.
1897 Smith Ethel Edith Louisa May married Cornelius Murphy in 1919. Buried Mangere Lawn, Auckland 30 Aug. 1985.
1899 Albert Douglas Raymond m. Ellen Christina "Ella" McConnell in 1929. Buried 20 Aug. 1965, Geraldine.
1900 Lawrence Nathan b. 2 Dec. 1900. married Ethel Lilian Dalziel in 1921. Died 21 Nov. 1930 at Mahakipawa, buried Picton.

Timaru Herald, 9 December 1915, Page 11
The following men leave Timaru for Trentham on December 10th to join the 11lth Reinforcements, Mounted Rifles.
Robert R Smith, St. Andrews.
Frank S. Smith, Timaru.

Timaru Herald, 17 July 1916, Page 2 SATURDAYS ENLISTMENTS.
The following enlistments were received at the Timaru Defence Office on Saturday:—
Salmon. W.G.. labourer, Fairlie, single
Smith, H.B., labourer, Fairlie, single
Castle, W. J. H.. sailor, Timaru. single.
Allen, Joseph, farmer. Fairlie. single,
Williams. W. J., farmer, St, Andrews, single.

Timaru Herald, 29 August 1916, Page 4
The following enlistments were received at the Defence Office in Timaru, yesterday: Campbell, J., shepherd, Fairlie, single
Smith, J., labourer, Levels, single
Downes, W., labourer, Levels, single
Hammond, H., farmer, Woodbury, single
Cunnard, F. C, mechanic, Temuka, single
Peterson, E. H., blacksmith, Orari, single.
Philips, N., baker. Temuka, married.
Cormack, R. L., engineer, Levels, single.

Timaru Herald, 7 October 1916, Page 15 Yesterday's enlistments.
The following enlistments were received yesterday at the Timaru Defence Office
Tapp, John, labourer, Otipua, single.
Smith, Harry, labourer, Timaru, single.
Thomson, William E., Fairlie, single.
McCully, Samuel, farmer, Seadown, single. 

Sun, 25 November 1916, Page 3 The first ballot
Smith, Cecil Eric, Hereford Street, Kensington, Timaru, printer's machinist.
Smith, Henry Moulds, Southburn, Timaru, farm hand.

Otago Daily Times 4 December 1917, Page 7 SECOND DIVISION.
Smith, David, farmer, Pleasant Point
Smith, Richard Henry, salesman, Timaru

Timaru Herald, 15 December 1916, Page 7
The second Military Service Ballot for the South Canterbury (No. 10) recruiting district:
Smith, John, Rothwell Street, Timaru, telegraphist
Smith, John, 147 Wai-iti Street, Timaru
Smith, William, Ruapuna, ploughman

Timaru Herald, 14 February 1917, Page 7
Smith, Alfred Collin, rabbiter, Struan, Hakataramea
Smith,David John, skin buyer, Washdyke
*Smith, Francis Middleton, farm labourer, Southburn, Timaru
Smith, Frederick, farmer, Pleasant Valley, Geraldine
Smith, Harry, labourer, 57 Hassall Street, Timaru
Smith, Henry James, farmer, Pareora West, Levels
Smith, James Hardie, farmer, Alford Farm, Hook, Waimate.

Timaru Herald, 17 March 1917, Page 13
The second Canterbury Military Service Appeal Board sat again in Timaru
Henry James Smith, Pareora West, said he had 50 acres of land. He had two brothers at Mt. Somers, one in the First Division. He only employed labour at harvest time. He did not grow, wheat last year. He had 25 cows. The appeal was adjourned sine die.

Press, 18 April 1917, Page 7 Sixth Ballot
Smith, Duncan Campbell, farm labourer, Hook, Waimate

Timaru Herald, 9 May 1917, Page 7
South Canterbury's quota of the 31st Reinforcement
Scarf, William James, labourer, Smithfield, Timaru
Smith, Edward Henry, farm labourer, Sutherlands.
Smith, Furueaux, fruiterer and confectioner. Fraser St., Temuka.
Smith, Leonard Gordon, farmer, Hadlow Rd., Timaru,
Smith, Thomas, shearer, care of W. Clarke, Levels.
Smith, Thomas David, ranger, Rangitata.

Timaru Herald, 7 June 1917, Page 7
*Smith, Charles Edward, driver's assistant, 57 Hassall Street, Timaru
Smith, Henry Hugh, contractor, Kakahu School, Geraldine [Service No. 61000. NoK on embarkation H.E. Smith (father), Kakahu School, Pleasant Point]
Smith, James, shearer, Pleasant Valley, Geraldine
Smith, Stephen Joseph, contractor, Kakahu School, Geraldine.

Timaru Herald, 4 July 1917, Page 7 Ninth Ballot
Smith, Charles Hay, labourer, Orakipaoa, Temuka
Smith, Charles Mitchell, baker, care of Mrs George, Leonard Street, Waimate
Smith, Donald, shepherd, Glenavy
Smith, George Edward, builder, Pareora
Smith, John Scanes, farmer, 37 Matilda Street, Timaru. [Service number 63065. NoK on embarkation Mrs O. Smith (wife), care of Mr Hyde, Hyde Street, Waimate]
Smith, John Shore Hayes, farm Pleasant Valley
*Smith, Oliver Rountree, station-manager, Burke's Pass
Smith, Stuart, labourer, Wilmhurst Street, Temuka

Timaru Herald, 4 September 1917, Page 2 Ballot last week for two Reinforcements.
Small, John, road ganger, Burke's Pass
Smith, John Saunders, engine-driver, care of Opie's Store, Winchester.
Smith. Leslie John, farmer, Tycho Delivery, Rosewill, Levels.

Timaru Herald, 2 October 1917, Page 5
Final calling up of the First Division of Reservists
Smith, George Thomas, farmer, Alford Farm, Hook.
Smith, Matthew John, farm labourer Seadown.
Smith, Wallace, farm labourer, Lyalldale.

Star 6 November 1917, Page 3 First Division
MITCHELL, Bryce Smith, plumber, Church Street. Timaru.
SMITH. Francis Henry, labourer, Winchester, Geraldine.

Timaru Herald, 7 November 1917, Page 2 Second division Class A
Smith, Simon Andrew, roadman, 52 Parsonage Road, Waimate
Smith, William, farmer, Willowbridge

Press, 4 December 1917, Page 9 First Draft of Class A
Smith, David, farmer, Rapuwai Settlement, Pleasant Point
Smith, Richard Henry, salesman, 58 Wilson street Timaru

Sun, 25 April 1918, Page 9 17th Ballot
Smith, Holger Voldimer, hairdresser, Timaru.
Smith, Robert, merchant, Timaru.

Timaru Herald, 16 January 1918, Page 2
Smith, James Garner, carpenter, corner of Old North and Page Roads (Tycho Delivery), Timaru.

Timaru Herald, 22 May 1918, Page 3 Final Draft Class B. Second Division
Smith, Frederic William, labourer, 15 North Street, Timaru
Smith, James Thomas, timber merchant, Grigg Street, Ashburton
Smith, John Henry, labourer, LeCren's Terrace, Timaru
Smith, Simon Andrew, roadman, 52 Parsonage Road, Waimate
Smith, Sydney Webster, engineer, 81 Rhodes Street, Timaru
Smith, Walter Henry, grocer, Temuka.

Otago Daily Times 25 July 1918, Page 8 CALL TO THE COLOURS.
Smith, John, farmer, Hook
Smith, John Alfred, engineer's fitter, Pleasant Point
Smith, Robert Lemuel, labourer, North Terrace, Geraldine
Smith, Thomas Langley, fisherman, 55 Theodocia Street, Timaru
*TALBOT, Leonard Smith, eye specialist, 53 Church St., Timaru.

Timaru Herald, 7 October 1916, Page 9 The dates are chiefly September 16 to 21.
KIA. Smith, Samuel Richard (S. T. Smith, Woodbury Road, Geraldine, father). Killed on 16th Sept. Brother and sister in law R & H. Smith.

Waimate Daily Advertiser 10 May 1918 Page 1
Returning this month with Draft 160 are
A. Adams, D. C. Smith, A. H. Thomson, Waimate;
L-Corpl. W. P. Tangney, Willowbridge ;
A. T. Sullivan, Waihao Forks;
and A. McH. Rattray, Timaru.

Timaru Herald, 22 June 1918, Page 6
Mrs G. Smith, White Street, Waimataitai, has received word that Lance - Corporal B. T. Smith has been awarded the Military Medal for gallantry on the field of action.

Timaru Herald, 7 October 1918, Page 9
An official hospital list reports Sergeant T. B. Smith (Fairlie) as being seriously ill, and Private A. G. Smith (Methven) as having been removed from the seriously ill list.

Timaru Herald, 30 December 1918, Page 7
Sergeant C. W. Smith, youngest son of Mr M. Smith, of Southburn, arrived home from the Front on Saturday, after three years' service in France.

Returning Soldiers

Thames Star, 18 September 1900, Page 2
The Premier has received the following cablegram from Sir A. Milner dated 17th: The following New Zealand prisoners of war were released at Novitgedaeht: R. D. Smith; Waimate, C. B. Cross, Fairlie.

Otago Daily Times 12 December 1918, Page 6
The following South Canterbury of returning draft 200 are due to arrive at Port Chalmers about the 22nd inst:
Bee, William, Timaru
Budd, John, Timaru
Cargo, Samuel S., Seadown
Fitzgerald, Michael, Temuka
Frazer, George A., Timaru
Hawkins, Richard, Waimate
Kelly, John J., Timaru
Leslie, Theodore J., Lance-corporal, Timaru
Nolan, John J.. Makikihi. Rook, Hugh. Timaru
Smith, Charles W., Albury
Spurrrier, David, Waikiwi
Timewell. Albert V., Corporal, Timaru
Watson, Thomas F., Corporal. Timaru

Dominion, 11 December 1918, Page 7
Smith, Sgt. C. W., 23/600, Albury

Star 1 January 1919, Page 5 Returning Soldiers
Smith, Stanley Herbert (D. G. Smith, Hereford St., Timaru)

Dominion, 6 January 1919, Page 6
Smith, D., 63,054. Waimate

Sun, 23 January 1919, Page 9
Pte. G. L. Smith, Timaru
Pte. G. D. Smith, Timaru

Timaru Herald, 10 July 1919, Page 3 RETURNING SOLDIERS.
The Marama, due at Wellington, on July 16 or 17 is bringing the following South Canterbury men:
Timaru. —J. Feely, A.S. Griffiths, K.I. Harold, W. Hyneman, A. Johnson, A. McIntyre, W.E. O'Brien, E. C. Oldfield, L.W. Packman, W.C. Whyte. Fairlie. W. T. Anderson, W.R. Davidson (Albury), R.J. Harvey, T.B. Smith.
Pleasant Point. W.E. Stickings, D. Scannell (Kerrytown).
Temuka. R.W. Cairns, C. DeRenzy (Winchester), R. Frishy, T. Taylor, W. Wright (Rangitata).
Waimate. R.F. Cameron, F. Phillips, H. Selwyn (Morven).

Sgt. Bernard McKenzie SMITH, 6/3870, 2nd (South Canterbury) Infantry Reg. C Coy., 9th Reinforcements. (Clerk) embarked 8th January 1916. Western Front. Son of Mrs H.C. Smith, care of J. Mee, of Le Cren St, Timaru (formerly of Te Ngawai). Born 5th Sept. 1895, Timaru. 5' 11" 147lbs. C of E. Attended Te Ngawai School. Enlisted at age 20.  Wounded 1 Oct. 1916 GSW neck. Admitted Rouen,  3 Oct. 1916. Embarked on HS "Cambria" for England. Admitted Military Hosp. Fulham 26 Oct. 1916. Transferred from Walton to Manor Home, Epsom 16 March 1917. Transferred to Conv. Hops. H. Church. Attached to strength C. Depot Codford 11 July 1917. Detached for duty Larkhill 14 March 1918. Sling 11 April 1918. Prompted to Sgt. 9 May 1918. Embarked for NZ per S.S. Manganui at Liverpool 17 May 1919. NOK mother Mrs H. C. Smith c/o J. Mee, Le Cren St, Timaru later, Oakhill, Levels. Served 3 years and 167 days. Listed on Te Ngawai Monument as R. McK Smith. "Waratah," Albury. Waitohi Peaks, Hawarden, N. Canterbury. Died 18 June 1931, accidently shot. Buried Horsley Downs Cemetery. Mrs R. Galloway, Hallathall. High Rd. Bromley, Kent.

Who was Mrs H.C. Smith? She turns out to be Mrs H.G. Smith.
Although there were a variety of mis-transcriptions, it appears she was Agnes Elizabeth SMITH, nee MEE (1868-1936). Bernard's birth was registered on the NZDIA BDMs site as Bernarch MacKenzie SMITH, 1895, son of Agnes Elizabeth and Herbert George. It was a John MEE who Agnes was staying with when Bernard enlisted, and a John MEE was chief mourner at Bernard's funeral. Agnes Elizabeth MEE married Herbert George SMITH in 1894. They had a son, born 5 Sept 1895 - Birth Reg'n 1895. They also had a daughter Lois Agness MacKenzie SMITH, registered 1900. In both the 1911 & 1914 Electoral Rolls, Agnes Elizabeth SMITH is listed in the Timaru Electorate as: "SMITH, Agnes Elizabeth, care J Mee, LeCren Street, married"
Agnes Elizabeth MEE is in the NZBDM births - born 1868, parents John & Susanna.
Agnes Elizabeth SMITH is in the NZBDM deaths - died 1936, age 68 yrs, Death Reg'n 1936/18366
"Agnes SMITH" (sic) was buried in Timaru Cemetery on 28 April 1936, age 68 yrs. Headstone photo shows the full name "Agnes Elizabeth SMITH" and in her Will (filed Wellington 1936, No. 58486) she mentions her daughter Lois Agnes (married name D'ATH) and grandchildren Max McKenzie SMITH and Lois Bernice SMITH, presumably Bernard's two children. In summary, HC Smith should be HG Smith (a common enough mistake) and Bernach Mackenzie SMITH is almost certainly Bernard McKenzie SMITH. There can be little doubt about the identity of this soldier's mother. 

Timaru Herald, 14 October 1911, Page 1 [Jessie Digby Mee]
Miss Jessie Mee, daughter of Mr John Mee, was married on Tuesday morning, at St. Mary's Church, by the Ven. Archdeacon Harper, to Mr Charles Balfour, of the Timaru Milling Company. The bride, who was given away by her father, looked extremely well in a becoming coat and skirt of old rose shantung an a pretty hat of old rose straw with ninon lining trimmed with roses and foliage, and touches of black. The little bridesmaid, Miss Lois Smith, wore a dainty white embroidered muslin with touches of pink, white lace hat with pink roses and a pretty blue enamel pendant in a slender chain, the gift of the bridegroom. Mrs Smith, the bride's sister wore a cream coat and skirt, with hat of black and cerise straw, trimmed with large French roses. Mrs Jack Mee wore a dark saxe blue coat and skirt, and black chip hat with large black ostrich feather, black-ribbon, velvet and buckle. After the ceremony the bridal party went to Mr John Mee's house in Le-Cren Street, for the wedding breakfast. 

Press, 20 May 1931, Page 1 Birth
Smith: On May 11th, at Waikari Hospital to Mr and Mrs Bernard Smith, Hawarden, a daughter.

Press, 24 June 1931, Page 3
Mr Bernard M. Smith whose death occurred on Thursday last as the result of a gun accident, was accorded a military funeral on Sunday in the Horsley Downs Cemetery at Hawarden. Forty-five returned soldiers belonging to the local Returned Soldiers' Association formed an escort under Mr Iinch?, the president of the Association, and Messrs Grimwood, Stokes, Fahey, Mulligan, Burt, and McKeegan, fellow soldier settlers of Mr Smith were the pall-bearers. The service at the graveside was conducted by the Rev. Mr Brown, Waikari. The chief mourners were Mr John Mee and Miss R. Mee, Mr and Mrs Warring and their son. Mr James Smith, Mr and Mrs J. Whittington, and Mr James Feek. Mr Smith was born at Timaru and educated at the Waitaki Boys' High School. He began his business career as a member of the staff of the National Mortgage and Agency Co., Timaru. He enlisted at the age of 19 years and had good service to his credit when he was gassed at Houplines. Although unfit for active service he continued till the end of the war as bombing sergeant instructor at Sling. On his return from the front he was one of the successful applicants in the draw for the sections in the Waitohi Peaks Soldier Settlement, and was still engaged in farming at the time of his death. He leaves a wife and two young children. [Bernard McKenzie Smith married Alma McBride in 1923]

Rfl. Bertie Thomas SMITH MM, 25/1024, C Coy 3rd Batt. NZ Rifle Brigade (Labourer for B. Terry, of Lincoln) embarked Feb 1916, Western Front. NOK; Mrs G. Smith,  Sophia St., Timaru (formerly of Te Ngawai). Attended Te Ngawai School. L/Cpl Bertie Thomas enlisted 13 Oct. 1915. Born 4th June 1894 in Timaru. 5' 4", 134lbs. He was 21 and 4 months old when he enlisted. Eyes grey. Wounded 25 Feb. 1917. Rejoined unit 12 March 1917. Admitted GSW arm June 4 1918. Authority issued Military Medal 24 May 1918. Severed 3 years and 94 days. Died 25 Feb. 1963 aged 68 years. Buried at Timaru Cemetery. White St, Waimataitai, Timaru. NOK in 1963 Mr G.C. Smith, 43 Canada St., Timaru. Listed on Te Ngawai Monument. Mary Craig Brown married George Gilbert SMITH in 1892. Children:
1894 Bertie Thomas
1893 Alice Mary Mary

The Official History of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade MM for 'Gallantry In The Field'
Another lance-corporal, B. T. Smith, being troubled by a sniper, set out to stalk him, but unexpectedly he came upon a machine-gun enfilading the trench. Enlisting the support of one other man he rushed and killed the crew and captured the gun.

Cpl. Charles Watson SMITH, 23/600, 1st Batt. NZ Rifle Brig. B Coy,  (b. 2 Dec. 1893 Charing Cross) (Farm hand) embarked Oct 1915, Western Front. NoK on embarkation R. Smith (father), Albury. Address before enlistment Post-office, Albury, NZ.  Son of Mr Moulds Smith, farmer, Albury. Attended School at Albury & Te Ngawai. Played rugby for Albury F.C. Listed on Te Ngawai Monument. Discharged 1919. Photo courtesy of Murray R., Jan. 2016. Murray has the original mounted photo.  

Charles Watson Smith

C.W. Smith, 175lbs 5'11" Charles served with the 2nd South Canterbury Regiment (Territorial) from the inception of compulsory military service until enlisting in the NZEF in May 1915. As far as Charles can remember compulsory service commenced in 1910 and he was 17 years of age at the time and was posted to the Territorials as he was too old for the Senior cadets. He served in the 2nd (S.C.) Regt from 1 March 1911 to 29 May 1915. NZEF attested 30 May 1915 and discharged 18 Jan. 1919. Resumed T.F 1 June 1919 to 31 May 1923. Active overseas is counted as double time 3yrs and 74 days. During WW1 he was in B Coy, 1st Batt. NZRB. He also served during WW11 at Harewood RNZAF as Sergeant C.W. Smith. He received the New Zealand Service medal in 1944 awarded for long and efficient service in New Zealand Military Forces. He was in Egypt from 15 Nov. 1915 disembarked at Suez. Was at Zeitoun, Then from 15 Sept. 1916 France, July 6 1917 Belgium with 1st Battalion 3rd NZRB. under Colonel Fulton and Colonel Roache. 1 June 1918 classified unfit, had pneumonia. Embarked for NZ on the "Tofua." from Plymouth 8 Nov. 1918. Discharged 18 Jan. 1919 with the disability pneumonia. Before WW1 he was a carpenter and worked for John Campbell of Albury.  

WW2 service records
F/O B.E. Smith, of Albury, awarded the D.F.C.  AWN 11 July 1945

Press, 5 December 1940, Page 4 BALLOT FOR OVERSEAS SERVICE
2063 Men Drawn in Canterbury A total of 11,000 names is included in the first ballot for overseas service with the New Zealand forces. The list published in a Gazette extraordinary.
Smith, Edward A., Hakataramea
Smith, Edward P., Pareora East
Smith, James, Tycho
Smith, James W. Timaru
Smith, John D., Rangitata
Smith, John H., Timaru
Smith, Robert S., St. Andrews
Smith, Samuel, Timaru
Smith, Samuel, Temuka
Smith, William S. Temuka

Press, 7 November 1940, Page 6
Smith, Bruce E., Albury
Smith, Byron T., Timaru
Smith Cecil D. Temuka
Smith, Charles E St. Andrews
Smith, Douglas L., Timaru
Smith, Edward P. Pareora East
Smith, George, Geraldine
Smith, George, Timaru
Smith, James A., Timaru
Smith, James W. Timaru
Smith, John A., Balmoral Station
Smith, John D„ Waimate
Smith, John H. Timaru
Smith, John R., Temuka
Smith, Lawrence E. Waimate
Smith, Malcolm J., Waimate
Smith, Robert E., Timaru
Smith Robert G. Timaru
Smith, Robert S St. Andrews
Smith, Ronald G. A., Waimate
Smith, Samuel. Temuka
Smith, William J. T., Cave
Smith, William S., Temuka

Press, 20 January 1941, Page 2
The posting of the following men, drawn in the territorial ballot, to the 2nd Battalion, Canterbury Regiment, for training at the Wingatui Military Camp, is announced. The men will travel south by the first express on Friday. January 24, those living south of Christchurch joining the tram at recognised stopping places.
Shears, William Edward, 21 Trafalgar street, Timaru
Shipley, Colin James, 22 Rathmore street, Timaru
Smith, Charles Edward, St. Andrews
Smith, Ronald George A., Naylor street, Waimate
Stewart, David Livingstone, Rangitira Valley, Temuka
Struthers, Andrew Pugh, Kimbell, R.M.D., Fairlie
Struthers, Gilbert B., Sutherlands
Sugrue, Stephen Joseph, Arowhenua Hotel, Temuka
Sullivan,. Kenneth Lester, Pareora

Press 25 June 1941 Page 5
Smith, Kenneth C. Fairlie
Smith, Leslie, Pleasant Point
Smith, Robert J., Timaru

Press 7 August 1941 Page 5 OVERSEAS SERVICE BALLOT
Smith, George, Timaru
Smith, George S., Waimate
Smith, James A., Timaru
Smith, John R., Temuka
Smith, Laurence E., Waimate
Smith, Robert E., Timaru
Smith, Walter. Timaru
Smith, William B.H., Temuka

Press, 21 January 1942, Page 3
The names of 27,104 men called up for territorial service are published in a Gazette extraordinary issued yesterday. The list includes all married men with out children between the ages of 18 and 16, and all the remaining single men who have not previously been called in any ballot. There are 1211 men from Canterbury.
Smith, Albert F.. Waimate
Smith. Albert J. E., Geraldine
Smith, Alfred H. Pareora
Smith, Frank C. D., Timaru
Smith, George F., Arno
Smith, Gordon A., Timaru
Smith, Harry V., Temuka
Smith. Herbert S., Timaru
Smith, Noel M., Timaru
Smith, Stanley W., Temuka
Smith, Walter, Geraldine
Smith, William J. M. Seadown

Otago Daily Times 17 June 1941 Page 1
SMITH. —11-493 Private Alexander J. P. Smith, 2nd N.Z.E.F., Second Echelon, husband of Mrs G. E. Smith and only son of Mr and Mrs J. P. Smith, of Maungati, Timaru; aged 28 years - Killed in action. [Alexander Joseph Pentland Smith married Gertrude Elizabeth Grant in 1935. Son of Joseph Pentland Smith and Mary Ellen Smith]

Press, 12 July 1941, Page 10 Wounded
Smith, Walter John, Pte. Mrs E. B. Smith, Timaru (m.)  

NZ Gazette 1942 MILITARY AREA No. 10 (CHRISTCHURCH)-continued. Dec. 22.
580335 Smith, Alexander Watson, shepherd, Strathallan, Fairlie.
512288 Smith, Alfred Francis Lee, electrical engineer, 11 Seaview Tee., Timaru.
511023 Smith, Archie Eli, labourer, 47 Bank St., Timaru.
550204 Smith, Arthur Laurence, labourer, Kabul St., Pleasant Point.
541119 Smith, Charles Frederick, company-manager, 10 White St., Timaru.
513730 Smith, Clarence Ivan, cycle agent, 17 College Ave.
554263 Smith, Frederick Percival Edward, joiner, 11 Marchwiel St., Timaru.
531262 Smith, Frederick Robert Hunter, tractor-driver and general
541008 Smith, Herbert Stanley, truck-driver, 1 Raymond St., Timaru.
536543 Smith, James, farm labourer, 85 Cox St., Geraldine.
591938 Smith, Stephen George, labourer, Timaru-Waimate R.M.D.
584399 Smitheram, James Meager, labourer, Morven.

Stones Directory 1940

Smith, Alex Searle, agent
Smith Alex Watson, drover
Smith Walter R. grocer's assistant

Fairlie - rural
Smith Douglas, farmer (Cricklewood)
Smith Oliver Rowntree, station manager (B.P.) (1891-1984); Millicent Annie ANNIS
Smith Thomas Bruce, farmer (F)  

Smith Alexander Henry W, carrier
Smith Helen, Mrs South ter
Smith Robert Cyril, shop assistant
Smith William George, labourer 

Smith George Edward, carpenter


Smith Samuel, labourer
Smith Veron, gardener
Smith William, labourer

Pleasant Point
Smith James, poultry farmer
Smith Annie Elizabeth, Mrs, farmer
Smith George, labourer
Smith Harry H (Waterside Farm)
Smith Henry Moulds, farmer
Smith James, labourer
Smith John Alexander
Smith Stephen Joseph, labourer
Smith Henry James, farmer
Smith James, labourer
Smith (AE) & Co. (Albert Elliot Smith, J.P.)
Smith Albert George Joseph storekeepers
Smith Cecil David, shearer
Smith Charles Hay, shearer
Smith Eric Osmond, PW empl.
Smith Eric Vernon PW empl.
Smith Frances Mrs
Smith Francis Joseph, labourer
Smith Frederick John, slctr (King street)
Smith Furneaux, fruiterer
Smith Gilbert Edward, grocer's assistant
Smith Harry Victor grocer's assistant
Smith Henry, labourer
Smith Sarah, Mrs
Smith Selwyn, stytnst
Smith Stuart, labourer
Smith, Thomas Craigie, pottery worker
Smith Walter Henry, grocer
Smith William Galbraith, labourer

William Galbraith Smith, WW2
NOK: Mrs. J.A. Smith, Ormsby St., Temuka (w)
Married Jean Alice Washington in 1942 d/o James Robert Washington and Ellen Blyth.
William died in 1991 at Timaru aged 86yrs.  Born 18 Jan. 1904 at West Taieri, Otago to Janet Wallace & Matthew Smith

In 2015, 1 in 50 people had a hyphenated surname, and almost half of them say it’s to preserve a family surname.
With regard to the SMITH family (Pollock was added later, usually as a second name and not hyphenated).

224 households was the result for the SMITH in the NZ White pages in 2016 in South Canterbury, N.Z.

Timaru 		113 including Bush-Smith, Caird-Smith
Geraldine 	 41 including surnames Foley-Smith, Tyler-Smith, Ward-Smith
Waimate 	 30 including Wilson-Smith
Temuka 		 23
Fairlie 	 11
Pleasant Point 	  6 

South Canterbury NZGenWeb 

Our ancestors were much more mobile than we generally think.

NZ Bound
On her first voyage out to New Zealand the Jessie Osborne arrived at Lyttelton on January 29, 1876, having sailed from London on the 7th November, 1875— a run of 83 days from the Clyde. She brought out 280 Scotch immigrants. The ship Jessie Osborne was the property of Messrs W. and A. Brown and Co.

Tuapeka Times, 8 July 1891, Page 6
John Allen (Smith) sailed in 1875 from Scotland to New Zealand in the Jesse Osborne, and about ten years ago wrote home from Wellington; his daughters Emma and Mary inquire.

Tuapeka Times, 24 May 1893, Page 3
The following inquiries are taken from 'Lloyd's Weekly' newspaper of March 26 John Allen left Rishton for Scotland, en route for New Zealand, in 1874-75, and sailed in the ship Jessie Ashburn under the name of A. Smith. He last wrote to his daughters Emma and Mary from Wellington about eleven years ago. 

New Zealand Herald 23 November 1899 Page 6
John Allen, of Rishton, Lancashire, left England in 1874-5 under the name of John Smith; last letter from Wellington, New Zealand. Daughter Emma asks.

Evening Star 24 August 1895, Page 1
Edwin and Clifford Smith are sought by their son and brother, Charles S., respectively. Father was last seen in Bayswater in December, 1885; brother at St. Austell, Cornwall, in 1884. Is supposed to have gone to New Zealand.

Smith tree fern

Hint: FAN- Friends, associates and neighbours. A principle in genealogy where you trace people who were associated somehow with the family. Our ancestors did not live in isolation. We often find leads in the records created by members of their FAN Club. Also called cluster research. Research by clusters can be successful in extending ancestral lines and identifying the right Mary Smith. So much of what we do in genealogy is understanding the context in the time period.